White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 14 - Payback - full transcript

Neal's old rival Matthew Kellar proposes a deal with FBI, wherein he will tell the fed's about information of threat on National Security if his transfer to SuperMax prison is stopped. When, the deal is refute by FBI, he kidnaps with help of his old partner Lang and asks for $ 2.5 mil. in exchange for Peter. Now, Neal must put everything on the line including one thing he hold closest to his heart to save Peter.

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As you're aware,

Matthew Keller pled down to manslaughter

after you two brought him in for murder.


His sentencing was this week.

Yeah, he got 20 years at Barksdale.

Yesterday, he contacted
the Department of Justice.

He says he has information
critical to national security.

His sentencing didn't go well.
Now he wants a deal.


But we do that sometimes, Caffrey.

We make deals with con men.

What did Homeland Security say?

Keller wouldn't talk to them.

He insisted he would only talk to you.

Neal's right.

I seriously doubt he has
any real information.

There's no harm checking it out.

Go talk to him.

Who is this guy?

He's an old rival of Neal's.

They were baccarat partners in Morocco.

Uh, backgammon in Monaco.


And we were never partners.

Mm, a contemporary of Neal's.
... This I got to see.

No, he's not what you'd expect.

A little more Ratso Rizzo than Cary Grant.

I'm Cary Grant?

Only by comparison to Ratso Rizzo.

Agent Burke and Mr. Neal Caffrey.

Thanks for coming, gents. I appreciate it.

Thank you, O'Donnell.

You're doing all right
for yourself, Keller.

Eh, meager touches, but I get by.

Dominican rolled.

The, uh, tobacco is infused
with Louis XIII cognac.

They're delicious.

You have information for us?

I understand. You're on the job.

How about you, Neal, huh?

Is this business or pleasure?

It's always a pleasure
seeing you behind bars.

Well, we're all in prison
of sorts, aren't we?

It's the life we make
out of it that matters.

I mean, you've made the most
out of your prison sentence,

working for the feds.

I think I'd like to do the same.

What do you want, Keller?

New game, Caffrey?

There it is.

I feel like I've made a home
for myself here, you know?

I've nested.

And now they want to move me
somewhere less welcoming.

Yeah. Barksdale Supermax.

Don't think they chill the port there.

No, you're right.

Yeah, inmates don't realize

that a white port should
be lightly chilled.

You're a skilled people person.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

I don't know.
A lot of Russian mob at barksdale.

That's right. You have a problem with them.

A seven-figure debt, as I recall.

And there's another reason
why I want to stay here...

Which brings me to my proposal.

Are you familiar with the term "pis aller"?

My French is a little rusty.

It's a move of last resort...

Something you do when
you're out of options.


Now, if I had information of
a maker of forged passports,

I imagine that would be of value.

What are you looking for in exchange?

I'd like to stay here.


Relax, Neal, all right?

It's not like I'm asking

to be let loose on the streets of New York

with only an anklet to
control my compulsions.

And I am hoping, agent Burke,

that this could lead to
an ongoing relationship

between you, me, and the Bureau.

You're already scheduled
to be transferred, Keller.

We're pretty late in the process.

That's why I asked for you.

These are perfect passports.
... Caffrey quality...

just the thing for terrorists
and... smugglers.

No promises, but if your
information pans out,

I'll see what I can do.

I appreciate your candor.

I can see why Neal trusts you.

The guy's name is Jason Lang.

Look him up.

Okay, Neal.

Time to go.

"Pis aller"...

Can also mean the worst
thing that can happen.

We're both running out of options, Caffrey.

It's your move.

Later, Satchmo.


El? Have you seen my jacket.
... The blue pinstripe?

Yeah, I've... I've got it.

Is it this one?



You have a meeting today.

I was supposed to pick up the
dry cleaning last night.

I am so sorry.

Honey, it's okay.
I got it.



Wait a minute.
You never called to remind me.

Did you assume I'd forget?

I know you had a lot on your mind.

Yeah, but I don't want to be the husband

that forgets to pick up the dry cleaning.
That's sweet.

But I am.

Relax, okay? I'm not mad.

Yes, you are, and you're
gonna hold onto it all day.

Really? Would I really do that?

No. Never.

Okay, you're the one who
forgot the dry cleaning.


Now you scared the dog.

Oh, add that to my list of imperfections.

Okay, look, I don't want to be the wife

that has to call and nag you to do things.

And plus, it's... it's a lot more
effort to try and remind you,

and I don't even know if
you're gonna remember.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize
I was such a foregone conclusion.

Neither did I. Can we stop this?

Yes. Please.

Okay, I've got to go to work.

Me too.

Have a wonderful day.

You too.

Yeah, that could have gone better.

You didn't help.

So, what do you think Keller wants?

Well, he's set up like
a king at Hawthorne Fed...

smoking Gurkhas, sipping
port, reading the times.

As much as I loathe schadenfreude,

it would be nice to know
that Keller's suffering.

Well, if they send him to barksdale,

the Russians will take care of that.

Well, can you trust the suit
to not keep him at Hawthorne?

His transfer's later today.

And you're heading to the office

to check out what Keller told you?

He's desperate. This is his last play.

What about...Kate?

What about her?

Well, Keller's used her
to provoke you before.

He may do it again.

Keller can bring up Kate,
he can offer Peter deals,

he can even beat me at chess...

He's winning the chess game?

But my point... forged passports
won't stop the transfer,

and I've moved past Kate.

I have, Moz.


Look, she'll always be a part of me, but...

I have to move on.


Hey. What's going on?

Hey. I figured out Keller's game.

He wants us to investigate this Jason Lang,

on the Lower East Side.

So he said.
Yeah, but here's where it gets good.

Keller and Lang were suspected
of working together

on the Bellmont bond
forgeries three years ago.

They were partners?

Yeah, but it went south,

and Keller took two bullets.

From Lang's gun.

I spoke to the case agent.

He said that their partnership dissolved

and Lang destroyed the bonds.

Keller's going for a trifecta...

take out the man who shot him,

secure his stay in a federal hotel room,

and tweak me in the process.

Next case.

Yeah, not so fast.

Hughes still wants us to find out

if Lang is making phony passports.

Oh, don't tell me we have
to make a deal with Keller.

Oh, relax, we're not gonna
release Keller on an anklet...

Unless June has a spare bedroom.

Oh, that's not funny.
No, you're right.

You're nothing like Keller.
'Cause he's a killer.

Well, there's that, and he
had cigars in his cell.

I remember your prison cell... no cigars.

When you're done, I'd like
to go visit Lang's studio.

All right, I'm just saying, you know,

he had a Tiffany lamp...
So did my mom.

What's going on?


Oh, come on.

Your sarcasm goes up in direct
proportion to your stress level.

It's Elizabeth.

I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning.

Well, it happens.

Apparently, all the time.

I've become the guy who
forgets to do it so often

that she had to pick it up

without even asking me if I got it.

She was angry?

And that's bad?

I'm a constant disappointment.

She said that?


Maybe she finds your
forgetfulness endearing.

I don't want her to find my
forgetfulness endearing.

And the worst part is, when
she left this morning,

I didn't call her "hon."

Have you ever seen an actual fight?

it's our own little abbreviation
for saying, "I love you."

When we first got married,

I used to say, "I love you, honey."

Then it became, "love you, honey,"

then "honey."

Now all we need to say is, "hon."

Very efficient.

Point is, I didn't say it.

Look, call her, leave her a voice mail,

and say "hon" before you hang up.

Did I miss anything?

No. I'll call her as
soon as we're done here.


Hi. Peter Burke, FBI.

Would you mind getting us Jason Lang?

Thank you.

Jason Lang?

Keep your chin down.

Keep your eyes down.


We received information

that your studio may be involved

in the production of passport forgeries.

Who told you that?

Your record.

You were convicted of forgery in the past.

Well, that was 10 years ago, you know?

Just take a look at my price list.

I think you'll see that

I really have no use for
an illegal side business.

Oh, come on. Take a break.

Will you excuse me?

This is Jason.

I don't like this guy.
What do you think?

Truesdale color-shifting printer.

Mm, that'd be an important tool

in making color-shifting images
in the U.S. passport.

So would the Metrolux 5200,

which is only used for one purpose.

Making holographic images.

Also found in U.S. passports.

It's a nice cover.

He integrates holograms into his artwork.

Is this enough to bring him in?

It's enough for us to get a warrant.


I need to talk to you about
your equipment here.

Lang! Hey! La...

I'll follow. Stay here.



This was a setup.

Drop your weapon and your
cell and get in the van.



You lost a key piece, Caffrey.

God damn it, Keller, this isn't a game!

Of course it is. Life is a game.

If you stop playing, Peter Burke will die.

Hey, check the doors upstairs.

You're working with Keller.

What makes you say that?

Keller turned us on to you,

so, obviously, you made a deal with him.

He's going to betray you.

Well, why don't you let
me deal with Keller,

and... and you worry about yourself?

I'm not worried.
Hmm, you should be.

Nah, you should be.

You kidnapped a federal agent.

You're gonna have the full might
of the U.S. Government

closing around your neck.

Time to shut up.

Here's what I already know.

We made a left on Houston,

then made a wide right
about a minute later,

driving straight for about
eight minutes or so

in stop-and-go traffic.

We're in the garment district,

8th or 9th Avenue and about 38th Street.

You're not wearing a
mask, and I'm not dead,

so you still need me for something.

Before this goes any further,
let's work something out.

You know, I've gone down that road before,

and I trust you less than I trust Keller.

I don't know who you've
dealt with in the past,

but I keep my word.

You know, every few months,

a different agent comes by,
investigating a different crime,

and he tells me that if I don't cooperate,

he's gonna make my life a living hell.

And he does.

I can help you with that.

I mean, you can't stop
the Bureau from playing politics.

It just never ends.

Look, whatever you're planning,

Keller has something else in mind.

You are gonna wind up dead or in prison

unless we work something out.

No more deals.


You should better protect your king.

Where's Peter?!

It's stuffy in here.

Let's go for a walk.

I know you won't think
twice about killing him,

so I haven't told the FBI.

It's best not to discuss personal matters

with everybody, Neal.

Well, they're gonna find out soon enough.

You seem upset, Caffrey.
You know?

I mean, clearly, you're dealing
with a big problem here,

and I wish I could help,
but I got problems, too.

See, since Burke didn't stop my transfer,

they're shipping me off
to Barksdale later today.

Now, my sources tell me that I,
too, face dire circumstances

unless my debts with the
Russians gets paid.

How much do you owe them?

$2.5 million.

Once my problem goes away, then...

maybe then, I can help you with yours.

I don't have $2.5 million.

Neal, how long have we known each other?

Everything is gone, Keller.

I've had to use my resources

since my current activities
are a little limited.

It's true. You do have expensive tastes.

But I recall a night in Scotland

when you acquired something
worth that amount.

That was six years ago.

I'm fairly certain you held onto it.

I didn't. I didn't have any use for it.

Well, I do.

So find it.

You got three hours till my transfer.

We'll be in touch.

You're gonna lose, Keller.


Pis aller.

My move of last resort, Neal.

Hey, Neal. If you're looking
for Peter, he's not here.

Yeah, I know. Diana, we got a problem.

Keller and Lang worked
out some kind of deal.

Peter's been taken.

Listen up... one of our
own's been kidnapped.

Now, Graham, I want you to coordinate

eastern and southern districts.

Jones, I want you with
Keller's transfer convoy.

Campanelli, I want wiretaps
within the next two hours

on every cell, home, prison, and business

linked to Keller and Lang.

Under no circumstances does
anyone talk to the press.

This is 24-7 till we find him.

All right, let's do it.

What did Keller tell you at the prison?

He wants $2.5 million
in exchange for Peter.

But Keller doesn't have Peter.

Keller's behind bars. He's running this.

He called me on Peter's cell

right when Lang drove away with him.

ERT is analyzing the phone

and we put out an APB on the van.

Why does Keller want that kind of money?

He's doing 20 years.

He needs it to pay off the Russian mob

so they don't kill him when
he arrives at Barksdale.

The FBI doesn't negotiate... period...

particularly with someone
who's already locked up

and fearing for his life.

Sir, all due respect...
Keller doesn't bluff.

He will kill Peter if I don't engage him.

The reason no one takes our men
is because we make it clear

all hell will rain down on them if they do.

You also have to be willing to
sacrifice a few of your agents

to prove your point.

This isn't a one-man con, Neal.

This is the U.S. Government.

We will catch Lang,

and we will string Keller up by his thumbs

until he cries for forgiveness.

Protocol dictates we lock Keller down

till this is all over,

but that gives him exactly what he wants...

to stay at Hawthorne indefinitely.

You've already contacted the prison?

We're sending his ass
to Barksdale Supermax.

Come sundown, Keller's gonna be bunking

with a 7-foot Russian named Ivan.

Diana, you stay with Neal.

Listen, Caffrey...

Let us do our job.
We'll bring Peter home safely.

Would you give us a minute?

Sure. Thank you.

Moz, what's up?

I got a call from an unidentifiable voice

from an unknown number.

Gave me a time and a place for a meeting.

Told me to tell you.

Is this your little friend Keller?

All right, meet me at Madison
Square Park in half an hour.

You got it.

Oh, and bring a hammer.

Uh, ball-peen or claw?

Ball-peen or claw?

Surprise me.

Neal, what's going on?

Keller kidnapped Peter.
Got to go.

W-wait, w-what?!


Every agent in the Bureau
has one goal right now...

to find your husband.

I know. Thank you, Reese.

We're going to post a team at your home

in case he makes contact.

Just, uh, give us a few minutes,

and I'll have them take you back.

They, um...

They say this is the biggest manhunt

the FBI has run in a decade.

Even I've never seen anything like this.

What do you know about Keller?

He's a chess player.

He thinks 10, 12 moves ahead.

So everything they're doing...

all the helicopters and the
agents knocking on doors?

He would have foreseen that.

They don't know his end game.

What are you doing?

Well, they want me to go home...

Sit tight.

But is that what you're gonna do?

What do you want me to do?

Whatever it takes to bring him home.

I'm supposed to be escorting you home.

I need to meet up with a friend first.

I hope you're not planning on
making a side deal with Keller.

Look, Diana, if this were
any other kidnapper...

Rule one... never let someone
emotionally involved

do the negotiating.

Yeah, if you're willing
to lose your hostage.

I've read the FBI playbook.
So has Keller.

Well, why do you think he's so different?

Early in his career,
Keller pulled a 3-man job.

The game was pretty straightforward,

and nobody got hurt.

But while they're walking
away from the site,

the third man says he thinks
he left his passport behind.

While he's checking his pockets,

Keller put a bullet in his is head.

The guy's passport was in his
back pocket the whole time.

Keller didn't wait to find out.

You were the second man?

If I can engage him, I can
make sure Peter's alive

and figure out a lead.

I can't endorse what you're doing.

What do you think Peter would let me do?

All right, I'm gonna go
get a cup of coffee.

I'll meet you here in... one hour.

Here. Here.


So, you ditched Big Brother?

Big Sister.

Yeah, she's not gonna follow us.

What's with the sack of hammers?
I said bring one.

You said to surprise you.


You're worried about Peter.

I happen to have an arsenal of hammers.

Look, you've got half an
hour before the exchange.

Unless Keller's developed a hammer fetish,

I imagine we're smashing something?

Recognize this spot?

I once met a man in this park
who claimed to be John Lennon,

and I believed him.

The year was 1991.

It's where Kate and I used to come.

I used to think one day

our kids would play on that playground.

I didn't know you thought about kids.


I thought we'd grow old here.

You were gonna propose?

I had the whole thing worked out, Moz.

Remember that street violinist?

I had him learn
"Everybody Loves Somebody."

He was gonna spontaneously
break into it when we passed.

Why didn't you tell me?

Would you have approved?

Perhaps not.

But the name "Uncle Mozzie"

does have a certain je ne sais quoi.

I assume you acquired a ring?


I figured it was safer to leave it here

than in a safety deposit
box when I was in prison.

Well, any idiot can rob a bank.

That's the McNally Solitaire.

That's worth at least two...

And a half million at the last appraisal.

I thought we had depleted your resources.

I guess I was still holding out.

For what?


That she wasn't gone.

Well, fate has a way of
putting in front of us

that which we most try to leave behind.


No, me during my blue period.

Are you really willing to
give that up for the suit?

Keeping Peter alive is more important

than holding a candle
for someone who isn't.

You should stay hydrated.

Caffrey's on his way to the exchange.

Did you check in with Ridgefield?

The transfer's in motion.

Okay, all right.

Well, you stay here, all right?

Don't talk to him.
Don't let him talk to you.

And, uh...

Don't take your eyes off him.
That's nice.

Lang, did I hear you mention Ridgefield?

Keep your mouth shut.

Ridgefield, the private security firm

that the government's contracted
out to transfer prisoners?

Could be. Or maybe I have
a cousin Elmo Ridgefield.

Sounds to me like you're
helping Keller escape

during his transfer.

You're meeting Neal for an exchange.

So, you're using whatever he
gives you to buy off Ridgefield,

and they're gonna let Keller
escape during the transfer.

You are a smart guy.
You know what?

I genuinely like watching you work.

So, you probably also picked up
on the fact

that I don't care if you heard us.

Which means you don't intend to let me go.

You intend to kill me.


No, I don't intend to kill you.

No, Keller does...

once he's free.

Keep an eye on our friend.

Um, I'm selling magazines.

Uh, Suit Quarterly, anyone?

No? Clearly, I have the wrong house.

It's... it's... it's okay.
He's... he's a friend.

We can talk on the patio.

Did Neal send you?


I came of my own volition.

Look, I don't know anything,
and it's killing me.

Listen, I don't usually give
these guys much credit,

but between them and Neal,

Peter's gonna be home in
time for dinner tonight.

You know that?

Moz, what you know?

Neal's meeting with the bad guys
right now to strike a deal.

He's also giving them what they want

to ensure your husband's safe return.

Peter and I had a fight this morning.

I'm sure it was nothing.

No, there's never small fights. It's...

You don't resolve them, they fester.

And this is the first
morning that we didn't.

I thought he would have loved

that I picked up the dry cleaning.

Seriously? This is about dry cleaning?

I-I'm sorry.

The longest relationship
I've had is 11 days.

And then she deflated.

I'm kidding. Go on.

The last thing I said to him
was, "Have a wonderful day."

Now, I'm guessing, in a
fight about dry cleaning,

that that's pretty severe.

We're not like most couples, Moz.

We work.

I don't want to lose him.

Look, I understand how hard this is,

particularly when the suits
won't tell you anything.

That's why I want you to have this.

I'm gonna drop a bug in there

so you can hear what they hear...

When they hear it.

Thank you.

Oh, wow! I have a set of these.

Oh, wait.

These aren't Russian military surplus.

Where's Peter?

He's safe.

May I see the item?


I see Peter, you see the ring.

Those aren't the terms.

I didn't agree to any terms.

First we'll have the ring authenticated

and delivered to the Russians,

and then we'll release Burke.

You'll get I it when I have
proof that Peter's alive.

Are you willing to let your agent die?

Are you willing to let Keller down?

All right.


We're gonna show Mr. Caffrey proof of life.

You can ask one question.

I'm going to text it to Burke,

and he's going to text the answer back.

I want to speak with him.

One question. Make it a good one.

What cellphone number was Caffrey using

the first time you caught him?

That's the question?

Let me see it.

Wait. I don't have my glasses.
Bring it closer.

You're lucky your buddy's paying up,

or my friends would be sending me

a very different message right now.

Give me a break. It's been a few years.


Area code 668...


Is that correct?

That's right. Great.

The ring?

You're not gonna authenticate it?

If it's not real,

you'll just never see Burke again.

100 bucks.
You can't beat that.


Do you mind?

Let me get this straight...

you gave them a multimillion-dollar ring,

and they still have Peter?

I admit the terms weren't favorable.
You think?

What's the FBI found so far?

Oh, that's right.

I've got proof of life and a message.

How do you even have access to
a multimillion-dollar ring?

Oh, that's for another time.

I asked Peter for the phone number I used

when I was first arrested.

What, and you didn't have one?

Actually, I had several,

but I was hoping he'd take the opportunity

to pass me a 10-letter
message using the keypad.

He told us something.

A cross street, a location, a warning?

Not Pam sees?

Does he know any blind Pams?

"Onus border."

Worthy of the Times Sunday edition,

but it means nothing to me.

"No tram seeps."

"Not ram reds."

Got it.

"No transfer."

That's got to be it.

Peter wants us to stop Keller's transfer.

It's in progress.
Jones is with them.


Jones, we made contact with Peter.

Good. Is he all right?

Yeah, but he wants us to
stop Keller's transfer.

I don't know. Just do it.

Diana, the convoy is already on Lafayette.

Radio the drivers.

Okay, will do.

Ridgefield 429, this is agent Jones.
Come in.

Repeat... Ridgefield 429,
this is agent Jones. Come in.

You gonna respond to that?

Let's do this!

Don't move!
Do exactly what I say and you live.

We're secure!

Let's go.

Ridgefield 429, come in.

Come on!

Hey, man, what are you doing?

Sorry. The fee's too
high for excess baggage.

Come on, this wasn't the deal!

He's out!

He's out! Cover the other side!

We've got a runner!

Oh, whoa, whoa, okay.

Why is there a tree on your dashboard?

It's a hybrid.

It's showing me how
efficiently I'm driving.

You're not driving very green.

All your leaves are falling off.

Do you want to catch Keller?

I feel like I'm stuck
inside the giving tree...

Nothing left but a stump.

I'll grow a new one over the weekend.

Jones, what's going on?

Keller escaped.

Alright, the three guards
from the transfer bus are in custody.

We've confirmed that Keller paid
off two of them and the driver.

Lang was paid a ransom...

Caffrey! Berrigan! My office.

Um, go over to the hangar.

I'll meet up with you when it's done.

Keller's late.

I wonder what he's planning.

He's a hell of a chess player.

I imagine him sitting in his cell,

plotting every second of this escape.

There's something he's not telling you.

Hey, I have the ring, so
he's not going anywhere.

With all his debts to the Russian mob

and the security firm,

I wouldn't be surprised

if he already spent more than it's worth.

Shut up.

Are you sure you have the real ring?

Maybe Keller paid off your people.

Wouldn't be the first time.
Now is quiet time.

I get it. The feds hassled you.

They made your life very unpleasant.

So, you thought that you
could do one last job

and disappear.

He is not gonna hold up
his end of the bargain.

You are going down for this.

I know what I'm doing.

Do you understand that?

I shot him once, okay?

And now I'm gonna finish the job.

The only thing is, you're
not good with a gun.

You hold it with no secondary support.

And you use your trigger
finger to brace for recoil,

which means you shoot off target.

No wonder Keller survived
when you first shot him.

You couldn't hit a man
3 feet in front of you

with a full magazine.

Well, let's give it a try.

We told you to go home.

And you were to take him there!

Sir, I know that, but...

But you made an exchange...

exactly what we said we don't do.

Sir, in his defense, no one
knows Keller better than Neal.

Had we interceded in any way,

he thought they would have killed Peter.

I'll deal with you later.

Right now, we've got a free criminal

and a captive agent to get back.

Now do your job.
Get him out of here.

The exchange was the only
way to contact Peter.

And we almost stopped Keller.
I know.

I can't just go home.

Neal... you don't have a choice.

Thanks for sticking up for me in there.

I'll let you know as soon
as I hear something, okay?

This is Jones.

I've got Peter on the line!

Peter, I'm gonna put you on
speaker and start a trace.


Burke, it's Hughes.

Tell us your location.

I need to talk to Neal.

Where are you?

Reese, put Neal on the phone.

I'm here, Peter.

Listen carefully.

I'm in a locked cell.

Lang is three feet away from me,
knocked out next to his gun.

Keller is en route.

You need me to talk you
through a jail break.


That's... that's my husband.
Put him on speaker.

I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm not authorized...

you have my husband on the line!
Put him on speaker!

The cell is roughly 8x12.

It's made of cement and metal bars.

There's a locked, hinged door.

Clear a space.
8x12 perimeter.

Let's do it!

The cell's in the middle of
a Schmatta-shop basement.

There are cardboard boxes,
an old metal chair,

a can of soda, which was a gift,

two lamps, light bulb,

thread, fabric...

And some really creepy mannequins.

Okay, tell me about the door.

The cell door

has an electronic keypad.
... Fassbinder ES-320.

Ah, Fassbinder chips are
hardwired to a power source,

plus a backup battery.

Can we disable it with anything here?

Uh... Neal?

I'm thinking, Peter!
Think faster.

All right, look... look for the
hardwire connection to the lock.

Okay, got it. Feels like a thin gauge.

I'm guessing if I cut it...

You'll activate the lock's
redundancy mechanism.

No, we need... we need to short
the backup

before cutting the electricity.

There's a conduit that
runs alongside the cell.

Follow that conduit to the fuse box.

I got it. It's right on the back wall.

I'm putting you on speaker.

Okay, all right, uh...

Here's where it gets a
little tricky, Peter.

Pull back the inside panel.

You'll see two hot wires and a neutral.
Strip the neutral.

Hang on, I got to make
a quick wire stripper

out of the soda can.

Look at you, improvising without me.


Okay, uh...All right,

break the light bulb and
attach the filament

to the battery of your cellphone.

The filament conducts the charge...

Which creates a surge, shorts the power,

and the locking mechanism should release.

It will.

Has it occurred to you

that in order to use my
cellphone battery...

we're gonna have to disconnect.

It's the final step, Peter.


Oh, God.

We've got a lock on his location...

Textile shop off of 9th and 39th.

Burke, stay on the line.

There's team on their way.

There's no time.

Come on, Peter.

How long should it take if this works?
A few seconds.

Please, honey, you can do this.


I'm out.

Hang tight, Peter. We're on our way.

I've got Lang at gunpoint.

All right, let's go!

You better hurry.

Keller's on his way, too.

FBI! Don't move!

Jones, it's me!

Yeah, clear around back.

There he is...

Escape artist
extraordinaire, Peter Burke.

What happened with Keller?

He hasn't shown.

He won't. He's smarter than that.

Who knows... Maybe he
never planned on showing,

seeing as how he didn't trust Lang.

Which would have left Lang

with the ring, the debts, and you.

Uh, speaking of which...

Oh, right.
Yeah, thanks. It's...

Before I hand that back
to you, is it stolen?

Well, it's never been reported as stolen.

Listen, if it's legitimately yours,

the FBI can't hold onto it.

Well, it's been missing for
a couple hundred years,

but, uh...

It doesn't belong to me.


You may want to contact the
Scotland Royal Museum.


Hey, hon.

Hey, hon.


I saw the surprise party you set up for me.

It's very kind.
I'm sorry I couldn't make it.

Yeah, me too.

I couldn't have escaped
without you, Neal.

But I guess we both got
what we wanted, right?

I wouldn't say that.

How about we call this one a draw?

We'll take a break for a while.
What do you say?

I'm gonna find you, Keller.

Well, that might be tough.
I'm already outside your radius.

Hey, Caffrey...

You're starting to sound like a lawman.