Yeh Meri Family (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The 12th Man - full transcript

The dreaded day of results in school is here, but Harshu isn't worried about the report card. What's bothering him is his Papa coming to school for the open day. Will Harshu's friends think his Papa is cool ?

Shit man!

What are you doing, man?

See, Dharmesh missed it!

He couldn't catch such an easy one.

Hey, Saba Karim? We've won the match.

Come on, we've to start practice.
Give the bat.


Five overs are still left.

We won by four wickets.
What else do you want?

You mean since we played well,
we should play less?

Do you want to practice
or keep playing matches?

We have a tournament the day after.


Let me play first during practice.


You're not even on the team.

Why waste everybody's time?

This didn't strike you when you
made me field for the last 15 overs?

No, it didn't...

I'm not going to give my bat
if I don't get to bat.

This bat...

is from Power.

Even Sachin used to play
with this earlier.

Dad, Power!

This is light weight. Please, dad.

Power is heavy.

Puma is light.

Dad, please get me Puma.

It comes with stroke.

No bat comes with stroke,
It needs to be built.

Pick either.

Anyways your team already
has a fine bat. Right?

That's Binny's. He acts too pricey.

Dad, Puma! Please, dad.

The bat doesn't make a difference.
You need to know the technique.

The bat makes all the difference, dad.

Who owns the bats, gets to bat.

Listen, let the batsmen practice first.

After that, I'll throw as
many balls as you want.

I have to be at school at 10 a.m.

Results will be out today.

Hey, this isn't your bat. It's Dabbu's.

Dude, if you behave like this,
what'll happen in the tournament?


I'm not in the team at all.

What do I care?

May be not in the team,
but you are a part of the colony.

Remember how Laxi slayed
the Adarsh Nagar team last year.

This time he's going to get us.


The last final.

Six feet two inches.

Seventy kilos.

Three bouncers, one wicket.

A head.

And a... runaway.



This time, our first match
is against them.

Let us practice.

It's a different matter
that we still might

not be able to uphold the colony's honor.

It's good that I'm not in the team.


Ya found him. He was roaming outside.
Here talk to him.

Hello, mom?

Where did you take off
to without informing?

What do you mean take off?

I came to the school.

How could you just leave?

Dad's ready and has been
waiting for you for such a long time.

Doesn't he always accompany you
for the result?

Mom, you realize that you are scolding me
for reaching the school on time.

Are you worried about the result?


A little.

I am worried.

But not about the results.

I'm worried about dad coming to school.

I don't want my school friends to see him.

He doesn't look cool.

-Move a little further.
-How much further? I'll fall off.

-A little, please.
-How much, man?

Please adjust, man.

-How much do I adjust?
-Come on! Just adjust, man!

Dude, it was my turn to sit outside today.

Since you came late, I let you sit.

You sit for two days, right?

That's fine, man.
But at least stay in your area!

-Hey, look! A baby rhino!


Not a rhino, a baby elephant!

Baby elephant! Baby elephant!

Someone is calling out for you!

Baby elephant!

It must've escaped from a circus!

Run slowly, fatty,
or there'll be an earthquake!

He's going to burst right now.

This is Harshu's dad.

This fat?

He probably doesn't walk after his meals.

He probably doesn't work
even before his meals.

Oh, man!

Your mom made me run.


Is he walking or rolling?

Dad never thinks
what my friends might say.

You don't come.

No, I mean, what's the need?

I'll get it.

Why should you bother?

I have to talk to the class teacher
about Dabbu.

The class teacher is absent.

What nonsense!

The peon said he's sitting
in the staff room.

You wait. I'm coming.

Dad, listen. Wait.

Please don't come!

Even Govinda's fat,

but at least he dresses stylish.

What are you wearing?

You have to wear this.

This is simple and sober, it's good.

This is for contrast.

It's so heavy. How will I dance?

He never dances.

To avoid dancing, he'd deliberately
occupy himself with stuff.

Mom may be like Kajol,

but Dad could never pull off Shah Rukh!

Have you collected your result?

I'm really nervous.

You must have topped the class.

-No, Shanky must have topped the class.

Only you are on the top.

Why are you standing here, by the way?

I'm waiting for dad.

Even my dad's here.

Dad. Harshal.

How are you? Shall we?

Sir, how much has he scored?

Same as last year.

Like parents, like marks.

He doesn't seem like Devansh's brother.

Having your older brother
in same school, fault.

His being better than you
in academics, double fault.

Actually, I have to meet Mr. Tripathi
to talk about him only.

Yes, Mr. Tripathi would be
the best career guide.

He did mention that you two were to meet.

Ya, we did plan, but couldn't
manage due to my health.

I totally understand.

This heat causes indigestion.

Yes, absolutely.

An entire lifetime is spent
in impressing a girl.

And dad doesn't even take seconds
to turn the table around.

You should walk a bit after your meals.

You'll feel better.

She must be so proud of her dad.

How much have you scored?

I moved to a higher grade
and scored the same percentage.

So in a sense, it increased.

But he won't understand that.

The down side of scoring low is that
I will have to listen to this boring song

and act sad for a while.

What happened?

You seem quiet.

Not at all.

Why are you sad?

Stay cool.

Real studies begin after grade nine.


Mom doesn't come to see my result
because I score low, right?

Are you mad?

Why would you think like that?


Will you have an ice-cream?

No, I don't feel like it right now.


Don't worry.

I'll explain things to your mom,
you won't get a scolding.

It's difficult to fool mom.

But dad...

-How are you?

Hello, Uncle.

How are your studies going?

Busted, bro.

Same here.

I've come to collect
your contribution towards the team.

Fifty, right?

Dad, I've to contribute
fifty rupees towards the team.

Take it.

If you were first down,
we wouldn't have such a problem.

So is Dabbu opening the game?

He isn't playing at all, uncle.

Why not?

He has his entrance
for the coaching classes in 12 days.

How much do you have
to study for the classes

that you'd abandon
your childhood team in despair?

Here, you guys will play.


Don't worry, Shanky.
Dabbu is going to play.


Shanky is Harshu's friend.

He's Prashant.

Same thing.

-See you at the match.

Two thousand students appear
for Bansal's entrance exam.

They accept two hundred.

If he works hard for a week,
he'll get selected.

If he did get selected, it will be because
of the 15 years of hard work he put in.

Not because of these twelve days.

Every drop in the ocean counts.

But these many drops only fill a jar.

To fill an ocean,
one has to slog for years.

Nobody gets successful over night.

Sushmita Sen did get one.

She became Miss Universe over night.

Over night?

Until the age of 16 years,
she was in a Hindi-medium school.

She then worked day and night
to gain fluency in English.

Upon hearing Aishwarya Rai's name
in the Miss India contest,

most of the participants fled,
but she kept going.

She even didn't have a designer gown
for the Miss Universe Contest.

so she got one stitched by a tailor
from Meena Bazaar.

Her mom made her gloves from socks.

A lot of nights got ruined
for that one night.

When she became Miss Universe over night.

That's what I tell my clients.

Don't time the market.

Spend time in the market.

Sometimes I don't get you.

How did cricket suddenly become
more important than the career?

Sports build character.

Not me, Gandhiji said it.

As if Gandhiji's children had to appear
for Bansal's entrance exam.

Let him play.

Two years of coaching classes
then more pressure in college.

It maybe the last tournament
of the poor guy's life.

But only if you let him play.


No, one minute.

They're letting you play?


Without any conditions.


In return, you must get
through the entrance. Right?

No, they didn't say anything like that.

And even mom agreed?

Not only did she agree, but also...

I don't even get that
for my annual exams.


You have cancer, for sure.

Are you mad?

Unconditional happiness?

That never happens.

If dad doesn't deliver results,

would the bank award him with bonus?

It should.

No. It won't.

Similarly if you fail to score 70%,
you won't get a cycle.

They won't give him a bonus,

but would the bank not
even let him watch TV?

Mom must be in a good mood.

Did Mrs. Sharma return our bowl?


Dad said, "Sports builds character".

This is a good one!

Verma says that till you don't have
etiquette, you won't get Hindi.

And to have etiquette,
it is necessary to build character.

So, I'll tell dad that
I'll take tuitions later.

First let me build character.

Like dad won't see through it.

At one point, he was just like us.

Come on,

dad would never have been like us.

Sir, I think you're forgetting
that we are his offsprings.

You mean,

even we'll be like him in the future.

Oh, man!

To score more runs,
you've got stay longer on the crease.

It's the same with mutual fund,
you've got to give it more time.

You have a salary account.

For small savings, Mutual Funds
Systematic Investment Plan is the best.

Just be disciplined

You can score big even with singles.

Laxi's up.

Come on! We need a six.

Laxi is going to ball.

We want a sixer.

The tall dude got him in his first ball.

Dabbu, play calmly. There's no hurry.

At least make thirty runs.

Don't panic. We're about to take a break.

Hit a six right away!

If you know better,
then why don't you play?

Bro, listen.

Save your body and play.

If it hits you, you're done.

Play calmly, Dabbu!

If you're thinking of investing,
think long term.

This one will gone soon, Laxi!

What a thought!

He'll go down Laxi! One more!

He'll hit back.

What is he doing?

I just hope Chandpol Express' over
gets done.

Hope he slips in run-up,
falls down and breaks his face.

Bloody demon.

Only a goddess can save him.

It takes Dabbu a couple of balls
to settle.

Then look at his shots.

If only he gains some confidence.

Nice, Dabbu!

Dabbu! Dabbu!

Dabbu! Dabbu!

Oh, man.

What happened?

Why didn't you flick it?

If you know better,
then why don't you play?

They'd let me play?

During the break you can.

Awesome. Give me that.

I'll be back in two minutes.

Hey, son.

Throw me a ball, please?

Only one, please.

Why is he telling Laxi?

Say something to him!

Dude, he'll throw a bouncer!
His glasses will pierce his eyes.

Stop him!


Don't worry. Laxi will throw
a simple ball. He has brains.

Looking at his run-up, I don't think so.

Thanks, son!

What a shot!

What a shot, Uncle!

Uncle, you only play.

Oh, come on. You kids go ahead and play.

We didn't finish that
conversation about SIP...

One must agree, old is gold!

Now I'll invest wherever you tell me.
For sure.

At least, hear me out first.

Shot was like that of David Soon's
Laxi had such a sullen face.

Does uncle play?

Didn't you see his footwork?

Exactly like a commercial cricketer's.

Not commercial. It's called professional.

Next Sunday onwards,
we'll practice with him.

Were you two picked up from the streets?

Learn something from him!

What a player, man!

Not a player. Without even playing,
he's the man of the match.

Even this couldn't save the day today.

We lost.



We got totally busted.

They grated us like carrots!

This isn't how you grate vegetables.

It's done like this.

Like they did you, right?

Is this how you talk to elder brother?

Like they did you, sir.

Naughty boy!

Today our team lost,

but I felt great.

-What is this?
-I'm avoiding noise pollution.

Now you'll shout, "Dabbu, go take
a bath and sit down to study".

Then he will take a long breath
and sit down to study.

Then you'll pour milk into the glass

and realize
that Harshu's whiling away time.

Then you'll shout out,
"Harshu, sit down to study".

Because you know I just
will never take a bath.

So I'll sit down to study.

But then I won't feel like studying.

Soon I'll be poking Dabbu.

As he is tired

he won't hit, he'll rather shout.

"Mummy, Harshu isn't studying!"

Then you'll scream, "Harshu
come drink your milk!"

You seem to be very happy.

You can't imagine what happened today!

Fine, I won't!

-Fine, tell me?

Dad turned out to be a boss.

-He hit a sixer!

He started playing over there?

That's why the vegetables
aren't here yet.

He only played one ball!

That too Laxi's!

Something unique about that ball?

I meant, the ball that Laxi threw!

I see.

Mummy, you're not listening!

When dad hit that ball,
everyone got stumped!

No showing off of practice,

nor drama of any warm-up,

he went right into it and...

Just by looking at his stance I could tell

that dad's a good player.

Yes, that's because he has experience.


Quickly, drink up.


Dad use to play cricket?

And also topped the class in Math.

Mom, how easily you spoil one's mood.

What were you telling me about cricket?

Dad used to play cricket in college.

And he also was about to go for Ranji.

What's Ranji?

Probably the name of his college team.

Dad never told us.

Even I did Kathak in college.


Papa was in the cricket team.

But dad's not in this photo.

Yes, but it's his team.

Look, that's Dhave uncle.

The one from the wedding?

He's the second one. Bound to get loose.

He was a bowler?

Like one could never gauge
mom's true age from her skin,

similarly one couldn't also gauge
dad's talent from their paunches.

Why did dad stop playing?

No he did not. He continued playing
even after we got married.

This Dhave used to turn up every
Sunday and say "Let's play!"

I was newly married and coy,
so couldn't say anything.

While he went on having fun.

I used to wait for him with food ready.

while he used to play,
gorge on butter chicken at a restaurant

and only then return.

I bore all this for a year.

But when Mrs. Dhave came.
She stopped the nonsense in a week.

Today, I am first.

Dad, give these to me.

You're back?

Poorva, I've got all the things
on the list.

Check if you wish. Nothing is missing.


Well done, today!

Yes, everything's fresh, right?

I told the guy, no matter
how much time it takes

I will only sort and take
only the fresh vegetables.

I was talking about that sixer you hit.

I only played just one ball.

Really. That too during the break.

I'm not upset.

Are you seriously appreciating me?

Wow, where has the moon risen from today?


Don't I ever appreciate you?

Please don't start fighting over this now.

Come on, let's go out for dinner.
Tell us, kids, where do you want to go?


Dad, let's go to Aunty's Cafe!
It's been so long!

Apna Dhaba.

Butter chicken.

Seriously, where has the moon
risen from today?

You didn't get onions?

I did.

That too three kilos.

I even warned the guy to charge 50 bucks
or else I would leave them right there.

Harshu, play something nice.


Did you also ever have a crush on someone?

Has he been watching too many films?


We all want to be seen
in every photograph.

Yes, smile now.

But not dad.

He wishes to click all the photos
where all are together.

I can't say for sure,

but I think dad's stop playing
so that their kids can.

Dad does not look cool,

he is cool.