Who Pays the Ferryman? (1977): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Daughters of Themis - full transcript

The Major finds that Alan's car was sabotaged. Mateos flees, and Alan follows. A stroke fells Katerina, and Annika learns the family secret. Babis gathers Alan's wartime comrades, and they join with the police to track down Mateos.

Who reported the accident?

Two men who were working
in the fields. They saw it happen.

They say the car seemed
to be out of control.



It is no use, Leandros.

Do you not see that?
They are dead.

They are all dead.

Since this morning I have expected you.
Where have you been?

With my brother. And if asked,
he will say that I was with him all day.

- That might be necessary?
- A precaution.

When Haldane's boat was burnt,
it was me the police questioned.

And I lied to protect you,
as I said I would.

You, and others.
As this time will be my brother.

It is done, then?

The Englishman will not return
to Elounda alive.

- You can be sure of that.
- So?

So will you now offer me a raki?

You daughters of Themis.

Children of the goddess of justice.

You, the Fates, hear me.

It is done!

And in this,

as were the Keres,

the dogs of Hades in ancient times,

I, Katerina Matakis,

was the instrument of your will!

And now I may look forward
to your son's inheritance.

And your brickworks
have a new manager?

You have my word.

And the letter.

We must not forget the letter,
must we?

So...when do I take up
my new job?

As soon as what you say
you have done is confirmed.

Your confirmation, perhaps.

By the way, I am here to discuss
my duties as your new manager.

Remember that?

I am pleased to see you,
my daughter.

It is a long time
since you have visited me.


And now I come to you...

...bringing terrible news.

What is this news?

- There has been an accident.
- An accident? Where?

In the mountains,
not far from my house.

Leandros' car came off the road
and fell for more than 100 metres.

And the Englishman is dead?

Is that what you have come
to tell me?


Leandros was not driving.
Nikos was.


He had borrowed the car
because his own wouldn't start.

Elena and Alexis were with him.

It is they who are dead, Katerina.
All three of them were killed instantly.


Alexis...! Dead...


No, it is not so. It cannot be.

- Mother!
- No! It cannot be!

- How? How?
- Katerina!

What trick is this?
What have you done to me?


Matheos Noukakis, hear me.

I curse!


- I curse...
- Mother! Mother!

I'll get the doctor!

'Why, Leandros?
The drawing, calculations, everything.

'Why did you bring your plan
here to us?

'I spoke earlier of my father,

'a man I did not know.
And I regret that.

'Well, now I feel
that at last I have one.

'A father.

'God bless you.'

She's had a stroke.

And a very severe one, I fear. But how
severe and how much damage is done,

I cannot tell
until she regains consciousness.

And when will that be?

A few minutes from now or not for
several hours. A day, longer perhaps.

It is not possible to say.

That's if she does regain

She may not.
You must be prepared for that.

I will send you a nurse tonight.

If there is any change,
see to it that I am told.

- I will call in the morning.
- Thank you, Doctor.

Please accept my deepest sympathy
for both the tragedies today.

- Thank you.
- Have courage.

- You will stay here tonight?
- Yes, of course.

- I don't think you should be alone.
- I will not be alone.

- He is sending a nurse.
- It isn't the same thing, a stranger.

No, but it is sometimes better.

Yes, I understand. Now, listen,
I have sent a cable to Petros.

He will receive it as soon
as he arrives in San Francisco.

He will return as soon as he can.

Thank you. There is something else
that you can do for me tonight.

- Whatever I can.
- On your way home, see Leandros.

I'm worried about him.
Will you do that?

Of course.

And give him my love.

I am glad that you are here. I have just
received some very disturbing news.

Please, do sit down.

That telephone call
was from our Vehicle Section.

Their experts have examined
Leandros' car and they are in no doubt

that it was not an accident,
the brakes had been tampered with.

Clumsily, but very effectively.

My God...!

So we are faced now
with a case of murder.

But in error, I believe,

because of a twist of fate the murderer
could not possibly have foreseen.

Because his intended victim was
not driving the Fiat, as he expected,

as he normally would have been.


- Someone meant to kill Leandros?
- There can be no doubt.

It's open!

Babis, Major.

How are you, Leandros?

I'm all right, thank you, Babis.

Listen, Leandros, there's
something that you must know.

It was not an accident.

Elena, Nikos and Alexis.

- Matheos Noukakis killed them.
- But by mistake.

You were the one
he planned to murder, Leandros.

- Is that true?
- I am certain of it.

Just as I am sure that
it was he who was responsible

for the outrages committed
against you previously.

And now Matheos
has gone into hiding.

His brother, Ioannis, has also
disappeared. Together, it would seem.


A patrol found Matheos' pick-up truck
just outside Kato Asites.

Like all Cretans, in time of trouble,
they have gone to the mountains.

And they are armed.

To the mountains.

- Where would they go, Babis?
- Leandros...

They will be taken.

Be sure of that.
I will keep you informed.


It was Noukakis that
wanted to kill me.


He was jealous of you.
That you know, surely.

But the real answer has
to lie in the past, I think.

It doesn't make sense.

Perhaps not...yet.

But in a lifetime, in every act,

among the seeds we sow
is the seed of tragedy.

And tragedy is a plant
which can take many years to grow.

And even longer to blossom
and bear its bitter fruit.

Kalimera, Leandros.


There's only one thing I want now,
Babis, and you know what it is.

Get it for me!

This is my affair, I settle it!
Not the law!

That was my daughter
and my grandson that man killed.

Nikos is dead. There is no one else.
I've got the right.

Kyrie Spiridakis...tell me.

Do you know of a reason why Katerina
Matakis should hate Leandros?

- Enough to want him dead?
- No. Why?

When Matheos Noukakis' house was
searched, this was found. It's a pact.

An agreement.

And it clearly implicates
Kyria Matakis in conspiring to kill him,

of initiating the attempt.

And an accomplice to the murder of
her granddaughter and great-grandson.

My God! No wonder she was
struck down with the news.

And with Noukakis there.
It was him that she was cursing.

What are you going to do with this?
Kyria Matakis is very ill, probably dying.

In that case she will answer
elsewhere for her part in this.

And whatever god or gods
she believes in,

perhaps there
she will find some mercy.

I am afraid the damage is very bad,
Kyria Zeferis.

Your mother is completely paralysed.
She cannot move at all.

She can see and she can hear,
but she cannot speak.

And that's how it will be with her
until the end.

I understand.

And how long will she live?

A day, a week, a month.
Months, even. A year, perhaps.

There is no way one can tell.

I am sorry,
there is nothing I can do,

except make her
as comfortable as possible.

She'll need constant attention.

- You'd like the nurse to stay here?
- Yes.

- I'll arrange it and will call every day.
- Thank you, Doctor.

I only wish I could do more
to help her and to comfort you.

Thank you.

They were last seen
above the village of Vistagi.

- Have the police been told?
- Not from me.

Nor from any man
who was with the Andartes.

They will report sightings only to us.

To me.

Noukakis is not alone.
His brother, Ioannis, is with him.

He's a wild one
and they are very close.

No, Babis. By myself.

This is my affair. My vengeance.
No one else is to be involved.

Take care, Leandros.


I found these. Locked away
in a box in my mother's house.

You knew of this?


And I also knew that Leandros
had written such letters

because when he first returned
to Crete he told me so.

But your sister never received them.
Of that I was certain and I told him so.

But I couldn't explain why.

Now I know.

Your mother intercepted them.

Melina was very much
in love with him?


And he with her?

And...there are other things
that you must know, Annika.


Forgive me, but there was
no one to announce me.

I'm sorry.
My secretary has gone home.

- But you are working late.
- On private business.

- And your telephone call?
- Was in connection with that business.

I have just been to Leandros' house.
He was not there.


And I thought perhaps
you might know where he is.

No, I am sorry, Major. I don't know
where he is at this moment.

I see.

He was close to the Vassilakis family,
was he not?

- Yes.
- More than a friend, would you say?

He loved them. All of them.
That was no secret.

And their deaths will naturally
have caused him great pain.

Naturally. As it pained
all of those who knew them.

But Leandros more than others,

In particular since he knows they died
in his place, do you not think?


And knowing that
and knowing who killed them

and who it was
who would have killed him,

a man like Leandros might be
tempted to do something foolish.

Do you not think?

Something foolish?

Yes. Like seeking revenge.

Taking the law into his own hands.

Who can say? He might.

Yes, he might.

That is why I went to see him.

To advise him against taking
any such action. You understand?

I understand.


For were he to find Noukakis
and kill him in vengeance,

that would make him a murderer
and put me against him.

And I would not want that.

Tell him this, will you?

Yes, Major. I will tell him.

When next I see him.


You all know what has happened.

Ioannis Noukakis has shot and killed
Georgios Kaladis,

a good friend to all of us

and a brave and faithful comrade
when we were of the Andartes of Crete.

My brother, Leandros, is already
in the mountains seeking vengeance

for the grave wrong which
Matheos Noukakis has done.

But now,
with the murder of Georgios,

we, too, must act

or leave unpaid the debt
we all owe to his wife and family.

So Leandros is no longer alone
in his search, agreed?

I have received word
that the Noukakis brothers

have been seen close to Kalogerado,
so Leandros cannot be far behind.

Let's go.

You are not here, Major.
You have not seen us.

But I am here and I have seen you.

- Then don't try to stop us.
- I have to and I will.

For this way leads to anarchy
and anarchy leads to tyranny.

It has happened before and, sadly,
perhaps it will happen again.

But I will not contribute to that.

Stay on this course and you will
make it necessary for me to use force

to prevent you from doing this thing.

And that will give hope and comfort
to all the barbarians of this world.

That is the truth and you know it.

And you, of all people,
would not have that.

Word has it that the Noukakis brothers
are in hiding near Kalogerado.

I know. You who were the Andartes

are not alone in having
eyes and ears across Crete.

How else did I know of this gathering?
But I thank you for telling me.


We go with you?

Is it not the duty of all good citizens
to assist the police?

But under my command,
under my orders.

We go with the Major!


I should pity you, but I do not.
I should love you, but I cannot!

Leandros lies wounded in the hospital.
Dying, perhaps.

Even now they are operating on him,
trying to save him.

But no one can say for certain
that he will live,

and already six people are dead,

among them your granddaughter and
great-grandson. And you killed them!

It's true, yours wasn't the hand
who took their lives,

but you killed them, none the less!

And why?

Because of your hatred and bigotry.

Because of your own guilt.

Born out of the festering sore

which you have nursed
for more than 30 years!

No other reason!

Leandros did not dishonour
my sister, Melina. You did!

By withholding those letters from her.

And you did that
not out of your love for her,

but out of your hatred of the foreigner
to whom she had given herself.

Out of your hatred
of all foreigners!

You were the cause of so much
misery and unhappiness then

and in the years which followed,
and you knew that and felt guilty!

Such a burden of guilt
you carried on your shoulders!

And then,

when Leandros returned to Crete
and you saw that I loved him,

as Melina had,
that you couldn't bear.

Because you knew that
if you had come to me with the truth

you would stand accused, not him,
and Elena would've turned against you

and rightly so,
for you did her a great wrong.

You robbed her of the joy
of knowing her true father.

And you knew that also.

So you took your guilt
and twisted it and placed it

as a cloak around
Leandros' shoulders

so that his punishment
would be your absolution.

Well, are you happy
with the result, Mother?

What is the weight of your guilt now?

You are a wicked, evil woman
and a murderess!

A stench in the nostrils of God!

Remember that
when you stand before Him!

And just as you have lost
the love of your son,

so now you have lost me.

For you will never see me again.

And I will take with me
from this house my inheritance.


And I know how to use it!

For am I not your daughter?

To keep you company, Mother.

To remind you through every
waking moment while you still live.

Look at them, Mother.

Look at them, as you must.

As you cannot help but look at them!

And pray!

Pray that you die soon!

Leave that photograph exactly as it is.


It comforts her so.

It's all right, Leandros.

I know. I know everything.

But that was yesterday.

We are the future.