Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - I Am Helen Keller/I Am Alexander Graham Bell - full transcript

Our heroes travel back in time to meet someone who had to overcome a lot to learn how to do just about anything: Helen Keller. Then, the friends meet someone who worked his whole life to help people be heard: Alexander Graham Bell.

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Brad: Ready for adventure?
♪ Who's that kid who ♪

♪ can travel through time? ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle
and the Secret Museum! ♪

Yadina: ♪ Which great
heroes will we find? ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle
and the Secret Museum! ♪

Brad: ♪ Every single
boy and girl ♪

Yadina: ♪ Has what it takes ♪

Kids: ♪ To change the world! ♪

♪ Xavier Riddle and
the Secret Museum! ♪

Brad: ♪ Brad! ♪
Yadina: ♪ And Yadina! ♪

Kids: ♪ And the
Secret Museum! ♪

♪ Dr. Zoom and the
Secret Museum! ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle
and the Secret Museum! ♪

♪ Shh! ♪

Yadina: Hello, and
welcome to the show.

Today we're going to meet
someone very special:

Helen Keller.

Xavier: Helen was born
in the year 1880.

Yadina: And one thing was a
little different about her:

she couldn't see
or hear anything.

Brad: Um, isn't that
two things, Yadina?

Yadina: Okay, maybe
that is two things.

But can you imagine
not being able

to see or hear anything at all?

Let's try it.

Close your eyes

and cover your ears.

You too, Dr. Zoom.

Yadina: In fact, can
we turn off the picture

and the sound, please?

Welcome back.

Can you imagine living
like that every day?

But not being able to see or
hear didn't stop Helen Keller

from learning how
to read and write.

Want to know how?

Yadina: Then let's
start the show.

Yadina: T-he black dog...

um, poh...po-hots

(big sigh of frustration)

Xavier: Yadina? What's wrong?

Yadina: I'm trying to read
this book to Dr. Zoom -

but it's too hard.

Brad: Why not read
her a picture book?

Yadina: We've read them all.

I want to move up and
take the next step,

read a big book, like you guys.

Xavier: Oof!

Yadina: But big books
have so many words.

I know some of them,
like "dog" and "black",

but there are one million,

five hundred and seventy-eight
other ones I can't figure out.

It's so frustrating!

Brad: This sounds
like a big problem.

Xavier: And that means:

To the secret museum!

Reader: Shhhhh!

Xavier: Sorry. Heh.

To the Secret Museum.

Xavier: I wonder who the Secret
Museum will send us to meet?

Yadina: And where we'll go?

Brad: And when?

(cuckoo clock)
Brad: Woah!

Yadina: Look out below all

Xavier: Hi, Berby.
Yadina: Hi, Berby.

Brad: Hi, Berby.
Berby: Hello.

Brad: Oof!

Xavier: (humming)

We're getting something!

Brad: A book!

With no words?

Yadina: It's bumpy.

Who has a bumpy
book with no words?

Xavier: "Helen Keller".

This was hers.

Berby: (bleeps)
Yadina: Look!

That's where we're
going to meet her!

In America.

Brad: In 1887.

...That's over a
hundred years ago!

Yadina: Hm. I wonder...

if she can help me
read a big kid book.

Xavier: Only one
way to find out...

Xavier: Ready for an adventure?

Yadina: Ready!

Brad: (deep breath)


Yadina: Here we go!

Brad: It's happening!

Yadina: Hang on Dr. Zoom!

Xavier: Woo-hoo!
Brad: Woooah!

Xavier: Ah, so this is
Alabama in the year 1887.

Yadina: I like it. Cute house.

(grunting sounds)

Brad: What's that sound?

Yadina: That girl looks upset.

I wonder what's wrong?

Brad: I don't think
that's just any girl.

Xavier: That's Helen Keller.

Thanks, Berby.

Anne: Helen,
it's okay, I'm here.

Helen is just frustrated.

She's trying to get her
dog to come play with her.

Yadina: Aw, she's cute.

Can we pet her?

Anne: Yes, she's very friendly.

Her name is Belle. And I'm Anne.

Here, Belle.

Anne: Do you like dogs, too?

Yadina: We love dogs.

Brad: Um. If they
don't jump on me.

Or slobber on me.

Or pretty much anything on me.



Anne: Don't worry,
Belle's a very good dog.

Yadina: Then how come
she didn't go to Helen

to play with her?

Anne: Because Helen
doesn't have the words yet

to be able to call her.

Anne: Helen is blind.

Which means she can't see
Belle in order to go to her.

She's also deaf, which
means she can't hear.

Not being able to hear words
makes it hard to speak them.

Without words, Belle doesn't
understand what Helen wants.

In fact, most people don't
understand her either.

Brad: Wow. Helen
can't see or hear?

Xavier: Or talk to anyone?

Yadina: If I couldn't talk to
Dr. Zoom it would be so sad.

Anne: It's very hard for her.

That's why I'm trying
to teach Helen

a different way
to hear and speak,

so people know what
she needs or wants to say.

Yadina: How do you do that?

Anne: Using sign
language. Like this.

Anne: Each sign I
make with my hand

stands for a different letter.

Anne: Since Helen
can't see them,

I make the signs
directly into her hand,

so she can feel them.

This is how I say 'hello'.


Xavier: She didn't
say hello back?

Anne: No. She hasn't learned
what these signs mean yet.

But, there are so many different
ways to learn something.

If I keep trying, I'm sure

I'll find the right
way for Helen to learn.

Brad: Ohhh.

Yadina: Belle likes you, Brad.

Brad: Great. Ooof!

I think I'll go wash
my hands inside.

Xavier: Hold up, Brad!
Amazing fact:

Houses didn't have
running water in 1887.

They used outdoor water pumps.

Brad: Um... how does
the water come out?

Yadina: How is Helen
going to help me read

if she doesn't know how to read?

Xavier: I don't know, Yadina.

But there has to be a
reason the Secret Museum

sent us to meet her.

Anne: Here you go, Helen.


Anne: There must be a
way to help Helen learn

what these words are...

Brad: Oh, so that's
how it works.


Anne: (gasp) I have an idea.

Anne: Wa-ter.

Anne: Yes, yes, water!

She understands!

Yadina: Wow.
Brad: Incredible.

Anne: Now that I know
how to teach Helen,

there's so much she can learn.

Yadina: Do you really think
there's more Helen can learn?

Xavier: Looks like we're
about to find out...

Brad: A bush. Of course.

Yadina: Look, there's Helen.

Brad: What is she doing?

Anne: She's reading!

Xavier: Really? But how?

She can't see the words.

Anne: No, but she can feel
them when they're written

in something called braille.

Want to see?

Brad: It's bumpy.

Yadina: How does it work?

Anne: Each of these bumpy
patterns is a letter,

which make up words

so Helen can read
stories by touch.

She's reading one
now about pirates.

Yadina: Being able to read
the story all by yourself

must be really great.

Look, Helen's saying something!

Anne: Now she says she wants
to learn something else...

How to talk.

Yadina: Can she really
learn how to talk?

Anne: Mm-hm. We'll just
have to come up with

a different way to teach her.

Yadina: I wonder
what that could be?

Xavier: Looks like we're
about to find out.

Yadina: Look - Helen!

Yadina: Covering someone's
mouth when she's talking?

Not very polite.

(small laugh)

Anne: Well, Helen is working
with a special teacher

who can help her feel
what words sound like.

How the mouth and tongue
move with each sound spoken.

Xavier: You can feel words?

Xavier: Ow!


Yadina: I guess
Helen can... Look!

Helen: Beh-Eelll.

B-elle. B-elle.

Helen: Belle!


Belle! Belle!

Yadina: Whoa, Helen learned
to do so many things.

She just did it in
a different way.

Yadina: So, maybe there's
a way for me to learn

how to read that dog book.

Xavier: Definitely.
Ready to go home?

Yadina: (smiles)
I'm ready.

Let's go home.

Yadina: The...black...dog...

um, ah..


I don't know the next word.

Xavier: Well, how did you read
the words "black" and "dog"?

Yadina: There's a picture.

It helped me figure out
what those words were.

Brad: So, what if you
had more pictures?

I'd be happy to
draw them for you.

Yadina: Okay.

Brad: (mumbling)
Black dog...and, ok...

gonna do that then...and, done.

Brad: Ta-da!

What do you see?

Yadina: There's the black dog.

Xavier: And what is
the dog putting on?

Yadina: Red boots.


The words "red"

and "boots"

are here in the book.

Red starts with an "R"

and boots starts with a "B".

Xavier: Yes. Now,
what is the dog doing?

Yadina: Um... Dancing!

Hey, the word 'dancing'
is in the book, too!

Xavier: Nice!

Yadina: The black dog...

Xavier: Puts--on--his...

Yadina: Big red boots.

Xavier: Keep going!

Yadina: The black dog...

is dancing...

in his big red boots!

Yadina: I did it!

I read it by myself!


Yadina: Oops. Sorry.

Yadina: Can you believe it?

I read the whole
book to Dr. Zoom.

She loved it.

Yadina: And it was all thanks
to meeting Helen Keller,

who didn't let anything
stop her from learning.

Brad: Once her teacher, Anne,

found the best way
for her to learn,

Helen didn't just learn
to read and talk-

Xavier: She learned lots
of different languages

and wrote a ton of books.

Yadina: Thanks for joining
our awesome adventure

to meet Helen Keller.

Who used to be a kid
just like you and me.

Xavier: So kids like you
can change the world.

I am Xavier.

Brad: I am Brad.

Yadina: I am Yadina,

and I know there are many
different ways to learn,

just like Helen Keller.