Yeh Meri Family (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Kacchi Ghodi - full transcript

When the parents have an intense fight, the entire house is on high alert. While Harshu and Dabbu try to calm things down, the adorable little sister, Chitti goes missing. Where did Chitti go and what happens next ?

Everybody sit quietly and study.

Nobody will have their lunch.

You will only eat it during
the lunch break.

Do you all understand?

But you left him outside.

He's been punished.

He talks a lot.

But he's crying.

You won't be naughty henceforth, right?

Are you sure?

Do you promise?

Harshu, you also sit down.

Kids, today we will learn A-B-C-D.

Come on, open your notebooks.

As much fun it is to hear her talk big,

playing with her is even more fun.

Chitti is so lucky.

I wish I too had an elder brother
who was like me.

She keeps jumping the entire day!
But never gets tired.

She never plays to win.

She just plays.

That's why she doesn't need a play-mate.

Dhwani is one in a thousand,
and her habits are one in a million.

For instance, "appearing."

Another habit is her wanting to be first.

Irrespective of whether
the competition is with us...


or with herself.


Dhwani! Come on! Quick!

The world has fun
in spinning things around.

While Dhwani likes being spun around!

Even Prabhudeva didn't imitate
Michael Jackson as well as

Dhwani imitates Mom.

Always following her around.

Why do you trouble my mom?

Why! Naughty boy!


Did you get hurt?

Did the door hit Chitti?

Bad door!

I don't understand how Chitti
forgets things in an instant.

The knife hit Mom?

Bad knife!

Or she remember's everything.

Chitti can feel like dancing
at any moment.

And she'll dance anywhere.

This grill is open, right?

If you fall from here, you'll die.

Chitti doesn't understand
things when put in simple words.

An old man frequents the terrace.

He picks up kids and takes them away
in his backpack.

But she gets the twisted things
in a jiffy.

Dabbu is dying worrying about his future.

But everything is crystal clear to her.

If you get lice in your hair,
who'll marry you when you grow up?


Papa's already married.

To whom?

To me.


The more the parents love their child,

the more unique is the name
the child gets.

Have you ever heard
of anyone being called Dhwani?

You must not have.

To top it off, they keep giving her
new nicknames everyday.

Don't make that sound, she'll want to pee.

The pandit said as per the horoscope,
her name should start with the sound "Dh".


Dad christened Devansh.

You christened Harshal.

I'll name her.

Are you comparing her
to Dabbu and Harshu?

Both volatile assets. Useless.

She's a goddess.

SIP, large cap.

You've started off again.

You can name her whatever you like.

She's come after years, she's my letter.

Quarter past ten?

Tailspin would have started!

Mom wakes me up daily.
But today she forgot.

What happened?

Don't you want to watch Tailspin?

Go watch.

I'm not going to have fun.

I have to go buy groceries
because your dad is coming!

Why would you refer to him as "my dad"?

I'm not. You're the one who does it.

Fine, I do it.
My dad's coming, I'll manage.

Like you've ever managed.

Why are you spoiling a Sunday morning?

You celebrate your Sunday.

But I'm a slave, I don't need rest. Right?

So go take rest!

-Then who'll go shopping?
-I'll do it!

What are you sitting there for?
Go get the stuff.

I will. Its not necessary that I go today.

Of course,
Sundays are for meeting friends.

-You obviously can't work.
-Who's going to meet friends?

You're not going, right? Sure? Fine.

You also don't study.

Everyone enjoy your Sunday.

If we fight, no TV for us.

If they fight, still no TV for us.

We missed Tailspin.

Now we're missing Ducktails.

Keep fighting throughout the week!
Fight a lot.

But why fight on a Sunday!

The powerhouse people
are better than these guys.

Even they don't disconnect
the electricity on Sundays.

Talk softly. They're both angry.

And it's going to come out in some way.

That's wrong.

They're the ones fighting.
Why should we get beaten up?


The last time I got beaten up was in '91.

Hello, Shaktiman?

Come tomorrow. I have dance class today.

OK, bye.

She's the youngest.

She's safe.

So that leaves out whom?

Why, man!

Look. It's not the time to deliberate.

The point is, we can't give them
a single reason to lose their temper.

We should be at our

And what all does it encompass, grandpa?

The first step, cleanliness.

In half an hour
the house should look clean.

That too without making a sound.

In half an hour?

Even Mom can't do that. Forget about us.

It's not possible,
but we'll make it seem like.


Remove, Conceal, Throw.


What next?

All those chores that Mom normally does,

but even we are capable of doing.

Like what?

Fill up the empty bottles with water.

Fill water in the cooler.

Water the plants.

Turn off all the switches,

and get the clothes from the terrace.

Hot, hot, hot!

One has to endure pain even
to get away from the pain of a beating.

I finished all the work.

And I even kept water for the birds.

And even mopped the water
that got spilled on the floor.

Also, washed the mop and put it away.

It's not a joke.

"The film isn't over yet, my friend."

Nice dialogue.

Is it from a film?

Go eat and wash up.

And also get Dhwani ready.

Where's Dhwani?

Mummy? Please get me dressed,
I have to go for my dance class.

Go to sleep.

I have to go and dance now.

There's no need to go today.
It's very hot.

Pratibha ma'am has called me.

I'm a good girl, right?

Please get me dressed.

Go and ask your dad
to help you get dressed.


You want to get dressed?

For what?

I have my dance class, Dad.

Ask Mom, she'll do it.

Mom said Dad will do it.

Did she say that?

Dad can get you dressed.

But how will he drop you?

Dad doesn't have the scooter keys.

Where are you taking it?

For my dance class, Mumma.

There's no need to go outside in the sun.
Come and sleep.

-I don't want to sleep right now.
-Hey, Chitti!

She's asking me to sleep.

Then, go sleep.

Pratibha ma'am will teach me
the Madhuri Dixit dance today.

We're not going today.

I want to go!

Don't be stubborn.
The heat will get to you. Come and sleep.

Hey. Are you a donkey?

I'm hungry, bro.

Should we tell Mom we want food?

You want to have some nice hot beating?

Die hungry or simply die.

So should we tell Dad instead?

He, himself, must be eating pickle.

He could just make Maggi.

Pupil, this is why marriage exists.

Because Mum can't drive a car
and Dad can't run a kitchen.

Though both of them can use a remote.

That's probably why the first thing
that goes off is the TV.

I need to get ready
and go for my dance class.

We're not going to go today.

Mom and Dad are fighting, right?


You, high rankers!


Since it's hot outside,
the scooters have all bloated up.

The scooters have bloated?

During summer, things bloat up, right?


Just how milk bloats.


Exactly like that!

So now the scooters have become fat!

So they could get stuck in places.


Even Dad gets stuck in the car.

That's right.

So, as of now, scooters won't work.

It's the last one.

Take your time with it.

Bro, Grandpa always sides with Mom.

So how did they have a fight over him?

No, the real crisis is something else.


I think Dad sent some money to uncle.

Which means Dad did the right thing.

No, but I think Dad had sent money
to uncle once before this.

Which means he did the wrong thing.

But if your family won't help you,
then who would?

Which means he did the right thing.

But if Dad keeps helping others,
what would happen of us?

So did he do the right thing
or the wrong thing?

Don't act like you're the Chief Justice.

In the battle of the Kauravas
and Pandavas, we may end up as Draupadi.

The best thing about this is that
whenever Mom and Dad have a fight,

Dabbu turns into a cow.

Like the cooler takes in warm air,

-and starts blowing out cool breeze.

What's the matter now?


-I'm coming, Dad!

Don't argue much
and don't resist a beating.

Come fast!

And listen, if you get the chance,
get a slap or two from Mom too.

Why me?

Don't be scared. Go and get it over with.

What have you done?

You can't handle the house
for even two minutes!

Come here.

-Hey, Dad, I didn't...
-Shut up and come here.

You keep being silly the whole day!

Can't you behave well for a day?

I get one day off and you ruin it!

Why are you shouting at the child,
tell these idiots

who can't take care of their sister.

Enough, quiet now.

What are you thinking?

It wasn't her fault.

She was hit for no reason.

It wasn't your fault also.

She was so terrified.

Mummy often gives a beating,
so that's not scary.

But as Dad hardly ever hits us...

Chitti got a beating for the first time.

It's good that she's the one who got it.

Dad himself must be feeling
so guilty right now.

Now that the atom bomb's exploded,
there will be peace.

People give birth to kids
only to hit them.

If I ever have children,
I'll never beat them.

Are you mad?

There's no need to get so sentimental.

Even Chitti won't remember a thing.

She must've cried and fallen asleep.

And once she's up,
she'll again be lost in her own world.

You never know, she might just throw
a tantrum about her dance class again.

And then start cooling the scooter again.

One minute, where's this heroine?


Maybe she's fallen asleep somewhere.
Checked on the terrace?

-Harshu did.
-What would he have checked?

Did you check the balcony?


The bathroom upstairs?

Dad checked it.

What would he have checked?
You go have a look.


She's not on the terrace.
Did you check under the bed?

She doesn't go in the cave without you,
you know that, right?

Will you die if you check once?

She's not in the bathroom upstairs.

I checked there first.
Why are you wasting time?

That's what I had said.

Did it kill you?

She's not in the cave!

I knew it!


Is she deliberately hiding somewhere?

She's gone for the dance class.

She won't know the way.

She must be in the neighborhood.

Nobody is answering over there.

There's still half an hour for it to open.

Where has she gone?

You couldn't look after her
for even two minutes!

What's their fault in it?

Yes, it's actually your fault.
Why did you hit her for no reason?

You're the one who was being stubborn.

If you would have simply let her go,
this won't have happened.

How could I? Your precious
Sunday would have got ruined!

Shall we find her first?

Take the keys and go look around.

I'll call everybody.

I'll look on my cycle.

No, someone has to stay home with Mom.

-Dabbu, come with me.
-All right.

And listen, call and hang up.
I'll keep calling you in intervals.

Harshu, go and get the cordless phone,

Yes, Uncle.

Mom's talking on the landline, Aunty!

Hello? Is Chitti over there?

We couldn't find her actually.

Hello? Did Chitti come over?

Give the phone to your mom, please.

Bunty? Yes, tell me?

It's not the time for all that.

No, I didn't want to order anything.

But could you ask somebody
to look for Chitti around your shop?


No, we don't have have any news yet.



Found her!

Found her!

Seems like you were all
actively looking for her!



Where did you go?

We've been looking all over for you.

Was my baby crying?

The little doll was roaming around.

I could tell from 25 feet away
that this is Mr.Gupta's daughter.

Where is he, by the way?

He's here! Namaskar.

-Dhwani? Where did you find her?

She was roaming on the road.

Mr. Mehta found her
and got her back safely.

You know RK Road?

-Near the paan shop...
-You found her there?

Yes. I could tell in a glance
that it is your daughter.

We're very grateful.
She ran away without informing.

What are you saying, sir?

Running away is obviously done
without informing others.

Thank God, nothing happened.

One shouldn't worry when kids run away.

Every kid runs away at least once.

After a while, they feel hungry
and all their energy drains out.

This is a good thing that we do in India.

Give our kids good values.

and not money.

Please have a seat,
you've been standing for a while.

-For the past three and a half minutes.

I'll leave now.

If one didn't have children,
one would end up living a routine life.

It's the children
that make our life colorful.

Today it seemed to be too colorful.

One should think twice
before hitting kids today.

Not at all, Mr. Gupta.

Why think twice about hitting kids?

Children anyway enjoy action sequences.

Slyly bolt the door and you go...



Dad hit Chitti, right?

Dad is bad.

Dad is bad. And so is Mummy.

It's wrong to fight, right?

You won't fight henceforth, right?

Come on, say sorry.

Not yet.

When I ask you to...

One... Two... Three...

Now say sorry!

Now shake your hands.

Parents have children so that they can
relive their childhood.

Don't drink that, Dad.


It's really bitter.

How do you know?

Once Harshu made me try it
with a cigarette.

The Dhara ad is awesome. When a kid
who has run away, comes back home,

he gets good food to eat.


Don't argue much.


Yes, I'll let Mom, Dad,
and the neighbors beat me up.

Why don't you also give me a couple?