Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Touching Your Enemy - full transcript

Jamie tries desperately to confront a previous mistake; Kayce tracks down evidence; Jimmy tries to make some extra cash on the side.

How'd you get out?

Don't catch that one.

Why not?

Don't want him caught.

That's the horse that killed my mother.

Why not put him down? Or sell him?

You're applying logic to a
situation where it isn't wanted.

I don't know what that means.

So, you're Daddy's new pet.

I ain't no one's pet.

Yeah, you are.

Been thinking about
getting a pet of my own.

Yeah? Have fun with it...

It's okay to watch me
walk away, you know.

That's why we do it.

You're startin' to get some
swish in them hips, young lady.

Eat shit, you fucking redneck.

Little orphan boy fell in love today.

With the farmer's daughter.

Little. Orphan. Boy...

Little. Orphan. Boy.

Lovestruck little orphan boy...

Ahh! Ahh!

Get him off me!

I'll cut you up, boy!

You had it coming.

Touch that boy again

and I'll gut you in your fucking sleep.

Rip. Go to the barn. Go to bed.

Ah. All right. All right.

Why are you crying?

What are you doing here?

Asked you first.

I ain't playing games with you.

Why are you crying?

Just... I get so mad sometimes...

And this is how it comes out.

Yeah, I do that, too.

Why are you mad?

I killed my family.


By not being bigger.

I killed my mother.


By being scared.

I don't do scared anymore.

You'll be plenty big some day, I'm sure.

Kiss me.

What for?

It'll make us feel better.

I don't know how.

Me neither.

What are you doing here?

Just watching.

- Why the scowl?
- No scowl.

I do things sometimes...

How do I explain it...

I see things in people,

and I feel like if I can touch it...

even if the rest of
the person is rotten,

I can take that good thing and
I can make it part of me.

Do you understand?

There's plenty of good in you, Beth.

And none in that son of a bitch.

Trust me.

I'm sorry, Rip.

I'm sorry I did that to you.

You didn't do it to me.

But woman, you sure can.

Anytime you want.

And "I'm sorry" is two words
you never have to say to me.

Now I'm gonna ride off into the sunset.

That's the sunrise.

Shit. You know what I mean.

Even your walk is angry, sweetheart.

With good reason.

I'm gonna check the
airfield in Deer Lodge.

But I'm starting to think that
plane's from another state.

Yeah if I can get a warrant,

I can check flight logs out of
air traffic control in Bozeman.

It'll be a a lot of data
to sift through, but...

I thought we're not
supposed to talk about work

at the dinner table.

In the morning, it's the
breakfast table, Beth.

We can talk business at
the breakfast table.

This is not a breakfast table.

This is a dining room table.

How do I know it's a dining room table?

Because it's in the fucking dining room.

Breakfast tables are in the kitchen.

We don't even have one there...

we have a bar in the kitchen.

So, I guess the point is, Dad,

that you can discuss whatever
you want at the dinner table,

it's just us who have to
navigate the algorithm

of ways in which you
control what's discussed.

Honey, I don't even know
what the fuck that means.

This is what it means, Dad.

Stop wasting your time, son.
Just go to the source, all right?

I want him to know what we know.

You think that's a good idea?

If I didn't think it was a good idea,

I wouldn't have suggested it.

Wear your badge today, Kayce.

Take Ryan with you.

Keep it official.



You've lost the right to
question me for a while.

Breakfast bar.

Why don't you say: "Dad,

I need to talk to you about something."

Why do you have to take
a giant wrecking ball

to every meal before we
have the conversation

you wanted to have in the first place?

It's important that you understand
my passion for the subject

before the subject is introduced.

I think I understand it, honey.

So what is it you want me to say, hm?

Floor is yours. What'd I do this time?

Why is Rip living in the bunkhouse

and cleaning out horse stalls?

He's a grown man.

They're all grown men, honey.

He's living in the bunkhouse

because the ranch foreman doesn't.

Kayce's ranch foreman.

He gets the foreman's house.

So why isn't he sleeping in the
bedroom in this fucking house?

He doesn't want to stay here.

Rip living in the bunkhouse is
an obstacle you can overcome.

If that's what you choose to do, Beth.

Don't you dare make this about me.

He looks at you like a father.

But I'm not his father, honey.

I'm Kayce's father.

And Rip's not being punished. All right?

I'm making a shift.

He's making a sacrifice.

How that works out.

How I reward that is...

is how I see it settled.

I hope that's enough for you.

It's always enough for me.

Okay, honey.

Go ruin someone else's day.

That's the plan, Daddy.

Becoming a man requires bravery.

Witnessed by others.

Not just words. Actions.

Five achievements, or
coups, to prove your worth.

Touching your enemy,

taking your enemy's weapons,

taking your enemy's horse,

leading a successful war party.

And jumping from one horse to another...

This is what the Indian
Relay pays homage to...

Our actions speaking
louder than words...

That exchange is everything.

It signifies getting knocked
off your horse in battle,

but continuing on and never giving up.

To be a great leader,
comes from atop a horse.

The horse reveals who you are.

What's this have to do
with Christopher Columbus?

Absolutely nothing.

But look at all you learned.

Any other questions?

We pulled the stops out for ya.

Made it look like the real deal.

But practice is just a taste.

Gotta come to Sheridan in a few weeks

if you really want to feel it.

I doubt the university

is gonna let me take
the class to Wyoming.

I didn't invite the class.



Whoa. Yeah.

Goddamn, that horse can
slide like a motherfucker.

I tell ya, if the world was flat,

he'd slide right off it.

If he can stop like
that when Travis comes,

you'll be in the money.

Don't worry about that,
I'll be in the money.

Hey, can I ask you something?

Is there any extra work
I could do around here?

Just gotta make some money.

You can do all the extra work
you want around here, Jimmy,

but you ain't gonna get paid for it.

You're on salary.

So there's nothing I can do?

When a cowboy needs extra
money, he wins it.

Wins it how?

Bronc riding, roping,

bulldogging, cutting.

All the shit we do every day.

But you can barely do it as it is,

that ain't gonna win no money at it.

Yeah, so both of them
came from the barn.

Did the sheriff's deputies confirm

the boy's weapon was loaded?

Yes, weapon was loaded.

And the weapon was pointed at Kayce

or the other agent?

No, Kayce first, then the officer.

- Isn't that right?
- Hmm?

Care to join the meeting?

Yeah. Sorry I'm... yes.

Sorry, so the boy was...

he pointed the shotgun at Kayce,

and then the livestock agent.

What does it say in the report?

Sheriff doesn't specify in the report.

Dirty son of a bitch.

Just answer it, son.

- Sorry, yes. Apologies.
- Jesus.

- Yeah.
- Finally.

Jamie, avoiding me

won't prevent the article
from coming out.

You know, I'm not
avoiding you... I'm just...

Things are different now.

Nothing's different, Jamie.

I need to verify some of your statement

before I talk to your father.

My father.

Yeah, I have to give him
an opportunity to respond.

Sarah, I'm begging you.

I pulled out of the race. I...

I'm rescinding my
permission to be quoted.

Yeah, doesn't work like that.

It does now.

I need you to confirm a few things...

I'm not confirming anything.

If you quote me once or
refer to me in any way,

I will fucking sue you
into oblivion. Yeah?

Fine, Jamie. I'll have Legal call

and walk you through
your lack of options.

It looks to me like the sheriff's report

is intentionally vague,

to give a sense your agents
didn't follow procedure.

The real issue is their
failure to respond.

Once it's official and I'm sworn in,

this will be the first thing I dig into.

No, the general election is
all Haskell's thinking about.

This will go away long before then.

Thank you, Cassidy.

Anything else?


I'm just having a moment of sorts.

Should I be worried about
what happens next?

No, this one's...

It's more philosophical in nature.

You ever wonder what
this place looked like

before any of us were here?

All the time, honey.

All the time.

When you fire a pistol,
you aren't aiming.

- You point.
- Okay.

It's sense memory. Repetition.


Hold your hands up, like a boxer.

Get your feet in a fighting stance.

Like this?

I need you to trust me.


Put your feet together.

Now let yourself fall toward me.

- What?
- Fall towards me.

- You're gonna catch me?
- I won't have to, but yes.

Make fists.

Now throw a punch in the air,
but don't bring it back.

Open your hand.

Extend your other hand.

- Keep both eyes open.
- Yep.

Focus on the front sight.

Cover your target with it.

Now fire.


I feel like a god.

Whoever holds the gun is god.

Until they pull the trigger.

Then you're the devil.

Can I help you?

Mr. Jenkins. Hello.

Gun, gun! Put it down!
Put it down! Listen to me!

Listen to me. I will shoot
you in the fucking face

if you don't drop the weapon!

I'm a god.

Pull the trigger and you're the devil.

I'm already the devil.

Jesus. What the fuck are we doing?

We're not doing anything.

Stay here.

I saw lots of pictures of family...

but no family.

I sent them away.

Why'd you do that?

So you wouldn't kill them.

How you doing?

Can I help you?

You Mr. Jenkins? I'm
with Big Sky Roofing.

Got a leak, huh?

Yeah, just, umm... give me a minute.

Hey! No, no, no...

Toss the pistol over.

Do it.

Now the radio.

Got cuffs?

You know the drill.

I'm a fucking law enforcement agent.

You're not the only one.

Doing a little moonlighting, are we?

Alimony's a bitch. Get up.

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Get in.


Fuck you.

Nobody wants to fucking kill you.

We just want to live our lives
the way we've been living

for the last hundred years.

And you keep coming here and
trying to take that away from us,

and we just want you to fucking stop.

Thought I made that clear.

Guess I was wrong.

You made it clear.

You hung me from a fucking rope.

And now you sit on my porch

and you fucking threaten me?


What the fuck do you want?!

What do you want?

What warrants you being
in my fucking house!

You killed our cattle.

I did what?

I don't know how to kill cattle.

You stupid fucking redneck.

I'll tell you what I do know how to do.

I know how to crush empires.

And I will crush your father's.

Thank you for showing me the
rules that you play by.

I look forward to the challenge.

What a fucked situation this is.

Forgot to ask me for my keys.

I guess I'll be the only
grown-up in the room.


You're going to tell me the truth

right fucking now, you prick.


I don't know how to kill cows.

I wish I did.

When I see the pain it's
caused you and your family.

I wish it had been me.

My guess is you're from
a California office.

I'd go back to it if I were you.

Make me.

Rules are different around here.

I know these rules.

Yeah. We'll see.

Wasn't Jenkins.

It had to be.

No, I looked him in
the eye. It wasn't him.

- What happened?
- It's fine.

No, I mean you, you don't look fine.

Didn't say I was fine.

I was just saying it went fine.

You know, sometimes I
look at you, and I...

I don't recognize the
man looking back at me.

What happened to you over there, son?

I don't like to talk about it.

I notice you don't, either.

I never talked about it
'cuz I never saw the point.

We might be more alike
than you wanna admit.

You wanna hear a war story?


If it helps explain the
man looking at me,

then yes, I do, son.

We were in Pakistan.

Weren't supposed to be there,
but that's where we were.

We're hitting a high value target.

We blew the door off his house,

making our way down the hallway,

and this piece of shit
moves out of his bedroom,

using his wife as a shield...

and he's got 8-year-old daughter
on a leash, in front of him.

And he's holding an
AK-47 over their heads,

and starts sending rounds at us.

And everybody froze
because his family...

until it got my weapons
sergeant and my medic killed.

So, I had a decision to make...

and in a tenth-of-a-second I made it.

I killed him and his wife
and that little girl.

Soldiers don't tell war
stories anymore, Dad.

'Cause wars these days...

it's just about trying
to live through 'em.

First down, three wide receivers...

Left side, Roberts, back...

Plenty of time to get downfield...

and wide open...




County Sheriff's Department failed...

to provide back up to the
livestock agents involved,

increasing the likelihood
of a violent response

from the suspect.

Though our investigation is preliminary,

the shooting was justifiable

and the only action

available to the livestock agent,

whose life was clearly in danger.

Now currently we are conducting

an exhaustive internal investigation

into the procedures of our dispatchers

and the reaction time of our deputies

and I would like to express
our sincerest apologies

to the Montana Livestock Agent involved

as well as the agency as a whole

for our failure to respond,

aggravating the dangers
that those agents faced.

Go ahead.

Jesus, how'd you get him to say that?

I didn't.

I think you just run
down and say 'whoa.'

I'm afraid there might be a
little more to it than that.

Wait, you know how to do it?

Well, I ain't gonna win
no money at it, but...

I don't think you are either.

I'm a little thin on options.

Look, just run down the arena,

point your belt buckle to the sky.

Keep your eyes on the top of the barn.

Open up your feet and say 'whoa.'

How fast do I need need to go?

Faster you go, the
farther you gonna stop.

- Okay.
- You got it.

It's easy.


- Easy...
- Mm-hm.


Oh, fuck!


- Jesus!
- You all right?

Oh, yeah.


Belt buckle to the sky.

Belt buckle to the sky...


There you go!

Woo! Ha!

I think I can do this.

- Did you see that?
- Oh, yeah, Jimmy.

We saw you out there looking
just like Andrea Fappani.


- There you go.
- Whoa.


Hey, Colby, how long is that?


- Twenty-five, huh?
- Yeah.

Goddamn, you bring the sharks
when you come here, gramps.

What are you talking about?
That's just a God-fearing family

from north Texas, man.

- All right, well fuck it.
- Want me to hold your beer?

Nope, beer's going with you. All right.



Even with a beer in my hand, too. See?

- Ah, that's not gonna get it done.
- I need you to scotch.

Not gonna happen, buddy.



Money, money, money, money, money.

- Go on, man.
- All right.

Looking like a long 30, Colby.

- Yeah, thirty one.
- Thirty one...

Thirty one, huh?

- Twelve.
- Oh, shit.

I'd say that's the winner right there.

Jimmy, come here.

Listen, I've been watching these guys.

I don't know if you can
choose who you run against...

but don't go against him.

And whatever you do,
don't go against him.

You saw him slide this morning.

I feel kinda lucky.

You didn't see what I saw.

Oh, the kid's fucked, dude.

Like a tied goat.

Hey, who's this kid on
the fuckin' aardvark.

It's a big mistake looking
for a place to happen.

I don't wanna take money off a wrangler.

Listen, if he's dumb enough
to play in this game,

you should take every cent from him.

You sure?

Travis, teach the son of a bitch
a lesson, will ya please?

Alright... Hey.


What's your name?


Jim? Alright, Jimmy.

Come over here and let
me explain the rules.

Wish me luck.

You're gonna need more than luck.

- You know what a pay-up is?
- Remind me?

So it kinda works like this,

if you come in last, you have
to pay everybody ahead of you.

Come in second-to-last,

you're gonna pay everybody
but the bottom.

Come in fourth, you pay the top three.

Come in third you pay the
top two. Like that. All right?

You're new guy, you get the first horse.

You go first.

Run back there, slide back this way.

- Other way.
- Other way.

That other... other way.

He's in trouble.

There you go.

You guys running a special needs
program at your ranch now?

Is that what this is?
Is this your janitor?

- Who is this fucking kid?
- That's good, Jimmy.

Send him!

- Here comes the go.
- I'd take the horse, not the rider.

Here he comes. Oh, God.

- Uh-oh.
- Oh, God.

- Hit the brakes.
- Whoa.

- Talking about three feet?
- About three, four feet.

I don't think you'll have to
measure that one, Colby. That's...

I don't know if that's
gonna get it, Jimmy.

I don't know.

Tom, go, go, come on.


Ah, I think you'll have
to pay him, Jimmy.

That's one.

Hey, Mac, you wanna go?

This kid's a fuckin' rookie.

You want me to take it easy on him?

No, I want you to smoke his ass.

He wants to play, let's play.

- If you can smoke him, smoke him.
- All right.

- All right, hold my beer.
- I got you.


Pretty big stop. Looks
like you're paying two.

Hey, Cade, wanna have a go?

That's three.

How old is that kid?

- How old's Cade now, is he 18, Mandy?
- Yup.

Good job.


Can the mom ride?

Travis, can you please
answer that for me?

Uh, let's find out. Hey,
Mandy, you wanna go?

- Sure.
- How much money has she won?

How much money has she won, um...

Oh, Mom is worth about
two million dollars.

- Think she can ride.
- Two million and twenty.

After this.

Uh-oh, he's looking angry.

- Woo.
- Ha ha.

Ah, yeah. I guess Mom can ride.

Well, Jimmy, congratulations.

You just got smoked by the whole family.

Don't worry, Jimmy,

it'll all be over soon. I promise.

Where are these fucking people from?

They're form North Texas, Jimmy.



Shit. There you go.

That's all right.

I can't play this game. I
don't have enough horse.

Well, let's trade horses.

You take mine.

I got my stirrups set a certain way.

Oh, I won't change your stirrups.

He's gonna go broke.

Ah, that's smooth gait.

- Looks good, buddy.
- Aw, man.

Oughta be showing this fucking thing

at Mule Days at Bishop.

This horse doesn't like me.


Wait, Jimmy, I'm gonna
make it fair, all right?

No, he's not really doing it.

Hey, someone better make
sure the gate's closed.


Ain't the horse, kid.

All right. Come on.

Come on, come on.

Jimmy, get off the horse

before you hurt yourself,
the horse, or both.

Look, I don't have a
fucking choice here.

Yeah, you got a choice.
Get off the horse.

Do what Lloyd said, get off the horse.

Go on.

Don't worry, I ain't
gonna take your money.

Naw, you'll pay him.

Come here, Jimmy.

I hope you learned a lesson today.

- I don't see a lesson.
- Well...

There's sharks and minnows
in this world, Jimmy.

If you don't know which one you are,

then you ain't a fucking shark.

Now, go pay Travis.

My wallet's in my bag.

Go get it.

I don't want that kid's money, man.

He's gonna pay you. All right?

Race you to the beer, loser pays twenty.

- I'll take your money.
- Come on, you son of a bitch.


I can hear you breathing.


I have a really big problem.

And I could use some advice.

Oh, my God, you're pregnant.

- This is fucking serious.
- Yeah.

I'm in... I'm in... I'm...

I've painted myself in a corner,

and I can't... I can't get out.

I can't get us out of it.

What did you do?

He kicked me out of the house.

He abandoned my campaign...

I was angry.

And I was in a corner.

What corner?

A reporter, this journalist...
she pretended to be...

And then she was on my campaign staff...

What the fuck did you do, Jamie?

I gave an interview.

About what?

Not what...


You selfish piece of shit.

No, wait. Wait.

Beth. Wait.

I said wait. I said wait!

You tell him.

Tell him, you motherfuck, you tell him!

You tell him!

I think I can take it from here, Beth.

What do you have to tell me?

What did you do this time...

Tell him, you motherfucking mutt!


I can take it from here.

Go wait outside.

Don't you let him "Jamie"
his way out of this.

Okay, Dad,

once he tells you, you come find me

so I can make sure he
told you the truth.

For a woman who has
mastered the art of mad,

I can't say I've ever
seen her that angry.

So tell me, Jamie...

what did you do to scare the only person

I know who doesn't get scared?

What the fuck did you do to me?