White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 2 - Out of the Frying Pan - full transcript

Peter assigns Neal a new handler to investigate an online black market, but Neal's loyalties will be tested when he discovers the trail might lead to Mozzie.

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Previously on White Collar...

This is a good office,

but the one next door
has a much nicer view.

The ASAC's office?

They want me to run
White Collar division?

- What's the gold for, Hagen?
- Why's that matter to you?

Because I can tell
when I've stepped into a trap.

My appeal's coming up.

You're gonna help set me free.

- Hey, boss.
- Diana.

- Look at you.
- It's a boy.

You're choosing someone
from outside the office

to be my new handler.

Someone who will see you
as you are.

A criminal.

You're dead.

Since when do surveillance
cameras go "bang"?

Oh, since when do you
overstep your mark?

Take it easy, Bob Fosse.

You know,
anxiety doesn't become you.

I'm gonna get it.

I only had 20 feet to go
this time.

At this point, 20 feet

might as well be
Hannibal's march.

- Hyperbolize much?
- I am serious.

Hagen's bonds will be
in the FBI's evidence lockup

in three days.

If one of those cameras
spots you, you are toast.

If you're aiming
to reduce my anxiety,

I'm not the only one
missing my mark.

I am just trying
to make your anxiety

appropriately focused.

You're not the one
getting a new handler.

You know, I think
that's for the best.

We've become way too chummy
with these g-men.

Maybe a new handler
will remind us

why snakes don't fraternize
with mongeese.



That's why I always go
with scorpions and frogs.

How we doing
on the Spanish Victory bonds?


The bonds have to look

as if they have
deteriorated naturally,

so I'm hoping
we can induce photolysis.

- Ultraviolet light.
- Yeah.

I came up with the idea
while I was sunning.

The radiation source has to be
very strong.

But if it is,
the bonds should wilt

like a newspaper
left out in the sun.

Like an inadmissible newspaper.

What's our light source?

That is my problem.

You...you have footwork
to master.

Back to one.

Shouldn't your mug say
"World's Greatest ASAC" now?

Figured I ought to serve out
my first week

before I make that claim.

World's greatest aspiring ASAC?

You're late.

We usually just hang out

and drink coffee
for the first half hour.

We do not hang out
and drink coffee.

Well, today, we have work.

I made the call.

Jones arrested Brendan Holland
this morning.

Three-Time Holland?
The Greytrade guy?

If we already arrested him,
why call in the cavalry?

If you were on time,
you'd know.

Hey, uh, my new handler,

is he in there?

You're getting
a new handler today?

- Yeah, he's in there.
- So?

- So what?
- So what's he like?

Probably late-middle aged,

prefers Sportscenter
to Masterpiece Theatre.

- Curmudgeonly?
- Uh, did I nail it?


You're an expert on handlers.

I'll let you figure it out.

Guys, we're low on man power,

so it's only four
to a team, okay?

So keep your wits about you.

Agent Berrigan will coordinate
from here.

Targets will be prioritized

by threat level
and estimated seizure value.

Ideally, we'll synchronize
our arrests.

Who are we arresting?

Debrief started 15 minutes ago.

Consultants make
their own hours.

No, they don't.

Some of them do.

This morning, we brought in
Brendan "Three-Time" Holland.

It's the black market equivalent
of eBay.

That's...that's all I know.
You can keep going.

Oh, no, like you said,

Greytrade is
an online marketplace

that has damn near
every contraband imaginable.

Thank you.

Yeah, we're looking
at stolen credit card numbers,

counterfeit passports,
missing artwork.

Is that a slow loris?

Caffrey, have you seen
my stomach?

I'm pretty sure
that's a trick question.

I'm eight months pregnant.

I'm not eating
or sleeping well,

so I'm in no mood.

So I'll keep my interruptions
to a minimum.

Got it.
It is cute, though.

- The slow loris.
- And it's endangered.

Look, guys,
simply shutting down Greytrade

was a big win for the bureau.

We have an opportunity
to make it even bigger.

We're going to arrest
the sellers.

We can track their IPs
through the site,

which means we know
where they live.

And we have dossiers made up,

but once these guys notice

that the site
has been decommissioned,

they're gonna close up shop.

That's why, even shorthanded,

we're gonna hammer as many
as we can today.

I swear to God, Caffrey, what?

If the bureau keeps Greytrade
up and running for a few days,

we can take our time
and bust all of them.

Can't concede the sale
of illegal goods,

even in the short term.

We don't necessarily have
to concede anything.


Well, we're all ears.

Do you want to explain?

No, please.

We drum up fake user names,

then outbid everyone else.

Since the plan is
to arrest them anyway,

the bureau won't be on the hook
for the payout.

Be a lot of work.
It's not a bad idea.

Thanks for the assist.

Guess I was wrong
about curmudgeonly.

- I'm sorry?
- What?

- Hmm?
- Oh, it doesn't matter.

Neal Caffrey.

You must be my new handler.

Must be.

Neal, Special Agent
David Siegel.

How old are you?

I'm 31, but don't read into it.

Agent Siegel was
a top graduate at Quantico

and served as supervisor

in the Chicago
White Collar division

for the past two years.

Actually, almost three, sir.

Windy City division
had a work-release C.I. too.

Modeled his deal
after yours, Neal.

Siegel was his handler.

They had a closure rate
in the 70s.

Nice rates.
Why come to New York?

70s are nice.
80s are better.

- 87.
- Right?

I wanna work with you, Neal.

Hey, you're the best there is.

Your skills are unmatched.

And your smarts
are unparalleled.

You might be the most
valuable asset the FBI has.

- Might be.
- All right, that's enough.

Do you prefer David or Dave?

I'd like to speak
to this agent privately.

It's easier for me
if I know...

- Go.
- Okay.

Good to meet you.

- Shut the door.
- All right.

As our new supervisor,

I was gonna give you
my old office.

Oh. Thank you, sir.

But you're not the right man
for the job.

I'm sorry?

Neal Caffrey
is a confidence man.

He preys on trust, desire,
and impressionability.

The last thing he needs
is a lapdog as a handler.

- I'm no lapdog, sir.
- Sure as hell fooled me.

Well, I'm hoping
I fooled him too.

One thing I learned
about C.I.s like Neal:

They like smoke,

and I know exactly
where to blow it.

You were playing him?

I was handling him.

Start moving in tomorrow.

Gotta tell ya,
I really like this new kid.

He's smart,
hardworking, intuitive.

He loves you, huh?

Well, that doesn't hurt.

How's Neal?


You got promoted,
and he has a new handler.

It's been a big change
for him too.


You haven't talked to him yet,
have you?

Oh, we talk.
Yeah, of course we talk.

I should reach out to him.



- Uh, but, hon?
- Hmm?

In the morning.


Black, right?

When it's good, yeah.

Are you following me?

Oh, I don't need to follow you.

You're wearing
a tracking anklet.


We hadn't talked in a while.

Just a friendly coffee-chat-
and-walk-to-the-office thing?

- Yeah.
- I can handle that.

Any reason
I might be following you?

Aside from
that you've been following me

for almost a decade?

Aside from that.

I don't think your new title
calls for legwork.

No, I guess not.

So...how was
day number one?

- With Siegel?
- Yeah.

He reminds me of
one of the Von Trapp children,

and he's a little overeager,

but for the most part,
I like him.

I mean, he's intelligent,
capable, self-aware.

He loves you, huh?

I know when someone is playing
to my vanity, okay?

But the fact is he came
to New York for a reason.

You are one hell
of an informant.

I'm usually just following
your lead.

It's good you like him.

Yeah, as long
as things with us are...


Yeah, yeah.

I might have a different title,

but I'm still the same old me.

Me too.

Maybe I should be
following you.

- Diana...
- What do you want?

What's going on?

I'm multi-geeking.

In addition to posing
as Three-Time Holland,

I'm balancing chats
and auctions

under 40 separate nyms.

I don't know what that means.

Multi-geeking is
when you operate

more than one computer,

and a nym is a pseudonym,

avatar, user name, whatever.

Did you spend the night here?

never slept before.

- He can't start now.
- And you're drinking coffee.

What are you, my obstetrician?

It's herbal tea.

If you wanna take a break,
I can get someone...

I'm not trusting this
to some N.F.G.

You wanna help?
Pull up a chair.

Yes. Yes, sure.

Yeah, we will.

Guys, guys, I got something.

Oh, gotta go.
That's my handler.

Good luck with that.

I gotta go.

Thank you.
Seriously, thank you.

Yeah, too much herbal tea.

You choose a target?

Well, I'm digging
through the Greytrade files,

and I settle on this one:
Little Star Merchandise.

- Little Star?
- Yeah. You know it?

Can't say I do.

These guys
are definitely selling.

Must be millions in looted art
and antiquities.

Yeah, Little Star's
our diamond in the rough here.

Wait, guys, shouldn't we go
after someone more dangerous?

An arms dealer, maybe?

Are you kidding me?

This thing is
right in your wheelhouse.

Yeah, look,
they have Faberge eggs.

Oh, Peter, you know me so well.

You want Little Star?
It's yours.

I'd give you a team...

But you're already shorthanded.

I know.
I know.

It's all right, me and Neal,
we can manage alone, right?

I'm sure we'll manage.

On the surface, Little Star is

a thriving importer of antiques
and old world curio.

But if these Greytrade
sales lists are legit...

He's selling a lot more
than trinkets and baubles.


English doesn't have a
gender-neutral singular pronoun.

You think
behind those crates are

a 13x19-foot
Jan Matejko battle scape,

a bohemian crystal chandelier,

and a "strongbox
of Portuguese dobrao"?

And two imperial Faberge eggs.

Where do you even find
these things?

Europe in the '40s.

Look, if this stuff
isn't in there

and we start
flashing badges...

- Yeah, we're gonna spook 'em.
- Yeah.

What are you thinking?

I go in as a designer,

argue that I had
an appointment.

I'll check the place out

while they're showing off
the wares.

What am I doing?

Peter wouldn't have passed
for a designer,

but you actually could.

We could be associates.


Assuming you can speak
from a place of education

on Islamic influence
in Silk Road ceramics.

Silk Road.

Don't worry about it.

How about I go in first,

and I'll pull you in
once I've checked the place out

and confirmed it's legit?

All right.

Neal, be careful.

This is not an arms dealer,

but we still don't know
who we're up against, right?


Hey, we gotta get you
out of here.

Neal, I repurposed a UV
inductor from a tanning bed.

Perfect radiation.
Bye-bye, victory bonds.

- Shouldn't you be at work?
- I am at work.

My new handler is looking
for the proprietor

of Little Star Merchandise.

Oh, the Persian rug sale.

No, Moz,
he's here to arrest you.

You don't have
a contingency plan?

I have contingency plans.

What do you think I'm doing?

I don't know,
some last-minute filing?

How could you bring him here?

I didn't bring anyone here.

The bureau cracked Greytrade.

I knew when those pencil necks

at UCLA invented the Internet

that I would end up
like a trapped rat.

Mozzie, I'm gonna get you
out of here,

but I need you to breathe.

I can't breathe.

I refuse to breathe.

I am enacting
the Roanoke Praxis.

What's the Roanoke Praxis?

My ultimate disappearing act.

- Are those...
- My teeth, yes.

How did you...
actually, no.

I don't wanna know.

Why are your teeth
in a plastic bottle?

Oh, my God, it burns!

They have to find something
in the fire.

Watch this.

Are you crazy?

This is awesome.

What are you doing?

I'm cancelling
the Roanoke Praxis.

What the hell?

Does your other
contingency plan

involve burning anything down?

Not as such.

Then we're going with that one.

Now, gather up your teeth,
and get out.

And leave the tomatoes.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, it says
"By appointment only."

- Can you read?
- You hear the fire alarm?

I'm a federal agent.
I'm coming in.

- What the hell, Neal?
- Maybe I got made.

Can you cut that off, please?

Now, I'm under the impression
that Neal Caffrey

doesn't get made.

If you had something to do
with this, Neal, I swear...

Look, I can assure you,
blaring alarms are not my style.


- Persian rug sale?
- Get your hands up.

You're not going anywhere.

Oh, tell that
to Emile Berliner.

Man, he's fast.

Wouldn't have thought
the little guy had it in him.

- Should we split up?
- No, no, no.

He's gone.

Any idea who Emile Berliner is?

Couldn't even venture a guess.

He was just burning documents
in here.

We had our chance,
and we missed him.

Not necessarily.


There's life, but not much.

Do you think
we'll be able to...

Oh, I doubt it.

Between the fire damage
and the encryption,

it's like digging
through lasagna.

Let me take a shot at it.

I have some computer
forensics experience.

Computer forensics.
How fortunate.

I'll take this in my office.

We lost Little Star?

He had some kind
of escape plan.

Did you get a visual?

Short, balding, bespectacled.

Tell me you're joking.

Short, bald guy
with prewar treasure.

Diana, sound like
somebody we know?

- What?
- Never mind.

Agent Burke, you think
we have a positive I.D.

on this Little Star?

Ask Neal.

I have a friend
who fits the bill,

and Agent Burke is
jumping to conclusions.

Look, whoever he is,
we saw him.

You can sketch him, right?

Oh, shouldn't be a problem.


That's Little Star?

And I think we can both agree

it looks nothing likes Mozzie.

I want Siegel to confirm.

No problem.


Pictures don't lie.

It's one hell of a coincidence.

and male-pattern baldness

are epidemic, Peter.

Peter, you have a minute?

Sure, come on in.
Get that to Siegel.

Excuse me.

We have to talk about Diana.

Don't worry.
I'm gonna pull her out.

Oh, I don't think you should.

I mean, you've already taken her
off fieldwork.

she's eight months pregnant.

And about to pop,
but she says she's fine.

She's been camped out
in the conference room

for two days.

a city-wide operation.

Jones, I can't put her
or her baby at risk

just because she wants
to close the book on Greytrade.

Look, Peter,
I'm no psychologist,

but I don't think
it's about this case.

I mean, she's staring down
the barrel at Diana Berrigan,

single mother,
and that's scary.

But I think the idea
of her losing

Diana Berrigan,
Special Agent...

I just think that's scarier.

She knows she always
has a place here.

But does she?

I mean, you were talking
about taking her

off casework
because she's tired.

And are you really gonna
feel good

about sending her on a raid

when she's got a kid at home?

Look, you're the boss now.
It's a tough call.

I get the position you're in.

I'm just saying

I get the position
she's in too.

You know, if you're bored,

I'm sure Berrigan
could use your help.

Nope, I'm not bored.

Does the name Teddy Winters
mean anything to you?

Never heard of him.

Mm, maybe Teddy Winters
is Little Star.

Let's see what we got on him.

Where are you, Teddy?

Bingo. Prints,
dental records, bank accounts.


No, doesn't look like it.

Teddy Winters is on the grid
but only barely.

Anything actionable?

Not yet.

Were you followed?

Oh, God.

The FBI shuts down Little Star,

and this is your alternative
revenue stream?

This is my camouflage,

security through obscurity.

Not sure that principle
applies here.

Says you.
Plus I made $11.50.


High roller.

Listen, with all the heat here
in New York,

I'm thinking of catching
a train down to Miami.

You can stick around
a little longer.

I managed to steer Peter
off the scent.

Oh, a slight reprieve.
And Little Star?

Siegel did salvage your laptop.

That's why
you can't prematurely

extinguish the Roanoke Praxis.

All he found was an alias.

Oh, well, aliases
are a dime a dozen.

So which one of
my noms de guerre am I retiring?

I think
it's from before I knew you.

Teddy Winters?

They found me.

Oh, I'm sorry,
that wasn't clear

when you were being held
at gunpoint?

No, you don't understand.
They found me.

So you stay out of the light
and burn an alias.

It's hardly Defcon One.

Teddy Winters
isn't an alias, Neal.

You mean...


Babies in baskets rarely arrive
with birth certificates.

I was no exception.

I was homeless,
nameless, purposeless.


You'll never really understand

the plight of the orphaned,

not truly.

If you showed up
without a name,

where did Teddy Winters
come in?

Oh, well,
once I got old enough,

I struck out
to uncover my origins.

I started at
the Wayne County clerk's office.

You were checking
birth certificates?


Every boy in or around Detroit

born a month
prior to my abandonment.

And that's where you found
Teddy Winters.

Yeah, his was
the only certificate

unaccounted for.

Every other baby boy had

either a body or a grave.

You do look like a Teddy.

Frankly, I prefer Theodore.

Good to know.

That name is tied
to everything, Neal:

My storehouses, my safe houses,

my traditional houses.

If they have Teddy,
they have it all.

Why keep it active
after all this time?

Just in case
my parents came looking.

If you let Teddy die,
no one would ever find him.

Including the FBI.

Mozzie, I hate to say this,

but I think you might have had
the right idea earlier.

Train to Miami?

The Roanoke Praxis.

You still have those teeth?

- Can we trade jobs?
- Nope.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.

I'm not the one
who thinks my teeth

need a different host.

Well, they do.

You're not usually
this squeamish.

Well, pulling my own teeth
is one thing,

but a dead man's?

On the off chance that
there actually is a heaven,

this is definitely
gonna get me barred.

I think we took heaven
off the table

a long time ago, Mozzie.

Fine, I'll go to the morgue,

but I'm doing this
under protest.

Duly noted.

I'll meet you back here
in half an hour

with the combustibles.

Great, whatever you get,

just make sure
it makes a loud boom.

I can do that.

You're here early.

I wanna keep on top
of Teddy Winters.

I've been going
over this guy's assets,

and there's not a lot here,

but I did find that.

An account in the Caymans.

Looks like a shell company,

offshore laundry maybe.

I don't think so.

When shells launder money,

corporate profits
are all over the map.

These earnings are
pretty regular.

You're right,
it's a holding company.

Question is,
what is Teddy Winters holding?

Gasoline and styrofoam?

Don't you think homemade napalm

is a bit vulgar
for Teddy's final au revoir?

You said you wanted
a loud boom, Moz.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Oh, common misconception.

If you had spent
any significant time beggaring...

- Really?
- Fine.

Napalm, but I will
remember this

next time we fake your death.

Fair enough.

Mr. Walinski.

sale, Suits.

Come and get it.

Right there,
if you start with those three

- and just see where it goes.
- We work our way,

it'd take us a month just
to work through Long Island.

Hey, hey.
We broke it.

- Teddy Winters?
- Yeah.

We found a holding company
out of the Caymans.

It's pegged to properties
all over the city.

This guy has got an empire,

and we're gonna take it down.

He won't have anything left.

- That's the point.
- Now come on.

We're gonna go to a loft
in Soho.

- Right now?
- Yeah, right now.

Hell, yeah.
Come on, let's go.

- Boss.
- Yeah?

There's activity
on the Little Star IP address.

The usage is erratic,
but someone's definitely home.

- It's gotta be Winters.
- The idiot went back?

So that's where we're gonna go.

Peter, come.
Nail this guy with us.

Come on.

I've got responsibilities here.

We won't let you down.

Flank the building.

I want a team out back
covering every window.

- Go.
- Roger that.

Wait, wait, wait.
Why is he wearing a gas mask?

Took the fire department
six hours to put it out.

Let me get this straight.

Teddy Winters returns
to a crime scene,

risks exposure,
so he can, what,

burn down a building
he knows we already found?

If you saw this guy,

you would know that he has
severe mental issues.

The fact is we watched him
walk in the warehouse

with our own eyes.

How about the body?

Jones just called in
from forensics.

The teeth we found are a match

for the records
of Teddy Winters.

Did I miss something?

Teddy Winters is gone.
We closed the case.

Why aren't we happy?

This is why
we're the federal agents,

and you're
the criminal informant.

It's a win when the bad guy
is in cuffs, Neal,

not when he's a briquette
in a burned-out building.

And what if he faked his death?

You weren't there.
That dental is irrefutable.

It's not hard to lose teeth.

Give me a brick,
and I'll show you.

Diana, how long
have you been awake?

- A while.
- Go home, get some sleep.

- Boss.
- That's an order.

You too.

I want reports on my desk
before you leave.


- Hey.
- Let me ask you something.

If you were gonna fake
your own death,

how would you do it?

I always liked the idea

of jumping off a bridge.

You still hung up
on Teddy Winters?


Hey, do you wanna go back
to that warehouse with me?

Take a look?

No, Peter told you to go home.

Are you suggesting
we disregard direct orders

from the assistant
special agent in charge?

Are you suggesting
we follow them?

Things really are changing
around here, huh?


Look, I have to finish this,

but if you wanna visit
Little Star tomorrow,

I'm in.

Thanks, Caffrey.

This is Agent Berrigan,
Federal Bureau.

I'm looking at three manholes
maybe 6 feet apart.

You guys at sanitation
wanna tell me

which one doesn't belong?


Do I give this to Siegel, or...

I'll take it.

It's been a long day, Peter.

You mind if I head home?

Curtis Hagen is back.


They shipped his evidence
over here

from long-term storage
this morning.

I guess an appellate court
granted him a new trial.

That was our first case.

Seems like forever ago.


You're not the one counting
the days left on your sentence.


A retrial, huh?

Think he has a chance?


All the proof of his guilt
is upstairs.

Just thought you should know.

- Have a good night, Peter.
- You too.


Lady Suit.

This isn't what it looks like.

It looks like
you're Teddy Winters.

- And if I am?
- Then you're under arrest.

Oh, then I'm definitely not.

Stand up.

Can I ask you what you're
never supposed to ask a woman?

Shut up and stand up.

It used to be having a gun
trained on me was a rarity.

Yeah, come on, Teddy.

I actually prefer Theodore.

Oh, oh, are...are you okay?

Walk, Mozzie.

You know,
stress and physical exertion

can prematurely ind...

Uh, c-c-can you make it up
the ladder?

You're gonna have to help me.

I'm not going to prison.



We're 100 feet underground.

You're not gonna get
any reception.

Oh, you came back.

You may be the enemy,

but bad karma isn't hereditary.

What does that mean?

Things are about to get messy.

Your contractions
are 90 seconds apart.

We don't have time to get you
to a hospital.

This can't be happening.

I-I know this venue
is in-ideal.

- Take your hands off me!
- Look at me. Look at me.

This thing is coming out
whether you like it or not.

Now, you can let the expert
work his magic,

or you can take
your chances alone...up to you.

I don't want you touching...

Oh, get him out of me!

Good choice.

Evidence lockup.



Where should I put this?

On this never-ending stack
I call my inbox.

- Everything all right?
- No, sir.

No, I-I really fouled
this case up,

and I-I-I wanna apologize
to you.

We lost our guy,

but you did good work.

Don't beat yourself up.

Yes, sir.
Thank you.

Sit down.

How's it working with Neal?

As far as I can tell, good.

You think he had anything to do

with this Teddy Winters fiasco?

I don't know.

First time we went to see
Little Star, he...

something wasn't sitting right.

But today,
Caffrey was with me all day.

Yeah, well,
he's always smiling at you

right when things go backwards.

My C.I. in Chicago
was the same way.


How was it,

passing him off
to a new handler?

I didn't have to.

I caught him forging
Illinois state lottery tickets.

You sent him back to prison.

That's the job.

That is the job.


Neal's ankle bracelet says

he's still in the building
right now.

Should I be worried about that?

I would save your worries

for when he's not
in the building.

Will do.

- Sir.
- Yeah?

- Good night.
- Good night.



Oh, here it comes.



- Hey.
- I saw you called.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, I thought
you were going home.

You know, I-I made it
all the way down the stairs

before I remembered.

You forgot your hat.

It needs
its own tracking anklet.

I'll set one aside for you.

Sounds good.
See you tomorrow.

Take care.



- I'm a dad.
- Not even close.

I'm a midwife.

- What the hell...
- Shh.


- Peter?
- Yup.

Oh, honey.

Come on.
We gotta go.

No, I just got here.

Didn't you get my message?

There was a fire.

Then Neal forgot his hat.

His hat?
Honey, you gotta get up.

Come on.

- What's going on?
- We gotta get to the hospital.

The hospital?

What's going on
at the hospital?

Diana, he is so beautiful.

Yep, you've really outdone
yourself this time.

Thank you, guys,
for being here.

Look at him.
He has little ears.

What exactly were
you expecting, Suit?

What are you even doing here?

He's all right.

You know, since Christie
and I broke up,

I don't have a lot of family.

You guys are it,

even him somehow.

Little man have a name?

Clinton maybe?

You know, I was thinking Theo.

As in Theodore Winters?


Yeah, I guess.

Must have been floating
around my head.

Wait, wait, you named him
after a criminal?

I mean, no offense
to present company.

- None taken.
- Oh, I think it's beautiful.

- It's very noble.
- Regal, even.

So how long you gonna be
out of the office?

As long as it takes.

Promise me
that you will take your time.

I promise.

I haven't slept
in a couple of days.

- I think that's our cue.
- Okay.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

The nurse said that you had him

before you got here.

Yeah, I went into labor early.

You did it all on your own?


Someone helped me,

someone I didn't know.

Who was it?

Never got a name.

Doesn't seem like justice
is being served.

To not know
who to thank, I mean.


Maybe I'll try
to track him down

once I'm back on my feet.


That might be a good idea.

Good night.

It's poetic, you know.

One Teddy dies.

Another is born.

Maybe he'll call me "papa"
or "papoose."

"Papoose" would be good.

I think you're gonna be
disappointed on that one.

It feels odd to be
once and for all

truly nameless.

That which we call a rose, Moz.

- Teddy may be gone, but...
- But I still smell as sweet.

Not what I was gonna say,
but yeah.

What, hadn't you been itching
for a new beginning?

Yeah, it cost me everything.

Well, we kept you
out of prison.

I suppose a Pyrrhic victory

is still a victory.

of bittersweet success,

the Mozart worked like a charm.


So Hagen will get his retrial,

and that sociopathic blackmailer

will be back out on the street.

Hey, you paid the piper.

That's the end, isn't it?

I hope so, Moz.

But I have a feeling

it's just the beginning.