Yeh Meri Family (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Chupan Chupai - full transcript

Harshu never gives up an opportunity to try to impress his crush Vidhya. His best friend Shanky gives him new tips and tricks to grab her attention, but this time Harshu has his own plans. What are they ?

Here are all the things
that every Raj needs

who wants to have fun with his Simran.

One of these is for 120 bucks?

If I lose this I'll get ripped.

Keep it.

Girls like it if their guy
knows songs and stuff.

I remember all of Deewang Patel!

Don't be a desi pakoda.

Be a patty!

Get some style.

Over. Sing just three bars.

You remember it well, man.

I can only understand the first
two lines of English songs.

Just keep them.
Whenever she's around, keep humming.

Oh, man!

This is cool, dude.


All this should impress Vidhya.

Now it's not upto us how much we score.

The least we can do to impress
the teacher,

is to write "Om" and things
on the answer sheet, right?


Vidhya is going to come home for tuition.

You guys already know...

the secret behind Shanky's 100 percent
school attendance, Dabur Chyavanprash.

The secret behind my 100 percent
attendance is Vidhya M. Ranganath.

She's the only one that puts
the life in "school life".

The day she solves problems on the board,

the math period feels even better
than the games period.

I leave home as Arun Govil.

But by the time I reach school...

Saturdays are full on...

Arjun had it easier,

a arrow would hit the target
and the girl is yours.

The things we need to master these days!

I know I won't be able to talk.

But I still call her.


I know I can't go inside.

But I still go till her house.

I used the tip of my divider more than
I used my pencil!

I close my eyes and I see her.


If Vidhya is impressed by all this...

shall I say "I love you" to her?

What's that?

The moon.

The Moon... is attracted towards
the Earth but never gets to meet her.


Because it doesn't have guts.

But I do.


Can you hear anything?


You can't hear it right now, Mr. Gupta.

But when you say "I love you" to someone,
you can even hear your own heart beat.

The entire body starts shaking.

Even the biggest of toppers get nervous.

So as Krishna says in the Gita,

hit on her,
don't worry about the proposal.

Slam-books, a short-cut
to knowing girls better.

Show me that.

Bro, show us a better one.

Who did you call "bro"?
I'm your grandpa's age.

I thought he'd feel younger.

Uncle, could you please show us another?

Look, this is a nice one.

You're looking at the color and shopping?

Are you a girl?

Look at the questions in it.

I have to teach you everything.

Look, this one says,

What do I care!

Look, this one says

Is this a slam-book or a holy book?

Yes, this one says,

So I'd find out about her favorite song.

Which you'll memorize like you memorize
all the tense forms of the verb.

For sure!

Shanky, how do you know so much, man?

You don't even have a slam-book.

I do. I've got them filled
by all my fast friends.

Look at this!

This one, it says "You are my"

What if she wrote the word "lover"?

No girl would write something like that.

No girl would even go to
someone's house for tuitions.

She might just write it...

Bro? I mean

Uncle, how much is this for?

Sixty bucks.

Come on, be fair,
we're your regular customers.

Give the girls modern sounding names.

Aishwarya, Sushmita.

Don't give them ancient sounding names
like Mamta and Sangeeta.

Fill the slam-book carefully.

Not like Verma's essays,
where you write gibberish in between.

I'll check.

Flirting is a challenge!

I got them from Shanky's house.


Mr. Verma said that reading various types
of books improves your mental health.

And it also helps score better marks.

Mr. Verma really said that.

Does he really look like this?


He's the Terminator.

Don't show it to your mom.

Different types of handwriting...

Different kinds of colors!

Severe austerity

I'm very impressed!

It's all because of you, master.

Are you mad? What are you doing?

Shouldn't the slam-book look old?

You're an expert when it comes
to getting girls.

But your brother's never
been arrogant about it.

Shanky, tell me something?

Today you can ask me anything.

Who do you like in our class?

Tell me!

Hey, Shanky! Tell me.

Come on, man! Tell me!

I tell you everything!

I don't have a crush
on any of the students.

Go away, man!

You never tell me anything.

Even I won't tell you anything now!

You keep secrets of your own
and don't let me have any of my own.

It's not a student...

Miss Rita?

Miss Rita is awesome, man.

And she really likes you.

She won't get a better topper
than you in any of the three sections.

If you ask her, she'll definitely say yes.

But there's a problem with your guts.

If you can't ask her out,
how am I going to ask my girl out?

What if I hit on Vidhya so hard,

that she herself
is compelled to ask me out?

The well never comes to the thirsty.

Why can't girls say it?

Because of societal fear.

Everyone is hostile towards love, Harshal.

Students, teachers, parents,
neighbors, the government...

The United Nations.

Monica Lewinsky is hated
from Louisiana to Ludhiana.

Sharma ma'am still skips
chapter seven and eight in biology class.

Even if she wants to, an innocent girl
will never be able to say it.

There's no space for love
in this cold hearted world.

Shanky only gets...

the hanky!

Everybody's got to look out
for themselves.

This way, I'll end up like the Moon.

No, no, it's 11.2 KM/S.


How can the Moon come to
the Earth if it wants to?


When an object gets attracted towards
the Earth, why can't it enter it?

They do.

Asteroids enter the Earth
when they are attracted.

Do they?

But then what happens to the asteroids?

They get merged with the Earth.

That's awesome.

But, bro...

even the Moon gets attracted
towards the Earth, right?


So how come the asteroids can
enter the Earth but not the Moon.

Asteroids come into
the Earth in straight line,

that's why they get merged into it.

But the Moon doesn't come in straight,

it keeps revolving.

Hey, if its attracted to the Earth,
it should come straight?

Why does it keep revolving?

How do I know, man? Ask the Moon.

So for how long will it keep revolving?


And since when has it been revolving?


Is the Moon nuts?

Bro, we need to be an asteroid in life.

Not the Moon.

So you mean, you'll tell her?


I'm going to tell her straight!

This is your final decision, right?


If you've decided, then best of luck.


Get me the leftover halwa from yesterday.

Feels like I'm hungry after many days.

-Here you go.


Pray and go, it's the same thing.

Hey, I have an exam.

Give it to him.

I get worried that he
might drop it somewhere.

He's not a child.

Take care of it.

Put it inside.

For the next three days,
I need all the luck.

You're making things
difficult for no reason.

Simply give the exam
for engineering coaching.

Yes, Dad.
But I'm also interested in medicine.

That's the problem with you guys.
You're always playing Mario.

If you play strategy games like Monopoly,

then you'll learn to make decisions.

How is a game related to my career?


There's only one straight path in Mario.
It's easy.

In Monopoly, you have to take
decisions at every step.

And every decision affects your game.

Until tenth standard,
your life was like Mario.

And from now on, life's like Monopoly.

All that sounds cool,
but engineering or medicine?

There are a few seats in medical.

If I were in your place,
I'd do engineering.

You mean, we shouldn't listen
to our heart?

Only those who haven't faced
rejection in life talk like this.

What's the big deal
even if I get rejected.

Will be upset
for a day or two and then I'll be fine.

That's what you think.

The thing is, you don't
have to just face rejection.

You need to live the rejection too.

And this is not a small exam.
This is your first ever competitive exam.

If you get rejected in this,
you'll always fear competition.

That's what I think.

But you're smart,
you figure out for yourself.

I'll drop medicine then.

What the heck, Dad!

You've once again killed my hunger.

Have the halwa at least!

Did you not have enough iodine
at the time of his pregnancy?

That's rubbish.

What is up with him?

He's very silly, like his mom.


It's not only about facing rejection,
we've to continue living with that.

So what do I do?

If the Moon revolves around,
you call Shanky.

If you have to face rejection,
you call Shanky!

You've changed sides in 15 minutes!

Are you a man or a cassette?

I'm not Gandhiji's Talisman whose sole
purpose is to remove your doubts.

Now I'll have to learn
to make my own decisions.

Mummy, when did you change its batteries?

I don't remember.

It's working a bit slow, right?

In this heat? Really?

All of these novels, that guitar,
this dumble, skates... they're all mine.


But it looks a bit different
since your birthday.

That day you'd come without an i...


He's my favorite.

The English is difficult. Though
you can catch it once you listen to it.


You don't listen to him?

No, I listen to Carnatic music.


You're a Tamilian, right?


Right... I like all kinds of music.

Even that guitar is mine.

Yes, you just told me.

Did I?

Come on. Let's start.

Harshu, open your book.

So that's it for today.

Sir, same time tomorrow?

Yes. Same time.



This is called a slam-book.

All of my friends have filled it out.

You also do it.


Wait, not right now.

Just because the exam went well,
you won't change your clothes?

Give me two minutes.

You can pause it.

Why are you sitting here?

Go play with Dabbu.

He'll probably leave after a few days.

I did call him.

He's the one who wants to play Mario.

Will you play?

I find it useless.

Monopoly is for older people.

It involves strategies, decisions--

What's the point
of strategies and decisions?

In Monopoly, you can buy hotels,
railroads, make people bankrupt...

But what's the point?

You won't get the princess.

You'll only get the princess in Mario.

Oh, man.

Why don't you both sit together
and decide what's to be done?

For your kind information, your son
can't understand what's right and wrong.

That's what you need to understand,
kids don't make mistakes.

That's the beauty of childhood.

Whenever you look back,
you'll laugh at everything that you did.

It's a different thing that we don't
know as much when we're kids.

I need to study from the notes tonight.

And they're with Vidhya.

And I forgot to take them from her.

I mean Dabbu might leave, right?

So, I'll get my doubts
cleared beforehand.

But I don't have the book...
it's with Vidhya.

So I'll go get them from her.

Not the notes, the books.

So, Mom, I need to get books from Vidhya.

It's urgent, I'll be back in five minutes.

It's 7:00.

Be back before 8:00.


May I ask what made you send
the kid to be a martyr?

Those who don't make mistakes
in childhood, make a big mistake.

I'm the one who's drinking and you're
the one who seems to be in a mood.

You got the poor guy in a fix.

She's so pretty. And look at him.

He won't be able
to even utter a syllable.


What are you doing here?

Yes, I...

I came to take the book.


Oh, the slam-book?

Yes, the slam-book.

Come inside?

No, it's fine here.

OK. Give me a minute, I'll just get it.


Who's he?

He's my friend.

You filled it?


You didn't write anything.

No, I've written lots of stuff. Read it.

Oh, yeah, you're also going to have
to read all of Shanky's novels.

You came all the way for no reason.

I would have got it tomorrow.


Actually, I wanted to talk
to you about something.

So I came.

So, tell me?


Actually, I was thinking...

I mean...

You know...

Like, you know...


You go, we'll talk later.