Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - Influence - full transcript

The team reassembles while the Justice League faces a new threat in space.

I'm not seeing or hearing

any survivors under the rubble.

And the deceased
are all Thanagarian.

- No parademons.
- Parademons?

There's no evidence

this was done by any

Yeah, the ring won't
translate that last word, but...

- I can tell you what it means.
- I got the gist. Thank you.

Commander Talak,

this Nth metal refinery fits
the profile of other facilities

raided by parademons
on several planets.

Yet the attack pattern here
is different.

I don't see the usual evidence
of parademon weapons fire.

And the Javelin detected no trace
of Boom Tube activity in the area.

I assume your scans confirm the Nth
metal stockpiles here have been...

Been stolen, yes,
Lieutenant Thal.

But the theft of a common element
is the least of our concerns.

Sir, Nth metal
is only common on Thanagar.

And thus Apokalips checks another rare
raw material off its grocery list.

As I said, Captain Hol,

there's no evidence this was
an Apokaliptan attack.

Our scans have only detected
earthling bio signs.

But fortunately
for your friends,

not their bio signs.

You've been scanning us?

Trust no one.

Certainly not earthlings.

Sir, we sent you the evidence.

Earth meta-humans
are being kidnapped off planet

for use by Apokaliptan forces.

The metas are mind-controlled

into violent action.
We've seen it.

Then, perhaps we should
send a hawk fleet

to quarantine Earth's populus

since the task
is clearly too difficult

for certain officers
and their human sidekicks.

Don't call us sidekicks.


the Justice League
has been traveling the galaxy

in peaceful cooperation with...

Yes, yes,
you've sung this song before,

during your first contact
apology tour.

You claim then, that you and
Lieutenant Thal were mind-controlled

into violent acts on Rimbor.

Thanagar is still working
to repair our reputation from that.

And now that Thanagar itself
falls victim to human attack,

look who shows up
to sing a reprieve.

- Commander...
- You're done here.


- Who's the now?
- Guy!

Relax. While you were squawking
with commander bird brain

I did some scanning of my own.

Boom Tubes
may have left no trace

but I found an ion trail
from the attacker's ship.

They flew away
on their own power,

meaning, they screwed up,
and we have a new lead.

You kinda want to
kiss the ring now, don't you?

Little bit?
Kinda want to kiss the ring?

Come on! Somebody kiss it.

- Kiss it!
- Guy!


I cannot believe this
is your first breakfast burrito.

An entire meal wrapped
in a warm tortilla,

pure enjoyment
for mouth and hands.

My sister and I
were raised in a castle where

eating with one's hands
was not encouraged.

I guess then you only ate

with those silver spoons
you were born with, huh?

Hmm. And your life with your
eminent scientist father

was one of economic hardship?

Uh, no.

Maybe this would be
a good time to get to it.

Listen, you've all
reached a crossroads.

Vic, you have
your own decisions to make.

But Brion, Tara,
Violet, Forager,

we feel the four of you

are ready to work
with the Justice League's

covert ops team to help mankind.

But being a hero
isn't for everyone.

This a choice you each have
to make for yourself.

And the decision you make now
doesn't have to be a permanent one.

No judgement from us either way.

You've already risked
your lives for each other

and for the meta-teens we
rescued in Bialya. That's enough.

I've made my choice.

And Bialya has proven
I made the right one.

To protect the innocent,
no matter the danger.

But facing danger isn't a
mandatory part of our mission.

Troia of Themyscira
and Garth of Atlantis

both left the front lines.

Now they fight the good fight
inside the system

as ambassadors
to the United Nations.

And you need to know there is no
shame in leaving this life behind.

A few years back
I quit the team with...

Wally West.

The first Kid Flash.

We went to college,

rented an apartment.

We had a life together.

And then, Wally,

my best friend,

came back to the life
and sacrificed everything,

so we could all be here today,

at the ruins
of our former headquarters.

Our former home.

Another sacrifice made
for the greater good.

So, the three of us live with the
consequences of these sacrifices.

We stand for those
who have fallen

and we fight for those
who can't.

That's our choice.

But it doesn't have to be yours.

And today's the day we are to
make this important life decision?


Today's the day.

After extensive investigation,

the Justice League discovered
that the entertainment device

known as Goode VR goggles

is part of a major
meta-human trafficking chain.

These devices secretly test
users for the meta gene.

Subliminal messages
in the goggles' content

direct victims
to discreet locations

for abduction, meta gene
activation, and enslavement.

New meta-humans
are then trafficked and traded

on the black market
by criminal organizations.

To save lives placed in
immediate danger by this scheme,

the Justice League took swift action
to shut down these trafficking centers.

Those rescued will be counseled
and rehabilitated here

at the S.T.A.R. Labs
Meta-human Youth Center.

The Justice League now calls
upon the governments of Earth

to investigate
Goode World Studios

for their role in this
heinous plot against humanity.

Yes, the League saved a few kids

which they've since
dumped in Taos.

But since these heroes failed to
coordinate with local authorities,

the big players in the meta trafficking
game vanished into the woodwork,

further antagonizing national
and international governments,

with whom the League
should be cooperating.

Yes, cooperation, folks.

That's how a society
achieves justice.

The people demand it,

the social media demands it,

foreign governments demand it
while threatening sanctions.

Even Gotham City Police
Commissioner James Gordon,

no relation, has shut down
the infamous Bat signal.

A clear good riddance
to the ex-Leaguer.

With me today
is the latest target

of the Justice League's
attacks, a close,

personal frenemy of the show,

please welcome Gretchen Goode.

The pop culture icon
known as Granny Goodness.

Thank you, G. Gordon.

Your flair for drama is always
the perfect spoonful of sugar

to choke on after the medicine
goes down.

You get me, old girl.

You really do.

What I get is the gravity of the
League's accusations against my company.

Just as I get my responsibility
to own up to our mistakes.

Why, Granny,
I expected a denial,

a counter attack.

But a mea culpa?


I'm afraid
one of my closest friends,

Dakar Marlo,
director of Goode R&D

betrayed my organization,

my customers, and my trust.

He perverted our goggles
without my knowledge

or permission.

Sounds like
you have the evidence

to bring this scoundrel
to justice.

I do, and I would.

But Mr. Marlo was found
murdered this past August,

likely by the same villains
with whom he did business.

Then, perhaps justice
has been served up,

not by the League but by karma.

No, G. Gordon.

True justice

will be served up
by your dear old Granny.

All of my faulty devices
have been recalled.

I'll soon be offering new
and improved technologies

for the people's entertainment.

And Goode World Studios

will continue funding
the Meta-human Youth Center

for families harmed
by Marlo's betrayal.

So you can rest assured,

Granny will make everything
right as rain.

He took my purse!

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!
You're Garfield Logan?

Thank you!

The behavior of our stars
reflects on this studio,

and you are trending!

Excellent work, Garfield.

Your mother would be so...

Don't even mention my mom!

And cut the Granny gimmick.

I know what you are, Gretchen.

You really have no idea
what I am,

so mind your manners, child,

and your elders.

Bring it.

♪ The nebula clouds round Oa

♪ Such glorious beautiful gas

♪ And the luminous ring
Of Mogo

♪ 'Tis a vision
That's just world class

♪ But when Aria
Crossed the galaxy

♪ The sight none
Can truly surpass

♪ It is the sun rise
Over the gentle curves

Good gosh.

Two years in space and I have
not missed Themyscira more

than at this very moment.

Great Scott! Up ahead.

We're coming up
on some kind of asteroid base.

One that's easily
twice the size of the Watchtower.

It's not every day the
team recruits a new member.

Today I'm happy to welcome four.

Terra, Geo-force,
Halo and Forager.

Your new teammates,
Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle,

Kid Flash, Static and Thirteen

will be glad
to have reinforcements.

And, personally,

I am thrilled we have
another alien on the team.

And two more girls.

We're keeping pace.

More girls...

I have given thought to this.

Despite my outward appearance,

I do not know
that I am a girl or a boy

as Earth languages
define the words.

Yeah, but your soul,
it's from...

A Mother Box.

An approximate
English translation

of the New Genesian word
for what I was.

But what I am now

is just me.

Is that okay?

Beyond okay.

Oh, but I'm sorry.

I interrupted your briefing.

It's fine.

I'm truly thrilled you're
discovering who you are inside.

Plus, there's more good news.

Superboy and Tigress
are rejoining the team.

Keeping an eye on us?

Spending more time
with my fiancée.

Beast Boy, B19.

Garfield. Are you sure
you've thought this through?

Yeah. I want back on the team.

We were just
noting the buzz online.

Gorilla heroics
got the itch scratchin', huh?

It's more than that.

I put Gretchen Goode on notice.

She might have me locked
into an acting contract,

but she doesn't control
my off hours.

And I'm here
to help take her down.

We don't have
any leads on Goode yet.

But you're always welcome on the
team, little brother.

Can't send you
on every stealth mission,

your powers
are too recognizable.

But I'll juggle assignments
to keep you

as busy as you want to be.

Looks like your team
just doubled in size.

Good. We need
all the help we can get.

Oh, speaking of help.

Troia and Catherine are
taking the fight public again.

Despite Lex Luthor's
short-sighted views

the Justice League
must maintain its autonomy.

Decisions by political committee

take too long,
and could cost lives.

Behind us is the former site
of the Hall of Justice.

It's been two years since the Hall
was destroyed by alien attack.

And the committee to renovate
the site is deadlocked

on how to proceed.

Now, imagine this process...

Luthor's process

applied to the life and death
missions of the Justice League.

Really, Lex Luthor,

how do you find the time
to be a leader of nations

and the super villain
the League frames you to be?

It is exhausting, G. Gordon.

Honestly though,
I have grown weary

of these tit-for-tat
public statements.

Certainly the League sees the difference
between autonomy and oversight.

We need accountability
and transparency.

That's why the UN has had a
satellite parked near the Watchtower

for the last two years.

So, we watch the Watchtower,

but who watches the watchman?

Even your own LexCorp
has oversight, correct?

Of course.

To avoid any conflict of
interests with my current duties,

I place LexCorp
in a blind trust.

My sister Lena now runs LexCorp.

Miss Luthor
recently made headlines

by pledging LexCorp funds
to the Meta-Human Youth Center.

Are you saying
you had nothing to do

with Lena's
charitable grandstanding?

Why, G. Gordon,

I'm not saying anything at all.

The ion trail
leads directly to target base.

An ion trail?

But my dear Barda,

that cannot be correct.

Not when we have
a clear policy of Boom Tubing

back and forth
from all raid sites.

I was laying a trap
for these vermin.

The time to hide is over.

Now we can fight...

What has Granny Goodness
taught you, child?

We serve only Darkseid.

And through me,

his will be done.

Granny will choose the time
for conflict.

And to be clear,

that wasn't torture, Desaad.

It was discipline.

I love Barda enough to
punish her for her own good.

But you'll see torture
soon enough.

The Watchtower is very crash.

Never in a million years
did I think

I would travel into space.

Victor, maybe next time
you can...

No, no, no, thank you.

Uh, despite appearances I'm not
the Watchtower superhero type.

I'm getting my old body back.

And the only space I need
is my own room.

If I have to hear your phone
chime another text from Violet

I may go all Fatherbox on you guys.

It is from Violet.

- How did you...
- Please.

She's always texting you.


I suppose she is.

Not me!

Lian spilled her juice.

- Not me! Not me!
- Coming.

Tara, it's time
for Brucely's walk.

Oh, you got him. Thanks.

- Full house, huh?
- Yeah, yeah. Never a dull moment.

But the girls
pull their weight, so,

we make do. Caffeine me.

We'll be right back after I
clean up this juice monster.

Not me!

You've built a home
full of love, William.

It is nice to see.

- Helga.
- I...

I feel so useless.

- Helga...
- Hear me out.

You've all done
so much for these children.

Yet I also wish to contribute.

Victor refuses to return to
his father or S.T.A.R. Labs.

And I believe
I could be of service to him.

But I would need
a fully equipped laboratory

to provide
any assistance at all.

I realize it's a lot to ask.

But how else could I repay
the kindness you've shown me.

Big Barda, open fire for Granny.

Hail Granny Goodness!

Hail Darkseid!

canon fire ain't no joke.

- You're lucky I'm here to cover your butt.
- Returning fire.

Missiles through their shields.

Hitting target.


Cursed Hawks gave them
Nth metal missiles.

The impact triggered
a decompression in section 16.


It hid an incursion

or failed to.

Barda, summon the Furies.

At last.

Huh, underwhelming security.

Stay whelmed.

We're not out of this yet.

- Stay what?
- Oh, uh,

- guess I picked that up from...
- The children,

I think we found them.

The missing eight from Markovia.


All of them.

The end point
of the light's trafficking

of meta-humans
to the forces of Apokolips.

That may not be the worst of it.

Look at the size of this thing.

Scans read all of the
stolen elements within it.

- Can you tell what it's designed...
- Furies!


Stop! We don't want
to hurt you.


Makes it easier to hurt you!


Enough, Desaad.

I know our master's machine
isn't ready.

But if the Earth heroes
destroy the device,

will you explain to Darkseid?


Hmm. I thought not.

Mm. Their pain.

So excruciating. So glorious.

So instructive.

Everyone, out!

You saved me.

Wonder Woman, Hawkwoman,

catwalk above, their leader.



Always leaving the hard work
for old Guy.

True justice

will be served up
by your dear old Granny.

All of my faulty devices
have been recalled.

I'll soon be offering
new and improved technologies

for the people's entertainment.

And Goode World Studios

will continue funding
the Meta-human Youth Center

for families
harmed by Marlo's betrayal.

So, you can rest assured,

Granny will make everything

right as rain.