Who Pays the Ferryman? (1977): Season 1, Episode 7 - A River to Cross - full transcript

Alan receives a written threat, and shows it to the Major. Babis prepares the legal documents for Alan and Nikos' partnership; they all celebrate with a party at Annika's house, but the day ends with a terrible accident.

Hey, Alexis.


But to kill the Englishman, you are
asking much of me, Kyria Matakis.

The last resort. We agreed that.

Now you don't have the stomach for it,
Matheos Noukakis. Is that it?

I will be risking much.

Did he not rob you of any chance
of marrying my daughter Annika?

And now he is her lover.
Do you not hate him enough?

Perhaps not as much
as you do, Kyria.

And for a reason
which you will not tell me?

Anyway, I have already done much to
hurt him, to try to drive him from Crete.

For me? Only as part of my vendetta?
For us both, I thought.

- For us both.
- And without success.

Yes, but what you are asking now...

Has to be. And whatever the risks,
you have much to gain from it.

My son's inheritance.
Have I not promised you that?

You have and I'm grateful, but...


That is in the future, Kyria Matakis.

And forgive me, who knows what
the future may truly hold for any of us?

You doubt my word?

No, believe me, but we both know
that what is said today

can be lost in the shadows
of tomorrow.

Without intent.
I do not suggest that, of course.

But through forgetfulness,
chance, other events.

A change of heart. Who can say?

What is it that you want?

Some protection. Some guarantee.

And perhaps some more
immediate advantage.

And this guarantee...
What form would you have it in?

A letter.

A letter in which
you acknowledge

that what you ask and what I do,
I will do for both of us.

A letter for you to hold against me
for as long as I live?

Against you, Kyria?
What reason would I have?

As you said, I have your word.

Insurance against the unknown.
A pact.

A statement of mutual interest
and in writing.

That's all I ask. Is it too much?

And the more immediate advantage
you spoke of?

Well, it is my belief, Kyria,

the Matakis Brickworks are not being
managed as well as they should be.

And that you could serve me better
as manager than the man I now employ?

I'm confident of that.
To your advantage and greater profit.

Very well. I will arrange that.

Once the Englishman is dead.

Of course. That is understood.

- Are you pleased?
- Very. More than just pleased.

The Knot is afloat again
and tied as firmly as it was before.

Yes, but it's not just that
that ties me to Crete.

I think you knew that all the time really.
Almost since the first day I came back.

Yes, I know that.
Even before you knew it, I think.

At least before you would admit it.

There are reasons, Annika.
There still are.

Yes, I know. And I believe that one day
you will tell me about those reasons.

But not tonight. Tonight we celebrate.
And tomorrow...

And tomorrow we'll take The Knot
to sea again. Just you, me and Alexis.

I promised the boy. You don't mind?

Of course not.
He will enjoy it and boast of it.

He is so proud that he is a friend
of the famous Leandros.

Sometimes I wish he'd just settle
for plain Alan Haldane as his friend.

- He's a good lad.
- Yes, he is.

A great credit to his parents.

Have you asked Nikos and Elena,
by the way?

What is it that Leandros
has to ask us?

I'm sorry.
I should have asked you before.

I'm taking the boat to sea tomorrow
and I promised Alexis he could come.

Is it permitted?

It is permitted.
Would he forgive me if I said "no"?

- Only after he's been to church with us.
- Of course.

And now, Odysseus...

you and the beautiful Penelope
will drink with me.

you do us honour, but no.

Tonight is my night and it's my present
to you all, so you drink with me.

My friend, so many thirsty people.
It is too much.

No, no, no, it's not enough.
Not after all you have done for me, no.

Without the help of my friends,

my caïque would never
have been rebuilt.

You are one of those,
so you drink with me.

Odysseus, my brother, I love you!

Listen, with such a fine boat, if ever
you should need a few extra drachmas...

Who is there among us who does not
have that need from time to time?

Well, then, there is this man I know.

An honest thief.
He deals in antiquities.

You understand?

For a trip to Turkey or the Lebanon

with one or two, believe me,
unimportant trinkets, he pays well.

I know and I could introduce you.

Thank you very much, Heracles.
I'll bear that in mind.


To you. To you, beautiful Penelope.

And to that fine caïque
which, to be honest,

I once hope to steal from you.

Tell me, do the police
yet know who it was

who set fire to your boat?

No, not yet.
Not for certain anyway.

Tell Alexis that if he catches a fish
over one kilo, I'll give him 50 drachmas.


- Endaxi, Alexis?
- Endaxi.

You have a great affection for Alexis.

Yes, he's a good lad.
We agreed about that yesterday.


It goes deeper than that,

your feelings for him.

- Do you think so?
- Yes, I think so.

It is as if...
as if he were of your own flesh.

Yours are perhaps the feelings of a man
who had no children of his own.

But I have. I had a child, a boy.

But he died when he was two months
old. I don't think that really counts.

That's something I didn't know,
something you have never talked about.

There's not much to talk about,
is there?

Two months, eight weeks,
just so many days.

It's not a very eventful life,
it's not full of memories.

And my wife couldn't have any more.

You've got two children.
We haven't talked much about them.

They're hardly children.

- They're studying in France?
- At the Sorbonne, yes.

Both very clever,
both very sophisticated.


They might even approve
or at least understand our relationship.

The way we feel about each other.

About how we love one another?

Is that what you mean? Love?

Use the word, Leandros.

It's not one of which
to be afraid or to be ashamed of.

Yes, they would understand.

- Would they approve?
- Of you?

Yes, I'm sure about that.

Of us?


Although they may also be
a little concerned.

What about?

What about?

That I might be hurt by it.

It's strange.

We have become so very close
and yet we are still strangers.

There must be so much
we still do not know about each other.

Things of the past.


It's time we had a swim.
I'll give you a race.

A race?

- Tell Alexis to start us.
- Alexis!

Ena, dio, tria...

It's nice.

- Drink?
- Yes, and something to eat. I'm hungry.

- Yes, so am I. It's all that...
- Yes, I know. It's all that sea air.

Nikos! Elena!

Where have you been, Leandros?

- I've been on the boat. Why?
- We've all been looking for you.

- You must telephone Babis.
- What's wrong?

- Nothing's wrong.
- What is it?

The taverna is not going to be sold.

Nikos has decided. He's in favour
of a partnership with you.

That's wonderful. That is marvellous!
Hey, how do you know?

- Nikos told me.
- Why didn't he tell me?

He wanted to talk to me first,

but he needed persuading,
so we came here.

But no Leandros. He and Elena have
gone to Heraklion to talk to Babis.

They asked me to tell you.

This partnership, you want it
very much, don't you?

Why, Leandros?

It's a good business proposition,
a good investment.

And it will put an end to all the trouble
between Elena and Nikos?

- That, too.
- Elena's happiness is important to you?

Yes, her happiness
is important to me.

As your happiness
is very important to me.

So let's all be happy!

you must speak to Babis!

Nikos and Elena should be
with him by now.

Good. Complete agreement then
between both parties.

And since I represent both parties
and with equal concern,

it not only proves I'm a brilliant lawyer,
but also makes my job much easier!

And your fee?

That will be none the less
because of that.

I was prepared to haggle
for both parties.

- Yes. Against yourself?
- On your behalf.

- And on ours?
- Naturally. Am I not a fair man?

I was prepared to listen to reason
and what better reason than my own?

So the result would've
been the same,

only the business would've
taken longer.

Babis, you ought to go back
into politics.

It's such a lovely idea, having opposition
and government all in one man.

No. No, reason has little part
to play in politics. I know.

In that world, self-interest rules.

With expediency as her consort.

But I get serious. Forgive me.

To the new partnership,
Haldane and Vassilakis.

Or as your representative,
to Vassilakis and Haldane.

Either way, the partnership!

- The partnership!
- The partnership!

How long before it's official?
When are the documents ready?

- Some formalities. A few days only.
- Then we sign?

That must be a very special occasion.

Can you complete the documents
by Sunday?

- That I can guarantee.
- Excellent.

Next Sunday,
you will all come to my house.

The agreement can be signed there.

And then we can eat a little, drink
a little and enjoy each other's company.

- Are you sure? It's a lot of trouble.
- What trouble? I insist.

Nikos, you and Elena can get away
for a while, can you not? With Alexis.

- Of course.
- Bravo, it's settled!

- Thank you.
- Yes. One thing.

What are you going to call this new
partnership? Have you thought about it?

- I haven't. It never occurred to me.
- Nikos and I have.

Doesn't the taverna
have a name already?

No, not a name.

It is just known
as the Taverna Vassilakis.

But now it should have a name,
a real one, written up outside...

If you are not against it, Leandros,
we'd like to name it after my mother.

- The Taverna Melina.
- You object, Leandros?

No, it's a beautiful name.

So let's drink to the Taverna Melina.

To the Taverna Melina!



I didn't feel like sleeping.

Now this partnership has been agreed,
there's a lot of work to do.

It cannot wait?

- I love you.
- Bravo!

And I love you.

And every second of the time
we spend together is like a jewel to me.

Because I am not often enough
with you, Leandros.

I woke, you weren't beside me.
I felt robbed.

The hours are slipping by.

And in a little while
I must return to my home.

Do you have to go?

It's Monday, a working day.
I must be at the refinery.

I have a business to run.

When am I going to see you again?

I'm not sure, my love.

On Tuesday,
I must go to Chania for meetings.

I have to be there
for two or three days.

And you, too,
have many things to do.

So perhaps, sadly, we will not be
together again until next Sunday.

But then for certain.

I'll miss you.

And I will miss you.

Even more, I think.


come back to bed.

'My darling, it is time for me to go
and you are sleeping

'and there is nothing to say
except "adio".

'Know that your joy
in what is there now

'between you and Elena and Nikos
is also my joy.

'May the future treat you well
as you deserve.

'And may it also be a future
in which there is a place,

'however small and however fleetingly,

'for someone who loves you
as much as I do. Annika.'

'Perhaps it is better
to lose something precious

'than never to have possessed it.'

So, Katerina, you now own
the property you wanted in Anogia.

And Stelios Prevelakis is content.

As he should be at such a price.

A fair one and almost half
that which he asked.

You will take another glass of raki?

No, thank you. I must get back to
Heraklion. I have a great deal of work.

I am grateful to you for coming,

to humour an old woman
who doesn't like travelling.

No, to see a friend, a valued friend.
Adio, Katerina.

And my daughter?
You have seen her recently?


- How is she?
- In good health.

She doesn't visit me any more.
Did you know that?

Yes, and I'm sorry.
If there is anything that I can do...

No, there is nothing you can do.

It is her choice.

Tell me, is it true what I have heard,
that Elena and Nikos have agreed

to take the Englishman
you call "brother" as a partner?

- Yes.
- On your advice?

Yes, Leandros is a good man.

The bargain is made,
the terms settled?

Yes, I am preparing the agreement

and it will be signed on Sunday
at Annika's house.

Be there, Katerina.

I'll come and drive you myself
if you wish it.

Meet Leandros and heal the wound
between you and Annika.

Nothing would please her more.
I know. She loves you.

Perhaps, but not enough,
so it would be a wasted journey.

And as I said, I don't like travelling.

Adio, Babis.

- Adio.
- One more thing.

I am going to make Matheos Noukakis
manager of my brickworks.

Do you approve?

If you believe a change is necessary,
I would say you have chosen well.

He's a good businessman.
When does he take up his position?

Very soon, I think.



- You are well?
- Hello, Major. Yes, I am well.

I am also a little richer.
I thought you ought to see this.

And, er...these came with it.

"For Charon."

Do you know who Charon is?

- I know who he was.
- And remains for some, for many even.

The ferryman.

On the river
which all souls must cross

to enter the Underworld
and the Elysian Fields beyond.

And for that service,
Charon demands a fee.

The ferryman must be paid.

Someone wishes you dead, Leandros.

- Yia sas.
- Kalimera, Leandros.

- Kalimera.
- Kalimera.

Kalimera. What's the matter, Nikos?

I don't know.
The engine turns, but doesn't start.

- Get in and I'll have a look at it.
- All right.

Try it now.

No, it may be the plugs.
Leave it here and come with me.

There is no room for four in your car.
No, you go on. I'll get this started.

It is temperamental like a woman.

Like a woman, you must know
how to handle it.

To coax it.
And I'm an expert with women.

Po, po, po! Omar Sharif?

Are you sure you can get it started?

- Am I not a genius?
- Listen to the man. Now he is Einstein!

Go on ahead. We'll follow.
Tell Annika we are coming.

- All right, but it would be easier...
- Do as he says.

That he is a genius, I doubt.

That he is stubborn, I know for sure.

All right then.
I'll see you later hopefully.

Yes, he can come with me.
And Elena if she likes.

No, no, no. I stay with Einstein.
This magic he has with women...

That I want to see!

If you're not there soon,
I'll come back for you.

And we meet on the way.
I guarantee it.

Such hard work being a genius!

Come on, for heaven's sake!

Hey, Babis!

It's a great injustice,
don't you think, Babis?

That Leandros had no children.

For when the agreement is signed.

I'm impressed.
It's a very special champagne.

To complement
a very special occasion.

- I'm too old to play football.
- It's not so, Leandros.

You're still a young man.
How do you say? In your prime.

Thank you very much.
You're very kind.

Watching you playing with Alexis,
I was thinking.

If my father had lived, he would
have been about your age now.

- A few years younger.
- I forgot. You knew him.

In the Andartes.

Yes, I knew him.

He has been in my thoughts
a great deal in the past few weeks.

I don't know why.

I don't even remember him.

But I wish he were here today.

With us. With you.

His comrade of the war.
He would be pleased.

Don't you think so?
I mean, about our partnership.

Yes, Elena,
your father would be very pleased.



Nikos, Elena, Alexis, come!

Everything is ready!

And then we shall eat.

- Is it permitted?
- Yes, I'd be very honoured.

Alexis seems to like his present.

Yes, but I think Leandros spoils him.

Only Alexis?

No, such handsome gifts.

As Leandros said,
to mark the occasion.

But we gave him nothing.

- You have given him happiness.
- You'll never know how much.

This has been a beautiful day.

- One I shall never forget.
- I have also enjoyed it.


You will need an architect
for the alterations

and extensions to the taverna,

to work from the drawings
that Leandros has made.

Yes, but a Cretan one.

- Dermitzakis perhaps?
- Very good idea.

You seem to have found a family.

By adoption.

Are you content with that?

Do you have to leave
so soon, Nikos?

Yes, but only to impress you, so you
know you don't have idle partners.

Now you're making me feel
very guilty.

No, you should not worry, Leandros.
You will be kept busy enough.

But from tomorrow?
Tonight, enjoy yourself.

- Bye, Leandros.
- No, I'll walk you down to the car.

Elena was right.

It has been a beautiful day.

Goodbye, Leandros.
Until tomorrow. Or later tonight?

Tomorrow, I think.
Adio, Nikos.

- OK, adio.
- Adio, Alexis!


Adio, Elena.

What has happened today has
pleased me so much, Leandros.

And I thank you for that.

We have gained a partner,
Nikos and I,

but you are much more
than that to us, to all of us.

And you must know that.

And in my heart you have
a very, very special place.

I spoke earlier of my father,

a man I did not know
and I regret that.

Well, now I feel that at last...
I have one.

A father.

God bless you
and keep you safe, Leandros.




It's nothing, it's not important.
Some other time.

- Adio.
- Adio.

Nikos' car has broken down.

- What's wrong?
- Some electrical fault or other.

He'll send somebody up for it
in the morning.

- How are they going to get home?
- I lent them mine.

Without a car, Leandros, how are you
going to get back to Elounda tonight?

Yes, that's a problem.

Is it not?

You know, every day, as a lawyer,

I'm asked for my opinion
on matters of great importance.

And I must tell you this.

My opinion is often very costly.

So listen well, Annika and Leandros,
when I give you one for nothing.

What is this opinion
which you give so freely, Babis?

I believe that
you should get married.

That's an opinion worth any price.
Don't you agree?

More than beautiful.

A perfect day.