You (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - A Fresh Start - full transcript

To escape Candace and the ghosts of his past in New York City, Joe changes his name and moves to Los Angeles, vowing to start fresh and change his ways. But then he meets Love, his charming new coworker.


this is why you're not for me.

Once upon a time, I believed in love.

Sure, I'd been hurt before,
but I'd learned from that,

and I wanted to fight for a fresh start.

The real thing this time.

So, boy meets girl,

boy knows this is a something special,
and he thinks,

"Let me do everything I can
to make this right."

So, I did.

I was brave.

I was vulnerable.

I won her the old-fashioned way.

I tried to do everything right

for her.

I knew you have to do anything for love.

So I did.

I did whatever I had to,

whatever it took.

I love you, Joe.

I love you too.

I heard about you and Candace.

You know, I thought we were pretty happy,

but she thought she could
be happier with...

some guy in Rome, so...

It's just how she left so suddenly...

But she did not trust me.

So she started asking questions
about the past.


I think they dated.

Oh, they did.

But I can't say I was shocked
when it didn't work out.

Who's Elijah?

Give me my phone, Joe.

- He's not your brother, I know that.
- I don't love you.

I never have.

She started digging for stuff
that should have stayed buried.

I picked wrong.

I made mistakes.

Love had made me blind.


And now...

Joe! turned to poison.

Tell me I'm crazy.

Tell me you didn't...

kill Peach.

Tell me you didn't kill Peach.

And when love dies, it really hurts.

The bottom line is...

She couldn't love me back.

And our love died.

I thought that was the end.

A sad story.

A broken heart I'd have to heal from
to love again.

But no, there was more hurt in store.


I think we have some unfinished business
to talk about.


And so I realize this is what I get

for trying so hard.

I can't love again.

I can't risk it. It's too dangerous.

The only fresh start is a start

without love.


We're gonna go again from the top.


Print that.
We're gonna go again from the top.


is what it's come to.

♪ I'm a troubled man ♪

♪ Changed by the things I do ♪

♪ True, but it's funny how ♪

Love has taken me to dark places.

But Los Angeles...

has gotta be as dark as it gets.

When you're running from someone
who thinks they know you,

the best place to hide
is a city they think you hate

because, well, I do.

Hi, gorgeous people!

Just wanna say thank you. Wow.

Three million followers?

I'm honestly choked up
thinking about how much I love each...

I'm closing my heart,
like an out-of-business bookstore,

and I'm here for the moment
where everyone is too into themselves

to ever connect with another person.

It's the worst city in the world
and the last place I wanna be,

and that's perfect.

It's temporary.

Regroup, get some cash together,
figure out next moves, go.

Never look back.

It's a chance to get back
to who I really am:

a quiet guy...

...who just wants to lead a quiet life.

I've done time in uglier cages.

Welcome. I'm Delilah.

Will Bettelheim. Nice to meet you.

Your credit came back sparkling, Will.

Oh, good, good.

But I looked you up.
You're not on the socials.

Like, at all.

Thought you might be some kind of freak.

Just not great
at keeping up with that stuff.

Do you not keep up
with brushing your teeth?

I'm kidding,
I'm kidding. Okay.

I just have this vacancy
on the first floor.

- Do you wanna see it? It's bigger.
- I like the second floor.

It's quieter.

All right.

So rent's due on the third,

No loud music after ten.

Two pet limit.

And don't cook meth in your kitchen.

You got it.

You can keep the furniture if you want
or just let me know

and we can have someone take it out.

The last tenant
kind of left in a hurry, so...

hopefully it'll be better luck for you.

I'm in number one if you need anything.

That sounds great.

All right. See ya.

Home sweet prison.

It's uncomfortable, all of this.

But that's good, I'm detoxing.

Detox should be uncomfortable.

I've left so much behind.

And I know there's a side of me

that I let get out of control,

and now controlling is everything.

But, that said,

cold turkey leads to rebound,

leads to heartbreak,

if not crime scenes,

and posthumous best sellers.

Addiction management is key.

Ten minutes a day.

Do not fixate on any one person.

Do not get involved,
do not even look them up,

because I know I can get swept up.

But that's not happening.

This is a fresh start.

In my dreams...

Beck's alive.

She forgives me for everything I did.

She apologizes for everything she did.

"And she says," Don't worry,

Candace is gone.


But then I wake up...

and remember.

I think we have
some unfinished business to talk about.


Okay, let's go somewhere

and we can sit and talk.

As long as it's nice...

and public.

Are you gonna tell me what you want?

I'm craving French fries.


- Hi. What can I get for you?
- Fries, please, a side of ranch.

Vanilla milkshake.

You want anything, bunny?

- No.
- Okay.

I'll be right back.

I want you to know I want it to stay gone.

I mean, you sure thought I was dead

or you wouldn't have
just left me there, right?

I was prepared to count my blessings
and never come back.

That's not how any of it happened.

So, anyways, there I am,

in a new town,

a new girl,

and I walk into this store,

and there's this book...

by a woman named Guinevere...


You did it again, didn't you?

What do you want, Candace?

To kill you with my bare hands.

I'm kidding.

I could never.

I'm gonna go to the cops,
and I'm gonna tell them everything.

Nope, sorry, not that either.

Too easy on you.


People are predictable.

I cannot afford to be predictable.

My life depends on that.

But love, love is what kept me open,

alive, different, real.

And I also can't afford to do love,
so you see my dilemma.

Lady, how many photos does it take?
Come on.

Are you like, "Lady, come on."

How many photos does it take?"

Crazy thing is,
she never posts any of them.

That's, like, gotta be a diagnosis, right?

Precocious, unsupervised kid
who thinks she's not a kid.

Ms. Strauss secretly has six chihuahuas

so she walks them in shifts.

And you?

You are Will Bettelheim,

LA newbie.

Yeah, that's me.

Who is protecting her?

No, no, she is not my problem.

What's your Insta?

Or do you only have a Finsta?

- I'm a little behind the times.
- Clearly.

Anyway, I'm @Ellie-Eyeballs.


you have a girlfriend yet?

Holy shit.

Ellie, how old are you? Like 14?


Basically 16, so...

No, she's not my problem.

It was nice to meet you.



Thank you so much for stopping by.

I appreciate being the first call.

So Delilah, she's not a hooker.

It's what you're thinking, right?

Yeah, no, she's a reporter,

that guy's a publicist,

and he just paid some crazy kill fee to
not run something about someone famous.

- It's sick, she's a genius.
- Ellie?

No harassing the tenants.

I'm not. We're old friends.

Well, you're late for school, smart-ass.

Too young to be Ellie's mom.

Is that my shirt? That's my fucking shirt.

- How many times...?
- Sisters.

Can you please not wear that to school
and destroy it, please?

If Delilah counts
as parental supervision,

- it explains everything.
- It looks hotter on me, though.

Cool story. Any day now.

Note to self: steer clear
of their entire red flag galaxy.


You lay a finger on her,

and I will vivisect
your individual scrotums.

She's a kid.

In Los Angeles,

grocery stores aren't just a place
you buy carrots,

they're a pristine, non-GMO Disneyland,

and king among these is Anavrin.

Come for the spring lettuce mix,

stay for the perfect life
that could be yours

if you spend enough
and quit gluten, you fucking asshole.

And yeah, obviously, Anavrin is...
wait for it...

"nirvana" spelled backwards.

So, no experience at all in sorting
or bagging perishables?

Well, I'm a quick study.

It's a coveted job.

Yeah, all the casting directors shop here.

- So...
- Oh, I'm not an actor.

Okay, let me xerox some photo ID

and I'll call you ASAP
and I'll let you know.

Sure thing, ID.


- I know... I know I brought it. I just...
- Are you reading that?


It feels like it gets
more relevant every day, right?

How... so?

Oh, this guy's struggle trying
to get past his mistakes, you know?

I don't like to get political,
but I will say

our world is done for
if we don't think about that.

How to be better.

- I can't believe you just did that.
- Did...?

Made a Russian novel
sound like something I'd want to read.

Uh, I don't mean to spring this on you...

Ever thought about working in a bookstore?

We've been having a time moving product.

You know, I thought
with this whole hacking democracy thing,

people would be like,
"Yeah, I wanna read some Russian stuff.

"What's up with that place?" But...

they're intimidated, you know?

Hm, there's nothing to be intimidated by.

It's human experience. It's universal.

I think I just felt my soul
come back into my body.

I love it.

You sound like such a...

a reader.

Maybe it's 'cause
it's my favorite thing to do.



recommending the perfect book.

Can you start tomorrow?

- Yeah.
- Perfect. Let's get you an apron.

A new apron?




No, fuck, no, I'm not doing that.

I'm not gonna try to figure out
who you are,

why you look so concerned

about the state of that heirloom tomato.

- Oh, did I get you? Are you okay?
- It's okay.

You have a way with people.

They just like you.

Your shirt is faded, but fresh.

You like to take care of things.

Your shoes are clean, but more.

You walk in a town where nobody walks.

I won't say hello.
I'll accidentally bump into you.

You'll never even know I was here.

Excuse me?

Do you think this peach looks like a butt?

There is no wrong answer.

It looks a little like a butt, yeah.


Hm. Thank you.

Are you flirting?

I'd like to think you are,
but it's just... I can't.

I should also inform you that...

all peaches look like butts.

I should walk away.

Oh, yes.

Well, thank you for your honesty.

I might go out on a limb
and suggest that...

bell peppers can be extremely vaginal
depending on how you cut them.

I hadn't noticed that,
but I definitely will now. Thank you.

Yeah, no problem.

Were you following me?


Well, I mean...

Truth. That is what will
shut this down, truth.

Not initially, but then yes.

I was, completely.

I am sorry...

if I seem skeevy.


I mean, you might've...

if you looked like a skeeve, which...

I guess is me saying, good choice...

showering today.


I debated, so...


All right.


You work here?

The apron.

Oh, yeah.

Will. I just started in the cafe.

Me too, um, I uh... I manage the kitchen.

I do most of the buying for the store.

I was just shopping for my dinner.

Anyway, sorry. Love.

It's my name, I mean.

- No.
- Cool. It's nice to meet you, Love.

No way.


I'll see you in the break room then, Will.

No, not biting.

I'm not that guy anymore,

and I don't think I ever will be again.

I can't be.

Love, you are not for me.

Mooney's Rare and Used,
this is not.

But hey, who needs Cervantes
when you've got chakra clearing?

Ralph Waldo Emerson? No.

Reading the Akashic records? Full shelf.

This is gonna be harder than I thought.

But this is the only safe place
for me right now.

No offense,
you look like you're ready to puke.

Just tell me what you want.

I'm getting to it.

Here you go.

Now you really look
like you're gonna puke.

Sorry, excuse me.



At least when I'm here,
it's less about the people,

more about the books.

Excuse me.

Yeah, how can I help?

How can you help?

Yeah. Um...

Can you tell me
if this Carl Jung book is vegan?

Uh, if the... if the book is...

New here, huh?

Yeah, your apron is, like, very fresh.

Does everyone in LA walk around
like they own the place?

You got me. I just started this week.

The books are made from trees.

- I'm pretty sure those are vegan.
- I'm just messing with you, old sport.


- Calvin.
- Hey.

Did you tell our new friend Will here

that it was Vegan Author Month
at the cafe?

I will get Will on the right page.

I know you will.


I think you are gonna do really well here.

I like your whole look.

It's very, um... I've-read-a-book.


So that's...

Forty's parents own the place, obviously.

Shit. He was being cool just now,

but if he comes back
and it's still wrong...

I got it. Don't worry, Calvin.

Watch the register.


Let me guess. Hurricane Forty?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

Don't worry.

He almost never actually fires anyone.

You know how some people are,
like, starring in their own movie?

Well, his...

is about a hilarious misunderstood genius

working with idiots.

Right, one of those.

What? Do...

Do I have something?

No, I was just trying to figure out
what your movie is.

Oh, I think it might be the one where
the woman gets the guy in trouble at work

for slacking off.

I'm sorry, I got to go. Thank you, though.

I cannot let you in.

Are you running away from me?

What? No.

I feel like you are.

- I don't think...
- Don't think.

We have about six minutes,
which I think we can make that work.

You like that?

Now say, "I like that, Love."

I like that... Love.

It's just you...

and me.

What's wrong?

I don't do this.

Not anymore.

I don't fantasize

to some impossible version

of a woman I barely know.

It's not good.


It's hard to have
a fresh start, Love,

when the past is on your mind.

Thank you.

Hang on one second.


You don't think I have
your fucking number?

I'm not interested
in seeing you dead, Joe.


Or turning you in because, best-case,
you go to prison forever.

- I'm hanging up.
- I wouldn't.

See, you'd go to prison as you.

You'd sit there for the rest of your life
thinking you're a good man.

I'm gonna show you who you really are.

And when you see it...

you'll beg me to turn you in.

It's gonna be really fun
fucking destroying you.

And I deserve that.

Candace, listen to me.

You're insane!

Yeah, I figured you'd say that.

I'll see you soon.

It doesn't take a genius to hunt someone

if you really, really want to.

You see, that's another thing
I learned from you.

Bye, Joe.

I'm getting paranoid.

There's no way she found me so soon.

There's no way.

I won't let Candace get in my head.

That's what crazy people do,
make you crazy.

Who asked you to film me?

No one.

It's just for fun.

Not a good liar.

I'm not mad.

Just give me the phone.

You asshole.

I was making a movie for school.



Just a grown man

who put a hand on a teenaged girl.

All good, as long as I fix it.

Which I...

will do right after I fix another thing
I've gotta fix first.

Fuck, I'm starting to believe
in cosmic punishment, Love.

Not just punishment,

actual death.

If LA is hell,

surely the Hollywood DMV
is the Ninth Circle.

Hi, I need a driver's license.

- ID and proof of residence?
- Yep, it's all there.

Is everything okay?

Slow system.

That is completely unacceptable.

come up to the window, please.

Just wait, I'll fix this.

I know that voice.


This woman has an appointment.

Just like I just had an appointment.
You just helped me five seconds ago.

What are the chances?

She has to come back with somebody
that can speak whatever she speaks.

Arabic? I mean, it's pretty common.

Excuse me, does anybody speak Arabic?

- Anyone?
- I can.

Thank you, sir, please.

Come here. Nobody's gonna skip you, right?

Thank you, everyone.


Someone who can help.
Wasn't that hard to ask.

Some people, huh?

Okay, this is all in order.

You'll step over there
to take the written test.

Okay, thank you.

Will. Kismet, right?

I mean, what are the chances?

I don't always...

cause a scene.

I promise.

That was pretty impressive.

Good, because I actually
frequently do cause a scene.

Well, I have to take this test.

Well, you got this. Here.

For luck.

Next in line, please step forward.

Are you really who you seem to be?

Could anyone be that light and fearless?

You know, I didn't
because I promised myself I wouldn't,

but now it would be weird not to, right?

You're kidding me.

Are you the only woman in Los Angeles

not showing off for strangers?

Speaks well of you,
but does make it trickier.

I know exactly what I need to do.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

It's a new phone.

Since it's my fault you...

It's a little upgrade.

You'll be making movies
on the thing, right?

Cost a chunk of my rent,

and the more money I need,
the longer I stay,

but one problem at a time.

I guess that's Ellie for "thank you."

I didn't mean to scare you.

You didn't.

Of course not.

I'm sorry, anyway.

I was trying to do
this whole vérité thing.

You know, like, you see Tangerine?

I thought you were, like...


Honestly, I'm more of a book guy.

Why are you robbing your eyeballs
of all things that are good?

Tell you what...

I'm making you a list.

Like, how do you even function
in a world without art?

Don't say you get it in books.
Books take too long.

I'll make you a deal.
You make me that list...

I'll make you a list.

Nothing long. I have a life.


Oh, my God, this bitch's feed is so fake.

How do you know?

How... how do you know...

that it's, uh...

it's... it's fake?

Uh, I'm an American and I'm 15.

Why do you ask?

I thought you were too good
for the internets.

Actually, I'm thinking of joining.

I'm just a private person.

Well, so am I.

It's why my page is about my work,
not my dumb face.


- Can I...?
- Yeah.

This is great.

Yeah, I know.

God, you really need a sensei,
don't you?

Are you offering to help?

What's in it for me?

I'll owe you one.

That'll work.

Okay, first thing to know
about being authentic and actually cool...

feeds that aren't lame
help people understand you.

But don't overshare, like, your breakfast.

Unless, I don't know,
is breakfast your brand?

I don't know that I have a brand.

It's not that deep.

Your brand could be, like...

you have good taste in whatever

your thing is.

So go places, look,

if it's interesting, take a pic.

Don't filter, don't hashtag.

Hashtags are thirsty.

That's literally the handbook
to being dope in a sea of basic losers.

Which... most people are.

Just lean into your thing, Will.

But in a not-try-hard

kind of way.

That's how you get her
to fall in love with you.

- What?
- That's why you doing it, right?

- You like someone.
- No.

That's the only reason
anyone posts anything.

I don't like anyone.


Uh, the other reason to post is revenge.

You have a nemesis?

I don't have a nemesis.

Don't take this the wrong way, Will.

Please be not this boring
on your Instagram, okay?

I will try my best.

My secretary will bill you.

Thank you.

It's come to this:

get online to blend in,
just long enough to get out

before Candace finds me.

Create a feed of my alleged life
while life happens around me,

but how would I know?

Not that there's much to see.

Friend requested.


This sun is nice.

Any place is probably beautiful

when you stop running for one second.

I just want to stop running, Love.

I want a home.



- Mommy?
- Joe!


Right here.

I was afraid you left.

I went to get sunscreen.

Come here.

It's nice here, right?

We should come here every summer.

It could be our home away from home.

You are home.

Sure, we're home.

No, I mean, my home is you.

Me too, Joey.

Me too, you.


Go get some ice cream.

Then meet me back at our favorite spot.

You know, the one from yesterday.

And build me a sandcastle.


Mommy will be back in just a few shakes.


I'm an idiot.

Did I sunburn through this t-shirt?

How is that a thing?

Worth it, all worth it, Love.



Hey, Brooklyn!

I know you're in there.

Oh, the happily-wed missus.

I'm sick.

You're a rookie with a sunburn
is what you are.

Calvin told me at the store.

Let me in.

I can help.

Do you have a medical license?

I'm serious, though.

You didn't need to come
all the way over here.

It's no problem.

I live right in the neighborhood.

All right.

Is that salad dressing?

No, it's apple cider vinegar.

May I?

- You want me to...?
- Yes.

Trust me, in five minutes
you're going to love me for this.

Smells great.

Shut up.

Are you okay? This must hurt.

It doesn't.

You felt that too.

But you're married, so you're safe.

It's actually perfect.

Keep it light,


There. We'll give that a minute.

Okay, now I need to ask you a question

that's deadly serious and deeply personal.


Is that 99-cent ramen?

- Yeah.
- No.

- Yeah.
- No, Will, no.

You're an Angeleno now.

I'm not, actually.

You know, you ex-New Yorkers
are the worst.

I mean, haven't... haven't you ever...
fallen in love

reading Joan Didion

or Raymond Chandler,

or Francesca Lia Block?

You know, these...

- You've never read Joan fucking Didion.
- A little.

- She's next.
- No, you, you're missing out, okay?

This city, is...

it's... it's...

a million cities, it's...

I mean...

We're going. We're going!

Where, exactly?

As many places as we need to
to convert you.

Come on.

Let's go!

- Okay.
- Come on, snob!

All right, hang on a minute.

Need to get my jacket.


Just gotta lock up.

It's my favorite place in the city.

I have this theory.

It's not my theory, it's the late,
great food writer Jonathan Gold's,

whose life mission was to know
Los Angeles the best way:

through food.

And, uh, he said,

"There exists for each of us
a perfect taco."

Point is...

Is it good?

...we are gonna find you
your perfect bite.

- It's amazing.
- But is it perfect?

It's a taco.

We have more work to do. Come, let's go.

Wait, hang on, this?

- You're telling me...
- No, no, no. Come on, come on, please.

You are going to love it.
It's going to be so worth it.


Thank you.

So you really didn't like it?

No! No, no, no.
I would bathe in that sauce.

Stop lying to me.

I'll figure you out.

This is science.

♪ Victories ♪

♪ Look better when you've called it... ♪

♪ Misery's the moment when I lost you ♪

♪ It's pleasure in a costume ♪

Oh, so close.

Inches away.


Research complete.

Final destination.

Let's hit it!

Let me tell you a little bit
about yourself, Will Bettelheim.

You are not a snob.

You're just old-fashioned.

You like things that are real,

made right by people who care.

You like strong flavors.

Gimmicks don't seduce you.

What seduces you is the real thing.


Roast chicken.

In cooking school,

they used to tell us that you could
tell everything about a cook

based on their roast chicken,

so I became a bit obsessive.

And you are gonna benefit from that.

You went to cooking school?


That's a long story.



Make sure you have some skin and carrot...

and some crispy potato...

and then I'll rub it around
in the reduction a little bit.

- May I eat it?
- Yes, you may eat it.

I get it now.


It's everything I like,
made exquisitely, but what's perfect...

is you made it for me.

Is that you're speechless?

Perfect bite?


It's perfect.


I knew it.

You were tough...


I am a champion.


- I'm sorry. Did I say...
- No.

I have to tell you something, and...

I'm just gonna come out and say it.

The community garden that we walked by?

I got married there...

three years ago.


We met in school and we were young, but...

I just knew...

- I'm sorry if I sent the wrong signal...
- No, he's dead.

Yeah, conversation killer.

He got sick.

And they, um...

they tried to figure it out.

But... they did not.

- Love, I'm so sorry.
- No.

No, it's...

It is what it is.

It was almost two years ago now.

And, like, look...

my life's great.

And also, nobody really understands.

I mean, who our age gets married,
let alone widowed?

It's, like...


So, you know, people are nice, but...

they can't really fathom
what I'm going through.

Yeah, it's lonely.

I can imagine.

Yeah, I know.

Ever since it happened, I've been able
to see this thing in people...

who've been through it.

I see that every time I look in your eyes.


You've felt it.

Real love.

Real loss.


Yeah, well...

Did you fall in love?


Is it so terrible?

It's not terrible.


I, uh, I got you a, um...

a parting gift.

Yeah, I thought about getting you
something happy, but...

Of course.

- Joan Didion.
- Let's face it,

what you're more interested in
is something...

smart and complex.

A little... dark.


That's what makes you feel at home.

How do you know that?

Well, 'cause...

me too.

I wanted to think you don't know me.

You can't, but I'm not too proud
to say when I'm wrong.

And maybe I was wrong about you,

and maybe, even a bit, all of LA.

And all I can say is,
I hope I'm also wrong about me.

Maybe I don't need to shut down forever.

Maybe I don't need to run away so fast.

And if that could be...

with you...



God, it's from The Big Lebowski.

It's going on your list.

It's two a.m. Does your sister...

Oh, shut up, Dad.

She's right inside.

I just have insomnia.

From the 14 Frappuccinos.

Okay, sorry. I just wanna make sure...

Okay, Mr. Rogers, good night.

Good night.

Oh, Will,

someone came by looking for you.

Old friend?

Jesse. No, Jasper.

He said that you had something
that you wanted to give back

and that he'll be by.

- Fuck.
- Thanks.

Honestly, he seemed a little creepy.

What can I say, friend?
I have creepy taste in friends.


Who is Jasper?

Why is he looking for you...


How are we gonna take care
of this problem?

So here's the thing, Love.


It wasn't easy for me to get here,

to buy myself a little time,

this slim chance at a new life.

And then...

I saw you.

And, you know, I really do believe
that things happen for a reason,

that all the hard stuff and the craziness,

and frankly, my own mistakes...

they maybe all led me here...

for a reason.

At least I hope...

that's true.

Because I'm working as hard as I can
to make a fresh start here.

- What the hell were you thinking, Calvin?
- Ray said to stock more fiction.

Yeah, he meant fiction
that people actually wanna read.

- Okay, I just figured that...
- What?

There's a human alive
who wants to read Crime and Punishment?

Look, dude, find a way to move these

or, uh... something's moving.

It's delicate,

the whole... thing.

I have this vacancy
on the first floor.

I like the second floor.

'Cause it's not just a new home.

It's a new me.

I live right in the neighborhood.

Kismet, right?

I mean, what are the chances?

And when something like that happens,

when it's right,

you start to feel everything aligning,
like fate saying yes.

But again, delicate.

Anyway, this is a bad time,
the worst time,

for a complication.

Maybe I should run right now, Love.

But now I don't want to.

I need to figure out a way
to see this through,

whatever it is...

with you.

You win, Love.

I'll stay.

Subtitle by Matheus Modesto