Yeh Meri Family (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Chiddiya Ud - full transcript

No matter how much we fight with our siblings, how much we hit them, we can't stay away from them. Similar is the story of Harshu and his brother Dabbu. What will happen if Dabbu will leave the family home to study further ?

Sir, your goal has been completed
that's why you're taking it out.

But, you're still being hesitant?

Yes, I shouldn't be that way, but...

We middleclass people don't enjoy taking
out so much money and spending it.

If it was growing well, then it should've
continued that way, I was happy with it.

I understand what you're saying.

But accomplish the goal
for which you invested for so many years.

I didn't understand a thing
when you made me start it.

I just listened to you and started it.

People these days call it
a systematic plan.

-SIP, Systematic investment plan.

I completed my goals only because of it.

A home, retirement and education now.

I'm able to send Mohit to the States
only because I have this.

This would've been so difficult before.

Well, I hope there isn't too much
paperwork involved.

Not at all. One form, one signature
one smile

and you'll recieve the money
into your account in a few days.


-Where is Mohit going to in America?
-Not America, it's the States.

-Children call it the States now.
-Yes, that's right.

He's going to Texas,
it's their version of Rajasthan.

If he comes with you, let him speak
to Dabbu, he'll get some guidance.

-Oh, yes, isn't he going to Kota?

This is good, even your desires
are being fulfilled.

In a year or two even the little one
will leave.

We'll both sit and play cards after that.

Harshu is quite a brat
he's never leaving.

Shall I tell you something?

It's very important for a brat
to be in a household.

He's the one that stays with the parents.

The only good thing about
holidays getting over...

you get to cover your notebooks.

Write your name.

No, I'm going to get mummy to write it.

She has a good handwriting.

Miss Rita will be looking at it.

Is all your stuff ready?

Not yet.

Everybody's involved
with Dabbu's farewell.

We'll work on it after that.

Why do you look so dull?

Yeah, man.

The summer break got over
in just three months.

Vidhya had just started coming over.

One-arm distance.

will again turn into two bench distance
in school.

We spent such a nice summer.

And now you're again crying
at the end of it.

Cry baby.

I don't cry like that.

Lord, you're the magnet of sadness.

You can find sadness in situations
where it doesn't even exist.

In these holidays, you read six lessons,
two biographies,

18 couplets, four essays
and a birthday card with Vidhya.

But instead of feeling happy about it,
you're crying and ruining a happy ending.

Holidays are over!

Holidays are over!

I don't even cry like that.

Uncle, you have no idea
what you're wasting.

The most important moments of an event
are memories of its final moments.

And the final memories should be good.

If this is the case, you'll feel happy
every time you think of that event.

Or you'll keep feeling sad.


So my incapable friend,

by making this Nirupa Roy-like face,

you're ruining
all your memories of Vidhya.

I'll should say what I feel, right?

So feel something good, man.

For instance, summer might be getting over
but then Dabbu is also leaving.

The white crayon in your life,
that you had no use for,

is getting out, forever!


Dabbu's leaving!

Mummy won't find out any news from school.

No fear of blackmail.

I won't even have to clean my room!

Rest away!

I won't even have to clean my room!

All the stuff is yours!

Cards, cassettes, walk-man,
comics, everything is mine!

I'll get my favourite films with the VCR!

You're the elder one now. You're the boss.

I'll be the one deciding Dhwani's school.

The room, the cupboard, the drawers,
the bed, they're all mine!

All this will happen, right?

Dabbu won't return to steal my throne?

See, you've started off again.

If you break the chain even once,
the cap's gone.

Why don't you say things directly?

Are you a poet?

Have you ever thought of why
the Milton bottle has this chain on top?


That's the first thing
I ponder every morning.

Till the chain is attached to the bottle,
the cap belongs to it.

Once the chain breaks,
the cap's bound to get lost somewhere.

Under the fridge, behind the bed,
inside the sofa...

Oh, that's why
you are putting this extra one.

So once Dabbu goes, he's gone.
The kingdom is yours!


One of them has mathhri in them,
and the other one has ladoos.

Don't share too many ladoos
to your friends.

And if you go for tea,
take a couple of mathhris.

And don't eat khari
that you get on the roadside.

Did you check your ticket?

And don't have too many ladoos at one go.
You might feel the heat.

Of course, since you made them.

I'm getting the gram flour ones.

-I have my ticket.
-Selection letter?

You have to have this, if nothing else.

Quickly pack and come down.

Whoa, man!

This is a house, not your hostel.

You're going to leave,
but the humans have to stay here.

Oh, already worrying about the room?

It's my property.

Only the bed.

I'm locking the cupboard and drawers
and leaving.

The glass slips
before it can touch the lips...

Be it a heart, a glass or a lock.

It has to break.

-Try and break it, I'll come back and...

You're dumb. Once you go, you are gone.

Now this kingdom...


Where are you taking the walk-man to?


What will you do with it?

Nothing, actually.

I'm taking it so that you can't use it.

Dabbu, don't start a fight.

Leave it!


Who do you think you're abusing?

You called me a dog, a rascal...


"Mummy, mummy, mummy!"

She's going to say,
"Don't fight with him, he's leaving."

Mummy! Look at Dabbu!

Don't fight with him, he's leaving.

We got him rasmalai.

Yes, but he also likes halwa.

If you'd have made halwa, you'd have
felt bad about not making sevai.

He likes a lot of things!
You can't feed him everything, right?

I also had to make panjiri.


He's going to Kota, not the border.
You get everything there.

You don't get lauki ka halwa anywhere.

It's halwa, not oxygen.

Don't save him from hurdles,
teach him how to face them.

Earlier, girls used to leave home and go.

Now it's the boys.

He's not going anywhere.

He'll be back after two years.
Continue feeding him then.

Will he come back after two years?

There, she cried.



You know, if someone asks me
where I'm from, I'll say Gwalior.

Because I think I spent
18 out of 46 years in Gwalior.

And was out for the rest.

So what do I say where am I from?

It's the same with you.

That's how it works.

They're really good. I'm taking another.


-Dabbu is taking the walk-man along.
-I told him to.


Is he going to study
or to play Close-up Antakshree?

Harshu, he'll be staying there alone.

He won't have us nor any friends.

How will he feel in the evenings
in that small and empty room?

Let him take it.

If you care so much,
why don't you give him your TV?

But you won't do that.


I'm tired, don't irritate me.

Call this one outside!

Hey, Lalita Pawar.

Come here.

Now that she's made them for her
favorite son, they taste even better.

Stay away from your mummy today.

She could start off at any time.


Dabbu's taking the walk-man.

Push this down.



What will I do then?

Since when have you been
listening to the walk-man?

Two years.

Two years? That's a long time.

Now say goodbye to the walk-man.


Look, every good thing gets over
at some point or the other.

So, you either cry
or say goodbye to the walk-man.

Dad, even you?

All right.

This was just bye.

Where's the "good" in goodbye?

So you want me to go
and hug the walk-man now?

"Bye, man.
We'll meet again if there's battery."

Not like that.

Send him away happily, man.

Look, if something becomes
of your elder brother, you'll get by.

If not, what will you do?
Fill your stomach with cute looks?

That bum will show me his thumb.

Look, note down this thing
that your dad says.

Your brother doesn't express love,
he just loves you.

You really want me to make a note of it?

Put away this bedding.

The same old sermon.

Love, sacrifice, family... My head!

He's going to take my walk-man.


It's not like you loved the walk-man.

You're just fighting with him
for the heck of it.

He too does not love it either.
Just taking it to annoy me.

I'm going to take it away
without him noticing.

There's a treasure lying open right here,
and you're screaming out for small change.

Freakin' pauper.

You're crying for Dabbu's walk-man
when you can be Dabbu yourself.

Make an impression on your parents
the minute you get a chance.

You'll get a new one.

-Want another?
-No, that's it.

Where did you go? Come, eat.


Please take the walk-man.

I am taking it.

No, what I meant was,
you need it more than I do.

You'll be alone in Kota.

Without any friends or relatives.

What would I need it for?

I have my parents, right?

Even I do.

And you also have to study. A lot.

No source of entertainment.

No television, no cricket.

None of Supandi nor Shikhari Shambhu.

Only being criticized severely
by Mr. Bansal.

You'll feel sad in such a place, right?

Will Dabbu be sad?

Chitti, at least eat your food.
Where are you going?

So, what was I saying?

Yes. Brother?

Please do take the walk-man.

That's the spirit.
Goodbye from a good boy.

If you're being this considerate,
do something,

give me the comics as well.

If you are sacrificing,
then might as well do it properly.

If I take the comics along,
I would feel better, right?

That's right.


I've even lost the comics
to Dabbu because of you.

You gave me such a crappy idea.

Dude, I asked you to be like Dabbu.

But not in front of him.

Only when the pawn reaches the bishop's
position, does it become a bishop.

But only till the bishop's
not on the board.

If the pawn starts jumping when the
bishop's present, he is bound to die, no?


What are you up to, Chittu?

Harshu, look. I'm drawing
something for Dabbu.


Give me those comics too.


Let it go, please?

I see.

So all that big talk about sacrifice was

only to create an impression
with Mummy and Daddy?

Impression? What?

-Do you think I'm a fool?
-Why would I think so?


First you sacrifice
and then you listen to taunts.

It's called a sacrifice
when you give something that's yours,

that you really need.

What can you give when you have nothing?

There's nothing for you to forgo.

Freakin' Dabbu-nare!

Don't make one, Chitti.

There's no room for goodness in the world.

I'm whining again, man.

I should think of...

Vidhya's going to come over for tuition.



Would it be all right to have class today?


Devansh's leaving, right?

So I thought that
I shouldn't come for class.

And you'd also be sad.

But then I thought
that you might need some company.

No, I don't get sad or anything.

It's not good to get so close.

The closer you are, the more you fight.

Now look at Heera and Moti, for instance.

They fight so much,
but they're still the best of friends.


Haven't you done your home work?

Today we're going to read

a story by world-renowned writer,
Premchand, A Tale of Two Bulls.

-How many bulls?
-Two bulls.

-Who were they?
-Heera and Moti.

And through this story we'll understand,

that even though two
speechless bulls were unable

to convey the love
they felt for each other,

they still loved each other immensely.

There's food in here.
Have it in the train.

Don't buy anything at the station.

I'll meet them and be back.

May you be a good student!

Clear IIT, and make the school proud.

Yes, sir.

All right, I'll be leaving now.

So, where were we?


"Fill in the questions with an example.

Moti realised how much he loved Heera.

We often realize the value of things
only in their absence."

All the books have one example for this.

Salt in our food. Memorize it.

I didn't understand, sir.

Look, when there's salt in the food,
nobody appreciates its importance.

But when there's no salt,
it will bother you.

Dabbu, you'll be lonely over there, right?


Then talk to this!

It has everyone.

Dad, Mummy, Harshu and even me.

But there's no Shaktiman here.

You want one with Shaktiman?


OK, I'll make a new one.

No, this is good enough.

"Heera used to often leave the fodder
half-eaten for Moti not to stay hungry.

-Which figure of speech is used here?"

Look how they've filled in
human emotions in animals.

Though animals don't feel
such emotions of sacrifice.

But, sir, if Moti didn't leave food
because Heera didn't, what then?

Don't blabber so much.

If Premchand has written it
then it has to be.

I'm not coming back
for the next two years.

I know.

Let's go. It's getting late.


Come on,
now let's move on to the questions.

"Heera came to work things out with Moti,
but Moti didn't want to listen. Why?"

Read the book, you idiot.

Look at the next page.

Tell me!

This came as a four-marker
in last year's question paper.

Heera came to work things out with Moti,
but Moti didn't want to listen. Why?

Because Moti isn't a bull, he's a donkey.

Where are you going, idiot?

There goes your four marks!

Kids these days have no discipline!

Even she's going.






I'll never forget that
he left behind the walk-man for me.

He'll always remember that...

I didn't say goodbye properly.

He'd have felt so bad.

You did meet him, Harshu.

I said bye.

Not goodbye.

I'll call him every week.

I'll even go to meet him.

I won't let him feel alone and breakdown.





Chitti, my baby, go to sleep.

Don't be upset like this.

Dabbu will come back for Diwali.

He'll get fireworks for Chitti.

He'll enjoy the fireworks with Chitti.

Of course, he won't forget Chitti.

He won't forget anybody.

Because nobody forgets family.

Children start recognizing their family,

before they identify themselves
in the mirror.

Before saying their own name, they start
calling out for their family members.

They start to understand their family
before they understand themselves.

That's why,
a family is a part of a person,

and not the other way around.

That's probably why we can easily
put our families before ourselves.

Though our family must seem minuscule
in this huge universe,

but for us our family is our universe.

You understand what I mean, right?