Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Only Devils Left - full transcript

John's enemies strike a direct hit on the Yellowstone. John forms an unlikely alliance. Kayce has his first day as a livestock officer.

Hey Jimmy.

Why don't you ride ahead
and look for the next break?

Tell me about that kid.

Ah, he's green as the grass.

But he tries hard.
Good kid.

If he was a good kid he
wouldn't be wearing the brand.

Yeah, well, he's a favor.

What about Walker...
he a favor too?

I just to know
what I'm working with.

They don't work
with you, Kayce.

They work for you.

These are questions you should
be asking your father.

I'm asking you.

Yeah well, it ain't
my place to say.

I guess that says it all.

Hey Jimmy.

He said ride the fence line.

Hey, this cow looks
kinda funny.

- Shit. Hold on
- Here.

Jimmy. Gimme the Wonder Dust
out of the saddlebag.

The what kind of dust?

It's wound dust.

Grab it out of the fucking bag.

What's bloat?

Ate something he shouldn't.

What the fuck did he bloat on,

the grass is dried
and it didn't freeze last night.

They can't eat
when it freezes?

Jimmy, quit askin'
fucking questions.

Go put it back.

Doesn't make any sense, Kayce.

There's no alfalfa
in this field.

I never seen one
bloat in the fall.

That's 'cuz they don't.

Oh, my God...

I thought we agreed on 10am.

She's worth the wait.

I'm breathless
with anticipation.

Cassidy Reid is here.

- Morning.
- Hi.

- Pleasure.
- The pleasure's mine.

I'm a huge admirer.

- Cassidy.
- Mr. Stewart.

- Hi Beth.
- Hi.

Cassidy Reid.


No other opponents
submitted qualified petitions

before the deadline,
which means the office is yours.

AG Stewart will
step down immediately

and I will appoint
you to the office

before the election,
which you run unopposed,

which means... welcome
to the office, AG Reid.

Thank you, Governor.

I will serve Montana with pride.

And to the letter of the law.


We'll issue a press release

and schedule
an official swearing in,

on what, Friday?

Friday's good for me.

How's Friday for you, Jamie?

Friday's fine.

Excuse me.

I think it's a good idea
if I brief you

on some of the more
pressing legal issues

facing the state
prior to the swear-in.

Alright, let's dive in.


I don't know where to start.


Excuse me.

Who died?

Not who...

Mister Dutton.

Here's your culprit.

This is a crime scene.

Get livestock agents out here.

Everyone walk
away from this area.

Brian. You're not a reserve
agent anymore.

You're on regular duty.

You find a way
to cover this area.

I don't want a fuckin' bird
landing in it.

Walk with me.

Now's not the time to talk about
all the fights I'm in.

Right now, this is the only
fight that matters.

You have any idea
who did this?

I know exactly who did it.

Now we gotta go prove it...

You ever hear
of the Beck brothers?

The Beck brothers?

Yeah, the Beck brothers.

They own about 300 gas
stations with slot machines.

One of the brothers controls
the sale of liquor licenses.

That could be a real problem.

They don't want
our casino to happen.

The casino's mine.

And your hotel won't need
their liquor license.

Once we annex the land,

the state has no control
over anything we do.

We didn't agree
to annexing the land.

You don't need to...
we own the land now.

That wasn't the deal...-

- It's exactly the deal, Dan.

And for you, it's priceless.

There's no county permits
to build.

The gaming license comes from
the Tribal Gaming Commission,

as does your liquor license,

your permit to operate,
and your hotel license...

When you sold me the land, Dan,

I gave you freedom
from oversight.

Sidestepping those regulations

is going to anger
a lot of people.

That puts him in danger.
Both of you.

That's why I have Mo.

Who do you have?

Surely you've learned by now...

we're the only ones
playing by the rules.

What are you saying?
You saying I need security?

You've needed it
for a while, Dan.

You should've learned that, too.

150 years ago,

our people called
this land home.

We drank from its rivers,

we hunted its valleys,

we cared for our dead
in these forests,

we prayed on these mountains.

This was our home.
And it nourished us.

You understand our contract
with the reservation

is invalidated the moment
they annex this land.

You familiar with the term
indian giver?

Well this is the opposite.

The word you're looking for
is justice.

By the power vested in me,

I hereby claim this land
as property

of the Nation
of Confederated Tribes

at Broken Rock.

If he doesn't keep his word
I lose everything.

If you were him
would you keep your word?

It's worth the risk
if he is telling the truth.

Trusting him
is not a business strategy.


Come do the honors.

Great, now he's asking you
to dig your own fucking grave.

This is the beginning of
something very special, Dan.

You watch what
a difference we make.

Any endeavor that raises
my people's profile

is a good one,

but I wonder...
how many casinos do we need?

Is this the right path
for our future?

Are you challenging
Chairman Rainwater's leadership?

I'm challenging his outlook,

and what's best
for our people as a whole,

instead of a select few.

In an historic
ground-breaking ceremony,

Tribal Chairman Thomas

annexed the land purchased

for the Confederated Tribes
of Broken Rock's

ambitious hotel
& casino project

into the reservation.

There are now questions
about what, if any,

authority the state will
have over regulating

the casino or monitoring
the construction

of what will be the largest
hotel in the state.

Who's the contractor
on this build?

I'll find out.

I thought we were pretty
fucking clear with Mr. Jenkins.

Well evidently not.

We need to find
a less subtle means

of expressing our displeasure.

Can we bait that trap?

I think it's time we spring it.

So you think this
was intentional?

I don't see tire
tracks anywhere.

The fence is way over there...
no one threw it over.

And it didn't fall
out of the fucking sky...

That's exactly what it did.

So you think someone
flew a plane over here

and dropped clover
on your cattle

in the middle of the night,

Think about that.

We have.

A King Air designed
for skydiving

so it has a side door
large enough

and could hold the weight.

Why would anyone
do that, though?

Who would do that?

Your golfing buddy.
That's who.

All right, John.
Think that.

Now why the fuck am I here?

I have no jurisdiction.
Cattle is your department.

What can I do for you.

I have six full-time
agents and four reserves.

I don't have the manpower
for this investigation.

I need your deputies...

John, I can't
spare any deputies.

County has more firefighters
sleeping at night

than I have on patrol...

You keep making my point.

You wanna help?

Give me deputies
or deputize my men.

And not in six weeks...
right now.

Right in this field.

Which men?

Him for starters.

John, He put that drifter
on a soup diet

and you want me to license him
to carry a weapon?!

You mean the one who held
a knife to his throat...

that drifter?

You gonna tell me
that beating was worse

than some of your officers
have doled out? Hmm?

How many times have I stood
on a podium with you, Donnie.

Stood for you.

Think you'd be sheriff
if it weren't for me?

Maybe you haven't noticed,

but there's a war
going on in this valley.

Today's the day
you choose sides.

I'll issue the permit,
but he's got to understand...-

- He's trained to use it.
- That's just great, John.

Now you train him not to use it.

If it comes out of
your holster, son,

you'd better be an ironclad
reason, understood?


If he calls dispatch
for support,

I expect you to give it to him.

Did you hear me Donnie?

I heard you Joh,

The whole goddamn
valley heard you.

We all know who did this.

You find the evidence.

And when he does,

you drag him by the hair
back to me.

I think we should ask for
an amendment to the agreement.

- Something that...
- That what?

Should he pinky swear
he won't fuck me?

There's the skydiving
place in Three Forks.

We're headed there now.

And then there's other two

Missoula and Whitefish.

That's too far.

Um, you didn't want
to mention the trust?

Trust who?

The trust.
The ranch is in a trust.

It is?

Yeah, don't play dumb
with me Kayce,

I'm looking at your signature
right here.

I ain't signed shit.

All right. Call me when you
get to Three Forks.

My fucking family, man...

Fuck. What the fuck, Beth?

Hi Jamie, It's Sarah.

I just wanted to confirm
some facts with you...

Who's Sarah?

Jumpy, jumpy, jumpy.

What's got you so nervous,
I wonder.

Well, you scared
the fucking shit out of me.

And I'll tell you
what makes me nervous.

This. Why a trust?

You're an attorney, Jamie.

I shouldn't have
to explain it to you.

Okay. Why am I not in it?

Do I really have to tell
you that too, Jamie?

Here's all the things
I don't believe:

I don't believe you're capable
of swallowing your pride

and contributing to this family.

I don't believe our father
will ever trust you again...

which is why I don't believe you
have a role here anymore.

Oh. You want to know
what my role is?

Well I think you're
putting it in a trust

so you can control the money.
So you can do this.

And this. And this.

The ranch is an investor, yes.

How big an investor?

I manage the finances, Beth.

I need to know...
How big?

Five million.

I know, Jamie.

You're worried about the risk.

Two things: one...

the risk is mitigated;

two... if you didn't have balls
the size of quail eggs,

you would've invested
this money years ago

and he wouldn't be chasing
his fucking tail every fall.

Good work.

Hey, Beth.

That is over half
the ranch's cash.

What do we do in November
if cattle prices go down?

How much money do you think
this ranch makes a year?

After payroll and
property taxes

and hay and countless
other expenses?!


This ranch has not turned
a profit in six years.

And maybe you don't
understand the impact

of a few hundred dead cattle,

but that's half a million
dollars rotting in the field.

You fucked us.

Fucked us.

I want the ranch out
and I want it out by today.

It doesn't work
like that, Jamie

You make it work like that.

Fuck, now I see.

You Think you're gonna
get him to trust you

by making him not trust me?

I wish you and your bird balls
the best of luck.


Can I help you?

Could you get
a message to Jimmy?

What's the message?


Piece of shit.

Tell him I want
my fucking money.

He's got a week.

How many total?

So far we've found 360 more.

Yeah they dropped bales
all the way up the valley.

If we push the heard down here,

they're gonna get
into that clover.

I say we move them up the pass.
Through the mountains.

That's an awful rough trail.

Rip's right.

We'll take them over the pass.

That goddamn clover's
gonna take root.

Next spring it'll be worse.

We're gonna have
to burn this field.

Just gotta be careful we don't
start a fucking forest fire.

We'll bring up water trucks.

I'll have the fire department
out here, just in case.

I don't see any other way.

Burn it.

Yes sir.


No horses.

I hate this fucking thing.


Who's the hell is that?

Oh, what the fuck.

How much do you owe?

How much, Jimmy?

Around eight thousand.

I ain't got it.

I know you don't.

I'll get it.

They said a week.

Or I get this again.

I'll get it.

Cause of what we did,
they beat him?

No, they beat him
for what I did.

Has anyone heard
the term " ocean water"?

It's a mixture
of Lysol and water.

- Yeah, Genevieve.
- What do you do with it?

You drink it.


Because alcohol is illegal
on the reservation.

Because it's cheap.

Because when people's
lives are miserable,

they seek ways
to escape the pain.

Ocean water is one way.

It's a temporary escape.

With painful repercussions.

But when the misery's
bad enough,

tomorrow is rarely
factored into decisions.

Uh, so think of yourselves
as Sherlock Holmes.

And your job is
to investigate the past,

to understand the present.

Can I help you?

Looking for John Dutton...-

Yeah who's looking
for John Dutton?

We don't know you.

What the fuck
is this guy up to...

Hey, step back.


Come on motherfucker,
shoot me.

Drop your weapon!

You're fucking right.
Put it down.

Oh fuck. Shit.

Mister Dutton,

seems all the stories
I've heard are true.

Put it down, whoah.

Whoah, everybody calm down.

- Dad. This is...
- Malcolm Beck.

This here is my brother, Teal.

I apologize for everything
that's happened here.

Misunderstandings aside,
we need to speak.

Seems there's a problem
that we share.

My problems
are squarely my own.

Not this one.

May we sit?

We can talk under that tree.


What in the Sam-Hell
was that about?

I'm sorry.
They called fifteen minutes ago

I didn't know
they meant now.

I'm taking this meeting alone.

I said alone, Jamie.

Don't you want to have
your lawyer present?

This don't feel like
a lawyer meeting.

I saw your son go against
Peabody Coal before the Senate.

He's one hell of a litigator.

Yeah, he can argue
with the best of them.

So, what's this problem?

A casino in this valley

will have a negative affect
on our business.

And for your ranch
and the others.

In five years,
how many ranches like this

can afford to exist?

Wanna hear our guess.

Soon as that casino opens,

they'll approach the Forest
Service about a land lease.

And they'll build a ski resort.

And you know
as well as anyone,

ski resorts are daggers
to the heart

for places like this.

It'll be an ocean of second
homes in ten years.

I'm aware.

I'm sure you are.

Look, my office has no authority

over an Indian casino.

And yours has no authority
over the land.

And your new AG
can't restrict them.

That's why we need to fight
this outside the lines.

We just don't think they have
the stomach for that.

Yeah, well they have
the stomach for it.

I don't need partners, fellas.

Dan Jenkins has a partner.

A big one.

Think of us as allies.

We'd be the perfect allies
for each other, John.

Because there is no part of your
business that benefits ours.

And vice versa.

And when we fight,
it's a zero-sum game.

We will win.
At any cost.



We just want you to consider it.

I consider every option,

And I choose the one
that's best for my family.

If it helps you,
it's a coincidence.

That's not the way
you wear one of those.

Working with them is a deal
with the devil, Dad.

All the angels are gone, son.

There's only devils left.

At least they admit it.

I'm impressed.

You're really preaching.
That's good.

Brushing up on your history?

Just curious.
Wanted to see you teach.

Glad I did.

Be careful, though.

If you only teach the tragedy,
they'll just see us as tragic.

You should show them
the culture.

Show them what
we're fighting for.

And how do I do that.

I dunno. Field trip, maybe?

Bring 'em out to the rez.

Everyone's getting ready
for the relay races.

Can you think of a better way
to show them who we are?

That's a really great idea,
I'll um...

I'll talk to my administrator.

Your rehab's in fifteen.

Feel up to walking
to the rec center?

Um, I-I can't.

I've got a faculty meeting.

I'll just call you
and reschedule, okay?

Okay, Monica.

No telling where that
son of a bitch got a plane.

Not from skydivers.

We're never going
to find it this way.

He's smarter than that.

Pull over, would you?


How are you?

I'm lonely, Kayce.

I can solve that problem.

I miss you.

Yeah, I miss you too.

You... want me to come over?


But you can't. I just...

Just wanted to hear your voice.

I love you, Monica.

God, I wish
that was all it took.

Everything alright?


The first thing we want
you to look into.

is this Paradise Valley
Development Corporation.

They've sold property
to the Broken Rock Tribe,

which is attempting to annex it
into the reservation.

We'd like you to file
an injunction against it...

Can we contest that?

I mean they're clearly attempt
to avoid state tax obligations

and regulatory requirements.
I'd say we have a good chance.

What about this Senate hearing
regarding jurisdiction

violation by the Livestock

Let me ask you a question,
Attorney General-elect.

Do you find Jamie's
knowledge of the raid

prior to it happening
inculpatory in any way?

I'm concerned what happens
if they ask him to testify.


I think attorney-client
privileges recuse of him.

Even if he's aware of a crime
before it's happened.

Are you saying a crime was
committed intentionally?

There was no crime.

Not the time.
Not the place.

The concern is...

the negative press
surrounding the hearing

can create a ripple effect...

emboldening others to come
forward with accusations

that may hold legal merit.

Our goal should be to avoid
a hearing altogether.

How do you plan to do that?

I'm working on it,

Feels like suppertime.

Cassidy, would you
care to join us?

- Oh, no I...
- We insist.

I'll show you the way.

Okay, thanks.

Sharp as a tack, that one.

And what a looker.

My God. She's going to make
a great Attorney General.

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm going to get
you disbarred,

you spineless piece of shit.

You should never have come home.

You told me to come home.

Why on Earth
would you ever listen to me?

That's fine, thank you.

That's Kayce's seat, Cassidy.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's fine. That one's fine.


Don't you fuckin' dare.

Here, come sit next to me.

Have a seat, son.

Kayce's not back
from Three Forks.

I thought he was.

Well how'd that go?

There was nothing there.

So your family's
from Great Falls, right?

Yeah, the ranch
is outside Lewiston.

Near Roundup,
know where that is?

I do.

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Is he okay?

He has Celiac Disease.

He gets an upset tummy.

He has what??


- Hey buddy.
- Daddy!

We've checked every manifest
in every airstrip in the county.

Sweetgrass, too...

He got that plane from
somewhere, you go find it.

You'll be riding with
Agent Hendon Today.

He knows the job.
Learn from him.

You don't need
help around here?

Just find the planes, son.


If you find anything,
don't confront anyone.

You call the sheriff for backup.

Everything by the book.

I don't know the book.

Well that's why you
call the sheriff, son.

It's their book.

When did all this burn?

- Last year.
- Was it lightning?

A satellite fell
out of the sky.

God sure finds
interesting ways

to put people out of business.

108, there's
a depredation report,

at the Paulson Ranch
near Ennis. Can we divert?

Copy that.

It's on the way.
We're en route.

We're supposed
to be checking airstrips

not dead cows.

We're checking airstrips
because of dead cows.

Paulson's cows ain't
any less dead than yours.

Put a wire in
to keep them from coming back

and eating all the evidence.

But then there's the eagles.

Haven't figured out
how to keep them away.

Oh yeah. Mm.



Tell me that ain't wolves.

You called Fish & Wildlife?

Hell, they ain't coming.

Jerry Hayes, he's got
the lease next mine.

That thief.

Every time he has a cow die

he hacks 'em up
and blames wolves.

Now we actually have
wolves running around

and he's cried wolf so much
they ain't never gonna come out.

- You know Jerry Hayes?
- Uh-uh.

He's not worth knowing.

That's $1,800
I can't stand to lose.

We can get you compensated,

but Fish & Wildlife has
to issue depredation tags.

I'd have some cowboys
cover your herd for you.

Ain't got cowboys.
All I got is me.

Okay, well,

Looks like you're sleeping
outside for a while then.

- Dispatch.
- Go ahead.

Have Polk County file a case...

What you do is rent
you a couple of mules.

Turn em out with the herd.
It's what we do.

What kind of mules?

Mean ones.


Let's just forget this.

You have two calls
in to them already man,

We got things to do
and this ain't one of 'em.

Dispatch, what's the 20
on sheriff's deputies?


Sheriff's department
says no units available.

I mean it, man.
Let's forget this.

Hey. This is the job.

What do you want?

Heard you lost
a cow to wolves.

Heard from who?

May we see it?

Fish & Wildlife
already saw it.

- That's not what he asked.
- I'll handle this.

Where the fuck
are you going?

Jerry, just hold
up here a second.

Found your wolf.

Hey Jerry.

I've been waiting
a long time to say this:

but you're under arrest.

So I want you to turn around
and put your hands

above your head and I want
you to do it now.


Jerry! Stop!



Is this necessary?

He's resisting.


Let him fucking go now.

Whoa, whoa. Easy.

Easy, whoa, whoa.

Calm down. Everybody stop.

Listen to me.

Your dad is gonna
go to county jail.

they'll take his fingerprints
they're gonna take his picture,

and then then let him go.

In six months from now
he's gonna stand before a judge,

who makes him pay a fine

and then pick up trash
on the weekend.

Is it worth
killing us over that?

Look at me.

Does that seem fair to you.


- Put it down.
- Hey, no.

Down, put it down!

I got it under control.

Drop! Drop drop!




I had no choice.

Yeah you keep
telling yourself that.


You had a choice.




Who pulled the trigger?

I don't have a gun.

Not what I asked.

It wasn't me.

Was it justified?

He's got a freaked out kid
pointing a shotgun at him.

Yeah, it was justified.

But was it right?

Right and wrong is
so far from this place,

I don't think it
factors in at all.

I told you to call
the sheriff for backup...

We did, sir.

We did multiple times.

The requests were denied.

But it was still my call.

My god.

There's no good choices in
a situation like this, Steve.

What did I say, John?

One fucking day on patrol.
One day...

You gave me your word, Donnie.
And you broke it.

All this over a cow,
a fucking cow, John?

A fucking cow.

It's not over a fucking cow.

It's over you not giving backup.

You denied the request.

Jesus Christ.

A show of force
would have maybe

changed this whole
fucking thing.

So you want to blame somebody?

The you blame yourself,
you son of a bitch.

According to the
livestock commissioner,

sheriff's deputies
refused a request

to support the livestock agents

as they investigated false
claims of cattle depredation

at convicted felon
Jerry Hayes' ranch,

just east of Three Forks.

Whatever administrative
lapses occurred,

the result is one man in custody

and his teenage boy, dead.

I know how we can
help John Dutton.

Everything alright?

Burn it.

Let's go. Light it up.