Wolf (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Her Güzel Seyin Sonu - full transcript

ISID, while a skyscraper in Istanbul Maslak is about to make a big and bloody action, Kaya, who is found there by chance, has to make the first intervention. He against 13 terrorist alone, ...






Without shouting what I heard

Without embracing more

From night to daylight

I rush from duty to post

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays

Burning inside

There is no cure, one cannot be found

From secret and shadow

It walks, my wound is hidden

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays


The Republic...


...as much as bestowing the Turkish Nation
a firm and solid foundation,

its new and essential principles,

its noblest ideals and souls,
and the safety built within its tenets,

the Republic has also become a herald
of a progressive new life.



Thank you for coming.

I should thank you, Mother.
It's delicious.

There is an issue your father and I
are worried about.

When we were watching the news, we saw it.

ISIS seems to be infiltrating
Turkey from Syria.

We don't want you to do
something foolhardy, Kaya.

Can you talk with Behçet?

You can find a solution together,
maybe take a leave?

There will be an operation against ISIS...

and I'm supposed to take a leave?

Are you insane?

This anxiety is consuming me, Kaya.
I know you're not taking it seriously.

-But this fear--
-I am taking it seriously, Mother, I am.

Why shouldn't I?

However, I take other things seriously,
too, like my dreams.

I am still dreaming of İpek.

She is staring at me,
but she's not talking.

Her blood is still on the floor.
She is not avenged yet.

I will not lie to you.

In an opportunity like that,
I will thank God and attack.

I know it may be wrong. Maybe...

Maybe I need to let this hate go.
But I cannot do it.

I am surviving because of this hate.


When the day arrives and
if there is an operation like that,

I will be listening to my commanders.

I will not get into unnecessary danger.

Do you promise?

I promise.


When Boss Kemal and Turgut are back,
we will talk about this.

Chief, it will not make a difference
even if Boss İrfan is here.

His reinstatement
will take a couple of weeks.

That's right.
We may not have that much time.

The organization has gradually
begun profiling the rats.

What if they infiltrated the intelligence
community as well? Can we trust profiling?

Could this foreigner bastard be bluffing?

I don't think so.

He said
"this is your last summer" to Kemal.

He was boasting
as if we were walking on thin ice.

Chief, Kaya is calling.

-Kaya, where are you, my son?
-Hello, Chief!

I need immediate support here.

Hello? Kaya?


-Did we get any intelligence?
-Counter Terrorism is quiet.

You think he is still hiding something?

He sounded nervous.
Where did you send him?

Emrah's Plaza. They were
going to the airport from there, Chief.

All right, all right...

Brother, Plaza security doesn’t answer.

Chief, security is not answering.
We can’t reach them.

Are you sure that is the right location?

Yeah, we are, Chief.

-Keep on trying.
-Roger that.

-No, brother, they're not answering.
-Do you think somebody attacked?

I don't think so. Kaya accompanied
Emrah Küllü to the flight himself.

According to plans on Internet,
the Plaza is adjacent to a residence

owned by the same company. There's a
passage from the Plaza to the apartments.

Soft target.

Ömer, drive faster. Faster.

We can’t leave
without any intelligence from TEM.

Shit, I wish I went with Kaya.


At least we should get ready.
I have a bad feeling about this.


Wait a minute. Am I dreaming?
Did you just agree with me?

I agree.

Take a vest for Kemal,
maybe they'll get there in time.

Yes, I'm dreaming.

Faisal, go and check.

-Where is the security room?
-I don’t know.

Do you remember now?

You take four and start there.
We're going to get the ones here.

It is still not too late.

Drop your weapon.

Brother, a burglar alarm inside
Nakıştepe Plaza’s indoors center went off.

It is right next to Emrah's Plaza.

Drive there, Ömer.
Let’s check it while we are at it.

Bring back the remote when it is over.

What are you doing? Are you mad?

Please don't.

-Please don't, I have a child--

Faisal, silence this alarm.

Alarm, alarm!


What are you doing in here?
Weren't you in the other plaza?

The buildings are adjacent.
They took ours hostage, too.

How many?

Thirteen entered.
They're all wearing bomb vests.

Seven hostages.
They came in with a bag full of magazines.

-Are you tied?

Anything? Knife?

-Ege, is it?
-Yes, Ege.

They plan to maximize
the number of people they kill. Bastards!

They're aiming for a massacre.

We need to make a plan, Ege.

A vehicle arrived.

Everyone retreat, now!

-I'm going to the lobby.
-And I'm checking the rear exit.

Son, take your equipment.

I'll return quickly,
I won’t make anyone suspicious.

Look, be careful. Keep the Vox on.

-Roger that.
-Baran, it’s on you.

OK, brother, don't worry.

-Baran, what do you see?
-There is nothing yet.


Barbaros, don't come.


-I'm coming back.
-No, don't you dare turn back!

Go find Kaya. I'll call the others!

Brother, did I get lucky?

-Ah, it's burning!

Nothing, you’re all right. One grazed...

and the other one is a flesh wound.

-Not like yours, in Sur.
-Nothing like mine in Sur.

Headquarters, this is squad three.
We are under heavy fire, we need support!

Come on!

Damn, Baran, you're right again.


When you came here, you had big dreams.

Keen to kill unarmed civilians.

You're not getting the chance!

There will be no mercy.

Come, rabid dogs, come.
I'm the last castle.

Try to conquer me.

I'm going to bury you.

Zaid, come back!

We're close to the flats.

-He's killed Faisal. Come back.
-Where is he?

I don't know! Find him and kill him!

-Can they hear me in the residence?
-No, only in the plaza.

We have to find a way to warn
the civilians, Ege.

How many of your team are down there?

I don't know,
but they're under heavy fire.

And look at how the enemy is positioned.

Their objective is not to
take hostages or place bombs.

What is it?

To kill as many innocent people
as they can.

You take this,
I'll find another radio for myself.

-Man, take this!

You can do this, OK? Trust in yourself.

Here, you will be able to see
everything on security cameras.

I need you, Ege. I need your courage.

OK, sir.

Barbaros, how many people inside?

I don't know, Chief.
I know Kaya and Ömer are inside.

Ömer, can you hear me, Ömer?

-I'm on the third floor.
-Find Kaya immediately, then contact us.

Chief, they are pros, not amateurs,
and Baran's wounded. We need support.

Chief, I'm OK. Don't worry.

Call HQ, they'll send an ambulance.

-Asena, what have we got?
-Four M4’s.

That's enough. Barbaros, hold on.
We are coming.

Looks like this is going to be
the most hectic night of our career.

Behçet, this is Tolga.
Enemy elements are ISIS.

You sure?

This cell infiltrated Istanbul from Antep.

It's just been confirmed.
Kemal's coming back to you.

Chief, Kaya is on auto-pilot now.

He has been waiting for this moment
since he lost his sister.

His hatred may cause mistakes.

It won't.

He didn’t eat for two days,
he didn’t sleep.

His only fuel is rage.

That's why he's still standing.

He needs that hate right now.

Chief, they are using civilians
as human shields.

They block the main entrance.

-Roger that, we're about to arrive.
-What are we gonna do?

I don't know, Baran.

These bastards planned everything
to the tiniest detail.



Calm down, it's me, Ömer.


-Are you all right?
-Yes, fine.

-Fine, my ass. Look at your hands!
-Forget it.

We don't have any time. Ömer!

There are two guys downstairs,
they're yours.

-I'll take out the ones in the lobby.

-OK, Rambo, what else?
-I'm not joking.

-There are at least five at the entrance.

Look, I have a plan.

-We can save everyone.
-Man, don't be ridiculous.

Ömer! I've dreamt of this revenge
for four years, brother.

-We don’t have time to wait.
-No harm can befall the civilians.

We'll be careful! I promise you, OK?
Trust me.

Look, if we die, we’ll be in
a world of shit!

Chief Behçet will find us
in the afterlife to shit on us.

We're not gonna die.

-The bastards thought I was alone.
-Well, you were alone...

No, I'm not. My guy is
in the security room downstairs.

-Your guy?
--Yes, Ege. From Plaza security.

Dude, you've been here for an hour,
and you've organized resistance?

-I'm all right, sister.

Not bleeding. I did first aid.

How many?

Seven inside.
But there may be more upstairs.

-Our guys?
-Ömer and Kaya.

-Ömer, you hear us?
-Copy, Chief, we're fine.

-I found Kaya, he's with me.
-Kaya, talk to me.

-Loud and clear, Chief. I'm fine.
-Ömer, do not separate from each other.

-Chief, we have a plan.
-Don't be ridiculous, son. Look,

I cannot convince Kaya.

Kemal is here.

Kaya, wait for the support. Kaya!

-He is already gone, Chief.
-We have to trust Kaya.

But he will need fire support.
Asena, Kemal get into position.

On me!

Chief, we can't let vehicles come close.
We don't want them to panic.

Asena is right, Chief.

Their objective
is not ransom or getting away.

All they want is to massacre civilians.

Tolga, gather patrol cars near the
freeway, don't let the scene get crowded.

-Roger that.
-They have a blind spot on the flank.

Barbaros, Turan, get to the right.

Chief, give me Immortal
and join the others.

-You're wounded, son.
-I'm fine. Really, I'm fine.

What did you teach us?

The lives of civilians
are more important than ours.

Let me prove I learned my lesson.

Let me defend this position, Chief.

Be careful.


I got their attention.
Two coming for me. Kaya.

-Don't die.

You either.

Zaid, did you find the bastard?

We found him.
He locked himself into a room.

I'm staying.

The others to execution,
get to the residence, let's go!

Kaya, the elements in the lobby
are moving towards to the residence.


They're right in front of him.

Where are they, Ege?

Not in front of the door, they are
positioned angularly at the sides.

-Get ready.

-Kaya, I'm here.

-Kaya, open your eyes, don't let go.
-Kaya, don't you dare let go!

We're with you, you're going to be OK.

-Hold on, Kaya. Get calm, my son.
-Hurry, bring the stretcher!

Where is the stretcher? Medic!

-Quick, bring the stretcher!
-Come on, bring it!

-This way!
-Come on!

Come on, Kaya, hang on. Open your eyes.

-Leave it here!
-Hold on.

-Don't let go, my son!
-We'll raise him on three.

-One, two, three!
-Come on!

I'm coming.

How I missed you, how I suffered.
I wish you knew.

Open your eyes, Kaya!

I'm so tired.

We are getting to the closest hospital,
right now.

Kaya, you're going to live!

Kaya, look at me, son.
You'll be OK, you're all right.

I am so tired for wishing
it was me who died instead of you.

Kaya, my son, please don’t die on me.
You promised, Kaya!

Kaya, it's me, Ege.
Do you hear me, brother?

From hating those who took your life.

Go to the nearest hospital.
This kid will not die!

What is left for me
other than my hate, İpek?

What should I fight for?

For them? For friends?

See how they are afraid...

to lose another brother,

to say goodbye to one another.

All right, all right...

Not yet.

Maybe one night...

But not tonight.

Everything is all right, son.

Try not to talk.



Yes, it's me, Kaya.

Don't worry, you're fine.
WOLF is fine, too.

Get some rest. Don't push yourself.

All WOLF members took turns
staying here with you.

As I'm the head of the department,
my turn eventually came.

You were in a coma for almost a month.

Septic shock brought you
to the edge of death.

But you did not give up, Kaya.
You came to, this morning.

Your family has been informed.
They'll come soon.

Baran, Ömer... the others?

They’re fine.

They got on with their duties,
as you became news.

You were the country’s sweetheart.

But, you know how being a cop is...

They talk about you for 15 minutes,
applaud you, then they forget you.

It's OK. We do not forget.

Those civilians have not, either.

They're alive because of you.

The weather is nice.

Yes, it's great.

Not one cloud.

I’ve read that book.


That douche Kemal gave it to me.

"Read science fiction in order
to improve your English," he said.

-He knows what he is doing.
-Ah, leave him, he is just a poser.

His teacher, Kenan, was a poser, too.

He is awake. Everyone is on their way.

I don't think he is even aware
that he is in Ankara now.

Sit down, we still have time.

This city is so boring.


-Wasn't your father born in Ankara?

Cheer up. You're in your hometown.
Enjoy it, be happy.

There is no water, no beach...

Get up, we should go to celebrate.

I need to tell you something.

OK, go on.

Look, the world is changing.

The country is changing.

We're not gonna stay young forever.

There is only one thing I know.

I love you, Asena.

I mean, you're not an easy woman.

Wild, often fiery.

Such a gentleman...

But this is what I love about you.

You are strong, you have presence.

Look, we've been together for two years.
Have we ever had a fight?

I am surprised about that, as well.
We never have.

You are a peculiar man,
yet I've never yelled at you.

I've never thrown anything at your head.

I don’t understand,
what are you trying to say?

I thought you were about
to break up with me.

No, don't be ridiculous.

I am trying to propose.

Will you marry me?

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

-Get out of my house!
-Ceren, I didn’t forget.

I'm here, I didn’t.

Psycho bastard!

My daughter didn’t hear from you
for a month!

Not knowing if her dad was alive. But you
have been here for a month? Get out!

Kaya was in intensive care.
That’s why I couldn't visit.

Don’t use that kid’s coma as
an excuse. Don't you dare!

-Is Ece at home right now?
-I am not you!

-I don't yell near her. She's at school.
-Calm down!

-Are you my--
-Let's talk like human beings!

How can you expect me to be calm?

-It's her birthday, Turan! Her birthday!

She went to school,
and not a word from her father.

You bastard, you do not have the right
to make my girl unhappy on her birthday!

-Don't curse!
-What happens if I do?

Will you beat me? Will you slap me?
Slap me! Go ahead!

I never raised a hand to you.
Stop being ridiculous.

Stop this, enough.

Why are you doing this to us?

-Why are you making my daughter sad?
-She is my daughter, too.

Then act like it.

You made us miserable.

I never asked much from you.
I just wanted you to take care of Ece.

-Why is she always an afterthought to you?
-She's not!

Look, our duties are less.
We're all stationed in Ankara.

Kaya has healed,
and everything is going smoothly.

-I am going to make everything up to you.
-Don't do anything for me.

Make it up to your daughter.

Did you ever love me?

Let me surprise Ece today.
Let me pick her up from school.

While the others are celebrating

Kaya's hospital discharge, she'll eat
cake, she'll laugh, she'll play.

Everybody is crazy about her. Can I?

She'll be happy. Asena, Kemal,
Behçet, even Boss İrfan will be there.

Please let me.

She'll be home by ten.
She'll stay away from guns.

Guns? No. There won't be any guns
in the cafeteria!

Everyone is in a nice, summery mood.




-Never mind.
-Tell me.

The problem is not love.

You don't respond to love.

I know.

I know.

Forgive me.

God created me flawed.


No to what?

-I cannot marry.
-Why not?

-Do you love me, Asena?
-That's not the problem.

Do you love me? Please answer that.

-Did I ever tell you why Kemal and I--
-I don't care about that man.

You can't even say that you love me.

Tolga, please calm down. Let me explain.

Five years ago,
when my father was still alive, I...

You, what?

I got pregnant.

I was happy with Kemal.

We were going to tell my father
that we were planning to marry.

Kemal didn’t want me to participate in
any operations. He made me promise.

He was afraid that something would
happen, so I agreed.

No one knew about this.

Not my father, not İrfan.

Then, that month my father died.

My despair, my rage, got the better of me.
I participated in an op at Nusaybin.

You were pregnant on that mission?

You remember that it was a small wound.
But I lost consciousness.

Unaware of the pregnancy, medics
gave me a high dose of painkillers.

I had a miscarriage...

Tolga... Because of my obstinacy,
I caused... My baby...

OK, you don’t have to...

When Kemal found out,
he completely shut me out.

His every action, entire demeanor
began to seem phony.

I couldn’t forgive his heartlessness.

OK, I understand.

-No you don't understand.
-I do.

You are not getting it!

I cannot be a wife.

I cannot be a mother.

We are fine like this, Tolga.

Let's stay like this, please?



OK, we'll stay like this.

Boss Turgut is calling. I need to go.

We'll meet at HQ
for Kaya's surprise party.

OK, I won't be late.


I do love you.

Sometimes I cannot express this in words.

-We're resting for a couple of minutes!
-Well, suit yourselves.

You lost the bet.

-We did?
-Yeah, you did.

Come on, the second vehicle is waiting.

Take the mop. I swear,
I'm going to lose my temper.

-Finish it, already.
-Look at us. We're washing cars.

I'm going,
but I'll be back to check you out.

-OK, we'll see.
-Why do you bet? You always lose.

-Because of you.
-What? Because of me? You made us bet!

Don’t clean my side. Leave it.

I hear Kaya is fine. Doctors gave him
permission. He'll be here at eight.

Great news. God, I missed him.

Why aren't the rookies
washing the vehicles?

I am making them. They lost a bet again.

They sure love to bet
and lose against you all the time.

-What are you reading?
-My favorite book.

I recommended it to Boss İrfan, but
I couldn't resist and got one for myself.

I should go and check on them.

They're gonna damage the hood.
It has been repaired recently.

Hood? It is armor, girl. Armor!

I still cannot believe
Boss İrfan returned to active duty.

Why's that?

Everything was going so badly,
now suddenly it got better.

All good things have an end.

What do you mean?

Means we still haven’t been able to put
those who did all this to him in jail yet.

Don’t fool yourself,
there is nothing good right now.

I should sunbathe a bit
before you sink me into depression, Kemal.

Don’t sunburn your bald spot.

All right, all right...


-Boss, you summoned me?
-Please, sit down.

I will call you back.

Thank you, good day.

-Thank you, Boss.

I have allowed the party for Kaya.

The team was very insistent.
They missed him a lot.

You did it well.
Well, who's going to get him?

Tan will drive him.

Then they're going to
surprise him in the cafeteria.

The reason I summoned you
is about this celebration.

We got a warning
from Intelligence: stay alert.

What happened?

A warning from high-level sources.

Although the Undersecretary
was at a meeting,

he left immediately
and went to a safe zone.

We just began to receive information.

What is it? ISIS?

I have no clue. Information flow
is very disordered and confused.

So, in light of this...

During this celebration,
have a couple of squads wear gear.

I already informed İrfan.

We're always ready, Boss.

You know our motto: "No Mistakes."

Oh, don't I know it.

Forgive me, I didn't want to
ruin your celebration.

Don't mention it, Boss. Consider it done.



Permission to speak frankly?

What's the matter?

When Boss İrfan was in jail,
you were the one holding us together.

I know you're Counter-Terrorism Intel,
but your heart is that of a WOLF member.

If it weren’t for you, we would have
scattered like leaves in the wind.

God bless you.

I put my mind to it
Then take it out


The far is near
The stage is a trap

A prisoner on the battlefield

Sleep, wake up, and let’s forget


I'm in love with troubles in my head

I knew little and trumped up little

You need help?

Took a taxi to pursue my dream

Don't you have someone taller?
Look at her, no reach.

Barbie, you're playing with fire.

Look, it's slanted.

Come follow me. Yeah, guys, careful.

It's gonna drop, watch out!

Turn to the right.

Oh, I forgot the candles!

Bro, it's a celebration cake,
not a birthday cake. No need.

You can't celebrate without candles.

Kaya is a hero already, gentlemen.
You look like rookies now.

It's all about us again.

Guys, don't drop it. The bakery is
closed. Zeynep, save the cake!

You go on now,
don't let his family be worried.

-And put your seat belt on.
-OK, Boss.

I'm leaving, Chief.


All this is really happening.

Yes, Boss, it is.

What happened? You're somber.

Intelligence became suspicious,
they told us to increase patrols.

I heard.

Look at them.

I often get very angry at myself as we
send them to battle and harms way, Boss.

When I see them cheerful,
I miss the ones no longer with us.

Grief engulfs me.

I know.

How can you handle this grief, Boss?

I don't.

It has been in here for so long
that the grief has become my friend.

Where are the other teams?

ŞAHAN is patrolling on Kızılay.

ARSLAN is working out on track.
The others are on leave.

What leave? I haven’t given my permission.

It doesn't come from us.

The Bureaucrats gave them permission
since it's season end.

I'm going to make a phone call.
I'll be back before Kaya arrives.


Look how grown-up you are.

-Thank you.

She came to eat cake
and celebrate with us.

And what a coincidence,
this is her birthday, as well.

Ece, come here.
I'm going to introduce you to the guys.

Where is Uncle Kemal?

I don't know.
Let's go, maybe we'll see him, too.

Guys, look who's here.

Have you met Zeynep?

Dad, easy.

There he is, the great Tan!

-Whoa, look at that potbelly!

Tan, please don't be late, OK?
Doctors are saying he's still fatigued.

Don't worry, he'll be in bed on time.

-No need for a cane.
-Doctor said so, take it.

OK, one... two.

Come on! OK, slow down.

Make him eat, Tan. He should gain weight.

Hey, if I eat as much as Tan,
I'll be rolling down the hills soon.

Don't worry. I'll take care of him.

OK, I'm fine. You get in.
Mom, don't stay here, Dad.


OK, have fun.

What fun? Weren’t we going to a briefing?

Sorry, what?

Oh man, are you planning
a surprise or something?

-You want some air conditioning?
-You guys...

OK, go, I'll act like I know nothing.

-Buckle up.
-What do you take me for?

-Colonel Ümit, this is İrfan.

-Boss İrfan, respect and regards.
-Respect and regards to you, friend.

Thank you, Boss.

-There is something on my mind.
-Yes, brother, what is it?

Our guys are worried about something,
but there is no verified intel.

Neither for TEM, nor for us.

I didn't hear anything.

-What is the situation at Special Forces?
-Quiet, since the officers aren't here.

They were sent to Şırnak last week.
Only my adjutant and I are left.

Did they transfer soldiers east
without their helicopters?

Yes, our guys and Special Forces,
Ace Teams, all went east.

All birds are parked.

-I know, something's fishy.

-Where is the General?
-At a wedding. What should we do?

Call him immediately, screw protocol.
Inform him, to be sure.

Roger that.
I'll call back when I have news.



Where are the Generals?

Neither the commander nor
the training commander is here.

We were called by the
Executive Officer Colonel.


Now call Behçet
and tell him that we're here.

-He should call İrfan and inform him.
-OK, Boss.

Brother Behçet.

We are at the Gendarmerie General Command,
please be informed.


Yes, brother. OK.


He'll inform Boss İrfan.

Good. Do you have your sidearm?

Yes, Boss.

Load it.

Boss, what is going on?

There is a saying, Tolga:

"In the end, we remember
not the words of our enemies,

but the silence of our friends."



They're here! One, two, three!

Rookie! Rookie!

I'm leaving!

-Are you all right?
-I'm fine.

Rookie! Rookie!

Kaya the Great! Kaya the Great!

-What is this, are you walking using that?
-Well, you know...

Where's Kemal?

I don't know, I've been calling
that dipshit for two hours.

Hey, girl, look who's here.


Come here!

-Welcome, Uncle Kaya.
-Thanks. Look how beautiful you are.


My brother.

-Oh, Mr. Baran.
-Welcome, brother.


Welcome, Kaya, how are you?

Oh, thank you. Is that a cake?

I can't hear you, the music is too loud.

Emrah, you've called me
20 times since this morning. What's up?

Barbaros, listen to me.
It's urgent, listen to me!

We hacked the software
of the NVG this morning.

It is linked to an online network
via a third party software called Bylock.

OK, which foreign intelligence service
is it? Boss is here, we'll inform him.

It's Turkish Intelligence, brother!

The data is accessed by at least
250 cell phones within the Intelligence.

The network is in Turkey, in Ankara.

Are you there?

I am here. Go on.

We can view their live messages
as we have cracked the software.

You're not going to believe
what is happening.

What is going on, Emrah?
What is going on? Tell me!

Where are they?
He said he'd make it on time.

-Chief, did he call you?


No, no one called.

What do you think you're doing?

Boss Turgut, we have caught him.

We found the mole inside.

-Do you have any evidence?
-He confessed.

Then why is his mouth is taped?
Let him confess to me, too.

Sir, I don't think you understand.

Oh, I do.

I understand very well.

All Special Operations teams,
report to duty!

I repeat, all Special Ops teams
on security duty.


I repeat, all PSO teams report for duty.

Wait here.

What's going on?

Chief, 3,000 off-duty PSOs received
messages from the Pigeon app.

The entire country.

Kaya, sit down, son.

WOLF and all uniformed officers,
follow me.

Nothing is clear yet. Here.

-Boss, you should stay at HQ.
-Where are the Dragons?

-They are ready to go.

Gather everyone.

You're the one with the highest rank
on the field. Come on, son!

Come on, gentlemen. Come on!

-I'm coming, too.
-Don't be ridiculous, stay here.

Your mom will eat me alive.

You'd look well with that cane
in combat.

Ece, my love.

I have something to do, OK?
I'll be back as soon as possible.

Don't be afraid.
Never leave Kaya’s side, OK?

All right?

Stay with Ece, OK?

You have dialed
İrfan Aladağ’s classified phone.

Leave your message,
and I will call you back.

Boss İrfan, this is Ümit.

General Mustafa Kemal is engaging
insubordinate soldiers at Gendarmerie.

We need to support them!

Unauthorized F-16's and Cobras
took of from Akıncı Air Base.

The General left the wedding early.
It's chaos, call me immediately.

Boss, Emrah's men have cracked the crypto.

There is a countrywide coup attempt.

They are attacking everywhere...
TRT, Turk Telekom...

Armed units stationed close to the cities
are fighting among themselves.

-Oh, dear God.
-It has begun.

We need to reach Turgut.
We drive to TEM.

We can't put you in danger, Boss.

When will I die if not today, Behçet?

Dragon 1 with me, 2 with you.

Come on, gentlemen, come on!

Come on, brothers, come on!

-Lay down your weapon, Boss Turgut.
-Are you with this traitor, too?

-Boss, lay down weapon.
-Look, son, listen to me carefully.

This colonel here is a real Fethullahist.

This is the turning point of your life.

Everything you will do now
will affect the future of this nation.

They told us that
the man in the chair is a traitor.

Sir, I'm a soldier. I only listen
to the orders of my commander.

Lower your gun, Boss Turgut!

Your first and last command
is to protect Ataturk’s Republic.

He is your first and last Commander!

If necessary,
die for this cause, Lieutenant!

Shut up, Turgut!

Stand your ground even if he shoots me.

Ugh, you talk too much.

"Why Tolga?"

"I was like a father to you, Tolga."

Aren’t there any wise words?

There he is;
the soldier of Mustafa Kemal.

Talk to me! To me!


The day has come!

There was a bombing on the
Police Aviation HQ half an hour ago.

We lost seven martyrs.

A message was sent to everyone
via their phones.

Thousands of PSO are heeding the call
of duty from the warmth of their houses.

Everyone listen up for their stations.

ARSLAN, Headquarters. KUZGUN, Turksat.

WOLF and ŞAHAN, General Staff.

YANGAN, Organization. KARTAL, Parliament.

Never forget!

Turkish police and soldiers
are inseparable!

Don't mistake brothers with traitors!

No mistakes will be made!

May you be blessed!

Don't be afraid, OK?

-Kaya, it's me, First Lt. Gökçe.

Lieutenant, please proceed.

Kaya, I can't talk for long.

Please know that there are
traitor aircraft in the air.

Traitor aircraft?

Our commander is sending loyalist planes
from Eskişehir to protect the President.

I'm taking off, as well.
Tell your men that Ankara--



Lieutenant? Hello!

An enemy is attacking
your Motherland yet again.

Your ancestor extends his sword
from his grave.

Very well, die with a poem.

-They're in Telekom, the lines are dead.
-Is everyone ready? Squad one!

-We're ready, Boss!
-Two is ready.

He sayeth rise up!

They wound the righteous with tyranny.

You're the son of Attila, never forget!

Watch Kemal, watch!

Watch how I kill another Boss.

Chief, traitors are calling for support
to Gendarmerie Training Center.

Boss, who is hindering these bastards
at the Gendarmerie?

General Mustafa... He will hold position
until we get there.

Are we ready? Hurry up!

Don't say Civilization,
she is deaf, will never hear.

Leave no stones unturned.
Don't hesitate, crush them all.

Once, there was a child, Kemal.

He was called "the Orphan."

He killed lots of people.

Some of his kills hurt his conscience.

They will always hurt him...

Like not being able to save Asena.

Executing Boss Turgut.

But what happens to you
will not make him sad.

Neither when you're blamed
for murdering Boss Turgut,

nor when they quickly hang you.