Wonder Woman (1975–1979): Season 1, Episode 14 - Wonder Woman in Hollywood - full transcript

Major Steve Trevor is asked to re-enact a heroic deed for Hollywood.

¶ Wonder woman ¶

¶ wonder woman ¶

¶ all the world
is waiting for you ¶

¶ and the power you possess ¶

¶ in your satin tights ¶

¶ fighting for your rights ¶

¶ and the old red,
white and blue ¶

¶ wonder woman ¶

¶ wonder woman ¶

¶ now the world
is ready for you ¶

¶ and the wonders you can do ¶

¶ make a hawk a dove ¶

¶ stop a war with love ¶

¶ make a liar tell the truth ¶

¶ wonder woman ¶

¶ get us out from under,
wonder woman ¶

¶ all our hopes
are pinned upon you ¶

¶ and the magic that you do ¶

¶ stop a bullet cold ¶

¶ make the axis fold ¶

¶ change their minds ¶

¶ and change the world ¶

¶ wonder woman ¶

¶ wonder woman ¶

¶ you're a wonder
wonder woman ¶


[Bullets ricocheting]

¶[Music playing]

[Etta clapping]

Good, huh?
Exciting, realistic.


Well, that's exactly how
we're gonna treat
this new movie:

Maximum realism,
top-drawer production value.

Oh, it'll be a smash,
Mr. bremer.

Thank you.

And all
the box-office receipts
go to buy war bonds.

So, general? Major?

What do you say?

Well, I have to admit,
I had my doubts

when you first suggested
this project, Mr. bremer,

but you've
won me over completely.

And me.

Me, too.
Just think, Hollywood.

Then it's a go.

As far as the war department
is concerned, Mr. bremer,
yes, it's a go.

All right.

A movie like
you're going to make

will be an enormous
morale booster.

4 top American heroes

recreating their acts
of bravery on the screen.

Yeah, you know, uh,
we're still hoping, major,
that your personal story

is gonna be, uh,
part of the movie.

That's up to
the general.

Oh, but he's got to be
in the movie, general.

Steve bringing
that flaming plane in
and saving his crew.

That'll really be
something to see.

You're absolutely right,
yeoman prince.

How soon do you need
the major in Hollywood,
Mr. bremer?

Well, as soon as possible.
Can you leave tomorrow?

Uh, well--
he sure can.


Can you be ready
to go, Diana?


But do you need me
in Hollywood?

Well, I like that.

Every beautiful young woman
in these United States

would give her right arm
to go to Hollywood.

And you ask
if you're needed there.

Well, I guess I just
don't understand what's
so special about Hollywood.

It's just a small suburb
in Los Angeles, isn't it?

Oh, Diana, sometimes
I don't understand you.


Hollywood, Clark gable,
Cary grant,

Tyrone power.
Paradise, U.S.A.



Well, in that case,
how can I refuse? I mean,

I feel in need of a trip
to paradise about now.

And the festival will run
a full 3 days.

Now we'll need
a queen of the festival,

bearing in mind, of course,
that I cannot fulfill

that function
under our constitution.

Well, it should be Diana,
of course.

Oh, daughter,
I only wish it could be so.

It would be fitting.

But, mother, this is
the 2,000th anniversary

of our arrival
on paradise island.

It's the bimillenial

of the most important day
in our history.

Diana is heir
to the throne.

Diana has to be here.

I agree with you.
She should be here.

Well, then I guess someone
will just have
to go to America

and bring her home
for the festival.

Did you have
anyone special in mind
for that assignment?

Um, no, no,

not really, except that
it should be someone

who has been
to America already,

and someone who is
very close to Diana.

Now where could I find
such a person?


Very well, drusilla.
You go fetch your sister.

Thank you, mother.

Drusilla, remember
she said she was staying
in a place called Hollywood.


just give her the message

and then come
right back home.

I don't want
both my daughters

in America
in such perilous times.


it just occurred to me,
the last time you
were in America--

I'll tell Diana,
and thanks, mom.

Oh, dear, I do hope
I'm not making a mistake.



[People chattering]

Now take the camera
and bring it back.

Good morning.

Oh, good morning,
Mr. bremer.

This is really fantastic.

Yeah, terrific, isn't it?

It's the first day
of production,
we're an hour behind schedule.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

All right, come on.
Let's get moving.

Let's get this show
on the road.

All right,
what are we waiting for?
Let's get going.

Ok, then, uh, roll it.

All right.
Now give me
the special effects.

All right, now.
Start the wind. Come on,

more wind.
Give me a bigger wind.

All right. That's good.

[Wind whooshing]

Now, then. Ready?


Hit the silk, bill.

That's an order, lieutenant.

I'm taking her in alone.


Cut it! Cut it!
What's going on
with the key light?

Come on, fellas.

Yeoman prince,

would you kindly not lean
against the light?

All right, once more.

Just stay where you are,
Steve, we got to do it again.


sweat him up,
will you, please? Yeah.

[Girls screaming]

[All clamoring]

Thank you, miss montez.

Man, oh, man. I got it.

You got what?

Her autograph.

Who's she?

Who's she?
She's a star!

Oh, go on,
I know where
the stars exist.

They're in the heavens.

You're weird.

I'm weird?

Sure you are.

Like, what kind of
a getup is that?


The clothes, dummy,
the clothes.


Hey, you're in
pictures, huh?

Oh, yeah, lots of them.
My mother has a book,
and there's--

I knew it! I knew it.

You were trying
to put me on.

Can I have
your autograph?

You there, miss.
They'll be waiting for you.

They will?

Certainly. You're in
the fall of the Greek empire,
right? Right.

The fall of
the Greek empire?

Now, come along
through this door.

Go through
Western street...

Well, I'm certainly
looking forward to
working with you.

Thank you, sir.

Yes. Welcome aboard.


This is cpl. Jim ames.

Jim, this is, uh,
yeoman Diana prince.

Nice to meet you.
Oh, I've heard about you.

You're one of the war heroes
that's gonna be in
Mr. bremer's film, right?

Yes, ma'am.

Jim is another
future star of mine.

Maury, come here.

Here you are.
Your very own chair.

That's terrific.

Go on, sit down.
Enjoy yourself.

Uh, Mr. bremer,


I--I still don't know
if I'm gonna be able to act

in front
of the camera.

Sure you will.
Just be yourself.

See you later.
Hey, Michael!

Uh, Jim, come on
and sit down, relax.


Boy, I sure hope he knows
what he's talking about.

I'm sure he does.

I've never been so scared
in all my life.

You'll be fine.

Oh, Diana. Can you come here
a minute, please?

Sure. Excuse me.

You'll be great.
I promise.

Yes, sir.

Look, I'm, uh,
kind of stuck up
here in the sky.

Can you get us
a couple of cups of
coffee, black, please?

Sure. I think there's some
just out back of the stage.

It'll take a few minutes.

Thank you.

Cpl. Ames!

Hello again, Diana.


[Both giggling]

Dru! Ah!

[Tires screeching]



You stay here.
I'll handle this.

Drusilla, look out!

[Tires screeching]


You're all right.




I'll be right back.

Are you all right?

What happened?

I think that someone
was trying to kidnap you.

I thought that...

Wonder woman.

Boy, do I feel woozy.

Here, let me help you up.


Oh, excuse me.

Uh, cpl. Ames, this is
my little sister, drusilla.

Drusilla, Jim ames.


Too many things are
all happening at once.

Yeah. Do you have any
idea who those men were
or-- or what they wanted?

Not the foggiest.


I think I'd better
go sit down.

I'm not feeling too well.

I can understand.
Are you all right?

Oh, yeah.

what are you doing here?

You know,
the bimillenial

Mother sent me to make sure
that you'll come.

Yes, of course.
I haven't forgotten.

You can tell mother
that I'm gonna make every
effort possible to be there.

That won't satisfy her.
You know mother.

Diana, you have to
be there.

I'll try, drusilla,
I'll really try.

It's just that
I'm very concerned.

There are strange things
going on here.

Oh, you mean the attack
on that nice Jim ames?

Yes. You like him?

Yeah, he's, uh,
he's cute.

Cute? You're back here
in America for a few hours

and you're already
using their slang.

Well, he is cute.

Yes, he is.

Anyway, is that what
you're worried about?

Oh, no, I'm concerned
that someone might be

trying to sabotage
this film project.


I have no idea.

A rival studio, maybe.

I've heard a lot of things
about Hollywood.

People call it a jungle.

Oh, all I saw
was half a dozen
sad-looking palm trees,

hardly a jungle.

Dru, it's not
that kind of jungle.

It's a jungle
where businessmen
prey on each other.

Tsk, never will
understand men.

Well, me, neither.
But I'm certainly
learning more each day.

Me, too.

But the lesson's over
for now.

You have to return home
to paradise island.

I just got here.

I know.

I'm sure mother told you
to deliver me the message

and return home immediately,
didn't she?

Can't I just stay
for the night?

Mom won't mind, really.



I've really missed you,
and there is a party tonight.

It'd be fun going together,
don't you think?

It's what they call
a Hollywood party.

But tomorrow you leave.


What do American women
wear to these
Hollywood parties?

Steve told me to wear
something slinky.

Slinky. What's "slinky"?


I didn't tell him,
but I haven't
the slightest idea.

Excuse me.

¶[Music playing]

That's slinky?

Uh, I think so.

I don't think
that would suit you.

You don't?
I don't know about that.

I think it's cute.

Oh, besides, look, Diana,
everyone's staring
at her, even the men.

Oh, I'm glad you boys
finally got here.

What have you been doing?
Looking for movie stars?

[All laughing]

You came to the right place.

Well, here we are.
My 4 hero stars together.

You all know each other,
I suppose.

Hello, major.
Hello, sergeant.

I don't think you know
my little sister, drusilla.

This is, uh,
sgt. Harry Willard.

This is mark bremer,
the producer.

And lt. Bill rand.
How do you do?

They're all doing
the movie together.

How are you, drusilla?

Look, I got to, uh,
leave you nice people.

There are more
greats arriving.

We're expecting
Louis b. And j.L.

A little later.

Explain them to her,
will you? Have fun.

It's all right.
I don't know
who they are, either.

This is really something.

Sure is.

Just like one of those
fan mags, right, major?

Right, sergeant.

What do you think
of all this, Jim?

Oh, I, uh, sort of feel
out of place.

Oh, no. You shouldn't.
You're a war hero.

Heck, I didn't do anything.

You certainly did, soldier.
Be proud of it.

Hello, everyone.
Super party.

Has anyone taken care
of the Navy?

Not until now.

Oh, good. Come on then.

You can buy me a drink.


Hey, sergeant,

You're going to let
the Navy get one up on you?

No, sir.


May I get you a drink?

Oh, uh, sure,
but nothing alcoholic.

Oh, just a little
glass of champagne.
It'll relax you.

No, thank you.
I'll take one.

No, you won't.
You're too young.

We'll find something
suitable. Come on.

You too, Jim. I want you
where I can
keep an eye on you.

At least until we discover
what that attack
was about today.

Oh, yes, sir.

Oh, no, thanks.

I think it's
absolutely marvelous
what you did.

I mean, so brave.

Not really.

To tell the truth,
I--I just acted
out of instinct.

But with all your men
injured like that
you kept firing,

and you sunk
a Nazi battleship.

Just a destroyer.

Destroyer, battleship,
it's all the same.
You sunk it.

Did the president, uh,
give you that medal


In the flesh.

Tell me about it.

Well, I was called up
to the white house,
and the president--

no, uh, not here,
there are too many people.

Let's go somewhere else
where we can be alone.


So, what did he say
to you?

Uh, first they read
the citation.

All very official.

A lot of
whereases and wherefores.

Then they, uh, handed
the medal to the president,

and the president
presented it to me.

He shook my hand.

Said that America was proud
to have officers like me--

Don't make a sound.

You're coming with us.

Where are you taking me?

Get in the truck.

All right,
let's get out of here.


Mr. bremer.


Have you seen lt. Rand?

No, not recently.

We're getting ready to leave.
I wanted to say good night.

Oh, listen, major,
last time I saw him,

he was getting
pretty thick with
some little starlet.

Maybe they
slipped off early,
you know?

Yeah. And what was her name?

Well, I don't know. You know,
they all look the same to me.

Why, you're not worried,
are you?

Uneasy maybe.

Well, don't worry.

He'll turn up
at the studio tomorrow.

He'd better,
he's on early call.

Maybe you're right.

Excuse me.

Well, did you find lt. Rand?

No, he left early.

Well, that's strange.
Why would he leave
a nice party like this early?

Well, maybe he had
something important
on his mind.

I think he did. Shall we?

I hope he's all right.

Mr. bremer,
thank you very much.
It was a lovely party.

Oh, you're welcome.
Glad you could all come.

Nice to meet you.
You, too.

See you tomorrow.
All right, kid.

Thanks for the party.

Yeah, you're welcome.
Listen, I'm sorry
you didn't get to meet

Louis b. Or j.L.

I didn't know they came.

They didn't.

Good night.

Good night.


Is everyone gone?

Yes, everyone's gone.
You can come out.

I assume that
everything went all right.


That's very good,
my dear, well done.

To your health.

Good night.

Uh, thanks, Paula.
That's all for now.

You can finish it up
in the morning.


where's the blonde?

She's gone.

What did you
tell her?

I did not have to
tell her anything, Kurt.

I promised her
a part in a picture.

Is everything all right
at your end?


Well, that will be a change
from this morning's fiasco
with cpl. Ames.

How were we supposed
to know wonder woman
was in Hollywood?

We're gonna have to be
a lot more careful next time.

Don't worry, I have
other plans for
young Mr. ames.

Now what about the other two?

Maj. Trevor,
and, uh, sgt. Willard?

In 3 days, the 4 of them
will be on their way
to Germany.

4 American war heroes
to stand trial in Berlin

for war crimes
against the German people.

That, Kurt, is a great
propaganda victory.

The party should be
proud of you.

Well, they should.
Getting them all together,
the 4 of them.

With all of this publicity,
and kidnapping them

in front of
everybody's noses.

And then--

and then?

And then, Kurt, when the war
is over, and we've won,

then I will control
the entire
American film industry.

Well, we've checked

Bill rand has disappeared.

What about the girl
he left the party with?

Well, we don't know
he did that for sure.

She's our only lead.

I'd like to see a list
of your party guests.

I'll tell my secretary.
Excuse me.

Listen, how long is it
gonna take us
to wrap up here

and set up for
the sgt. Willard sequence?

About a half an hour.

All right, do it.
We've wasted enough time
here already.

Ok, we're moving outside.

All you sailor extras,
you have to
become Nazi soldiers.

Well, what do you think?

Oh, I don't know
what to think.

First that attack
on Jim ames,
then bill rand disappearing.

One thing I do know,
I'm gonna keep
a pretty close eye

on Harry Willard
and young Jim from now on.

Jim's with dru.
They went somewhere
to have a farewell soda.

She's leaving?

I'm afraid so.

She has to, uh,
go home to mother.

You know, at least
she did have to go home.

Maybe it's better
if she sticks around
for a while.

She can help us
watch out for Jim.

What good would
a 15-year-old girl be
if there was any trouble?

Maybe none.
But one thing's for sure.

She'll know where he is
all the time.


I really like
ice-cream sodas.

Could I have another one?

You've had 3 already.

I want the, uh--
I want the victory special.

Hi, sweetie.

[Making kissing noises]

Jim, Jim,
the victory special?

But that's double size.

I know.

Oh, boy, you have
some appetite for a girl.


Ok, I'll get it.

Thanks. Oh, and I'll be back
in a minute, ok?


What's your name?



Yes. Yeoman Diana prince.

She's with maj. Trevor
on the mark bremer movie.

I think they're
still on stage 25.

[Clears throat]

Look at the soldier boy,
will you?

A victory special.
Well, ain't he cute?

Hey, where did you get
the pretty suit,
soldier boy?

Oh, Freddy, you're dumb.
Don't you know?

Uncle Sam
gave him that suit.

He gives them to all
his little soldier boys.

Is that right?

No wonder we ain't
in the army.

Wouldn't be seen dead
in a suit like that.

Hi, Diana.

Drusilla. Where are you?

Oh, I'm at this real
neat coffee shop.

I'm just going to have
one more victory special.

I promise I'll leave
as soon as I'm finished.

You don't have to leave.

I don't?

No, I'll explain later.
But, uh,

just keep an eye on Jim.

Oh, you're afraid
something might
happen to him.

Dru, sometimes
you're so perceptive,
you remind me of mom.

I'll see you at
the studio later.


That's a cute little number
you're with there,
soldier boy.

You want to
introduce us, huh?

Soldier boy, my friend
just asked you a question.

I'm sorry, we're busy.

Hey, Georgie,
the soldier boy's busy.

You don't want to
tell us her name?
Tell Freddy her name.

Come on, tell Freddy.

You can tell Freddy.
You don't like it,
just tell her name.

At ease, soldier.

Excuse me.

Hey, look at the chick
in the funny suit.

Where's the costume party,

I think you should
leave him alone.

He's a war hero.

Hang around.
After we take care of him,
we'll, uh, take care of you.

I'm warning you.

I'm quaking in my boots.

Excuse me.


Oh, what-- what happened
in there?

There was a fight.
Didn't you see?

No, I was in the powder room.

You didn't see anything?

Well, yes, I saw 2 men
laying on the floor.

Well, they started
picking on me.

I took care of them.



Come on, we'd better
get back to the studio.

All right, come on,
a lot more dirt. A lot more.

This is a war film,
for crying out loud.

Come on,
really get him dirty.

All right.
That's enough dirt.

Now-- now sweat him up good.

Lots of sweat.

All right. Fine, fine.

All right, now,
where are my dead bodies?

will you please stay close
when we're trying to do this?

It's very difficult.
Take your places, please.

Take your guns.
Take your places.

Come on, let's go.
Let's go.

Let's have it very quiet
now, fellows.

Oh, Nazis, get ready.

All right, all right.
Are you ready?

Fine. Now ready
on the smoke and the flames.

Diana, I need
to talk to you.

Is it important?

I think it may be.

Ok. Just as soon as he
finishes with this shot.


[Birds chirping]

[Bullets ricocheting]

[Guns firing]

[Machine gun firing]

Oh, cut! Cut!

Look what happened
to the grenade.

It didn't go off.

All right.
We'll have to do it again.

Sgt. Willard.

Sgt. Willard, come on back.

We have to do it again.

Sgt. Willard?

Sgt. Willard,
can you hear me?

Sgt. Willard?



Where is he?
Where's Willard?

I don't know.

What do you mean,
you don't know?

He's disappeared.

Well, keep looking.

Willard is still
among the missing.

How am I supposed to make
a movie when all my stars
are disappearing one by one?

Did you have all
the studio gates checked?

Yeah, sure,
but there's too much traffic

passing in and out.
Can't pin anything down.

I mean, he could have been
taken out in a prop van,

or a laundry truck, anything.

Whoever did it was
obviously waiting behind
that headquarter set

and had to be acquainted
with the workings
of a movie studio.

Major, there are 5,000 people
on the payroll here.

And they are all
acquainted with
the workings of a movie set.

[Phone ringing]

I get the phone.


No, there's no more
shooting today.

It's a wrap.


Excuse me for
one second, Steve.

Yes, dru.

I wanted to
talk to you about Jim.


I don't think he's very much
of a war hero at all.

What do you mean?

He's not very heroic.

He lied to me.

Well, sometimes that has
something to do with
a thing called ego.

What did he lie about?

Excuse me, Diana.

Yes, sir.

I'm sorry to interrupt,

but Diana and I
have work to do.

Yes, sir, right away.

Uh, dru, find out everything
you can about what
we were discussing.

We'll talk later, ok?

Sure. Yeah.
Right, right.


Maj. Trevor wants me
to stick close by.

He thinks maybe
I could be the next one.

Oh. Well, I'll stay
with you if you like.

Yeah, I'd like that.

Do you think he'd mind
if we went for
a walk or something?

I don't think he'd mind,
if we stay inside the studio.

So, come on.


get a hold of the local
military-intelligence officer
and have them run a check

on that list of party guests.
We must find that girl.

Yes, sir.

Try and find a list
of all the people
who knew anything

about today's
shooting schedule

as far as it affected
sgt. Willard.

And make sure none of this
leaks out to the press.

Absolutely not, sir.

In one way or the other,
we've got to find out where
those 2 men are being held.

Ah, there you are,

You are comfortable, I trust.

Where are we?

You are on the d-704
somewhere in pacific.

We'll remain on station here

until your 2 companions
are prevailed upon
to join us.

Then we'll proceed
around cape horn
and set course for bremen.

If you think
you'll get your hands
on Steve Trevor,

you're mistaken.

I guarantee you
24 hours from now,

cpl. Ames and maj. Trevor
will be aboard.

Take them away.

Any problems, Kurt?

Worked like a dream.

He came through that door
expecting to find

2 actors dressed
as Nazi officers,

instead he found us.

Very good.

All right. Now,

maj. Trevor is
creating pressures for us.

He has called
the local office
of military intelligence,

and next will be the f.B.I.

So we're going to
have to move quicker
than we'd planned.

What do you want to do?

I want to take them both
at the same time,

maj. Trevor and cpl. Ames.

You'll wait for instructions.

That's all.

[Door closes]


I really like hot dogs.

They're even better
than ice cream.

Could I have
some more mustard?

[People chattering]

I like you, dru.
I like you a lot.

That's why I'm gonna
tell you what I am.

What I did.
What I got my medal for.

There was a mistake.


How can that be?

Well, I'll tell you how.

The citation reads that
I captured a dozen
Nazis single-handed.

The truth is I got
cut off from my unit.

I was all alone.

And I saw a group of Nazis
and I thought
I'd give myself up.

Spend the rest of the war
in a nice, safe prison camp.

What I didn't know was
that they were as
afraid as I was.

As soon as I appeared
they all threw
their guns down.

Seemed like they had
the same--same idea.


I had to take them in.

I couldn't do nothing else.


Another thing.

That fight here this morning.

It wasn't me
who took on those 2 fellows.


I think I was as scared then
as I was with the Nazis.

I guess I'm just
scared all the time.

Oh, no. I think
you're really brave
for telling me all of that.

(Man over p.A. System)
Telephone for cpl. Ames.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

Cpl. Ames.


Jim, anything wrong?

No. Look, I got to
go back to my hotel.

I'll see you later.

Ok. It doesn't
usually go this slow.

We should have been shooting
a half an hour ago.

I don't know
what's the matter.

What's holding us up?

Our star, cpl. Ames,
hasn't arrived yet.

Where is he?

I don't know, Mr. bremer.
He said he was going
to pick up maj. Trevor.

They should be here by now.


Sure you have
the right directions?

This is where
they told me, major.

Wait a minute,
I'll ask these guys up here.

Hey, you guys.

You seen a movie company
around here?

Movie company?

Uh, well, uh,
let's see now.

I think that
there might be...

All right. Both of you.
Get out of the car.

Into the other car.

Put it down, major.

[Birds chirping]

I'm sorry.

Well, we can't do
anything without them.

Move them back.

All right.
It's a wrap for today.

Everybody back to the studio.

They, uh, found the car.
It's been abandoned.


And Jim?

Both disappeared.

No sign of either of them.

Well, what are you
going to do about it?

Now, don't worry.

We're alerting
the authorities now.

Thank you very much,
Mr. bremer.

Come on, dru.

I have an idea.

Well, soldier.
How did they get to you?

I'm sorry, major.

We'll see about that
once we get out of here.

[Door opens]

There they are, Mr. bremer.

Thank you, captain.

welcome aboard. Major.


Not a bad production, bremer.

You set it all up
very smoothly.

Got the whole project going,
gathered your
4 victims together,

you knew our every movement.

Ja. Unfortunately,
now that you know,

there's very little
you can do about it.

Tomorrow you'll be
on your way to Germany.

In the meantime, major,
please do not try to escape.

All you will achieve
is an early death.

have a pleasant journey.

Mr. bremer.


Are my parents all right?

You promised me.

They're all right.

When will I get to see them?

They are on board.
You may see them tonight

before you leave for Germany.

And then
you'll turn them loose?

If everything goes
according to plan.

I'm going to see them now.

I will tell them
of your concern.

Prepare to get underway.

All engines
ahead one quarter.

Your course: 163 degrees.


Nothing today.
Come back tomorrow.

Oh, no, you don't understand.

You see, um,
I'm looking for an actress.

Well, you came
to the right place.

Ok. She's 5'2".
She's got blonde hair,
blue eyes, and, uh,



Yeah, you know.

Uh, she's slinky.

What's her name?

That's the problem.
I don't know her name.

That's why I'm here.

Hundreds of girls
come through here every day.

Well, all those girls,
they do have pictures, right?

Sure, but as I just said,
there are hundreds of them.

Well, you see,
this is very important.

I really have to
find that girl.

All right, come on in.

Thank you very much.

[Both laughing]

Well, that's not the end.

Here you are.

Any problems?


Your son sends
his best wishes.


the prisoners
will be transferred
to a truck

and then taken to
a point on the coast

where a u-boat
can pick them up.

Well, what about
the kid's parents?

You're not really gonna
let them go, are you?

What do you think?

And that, uh, blonde, Gloria?

We'll take care of her, too.

That's her.

Here she is.

Gloria Beverly.
You're right,
she is slinky.

Where can I get
in touch with her?

Right here on the lot.

She's just been recommended
for a term contract

by Mr. mark bremer personally.

He said he didn't know her.

They all say that, dear.

[Birds chirping]

[Knocking at door]

Come in.

Gloria Beverly?

That's me.

What movie are
you doing, honey?

Oh, I'm not
in any movie.

Oh, you mean
you wear that for real?

Yes, I do.

And in a moment
you're going to find out why.

I'm going to ask you
some questions.

And you're going to
answer me.

What are you doing?
Are you some kind of nut?

You're going to answer me
with the truth.

It was Mr. bremer
who arranged

sgt. Willard's kidnapping,
wasn't it?


Now maj. Trevor and Jim ames
are missing, too.
Has he taken them?



I--I don't know.

Does Mr. bremer have
a private yacht,

an airplane,
anything like that?


A private place
where no one else goes.

The only private place
he wanted to show me
was his bedroom.

Whatever he's involved in,
it's at the studio,

or his estate.

There's got to be
someplace else.

Now, think.

There is this one place.


He has a hold on stage 12
right here on the lot.

Oh, it's so realistic.

It certainly is.

But it looks like
we're too late.

They probably faked this

to make sure that
none of them tried to escape

until all 4 were captured.

Well, where have they
taken them to?

An airfield,
a dock, who knows?

How are we
going to find them?

Wait a minute.

Gloria Beverly
said that it was

either the studio
or his estate.

And they're not here.

¶ Wonder woman ¶

as soon as
the other truck arrives,
put them aboard.

Well, why not take this one,
save, uh, making the transfer?

This is a studio truck.
If it's not returned,
it will be missed. See?

All right, major. Inside.

[Birds chirping]

Mom, dad.


Ok, here they come.

Let's get them out of here.


Wonder woman!

Now, stay right there.
Do not move.


She's been hit.


now stay where you are,
you understand me?

I understand you, bremer,
and I don't care any more.

Jim, don't!

[Bullet ricocheting]


All right, hold it, bremer.

On your feet.

Nice work, soldier.

That's exactly
what one would expect
from a brave man.

Thanks, major.

And thank those 2 women.

Come on.

Well, you're not hurt.


So why did you--

after what you
told me about Jim,

I wanted to give him a chance
to prove himself.

And he did, didn't he?

Yes, he certainly did.

Lieutenant, sergeant,
put them in the truck.

Come on.

Boy, major,
I wish I could meet
wonder girl again,

under different

And wonder woman.

[Diana cheering]

Steve, you were wonderful.
Thank you.

Very moving.
You know, etta,

this picture will
give a big boost

to the morale of
all our armed forces.

It will boost the morale
of our allies, too, sir.

It really is
a great movie.

I'm glad I was able to see it
before going home on leave.

So am I.
How long will you be gone?

Oh, 3 or 4 days.

Um, a celebration at home.

A birthday?

No. An anniversary.

Well, at least we can all
have dinner together

before we go
our separate ways.

Hot dogs and ice cream?

Whatever you want.

You know, general,
there's one thing I regret.

That wonder woman
and wonder girl
weren't in the picture.

They're the real stars.


Did I ever tell you
of the time wonder woman--

4 times, major.

All right. Come on, you two.

You want to hear about
the exploits of wonder woman,
don't you?

I certainly don't.

Why not?

You might grow up
to be just like
her someday. Who knows?

¶ Wonder woman ¶

¶ wonder woman ¶

¶ all the world
is waiting for you ¶

¶ and the power you possess ¶

¶ in your satin tights ¶

¶ fighting for your rights ¶

¶ and the old red,
white and blue ¶

¶ wonder woman ¶

¶ all our hopes
are pinned upon you ¶

¶ and the magic that you do ¶

¶ stop a bullet cold ¶

¶ make the axis fold ¶

¶ change their minds ¶

¶ and change the world ¶

¶ you're a wonder
wonder woman ¶

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