Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 37 - I Am Fred Rogers - full transcript

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Brad: Ready for adventure?

♪ Who's that kid who can
travel through time? ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle
and the Secret Museum! ♪

Yadina: ♪ Which great
heroes will we find? ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle
and the Secret Museum! ♪

Brad: ♪ Every single
boy and girl ♪

Yadina: ♪ Has what it takes ♪

All: ♪ To change the world! ♪

♪ Xavier Riddle and
the Secret Museum! ♪

Brad: ♪ Brad! ♪
Yadina: ♪ And Yadina! ♪

All: ♪ And the Secret Museum! ♪

♪ Dr. Zoom and the
Secret Museum! ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle
and the Secret Museum! ♪


Xavier: (humming melody)

♪ (gentle music) ♪

Xavier: Hi there,
and welcome to the sh--

Yadina: Hello!

Brad: Hi!

Xavier: Hey, I thought I
was doing the sweater thing.

Brad: But red is my color.

Yadina: Guys, I'm
positive we agreed

Dr. Zoom and
I would wear it.

Just look how adorable!

Brad: Hm! She's
got us there.

Xavier: Looking Sharp!

But no one wore it better than
the person we're about to meet,

Fred Rogers.

Yadina: Fred was born
in the United States

in the year 1928.

Brad: When he grew up, he
started his very own TV show:

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Xavier: On the show,
Fred would sing songs,

and tell stories with puppets,

and do all kinds of fun stuff!

But most importantly,

he made everyone
watching feel special.

Yadina: Think we can do that
with our show, Xavier?

Xavier: I don't know, Yadina.

But I guess we'll find out!


Xavier: One...


Brad/Yadina/Berby: (giggle)

Xavier: Three...

Brad: Ugh!

Xavier: I hear gumballs!


Brad: Aha!

Xavier: Five...

Brad: Uhh!

Xavier: Six...

Brad: Whoo!

Xavier: Seven...



Brad: Oh, dear!

Aah! Nuts!

Xavier: Nine...

Brad: Come on, come on.


Xavier: Ten!

Ready or not,
here I come.


I'm gonna find you!

Brad: (giggles)

Xavier: Oh Braaaaaaaaaaaad!


Uh?! Ahh Ha!

(microphone feedback)

Found you!

Nice one Berby!

Berby: Ooohh!

Whoo! Whoohoo!

Brad: (relieved sigh)

Wait, I bet he's
hiding over there.

Let's go find
him, Berby!

Berby: Wahoo!

(air whooshing)

(air whooshing)
Brad: Really?





Ugh! Ugh-ugh!



Hey, hey!

This is actually kinda fun!

Oh no!


Yadina: You okay, Brad?

Xavier: That...was...

Berby: Mhmm!

Brad: Yeah...


Xavier: Nothing like a game of
Secret Museum hide-and-seek.

(sad sigh)

Too bad we won't be abe to
play it for two whole weeks.

Brad: What do you mean?

Yadina: Mom and Dad are
closing the museum for a bit

so they can fix stuff.

Xavier: No museum means
no Secret Museum, either.

Berby: (sad blarp)

Xavier: Don't
worry, Berby!

We'll be back
as soon as we can.

Berby: (blarp blurp)

Xavier: But until then,
maybe tomorrow

we could have an EPIC game of
freeze tag in the park!

Brad: (giggles)

Xavier: Or build a really
tall treehouse!

Yadina/Brad: Wow!

Xavier: Or start
a travelling circus!

♪ (circus music) ♪

Brad: Whoooooo!

Yadina: Weeee! (giggles)

Brad: Hey, maybe I'll practice
my caterpillar moves!

Then when the museum
opens back up,

I can show all the new

in the conservatory.

It's very educational
for them.

We can all do our
own thing tomorrow

and play together another day.

Xavier: Whaaat?

You're not coming
over tomorrow?

I know we can't go to
the secret museum but--

Yadina: Me and Dr. Zoom don't
mind doing our own thing, too.

Gives us time to practice
our karaoke routine!

(clears her throat)

♪ The turtles come strolling
very slowly, hurrah! ♪

Our timing's
a little off.

Brad: (giggles)

Yadina: See you
guys later!

Brad: Sounds good, Yadina!

Xavier: But--
Berby: Hmm?

Xavier: Brad doesn't want
to play with me tomorrow.

What if...he doesn't
come back the next day.

Or the next?

Without the Secret Museum,

I can't take him on
awesome adventures.

I'm just...


Berby: (blarp bloop)

Xavier: Which I guess
isn't all that special.

Berby: (bloop blarp)

Xavier: Berby, what if...

Brad never comes
back to play?

Berby: (blurp)

Yadina/Brad: (giggling)

Xavier: I have to do something.

To save our friendship!

And that means...

Xavier: To the
Secret Museum!

Brad: Did I just hear
what I think I heard?

Berby: Wahoo!

Yadina: But, Xavier, we're
already in the Secret Museum.

And we don't have any
problems to solve.

Xavier: Oh yes we do!

Brad, Yadina, we have
to keep the museum open.

Brad: It's only closing
for a couple weeks, right?

Xavier: Well, yeah, but what if
it ends up being longer?

What if it stays
closed for months...

or forever?

Yadina: Forever
would be bad.

Berby: (bleep blarp bloop)

Brad: Well, if it's
important to you...

Yadina: Then it's settled.

To the Secret Museum!

Xavier: Ummm,
we're already here.

Yadina: Oh, right.

To the podium!

♪ (upbeat adventurous music) ♪

Xavier: (humming)
Berby: Whoohoo!

Xavier: We're getting something!

Brad: A sweater?

Not sure that's going to help
us keep the museum open...

Yadina: Looks
cozy, though.

Xavier: Look!
Fred Rogers.

That's who we're going to meet.

Yadina: In Pennsylvania.

Brad: In 1934.


85 years ago!

Xavier: I sure hope Fred Rogers
can help keep us together.

I mean, um,
keep the museum open.

Yadina: Only one way
to find out, right?

Xavier: Right.

Ready for adventure?
Yadina: Ready!

Brad: Are you sure
this is necessary?

Xavier/Yadina: Yup!

Brad: Huh, had to ask.


Berby: (bleep blarp blurp)

Yadina: Here we go!

Berby: (bleep blarp)

Xavier: It's happening!
Yadina: Hang on, Dr Zoom!

Xavier: Woooohoo!

Brad: Woaaaaah!

Berby: Whoohoooo!


Xavier: So this is
Pennsylvania in 1934.

Nice, huh, Brad?

Um-- Brad?

Brad: (screams)
Xavier! Yadina!

Why are these kids
chasing me?

(breathing heavily)

Tag Kid: Tag!
You're it!

Can't catch me!

Brad: Oooooooh.

Xavier: Guess we get to play
tag together after all!

Fred Rogers must
be one of them!

Huh. Guess not.

Yadina: Oh,
what about him?

Berby: (bleep blarp bloop)

Xavier: That's Fred Rogers.

Thanks, Berby.
Berby: Mhmm!

Xavier: Hi! I'm Xavier.
Yadina: I'm Yadina.

And this is Dr. Zoom.

Fred: Oh!

My name's Fred.

Xavier: Nice spot
you got here, Fred.

Why aren't you playing
with everyone else?

Tag is so much fun!

Fred: I'm not so good
at running around

like the other kids are.

Brad: Uggh! That
makes two of us.

I can't catch anybody!


Yadina: Oh, Brad.
This is Brad.

Brad: Hi!

Xavier: You can
totally do it, Brad.

Instead of
chasing people,

maybe you could
use your awesome

caterpillar moves.

Y'know, to sneak
up on them!

Brad: Hey, yeah!

Here comes...

the caterpillar.

♪ (suspenseful music) ♪

You're it!

Tag Kid: (gasps)

Xavier: Awesome!
Fred: That was great!

You really helped
your friend, Xavier.

Xavier: I just helped
him play like Brad!

He's already pretty
great just the way he is.

Fred: That reminds me of
something my Grandpa said once.

He said I made our day
together a special one,

and that he likes me
just the way I am.

It made me feel
really good.

Sometimes, I worry people
won't want to be my friend,

if I don't do things
like play tag.

Xavier: Or take
them on awesome

adventures with
your Secret Museum.

But, we want to
play with you.

Yadina: Yeah!
We don't have to

run around if
you don't want.

Brad: Oh,
thank goodness!


Fred: Want to come
over to my house?


Brad: Guys...

Wait up!


Fred: Thanks for letting
me have friends over, Mom.

Come on in.

You can play with
anything you like.

Xavier/Brad/Yadina: Wow!

Brad: Awesome!
Yadina: Wow!

Xavier: So coool!

Yadina: Guys, look! The
sweater from the Secret Museum.

♪ (soft playful music) ♪

Fred: There, that's better.

Hey, want to see my very
favorite thing in here?

Hello, Fred!

Who are your new friends?

Aren't you going to
introduce me-ow?

Of course, Kitty Cat!

This is Xavier, Yadina,

Dr. Zoom, and Brad.

This is Kitty Cat.

Fred: How purrr-fect
to meet you!

Yadina: Hi,
Kitty cat!

Brad: Hi!

Yadina: Your playroom
is really great, Fred.

Xavier: Yeah!
Reminds me of a room

we have back at home,

filled with awesome artifacts.

But, we didn't bring
anything with us.

Fred: That's okay!

It makes me happy
just to have you here.

You're all special people,

and I like you
just the way you are.

In fact...

♪ When I feel happy
I sit down ♪

♪ and play, I play. ♪

♪ When I feel happy
I sit down ♪

♪ and play, I play. ♪

♪ Golly-gee I've got
friends with me, ♪

♪ My fingers go strolling
key by key, ♪

♪ And we all feel happy ♪

♪ when we play together. ♪

Yadina: I wish I could
play the piano like Fred.

He's good.

Xavier: Yeah. But,
I know something

you're good
at Yadina!


Yadina: I don't know.

Singing for other
people makes me nervous.

♪ (simple piano melody) ♪

♪ Fred: ♪ When I feel happy
I sit up ♪

♪ and sing, I sing. ♪

Fred/Yadina: ♪ When I feel
happy I sit up ♪

♪ and sing, I sing. ♪

♪ Oh golly-gee I've got
friends with me, ♪

♪ My fingers go
strolling key by key, ♪

♪ And we all feel happy ♪

♪ when we sing together. ♪

Fred: ♪ When I feel happy- ♪

Xavier: ♪ I jump up
and juggle, ♪

♪ I juggle! ♪

Fred/Yadina: ♪ When I feel
happy I jump up ♪

♪ and juggle, I juggle! ♪

♪ Oh golly-gee I've got
friends with me- ♪

Xavier: Come on Brad,
let's juggle all three!

All: ♪ And we all feel happy ♪

when we-- ♪

Brad: Was that
the piano?

(off key note)

It didn't sound too happy...

Fred: You're right.

And I can't fix it
by myself.

(sighs sadly)

If you'd rather go play
tag now, I'd understand.

Brad: We're not
here for the piano.

Xavier: We like
playing with you.

Kitty is a super
special cat, too.

Fred: What was
that, Kitty?

Xavier reminded
you of something?

Yes! What your
grandpa said.

He said I had made
the day a special one,

and that he liked me

just the way you are.

And you know what?

You all made this day
a really special one, too.

Because, you're
all special people.

And I like you just
the way you are.

I was going to say
they're purrrfect

just the way they are.

Fred: Anyone else
want to try?

Yadina: Yes please!

Dr Zoom: (squeak)
Brad: (chuckles)

Fred: If you don't
like puppets,

we can play with
something else.

Xavier: No, I do
like puppets,

it's just...

I'm not sure that
just being myself

is all that special.

The thing that makes me
special is the Secret Museum.

It's big and amazing

and it lets me take my friends
on awesome adventures!

Without it, I'm
worried my friends

won't want to play with--

--just me.

Yadina: (laughter)

Yadina/Brad: (humming)

Fred: I don't think
you have to worry.

I have no idea

what this Secret
Museum thing is,

but, I still like you.

A lot!

You're kind

and funny

and a really
good friend.

I bet your friends
think so, too.

Brad: I am
super dizzy

and I do not like
being dizzy.

Yadina: (giggles)

Brad: Thank you!
Yadina: Bye Fred.

Fred: Thanks
for coming!

Brad: Berby!

Berby: Mhmm?

Brad: We had so much
fun with Fred Rogers!

I used my caterpillar
moves in a game of tag

and we played
puppets and sang

and I kind of
almost juggled!

Berby: (bloop blarp!)

Yadina: We did have fun,

but, the museum is
still going to close

for two whole weeks.

Brad: Oh, right.

Berby: (bleep blarp)
Xavier: Getting to meet Fred

was great but,

that's exactly why
I need the Secret Museum!

So I can take Brad and Yadina

on more awesome
adventures like this one.

Berby: (blurp)

What am I gonna do, Berby?

Berby: (blurp blarp)

Xavier: Huh? Berby,
are we going--


Xavier: --home?

Brad: Wooaaah!

Yadina: You're right, Dr. Zoom,

this is definitely not home.

Berby, what's going on?

Berby: (blarp

Xavier: Ah, Berby says
it's 37 years later!

And it looks like
we're at a--

--tv studio?!

Fred: You sure are.

Welcome to the set
of my new TV show,

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Xavier/Brad/Yadina: Whoa!

Fred: Come on,
I'll show you around.

Xavier: Are you sure
this is going to help us

keep the museum open?

Berby: (blarp blurp)

Fred: This here is Trolley.

Trolley takes us to
where my puppets live--


Fred: --the Neighborhood
of Make Believe.


Brad: Wow. These
puppets remind me

of your playroom
back home!

Fred: That was a good room.

And I thought, maybe
I could do something good

for lots of children.

With a TV show that helps them
talk about their feelings.

Even when those feelings
are hard to talk about.

I want every child to know
that they're special people,

who are liked just
the way they are.

In fact, I'm going to sing a
song about it on the show today.

Want to stay
and watch?

Xavier/Yadina: Yes!

Fred: Great! Because
we're just about to start...



Y'know, I like the things
that you think up...

...to do and to make.

♪ It's you ♪

♪ I like, ♪

♪ It's not the
things you wear, ♪

♪ It's not the way
you do your hair ♪

♪ But it's you ♪

♪ I like ♪

♪ The way you are right now, ♪

♪ The way down deep inside you ♪

♪ Not the things
that hide you, ♪

♪ Not your toys ♪

♪ They're just beside you. ♪

♪ But it's you ♪

♪ I like ♪

♪ Every part of you. ♪

♪ Your skin, your eyes,
your feelings ♪

♪ Whether old...or new. ♪

♪ I hope that you'll remember ♪

♪ Even when you're
feeling blue ♪

♪ That it's you I like, ♪

♪ It's you yourself ♪

♪ It's you... ♪

♪ It's you ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ like. ♪

You see, it's really
yourself inside

that I'm talking about.

It's you I like.

That's why I come
back here every day.

To be with you.

Xavier: Huh.

Brad comes back to play
with us almost every day.

Maybe it's not because
of the Secret Museum.

Maybe he comes
because he likes us,

Yadina and me.

Berby: Mhmm!

Xavier: (gasps)
Fred was right!

Director: CUT!

Yadina: Excuse us--
eh, sorry.

Brad: Fred's show
isn't over yet!

Yadina: And we still
didn't get any help

with our problem.

Brad: Oh yeah...

The museum is still
gonna close for two weeks

and, um --

Why is that bad again?

Berby: Hmmm?

(bleep blarp)

Xavier: (sighs)

The reason I didn't want
the museum to close, is,


Berby: (bleep blurp)

Xavier: I really like being
friends with you, Brad.

And, I wasn't sure if you'd
still want to play together

if I couldn't
take you on awesome

Secret Museum adventures.

Brad: Xavier Riddle.

I don't play with you just
because you have a secret museum

that can send us
back in time.

In case you
haven't noticed,

time travel isn't
really my thing.

I'm your friend
because I like you.

You're kind and funny

and you encourage me
to try new things.

Even when they're
hard or scary.

Especially when
they're hard or scary.

Brad/Xavier: (laughter)

Brad: I'd still want
to be your friend

no matter what.

Because you, Xavier,
are a special person.

And I like you
just the way you are.

Xavier: (relieved sigh)

I think you're a
special person, too, Brad.

Yadina: Awwww!

Xavier: And you, Yadina.

And Dr. Zoom-
Berby: (bleep bleep)

Xavier: -and of course
you too, Berby.

I like you all just
the way you are.

Brad: A little squished!

Fred: See you tomorrow.

Xavier: Berby, let's go home.

Berby: (bleep blarp blurp)

Yadina: Aaah!

Yup, this is
home alright.

Berby: Mhmm.
Brad: (chuckles)

I still can't believe
you didn't think

you were special enough

all on your own, Xavier.

Yadina: Yeah.

The Secret Museum
is fabulous,

but, we'd have awesome
adventures together

with or without it.

Xavier: You guys
are totally right.


♪ It's you I like, ♪

♪ It's not the
cape you wear, ♪

Brad: ♪ It's not the
bobbles on top of your hair, ♪

Xavier/Brad: ♪ But it's you ♪

♪ I like. ♪

Xavier: ♪ The way you
are right now, ♪

♪ The star down
deep inside you ♪

Yadina: ♪ Not the
things around you ♪

Brad: ♪ Not artifacts ♪

Yadina/Brad: ♪ They're
just beside you. ♪

Xavier: ♪ But it's you ♪

♪ I like ♪

♪ Every part of you ♪

♪ Your heart ♪

Yadina: ♪ Your courage ♪

Brad: ♪ Your friendship ♪

♪ Dr. Zoom ♪

♪ and Berby, too. ♪

Yadina: ♪ I hope that
you'll remember ♪

♪ Even when you're
feeling blue ♪

Brad: ♪ That it's you I like, ♪

Yadina: ♪ It's you yourself ♪

Xavier: ♪ It's you. ♪

All: ♪ It's you ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ like. ♪

Berby: (bleep)

(blurp bloop)

Xavier: (gasps)

It's Fred's red sweater.

See ya, Secret Museum.

We'll be back in
a little while.

Yadina: I could really go for a

cheese and grape jelly sandwich.

Xavier/Brad: Yuck!
Yadina: (giggles)

Berby: (bleep blarp bloop)


Xavier: Getting to
meet Fred Rogers-

Brad: -also known as
Mister Rogers-

Xavier: -was ah-mazing!

Yadina: Fred
did his TV show

for over 30 years,

helping millions of kids
to talk about their feelings.

Xavier: And recognize

what special people
they are.

Just for being them.

No fancy clothes-

Brad: No wiggly
dance moves-

Yadina: No turtletastic
singing voice-

Xavier: And no secret

museum, necessary.


Yadina: Thanks for
the ride, Trolley.


Xavier: Thanks for joining
our awesome adventure

to meet Fred Rogers.

Yadina: Who used to be a kid,
just like you and me.

Brad: So kids like you
can change the world!

I am Brad.

Yadina: I am Yadina.

Xavier: I am Xavier.

And I know that
I'm a special person,

who is liked
just the way I am.

Just like you!

And just like Fred Rogers.

Berby: (humming)







Uhn uh.



Yadina: Hi, Berby!
You ready for hide and seek?

Berby: Mhmm!
Yadina: (giggles)

One... two...


four... five...
Berby: (blarp blurp)


Ready or not, here I come!

Berby, where are you?

Xavier: Dancing
bananas are back!

Yadina: Are you
in the nature exhibit?




Just a squirrel!

Berby: (sighs)

Yadina: Beerrrbyyyy?

♪ (playful music) ♪

What's that, Dr Zoom?

Berby must have found
a very good hiding spot!

But don't worry, Berby!

"Owl" find you (giggles)

Get it? Owl find you.

Berby: (bleep blarp)
Yadina: Got you, Berby!

Thanks for exploring
the museum with me.

Everything is more fun,
when we do it together!

Berby: (blurp bloop)
Yadina: (giggles)

♪ (theme music) ♪