White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 13 - Countermeasures - full transcript

Despite Burke's incredulity, Neal has the FBI investigate the potential danger to his landlady June after the release of her slick ex and late husband's friend, Bradford 'Ford' Toman. Burke is all the more interested when fingerprinting shows the presence of elusive master forger Jonas Ganz, never convicted by presumed extremely dangerous. Neal still takes the front in an elaborate dollar counterfeiting trap.

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How goes the construction
of our treasure map?

Oh. The antenna?
Slow and steady.

I'm trying to build everything

as close to the original
1940s designs as possible.

Do you know how hard it is
to find vacuum tubes these days?

I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Good work, Moz.

I don't like that expression.

"Good work"?

Well, "work" implies
I have a job.


A careless word
may kindle strife.

See you later.


Oh, you must be Neal.

You know my name,
but I don't know yours.

Ah, I see that you have met Ford.

It's a pleasure.

Ford is an old friend,

and he's just moved back
to Manhattan.

I missed the old neighborhood,
to say the least.

I think you'll find that you two

have quite a bit in common.

Is that so?

So you'll be around for a while?

June has been kind enough

to make a few donations
to my new apartment.

We both know how generous she is.

Thank you.

That looks like
one of Byron's suits.

That reminds me...

I have some more jackets
in the back room.



How'd you know June's husband?

Byron and I worked together.


Partners in crime?

Something like that.


Is Peter around?

I need a favor.

Neal, what did I say last time
you asked me for a favor?

I should think long and hard

before trying to pull
anything over on you.


And that if I ever did try,

you'd break one
or both of my arms.

You know I hate to repeat myself.

I'm willing to risk it.

Can you run a print?

It's not for me.

It's for June.

Your landlady needs
a print analysis?

A friend of hers
dropped by the house.

I think he's up to something.

You catch a name?

It's probably a nickname.

What did this "Ford" do?

He took some of June's things.

Does she know?

Actually, she gave them to him.

Out of the kindness of her heart.

But he may be a criminal.

Sound like anyone we know?

This is different.

Afraid you'll lose
that nice roof of yours?

There's something off
about this guy.

Will you run it for me?


You know he doesn't like the vet.

I think he feels guilty.


He wouldn't have been there
if he didn't swallow

one of my handcuff keys.

Honey, he's a dog.

Dogs like shiny things.

You need to be more careful
what you leave around!

Oh, so I should feel guilty?

I think an apology is in order.

I'm sorry.

Aw, good boy.

Thank you.
All right. Come on.

We have some time.
You want to have lunch?

I'd...love to.

But what?

I'll take a rain check.

This is Burke.

Caffrey asked me
to run a print.

He knows better.

Peter, you should see this.

All right.

Everything okay?

It was

until you told Diana
to red-flag a murder suspect.

Murder suspect?

Jonas Ganz...

Person of interest
in the Sturdivant heist

a few years back.

Charged with armed robbery
and homicide.

The only thing the prosecution
could stick

was GTA for the getaway vehicle.

June knows him?

She said he was a friend.

Yeah, well, this "friend"

has been in and out
of correctional facilities

for the last decade or so.

He had a lifer quality about him.

His first stint
was for burglary in Lompoc,

back in 2000.

Can I see that?


I think Diana
pulled the wrong print.

There was only one print
on the coin, and she ran it.


'Cause this isn't the guy I met.

That pulled seven points of reference

from the print on that coin.

It belongs to Ganz.

This can't be identity theft.

No, I don't think anybody
would want to pass himself off

as this guy.

I dug up the intel
you requested on Ganz.

I may have found our connection
to the guy you met at June's.

That's him.

Looks like Ganz
has a former cell mate.

Bradford Tullman,
aka "Ford."

Locked up for
real-estate fraud two years ago.

Sold nonexistent land

to a half a dozen
major corporations.

Another smooth talker.

If he shared a cell with Ganz,

that could explain the print.

Yeah, but not why Ford
doesn't have one.

I saw him touch the coin.

Super glue on the fingertips?

Invisible tape?

No, I shook his hand.
I would've noticed.

Oh, look at this.
Says here...

He's a known associate
of June's late husband.

They were booked 20 years ago.

For running a rooftop casino?

Oh. Out of your place.
Look at that.

Always did feel like home.

All right, Jones,

get ahold
of Ganz's probation officer,

find out where he's staying.

Have Diana sit on him.
On it.

If Ganz and Ford are working
our backyard,

I want to know about it.

All right.


You've got a lot of friends.

Hey, June.

I knew you wouldn't mind.

I was looking for this.

Photo album?

Ford asked if he could see it.


You two go way back.

Back then, the three of us
were inseparable.

Lenox Lounge.


Byron looked so handsome
in that suit.

Even Ford asked
if I still have it.

But I told him

It probably
wouldn't fit him. Mm.

It really is something.


I think I'll take it down,
let him see it.


Let me know
if you need anything, okay?

I promise.


You mind if I come in?


Come on in.

Oh, thank you.

It looks different now.

Yeah, bunco squad took the craps tables.

Well, you know, Neal,
the reason why I came

is because I want to set
the record straight.

You know how it is.

You tell people
that you've done time,

and they have a bad way
of looking at you.

June told me a little,

but given your current situation,

I was hoping
that you'd understand.

Maybe I do.

Yeah, me and Byron.

This was our place.

We had three games
of five-card stud

going around the clock.

Good rake?

Oh, we made a lot of green,

especially since the joint
was nicely juiced.

What, did you have a mechanic?

Kid, I was the mechanic.

Running up cards
in your own joint.

That's risky.

Hello, hello.


You boys talking shop?

Oh, we were just talking
about the good old days.

Old days.
Have you asked him?

Oh, yeah, I was just about to.

Uh, June and I would love
for you to join us

for dinner tonight.

Of course.
Oh, that's wonderful.

Then I'll see you downstairs.


She's not like the rest, is she?

She sees us
for who we really are.

Is that why you're here?

Well, I'm here because...

I'm looking for a second chance.


I was worried you were looking
for something else.

I never found it 'cause I
haven't worn this suit before.

I don't like this guy.

You've never met this guy.

He's trying to scam June!

Look, I'm with you,
but all we can assume

is he's been in touch
with a former cell mate.

Who's a potential killer.

That's not very comforting,
mon frere.

You think this is
what Ford's after?

Maybe Ford's trying to finish
something he and Byron started.

Mm. I can try and make it
more legible.

Hey, you mind hanging around
the house the next few days?

Oh, I'll make sure she's okay.

Oh, we've got book club on for tomorrow

I didn't know you two
had a book club.

It's very exclusive.

Well, so is this.

Peter, what's up?

Looks like Ganz
is pulling together a crew.

What kind of crew?

Mm, not for rowing.

Looks like muscle for hire.

He's planning another heist.

Yeah, I want to talk to Ford.

Bring him in the office tomorrow.

No, he's smart, Peter.

You won't be able
to sweat it out of him.

You got a better idea?

How do you feel
about dinner parties?

I hope that's a non sequitur.

I'm having dinner
with Ford and June tonight.

You and Elizabeth should join us.

You want me to bring my wife
to a covert interrogation?

It's perfect.

He won't suspect you're a fed.

Then who am I?

A co-worker.

And what kind of "co-work"
would that be?

I may have implied

that you're not exactly a noble citizen.

I said "no."

Find another way.



Hey, Neal.

That sounds great!

Oh, I'm sure Peter
would love to come.


We'll see you tonight.

Neal just invited us to dinner.


He's using you so I can
interrogate a suspect.

Well, what's wrong with mixing

a little business with pleasure?

Plus, you owe me dinner.

Uh, lunch. That was
a rain check for lunch.

And you're paying me with dinner.

This is gonna be fun!

Dress nice, okay?



Peter. You baked.

Pie. Bon appétit.

Peter, Elizabeth,

I'm so happy you could make it.

Oh, it's our pleasure.



You must be Ford.


You're certainly not
what I expected.

Same here.

Neal tells me that you pull

team gags together.

We do.

He's a hell of an outside patsy.


He's got that look.


It's a compliment.

♪ And this torch that I've found ♪

♪ has got to be drowned ♪

♪ or it soon might explode ♪

No. No way.

♪ Make it one
for my baby ♪

♪ and one more for the road ♪

♪ that long ♪

♪ long ♪

♪ ro-o-o-ad ♪

So damn long!




You never mentioned June
had such a wonderful voice,

and you, by the way.

Ah, please.

Ohh. You should see
how she moves!

Oh, please.
Ford promised me a dance

a long, long time ago.
Come on.

if you need some company,

let us know.


Peter, you dance?

Ohh, he's terrific.

We took a salsa class
last year...

Smiled the whole entire time.

Huh. Do you have any pictures
of that?

'Cause I'd love to show the guys
at the office.

No pictures.

Thanks, honey.
Thank you.

I'm gonna freshen this up.

Oh, my goodness.

That's amazing.

That was nice.

But I'm losing patience.

Ganz is out there,

planning God knows what.

We'll find the link.

Well, we better find it

before I have to sing
something from "Pippin."

I'll be right back.
No, no.

Hang in there.


Any requests?

Moz, you got something?

Asked around about Ford.

Word on the street is,

he masterminded
the Nicosia job back in the day.

His credentials are impressive,

to say the least.

How come I hadn't heard of him?

Well, because
the guy's a whisper.

You know how it is.

In our business,

no reputation
is the best reputation.


You find anything
on that receipt I gave you?

I have,

with the use of a hair dryer
and Photoshop contrast.

Why do you have a hair dryer?

You want to know
what it says or not?

I'm listening.
I'm listening.

It's a receipt
from a furniture store

for a walnut leather
coffee table.

Yeah, I've seen it,
in Byron's study.

There's something else.

There's an additional charge
for labor and modification.

You're saying Byron
had it custom-made?

It looks that way.

Are you having a party over there?

Without me?

Ah. Oh.

Oh, let me put that away for you.

Is that a photo album?

Wow, honey, did you see that?

I love photos.

They tell you so much
about a person.

It'd be nice if I could see
some photographs

of yourself and Byron...

...And Ford.

Oh, wow.


What were you up to?


You know what?

I was looking for
Byron's record collection.

Oh, it's in the library.

The end of the hall,
past the stairwell.

Oh. Okay. Thanks.

Oh, wow.

Oh, look at that.

That was Byron's first new car...

a '64 Corvair convertible.

Where have you been?

I was almost put on
background vocals.

Come with me.

Right now.

The plate was right here.


Printing plate
for the U.S. $100 bill.

You're sure?

Fair enough.

Where is he?

He's gone.

He just caught a cab outside.

- Where's Ford heading?
- I don't know.

Nor do I.

You're late, Moz!

It's a travesty, really.

Had I been at the dinner,

it would have been a fascinating
meeting of the minds.

I didn't know you were invited.

I wasn't, but I thought
there'd be hors d'oeuvres.

There's pie.

Did you bring ice cream
from your truck?

How did Ford
know about the plate?

Well, he's probably known
for years.

I'm curious.
The plate in question?

for the $100 from 1991.


Unlike newer bank notes,

they'd have fewer
security features.

No watermarking of Franklin,
no micro-printing.

No optically variable ink,
much easier to duplicate,

and it's still legal currency.

What's old becomes new again.

All right.
Since we can't find Ford,

let's figure out what else
he needs to make these bills.

I'll need to borrow
some reading materials.

Fine. From where?
The U.S. treasury.

I'm not comfortable
with this.

You're not comfortable?

I've got the "Men in Black"
bobsled team

breathing down my neck.

These treasury agents
are a little skeptical.

You look like
a 12-year-old

who just found the lingerie
section of the sears catalogue.

Okay. The plate
is the real deal,

but it's just a start.

You need the right press,
the right cutter,

but most importantly,
the right inks and paper.

Can you forge these?

U.S. bills are tricky.

The ink, maybe, but the paper...

I mean, the feel
of that linen-cotton blend

is tough to duplicate...

So I've been told.

All right.
We're done here.


So, could someone
steal these things?

You think that's why Ganz
pulled his crew together?

Makes the most sense.

We were sitting on Ganz's place.

Guess who showed up.

We grabbed him as he left. No one saw.

Put him in the conference room.

You two really do
work together.

Never lied about that.

Tell me about your relationship
with Ganz.

I told him about the plate
while we were at Rikers.

You traded information
with Ganz for protection.

Where'd you get the plate?

He stole it.

From where?

From me.

I thought he would want in.

It would have been a big one
for us.

Our, um, final score.

But he wanted to print
the money himself?

He didn't want
to print it at all.

He was protecting me...

From myself.

So, coming back into June's life,

everything you said to her...

It's all a lie?


If Ganz had found that plate
in her house...

I came back...

To protect her.

Ganz has the plate.

What's his next move?

I told him what else he needed.

Paper, ink...

Cutter, press.

The list was long.

From one professional to another,

how come you don't have
any prints?

Pumice stone.

I rub my fingers
with it every morning.

Wake up, brush your teeth,

scrape incriminating evidence
off your fingertips?

Old habits...


Think he's telling the truth?


Ford wears a hat.


I'm not him, Peter.

I didn't say anything.

Just commenting on the hat.


You think he wanted
to protect June?

You don't.

No, I think he's looking
for that last big score.


People can change, Peter.



The fastest way to shut this down

is to get Ganz and his crew

confessing to
a premeditated crime on tape.

You want to send Ford undercover?

It's a big risk.
Not just Ford.


Yeah. Look.

Ganz has two wheelmen,
two pieces of muscle,

and a forger.

We'll need to take one of them
out of the equation.

Can I make a suggestion?

We took Ganz's forger
out of play.

He had a nice little
side hobby going...

forged autographed
Yankee baseballs.

Ready to introduce Neal
as your pinch-hitter?

You like what I did there?

I did.
That was good.

I'm ready, fellas.

This is a one-way radio,

with GPS.

You don't use wires anymore?

Not since "Carlito's Way."

FBI's gotten pretty slick.

You sure you're up for this?

Son, I once walked out of the met

holding a Renoir.

That was you?
That was me.

This ain't nothin'.

Is that the guy?

Who else would it be?

This kid is the best
print man around.

Does this kid have a name?

No names.

The less we know
about each other, the better.

How long have you guys
known each other?

About five years?

Mutual friend of ours needed to get
out of town, so he came to my shop.

He hooked me up with some of
the best work I've ever seen.

Photo I.D., passports.

So we stayed in touch.

Used him four times since.

Five. Don't forget
that other thing.

Well, that was between us.
All right.

Let's see what he knows.

It's like
they're speaking "criminese."

Give me the I.D.s.

Which one's the fake?

Watch this.

They're all fake.

The hologram
on the Alabama license

is cemented with the wrong base.

And the UV ink should be mixed
at a 5-to-1 ratio.

This looks like 3-to-1.

The laminate on the California
is too thick,

and last time I checked,

"Illinois" is spelled
with two l's, not one.

All right!

I'm sold.

I'll need to know
the required tools.

We have the equipment all ready,

and we have the list.

I'll contact you this week.

I gave you the list,
but now I'm bringing you help...

good help...

someone who's not
gonna get busted

for a phony baseball.

How did you know
it was a baseball?

Gear up now!

I never said
how the guy was busted.


I think you know
a little too much.

Look, let's not get jumpy.

You want an explanation,
I'll give you one.

You say the word, we're in there.

I'm all ears.
You think someone talked?

I don't know you.

And Ford has a tendency to get chatty.
Put it past him.

Why should I?
'Cause I called the feds.

Yeah. I let word slip

about a few indecent
eBay transactions.

There better be a good reason.

Ford told me you were
pulling something big

and that you'd need
a reliable bill maker.

And I wasn't about
to risk my share

on some half-wit hire.

You knew about this?

Of course.

You're in.


You wait on the sidelines.

It's on him
to hand over your share now.

You trust the kid?

Hell, no.

But what choice do I have?

I'm gonna hold on to this
for a while.

If Ganz had seen this,

you probably wouldn't
be breathing right now.

I'm on call?

Ganz contacts you,

I want you ready, willing,
and able.

Now, he said
he already had the tools.

What else does he need?

I saw Ford's checklist.

It's either ink, paper, or both.


You and Ford had a pretty
interesting rapport today.

I know where you're going.

Don't need to look
in a crystal ball?

You think he's a cautionary tale.

You want to be like him
when you grow up?

More fun than sitting
in a cubicle.

Neal, if ever you do
decide to grow up,

you should realize
this one thing.

You can either be a con or a man.

You can't be both.

Ran accounts on everyone
in Ganz's crew.

They're pretty dried up.

Probably paying for supplies
in cash.

It'd be good if you could
remember the aliases

you saw on those I.D.s.

Joseph Dowd, Kenny Estrada,
and Dylan Fleecs.

You didn't ask.

Well, it's simple
word association.

"Dowd," "crowd."

Joseph Dowd
runs with a bad crowd.

Kenny Estrada...
He won't say nada.

Are you serious?

Yeah, I got one for every cop
and crook I ever met.

What was mine?

Burke the jerk?

Oh, come on.

You tell me what else
rhymes with "Burke."




"Clerk" works.

What do you have?

Wait a second.

This is the original
booking slip for our forger?

We printed him this morning.

There are two colors of ink here.

He had dark green ink
on his fingers

before we brought him in.

Our forger already mixed the dye.

Ganz is going for the paper.



Oh, hey.

So, I ran those aliases.

Yeah, who showed up?

Joseph Dowd.

Runs with a bad crowd.


What'd you find?

He's been staying
at the Continental

in Long Island City.

Paid for his room with cash,

but we got
a pay-per-view charge

off the card he laid down
for deposit.

The Continental's
right next to the BCU plant.

It supplies the bureau
of printing and engraving

with paper stock.

That's where Ganz plans
to get his paper.

Get ahold of Serrano
in the Treasury Department

and Kavanagh in Secret Service.

If they try to hit the BCU,
we'll be waiting.

All right.


That means we move, Caffrey.

How was the book club?

Well, there's only so much
to discuss

when it comes to Kitty Kelley.

How's it going with Ford?

Well, he's working with us.

Oh, shame.

He was a true legend.


Byron had it better.

Oh, he wound up with the plate.

More than that, Moz.


Yeah. And a home.

You think Byron wanted out
of the life?

I think he did.

That's why he hid the plate
instead of using it.

Well, if he really wanted out,

he could have
destroyed the plate.

I don't know.

Temptation of
that last big score is strong.

Ford can't resist it.


Few of us can.


Ganz just shook his surveillance.

I know.
Ganz is off the grid.

So is Ford.

Apparently, Neal's not the only one
who can slip the marshals.

All right, I'm gonna call
the Treasury Department.

I want you to get ahold
of the Secret Service.

This is Burke.

You need to get your people
in place.

This thing could go down
any second.

Relax, Burke.

The stock is safe.

We're moving in now.

Paper's in transit?

Why wasn't I told about this?

I want a team
to Caffrey's place now!

I gotta tell you,
the guy's still got it.

Let's make some money.

Neal, it's me.

You're too late.

We're going to be hitting
the truck en route.

We need you to I.D.
the archived paper.

You think you can handle it?

This isn't what I do.

It is today.

Go, go, go!

Get out of the truck now!

You recognize her?
That's your daughter.

I'll be sure to take good care
of her once you're gone.

Get out!

Out of the truck now!

Open it up!

We got cops!

It's showtime, kiddo.

Get on the ground.
Face down!

Come on, come on.
What's taking so long?

Get back there and help him.

Move it!
Move it!

Here. This is it.

Talk to me.

NYPD says the truck was hit
two minutes ago.

Five-man team,
and they got away clean.

There's a good chance
Caffrey was with them.

What about Ford?

There was no one
matching his description.

He's up to something.

There's no reason
he should run from us.

I got an APB out.

We need to find him, fast.


It's good to see you, kid.

Any problems?

It went down like you said.

They bringing in the paper?


One last score, huh, Ford?

He's smart, isn't he?

It's time for you two
to get to work.

All right,
now, you be careful

where you're pointing
that banger, kid.

You ran a nice game, old man,

but it's my rig now.

So, can we print...

Or what?

Guess we don't have
a choice, do we?

Let's get started.

Can you...?

Thank you.

How much more
are we printing?

All of it.

That could take days.

Then it'll take days.

Smile, guys. We got
all the time in the world.

Ford was clever.

He let word about
a potential job slip.

And let someone pull it for him.

You're like him.

I accept your accusation.

Let's pretend
you've broken some laws.

Where would you go to hide?

Someplace I've never been caught.

If he's really pulling
the strings,

he's already got it set up,

and he's got his tracks covered.

Maybe not.

There's something
about these photos...

That Ford tried to hide from me.

There's something here.

That's the Lenox Lounge
off 125th Street.

June's mentioned it before.

What'd she say?

Byron used to run the back room.


About 25 years ago.

That building's still there,
isn't it?

You said this place was clean!
It is.

Then why are there
police outside?

Give me the case.

I said give it to me!

Okay, okay!

What was in Ganz's suitcase?

Just a lot of newspaper.

You called those cops.

I thought I saw a cat
stuck in a tree.

You were running this
from the moment we met.

You knew that coin
had Ganz's print on it,

told him where to find me.

You put June's life at risk.

For what, Ford?

For a score?

I had a choice to make.

Walk away with a little something

or a whole lot of nothing.

What is this?

Guess someone's really worried
about that cat.

Jonas Ganz?

Are you for real, sweetheart?

Is that real enough
for you, sweetheart?

He had that on him.

Keep the front locked up.
No one in or out.

Come with me.

How'd they find us?

Unlike you,
I've got a partner I can trust.

You really think you can make it?

You said you had
a choice to make.

I'm gonna give you another one.

Until the suspect is secure
and Caffrey safe,

nobody moves.

It's not too late, Ford.

You can still walk away
from this if I back your story.

I'll give you two options...

One, get rid of that gun,

become a cooperating witness...

And take June dancing.

Option two?

You take that case
and run as long as you can.

I'm too old to walk down
another midway, son.

Tell June...

I'm sorry.

Stand down.
Come on.


He went that way,
but this place was a speakeasy.

There are exits everywhere.

Suspect is exiting
the southeast corner

of the building.

He won't get far.

Ganz is out front.

Jones and Diana are picking up
the rest of his crew.

Tried to help him.

You know...

There's one thing
Byron figured out

that Ford never did.

There's no such thing
as a final score...

...Only the next one.

Unless you figure that out,

you're gonna lose in the end.

You ready?



It's okay.

I've always known
what kind of man he was.

Then why let him in?

To remember...

What Byron and I had.

Even if it was just for a while.

Maybe I wanted
to go dancing again.

May I?

I found a junk guy in Queens
who collects vintage radios.

It's a gold mine for parts.

I should have
a working prototype...

Neal, are you listening?

Do you ever think about
how all this is gonna end?

Oh, you mean...

The big score or the big house?


Is there another option?

Byron found it.

Ah, the true-love route.

You know, that's the biggest con
of them all.

You're a cynic.

Of course.

You know what they say.

Old con men never die.

Our smiles just fade away.

So you got rid
of the printing plate?

It may have found its way
back inside the table.

For a rainy day?

For a rainy day.