Wolf (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Mahserin Ayak Sesleri - full transcript

In the spring of 2016, Kemal will increase tension in the team with a secret task he has taken. The things that the legendary commander Osman Alan knows are the information that can solve ...





Without shouting what I heard

Without embracing more

From night to daylight

I rush from duty to post

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays

Burning inside

There is no cure, one cannot be found

From secret and shadow

It walks, my wound is hidden

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays




This is the only solution.

-To die.
-To become a martyr.

Think you can manage it?

They'll consider your murder
unsolved for a long time.

I am sure of that.

What if they prove you were in my house?


I will be taken into custody
as Osman Alan’s murder suspect.

That is not a good idea, young man.

Blood must gush out from my forehead.

Forensics will analyze
the calcium levels in the blood,

and declare that the killer
shot me in the head.

And I, acting amateurish, had to run away

without cleaning the brain parts
and blood stains.


Did you make the plan?

The idea came from Boss İrfan, General.
I only come up with the details.

Well done.

If it were ten years ago, I'd like to
have seen you in the Special Forces.

Maybe in another life, Commander.

Tell your friends that I will be ready
in five minutes.

Don't forget to use a silencer.
It will come out in the gas analysis.

Trash the place a little.

Osman Alan wouldn't die
without fighting back.

No one is here, it's quiet.

Turan isn't here, that's why.

Chief, where are Turan and the others?

Turan must attend a custody hearing
early tomorrow. They are on leave.

And Kaya?

He has a family issue.

Tan, focus. Don't get distracted.

Stop blabbering.

You let all three of them go?

How could they know there was
going to be an operation tonight?


I'm going to ask you something, brother.

What the hell are we doing here?

Weren't we supposed to prepare
for tomorrow's hearing?

No, no. That was a lie.

They're never going to grant custody
to me. This is a ruse.

So you trust me so little?

Is the back street clean?


What? Are you giving me an attitude?

Wasn’t the team our second family?

-Does family lie to each other?

-All the time.

You need to trash inside.

Kaya, go take another look.
We need to be sure.

And then?


You see?

Even my friend of 20 years
is telling me jack shit.

Everybody is a rookie of someone.

The truck is still loaded.

The rifles are here.

We do not understand this, either.

Local patrols found it like this.

We must have caught them in the act.

But the truck disappeared five days ago.

They should have taken
everything inside by now.

This is the first time in my life that
I've seen an attack on MKEK equipment.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Asena, we are going in
at the slightest movement.

-Is everyone ready?
-We need a minute.

-Barbaros, what is your situation?
-The rear is clear.

We have surrounded the area.

I am in position.
There is nothing in sight.

Maintain your position.
Continue watching the first element.

Copy that.

I can do it for you, if you wish.

There is no need.

I can do it myself.

How much time do we have left?

Not much. They're trapped.

They'll make their move
within six months.

-But what will their move be?
-I'm not sure.

We shall see.

Don't forget.

You will shoot three times.
Close to the head.

The angle must be right.
They'll find three bullet casings.

Let them say two to the heart,
one to the head.

Commander, I have a question.

-We do not have any time left.
-Why did you trust me?

Why am I trusting you...

A guy with a gun pointed to my head,
a guy I'm meeting for the first time?

During my lifetime, I have buried many
under my command,

draping them in Turkish flags, Kemal.

I have died over and over at each funeral.

I have watched my soldiers
losing their limbs.

A part of my soul ripped each time
one lost a leg or an arm.

I became blind as my sons lost their eyes.

We shielded this country.

We died and died then resurrected.

We never objected, we took it all.
Our only words: “Long live the nation.”

But these pure
Anatolian sons and daughters

did not become martyrs
for the treacheries we suffer today.

Are you saying they died for nothing?

One day, a plane will land,

and that loudmouth cleric clown
smelling maqluba,

will be hailed
as the new owner of the state.

And we'll keep our silence...
uttering only “Long live the nation”?

The nation would die!

I will never let this happen!

I don't trust you, no.

But I’ve killed
all my existential fears...

Men like me, men like İrfan,
we are already alone.

For us, only the nation is left.

Only our nation.


-Brother, what are you doing?
-Kaya, calm down, son.

Who is this?

Someone who shouldn't be inside.

You nosy bastard, come here! Meanwhile...

General, by the way,
I am your biggest fan.

Come here, son.

Brother, please lower the gun.

Team 2, quietly follow us.

Roger that.


They are under heavy fire.

Go support them!
I am going to get to behind them.

Brother Kemal!
Brother, please. This is Osman Alan!

We know, Kaya.

I like this boy. He has a sense of duty.

We are like this, General.
We keep our counsel in, it gets heavy...

-Take your hand off your gun, son.

Don't worry.

Shoot, my son. Shoot!

Brother Kemal... Brother Kemal!

Brother Kemal!

Everyone to the fire support.
We're going in.

Barbaros, is there anyone
from our team near the back exit? Be sure.

No, I'm certain.


Go, go, go!

Out now! Bomb!


Come on, pack up.

Trash it a little, we should leave ASAP.


Check for Tan.

Tan, we're here. Brother, we are here.

Tan, can you hear me?

Can you hear?

We are going to get you out.
They are coming soon, we'll get you out.

Brother... Tan is badly wounded!
Do you copy?

-Barbaros, don't!

Where is Tan?


Hilmi, call an ambulance immediately.
Everyone from TEM, follow me!


Don't answer...

Sir, if it weren't important,
they wouldn't call.

Don't answer. We cannot risk tonight.

Are you going to explain to us
what you are planning?


Stay away from computers and telephones.

The fault lines will begin to crack soon.

They will release İrfan.

Why should they set Boss İrfan free?

When they finally move, they'll
want the troublemakers out in the open.

-They are an easy target.
-What's the move?

I am not sure. They tried everything.

This country has lived through
a decade of lies.

They don’t have many options left.
They will attack openly.

Attack whom?

Whom, you ask?

The real State, us!

Gentlemen, from now on,
there is no peace or sleep for us.

How many?

One critically wounded, Tan Altay.

How did this happen, Boss Turgut?
Stolen equipment, ambush, casualty.

Mr. Undersecretary, this is
not something that we usually encounter.

Neither we, nor Intelligence, could
imagine something like this happening.

Boss. I mean no disrespect to you or TEM.

Not knowing is not an excuse.

They insisted for me to state that,
especially now,

we don’t have
the luxury of making mistakes.

We're going to fix this.

Send the suspect to Ankara on Monday.

I'm sorry?

Why do you think I am here?
You have caused quite a stir.

Mr. Undersecretary,
that man is the only suspect we have.

All other enemy elements escaped.
We must interrogate him.

We will... But it will be us who does it.

We don’t even know
which country he is from.

He has Turkish blood on his hands.
His citizenship doesn’t matter.

These are my instructions.

Don’t worry. We will look into it.

Send him to Ankara on Monday.


Thank you for coming.

Boss, I...

They are going to
deport the man to save him.

-Who do you think? The rats.

Is it on the news?

Does anybody talk about well-trained men
who laid an ambush, with heavy guns?

They cannot put that on the news.

-It's missing in the internal report.

Here, take it and look.

They have placed it on record
as a chemical explosion.

We cannot see what is in front of us
with all these lies.

Where is Behçet?

The family is not allowed in yet.

His left side is completely burned,
first degree.

There is a risk of infection.

OK, Barbaros, OK.
I don’t want to hear more.

Chief, everyone is waiting for you.

I am coming.

Nurse, I am the first one to be called
when he wakes up.

Of course, Chief Inspector.

Let's go.

How are you?

I would be dead if it weren't for you.

He is better than I.

Better than I, as well.

If I didn't catch him off guard,
he would have killed us both.

Who the hell is that guy?

His equipment, his uniform?
That night vision?

-He's not from around here.
-What is going on, Barbaros?

Come on, Asena, let's go.

Where are you?

There were some problems
in the hearing before Turan's.

We're still at court.

-Haven't you heard?
-We just did. Chief...

-Tell me.
-Boss Turgut told me to let you know.

I have watched the film, too.

-Terminator 2.
-Ömer, stop!

Chief, what happened?

You proceed,
we'll meet at the headquarters.

No one will go
near the suspect without me.

We're moving on. Over.

Are you aware of what you just told me?

-He is by my side.
-Where are you now?

Stay there.

He ordered us, he said no one enters!

I heard nothing.

Asena, don't do it.
You're going to get in trouble.

I don't care.

Asena, not this time.

-Stay out of my way.
-I tried, Tolga. She's not listening.

Asena, please. This is not a thing
to handle with anger.

-I'm calm.
-He is not even talking now.

Break his skull, and he'll talk.

-Oh, right, you're so calm!
-Move aside!

He will not move aside,
and you will not enter!

Even if my best friend, your father...

were alive
and he asked to go inside, he could not.

-Do you understand me?

You're not the vengeful
Empress Tomyris of this unit!

Get a hold of yourself, right now!

-Boss, can I give it a go?
-No one except me is going in.

Not even you. End of discussion.

What are you doing, you bastard?

What are you doing
without letting me know, Kemal?

You running an operation on your own?

Calm down, Chief.
There may be people in here.

Whose orders were you following?
Who told you to do this?

Boss İrfan, Boss Turgut...

General Osman, all of them!

They had their reasons, Chief.
It is not that they don’t trust you.

I should get my scolding as well.

Did you involve him, as well?

I had to, Chief.

-Kaya is also in the car.

Who is it?

My father, Commander.
He thinks I'm on leave.

You should answer it, son.

No, Commander, I will call him later.

Why did you join the Special Operations?

My story is a bit sad, Commander.

Whose isn't? Tell me...

You are right.

I mean, I asked this question to myself
various times, too.

I always come back to the same moment.

We... when I was a little boy,
when I was a kid,

we had a summer house in Çınarcık.

Çınarcık is a beautiful place.

My father built us a swing
in the garden in back of our house,

thinking my sister İpek would love it.

I couldn't say no to her.

When she was swinging,
I always swung her faster.

One day, I swung her too fast,
and the chains broke.

She fell to the ground.

-Did something happen to her?
-No, Commander.

Nothing important happened,
but she was afraid, she started crying.

My mother and father came out, running.

I thought my father would skin me alive.

I thought he would be very angry,
I was very afraid.

He turned to me and said:

"You are the only one who will protect
your sister in this life.

When we are gone,
you'll protect her, look after her."

I promised.

I couldn't keep that promise
to my father, Commander.

I couldn't save my sister.
I couldn't look after her.

She was killed in the coastal attack
four years ago.

My father did not even get angry with me.

He wasn't angry, not once. Me...

I... got angry...

did something...

It's fine.

Now, you are here.

You are here to let others keep their own
promises, this is the important thing.

-Yes, sir.
-My condolences.

I heard about the attack in prison.
I was devastated.

Call your father when you can, son.

Fathers should not be kept uninformed.

Bastards, he is a young officer.

Don’t you know how dangerous it is
to get involved in a mess like this?

Chief, we are all in this mess together.

Not only you and me, the entire country.

Kaya is a small enough fish not to
attract attention. They won't see him.

This is why you used the boy.

Using him like a hammer to hit a nail.
Ain't that so, Kemal?


The General is summoning you, Chief.

I am going to speak
with all three of you later.

Ömer's Dragon is waiting outside.

Go as if nothing happened,
go directly to the headquarters.

Do not say anything,
anything to anyone, including the team.

Finally, we meet.

-General, my apologies.
-Don't get angry at anyone.

There was no other way. The enemy knows.

-Knows what?

Your countless visits to İrfan...

The portrait of Atatürk.

They even know you will come to me.

But that is impossible.

It is impossible for them to know.

They eliminated men
much smarter than you are.

Why is it impossible?

How do you know all this, General?

Yes, they were able to
infiltrate the government.

But they did not anticipate that

we could do the same to them.


Do we have men among them?

Of course.

There are other WOLF's like you.

Anonymous, devoted,
heroes that no one will ever know.

We are near the end.

We are going to topple their pyramid
on their heads soon.

In other words, whatever evidence
we found out,

they want us to send it to Ankara,
to the Intelligence Department Director.

Baran, I am aware of the procedure,

but I need more time.
This is more than ordinary evidence.

We cannot get to Barbaros.

He was injured in the attack.
He is resting now.

Obviously, he's the only one who knows
what evidence was found where...

When he wakes up, he will
submit the evidence along with the man.

Roger that, Boss.
Have a good night's sleep, Barbaros.

-Thanks, brother.
-If I may, Boss.


Why the hell are intelligence guys
panicked? Who is this man?

Drop it, don’t go there.

Tell me about the device.

At first glance, it looks like a...

ballistic helmet and night vision goggles,
but there is more to it.

It's transmitting the operator's visual
and audio feeds

to another location as encrypted data.

But there is even more.

The night vision goggles they are using...

They are 6th generation.

Can you hack the encryption?

It is not possible to do that
within a day, Boss.

-Do you know its country of origin?
-No idea.

It's the first time I've ever seen
something like this.

This shit is more expensive
than a sports car.

Keep on working, but keep a low profile.


I have an idea.

...there is great commotion around
retired Lt. General Osman Alan's house,

who was jailed pending trial,
and then acquitted last year, Nazlı.

Police Units surrounding the house
have not yet explained the reason,

but Istanbul Forensic Department
vehicles are...

Before I tell you the truth,
I need to say this.

We are alone in this.

Everyone is telling me
the same thing, sir.

"Don't delve too deep, Behçet!"

If I cared about that,
I wouldn’t be here now.

The key is the murder of Kenan Tümer.

You are aware of the truth, as well?

This is the nature of things, Behçet.

If a man cannot be stained,
they soak him in blood.

About 20 years ago,

KOM was after a group of smugglers.

Turgut was leading TEM in those years.

Kenan was rising up to become
the department head of KOM.

One day, news came.
There appeared to be a confessor.

He mentioned bizarre things about
a group trying to infiltrate the state.

You should have seen it,
an Oscar winning performance.

They cry well.

He claimed that he had various
classified documents in his possession.

Kenan and I didn't believe him, of course.
They were all lies.

It was the result of a plan that had been
designed down to the tiniest details.

I want you to understand this.

These bastards are traitors,

but they are not stupid.

-Even in the 90's?
-What 90's, Behçet?

In order to rise this much now,
they had to begin in the 1970's.

Yes, in order to cover up their own leak,

they put all honorable men on their list.

They protected the foxes and sacrificed
the guard hounds of the village.

They kept some of the false documents
for post 2006.

However, Kenan was a brave man.
He never gave up.

Of course, the wheels began spinning.
They started spewing their lies.

Fake newspapers, pawn journalists,

fake prosecutors... all surrounded
the country like an octopus.

They declared men devoted most to this
republic, as the greatest public enemies.

Boss Turgut said no.
He wants to interrogate him himself.

The head of the Intelligence Department
is coming here. He is in Istanbul.

Tolga, look. They're panicking.
They'll try to interfere.

So, the man inside knows something.

Help us.

You're going to burn me, as well.

We should burn, Tolga.
If it is necessary, we should all burn.

It is now or never!

Do not let anybody in or out.
We are here until morning.

Yes, sir.

Nobody goes in or out. Come here!

-You go on.
-My friend, I'm talking to you.

My friend.
Don’t you realize where you are?

Calm down. Don't make a scene.

Do you know who just passed by you?

He came from Ankara. He is the head
of the Intelligence Department.

No shit?

You know who I am?

I am the in-game score leader
of Euro Truck simulation online.

Then again, because of the alimony,
I sold my computer and my three monitors.

What are you talking about?

I'm saying this ain't your turf.
You're in the WOLF lair. Be careful.

Do not escalate the situation.
Let's talk like human beings.

-Who is that guy walking away?

Another rookie.
He hasn’t finished his first year yet.

-If you are going to ask anything, ask me.
-What do you have inside the bag?

Are you fucking kidding me? We just
got done in the gym. We're going home.

Open it.

My God.

Look deep, deeper. There is dirty laundry
at the bottom. Don't give up.

Come with us. All cops are
supposed to stay put at HQ.

Come on, don’t push it!
You, as well. Come inside.


Let's go this way, Mr. Ramazan.
You arrived very quickly from Ankara.

If I am not mistaken,
your office is in Ankara as well, Turgut.

What happened?
Did you transfer to Special Operations?

The order given to me
is to deliver the suspect on Monday.

And the order given to me
is to get the suspect personally.

-That is not going to happen.

You know perfectly well what I mean.

You are in over your head, Turgut.

-Europe, the United States, Russia...
-This is Turkey.

In case you have forgotten.

We have not become a colony yet.

We are on the same level.
I cannot give you orders, Turgut.

Don't force me to call Gölbaşı.

The head of the Special Operations
Department is aware of my actions.

He agrees.

In that case,
I'll call the Director General.

Call him.

Maybe he'll agree with you. Who knows?

But maybe, he will be angry at you

for protecting infiltrators
killing Turkish citizens.

Seven hours left until midnight.
Then it will be Monday, you know.

Be our guest during that time, then.

Drink our tea.

Don't worry.

They’ll get relaxed for awhile when
they see the traces we left behind.

The prospect of me being murdered
is a source of joy to them.

They will not realize the truth
for a few weeks.

And then?

We shall see.

This shadow war is not lost yet, Behçet.

Not as long as there are still people in
the government following the truth.

In the Agency.

In the Special Forces, in TEM.

Do not be pessimistic.

I do not know who to trust, General.

If İrfan is released soon...

then know that the Apocalypse is near.

He is inside for three years.
Why should he be released now?

Their strength is diminishing.

They feel like they are cornered.

What does an animal do if it is cornered?

It becomes rabid, furious.

This is why we have to
always stay vigilant.

Calm down.

They are our men.

-Is the house ready?
-Yes, Commander, the house is ready.

-Did you sweep it?
-Yes, General, there are no bugs.

A short-term guest
is the best guest, Behçet.

Let me enjoy being dead for awhile.

It was an honor to meet you, General.

Let's hope we do not meet again.

Something tells me that we will.

You asked me who you can trust, remember?

Trust yourself first.
Then the ones under your command.

Trust the truth.
But above else, trust your nation.

We joined the Army Special Forces,
the Police Special Operations, for them.

Didn’t we become volunteers
for their sake?

-We did, General.



Yes, nurse, I'm listening.

OK. I'll be right there.

-Stop there, to the right.
-Here? But we haven’t arrived yet.

I know, I'll walk.
There is a metro station, do you see it?

OK, stop here.

-How much?


OK, stop.
Here, keep the change. Thank you.

Translate that.

Make way! Make way!

We call it a Schmiss.

We can talk in German as well,
if you'd like.

Its meaning comes from the reputation.

Those who have the marks of war
were respected.

I wanted to leave one here.

But a corpse would have made you sad.

It would have been a shame.

A beautiful woman.

-Come here, come!
-What is going on?

-Sir, the plaza is about to be closed.
-I'll only be a minute.

Please put the bag on the X-ray.

Do you have any other metals on you?

Officer, you cannot enter the building
with weapons when you are not in uniform.

Turkish police are always on duty.
Even when in civilian clothing.

Management wants everyone to leave
their weapon without any exception.

If you do not have a search warrant,
I need to take your weapon.


-What's your name?
-Ege, sir.

We are putting it in a safe. You can
have it back when you leave.

Where can I find Emrah Küllü?

-We can call him if you'd like.
-No, I need to talk face to face.

This way, please.


That weapon is entrusted to you now.

-My name is Kemal.
-Hello, Kemal.

It is a good name.

Means competence, perfection.


But my father did not name me
because of those meanings.

I am called Kemal after a great man
who had this name...

I guessed as much.

This is a name that gives
peace to some. Trust to some.

And fear to others.

Like to a cowardly puppet master
who is hiding in a manor

very far away in somebody else's country.

That puppet master is afraid of this name,
he shakes when he hears the name.

If he could,
he would erase this name from history.

Burn it. Drown it in mud.

He raises people like you
because of this fear.

Not to be devoted to their country,
but just to him. His cult.

Now you're wondering...

"How did he guess this?"

Why should any other country
target Turkish military equipment?

Why cause conflict?

It's simple, really.

To sow confusion. To create distraction.

To keep the news busy
while the master plan proceeds.

You love your job, right?

How could you not?
The excitement, all these mind games...

Being untouchable.
You are in love with your profession.

This is exactly why...

I am going to take it from you.

-What is he talking about?
-I don't know.

-I don't understand, really!

Why does everyone assume
that I understand Kemal?

I don't know.

I don't want to get myself into trouble.

He guessed you would say that.

Who said that? Barbaros?

Talk to him yourself.

-Hey, man, what's up? Everything OK?

If by "OK" you mean ruining my night,
yeah, OK. Everything is just great.

Emrah, things are a little bit
complicated here. We need help.

Barbaros, I cannot reverse-engineer things
in a corporate office.

I need to fly to Ankara.

I need my team in the factory.
I need my material.

-Then go.

Emrah, who introduced you to your wife?

Who helped get you into
the military optics business?

Whose father tutored you until daybreak?

What am I going to say when
they ask where I found it?

Have you never lied before? Just make
up something. But take it away.

-I need to hang up now.

You need to take me to Atatürk Airport.
Do you have a car?

We’ll find one.

You need to buy my ticket, as well.

Seriously, where is Behçet Orbay?

After all these incidents,

we would have wished to see him on duty.

Chief is resting after the firefight.
He doesn’t handle the boring desk jobs.

God willing, we will eliminate
words like "chief" and "boss"

from our security forces soon.

I assume you are not going to eliminate
the word "hodja"?

-Sergeant Çepni.

You were the one who caught the suspect.
Where is he now?

I don’t know, sir. I've been resting.

We all had a tough day.
We are all in shock.

Anyway, everything is a blur.

I don’t understand
how you play these games.

Soon, you will answer for this
to the highest level of bureaucracy.

Sir, would you like some more tea
or a Turkish coffee without sugar?

The human hand has 27 different bones.

It is a very magnificent mechanism.

But, just as sensitive.

Especially for an operator.

Aiming, coordinating.


Is he bluffing?

-It doesn’t matter.
-I beg your pardon?

How does it make a difference, Asena?

What do you think is happening here?

You reported me in 2012.
What happened? What was the result?

-Don't open that subject.
-What happened?

The ones I did not shoot in the head
were received with parades.

Then they returned to kill more
soldiers and cops.

Shall I also defile their memory?

Shall I show compassion to those
who killed Uygur, Mert, Murat?

Blood of many a young officer is
on this cunt's hands. He put Tan in coma--

-OK, enough!
-Not enough!

There is both great good
and great evil inside of me, Asena.

I cannot control it.

I am an idiot. I make mistakes.
That is another subject.

However, I do not have any regrets
for not being merciful.

Not two years, but 20 years of
suspension... It matters not a bit.

If Kemal kills that bastard in there,
I couldn't care less.

Trust me, I don't care.

I have seen hell. I know what hell is.

I have nothing.

My family is broken. All my money is gone.

My friends are dying.

We are losing our country.

There is only rage left inside.

If the cost is burning because
I am resenting my enemies,

I will burn, gladly.

This is not the era for the soft.

Maybe our grandchildren will see it.
I hope they do.

However, today, in this country,

it is all or nothing.

-What is going on here, Turgut?
-Tolga, go and take a look. Sit down.

Kemal! Kemal, are you OK?

Kemal, are you OK? Open up!

Open up, Kemal!

Open the door, Kemal!


He loses consciousness from time to time.

Thank you, Zeynep.

Go get some rest.

I am staying for tonight.

Chief, I'm fine like this.

Come on.

Come on, don't worry.

I will be here all night.

Was that Zeynep?


-She held my hand.

Two slightly injured.

You are the worst.

Fortunately, no martyrs.

At least you're alive, son.

You were right in the middle
of the explosion.

Thank God you're still with us.

They're trying to
put us in coffins, Behçet.

They are.

But we had no fear.

We fought.


What if they retire me as
a disabled veteran?

I'd lose my sanity.

Talk about good things.
Think about good things.

Gather your strength.

Is there any good left?

My leg is burnt.

-What if they send me away?
-I won't let them.

I'll retire with you if necessary.

Don't bullshit me, sir.

Tan, what's important
is not who we are against,

but who we have beside us.

We are with you.

Now and forever, we will be with you.

Just as we said before,
everything is in the bag.

We'll meet again if you ever
come to Ankara, Kaya.


-Call me if anything happens, be careful.
-Yeah, we'll talk.


I had no other option, Boss.

I’m not making any comments,
I’m just thinking out loud.

In order to prevent suspension,
prepare a report immediately.

What should I mention in the report?

The truth.
That is the only antidote against them.

He wounded our brothers in arms.
And I broke his hands.

-I should write this down.


He emphasized that
"this is your last summer."


When he was at his angriest, when he was
full of hatred. He couldn't be lying.

These bastards are planning something.

Boss, Kemal, come here.
You have to see the news.

Cengiz, come on guys.

What happened?

The things happening today
cannot be ignored.

Don’t fear. Don’t forget.

But most importantly, don’t forgive.

Everyone guilty will feel our retribution.

Maybe I am out today, my friends.

But I will never betray
the real children of this nation

who have suffered
and despaired for years,

who were subject to malicious prosecution,

losing their health,
taking their own lives for their dignity.

My words are for those dishonest,

vile ones who had done,
supported and planned this.

Until they get
the punishment they deserve...

Until they answer to the honorable,
just and fair judges and prosecutors

authorized to give justice
by the Turkish nation.

Let me finish my words by saying...

May God's peace come upon
our deceased and health upon our ailing.

Long live the Turkish nation!

Oh, yeah!

You go, Boss! Great!

Did you watch the news?

What about the other matter?

I left my gun with the plaza’s security.
I'm getting it and coming back there.

OK, I'm coming. OK.