White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 9 - Point Blank - full transcript

Realizing the music box is part of the treasures Alex Hunter robbed from single ship, Neal lets Mozzie fake an FBI file so Brooks will enlist his help to investigate just that. They realize...

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Who is that?

Agent Garrett Fowler.

I gave you the box, Kate,
and I never hear from you again.


Here. I don't need all the heat
this is gonna bring.

I deciphered
the phone number

that Kate dialed
from the plane.

I traced it to
a store-bought burner phone.

So no names associated with it.
Not yet.

Whatever this thing's hiding,
it's not the music.

I think it's a keyhole.

A key to what?

That's the last piece
of the music box.

I'm giving up my obsession.

Are you suggesting
I give up mine?

Marshals monitor the anklet.

Yes, one of these keys
goes to your anklet.

I know who Kate called
from the plane.

It was the FBI agent

who set up the deal
between you and Kate.

Garrett Fowler.

Now I need to find him.

Is this a good idea?

You have a better one?

You think Mozzie can do this?

Oh, he is a savant when it comes
to things like this.

Rain man. I get it.

You should see him
with a Rubik's cube.

Probably can do it
with his feet, right?

30 seconds, socks on or off.

Ohh. This is the single
greatest day of his life. Yep.

All the conspiracy theories
have come true.

We've been so close,

and now we finally meet.

I told you.
I agreed with you.


No, there's no shushing.

No shushing for you.

You ready to record this?

Yes, but...

First walk me through it.

All right.
Pay attention.

This is where it gets good.

We noticed this broken piece...

Wasn't broken.

It's a keyhole.


And this is the key.

There's a second comb.

We snap it into place.

You ready?


Any idea what kind of code it is?

Sounds could correspond
to numbers, wavelengths.

Pala's discovery of hidden music
in "The Last Supper."

Runescape's encoded flute solo!

Don't forget
"Close Encounters."

Geographical coordinates

...In five tones.

Very good, suit.

Clearly we're in good hands.


What are you doing?

I'm getting this
out of harm's way.

And I am keeping this.

That's a good idea.

If we defang the box,

we can use it
to lure out Fowler.

No way.

Tomorrow, you and me.

It's back to business as usual.


Oh. Business as usual.

Us without the box.


How old is this code?

Hard to say.

The last credible report

has the box disappearing
from Konigsberg Castle in '45.

Now, assuming
no one has reunited

the cherub and the box
since then...

Wait, wait.

The box and the key were
together the day we stole it.


She had them both before
she brought the box back to me.

Well, she obviously inserted
the key and found the comb.

So why'd she give it back?

Couldn't solve it herself?

Or she took something
out of it.

Or she knows something
we don't.

She could be
a step ahead of us.


We really should talk to her.

It's too bad she disappeared
to Italy.

Mm, maybe.

Hey. You know where Alex is,
don't you?

I have an idea.

How did Mozzie do?

Better than I expected.

I'm convinced. He's the cherub for the job.

And what about Neal?
How's he doing with all this?

I don't know if he's interested
in the music box.

I think he just
wants to find Fowler.

See what he knows
about Kate's death.

Well, speaking of Fowler,

we got a blip on the radar.

An old bank account.

Someone checked the balance.

Can you trace it?

It was done remotely.

200 bucks in the account?

Yeah, he emptied his accounts
when he went underground,

but he didn't get much.

Maybe he's desperate for cash.

What are you thinking?

Do you know
about his wife's death?

She was killed during a robbery
a few years ago.

Back when he was working
violent crimes for the bureau.

Suspicious circumstances
surrounded her murder.

That kept the insurance company
from finalizing their claim.

We could make it look like
the claim finally came through.

Put a stack of cash
in the account.

If he bites,
we can track the withdrawal.

In the meantime,
make sure that stays safe.


What bushes did you rustle
to uncover Alex's trail?

Remember that silver collection
she fenced a few years ago?

The Spanish pieces
from the Almiranta shipwreck?

They're popping up again,
one at a time. Ugh.


I don't like loitering.


I really appreciate this.

So, what happened
to your goatee?

You know I liked it.

We all grow up.

All children...

Except one.

Did you bring it?

It's from the Almiranta.

Who's the fence?


The thief?

It's the third piece
of shipwreck silver

I've had come through
this month.

Someone's been busy.

Too busy.

I like that "someone."

So you should warn her
the NYPD is on the trail.

If they make
the Almiranta connection...


What do I owe you for this?

We all go way back.

Just remember me fondly
when you pull the next job.

Well, that might be a while.

Or it might not.

He thinks it's Alex...

She knows how valuable
this stuff is,

and she knows
where it is.

She's stealing back
her own stuff.

When the NYPD realizes it's all
from the same collection...

They'll set a trap.

Unless we get to her first.

Oh, that would take
FBI resources

we don't have access to.

I can get those.


I con the FBI.

Following standard
Peter protocol,

that means he'll try to pull
from the reserve

of active case files,

which I am allowed to take home
and peruse.

Exhibits "a," I presume?


They range from mortgage fraud
to copyright infringement

back to mortgage fraud.

Sorry, I just dozed off.
I know.

But Peter always tries to find
a diamond in the rough.

So you want to create a diamond
for him to find.


If we can forge a case file
linking the silver thefts,

he won't be able to resist it.

And then he'll think
he found the case himself.

It's brilliant!

- Hello, hello.
- June.

Sorry to interrupt
your project,

but I will be leaving town
for a few days,

so, as per our agreement...

Oh, you want me to walk Bugsy.

He loves your company.

You got it.

Thank you.
Bye-bye, you two.

Uh, so she has you
dog whispering?

Small price to pay.
Where were we?

Hale told us when the silver
pieces started coming in,

we know Alex's M.O.,

and I created this.

You named Alex
"the silver burglar"?

All right, I admit
it lacks a certain flair.

But it makes the point.

It includes the police reports
for the stolen items,

and I've added
just enough FBI research

to connect the dots.

Uh, your file's a tad too nice

to have been floating
around the bureau.

So we age it.
Just like a painting.

Get in the mind of the file.

Live the life of the file.

Hear the pulse of the file!

Can we do this?

Step one...

the case file is assembled
by our clerk, Janice.

She merges all
the various reports...

Oh. Probably over lunch.

She logs in the police reports

and staples them together.

Oh. Looks like
she forgot a page.


Now, our probee
usually brings her coffee.

It's an excuse to flirt.

Oh, he's left-handed.

Then it goes to Susan,

who highlights the pertinents.

Oh, she's the eau de parfum?

She is.

What are you doing?

Oh. This is the first
burglary victim.

Susan sees the name
and then starts humming.

Mr. Gordon?

He was a county commissioner.

Commissioner Gordon.

♪ Batman ♪

No one will know what song
you hummed when we did this.

Live the file.


Then it gets approved
by Hughes.

Now, his signature is tricky.

He has his assistant
sign for him...


Forging the forger.

Nicely done.

Now it gets passed around
the office a few times.

Nice one.

Now I slip it in
with the rest of the files.

Oh. Hey, honey.

Hey, hon.

Hey, buddy.
How you doing? Good.

He's in trouble.


Ooh, Chinese.

Yeah. Satchmo got
into the quiche I made.


Bad dog.

Thank you.

Oh, so the reserve box, huh?

Looking for your next case?

Yeah, it's time for Neal and me
to get back to basics.

Want to help?



All right, what do we got?

Antitrust lawsuit.

Yeah. Does that
sound interesting?

No, actually, boring.


All right.
Let's see...

Medicare scam.

Okay, well, you sighed,
so we're gonna pass on that one.

Oh, look at this one.

Cat burglar.
That's kind of sexy.


Someone smells good.

That would be Susan.
Let me see that.


Oh, yeah.

Look good?

This should do the trick.


Oh, I know that look.

You got your eye
on a new bad guy.

Ah, got our next case.

What do you know
about stolen Spanish silver?

Do you even have to ask?

Oh, just once I wish I did.

A silver thief.

I've heard good things.

Thought you might like this.

Cat burglary.
Love it.

Why are you humming?

Something in the file.

Popped into my head.

All right,
settle down, kids.

NYPD has been investigating

a series of silver heists.

The thief breaks
through the window

and then cleans out the place.

But here's what NYPD missed.

All the thefts included
at least one piece

from a 17th-century

the Almiranta.

If we can figure out who else owns
pieces from that shipwreck...

We can predict
who's gonna be hit next.

Now, insurance policies

are giving us
three potential targets.

We're gonna stake out
all of them.

This couple called in a vacation
watch to their alarm company.

They'll be gone for a week
starting tomorrow.

That's a lot of lonely silver.

Then that's the address
we'll take.

This should be fun.

♪ Batman ♪


You were right.
We got a hit.

Fowler's insurance settlement.

Deposited yesterday.

A portion was withdrawn
within 40 minutes.

On 32nd street.

I did a radius check,

pulled traffic cams
near the area...

got these.

Hello, Garrett.

Yep. I'm heading out
to take a look.

Diana, last time Fowler...

Tried to shoot me?

Yeah, I'm not gonna give him
another chance.

Easy! Amadeus.

Additive code...

Morse, Baudot...

Set theory,
logarithmic, and geographic...

every kind of cipher.

Unless, um...


Means something to you,
then it's still just noise.

Is there anyone
who can help you with this?

There's one guy.

He works at an antique store
in the west 30s.

Oh. Code breaker?

Code maker.

Has a rep for hiding codes
in gadgets.

Government job?

Just not our government.

And you trust him?

Well, I trust him enough

to play him
a partial piece of it

and not tell him
where it came from.

Maybe Alex will have
our answers.

Oh, sure.

Perhaps she decoded it already

using a stolen silver tea set.

How are you gonna talk
to Alex, anyway?

The FBI's staking out
a penthouse.

She always does rooftop recon
one block away.

Oh. Tell her
I said "ciao."

Will do.

Where's Caffrey?

Oh his way.


He was staying
in short-term housing

a block from that atm.

The clerk I.D.'d him
off the pictures.

He's going by the name
Aaron Burgis.

He left two days ago.


Any hits on that alias?

And it's a big one.

You sure it's Fowler?

Are you gonna tell Neal?

I don't know
if he can handle it.

They're on vacation
in Miami.

Look down.

To the right.

The municipal utility van.


You're looking very
"to catch a thief" tonight.

I hope you don't think
I'm the little French girl

and you're Cary Grant
in this scenario.

I'd like to think
there are similarities.

But I'm not here
to turn you in.

Right. You were just
in the neighborhood.

If I could reach you
like a regular person,

maybe it wouldn't have
to be this way.

Sorry. It's kind of hard
to keep in touch

with this bull's-eye
on my back.

So you come out at night
to steal the things you fenced,

then fence them again?

I don't have the luxury
to be creative.

Who else knows I'm here?

Just me and Moz.

Oh, and the NYPD
if you keep going.

They're close to linking
the thefts, Alex.

I used my friends in the van
to get to you first.


The music box.

You found the code.

Tell me you cracked it.

I'm lurking on a rooftop,

spying into people's windows.

Do you think I cracked it?

I can get that target off
your back once and for all.


Hit somewhere else tonight.

What's my take?

The music box.

Deja vu, Neal.
We've done this.

Third time's a charm.

The box is sitting in a safe
in Diana Barrigan's apartment.

Who is she?

FBI agent.

You want me to break
into a fed's apartment?

Yeah. She's sitting down
in that van right now.

And her girlfriend
works the night shift.

That must kill you.

So what do I do with it
once I get it?

Return it
to the rightful owners.

Give it to the Russian museum.

The person who wants it
will take his eye off you

and put it on them.

What do you say?

You're already dressed for it.

Fowler just became
the priority.

I need you to look
into everything Fowler did

with this alias,

leading up to the explosion
and after.

Off the normal channels?

Stay away from the office.
Can you work from home?

I prefer it.


Where are you going?

I'm headed home.

Why? Why? I thought
we were all surveilling tonight.

You guys are fine without me.

Oh, come on.
But it's the van.

The van's fun.

You hate the van.

I like the van
when Diana's in it.

You're the only thing
that smells good in here.

Then take your last
whiff, because I'm leaving.

All right, Diana has
more important things to do

than be your potpourri.


I have something important
I need to tell you.

What's up?

You won't admit it,
you won't show it,

but I know how difficult

these last few months
have been to you.

I'm glad that you trusted me.

Of course.

I'm returning the favor.

This is a receipt
for parts used

in making the bomb
on Kate's plane.

It says the buyer's name
is Aaron Burgis.

Do you know who that is?

It's Fowler's alias.

Diana tracked his purchases
and found that.

Made one week
before the explosion.

Fowler bought the explosives
and put them on the plane.

You okay?

We're closing in on Fowler.

Diana has a lead.




Are you okay?


I'm not surprised.

Part of me knew
it had to be Fowler.

If we get him now,
we can put him away.


Is Neal with you?

What's going on?

Someone just broke
into my house.

The music box is gone.

Don't do this, Neal.

Tell me you didn't do this.

Do what?

Tell me you didn't steal
the music box.

What are you talking about?
I'm right here.

It's been safe
in Diana's apartment for months,

and the minute I tell you
about it, it disappears.

I didn't take it.

You're not gonna get away
with this.

You're not.

Russian heritage museum
received an anonymous gift.

Seems an antique music box
was left in their delivery drop.

They're doing
a public showing Sunday?

By invitation only,

before they ship it back
to St. Petersburg.



Get up here.

Wish me luck.

You knew the Russians
would want to show this off.

You're trying to lure
Fowler out.

Someone is.

Oh, would you stop?

You can skip the viewing.

Oh, no. I'll be there,
but you won't.

You can't pull me
off this, Peter.

I can do whatever I want
with you.

You're lucky that I don't
put you in lockdown.

Get out.

Oh! Mozzie Mozzie!

Konnichiwa, my friend.

I have something
very intriguing for you.

Oh, yes.

It is.

Um, can you make a copy?

Oh. Of course.

Got my eyes on you.

Oh. This is a surprise.

You come here to add to your
stuffed-squirrel collection?

Oh. Well, let's just say
my day opened up.

Oh! How did your
black-on-black affair go?

I found Alex.
That's good.

She has no idea how to solve the code.
That's bad.

And I got benched by Peter.

What happened?

I had Alex steal the box
from Diana

and donate it to the Russians.
Oh, God.

You're trying to draw him out.

Fowler bought the explosives
that blew up Kate's plane.

Oh, Neal...


Very interesting.

Oh, excellent.
He can help us.


Two-part code.
Interesting idea.

We can each take half.

As they say,
divide and conquer.

Brilliant mind.

Akihiro, you flatter me.

What he said was...

Yeah, I-I heard him.

Oh, yeah. Okay.

Um, a-are you okay?

Yeah. Moz, I'm fine.
I'm gonna head home.

Ja ne.

Ja ne.

Work before play, my friend.

Two parts.

Russian heritage museum

is invitation only,
and they're sticking to that.

I pulled this
from municipal archives.

We can stake out the building.

If Fowler shows up,
we grab him outside.

All right, listen.

I want Neal's anklet
monitored continuously.

You think he'll try something?

Neal wants Fowler
more than I do,

and I can't let that happen.

Are you in place?

I've got eyes
on the front entrance.

Where's Caffrey?

He's at home.

Let's hope
the little guy's there

to keep an eye on him.

How do I look?

Don't answer that.

You're inscrutable.

You know that, Bugsy?

They say accessories
make the outfit.

You buy it?

Peter, I see Fowler.

He's coming your way.


Nice to see you.

Invitation, please?

Fowler just entered
the building.

I'm going after him.

Stay on the entrance.

Invitation, please.


I'm investigating that man
you just let in without one.


You can't go up there.

I am a federal agent.
Where do these stairs lead?

The modernist gallery.
It's closed for renovations.


It's locked.
Do you have a key?

Fowler, open up!

You don't know
what you're messing with!

Let me try this key.

Surrender, Fowler, right now!

Let it go, Burke!

Get that thing open.

Neal, we've had a breakthrough
of unforeseen magnitude.

Akihiro's run-on haiku

paired with my rejection
of predetermined...




Does June know you're up here?

Oh, Benjamin Siegelbaum.

What has he done?


we have a code red.

Now is not the time, Mozzie.

It's a dark day
when I turn towards the system

instead of recoiling.
Just spit it out!

Remember when you asked me
to tell you

if Neal was gonna do
something stupid?

Well, I regretfully report...

That he's out of his anklet.

Damn it.
But that's not the "stupid" part.

He's got a gun.

Neal is manipulating
his tracking signal.

I'm sure he's close.
He's armed.

- If you see him, pursue.
- Got it.

Neal, what are you doing?

Thank you.

You got a party crasher
out front.


Caffrey got past me.

He's inside.
I'm going after him.

Damn it!


Is anybody coming?

♪ Now, there was a time ♪

♪ when you loved me so ♪

♪ I couldn't do wrong ♪

♪ and all you needed to know ♪

♪ see, I been a bad, bad,
bad, bad man ♪

♪ and I'm in deep ♪

♪ yeah ♪

Caffrey! Neal!

♪ how you like me now? ♪


He's upstairs.

Stop him.
* how you like me now? *

♪ how you like me now? ♪

♪ how you like me now? ♪

♪ how you like me now? ♪

♪ remember the time ♪


♪ when I heat you up
You got nowhere to go.

♪ does that make you
love me, baby? ♪

♪ does that make you
want me, baby? ♪

♪ does that make you
love me, baby? ♪

♪ does that make you
want me, baby? ♪

♪ Oh, yes ♪

♪ all right ♪

♪ oh, yeah ♪


Caffrey's in there.

He's with Fowler.

I have five shots left.
That's the only warning you get.

Whatever you think happ...
Tell me why you killed Kate!

You blew up the plane
to get rid of us!


What was in it for you?

Jesus, Caffrey,

you think you're the only one
that lost something?

Don't play with me, Fowler.

You think I wanted to spend
the last year of my life

chasing you and a stupid box?

It cost me everything!

My career is over.

My wife is gone.

Stay out of this, Peter!

Neal, put the gun down!

Neal, don't do this!
You know he killed Kate.

I didn't kill her.

Who did?

What do you know?

Tell me what you know!

You want to kill me, Neal?

Go ahead and pull the trigger.

Jesus, Fowler,
you're not helping this.

Neal, do not do this.

I know you killed her.

You killed Kate.

Listen to me.

If you pull that trigger,

you will regret it
for the rest of your life, Neal.

You're not a killer.

I want him to know how it felt.

How she felt.

Look at me.

Look at me, Neal.


Look at me, Neal.
Come on.

This isn't who you are.

Cuff him.

How are we gonna handle this?

Call Jones.

You two can handle
the official bureau response.

Take him back to the office,

then I'll figure out
what to do next.

Did you kill her?


You're gonna tell me who did.

I was just like you, Burke.

Moving up in the bureau.

Beautiful wife.

Things were good then.

Your wife was murdered.


Did my best to put the pieces
back together,

but all I could think about
was vengeance.

Then out of the blue one day,
I get a phone call,

anonymous voice,

pointing me
right to her killer.

So I tracked him down.

And you killed him.

A few days later,
I get a package in the mail.

It's a video.

Of what you had done.

Followed by another phone call.

Man tells me he can arrange it
for me to be transferred

into OPR.



He had enough clout
to make that happen?


Is he with the bureau?

I don't know.

After that, he told me

if I could get him
the music box,

the video would disappear.


Give it to
your mystery blackmailer...

Get your life back.

That was our deal.

So I traced the box to Caffrey.

But he didn't have it.

Well, everyone thought he did.

But he was in prison.

So you went after Kate.

I figured she'd know
where you kept it.

You're the man with the ring.

She was signaling you
with her ATM card that day, huh?


It worked.

Why'd you buy the explosives?

Oh, that was Kate's idea.

Look, I set up your getaway...

As part of mentor.

Oh, mentor was real?


Kate felt that no matter
how far away you two got,

you would never be safe.

And I don't think
she was wrong.

Hey, look...

I don't know who the guy is
pulling these strings,

but I have never seen anyone
with the kind of juice he has.

So it was her idea
to blow up the plane?

Yeah. You two
bail out over the water.


Fake our death
and live happily ever after.

The bomb exploded early.

I don't know.

She called you from the plane.

We heard it
on the cockpit recording.

Kate never called me.

Your name was listed
on the phone.

I'm not that stupid.

- Boss?
- Yeah?

The marshals reset the key.

Put it on him.
Take him home.

Peter, not right now.

Go home.

So, what's gonna happen to me?

I haven't decided.

You want to help me?

The flash drive
I got from you the day that I...

The day you shot me?


It contained the date, time,
and place of a meeting.

Who were you meeting?

I had been trying forever

to get to the guy
pulling the strings.

I had finally gotten a meeting
with the intermediary.

What was the name of the guy
you were meeting?

I don't know.
I was gonna find out that day.

You didn't know it?


I was there.


Did you see him?

He was good.

He dodged my cameras.

I never got a clear look
at him, but...

I got this.

You know him?


Julian Larssen.

We trained together
in special forces.

You didn't know
he was involved in this?

No, I haven't seen him
in years.

That's our patchwork man.

Excuse me.

What's going on?

NYPD just called in a homicide

in an antique shop downtown.

The same antique shop
where Neal got his gun.

Rule out a snatch and grab?

Two shots to the chest.

As far as we can tell,
nothing was taken.

That was playing
when we came in.

I'll check it out.

What the hell's going on?

Shop owner was working
on the codes.

Turn that off.

Let me see that.


He must have
figured something out.

When you're done with this,
it comes to me.

How about surveillance tapes?

The gunman was smart.
Knew to avoid the cameras.

But this is interesting.

Surveillance tape was cued up
to some earlier footage.


He's the next target.

What the hell's going on?!

Hi, Neal.

Can I come in?


Come on in.

Neal, pick up!

Keep trying.

Are you gonna answer that?


Is the target
officially off my back?

Whoever wants the box
knows you don't have it now.

Well, it'll be nice to stop
prowling around rooftops

for a paycheck.

What about you?

Did you get what you need?

I found Fowler.

But I still don't know
who killed Kate.

And the code?

Moz will crack it.

I chased that music box
for a long time, Neal.

I almost feel guilty
I brought you in.

Oh, come on.
I forced my way in.

True, but that's just...
what we do.

It's kind of sad.

It's all coming to an end.


Hands where I can see them!

May I?

My number.

From now on, I'll answer it.

See you around, Neal.

I thought we sent you
to Italy, Alex.

Snuck back in.

You are quick on your feet.

Like a cat.

That silver around your neck...

Spanish, by chance?

Don't know.

See you around.

You want to explain the guns?

Someone killed Akihiro Tanaka.

We thought they were
headed here next.


Surveillance tapes
at the antique shop...

Paused on your image.

Well, I wasn't there alone.


Are you okay?
What happened?

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