White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 11 - Family Business - full transcript

Neal, Peter, and Mozzie take down the Irish mob's whiskey counterfeiting ring, and Neal learns more about his father's past.

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- Neal.
- Ellen.

You and your father.

But you told me the truth.

He was a dirty cop...
and he's not dead.

You grew up in Witness Protection.

I was 3 when the
marshals took us away.

Ellen agreed to help me
look into my father

before she disappears
into WITSEC again.

We found a gun
with your dad's prints on it.

- He killed a cop?
- He confessed.

Neal: Ellen!
- They found me.

- Who?
- Trust Sam.

I was undercover
with the Flynn organization.

They were a local crime family
with some PD on the payroll.

Including my father?

Dennis Flynn Sr. died in prison.
This is his son.

Maybe he's here for revenge.

[ Grunts ]

- Sam's blood.
- Run his DNA.

Peter, he's here.

Something you have to know, Neal.

Why didn't you tell me?

Tell you what?

That you're my father.

Why didn't you tell me?
Why did you lie to me?

I had a feeling that after
everything you'd heard about me,

I'd be the last person you'd want
to see walking through your door.

Well, that's a big assumption to make.

[ Scoffs ]

Did you kill a cop?

I'm a lot of things, Neal, but, uh...

Not that.

No. Not that.

All right.

You tell me what did happen.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

That was your third birthday.

- You remember?
- No, I don't.

It was the hottest March in years.

Ellen and I had just gotten off duty.

- Dad!
- Neal!

You didn't think I was
gonna miss the cake, did you?

Sam: I had made detective
three months earlier.

Next thing you know, the two of
you will be on patrol together.

I didn't wear the hat anymore,
but you always loved it.

Things were good then.

What changed?

I was young, driven,

confident I could take on anybody.

Ellen: All right, police!
Hands in the air!

She said hands in the air!

Man: Drop it!

Sam: Ellen would have said
I was arrogant.

She probably would have been right.

Well, that's great,

but I want to know
what happened to our family.

I'm telling you.

I was a good cop.

Son of a bitch!
Ellen and I were on a tear.

All the bad guys were afraid of us.

You have to understand
something, Neal.

I loved you and your mother
very much, but we weren't rich.

It's not easy raising a family
on a cop's salary.

We hit these gun runners,

taking down their major suppliers.

Let's go.

One operation, I find myself alone,

staring at a crate full of cash.

One bundle was three months' salary.

What did you do?

I've thought a lot about that moment.

I could have gone either way.

Flip a coin.

Heads, I take it.
Tails, I don't.

And you took it.

Yeah. I took it.

Hey, Bennett. Oh.

Sam: That's
when everything changed.

We got to talk.

Sam: Your supervising officer

sees you taking money
from a crime scene,

that should be the last thing
you ever do as a cop.

But he said he'd look the other way

if I did a couple favors for him.

And if not, you went to jail.

That's how I ended up
working for the Flynns.

Let's go, guys! Let's go!
It's a raid!

They started me off small.

Let's go!

Making sure their guys got
out the door before a bust,

that sort of thing.

Hands in the air!

Ellen had no idea.

- Police!
- I was her partner, her best friend.

Where the hell is everybody?

I was in her blind spot.

Pretty soon, opening doors
for the Irish mob wasn't enough.

I was also taking down a lot
of the Flynns' competition.

That's when things got bad.

[ Door opens ]
Neal, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You're James Bennett.

I understand you have every reason
not to trust me right now, Burke.

You told us you were Sam Phelps.

No, you assumed I was Sam Phelps.
I didn't correct you.

[ Sighs ]

Did Ellen know that she was
in contact with you and not Sam?


So you lied to Ellen, too?

When I went into WITSEC,

they sent me to Montana --

After about 10 years,
I was going nuts.

I-I couldn't
take it anymore.

They wouldn't tell me where you were,

so I went back to D.C.

The only one
who would talk to me was Sam.

He told me how he and Ellen
had gotten very close

to making a case against
the people who framed me,

but the only connection
he had left with Ellen

was a P.O. Box --

a way of getting in touch
in case of an emergency.

And Sam
gave you the P.O. Box.

He was about to retire.

If Ellen reached out, he wanted
somebody to be able to help her.

Then one day...

...this showed up.

That's Ellen's E-mail.

I was gonna tell her the truth
when I got to New York,

but I didn't get the chance.

Listen, I've been here
over a month, and I got nothing.

I don't even know who attacked me.

Dennis Flynn.

That's impossible.
He died in prison.

This is Flynn Jr.,

the son who's trying to revive
the family business.

We think he killed Ellen.

We plan to bring them down --
for good this time.

Let me help you.
[ Groans ]

How bad are you injured?

Ah, it's just a bruised rib.

It's nothing I haven't
slept off before.

I'll be in touch.

- Have fun in school.
- Okay.


[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs ]

You okay?

No. I'm not.

Do you believe him?

Right now, I want to focus
on taking Flynn down.

Family Business

This is Dennis Flynn Jr.

Years ago, the Flynn crime
family was dismantled.

He's spent the last 10 years
trying to rebuild it.

According to organized crime,

Flynn did so by moving
into the white-collar world.

His latest venture is personal.

The Flynns started making money
by bootlegging whiskey.

After prohibition ended,
they moved into counterfeiting

and used the Conroy family
for distribution

until they had a falling out.

I have Google, too.

Flynn doesn't normally
get his hands dirty.

But because of the family history,

he's handling this himself.

It's a decent fake.

The relief on the lettering
is a little shallow,

but if you've never held a bottle
before, you wouldn't know that.

True test, however, is in the palate.

If you're pouring, I'll take a dram.

For Flynn, this venture
symbolizes everything

that once was great about the family.

It's not about profit.
It's about pride.

Even so, there's always money
in good fake booze.

[ Clears throat ] Which this is not.

It's bottom shelf
mixed with caramel coloring.

Counterfeiting is all about
creating the closest simulation

to the real thing
at a fraction of the cost.

Flynn needs better taste
for a low price.

I can make a better product
for him, gain his trust.

Of course your résumé includes
whiskey counterfeiting.

Well, basic alcohol counterfeiting.

Once you know
the fundamentals, you can --

Good, we can get him on
distribution of counterfeit items.

What are you talking about?
Thanks, guys.

[ Clears throat ]

We arrest Flynn
for distribution? That's it?

We don't have enough evidence
for murder... yet.

But if we can prove distribution,

he'll be locked up, and we'll be
able to collect evidence.

You're the boss.

I want you to teach Jones

everything you know
about whiskey counterfeiting.

You can't bench me on this.

Yeah. I can.

It would take me a month to
teach Jones everything I know,

and you need me
to make a good counterfeit.

Are you ransoming your skills?

Look, if it were easy to do,

Flynn wouldn't have such a hard
time finding a good one.

You're too close to this.

You really think you can keep
a smile on your face

when you're standing
in front of that guy

after what he's done?

Yeah, I do...
Because I have to.

What are your thoughts
on approaching him?

I must have lost my mind.

I went to New Jersey
of my own free will.

If you want to get
flavor extracts or find

a discount tanning salon,
there's no better place.

Six different factories
conveniently lined up

for clandestine tasting.

Just this one vial could make
the entire Hudson River

taste like... oh, bacon.

Add that
to your to-do list.

So, have you decided
what brand we're gonna forge?

Shackleton whiskey.

Ah, the Shackleton --
dug out of the Antarctic ice

after Ernest Shackleton's
ill-fated journey

came to an abrupt end.

Probably because he brought
more whiskey than supplies.

They say you can taste
the frozen tundra

in every bottle.

What do you think that tastes like, Moz?
Penguin feathers.

I have no idea.
My only bottle of Shackleton...

was lost in a bet to me.

Yeah, only because you cheated.

Illegal usage of gum drop lane.

You lost a $200,000 bottle
of whiskey playing "Candy Land"?

High-stakes Candy Land.

Darling, the next time,

would you please
read the rules more carefully?

Thank you.

We have a deal?

Oh, we'll make you
a couple bottles, I promise.

Thank you so much.

Hey, are you going into
the counterfeit-booze business?

No, no. I'm getting a head start
here on my Christmas shopping.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ]

Remind me to check the bottle
of Barolo she got me last year.


Look at that.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffs ] Mmm,
quite the bouquet of fruit.

Hmm, I taste, uh, apples and peaches.

Plus toffee and caramel,
with a hint of cinnamon.

No penguin feathers.

It's a complex mix.
This isn't gonna be easy.

All right, I finished
charring the oak.

Okay, that should add some body
to this cheap whiskey.

[ Sniffs ]

Ooh, we got a lot of work to do.

We have a lot of work to drink.

If we're gonna match that flavor,

we're gonna have to
taste the wares --

[ Chuckles ]

In light of recent events,
that will not be a problem.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Both laugh ]

You know, whiskey comes
from a Gaelic word mean--

[ laughs ] What?

You said "Gaelic."
[ Laughs ]

A Gaelic word
meaning "water of life."


Now I understand that.

Yeah, and tomorrow morning,

we are gonna find that name
painfully ironic.

[ Laughs ]

Mmm, a touch more Ceylon cinnamon.

Oh, come on. It's perfect.
I think.

You just want me to keep drinking

so that I'll talk about my father.

I admit nothing...
unless it's working.

I don't know whether
to be mad or impressed

that my own dad conned me.

Well, at least you learned
where you inherited

that particular skill from.
[ Laughs ]

I keep thinking
I should have known it was him.

That even after all these years,

a man should know his own father
when he's right in front of him.

And here he is,

yet you seem hesitant
to seize that opportunity.

To do what, Moz?

Go out in the backyard
and throw a baseball?

He doesn't get to come back here
and make up for lost time.

[ Sighs ]

This is ready.

[ Inhales deeply ] Okay.

So, we just add the coloring
to our faux Shackleton, and --

We're not gonna add the coloring.

Then it will obviously be a fake.

Which is part of your plan.

Did you tell me that already?

On the seventh tasting.

Look, Flynn is looking
for a counterfeiter, right?

So we have to prove to him

that we can make something
that's close to the real thing.

Without making it appear

that you just used the real thing.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Ah, so, once you convince him
of your skill,

then what's the plan?

Peter wants to take Flynn down
for counterfeiting.

[ Exhales sharply ]

For counterfeiting, Moz.

Ellen deserves more than her killer
getting a slap on the wrist.

So one way or another...

I'm gonna make sure
he goes down for murder.

Neal Caffrey hung over --
didn't think it was possible.

Taste testing is a necessary
part of counterfeiting whiskey.

[ Horn honking ]

[ Chuckles ]

You sacrificed for the greater good.

Here's your reward.

- What is that?
- Pickle juice.

- I'm not drinking that.
- Well, you should.

It's an old Burke
family hangover cure.


It was either that
or raw eggs and butter.

Now you're making stuff up.

Is your batch ready?

It is.
I tested it this morning.

Ah, hair of the dog --
also a good cure.

I don't know about the cure part.

How'd your end go?

This afternoon, Flynn will be
at a micro-distillery tasting

for event planners
and liquor distributors.

How'd you find out --
organized crime tip?

Organized wife tip.

She has access to the guest lists

for these types of things.

She's not gonna be there, is she?

Yeah, she will.
She'll be fine.

Flynn is a very
successful businessman.

He wouldn't do anything at this event

to tarnish that reputation.

Can she get me a booth?

Already did.

So, drink your pickle juice.
I need you on your "A" game.

That's it.

And then when we're done,

we'll, uh, need to finish
our conversation with James.

Would you mind handling
that without me?

Neal, he's your father.
You have to talk to him.

He's a man we need information from.

And I know you'll ask
all the right questions.

Stop staring.
You're hurting my head.

If that's what you really want.

It is.

All right, I will.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

You know, it's tough
enough to read you

even without the sunglasses.

Hmm, maybe I'll keep them.

- How you doing today?
- Thank you.

Let me get set up here.

[ Indistinct conversations ]


Excuse me.

Mr. Earnhart,
glad you could make it.

Thank you.

You know I never pass
up an opportunity

to get paid to drink good whiskey.

Well, I think you're in luck.

We have a lot of amazing
micro-distillers here today.

- Enjoy.
- Thank you.


You ready for a tasting?


It looks like the pickle juice worked.

Always does.

The hangover's gone, but
what about when Neal sees Flynn?

Jones is there to step in
Neal's way if he needs help.

Plus, Elizabeth is armed
with a very disapproving look.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Soft music playing ]

I've got eyes on Flynn.

Peter: Great.

Once he's near Neal's booth,
you guys are up.

All right.

Let's see how well
you know your whiskey, shall we?

- Mm-hmm. - In one of these,
I have poured Shackleton whiskey,

and in the other my own
private micro-distillery.

Let's see
if you can tell the difference.

You think you can
replicate Shackleton?

No, I did replicate it.

You familiar with Shackleton, sir?

I consult for Mackenzie Distillers.

Ah, who made the Shackleton
replica a couple years ago.

It wasn't bad.
No, it was perfection.

No, this is.

But don't take my word for it.
You tell me.

Flynn: I'd like to try
the other one.

Be my guest.

Mmm, elegant, light,

with a taste of Orkney Islands peat.

This is definitely the Shackleton.


No, this is the Shackleton.

It's the kind of whiskey
a man would freeze to death for.

Well, there's only one way
to solve this.

Let's find out who's right.

Now, we all know
Shackleton is renowned

for its light amber color, so...

After you.


Elegant and light.

Gentlemen, I work
at a micro-distillery.

You really think
I can afford Shackleton?

I'm impressed.

- We'll be in touch.
- All right.

How did you distill it?

Must have cost you a few bucks.

Oh, if I answer that question,
you wouldn't need me, would you?

[ Chuckles ] I get it.

Thank you for the dram.

He didn't take the bait.

Seems Caffrey was too legitimate.

I think I can fix this.

You shouldn't be here.
Excuse me.

I'm sorry?

This is not a real
distillery license number.

You forged the document.

Listen, I-I think there's
been a misunderstanding, okay?

I filed the paperwork already.

I should have it in a couple months.

Well, until then, this is illegal.

Please, don't call the cops, okay?

I won't. But you should get out
of here before someone else does.

All right.

Got to say, I'm surprised

a guy with your skills
would need to fake a license.

Yeah, well...

Give me one of your business cards.

I'll be in touch.

[ Sighs ]

I love it.
My wife saved a sting.

I didn't save it.
I just gave it an extra push.

Which saved it.

[ Both laugh ]

Are you still meeting
with Neal's father tonight?

I am. I wish Neal
would change his mind.

Whatever my opinions of the man,
James is his father.

Neal should hear everything from him.

Can't imagine what
Neal's been going through.

This is his chance to break the cycle.

If what James says is true.

- About being framed?
- Mm-hmm.

Do you believe him?

I'm willing to hear him out,
and I think Neal should, too.

Ask Neal again.

But this time,

tell him we'll do it
at our house over dinner.

A home-cooked meal
with a con man

and his long-lost,
dirty-cop father?

Yeah, exactly.

Maybe what this needs
is a little normality.

Good idea.
I'll call him.

Neal: Look, Peter, I told you --
I don't want to be there, all right?

Yeah, I'll think about it.

Tell Elizabeth thank you.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

I have discovered a new hobby.

Drinking is the opposite
of a new hobby for you.

Hmm, I'm thinking about
counterfeit tequila next time.

You should stock up on limes.

I'll get right on that.

So, what did the Suit want?

He invited me to dinner.
How dare he.

He also invited James.

Ah. Huh.


You should go.

Et tu, Moz?

Have you ever stopped to think
about why he conned you?

Yeah, to find out what I knew
about the evidence box.

Or maybe to get to know you.

You don't know that.

Would you have spoken to him
if you'd known who he was?

I wasn't given the opportunity.

He conned his son into
bonding with him.

It's hardly a Hallmark moment.

I didn't say it was noble,

but it was human and dare I say...

something you might have done.

Look, every orphan
wants to know their parents.

I know I'd give anything to know mine.

You can, Neal, right now.

Don't throw away that chance.

[ Clears throat ]

Well, I, uh --
I appreciate the thought, Peter,

but I don't think he's coming.

Well, he's always late.

No, he's not.

That much I've learned about him,

so it'll have to do for now.

You know,
I-I'm very grateful

for you guys being a family to him.

It's nice to know he's got
people like you two in his life.

[ Knock on door ]

Mm, I'll get that.



- Is this real or fake?
- Oh, that's real.

I've had my fill
of counterfeit things lately.

[ Chuckles ]

- I'm glad you're here.
- Thanks.

[ Siren wails in distance ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Laughs ]

Hon, what's so funny?

It's nothing.

It's just, um, the two of you

are sneaking pot roast
to the dog in the same way.

You're putting it into your napkin

and then palming it to
the dog -- it's very funny.

I'm sorry. Sorry, Liz. Satchmo
looked hungry, so I just...

No, um, Peter cooked the pot roast.


I mean, it's a little --
it's a little dry.

[ Laughter ]
Uh, yeah, it is.

I was hoping Satchmo would
take some of mine, as well.

Perfect segue into dessert, yes?

Yes, yes. Yeah.

Uh, I'm actually gonna
go walk Satchmo, as well.

All right.

Thank you very much.

Get that out of your way.

[ Sighs ]

Elizabeth: Satch, come on.

[ Satchmo whimpers ]

I hear you're going undercover
with the Flynns.

I am.

You have no idea
how dangerous those guys are.

I've dealt with worse people.

I don't think you have.

Then maybe now is a good time
for you to finish your story.

When did you first
encounter the Flynns?

When I tried to get out.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I got tired of lying
to your mother and to Ellen.

I was dreading the day

that you'd find out
that your father was a crook.

I'm out.

You don't get to make
the terms of this, James.

I don't care.
It's too much.

I'll tell you what.

But Flynn Sr. knew I was valuable.

He threatened me, showed me
a gun he'd used to kill a cop.

He kept the murder weapon on him?

In an old whiskey box.

It was his way of showing
that he was untouchable.

Sam: But I was adamant,
and, uh, eventually,

he relented and said
that he'd let me out

if I did one last job.

Neil: What was it?

Sam: He told me that my supervising
officer would have it.

But when I got there, I thought
they were gonna kill me.

[ Gunshot ]

Everyone not in the family

is disposable to them, after all,

including my supervising officer.

They'd killed him with
my spare firearm.

They'd stolen it out of my locker.

Ellen: James?
- See, they timed their frame perfectly.

Drop the gun.

Even Ellen didn't believe me at first.

But you convinced her.

The truth convinced
her, and I'm hoping

that once I have this box
with the evidence she found,

it will convince you, too.

Can you show me one piece
of that evidence now?

Ellen believed me.

Well, she's dead, so I'm gonna
need a little more than that.

No, he already conned me once.

And I know better than anyone,
the stories are meaningless

unless you got something
to back it up.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Excuse me.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Yeah. All right.

I'll be there tomorrow.

Thanks for dinner, Peter.
I got to go.

What? Where?

To prepare.
Dennis Flynn's got a job for me.

Looks like I'm back
in the family business.

Have you heard of the Flynn family?

Can't say that I have.

See, that's a problem.

Back in the old days,
everybody knew our name

and what it meant.

What did it mean?

[ Chuckles ] Whiskey.

It was prohibition.

We were the biggest game in town.

What happened after prohibition ended?

Ah, we moved on to other things,
built an empire.

And then the feds
tore everything down.

Trumped-up charges,
of course.

Of course.

I've been rebuilding it ever since.

My old man would have been proud.

What did your father do?

He was a cop.

You didn't follow in his footsteps.

[ Scoffs ] No.

I thought about it,
but... wasn't for me.

Well, fathers can be
a tough thing to live up to.

Probably best
that you went your own way.

You're telling me.

Is that an F-520 column still?
Yes, sir.

Can't wait to play with that.

You know, actually,
I'm a little more interested

in your, uh --
your knack for imitations.

How soon can you start?

Oh, I can get the bottles
of Shackleton going right away.

How are you gonna sell them?

Don't be too eager, Neal.

Once he indicates
he intends to sell the whiskey,

we can move.

No, I-I'm not gonna
sell them.

That would be illegal.

This is just, uh --
it's just a hobby.

[ Scoffs ] It's a really
expensive hobby you got there.

Yeah, well, the best ones are.

Oh, and, uh,
you won't be making Shackleton.

You'll be making the booze
my family used to sell.

McCann. That's $100,000
bottle of whiskey.

They only make 55 a year.

And I'll need 55 more.
Can you do it?

Hey. [ Snaps fingers ]
Are you listening to me?

- Can you do it?
- Yeah.

Yeah, sorry, I got distracted
by the... Higgins-Barrow.

I've never seen one in person before.

Yeah, there it is.

Yeah, I can do the job.

That's great.
We'll, uh, start in a few weeks.

A few weeks?
Why wait?

Well, duplicating a McCann
isn't just about what's inside.

Each of the bottles
has to be hand-blown.

For your hobby?

Yeah, that's right.

There's no reason to have one

if you're not gonna do it right.

I'll call you when I find someone.

I can do it.

Neal, don't push it.

Can he make the bottles?
I have no idea.

You're telling me

that not only can you
perfectly imitate the booze

but you can blow the bottles, too?

Well, I need some help from a friend.

The air quality in here is abysmal.

Do you know the effect that can have

on the cooling glass?

And you call that a furnace?

Flynn: It's the best money can buy.
Yeah, exactly.

Furnaces should have character,

like the pieces that
are born from them.

Are you saying you can't do the job?

Of course I can do the job.

These will do fine.

I'll also need newspaper.

I prefer The New York Times.

Planning your restroom breaks already?

You dampen the paper and char it,

then use it to shape the piece.

- Newspaper?
- He's the best.

Yeah, he better be.

You do realize I haven't blown glass

since before they
faked Reagan's death.

I'm a little out of practice.
You'll be fine, Moz.

Oh, I'm gonna miss my eyebrows.
Along with my bangs.


Oh, great.
Now he's also big brother.

Well, we're an investment.

Let's show him he made
the right choice.

And once he leaves his office,
I'm going in there.

Why would he need
to get into his office?

I don't know,
but whatever the reason is,

I know I'm not gonna like it.

Good job, Moz.

Not so out of practice after all.

Yep, like riding a horse.

You're allergic to horses.

You got this for a second?


I'll, uh, just stand here,
holding molten glass.

Yeah, just give me one sec.

Hey, what the hell
do you think you're doing?!

What the hell is he doing?

Uh, I told you,

I'd never seen
a Higgins-Barrow in person.

And I've definitely never tasted it.

You think you can just come
in here and drink my booze?

All agents, be ready to move in.

Neal may not make it out of this one.

I was gonna share.

[ Both laugh ]

Flynn: You're crazy.
You know that?

And you really love your whiskey.

Well, that's the reason
that I'm so good at making it.

Celebrating a little early,
don't you think?

No, the glass is coming along well.

We'll have the first of 55
ready in an hour.

Once we've perfected
the mold --

Uh, I actually don't give a crap.

How long will the rest take?
A day. Maybe two.

One day it is.


Well... chop-chop.

Thanks for the taste.

You broke into his office.
The door was unlocked.

Don't play semantics.

James was telling the truth.

What'd you find?

Flynn has a gun in his whiskey case.

It's a Browning P9R,

the same model used to kill Ellen.

Flynn Sr. was arrogant enough
to hold onto a murder weapon.

You really think
his son would do the same?

He wants to be just like his father.

He's obsessed with the
family's history,

getting things back to how they were.

The same model doesn't mean
the same gun.

It means my father
was telling the truth.

Don't go off book again.

If we stay the course
and arrest him on distribution,

our warrant will allow us

to seize everything in the warehouse.

- Including the gun?
- Yes.

Okay, but how?
Flynn's playing it safe with me.

But he'll talk to the Conroys.

The family that used to run
their whiskey distribution?

But according to the files,
they haven't spoken in years.


Bringing the families
back together again

fits right into his sweet spot.

Does organized crime have someone
undercover with the Conroys?

They do.

He agreed to contact Flynn,
set up a meet,

and vouch for one of our agents.

Who are you sending?

Peter, you can't.
It's too dangerous.

Says the man who broke
into Flynn's office

and stole a drink.

This is our best shot
at getting them on record.

And it allows you to be there
to keep an eye on me.

Hmm, guess you're right.

Your cover better be airtight.

Which means I need
to talk to an expert

on the Conroys and Flynns.

[ Sighs ]

But they didn't check his boot.

Conroy Sr. had a Snubnose
tucked in there.

Problem was, when he went to grab it,

he couldn't pull the damn thing out.
[ Laughs ]

That's when the Flynns
cut off ties with him.

Conroys were lucky
that's all they cut off.

This is all very helpful.

I know.

All right, I'm gonna study up on this,

and, uh, I'll see you later.

I should get going, too.

Uh, hang on a second.

Can you stick around?


Have a seat.

I saw the whiskey container.

There is
a gun in there --

the same kind used to kill Ellen.

We get the gun, we get Flynn.

I should have taken it.

No, no, no.
You did the right thing.

Peter has a good plan.
You should stick to it.

Make sure they don't
get away with this.

Do you believe me, Neal?

I want to.

But there's one thing
I don't understand.

Ellen said you told her
you were innocent,

and then you confessed.

Why would you confess
to a murder you didn't commit?

I've never told this to anyone,
not even Ellen.

A couple of days after I was
arrested, she came to see me.

She'd done some digging,

and she realized that I was framed.

She also realized that the Flynns

didn't have the cops in their pocket.

They were working for the cops,

some people very high up on the force.

And for the first time, I had hope.

But then I got a phone call,

and the man on the
other end of the line

wanted Ellen to
stop investigating immediately.

He threatened to kill
everybody I cared about --

Ellen, your mother, you.

The only way to protect everyone
was to confess

and turn state's evidence
against the Flynns.

The marshals immediately pulled you and
your mother into Witness Protection.

What about Ellen?

The same.

They were worried

the Flynns would try
and get to her, too.

I thought I'd join you
and your mom in WITSEC,

but, uh, she filed for divorce.

She wanted separate locations.

I don't blame her.
She thought I was cop killer.

So you gave up everything
to keep us safe.

I gave up everything
the minute I took that cash.

Do you know who was on the phone?

I don't.

But you don't kill a cop
and get a phone call

unless it's somebody very powerful.

Police chief maybe.

Never could figure that part out.

But Flynn would know.

Look, if we find out,
you can stop running.

I can't even imagine
what that would be like.

I'll be meeting with Flynn
as Mark Conroy.

He's the most camera-shy
of the family.

Few know what he looks like,
and he's about my age.

Neal's at the warehouse now,
working on the bottles.

I'm scheduled to arrive there
in an hour.

Once Peter uses the trigger phrase,

"We have a deal," we move in.

What's your response time?

We'll be two blocks down to
avoid any chance of being seen,

so I'm guessing a minute,
90 seconds tops.

Great. Let's move out.

There's something about

the art of crafting
a piece from within

that's exquisitely challenging.

Okay, Chihuly, good work.



Man: Hold still.

You know how it is.
You can't be too careful.

You should tell them to go ahead
and check my boot.

[ Chuckles ]
That's water under the bridge.

Glad to hear it.

Check the boot.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

Is this McCann or your forgery?

You can't tell by my smile?

[ Laughs ]

And the glasswork?

We could make a lot of money on this.

Oh, I agree. They did great work.

And, luckily, we won't be needing
them for too much longer.

What do you mean?

Well, we've recorded their process.

We can use the video
to train our own guys.

But why get rid of them?
Are they becoming a problem?

Eh, well, they've seen too much,
including you now.

It's just best to be safe.

How many bottles
are they making for you?


That's right.

They're finishing up
bottle number 55 right now.

Take care of them.

You know, I'd love to meet them
before you do.

This is great work.

Nah, it's best
if you don't get too familiar.

Never good to name them if you're
not gonna keep them, you know?


Then it looks like we have a deal.

That's our signal.
Everybody move.


We haven't even talked numbers yet.

Oh, with this quality work,

I know we'll come to an understanding.

I'd like to try
some of your other whiskeys.

Do you mind?
Uh, help yourself.

Oh, this is fantastic, yeah.

Call your men off now.

Call them off -- right now. I don't
know what you're talking about.


[ Grunts ]


[ Grunting ]

Diana: FBI!
Jones: On the ground!

Man: FBI! Check it!

[ Grunting ]

I'm gonna check on Peter.

Dennis Flynn Jr.,
you're under arrest

for intent to distribute
counterfeit items

and attempted murder

and whatever crimes you may have
committed with this weapon.

You planted that gun.

I've never seen it before in my life.

Bet your dad said the same thing.

Did forensics come back?

Ballistics matched Flynn's gun
to Ellen's murder weapon.

So we got him.

We did.

What aren't you telling me?

Somebody else got him, too.

Flynn was being escorted
to a transport car

when he was stabbed to death
by a prisoner with a shiv.

Someone wanted him dead awfully fast.

Very few people knew he was there.

We need to find out who had access
to Flynn's release documents.

I'm on it.
It's not a long list.

But the bad news is, we lost
Flynn and whatever he knows.

Well, he must have been
working with someone,

looking for Ellen's evidence box.

Someone who knew that Flynn's
only angle in prison

would be to turn on them,
so Flynn had to die and fast.

Now, the good news is,

we forced someone to play their hand.

And like Diana said,
it's not a long list.

But whoever it is
has an incredible reach.

Neal, if they can get to Flynn
like this...

James is right.

He isn't safe here.

I can't send him away.

Only for a little while,
until we know more.

He'll be back.

You don't know that.

Talk to him.

[ Sighs ]

Ellen: Goodbye, Neal.

Until we meet again.

[ Click ]

Seeing her again.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

Ellen said that whatever's
in that pendant

is the key to finding
the evidence box.

And hopefully to clearing my name.

So, how do we do it?

Well, I'm listed as her next of kin,

so now that the Flynn case
is wrapped up,

it'll be sent to me.

Once we have the key --

Once I have the key.

I don't understand.
I-I thought you believed me.

I do.
It's not about that.

You need to leave New York.

It's not safe for you here.

No, I've left you too many times.

They got to Ellen.
They got to Flynn.

They almost got to you.

Mozzie has a safe house
outside the city.

It's completely off the radar.

You can stay there.

All right.

I want you to be a part of my life.

Thank you.

All right, uh...


Look, once Peter and
I figure this out,

we can take them down together.

He's waiting outside
to give you a ride, so...

I thought I'd never see you again.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]



Bye, dad.

- See you soon, buddy.
- Okay.