White Collar (2009–2014): Season 1, Episode 12 - Bottlenecked - full transcript

Neal accepts his equally masterly rival Matthew Keller's challenge to re-create an extremely rare bottle of Bordeaux wine once owned by Ben Franklin. Initally unwilling to act without legal cause, Burke agrees someone with Neal's skills without police guidance is better stopped altogether. Keller however thinks ahead, perhaps even further then Neal and Mozzie.

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Realists don't fear
the results of their study.

Then why don't you find me
more favorable results, Dostoyevsky?

I hit everybody who would or could
know about the damn music box.

Nothing's coming up.
Well, keep looking.


Your anonymous chess opponent again.

Why aren't you more curious
about who's sending them?

I like the mystery.
Your girlfriend's missing.

You can't find the one thing
that might free her.

One could say
there's enough mystery in your life.

Where's the postmark from on this one?
There isn't one.

There isn't one?

As in someone hand-delivered
this card to your door?

This is odd.
The other cards are blank.

The new one has a picture
of the Museum of Natural History on it.

A good mystery makes life interesting.
You know the Chinese curse.

May you live in interesting times.
You know that's the first of two curses.

What's the other one?

May you find what you're looking for.

What's the move?
Uh, knight to D-7.

Knight to D-7.

You've done this move before,
haven't you?

Mozz, I know who I'm playing.

Keller. This was our last game.


Looks like he's in New York.

Who won?
I don't know.

We never finished playing.


You're here early.

So are you.

What you doing?


"Heist of the
American Museum of Natural History."

Not your normal hotbed
of crime and intrigue.

Yeah, it's probably nothing.
Hold on.

Interesting list of items stolen.

Antique cork duck decoys
from the store room.

They also took wax-sealed supply list
and French soil samples...

...that belonged to Dr. John Bartram.

Father of American botany.

Just playing a hunch?
Ah, they already have a suspect.

They caught a guy
stuffing his backpack. It's--

Manuel Campos.
He's out on bail today.

Maybe we should go talk to him.

We could do that.

I think it's great you've taken an interest
in a small-time museum heist.

History is important.

Duck decoys and French soil samples.

You don't want me looking into this.

Don't waste your time with a hunch.
Cut the crap. What's going on here?

Look, I'm being honest with you,
Peter. I don't know yet.

There's something bigger going on.

I don't believe Campos is
the mastermind. Neither do you.

Who's pulling the strings
and why do I give a damn?

I have a theory.

Look out. Look out.

That's Campos.
Oh, my God, Manuel! Aah!

You're gonna tell me
what the hell is going on.


Manuel Campos just died in ICU.

His wife's a mess.
Says she didn't see the driver.

N.Y.P.D.'s out of leads.
Tell me who's responsible for this.

His name's Matthew Keller.
He's the blue-collar version of me.

Keller. He's been on our radar before.
And he always slipped off.

Interpol has linked him to everything
from arms smuggling to stolen antiquities.

Yeah, but they never had
anything more than hearsay.

Keller's never been caught.

Who is he? Some kind of rival of yours?

More like an opponent.

We met at the Grand Casino.

Cut our teeth in Monaco working
the World Backgammon Finals.

Last I heard he pulled
the Stockholm Airport robbery.

He drove right up to a flight
unloading Krugerrands.

Left fake bombs on the runway
so no one could follow.

You met him playing backgammon?


It was simpler times.

If this is Keller...

...I'm guessing he posted Campos' bail
so he could get rid of him.

All right.

What's with the museum heist,
the cork and the wax?

It was a bet Keller and I
made a long time ago.

Counterfeit a bottle of wine
owned by Ben Franklin.

You and your wine. That's why
people are dying on the street?

Marie-Antoinette gave Franklin
a bottle of Chateau Du Munn.

It's rumored to be in private hands,
but it's never gone to auction.

The point is the Franklin bottle
can't be counterfeited.

So it's a challenge. Figure out
who can pull off the impossible.

May the best man win.

I don't care about your rivalry.
If he's my killer, I want him.

Let's check around. Let's see
if there's any chatter on this bottle.

Mr. Cattigan.

Sir Roland Cattigan.


Sir Cattigan,
you know about this Franklin bottle?

Yes. A seller will be
presenting it on Friday.

And we will be adding it
to Weatherbys Auction.

Who is the seller?

May I ask why
the FBI wants to know?

It's a forgery.
Oh, that's quite impossible.

The Franklin bottle--
Can't be faked, ever.

Well, my seller wishes
to remain anonymous.

Then you're gonna have
to disappoint him.

Tell me, agent,
do you fashion yourself a wine aficionado?

I like a good Pinot now and then.

Pinot. You've seen Sideways.

Your point?
My point is...

...that my palate is insured by
Lloyd's of London for a million Euros.

My point is that you don't understand
the subtleties of my business.

I think I do.

Word gets out a high-profile bottle
like this is fake, you're done.

Now, I don't wanna
shut your business down...

...and search your premises
with a warrant...

...but I will.

I don't know the seller.

But the broker for the bottle
is a woman named Grace Quinn.


I believe I am.

What's this?
My search warrant.

Put me down
for moo shu pork.

I'm a bad influence.

Our broker's name
is Grace Quinn.

Says here that she runs an upscale
wine cellar called Bin 903.

Think we can
link her to Keller?

Let me talk to her.

You can't go asking around with
a badge. You'll scare him off.

I'll tell her I'm representing a client
who's interested in the bottle...

...see what I can dig up.

You know where to find me.

Always do.
All right.

Chateau Latour, Mouton Rothschild,
a case of Petrus, 1945.

That's a serious collection.

Look, my client doesn't want his ex-wife
or the IRS to know about his holdings.

That's not uncommon.
We're very discreet here.

If you'd like to bring him by...

...I'm hosting a private wine tasting
to celebrate Weatherbys' annual sell.

Does that invite extend to me? Heh.

If you bring your client, it does.

We'll be opening
some rare bottles.

All right, I'll see what I can do.

My client is a very cautious man.

It'll help if I can give him
a firsthand account of the facilities.

Any chance I can get a tour?

Of course.

Right this way.

As you'll see,
our vault is state-of-the-art.

Humidity is at a constant 62 percent.
Temp at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Ooh. Sorry about that.
Ha, ha.

It's okay. That's what it's here for.

We change the code every day.

Good. I noticed
you don't have surveillance cameras.

We consider our clients' anonymity
to be top priority.

I assume it's something a cautious man
like your client would appreciate.

Well, you assume right, Grace.

Shall we?

Chateau Du Munn,
post-French Revolution.

Nice. Who's the collector?

Heh. I can't say.

Wouldn't happen to be the same individual
who will auction Franklin bottle on Friday?

I can't comment on that bottle.

But, uh, no.

It's not
the same individual.


Seems more his speed.

That I can neither
confirm nor deny.

Let's be honest with each other.
I know you're brokering the sale.

You shouldn't.

If I didn't, I wouldn't be very good
at my job, Miss Quinn.

Your client must be well connected.

That I can neither
confirm nor deny.

I'd love to meet the seller
of the bottle sometime.

He's been here recently, hasn't he?

What makes you say that?

A man of his taste, I'm sure he has
an appreciation for history, as do I.

May I?
Be my guest.

"King's Crown.

A tavern once frequented
by George Washington.

Now long buried under Water Street."


I get the message.

What's up, Peter?
How did your chat go with Miss Quinn?

Ah, I didn't find anything on Keller.
Think he finished the forgery?

Maybe. I don't know.
Did you find anything on your end?

I might know why he's running this scam
and it's got nothing to do with you.

Am I supposed to feel relieved?
I would be.

I contacted Interpol. Their sources say
he's got a big bull's-eye on his back.


That Stockholm heist he pulled,
it was bankrolled with Russian mob money.

Comrades got a little upset when he skipped
Europe without giving them their cut.

If they catch him, they'll kill him.

Unless he promised the Russians
their money back and then some.

He's gonna pay off his debt
with the money from the bottle. Heh.

I want you here first thing in the morning.
I wanna find Keller before they do.

Me too.

Matthew Keller.

See you got my postcards.

Thanks for keeping in touch.

We never did get
to finish our game.

Aren't you curious
to see who wins?

Not anymore.

Manuel Campos died today.

I'm sorry. Who?
Your thief.

He had a wife.

Still afraid
to get dirty, huh, Caffrey?

Violence requires no imagination.

Anyone can use a gun or a car.

That's why you'll always be second-rate.


You're too weak to do what's necessary
to get what you want.

Including Kate, from what I heard.

Nice try.

But you officially lost that one.

You were in prison for what, four years?

Missed a lot of Valentine's Days.

I forgot how endearing it was
when she talks in her sleep.

I should've warned you, but
we're, uh, at the edge of your leash here.

Might wanna take it easy.

Imagine how I felt when
I discovered that you of all people...

...were working for the Feds.

I step forward and a dozen FBI agents
will be here in minutes.

That right? Be my guest.

The only one they'd have sufficient cause
to arrest is you.


Trespassing? Ugh.

Come on, Neal.
You're clutching at straws here.

They got
Al Capone on tax evasion.

You flatter me
with the comparison.

What do you want?
I wanna play the game.

The Franklin bottle?

Yeah. I wanna know who's the best.

You already submitted yours
for the auction.

Guess you won.

You never could
follow through, Caffrey.

That's why Kate went looking
for something else.

I'll give you the first piece.

Now let's play the game.

You got 10 days.

What is this?
A challenge.

Okay, where'd you get it?

He wants a face-off.

Gave me the first piece to forge
my own Franklin bottle.

Awfully sporting of him.
Well, not exactly.

Gave himself a big head start.

Why do I get the feeling
this isn't about the bottle?

It's about Kate.

It always was between you and Keller.
Like he ever had a chance.

Doesn't matter what it was about.
Keller killed a man.

Oh, sure, sure.
Now you're the noble warrior.

Okay, what's the plan?
I'm gonna beat him.

He gave me the bottle.

Now we need to fill it, cork it,
seal it and label it.

You like scavenger hunts?

I've been known to uncover
an Easter egg or two in my time.

What's on the list?

You saw Keller?
I did.

Damn it, Neal.
We could've done this right.

I could've taken him down.
On what, exactly?

He's completely clean.
That's how he works.

Doesn't take away that
you should've cleared it with me first.

You're right. I should have.

You should have.

Weatherbys received
Keller's bottle this morning.


It's good.

It's also our only piece of evidence
linking Keller to Campos' murder.

And it's locked in a vault.

Might as well be at the Atlantic Ocean,
considering how circumstantial all of this is.

I'm assuming a takeout menu
won't fly this time.


Unless we can convince him
it's a fake.

That Cattigan guy won't stop the auction
just because we claim it's a fake.

And we need proof that it is.

We can submit a Franklin bottle
of our own.

There's only one bottle in existence,

If I turn in a fake just as good as Keller's,
they'll test them both.

What kind of test?
Standard stuff.

Carbon-date the cork,
run a molecular test on the wax...

...spectroscopic refraction
on the glass.

Stuff they got from the museum heist.

His bottle will pass those.
And so will mine.

That'll force the auction house
to run a cesium test.

They don't like to run them,
because they're so expensive.

It's a way to determine the age of the wine
inside the bottle without opening it.

Cesium 137
doesn't exist in nature.

After they detonated the first atomic bomb,
it spread around the world.

Anything bottled before 1945--
Like the real Franklin bottle.

Right. --is cesium free.

Keller's bottle has it. It's a fake.

Can't I get hundred-year-old wine
and fill it up?

There's the rub.

They'd know you just added it.
The oxygen content would be too high.

That's why it can't be forged.

And you think
you can beat this cesium test?

No, nobody can. It's impossible.

And that's the beauty of it.
You force the test, you both fail.

It proves that Keller's bottle is a counterfeit.
We got him on fraud.

Yeah, it's not murder,
but it's a start.

How you gonna put the bottle together?
I already got a man on it.

How's it coming?

Mozz, overreact much?
What are you gonna do with tweezers?

The shinobi ninja can fashion a weapon
out of anything.

You're not a ninja.
That's exactly what I want you to believe.

How's the bottle coming?

Oh, I, uh, paid off a guard
at that maritime exhibit...

...for French cork made
before the Industrial Revolution.

We got our newspaper.
This is a New York Gazette from 1785.

They use it for insulation in the walls
at the Colonial Ale House.

That's perfect.

There's only one egg missing
from our basket.


Preferably 18th-century beeswax
from the Chateau Du Munn vineyard.

Grace, Keller's broker,
has a few Chateau Du Munn in her vault.

How much wax do we need?
Not much.

I can make it work
with just a few shavings.

How's the security there?

Keypad with a rotating code,
biometric scanner plate.

Oh, we can ju--
With pulse monitor.

Oh, that makes it trickier.
So how do you get in?

Have her open the door.

For you?

For my client, Carlton Leed.

Who's that?

That's your favorite word, isn't it?

It's a classic.
Nope, never, forget about it.

What makes you think...

...I would break into anyplace with you
and steal anything?

We are not breaking in.
You'll be shown around.

And we're not stealing anything...

...of value.

All I need are some wax shavings.

It's like taking a lock of hair
from the floor of a barber shop.

Theft is theft.
I'm a CI, not an agent.

I don't have the same restrictions.
Call this one a gray area.

Come on.

You can get all dressed up...

...hobnob with pretty people,
drink a fine glass of port.

From everything you know about me...

...what makes you think
I'd enjoy any of what you just said?

Because this is about catching a killer.

A wax shaving for a murderer.

This won't affect the value of anything
in Grace's collection?

Nope, no, nada.

You know, for the record, I hate port.
It's syrupy.

There will be other options.

I still say this tie is ridiculous.

It's Italian. And it looks good.

I should be flossing my teeth with it,
not wearing it around my neck.

The sooner we can get Grace
to show us the cellar...

...the sooner you can get back
to your favorite pair of sweatpants.

Now, I know wine isn't your thing.
It's a tasting, Neal.

You nose a bottle, take a sip...

...and say something pretentious,
like rich with nice body.

Speaking of.

You made it.
You must be Mr. Leed.

Please, call me Carlton.
Grace Quinn.

I hear you're a man
of discriminating taste.

I hope we find something
to your liking today.

Ha, ha.
Love your tie.

She loves the tie.

We'll be starting
with a 1985 Chateau Petrus Pomerol.

Great year. You're not holding back.

What do you think?

I'd say it's, uh, woodsy
with a medium body and hint of--

The lady asked what I thought.

The use of wood is evident
in its broadness of flavors.

Great persistence in the mouth.

It opens up well in the glass.

I would agree.

I understand you have
a more substantial private collection.

Would you care to see the vault?

Your friend's not coming?
Oh, no. I don't need a babysitter.

Please, allow me.

And you're a gentleman too.

As you can see,
our security system is state-of-the-art.


- Yes, he's quite an expert.
- Oh, yeah.

Mm-hm. Absolutely.

- Like to try something else?
- I'd love some, thank you.

There you are.

Chateau Du Munn,
post-French Revolution.

Miss Quinn, I have a question
about the Chateau Petrus.

Sorry to interrupt.

Mm. Please.

Don't I know you?
I don't think so.

I guess you just have
one of them faces, huh?

Mind filling this up for me?

Of course.
Thank you.

Now I got it.

Yeah, I saw you earlier. You, uh--
You came in with your friend.

Where'd he get off to anyway?
I don't know. I'm not his keeper.

You're not, huh?

See, I think you are.

Then I wonder what would happen...

...if I asked the security guard
to check the vault right now.

I wonder what that does
to a lawman's career...

...when his errand boy gets caught breaking
into somebody's private property.

And I'm having a hard time figuring out...

...why I don't book you
for murder one right now.

Is that right?

How about I get Grace
to lock this vault down?

What are the cops gonna find
when they look inside?

A cellar full
of dusty, overpriced wine.

You know what?
I'm glad you brought in the FBI, Caffrey.

Makes it exciting, right?

Be that much richer when I beat you.

Oh, I forgot to tell you.

He's a big fan of himself.
I noticed that.

Hmm. I heard that somebody mowed down
a citizen right in front of an FBI agent.

What a shame.

I mean, that's gotta be embarrassing
for the Bureau, right?

Good luck with that investigation.

I spend five minutes with the guy,
I wanna punch him right in the face.

Imagine how I feel.

You'll feel better
when we take him down.

This can't be good.

Why does everyone say that
when I walk into their office?

So you have good news?

I contacted the auction house.
They're closed to new entries.

Closed. We can't submit our bottle?

Sorry, Peter.

Now quit the fool's errands
and catch this guy.

You've outdone yourself, Mozz.


What's next?
I set up the vacuum pumps.

And transfer the wine.

Expecting someone?

Uh, Keller maybe?


Peter, hey. What you doing here?

Got some bad news.
The auction house is closed to new entries.

I appreciate
your A-Team run here, guys...

...but I can't let you
take your bottle to Weatherbys.

It's Hughes.
He pulled the plug.

If we don't,
they won't run the cesium test.

Keller gets away with a half-million
dollars and murder.

What if he wins?
Or worse, what if you win?

This guy will stop at nothing.

That's why we have to stop him.
No offense, but your team hasn't.

You're right.

Keep going.
Let's take him down.


See you in the morning.

I'll call Jones and figure out a way
to get this bottle into the auction.

Let's go, Haversham.

Slow it down.

Morning, Peter.

I got nothing on the auction house.
Weatherbys looks pretty damn legit.

Damn. I need some kind of leverage
so Cattigan will let our bottle in.

Keller really got to you, huh?

Yeah, he's a piece of work.

He and Neal may be rivals...

...but he's the anti-Caffrey, the Bizarro-Neal.

What, you got something?

Yeah. Yeah, they had lousy weather
in France this summer.

Couple blazing hot months.

Grape harvest came up short.

That's good?

1947 was not a good year.

Forty thousand dollars,

Thank you very much.
$50,000. Thank you, sir.

Fifty thousand dollars
with the gentleman on my right.

Fifty thousand, $55,000.
$55,000 with the lady in the back.

Fifty-five thousand dollars.
55,000, $60,000.

Thank you, sir. $60,000.

I see European nobles
and a handful of hedge fund managers...

...but no sign of your buddy, Keller.

It's hard to arrest him on fraud
if he doesn't show up.

Keller wouldn't miss the chance
to see my face when this goes down.

He must be watching.
So he could be anywhere?

No, he'll be nearby
just in case anything goes wrong.

Doesn't help us much.

You think we can
get this into the auction?

I have a move up my sleeve.

I'm sorry. I can't submit your bottle,
since clearly it has to be counterfeit.

One of them has to be.

How do you know
it's not yours?

We have reason to believe
this is the real bottle.

Where did you get it?

We're not at liberty to say.

I won't admit it
to the auction.

You sure about that?

Last year you sold six magnums
of Chateau La Fleur, 1947...

...at about $50,000 a bottle.

That's public record.

I talked to the vineyard.

They only produced
five magnums that year.

You don't want people knowing
you got scammed, do you?

Bad for business.

You'll have to
test them both to find out.

I can't.
It would take at least three hours.

The auction--
Can wait three hours.

My client
welcomes the challenge.

Figured he might.

Oh, while we wait,
why don't you give me the IP addresses...

...of everyone watching
on your Internet feed?


Boss, how's it going?
They're running the tests now.

Yeah, not celebrating yet.

How's it going in there?
We're tracing those IPs.

Any hits?
Three locations.

The Carlisle, the Peninsula
and a parking garage.

Who would be watching from a garage?
Somebody who wants to be on the move.

Send units to the hotels...

...but put the bulk of our guys
on the parking garage.

They're about to announce the results.
We're about to move on Keller.

Sounds like checkmate to me.

Thank you again for your patience.

We apologize for the delay.

But as some of you are aware...

...we have had to conduct a cesium test
to verify the authenticity...

...of the two bottles
we have been presented with.

The test shows
that one of the bottles is a forgery.

One of the bottles?

The other, represented
by Miss Grace Quinn, is authentic.

Thank you for your patience.
The bidding will commence shortly.

You said it was impossible to fake.
It is impossible.

Unless he had the real bottle all along.
He had the real bottle all along.

If Keller had the real bottle,
why would he go through all this?

Why pretend to have a fake?

This changes the game completely.

Yes, the Lafite.

He wanted to drive up the price.
Damn. That's it.

Surround the bottle with controversy.
Now everyone is dying to get it.

It will go for double,
even triple the price now.

Which gives him more money
to pay off his debt to the Russians.

He used me to do it.
This was his plan the whole time.

He is good.
We have to arrest him now.

This auction ends, he's gone.

What am I gonna arrest him on?
I mean, we have nothing on him now.


I'm gonna ask you this.
Have you seen him trespassing?

I have, actually, at a construction site.
It had a no trespassing sign and everything.

All right, we may not be able
to hold him for long.

But finding Keller is gonna take a bit.

I'll stall until you can get him.

Illegal, I know.

Hey, Mozz, it's me.

Is the auction over?
No. I just stepped outside.

So how's it going?
Not good.

Keller's bottle is real.

He has the real bottle?

You're kidding me.

Then why--?

To drive the price up.

Brilliant. And we took the bait.

Did they test both bottles?

How did our bottle do?

Passed every test except the cesium.

You did great, Mozz. Now focus.
I need your help.

We can still nail this guy.
On what?

I'll tell you later. Gotta find him first.

Remember how I told you
Keller has debt to the Russians?

Of course. I have perfect recall.

Well, I'm trying to stall the bidding.

Keller's gonna wanna pay
these guys off soon.

Which must mean
that they're in town somewhere.

I'll ask around.

Do it fast. If you find anything,
meet me at Weatherbys.

I'll leave a pass for you in the front.

Signal's from the corner of the garage.

We sealed off every entrance and exit.

We're doing a floor-by-floor search,
people, starting now.

I want everyone prepared.
This guy could be armed.

Nobody gets out.

I must say it appears this spot
of intrigue has whetted appetites.

So without further ado,
we'll open the bidding at $100,000.

One hundred thousand and 20.
What did you find out?

I did follow-up on your suit's intel.

It turns out the Russians
are indeed after Keller.

They want their money now.
And Sergei himself is in town.

He wants personal assurance
from Keller...

...that he's gonna get paid
the moment this auction is done.

I got an idea.

No, nothing yet.

Clear over here.

Damn it.
All right, next floor. Let's move.

Three seventy-five, ladies and gentlemen.

Three seventy-five
from the gentleman on my right.

Four hundred thousand on the phone.

Do I hear 425?

No one inside.
Look at this.

Son of a bitch
must have seen us coming.

He's not here.

Security cameras
have him fleeing the scene.

He hotwired another car two minutes
before we cordoned off the building.

So you have no idea where he is?

We're pulling surveillance
on him now with traffic cams.

Putting together a timeline.
He couldn't have gotten far.

Didn't take his things with him.

His things?

He had a laptop.
He'd been monitoring the auction.

He's not watching the auction anymore?
Probably not.

Too concerned with getting out of here.
All right. Find out where he's headed.

The bidding is now $800,000
to the gentleman on my right.

This is a lousy idea.
Do it, Mozz.

These people don't take IOUs.

Fair warning. I can sell for $800,000.

Do it.

One million dollars.

Thank you, sir.

One million dollars and sold.

What did you get us into?

- Peter, where are you?
- Still in the garage.

What happened?
Won the bid.

Don't worry. I got a plan.

You usually do.
What's the status on Keller?

Headquarters is monitoring his movements
in real time from traffic cams.

Looks like he's headed south on Park.
South on Park. Thanks.

I know where Keller's going.

Bravo, Keller.


So you came by
to see me off, huh, Caffrey?

Who knew you were a gracious loser?

I have to admit...

...using the real Ben Franklin bottle,
did not see that coming.

Stroke of genius, really.


That actually means a lot
coming from you.

Only wish Kate was around to see it.

We both know
she always loved a winner.

Who knows? Maybe I'll look her up,
see if she still does.

So I'm curious. How'd you find me?

Checked Sergei's travel plans.

See he does it in style.

I also hear he doesn't take it lightly
when someone owes him money.


As in past tense.

Yeah, you see, our, uh, little go-around
with the bottle cleared my debts.

In fact, I just got a text from my broker.
Bottle went for seven figures.

Wow. Wow, congratulations, man.
Thank you. Thank you.

So it was a two birds, one stone thing.

Humiliate me,
turn a hefty profit while you're at it?

See? Now you're catching on, Neal.

Listen, I'd love to chat, buddy.

But unless you got anything else,
I should get going.

Be good.

I haven't made my offer yet.

This should be good.

I'd like to offer you the opportunity
to make a full confession for your crimes.

The robbery of the Natural History Museum,
the murder of Manuel Campos...

...anything else you wanna add in.

You know what? I was wrong.

This isn't good. This is sad, man.

This is a moment I'll cherish.

Seeing you at your most desperate.

The winner of the Franklin bottle...

...it wouldn't happen
to be bidder number 57, would it?


Now, this is just awkward,
but I don't have a million dollars.

The auction house said they'd give me
a week to put the money together.

A week, huh?

You know what?
A week's not that long. I can buy that.

Did you tell him I'm launching
a federal investigation on the bottle?

Oh, yeah, yeah. There's that too.

How long
can a federal investigation go on for?

Not sure. Years.
Oh, years, wow.

Son of a bitch.

How patient are Sergei
and your Russian friends?

You can take a helicopter ride
and find out.

Or you can come with us.
Your choice.

Well played.

Good game, Keller.

Ha, ha. The game ain't over.

Help the gentleman into the car.

Looks that way to me.

I mean, you were locked up, broke out.

Maybe it's my turn to accept a challenge.
Best two out of three.

I'll see you around, Caffrey.

I'm counting the days.

Poor Sergei's going home empty-handed.

Did I miss Keller?

Damn. I wanted
to see him do the perp walk.


Good news is
he won't be bothering us for a while.

How long is a while?

Maybe long enough
to finish our chess game.

You think they have a prison
that can hold him?

I don't know.
Okay, so, what's the bad news?

You won't be drinking
a million-dollar bottle of wine tonight.

I'll live.

You were right.

I could use one less mystery in my life.

Oh, I rescind that comment.

There's suddenly been a lot of chatter
about the music box.

You need to talk to Alex.

She won't tell me anything
while I work for the FBI.

Then make it worth her while.