White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 10 - Burke's Seven - full transcript

Mozzie was shot by a hit-man but surgery saved him. Neal agrees to go by the FBI book to see the hit-man, soon identified as Julian Larssen, and whoever hired him caught and punished. Larssen is suspiciously easily arrested after the forgers help burn his known aliases except one, but somehow managed to plant false evidence pointing to Burke as the killer. That suffices for Peter's suspension from the FBI, leaving only Neal's ways.

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Previously on White Collar

I deciphered the phone number that kick dialed
from the plane.

Whatever this things hiding is not the music.

I think it's a key hole

any idea what kind of code it is

I have something very
intriguing for you.

Fowler bought the explosives
that blew up Kate's plane.

Two parts.
Two-part code?

I don't know if he's
interested in the music box.

I think he just wants
to find Fowler.

Whatever you think happ...
Tell me why you killed Kate!

I don't know who the guy
is pulling these strings,

but I had finally gotten a
meeting with the intermediary.

Julian Larssen.

We trained together
in Special Forces.

Get two lines in.


We need to go.

He's in a medically induced coma.

There's nothing you
can do for him here.

But there's something
you can do out there.

Come on.

Our suspect.

His name is Julian Larssen.

This is who shot Moz?

We think so.

And, according to Fowler,
he's the right hand

behind whoever's
manipulating you...

Kate, the music box, everything.

Where is he now?

He's gone to ground.

If he's smart, he'll leave town,

and we need to make sure
that doesn't happen.

How'd you stay ahead of
me when I was after you?

And don't say good
looks and charm.

I had several.

I kept burning them.

And I kept making new ones.

But this passport...
I recognize the work.

It's a forger out of Belgium.

Larssen doesn't
forge his own I.D.s.

It's not easy.

You need specialized equipment,
ink, paper.

If we burn all of his aliases,

he'll have to have new papers made

by someone here in the city.

I'll work up a list of
all of Larssen's aliases

and start shutting 'em down,

put him on every watch list

until he has no way
out of New York.

All right, I'll talk
to the forger community

to make sure he can't
buy another one.


What if we let him buy one,

one that we pick?

Julian Larssen worked intelligence

in Special Forces.

You served with him.

We need to find any aliases
he might be operating under.

Jones, put him in holding
till I finish with this guy.

Larssen's a regular at your bar.

What name does he use there?

Uh, I can't remember.
And keep in mind

that I know about your
expired liquor license.


Forget it, Caffrey.

The only thing you
ever bring is trouble.

This isn't about me.

Diana, how's it going?

We've burned Larssen's
Kyle Albertson alias.

Good. I've got another
name to add to the list...

Brian Blitek.

On it.

All right,
I think that's everyone.

Thank you all for coming.

What's this about, Caffrey?

The man in this photo
is going to come to you

looking for a new identity.

When he does,

I want you to make him the
best I.D. that you can.

What's the angle?

I'm gonna tell you what
name to give him...

Justin Springer.

Come on, Caffrey.

It's bad for business.

It's not for me.

It's for Mozzie.

Is this the guy who...?

You want New York
I.D. or out-of-state?

Don't pull it out, buddy.
Don't pull it out.


They did it.

They finally got me.

What happened?

The bullet missed your
heart by two millimeters.

That's because I
don't have a heart.

Oh, well, look at the bright side.

You're not dead.

I know. It's worse.

I'm in the system.

Not exactly.

"Ivan Bliminse"?

Invisible man?

That's apropos.

Look, I hate to ask you this, Moz.

But I need to I.D. your shooter.

Can you...?

I can't.


We can do it later.

I can't remember.

It's okay.

We're gonna find him.


Diana's taken out the
last of Larssen's aliases.

How's your end?

Mozzie's awake.

That's great.

How's he doing?

He quoted Nietzsche to a nurse.
He's gonna be okay.


Neal, can he I.D. Larssen?

No. No, he doesn't remember.

All right. Well,
we've hit Larssen hard.

It's his move.

You're coming after me now?

I'm not after you.

Tell me why you shot my friend.

Your FBI friends are
making it very hard

for me to leave the city.

I'd like you to change that.

You want me to help you?

I want to make a deal.

There's nothing you
could offer me.

I was hired to kill your friend.

What if I deliver you the
man behind the curtain?

Not even that.

I guess you'll never know
who ordered the shooting...

Or who killed Kate.


He's more desperate
than I thought.

He shot your best friend.

What could he possibly offer you?

Larssen shot Mozzie on orders.

He's offering me the
man who gave the order.

Wait, is this the same man

who's responsible
for Kate's death?


You make that deal,
a killer walks free.

Neal, you can find your
revenge in the justice.

It's there. I know.

You're not listening to me.

You are listening to me.

That's why I'm here.

This time... we do it your way.

No. Come on, Peter.

No. They have this whole...

No. No, the FBI is not gonna
pay for your combat training.

Think about what I
could do for you guys

if I knew how to fight.

No, I'd rather not.

New York is safer

if Neal Caffrey is lacking
in at least one skill set.

Okay, what about

No, you've done pretty well with
the whole running-away thing.

It suits you. Get a dog.

Can I borrow Satchmo?
No, you can't borrow Satchmo.

Did you take my mug?

I think everyone knows
not to touch your mug.

Elizabeth gave it to me.
I need my coffee.

Boss, guess who just
booked a flight to Samoa

a week from Tuesday?

Justin Springer, one-way ticket.

Got you, Larssen.

Your forgers did well.
They did.

Where is he now?

Tracked him to an
apartment in Queens.

Search warrant?

Judge is putting it through now.

Excellent. We'll get
coffee on the way.


FBI! Put your hands in the air!

You could have knocked.

Julian Larssen,
you're under arrest

for murder and attempted murder.

Get him out of here.

So what now?

We tear this place apart.

I want to find evidence

directly linking Larssen
to the shootings.

I want to nail this
son of a bitch.


Check that plant.

Bet ballistics finds a match.

It's nice to see
you're recovering, bud.

Doctor says you'll be
out of the wheelchair

in the next couple days.

It builds something.
What does?

The code inside the music box.

It's an equation that
builds something.

We don't need to talk
about this right now.

I was shot for that code!

Now that Larssen took my notebook,

they have the equation, too.

I'll be damned if they're
gonna build it before I do!

All right, you need to rest.

I'll rest when this is done.

When this is finished,
I'm retired.

Okay, you know, deathbed
epiphanies aren't your style.

If this is about not being
able to remember, Moz...

It has nothing to do with that.

I betrayed everything
I believe in.

What are you talking about?

I narc'ed!

I was the one who told the suit
you were going after Fowler!

I was serious.

The reason the bullet
missed my heart

is because I don't have one!

You told Peter?

I'm a Judas, a turncoat,
a quisling!

Thank you. I...

If you hadn't, Moz...

I might have killed Fowler.

And Fowler didn't kill Kate.

He didn't?

Then who did?

The guy Larssen's working for...

I think.

So what does this
coded equation build?

I have no idea.


How long have they been in there?

A long time.

Something's not right.

You offered Caffrey a deal.

He doesn't make deals around here.

I do.

Now, you're a gun for hire,

a bullet aimed at a target.

I want to know the man
who's pulling the trigger.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I'm innocent.

Burke. A moment?

Did we get the ballistics?

The inside of the
barrel was filed down.

We couldn't make a match.

He's hiding his trail.
What about prints?

The outside of the
gun was wiped down.

Agent Roe.

What's Department of
Justice doing here?

Forensics found a single
print inside the weapon.

It was yours, agent Burke.

That's impossible.

The print was found
inside the slide.

The only way it could
have gotten there

was if you assembled the gun.

This is absurd. Agent Burke,
you're hereby on leave

until this investigation
is completed.

Peter, your gun and your badge.

What about Larssen?

We can't hold him.

Uncuff him.

You... you can't let
him walk out of here.

Stay out of it, Caffrey.
Uncuff him.

I'll send you a bill for my door.

Agent Burke...

You have to leave the
building, as well.

Boss? What happened?

Larssen destroyed me.

No, we have to give them
everything they ask for.

What do you got there?

Oh, Mozzie's care package,
per his specific request.

We've got gluten-free
brownies and bendy straws.

He's definitely feeling better.

Straws, though?

We'll get through this.

I know.

That was Diana.

Department of Justice
has pulled all my files.

That was fast.

Evidence tampering...

Doesn't get any worse than that.

Every case I've closed will
be brought into question.

Maybe I'll get my anklet
off sooner than I thought.

You might.

How the hell did
Larssen plant my print?

He could've used a photo-etched
metal master of the print

and used it to cast
a latex positive.

Okay, let me rephrase
that question...

Where the hell did Larssen
get my fingerprints?

He didn't get it out
of your personnel file.

The print on the gun has detail
outside the print on file.

Did he get it from a door knob?

No, too many other
people touch it.

He'd need a clean print,
preferably off a hard surface.


My mug.

It disappeared.

You think Larssen's brazen
enough to walk into the FBI?

If he was,
we've got him on camera.

I think I got something.

This is the elevator lobby
from two nights ago.

Is that Caffrey?

No, wait a second.

He doesn't walk like Caffrey.

You don't think that's
Larssen, do you?

Try camera "b."

Does he go into Peter's office?

Zoom in. There.

That's the mug.

Hold on, hold on.

Go back 10 seconds on "b."

I can't get a clear
shot of his face.

He's playing the camera
angles with the hat.

Yeah, but look behind him.

Look at the glow on Peter's desk.

Desktop monitor.

That wasn't on before he entered.

He was on Peter's computer.


Look, I know you and Peter
have been up to something,

and I've been patient.

I just need to know what
the hell is going on.

Peter should be the
one to tell you.

Catch yourself cheating yet?

I tried, but my opponent's
always one step ahead of me.

Imagine that.

Look familiar?

It's Larssen.

How'd he get past security?

He used a maintenance pass.

The guys at the booth

are used to seeing a guy wearing
a hat walk into my office.

He got onto my computer
when he was there.

What'd he do?

Well, he erased all
history of being there.

Fortunately, I keep a secret
keylogger on my computer.

I have never appreciated
your distrust of me more.

Larssen logged in

and erased something
from his own file.

There's a copy of his
most recent file,

and there's a copy
of a file days ago.

He erased the name
Frederick Bilal?

He's a Nigerian prince

I thought those only
existed in spam e-mail.

Bilal likes to race
horses internationally.

He owns a number of
shipping companies,

and he handles a lot
of import and export

out of New York Harbor.

Where can we find
his royal highness?

He spends his days at
the Rodgers Yacht Club.

Rodgers is pretty
tough to get into.

Yeah. I can't flash
my badge anymore.

You don't need one.

I'll go in as an
upper-crust spoiled elite.

I'll make a scene,
then you come in,

and you're pissed at me because...

The only options aren't
the law or the con, Neal.

Hey, it's Peter.

I'm calling in a favor.

You get the plan, Peter.

I do. I do.


Sorry, sir. Members only.

They're with me.

Sara Ellis,
Sterling Bosch Insurance.

Hi, Sara. Hi, Peter.

Neal. It's been a while.

Nice to see you fully clothed.

Love the hat.

So...You're a member?

My company insures a
number of yachts here.

Thanks for the assist.
I owe you one.

That's our guy.

Prince Bilal.

A prince, huh?
I've been a prince.

When was that?
Yeah, when was that?

You want me to talk to him?

Why you?

'Cause of your situation?

What's wrong?

You make it sound like I'm dying.

Things are complicated at the FBI.

But I don't need a badge
to do good detective work.

All right, then what's your in?

He likes horses.

Keep an eye on his boat.

He's like superman
without his powers.

How you doing?

Turn on the horse races, will you?

Channel 12.
Yes. Sir.


Puddle of money cost me 100
grand last time he ran.

Oh, that's what you get
for betting the chalk.

Puddle will always fail
to fire on the home turn.

A racing enthusiast!

Thank God.

Everyone here just
wants to talk sailing.

Well, Clark Kent seems to be
doing pretty well for himself.

What now, boy wonder?

You're mixing your superheroes.

Oh, God. And you're
working guard duty.

"Keep an eye on something" is
code between me and Peter, okay?

It means do some digging,
see what I can find.

Does Peter know
that's what it means?

So your company ships
around the world?

We do.

Give me some advice.

I have a couple horses I
want to race internationally,

but the mandatory quarantine
period is killing my profits.

Any way around that?

What you're suggesting is illegal.

So is giving you an inside track

on whether one of my jockeys
is gonna be dragging the reins

in an upcoming race.

I'll check the logbook tonight.

I appreciate that.

Mm! Okay, here we go! Here we go!

And they're off!

Come on!

Come on, come on!

Is that the captain
of Bilal's yacht?

Yeah. What are you thinking?

Who's the owner of this club?
Frank Wellington.

Does he come out here often?

Rarely. I take it
that's who you'll be?

Only if you'll be my Mrs. Wellington.

All right.

Your wallet, please.

Marriage is based on trust.

Trust that I have my baton,

and I really do love
to hit people with it.


50 bucks if you pop by

and give this to that lady in
the blue dress right there.

Say hi.

You gave him my wallet?

Oh, he'll give it back.

Probably. Follow my lead.

This the yacht?

It is. Isn't it it perfect?


Excuse me. Are you the captain?

I am.

I'm afraid we're unavailable for
charter till early November.

Oh, no. My lovely wife, she's...
She's dead set on this boat.

Could we get a tour?

Excuse me, Mrs. Wellington.

You dropped this.


Thank you so much.

She does have her moments.

Give him a $50,
will you, sweetheart?

As a thank you.

Of course. Thank you.

Thank you, ma'am.

You're Mr. Wellington?

You caught me. Call me Frank.

I've met Frank Wellington.

Oh, I'm sure you have.
I'm his son.

Just call him "Junior."
Everybody does.

Honey, what should we do now?

Maybe I can convince someone
to give us their reservation.

Who's taking her out next?

I'm sure I know one or two
of the names in your logbook.

You know, I would love

to just ask you a couple
questions over here.

May I? First of all,

how much do you think it would cost...
I know this is silly...

but to paint the whole thing pink?

Wow. Um, you know, I'm not sure.

Let me check on that,
and I'll get back to you.

Wonderful. Thank you so much.

He bit on the horse races?
He did.

Peter Burke... cowboy.

Why does that make so much sense?

I grew up in upstate.
Lots of horses.

You pick up a thing or two.

Sara, thanks for your help.

Yeah. Thanks for the
shotgun marriage.


You want the good news?

According to the log, every
time Larssen came to New York,

someone named Brian
Blitek rented his yacht.

That's one of Larssen's aliases.

Larssen comes to town,
smuggles something, then leaves.

Something important enough to
break into the FBI to hide.

What's the next step?

Normally, I'd get a search
warrant on the docks,

do a wiretap and surveillance
on Larssen and Bilal,

and catch them red-handed

smuggling whatever
it is they smuggle.

What if we get someone
else to arrest him?

What do you mean?

We can do all the
things you mentioned.

We'll just do it my way.

A con.

Nothing illegal, but if we...
All right.

Just hear me out.

I saw what you did there.

If it means bringing
Larssen down, I'm in.

Nothing illegal.

How do we do it?

First, you'll need to form a crew.

Burke's crew?

Welcome to the other side.

Thanks, Peter.

Oh, I'm fine.

You're gonna need it.

Thanks for coming, Jones.

Of course.

I don't know why you kept me out
of the loop in the first place.

To protect you.

To protect me?

From who?

Julian Larssen has hurt a
lot of people in my life,

and now Peter could lose his job,

and every case he's solved
could be in jeopardy.

Well, why didn't
Peter just tell me?

Well, he's not a complainer.

Okay, what is this about?

A music box?

Open it up,
it plays a little tune.

Ballerina goes around on top?

Something like that.

This one's a little more special.

It damn well better be.

It belonged to
Catherine the Great.

I thought you stole it.

So did a lot of people.

It's worth a lot of money, isn't it?

But more importantly,
it contains a code.

A code to what?

We don't know yet.

Mozzie's working on it.

We need to figure it
out before they do.

Who's "they"?

Larssen's working for someone,

someone very powerful
and very connected.

Clinton, what I'm asking you to do

isn't sanctioned by the Bureau,
and it's very dangerous.

You can walk away right now,
no questions asked.

I'm on your team, Peter.

I'll back your play.

Anything to get out of that van.

So you need me to help
you take down Larssen?

You don't have to go
anywhere near this.

Our FBI access has been cut off.

We... we need some equipment.

Oh, so it's just my
equipment you need

to take down a murderer
and save Peter's career.


And...I'll owe you one.

My equipment goes where I go.

Does that mean you're in?

Now, what kind of wife
doesn't support her husband?

I'm in, Junior.

Retired. Out of the business.

Mozzie, I am not
here to recruit you.

I am just here to give
you your care package.

Oh! Excellent!

You know, they do
wash the glasses here.

Oh, yeah.

Next you'll tell me
that Paul McCartney

wasn't replaced by a
lookalike in 1966.

How do they plan on
catching Larssen?

Oh, they'll figure it out.

Honey, you need your rest.

And, hey, you, uh, you might
actually like retirement.


Why are you helping us?

I like having Neal
Caffrey owe me one.

You're fun to work with.

I like getting inside your head.

So I'm research?

Something like that.

From Larssen's interrogation,

there are 99 words
that you can use.

If you stick to these,

the computer converts
them to Larssen's voice.

Not over the phone.

Too dangerous.

Not over the phone.

Too dangerous.

Oh. Watch your sibilance.

Easy on the S's.


Too dangerous.

Too dangerous.

Much better.

I owe you one.


Do you want to prank-call Peter?


Right now. Let's do it.

The little guy's not coming?

I sent my best
operative to get him.

I know you're all
surprised to see me.

Not one of you is
surprised to see me.


Nicely played, Mrs. Suit.

Good luck with your little con.

It's not a con!

Well, technically, it is a con.

It's a sting.

Yeah, but a sting's
another word for...

Okay, let's start the sting.

Let me start by saying
we have limited resources

and no other backup.

The six of us are all we have.

The Burke Six. I like it.

I appreciate you guys being here.

All right, here's the deal...

Larssen is using our
Prince Bilal as a smuggler.

We're gonna spook Bilal
into contacting Larssen.

And Larssen is going to tell
Bilal to make the delivery to us.

How's that?

Oh, I'm glad you asked.

Every day, Bilal
takes a regular route

from his apartment
to the yacht club.

Diana, you're gonna
flash your badge

and scare him into
making a call to Larssen.

I can scare him.
I know.

You're gonna do it in
front of this phone booth.

Jones, you'll install
a transmitter

which will reroute any
call that he makes to us.

Yeah, but nobody uses pay
phones in New York anymore.


Mozzie, do you still have
your cellphone scrambler?

Russian surplus with
a two-block radius.

But it's cumbersome.

Plus, it needs to be hidden

in something that's motorized
with a power source.

That's where I come in.

Very good, ironside.

Thank you.

We knock out his cell,

force him to make the
call on our pay phone.

He's gonna know it's not
Larssen on the other end.

That's where Sara comes in.

We're using her
voice-modulation software.

Oh, that stuff never works.

Well, the software that's
legal in the U.S. doesn't.

Oh. A lady who colors
outside the lines.

Once we catch Bilal
smuggling red-handed,

we flip him on Larssen.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

A true con gets you
everything you want.

Suit, once this is all finished,
we may have Larssen,

but you're still framed
for planting the gun.

One con at a time.

Sara, you ready to go?

Neal, remember...
only the words on the board.

All right.

I have eyes on Bilal.

Right on time.

Okay. Get out of there.

I'm out.

Diana, Mozzie, you're up.

Frederick Bilal?
Diana Berrigan, FBI.

I'm interested in your yacht.

I don't think you can afford it.

Then how about I
confiscate it instead?

All right, Mozzie, now.

Weigh both options.
That's the only thing.

Houston, we have a problem.

His call is redirecting here.

You need to talk
him off the phone.

All right.

I must have dialed
the wrong number.

Your turn.

Lose him.

Hey, man.

I think he's expecting a woman.

We have reason to believe

your docking logs
aren't quite in order.

Then you'll have to take
that up with my lawyer.

I was thinking about taking
it up with Brian Blitek.

Or should I say Julian Larssen?

Hand me that.
I'll dump him.

No, you're not.


Angela, is that you, sweetie?

Honey, I can hardly hear you.
Can you call me back later?

We can't leave our
conversation the way we did.

Okay, honey, this is
what I want you to do.

I want you to go, and I want
you to buy me some flowers.

You know the ones I love.

When you walk through the door,
I want you to kiss me.

Then you're gonna
sweep me off my feet,

and you're gonna make love to me.

Can you do that?

Uh...Yeah, I can.

Good. I'm gonna pretend

this conversation never happened,
and so are you.

Now get off the phone and go.

Now it's the Burke Seven.

I told you, you have no proof.

For now. But we'll find some soon.

Have a nice day.

Spare some change?

Come on. Look around.

Oh, you're a true samaritan, sir.

Ah. Told you.

New Yorkers don't
carry change anymore.

All right, Neal, you're up.

Watch your S's.

All right.

What? What?

Julian, we must talk.

Why? Why?

The FBI just paid me a visit.

They're looking
into your shipment.

Not over the phone.
Not over the phone.

Too dangerous. Too dangerous.

No, I'm going to get rid of it.

No! No!

I will pay you...
I will pay you...



Yes. Yes.

We're going to need a new
rendezvous for the exchange.

4268 Fifth Avenue.
4268 Fifth Avenue.

Now. Now.

Let's hope that worked.


Not quite.

Guess you were
expecting someone else.

Shoot this man.
Hey again.

Over there.


Told you you shouldn't
bet the chalk.

Let's see what's so
important to Larssen's boss.

Cuff yourselves together
on the banister.


It's China...

From the '30s or '40s.

This looks like the
contents of someone's house.

What's so valuable
about this stuff?

I don't know.
I never look in the crates.

Definitely the '40s.

The FBI won't leave me alone.

They're looking for your crate,
and they're closing in.

And where is the crate now?

I got it to a safehouse
before they could find it.

I'm giving you half
an hour to move it,

or I'm delivering
it to the FBI myself

and cutting a deal.

Calm down.
Don't do anything stupid.

This agent Burke
won't leave me alone!

Peter Burke?

Are you sure?

Yes, positive.


You text me the address, and
I'll meet you there immediately.

I know how to solve this.

He's meeting me there.

Sara, you're up.

Excuse me.

I need to speak with
the D.O.J. agent

in charge of the Burke case.

Uh, that'd be agent Roe.

Agent Roe!

Hi. Sara Ellis.

I'm an insurance investigator
with Sterling Bosch.

What can I do for you, miss Ellis?

Well, I just got a
call from my client,

and he's being harassed
by agent Peter Burke.

I'd like to file a complaint.

Burke? You're sure about this?

Burke's there right now, if you'd
like to go see for yourself.

Yeah, let's go.

Still think this is a witch hunt?

I guess we'll find out.


What the hell is going on here?

Peter needs our help.

What are you doing?

Latex fingerprints for
agent Peter Burke.

They find Burke's prints
all over the guns.

That's right.

He planted evidence against me...


Hands in the air!

I said in the air!

What's that on his hands?

Jones, check his hands.

Latex fingerprints.

I'll bet they match Burke's.

Let's get the fingerprints
into evidence.

Can we get a little farther away?

My nose isn't bleeding yet.

Close enough.

How's it going?

We're about to find out.

There it is.

That there is a sight.

No. No, no, no.

He's got Roe's gun.

All right, where's the car?

Two blocks in the wrong direction.

Officer, I need to
borrow your horse.

FBI. We're in pursuit
of a fugitive.


Go get him, boss.

Would you look at that?

It's all right. It's all right.

You got him.

Nice riding, Butch.

Thanks, Sundance.


Larssen's got a hard face.

Oh, it felt good, though, didn't it?
Hell, yes, it did.

Before you get your badge back,

there is a seven-man con that
I have been meaning to...

No. The Burke Seven
is hereby disbanded.

We made a good team.

Oh, come on. Admit it...
You enjoyed yourself.

A good con never
admits to anything.

Oh. You taught me that.

I'm gonna call Moz,
give him the good news.

Hey, Moz, we got Larssen.


I will see your accomplishment
and raise you one.

I built our equation.


You need to come see this.

Thank you, ma'am.
Yes, sir.

Any idea why Larssen was so intent

on shipping nazi dinnerware?

Not really.

Larssen's not talking,

but it's clearly important
to whoever he's working for.

Where was it going?


Which isn't exactly in
the FBI's jurisdiction.

It's in mine.

Sterling Bosch has a few
clients in South America,

and I have vacation
days coming up.

Are you offering
to go to Argentina?

Could be dangerous.

Could be fun.

Tell Junior I'll
send him a postcard.


We got you a welcome-back gift.

A new mug.
Look at that.

Oh, that's good.

Almost as good as
what Hughes got me.

It's great to have you back, boss.


So, what'd you want to show me?


Only this time, it doesn't end
with you walking out a free man.

What's your offer?

Excuse me?

I'm the bullet, remember?

You want the man
pulling the trigger.

Offer's expired.

This is what the
music box encoded.

Now, I know bendy straws
aren't the most elegant medium,

but they make the point.

It's a fractal design.

Fractals are used in,
like, everything

from predicting natural
disasters to metallurgy.

There's one in your cellphone.

Moz, I've seen something
like this before.

I know who's behind everything.

The only deal I'll make is
to protect you from him.

Get him out.

His name is Vincent Adler.

We both know who he is, Moz.

He's the man who made
me who I am today.