White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 12 - Brass Tacks - full transcript

Neal and Peter investigate Senator Pratt's involvement with corrupt cops, which leads to a real estate developer running a kickback scheme.

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Previously on "White Collar"...

Dennis Flynn.
We think he killed Ellen.

I was undercover
with the Flynn organization.

They were a local crime family
with some P.D. on the payroll.

Ballistics matched Flynn's gun
to Ellen's murder weapon.

So we got him.

Somebody else got him, too.

Flynn was being escorted
to a transport car

When he was stabbed to death
by a prisoner with a shiv.

Neal, if they can get to Flynn
like this...

Ellen said that whatever's
in that pendant

Is the key to finding the evidence box.
How do we do it?

Well, I'm listed as her next
of kin, so it'll be sent to me.

Once we have the key --

Once I have the key.

Neal, we need to talk.

What's up?

As you know, a few hours after
we arrested Dennis Flynn, jr.,

He was shivved
on the way to the bus.

No suspects.

Senator Terrence Pratt
ordered the transfer.

Wanted him in D.C.

Why would
a senator from Maryland

Care where
Flynn served time?

Because before he ran
for public office,

He was
a police captain in D.C.

The same time my dad and Ellen
were on the force.

He's got to be one of the dirty
cops Ellen was investigating.

That's what I'm thinking.
He's the one.

He had access to notice

When Sam or Ellen's names
popped up on the databases.

If he was on the Flynns' payroll
when he was a cop,

They have a common enemy.

Pratt reaches out
to Flynn,

Tells him he knows
where he can find

The people
who took down his family.

Flynn kills Ellen and goes after
my dad, but we grab Flynn.

Pratt's worried
that he's gonna talk,

So he orders the transfer
and has him murdered.

It's a good theory.

Pratt's gonna be in Manhattan
this week.

I'm gonna invite him
into the offices

So he can tell me
what he knows about the Flynns.

I like it.

Think he'll come?

I would,
just to see what you know.

The marshals
finally came through.

A life packed up
and inventoried.

Ellen certainly didn't leave
much behind.

Well, she knew
she was being uprooted.

She only held on to things
with sentimental value.

Or something
that could tear the lid

Off a dirty
police division.

That's the key.

I've never seen anything
like it.

It's in two pieces.

How do we find the evidence box
it opens?

If I use Bureau resources,
Pratt will know.

So we let Mozzie
run with the key.

Want to rephrase?

If anyone can find
what this unlocks, it's him.

All right, but I don't want
Mozzie alone on this.

He doesn't play well
with others.

Which hand?

It doesn't matter.
I know I'm gonna be wrong.

I only have two.
Where's the key, Quantico?

The left.

I use my trigger thumbs to
switch the key between hands.

Yeah, you got me.
I can't work with this.

He has no visual acuity.

tell us about the key.

Well, the two-part design
makes it unique.

The heavy corrosion
masks its true identity.

This, uh,
muscled excess baggage here

Will only hinder
my path of discovery.

Come on.

Okay. Suit Jones
can ride along --

Provided he can keep up.

Not gonna be a problem.

The key stays with Jones
at all time.

Neal. Peter. Moz.


Good. We have a meeting
with a senator.

Good luck.

Okay, give me the key.

Not a chance, tiny.

Senator, this is
special agent Peter Burke

And his consultant,
Neal Caffrey.

I appreciate your coming,

How could I say no
to law enforcement?

the ozone meeting confirmed,

And there will be national press
at the penner lunch.

Kyle runs my calendar
like an airstrip at Andrews,

So we'll need
to keep this brief.

It was an honor to meet you, senator.
Thank you.

I'll get right to it.

Dennis Flynn,
you know the family.

Of course,
from my days on Metro P.D.

We were hoping
for some insight.

Well, when I was a cop in D.C.,
my department cracked down

On an earlier generation
of the Flynn family.

Is that why you requested
Dennis Flynn's transfer?

Well, that family did
a lot of damage to my state.

I wanted to send a clear message
to my voters

That I'd tie up loose ends.

Well, it's unfortunate Flynn
died before we could question --

Any idea
who wanted him killed?

Well, clearly,
he had enemies.

I'm not surprised
it ended that way.

But with a father like his...
Kid never stood a chance.

Neal, would you help Diana
with the Ramirez file?

It's due today.

Of course.

Mr. Caffrey, is it?

You and agent Burke have done
a great service

Taking a ruthless criminal
off the street,

And I want to thank you
for that.

That's what we do, sir.

Senator Pratt's office.

it's George from Bloomberg's.

The Mayor heard Pratt's
in town.

Why aren't we on the books?

Let me see what we can do.

Listen, I got another call.
Can you hold?

Hey. Want some more?

All right.

Thank you.


Give me the good news, kyle.

We can do 4:30.

that's not gonna work.

That's all we've got.

Well, give us a heads up
next time.

I read up
on the D.C. Flynns.

Seems their downfall hinged
on the word of a dirty cop --

James Bennett.

Detective Bennett
was tragic.

He turned state evidence
on the Flynns.

He did.

You knew him well?
Yes, I was his captain.

Did everything I could
for Jimmy Bennett.

he was a lost cause.

Well, he came prepared.

Yeah, he knows we're on to him.

We woke a giant, Neal.

Good news is I got a look
at his itinerary.

We'll know where he's gonna be
when he's in new york.

Pratt wants us to back down.

Oh. What do you want?


You ready
to take down a giant?

Grab your slingshot.

White Collar, Season 4 Episode 12
"Brass Tacks"

Hey honey, how's the planning going?

This party will be the first time

The author appears
without a burka,

And what does the publisher
want? Belly dancing.

That seems
sort of contrary.

Yeah, it undermines the whole
important message of the book,

And he wants me
to compromise?


You dig in your heels.

You look him
straight in the eye

And tell him
you're gonna do it your way.

You know, you're like
a hot Deepak Chopra.


I'll take that. Hot Deepak.

It's late.
Expecting someone?

Yeah, Hughes.

What kind of work stuff means
a house call from your boss?

Decades of cover-ups,
organized crime, two murders?

Now, this is much bigger
than Caffrey and his father.

Mm-hmm. It's public corruption,

We need to take out Pratt.

He's got juice.
I know.

You got a plan?

I want to start by putting taps
on him while he's in New York.

This stays small.

You, me, and my team.

You have a judge
you can trust?

I'll handle it.

You know, but Pratt's on the crime
and terrorism subcommittee.

He'll figure it out.
You won't have much time.

Be careful, Peter.
He can hurt you.

I will.

Reese went out the back.

He said
to tell you good night.

"Dig your heels in.
You know what's right"?

Is that advice
for me or for you?

You heard us out there?

Didn't even need a warrant.

You said Pratt could hurt you.

I have to go after him, El.
It's my job.

Is this about you
helping Neal and his father

Or arresting the bad guy?

It's about both.

Just don't get in so deep
that you can't get out.

I won't. I promise.


You come to bed
with this hot Deepak Chopra.

Our warrant came through.

Pratt's in Manhattan
for just 48 hours.

Now's our shot to go
all "big brother" on him.

Well, thanks
to Caffrey's snooping,

We know what Pratt's day
looks like.

He starts here.

Kensington barbershop?

Known for their luxury shaves.

How much does that run him?

Probably $200, plus tip.

$200?! That covers my grooming
for the year.

You've never had
a traditional shave?

Oh, warm towel, hot lather,

Single-edged blade stropped
to surgical perfection.

I'll stick to my disposable
blades and a can of Barbasol.

Anyway, while the senator's
wrapped in hot towels,

We can plant a bug on him.

Well, I talked to the owner.

He was not happy, but he agreed
to let us take over the shop.


Pratt knows
what Neal and I look like.

Diana, how are you
with a straight razor?

Better than Sweeney Todd.

Just to your left a little bit.

Senator Pratt, welcome.
I'm Dierdre.

Hello, Dierdre.

May I take your briefcase
and jacket, sir?

Thank you.

It is such an honor to have you.
Oh, thank you very much.

Nigel here will get you comfortable

While I put these away.



All right, Pratt's phone
isn't in his pocket.

And it's not in here.

Damn it. It's on him.
What do we do?

We could try giving him
a manicure.

I'll put a compress on his eyes
so he can't see.

And I'll switch out
the sim card.

How much is a manicure?

You don't want to know.

Feeling comfy?

Look at your hands!
You, sir, need a manicure.

Manicure, huh?

You bite you nails.
You got me.

Shall I?
Let's do it.

All right.

Close your eyes.

There you go.

I'll hang on to that.

Oh, it's, uh -- it's kind of
tough to work around.

Come on, you're the pro.
You'll figure it out.


I'm just gonna
soak your hand.

There you go.

And the other one.

Ooh! Sorry.
I got it. There you go.

Sorry about that.

Okay. Soak the other one.

There you go.

This is Pratt.

Senator Terrence Pratt?


Oh, uh,
I represent P.A.N.E.O. --

People for the Awareness
of Near-Earth Objects.

Are we talking asteroids?

Among other things.

What's your stance
on impact monitoring.

My voters prefer
if I focus on issues

That impact their daily lives.

Your voters will know impact

Once 2014 az5 annihilates their condos.

Think about that while you're
sipping your cocoa tonight.


How do these nutjobs
get my number?

I'll just dry that off for you.

There you go.

Thank you, Dierdre.

You're welcome.

Tracking chip's in place.

Camera and audio are in the briefcase.

Say cheese.


I hope Pratt's ready
for his close-up.


How's Pratt's day going?

He's sticking close
to his itinerary.

He made one unscheduled stop at
a construction site in midtown.

Oh, briefcase cam.

That's Cole Edwards,

One of the city's biggest
real-estate developers.

He's responsible for
some of the ugliest skyscrapers

I've ever seen.

Edwards is also one of Pratt's
major campaign donors.

I'm pulling old line off this project.
You sure?

'cause once I get things lined up,

It's gonna be a real moneymaker.

Yeah, well,
there'll be other things.

Have we got a problem, Terry?

I'll take care of it.

What would be the reason

Pratt would keep a meeting
with his biggest donor a secret?

Construction's rife with corruption.

We need to look into old line.

Get started.
I'll hit city planning.

If the project they're
discussing isn't above-board,

It could be
our way into Pratt.

You know, I'd go with you,

But Mozzie and I have
an appointment with, uh...

..."the Keymaster."

You ever think
you'd say that out loud?

I'll let you know
how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Your guy's a hoarder.

Oh, Zimmer thrives on chaos.

I use him on the rare occasion
I hit a wall

Of the lock-and-key variety.

Be forewarned, though.

Every transaction with him
involves a riddle.

A riddle?
Imminently solvable.

So your guy's weird
and annoying.

Perhaps, but the answer to his riddle

Is his fee for his expertise
about the key.

So you guys work
a barter system.

Well, the last time I had
an exchange with Zimmer,

He paid me with a pair
of Houdini's handcuffs.

Yeah, he should have paid you
with his straightjacket.

Oh, already have one, wing tips.

Of course you do.

Ah, Mozzie, last time I saw you,
you left in cuffs.

On my own terms,
of course.

Who's this?

My intern.

Let's talk about this key.

What's this unlock?

Patience, intern.

You need something
from me...

I must have something
from you.

Okay, drop your riddle, Zimmer.

You guys are serious?

Rome, roam, a basket takes him
far from home.

In the desert,
he... is the son.

The fee for my services
is the answer.

Okay, uh, basket, rome,
desert, scary baby.

Ah, it's s-o-n, not s-u-n.
Thank you, Sunday school.

Obviously --

9:00 A.M. Tomorrow.

If you want my help...
Bring the answer.

Tomorrow? What do --
what? It's -- it's easy.

It's Moses, right?

Seriously? It's never that simple.

What, so we're leaving already?

We just got here!

Jones, keep up.
Come, intern.

All right, so old line
is Pratt's corporation.

He uses it to invest
in private ventures

When he wants his name
kept out of it.

A lot of these investments

Fall under Edwards' commercial
real-estate empire.

Yeah, Pratt sends
a lot of money Edwards' way.

Yeah, and it's not all his own.

Pratt's voting record shows
he supported federal funds

For Edwards' building sites,
corporate tax breaks.

Oh, all the good stuff.

So, Pratt helps
Edwards' business.

Edwards donates money
back to Pratt.

Yeah, politics
since the beginning of time.

Nothing illegal about it.

Yeah, and they know it's not, so
why are they meeting in secret.

I'm gonna check in with Peter.


Hey, we think Pratt and Edwards
are working a quid pro quo,

But we haven't found enough
to move on.

I did.

On my way back to the office

So we can put the Edwards files
under a microscope.

What the -- oh, damn!

What's going on?

I don't have brakes.


My brakes --
I don't have my brakes.

Come on! Come on!


How is he?

Oh, um, I don't --
I don't know yet.

He's unconscious.
His arm's hurt.

He has a concussion,
but we don't know how bad.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, um, the EMT gave me these.

They were in the car with him.


How are you doing?

Diana, could I --
could I talk to Neal alone?

Of course.

Um, I'll take these
back to the office.

Keep me posted, okay?

I will.

They said it was low brake fluid,

But the bureau maintains its cars.

We'll find out what happened.

Here's what happened.

Peter went after a U.S. Senator,

But someone wants him to stop.

It's possible.

You and I both know
it's more than that.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that it's about you
and your father.

Peter would do anything
to help you...

And this is what he gets?

Do you know what it
felt like to have somebody

In Brooks Brothers
and a poker face

Tell you that your husband's
been in an accident?

Pratt's corrupt, and Peter's
not gonna back down --

Nor should he.

I need your help.

Tell me what you want me to do.

I know you and he were looking
into something off-book.

What was it?

We were looking into a key
that Ellen left behind.

No more "we."

I don't want the next call I get
to be from the morgue.

You look into this key without him.

I can't lie to Peter.

If you have to lie to his face
to keep him safe,

You damn well lie to his face.

Well, obviously, my liver is a write-off,

But my acupuncturist will testify

To the virginal state of my spleen.

That's very generous, Moz, but
Peter doesn't need your spleen.

You make any headway
on Zimmer's riddle.

No, and I am staring
down the barrel

Of a 9:00 A.M. deadline.

So we still have time
to freeze the FBI out.

My instinct from the beginning!

I know. I know.

Why the change of heart?


Elizabeth asked me.

Look, Pratt already destroyed
my family.

I'm not gonna let it
happen to hers.

Peter's got enough to handle
going after Pratt.

We track the key on our own.


I think I know what Peter found.

Be right there.

Whenever a builder
alters plans to a site,

He has to file
one of these change orders

With city planning.

These are all
from Edwards' projects.

These are all for changes in
materials used for construction.

Multiple change orders
is a red flag for fraud.

Wait a second.

Look at where the ink bled

And the date on the change order
underneath it.

January 21, 2010.

So they stamped it and filed it
away before the ink was dry.

Yeah, but not in 2010.

Oh, hey --
I was drinking that.

Don't worry.
I keep my hands clean.

Yeah, I need an FBI file
from the same year.


See, the FBI stamp's
less pigmented.

There's no sheen.

That's how three-year-old ink
should look.

These change orders were stamped
recently and re-filed.

Looks like we found a way
to get to Pratt.

I could do it again
if you want to see --


Tell me why Edwards would file
change orders retroactively.

He got nervous
when Pratt paid him a visit

And decided to cover his tracks

In case anyone else
checked up on him.

Which we did.

His original plans always use
more expensive materials

Than the ones on the change orders.

And we think he's swapping in
cheaper materials,

Paying off the right people,
and skimming millions.

Even if you get him, how are you
gonna link it to senator Pratt?

Edwards has
a couple of high rises

In midtown
under construction.

One stalled out.
He fired his architect.

He's looking for a new one.

And I bet you always wanted to
be an architect, right, Caffrey?

I hook Edwards on a pillar
of power and prestige,

Sell him on materials, and if
we're right about his M.O.,

We get him for fraud.

Then we have the leverage
we need to flip him on Pratt.

Backstop the hell out of our
new architect, Berrigan.

And run the design
by our engineers.

Make sure the damn thing
won't fall down.

And Caffrey, don't stand
under any cranes. Yes, sir.

So far, this investigation

Has put my best agent
in the hospital.

We'll make sure
it wasn't for nothing.

"The higher the building,
the lower the morals."

When'd you make a mold
of the key?

Oh, please.
The moment you handed it to me.

Backup in case
the bureau took it away.

Now my copy
will mislead Agent Jones.

Nice, Moz.

Yeah, but this riddle
is driving me crazy.

Let's go over it again.

Rome, roam, a basket took him
far from home.

In the desert, he is the son.

He's clearly talking about Moses.

But Zimmer's riddles
always point to his payment.

Maybe he wants you
to part the Hudson.



What does the word "Moses" mean
in the original archaic hebrew?

It means "son."

He wants my son.

He wants Barty.

No, Moz, you can't.

I insist.

You risked your bond
with the suit.

He, in turn,
sacrificed himself for you.

It is time for me
to pay the price.

I'll see him on Thursday.

Hey, how'd you get up here?

You can't walk in here
without an appointment.

I'm here to write your name
on the Manhattan skyline,

Mr. Edwards.

And you're gonna thank me for it.

Mr. Edwards, that building --ow.
Like your others --

Is going to fall short of greatness.

Oh, that's an excellent pitch.

Insult me. My buildings are great.

Maybe in size and number,
but are they true landmarks?

Are they mentioned
in the same breath

As the empire state
or Rockefeller Center?

That building can be your legacy.

The Edwards city tower --

A monument with the promise
of nowhere to go but up.

Wait. You set this up?
Where the hell is my security?

William Grey.

Never heard of you.

Oh, I've been working abroad --
the Emirates, mostly.

You're welcome
to check my credentials.

Oh, thanks.
I definitely will.

You'll note the western
european influence --

Geometric, unornamented, powerful.

Honesty and clarity
on 70 floors.

Damn it.

The roofing is inspired
by the great Pyramid of Giza,

Eldest of the seven
ancient wonders of the world.

What's the framework
at the top?

Bronze-toned I-beams.

Why hide the strength
that supports the structure?

My assistant. Excuse me.


Pratt's just arrived.
He sees you, this op's blown.

Can you push the meeting?

I'll try to stall him.

All right, well, try hard.


my assistant can't handle.

Frank Lloyd Wright
once said

That "architecture is
that great living spirit which,

From generation
to generation..."

Senator Pratt.

It's Dierdre from the barbershop.

Dierdre from the barbershop.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I live in the neighborhood.

You know, this must be fate.

When you touched my hand
yesterday, I felt a connection.

I'm not a big believer in fate.

Oh, well, I'm not a stalker --
I'm a stylist.

But more importantly,
I could be your stylist.

Yeah, you live on camera.
All those photo ops.

Someone's got to make sure
you look perfect.

I'll think about it.

Oh, that's great because,
you know,

I cut hair for a living,
and you cut ribbons, so --

I'll think about it.

We have everything we need
to move forward --

computer modeling.

I'm impressed.

All right, now,
if we do move forward,

I insist we use
the right materials.

The I-beams need to be american
standard, wide flanges.

Bronze-toned, as well?


No, they don't have
the same strength over time.

You been to the colosseum

The romans didn't skimp.

I won't skimp, either.

I'm glad
you snuck up here.

My pleasure.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have a busy day ahead of me.

You know how to reach me.

Hi, hon.

Word got out
you had a new swiss army toy.

Naturally, I had to have him.

Okay, you know what?
You've got your weird baby.

Now it's our turn.

Okay, now, if you don't come up
with anything,

Barty goes home with me.

Nickel-plated brass. Heavy rust.

Bluish patina on the exposed surfaces.

I'd say this key was forged,

A decade ago.

Hey, I answered your riddle.
I want more.

Uh, okay, this here, it could be
a manufacturer's logo.

No logo. Just a scratch, that's all.

That's it?

I sacrificed my firstborn for this?

I made no promises.

I'm going back to the Bureau.

You tell Caffrey the Riddler
didn't have anything for us.

Okay. Bye.


The real key, please.

You caught the switch?

What do you take me for?

Heavy corrosion.

I need to see
what's underneath.

I have a solution.

So, what kind of key is that?

It's something special.

Neal, the Keymaster came through.

Interesting developments afoot.

I got some great information.

Care to catch me up?

Thanks for setting me up.

Ah, just glad you're okay.

I know how much you hate
being out of the loop.


Speaking of, the little guy
tried to pull one over on me.

What do you mean?

He swapped the real key
with the fake one.

Sneaky son of a gun
thought I didn't see it,

But I caught the trigger thumb
this time.

Ended up badging Zimmer.

He was so fascinated
with the real key,

He made a mold of it.

I had him make me a copy.

You think Neal told Mozzie
to make the swap?

Yes. I'm sure
Caffrey knows about it.



I heard Peter was up.
He is.

Listen, about yesterday --

You don't need
to apologize.

I wasn't.
I meant every word of it.

I understand.

Then you know
what you have to do.

Hey, you two.

We interrupting?

Just leaving.

Thanks for stopping by.

You look good!

Oh, yeah.
The miracle of the jell-o diet.

Neal comes bearing gifts.

Oh. Here.


Here you go.

Set this here.


"Beer of the month" club.

Yeah, I figured lifting a few pints

Could be good rehabilitation
for you.

Thank you. Thank you.

And what is this?

It's, um --

A sling?

There's a fake arm in it.
Mozzie's gift?

Oh, he thought you could use
a sling,

And the arm's good for
gaming tables in atlantic city.

It's very thoughtful.

So, Jones told me
about the Keymaster.

Turned out to be
a dead end?

he didn't give us anything,

But, you know,
there's always another angle.


You know, I-I want to get back
to work as soon as possible,

And I -- I still need
a little more rest.

Of course.


He just lied to me,
right to my face.

He didn't even grace me with his
slippery avoidance techniques.

He lied to my face.

Hey, Diana.

City signed off
on your building.

Seems Edwards and Pratt
have more pull

With the planner's office
than we thought.

Edwards should call
his supplier soon.


We'll have an agent by the phone
to intercept the call.

Hey, when that happens, can you
route the call to the hospital?

Oh. Got you.

I want the bronze rounds,
5-10 model.

Confirming, that's the H-beams?

That's what I said.

Sorry, I'm new here.

Well, you might be temporary, too.

Tell Gary I need all this
delivered first thing tomorrow.

Got it. Thanks for your
business, Mr. Edwards.

Have an unpleasant day.

I'm sorry.
Did you say "unpleasant"?

Permit approved by the city was
for american standard I-beams.

But you ordered cheaper goods

Without approval
from the planner's office.

That's a violation of building codes.

It also gives us
what we need to subpoena

All of your personal
bank accounts and records.

We got Edwards.


I'll be heading home
as soon as I'm discharged.

Keep me posted.

Of course.

You shuffled a lot of money
around, Mr. Edwards.

We compared your company
accounts to your own.

Found some discrepancies.

Probably an accounting mistake.

By subbing in lower-grade materials,

You saved almost $150 million.

I filed the change reports.

Our lab ran ink tests.

They were stamped
less than a week ago.

You were never gonna report
those savings to your investors.

Multiple counts of bank and wire fraud.

One to five on each count,
and you're looking at 25 years.

But there's a chance
we can make a deal here.

What kind of deal?

I'm interested in senator Pratt.

Provide us with evidence
you gave him kickbacks,

And the prosecutor will know
how cooperative you are.

There's also the matter

Of attempted murder
of a federal agent.

You rigged agent Burke's car
to malfunction.

If you had any proof,
you would have led with that.

He's taking his chances
on a lenient judge.

No, he's hoping his loyalty
gets back to Pratt.

He's betting on him to pull strings.

It's a dead end.

I'm profoundly disappointed
in Cole Edwards.

I'd had my suspicions.

I visited the FBI
several days ago.

after my visit...

Pratt cuts Edwards loose

And then takes credit
for the Bureau's win.

disheartening results.

Public corruption is
something I cannot tolerate.

Thank you.



Well, look at this.

Well, this can't be good.

Senator Pratt!

We need to talk.

Friend Edwards had your back

And you threw him
under the bus.

My stance on public corruption--
-- is a joke,

Especially when you're
at the heart of it.

That's a serious accusation.

I'm aware of your situation,
Mr. Caffrey,

Your background, your father.

What about my father?

Keep it together, Neal.

You accuse me of corruption
when, in fact,

It was James Bennett who was
the real stain on Metro P.D. --

A criminal posing as a cop.

I'm sure you, of all people,
can appreciate the irony.

Oh, I will.


You destroyed my family
30 years ago.

I'm not gonna let you do it again.

Whatever you're hiding,
I'm gonna find it.

I'm not sure about that.

Your division at the FBI
is undergoing restructuring

As of today.

What does he mean?

Thank you.

Jones, what's going on?

What? When?

They're forcing you out.

Pratt made calls
to the Attorney General.

An hour later,
the Director phoned me

And put early retirement
on the table.

This is ridiculous.

It wasn't a choice.

A.G. made it clear.

My pension was at risk
if I didn't cooperate.

You're not going anywhere.

It's the best offer I'm gonna get.

And I can walk out with my head up.

Reese, I did this.

This isn't about you, Peter.

I signed off on the op.
I knew the risks.

Pratt can't get away with this.

Then don't let him.

If anyone can get the bastard,
it's you.

No one could ever ask
for a better team

Than I found in you.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you for your service,

Thank you, sir.

You're a real son of a bitch, Neal.

But you're the best damn
son of a bitch I've ever seen.


I could say the same for you, Reese.

Take care of Peter.

I will.

Hughes is gone?

Thanks to Pratt.

We took out his biggest donor,
he retaliated.

Are you sure about this?

Going after Pratt, for me,
it's personal.

For you --
it's personal, too.

I believe in this system,
and if someone's polluting it,

It's our job to set things right.

The senator knows we're coming.

Good, because I'm gonna find
every dirty deal,

Every crime or cover-up
he's been a part of.

That's what I do.

That's what you do.

Ellen must have made it

When she first moved to New York.

What if it unlocks nothing?

Keys don't have existential crises.

What? The Keymaster came through?

Well, he did give me another riddle.

What did he say?

When is a key not a key?
When it's a guide.

A guide?

Ridges on keys are numerically
coded by width and height.

Maybe they're coordinates.

The shapes, they look familiar.

Look at the silhouette.

What does that remind you of?

Um, an O.C.D.'s nightmare
of assorted boxes?

It's a cityscape, Moz.

Not this /i> one.

No, but Manhattan has
the best skyline in the world.

These are buildings.

If we match these shapes up
from the right vantage point...

It's going to point us somewhere.

It's a map.
Pratt doesn't know about this.

Neither does Peter.

Neal thinks he's in the lead here...

But I'm with him.