You (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Bluebeard's Castle - full transcript

Joe juggles problems with Paco and Beck and now must contend with a private investigator as well, but resolution is coming, one way or another.

Please, I'm sorry.
- Move, move!

I was just
organizing the shelves.

You think you know
my business better than I do?

Get in, and you'll stay in
until you understand!

Understand what?

Who I am to you.

♪ ♪




♪ ♪

I'm here.



am I in here?

Well, that's good,
because we're talking.

We're getting it
out in the open.

You hit me!
- I'm sorry.

Beck, I'm sorry.

I just... I didn't
want you to freak out.

Joe, I am locked
in a glass cage!


How long?
- What?

How long are you going
to keep me in here?

If this is just temporary.

Oh, honestly, I haven't
thought that far ahead.

I... I...

I just... I need to know
that I can trust you

to see the truth.
- What truth is that?

Everything I have done,
I have done for you.

Even this?

Even this.

Oh, God.

I wish I knew
what you were thinking.

Tell me.

♪ ♪

What's in the box?

Tell me.

Tell me I'm crazy.

Tell me you didn't kill Benji.

Tell me you didn't kill Peach.

If you knew what I knew.

, Beck, that's right.
You have no idea.

I promised you the truth,
and I'm going to give you that.

Wait, Joe.
Don't leave!

I'm not.

We're going to get through this.



No, Joe!

Joe, Joe!

- That could have gone worse.

I knew you'd be scared.
That's why I tried

to protect you from the truth.

And now, I need to
protect us from the world,

long enough to work this out.

So, business as usual.
They're the best cover.

And it wouldn't be
a true social media detox

without announcing it
to the world.

- Evidence, evidence
is all I need

to prove to you
I'm not some sicko.

I'm your protector.
You'll see.

Let's skip the
"nothing to see here."

Get straight to moving along.
- No, this is my building.

That's my neighbor, Claudia.
- Your neighbor, huh?

- So then you know the piece

of... who
gave her a concussion?

Yeah, his name is Ron.
- Oh, I know who he is.

That's him.

Why is he not
in the back of your cruiser?

Victim insisted
it was an accident.

She has a kid, Paco.
Where is he?

I didn't see
any children in there.

Probably for the best.

♪ ♪


You can't leave me in here.

I'm not... I'm not.
I'm sorry.

Look, it's pointless to try
to explain anything to you

without evidence,
so no more secrets.

Ask me anything.

So we both knew
Benji was a ...., right?

What you didn't know...

He was a murderer.
He killed an innocent kid.

- He's, he's playing dead.
He's playing dead.

Oh, ....!

No remorse, I fully maintain
he was sociopathic,

and dangerous,
dangerous for you.

And Peach, oh, she was obsessed.

And she was
hoarding these for years.

She needed to own you, to trap
you, to make you her pet.

And what happened
once she was gone?

You blossomed,
you were published.

I... I get why you'd be freaked,
all stuffed in like this.

But they're just mementos,
you know?

Like holding on
to an old photograph.

Or you wearing
my shirt to sleep.

You can't tell me
that's so crazy.

It's the stuff
of a million love songs.

I know this is a lot.

Honestly, I'm terrified

sharing this with you.

But if we're being honest,

your life has been better
since you met me.

You just didn't
know how, or why.

Until now.

Beck, I love you.

And loving someone means
you will do anything for them.

♪ ♪


I had to burn his body.

And Peach?
- Well, she tried to kill me.

That was
straight-up self defense.

It was, it was self de...
- Oh, God.

It's true.
- Please don't.

No, please!
- No, no, calm down, please.

Please don't hurt me!
- Please calm down.

No, you don't understand.
Please calm down.

You killed them!
- Beck, Beck, Beck.

You're a murderer, you freak!
- No, that's not true!

No, you haven't...
- Get away from me!

Please don't hurt me.
- You don't understand.

I would never
hurt someone I love.

Tell that to Candace,
you sick ...!

You're not listening.

♪ ♪



Help me, please!


♪ ♪

Good morning.

Get away!
- It's okay.

What were you
trying to do to me?

I was just making it cozy.

You were sleeping so deep,
I didn't want to disturb you.

Well, consider me disturbed.

Here, I brought you breakfast.

Somehow, being inches
from a bucket of my own pee

has killed my appetite.

Oh, well, I emptied the bucket,

in case you ever doubt what
I'm willing to do for love.

And you're not going to
want to pass up avocado toast.

From Dudley's, and uh, coffee.
Just how you like it.

I always wondered
what that was for.

Uh, oh, yeah.

Mooney claims he built it
for secure cash transactions.

I never saw anybody
down here but me.

I spent a lot of time in here
when I was younger.

I was always
getting into trouble.



he was my Mr. Miyagi.

If Miyagi was
a Soviet prison guard.

Who am I to you?
- You're an ...

Yes, but who else do you have?

Your father, who used
your armpit for an ashtray?

Your mother, who never
did anything to stop him?

Or maybe you miss that
insect ridden group home

that drove you to my doorstep.

You don't care about me.

This place could be
your salvation.


you're safe,

surrounded by the
greatest works of humanity.

With no choice but to absorb
the wisdom of better men.

Beck, in the end, the cage
was a good thing for me.

I'm hoping it will
be the same for you.

Look, look, hence, typewriter,
paper, no distractions.

It's the low tech writer's
retreat you always wanted.

I feel bad for you, Joe.

♪ ♪

- Was that pity?


Beck, I am really
putting myself out there.

The least you could do
is acknowledge that.

Hey, not today, little man.
Hey, look at me!

Are you out of your mind?
What do you think you're doing?

Get your hands off him.
- Hey, I caught this punk

trying to steal
the gun from the register.

Okay, okay, all right.
It's not loaded.

Oh, it's loaded.
I'll handle it.

This is not a toy.
- I know, I'm not dumb.

I think you are.
I think only an idiot

tries what you just pulled.

I know why you want a gun, Paco.

Even if you don't kill yourself
with this thing first,

the second you use it
on Ron, your life is over.

That is the definition of dumb.

I'm sorry.

I know that was harsh.

It's a key to my place.

You can go there, it's safe.

Cool down, crash
as long as you need to.

And we'll talk about this later.

♪ ♪

I'm not thinking straight,
and it's your fault.

Beck, I can only
buy us so much time.

And my patience is wearing thin.

Joe, where have you been?
- Hey.

Whoo, hey.
- Let's skip the small talk.

I just want to know
if Beck is okay.

Wait, what do you mean okay?
- We had a fight.

I haven't heard from her.
- Oh, I think it's okay

to tell you,
she's on a writing retreat.


It's all good, relax.
- She's not texting us, either.

I just... I just want
to know she's safe.

both: Yeah.

What was the fight about?


I caught her cheating
with her therapist.

No way.
- What?

Oh, my God, no way.

Dr. Nicky?
Is she kidding?

Oh, my God. Whoa.
- Beck!

Joe, I am so sorry.
- Yeah.

So sorry.
- I'm so sorry.

We had no idea.
- Wow.

I really thought
you two were endgame.

It just kind of
shakes your faith, you know?

I don't know.
- Do you really believe

that Beck and I
are the real deal?

Joe, I've known Beck
a long time, and I have...

I've never seen her happier.

Or like,
more grounded, or whatever.

Hey, maybe it's not so bad.

Maybe... maybe she's really
on a writing retreat, you know?

Or maybe she's just
trying to dodge that P.I.

because she doesn't
feel like talking about Peach.

P... wait, P.I.?
What do you mean?

Apparently, a Salinger
would never commit suicide,

according to the Salingers.

It is so messed up.

They hired this guy,
I don't know.

He's been asking Lynn and I
all of these questions.

He even used
the term "foul play."

Can you believe that?

- Joe, we both know
what you did.

Why are you surprised?

You haven't started writing.

I'm still waiting for that

surge of inspiration
I was promised.

You... you seem like you're
doing a little better.

Maybe it's relative.
- Mm.

I caught Paco trying to steal
a gun from the register today.


Ron put Claudia in the hospital.

So Paco, I tried talking to him.

I think I just made him angrier.

Well, you got your girlfriend
locked up in a cage.

A P.I.'s snooping around,

and you're worried
about your neighbor's kid.

I know, it's pretty dumb.
- No.

It's sweet.

♪ ♪


I know...

there is a good heart
in there somewhere.



I have to pee.

Oh, no, no,
tell me you're not using

Henry Pelham's cartography
as a seat cover.

Sorry, I couldn't
find any Dan Brown.

All right, I'll get out of here.


Can I... can I just,

please use the bathroom?

Please, this is dehumanizing.

You can trust me.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank
you, thank you, thank you.

♪ ♪

- I can't.

I'm sorry.


Joe, please!
- I'll be back in a little bit.

, ..., ..., ...

I'm so stupid.

This whole time, I was wrong.

How did I not see this?
- If you see this place

as a prison, that's all
you're going to be, a prisoner.

If you see it as an
opportunity for introspection,

and growth, voila,
we have a future together.

You say you're a writer.

I fell in love with a writer.

Maybe you should be writing.

Well, what now, Joe?

You're going to go
to my panties?

Or do you need to cut someone
up before you can get hard?

♪ ♪

- How the hell
did you end up here?

- Your life has been better
since you met me.

You just didn't know how or why.

You paint me up
to be this monster.

Someone who can hurt people,
who can do terrible things.

♪ ♪

You used to wrap yourself
in fairy tales like a blanket.

But it was the cold you loved.

Sharp shivers as you uncovered

the corpses
of Bluebeard's wives.

Sweeter goose bumps
as Prince Charming

slid one glass slipper
over your little toes,

a perfect fit.

♪ ♪

But by the schoolyard,
real princesses

floated by you on fall winds.

You saw the gulf between
you and the rich girls,

and vowed to stop
believing in fairy tales.

But the stories
were in you, deep as poison.

If Prince Charming was real,
if he could save you...

you needed to be saved from
the unfairness of everything...

when would he come?

The answer was a cruel shrug
in a hundred fleeting moments.

The sneer on Stevie Smith's face

when he called you a fat cow.

Uncle Jeff's hand
squeezing your ass

in the Thanksgiving kitchen.

The accusation
in your father's eyes

when you told him what happened.

From every boy masquerading
as a man that you let

into your body, your heart,
you learned you didn't have

whatever magic
turns a beast into a prince.

You surrounded yourself

with the girls
you'd always resented,

hoping to share their power,
and you hated yourself.

And that
diminished you even more.

And then, right when you thought

you might just disappear,
he saw you.

And you knew, somewhere deep,
it was too good to be true.

But you let yourself be swept,

because he was the first
strong enough to lift you.

Now, in his castle,
you understand Prince Charming

and Bluebeard are the same man.

And you don't get a happy end
unless you love both of him.

Didn't you want this?
To be loved?

Didn't you want him
to crown you?

Didn't you ask for it?
Didn't you ask for it?

Didn't you ask for it?

So say you can live like this.

Say you love him, say thank you,

say anything but the truth.

What if you can't love him back?

- What if you're not the one?

No, now is not the time
to abandon principles.

I have to believe
love conquers all.

And if you love me,
it's only a matter of time.

But time is not on our side.

I don't want
to think worst case.

I don't like
having to scour your place

for evidence that'd
link me to your disappearance.

It's all starting
to feel a little dirty.

Because I'm not
doing it for you anymore.

I'm doing it for me.

And I'm not a selfish person.

♪ ♪

Joe Goldberg.

- Hello, P.I.
Have we met?

Hi, I work for the family
of Peach Salinger.

Just a couple
of quick questions.

Oh, okay, sure, of course.
- How well did you know Peach?

- He's asking,
but he knows already.

Not well, through my ex,
Guinevere Beck.

I've been trying to get
a hold of Beck, actually.

Yeah, well, we... we broke up.

So I'm not really in touch.

Beck, she might be out of town.

Writing, she does that, so.

Good luck.
It was nice to meet you.

You spend a lot of time
at her place

when she's out of town?

Well, I... He saw me.

I... I still have a key.

No... in fact, I had a key.
I returned it last night.

Did your ex ever tell you
that Peach had a stalker?

I mean, I know, um...

I remember the awful
Central Park incident.

Peach was attacked, right?

Same individual may have been

in the house
the weekend Peach died.

- Found an item.

We're testing it for DNA now.
- Wow.

That would be crazy.

I forgot the... jar.

Well, if it's true,
I hope you find the guy.

I should have pissed myself.

Thanks, Joe.

You mind calling if you
think of anything else?


But does urine even hold DNA?

Will do, Ross, yeah.

One thing I learned from my
own time in the cage, Beck.

Never let yourself panic.

No matter how bad it is,
you find a way

to stay calm,
and keep your wits.

♪ ♪

I've been stupid to be mad.
I messed up.

And you're trying
to help me do better.

I know it's hard to understand.

But sometimes,
we do difficult things

out of caring for someone.

That's why I work you so hard,
why I demand perfection.

I'm trying to teach you
a code to live by so that

you don't end up
like your father.

And when I fail, you lock me in.


Because I love you.

I only hope it will be enough.


Hey, I'm sorry that I...

that I went a little crazy

What's for dinner?

♪ ♪

What's wrong?
What happened?

Remember the P.I.?
He paid a visit.

You should have seen him.

I don't think
he bought a word I said.

♪ ♪

I'm not a killer.

I didn't plan this.

Like, if I was
some premeditated,

cold-blooded monster,
I wouldn't have missed

anything that would come back to

bite me in the ass like this.

You might get
exactly what you want.

I'll go down for
something I did for you.

And you love that, right?

I mean that's...
That's what you think of me.


That's not true.

I know I've said some stuff,

but come on, you can't
expect me to be chill.

I mean, look at us.

For the record...

I don't hate you.

I am trying so hard
to understand you.

And what about Paco?

What about Paco?

If you go to jail,
the kid is screwed, right?

You think that's what I want?

You're the only person
who is there for him.

And I think about what happens

to people who don't have anyone.

Joe, for Paco, okay?

Let's try and figure out
a way through this,

so that you can...

so that we can be there for him.


Just open the door, I want...

I just want
to talk to you, just...

Hey, let me in.
I just want...

♪ ♪

You piece of ....!

♪ ♪


Paco, come here,
I want to talk to you.

Paco, come here.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Paco, get over here,

I want to talk to you.


♪ ♪

Paco, come out here.

You're dead.

Hey, Ron.

- Paco.

♪ ♪

Okay, this is what
I need you to do

so no one finds out about this,
because people are not really

going to believe us about the
way that it happened, right?

Okay, there's blood in the hall.

You need to clean that up
with soap and water.

And then hit those spots
with bleach, really pour it on.

All right, now this next part
might sound a little weird,

but I think
it might do the trick.

You see this, it's Ron's phone.

I'm going to be texting
your mom from it.

Maybe Ron's boss,
a few of his friends.

So they think he's still alive.

Exactly, so I'm going
to keep that going.

I'm going to take it far away
from here, get rid of it.

All you have to do is say
you don't know where he is.

Ron will never hurt or scare you

or your mom ever again,
and I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry you
had to see that,

but it's over.

It's all over now, forever.

He was a bad man.
- Yeah.

He was.

Does that mean
it was right to kill him?


we do bad things
for the people we love.

It doesn't mean it's right.

It means love is more important.

All right, go on.

I believe that, Beck.
Love is more important.

But the world is a cruel place.

If I get caught for any of this,

I doubt a jury will
see it the same way.

And you.

Will you?

There you are.

Read this, Joe.

♪ ♪

A blind verse rendition of
your love story with Dr. Nicky?

Keep reading.

What exactly is this?

It's the story
of everything that happened

once I started having an
affair with my therapist.

I was broken, and trusting,
and I needed help.

And he, little did I know,
he was obsessive,

and very sick, and would stop
at nothing to get closer to me.

And if you skip to the end,
there's this part

where I talk about
a box of mementos

that I found on
Nicky's property, evidence.

A jar of teeth.

Don't you see?

Nicky is your way out, Joe.

Our way out.

It's perfect.

I get it now.

You get what?
- You.

You did everything...

for me.

No one has ever loved me
the way that you love me.

I mean, you...
You gave me everything.

Let me give this to you.

I mean it.

I understand.

I was scared.

I could have done something...

something really stupid
when I found that box,

But this, this...

gave me time to think.

I hurt you.
I scared you.

I understand if you hate me.

I love you, actually.

More than ever.

And I can wait
until you're ready.

It's not so bad in here.

You take care of me,
and no one has ever

taken care of me before,

not like you.

It's all I ever wanted to do.

Joe, I...

I know that I am better
with you than without you.


Oh, if you were in here, this
would be our moment to kiss.

It's like, the music swells
and everything.

♪ ♪

But I know...

I know you don't
trust me enough yet.

I get it.

Oh, we're crazy.

♪ ♪


Wait, wait, wait, please.

Wait... I know...
I know you're angry, I know.

You have no idea what I am,
you... psychopath!

I knew it was
too good to be true.

What, all the
nice things I said to you

while I was locked in a cage?

You actually believe that all
of this is somehow justified?

It is.
- , you are insane.

You think that
you did some bad ....,

and that I did some bad ....,

and that this...
This is equivalent?

Yeah, I lied, I cheated,

but I... I didn't stalk you.

I didn't hit you.
I didn't kill people.

I didn't do any of this!

There's not a line

in the world
that I wouldn't cross for you.

I didn't ask you
to swoop in for me.

But you did,
your life was a mess.

Yes, but it was my life.

And I didn't need some
sociopath on a white horse

to clean house.

I mean,
what gives you the right?

You thought that
I would be grateful?


You're him.

You are the bad thing.

You are the thing
that you should have killed.

If you let me out...

we can just talk...
- You know what I think?

I think that this was
all just an excuse.

An excuse to justify
creeping into girls' lives,

and violating
the... out of them.

I think you love it!

The power, you love it!
- No, I don't.

I think that this, this was

the perfect excuse
to take out people, like...

like Benji, and Peach,

who have always
looked down on you

and your whole miserable life.

God, but you...
You are not special.

You're broken.

I could never love you.

Rot in there,
you psychotic .....

You're going to spend
the rest of your life in jail.


♪ ♪





Paco, thank God.
I need your help.

Open this door right now.

Joe, he is downstairs,
and he's crazy.

- Paco.

He has killed people.
He's going to kill me.

Open this door right now.

Paco, open the door!
Open the door, please!

Please, Paco, no!
No, Paco!

Keys, keys.

When Mooney locked me in,
I learned a big lesson.

Hide a spare key so you can
get out of the... cage.

I didn't want it
to be like this, Beck.

I know.

I know, just...

put me back in there.

♪ ♪

These have been
selling like crazy.

It's really tragic.

It's pretty weird when
someone dies,

and you literally can't
get away from them on the news.

Enjoy the book.
She was a really good writer.

- You really were, Beck.

I miss you so much.

It's been a weird four months.

I had to do a lot
for you, in the end.

- You wrote the story.

All I did was bring it to life.

The story was perfect.

So everyone believed it.

Your lurid memoir
of Dr. Nicky was the lede,

but I cobbled
that manuscript together

from every one of
your pieces fit to print.

The book is yours, Beck,
and it made you famous.

Doctor, Doctor!

What drove you
to murder Guinevere Beck?

- I received the
manuscript in the mail.

It was odd, but far and away
the most moving prose I'd read

since Zadie's second to last.

It was also the most horrifying

because I came to understand
that Beck was illuminating

her very own imminent murder.

That's when I knew.

I had to show it to
my literary agent right away.

- It's true, maybe not everyone

was completely convinced.


- But you know what,
doesn't matter.

The evidence was overwhelming.

Thanks to your
hard work, and mine.

It's the last thing
we ever did together.

In the end,
you couldn't love me.

I feel at peace with that now,
because I loved you

the absolute best that I could.

And I gave you what you wanted.

I helped you become the writer
you so wanted to be.

It's sad you're
not here to see it.

But I know
you would be so happy.

♪ ♪

So, California.
- Yeah, that's great, you know?

You got the job.
Paco's going to love it.

Yeah, I think so.
Weather's so good.

So, Ron?
- Disappeared into thin air.

I don't get it, but

it's for the best.

I know I haven't always
been the nicest about it,

but, uh...

thanks for always
being so good to my son.

That's... it's nothing.



I'll let you say good-bye.

Hey, Pac.

I'll miss you.
- Me too.

Hey, you know, it's okay

if things are hard sometimes.

You can still be a good person,

and have a really good life.

That's what I want for you.

This is good, a fresh start.

♪ ♪

You can put the bad things
behind you.


You too.

- I'm trying, I am.

But I'll admit,

it's getting harder to live
with so much heartbreak.

And there are days,
I just don't believe in love.

I tell myself
to keep my heart open,

that in the end,
I was wrong about you.

Every relationship teaches us
hard lessons, right?

That's their gift,
to make us ready for the day

when someone,
maybe the one, walks in

who could truly love us...

And we could truly love them.

♪ ♪


Hello, there.

Who are you?

You've got that hoodie.

You don't like to be stared at.

But your legs are bare.

You like a little attention.

Okay, I'll bite.

♪ ♪

Hey, bunny.


- Alive.

Yeah, so uh...

I think we have some unfinished
business to talk about.