White Collar (2009–2014): Season 1, Episode 13 - Front Man - full transcript

When the daughter of a man Neal once robbed, is kidnapped and the kidnapper is a man whom Neal worked with and betrayed, will only deal with Neal. So the FBI agent in charge of the kidnapping takes possession of Neal and sends him to meet with the man. When Peter talks to the father, he realizes that the man wants Neal but before he could warn him, he's grabbed. He wants Neal to help pull a job. Peter tries to find him. Neal gets word to Mozzie what he's been doing who tells Peter who figures out what the man is doing.

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Byron always got like that when
he couldn't crack a hustle.

Relaxing always helps.

Sorry, June.

I'm not really in
the mood to relax.

Not even if you have a
very lovely visitor?


Got your message.

I'm here.

What do you want, neal?

I want the music box.

I think you have a
memory problem...

Because I said that as
long as you're a fed,

I'm not telling you where it is.

You're still with them, right?

Then there's nothing to talk about.

I'll make it worth your while.

You need me to get it. No, I don't.

Then why don't you have it already?

I'll steal it and give it to you.

Just like that? Just like that.

I don't believe you.
You'll just hand it over?


When I'm done with it.

Knew there was a catch.

What's this really about?

You get the box in the end.
That's my offer.


If you can figure out how
to get the anklet off.

I'm not wearing this
as a fashion accessory.

Well, when the time comes,

I need to know that you
can get off your leash.

Otherwise, you're a liability.

I'll come back tomorrow at 6:00.

Lose the blinking jewelry,

And you'll get what you need.

You were supposed to
be here 20 minutes ago.

Where you been?

Late start to the morning.

Won't happen again.

Thank you.

Who's that?

Kimberly rice.

Rising star in the bureau.

You're not a fan.

Nope. She works in kidnapping
and missing persons.

What's she doing in white collar?

She's here to see you.

Whatever I did,
I have proof I didn't do it.

Here we go.

We just got the finger point.

The double finger point.

Must be serious.



And you must be the neal caffrey?

Agent kimberly rice.

I've just heard wonderful
things about you.

Let's get straight to it.

We've got a ransom situation.

Name's lindsey gless.

She was grabbed last
night in a home invasion.

She's the daughter of stuart gless.

As in the ceo of atlantic partners,

The company whose bonds you
were convicted of forging.

What's this kidnapping
got to do with me?

You have a history
with our prime suspect.

Ryan wilkes.

You know him?

Neal. Yeah, yeah.

He runs his own little
crime syndicate.

They work everything from
grand-theft auto to extortion.

And you used to run with him.

That's a rumor. Neal.

We may have tried
working together once,

But our styles didn't mesh.

What makes you think
wilkes took the girl?

Chatter from our c.I.
S puts wilkes in town.

We also found traces
of plasticine clay

In a lock at the crime scene.

Someone made a copy of the key.

Yeah, it's wilkes' m.O.

And that's why we need neal.


Stuart gless likes to eat lunch

At ristorante laurienzo
every Thursday.

At least, he used to.

There's only one valet there.

Makes it easy to get
your hands on his keys.

If wilkes wanted to get into his house,
he'd probably start there.

I'd check the security tapes.

That's good. That's good.

I'd like to borrow caffrey
for the remainder of my case.

If wilkes is behind this,
don't you think it's dangerous

To put caffrey on his trail?

Caffrey's proven he can
take care of himself.

Neal, starting immediately,
you report to agent rice.

All right, great.

Now that we're all
on the same page,

Let's start with an easy one.

When's the last
time you saw wilkes?

Probably when he tried to kill me.

White Collar - Season 01 - Episode 13

We pulled the security tapes
for ristorante laurienzo.

We got a positive I.D.
Of wilkes. Nice work.


Something eating you?

No, it's just,
last time I saw gless,

He was on the witness
stand at my trial,

Explaining why I was able

To beat his company's
unbeatable bond.

I'm sure it didn't do
wonders for his reputation.

The man lost his daughter, okay?

You want his forgiveness?
Help get her back.

Mr. Caffrey. Been a long time.

Mr. Gless, I want you to know --

Agent rice thinks you can find
the people who took lindsey.

That's good enough for me.

Could you please just...

Take us through what
happened one more time?

I came home from the office.

Everything in lindsey's
room was knocked down.

She was gone.

Then he called.

I told him I want proof she's okay.

That's it.

Did he give you any way to
get in contact with him?

No, he, uh...

He just hung up without
giving you his demands?

Would you mind excusing
us for a moment?

Neal, may I have a word, please?

What was that?

Sorry, what -- remind me again.

How much training do you have

Interviewing the parents
of kidnapping victims?

You brought me into this.
To consult.

Not to take the lead
with my witness.

Your witness?

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought
we were on the same team.

Let me get something clear
right here, right now.

You're a tool in my belt.


Tool in your belt. Got it.

You will listen and observe.

If I ask you to do anything,
you do it.

If I have a question, answer it.

What if I have a question?

Then you run it by me.

But you do not,
under any circumstance,

Address my witness.

Oh, god. Sounds like
a really great deal.

But I think it'll work better

If you treat me
more like a partner.

See, the way peter
and I do it is --

I don't care how you
and peter do it.

I care how you and
agent rice do it.

I just want to help
find his daughter.

You want to help?

Well, then, keep your mouth shut

Unless I ask you to open it.




Permission to speak?


You haven't found any
of wilkes' prints

Around the house, have you?

See, he likes to use found items

From the target location
to cover his tracks.

Why don't you check the rubber
gloves under the kitchen sink?

You have any more brilliant ideas

Rumbling around that head of yours?

No, I think that's it for now.

Good. Then go wait in the car.

So I told him, if we have that
many people in the gallery,

He has to do something
about the a.C.

Of course, he didn't.

And by 10:00, it was
like a sauna in there.

So I told him I would
spend the night with him

For a million dollars.

I'd have to run it
by my husband first.

But, honey, it's a million dollars.

What do you think?

I think --

I think that's great.

I don't think that's great.
What -- what did you ask me?

Okay, admit it.
You're worried about neal.

No, I am not worried about neal.

Let's -- let's just
have a nice, quiet lunch

Without talking about him,
all right?


That's a nice deviled
ham right there.

What's the problem?

Oh, something feels
wrong about this case.

I don't trust rice.


Kimberly rice.

She's some hot shot
from another division.

She's neal's handler on this one.

Well, honey, if worried about it,

Go down there and check it out.

Yeah, it's bad form to crash
another agent's crime scene.

That's never stopped you before.


Didn't expect to see you here.

Oh, I had a case in
the neighborhood.

Thought I'd drop by.


I'm touched.

You can't handle
being apart from me.

So, this has nothing to do

With looking over rice's shoulder?

No, don't read into it.

How's it going with rice?

I see she's got you
babysitting the car.

She called me a tool in her belt.

I bet you're really starting
to miss working with me now.

No, no.

But I could stretch my legs.

Thank you.

While we're out here and
you're stretching your legs,

Wouldn't hurt to look around.


You know wilkes' m.O.

How would he handle an
operation like this?

A home invasion?

Theoretically, he'd have a driver,

A strong man, and a lookout.

Wilkes wouldn't trust anyone
else to grab the girl.

He'd handle that himself.

So he's the strong man.

That leaves the driver
right outside there.

Now, where was the lookout?

The sight lines are
clean from there

And there.

So you get better
cover in the park.

Yeah, but the alley gives you eyes

On both sides of the street
and the intersection.

Let's go there.

Yeah, somebody's been here.

Looking both directions.

Making sure the coast is clear.

Coat-check stub.

No name or address.

I'll get it to e.R.T.
, see if they can recognize it.

Don't bother. It's from a club.

More like an underground casino.

It's one of wilkes' old hangouts.

Nice of them to leave
this behind for us.


Oh, look.

You find gloves?

There's a fresh print
inside the index finger.

I want this pulled
and sent to me asap.

, what do you think you're
doing here, agent burke?

Helping you solve your case.

Somebody spent some time
watching from over there

And dropped this, which,
according to my source,

Came from an underground club.

Then that's our next stop.

No. No, wilkes won't
be there with the girl.

If the fbi shows up, he'll go
to ground and cut his losses.

So, why don't you put on
your dancing shoes, caffrey?

You're going clubbing!

And, peter, next time I
find you on my scene,

I'm filing a report.

You can't tell, but right now,
deep down, I'm petrified.


You're letting the pantsuit use
you as bait to catch wilkes?

Doesn't that strike you as...


I'm going to a club.
Feds will be right outside.

This is the same wilkes

That wants you dismembered, right?

"dismembered" is
slightly overstating it.

You're being paranoid.

Paranoia is a skill,
the secret to longevity.

Did you not join wilkes' crew,
gather intel from his targets,

And then totally screw him over?

They were planning to
hurt people with guns.

I don't like guns.

For all we know, wilkes is on
his way to tahiti right now.

For all we know,
he's sharpening his talons

To tear into your spleen.

Thanks for your concern, moz,
but this little field trip

Is my best chance to
get the anklet removed.

Alex won't talk to me about
the music box while it's on.

Oh, you professional thieves,
so high-maintenance.

I'm washing my hands of this.

Rice is here.

Duty calls.

I get the apartment.

You know, you kept me waiting

Outside of that rich lady's
house for half an hour.

You can't rush style, agent rice.

took me less time to get
ready for my wedding.

It didn't take.

I'm not surprised.

Statistically speaking.

Okay, it's time for you
to go fishing, caffrey.

Now, listen, this is a
hush-hush kind of place.

There's a good chance
they'll be patting me down.

Be a shame if my tracking
anklet blew your case.

Cut it.


I'm not an idiot.

I'm not sending you
undercover with that.

Go on. Lose it.

There you go.



Caffrey just removed his anklet.

Yeah, rice cleared it.



Mr. Gless, right? Mm.

I'm agent peter burke.

How you holding up?

Oh, had to get out of the house.

Agent rice said I
could wait here...

Of course.

I didn't expect caffrey
to be so charming.


This would be so much easier

If he acted more like a criminal.

Yeah, of course.

I just hope this goes right.

If it helps,
I can walk you through it.

What are you worried about most?

The meeting.

The meeting.

What troubles you about that?

The kidnapper calls and then
asks for a meeting with caffrey

In exchange for lindsey.

That seems too easy.


Excuse me.

Peter, I'm kind of in the middle
of something right now, okay?

You need to get out
of there right now.

What are you talking about? Neal...

You're the ransom.



Chase car lost it in traffic.

Okay, listen up, people.

For the foreseeable future,
you belong to me.

I need traffic feeds from
here to yankee stadium.

You sold him out so you could
get your picture in the paper.

You hung neal out to dry for
a gold star on your resume.

You better watch it, burke.

When we found that
coat-check stub for the club,

You already knew what was
going down there, didn't you?

But you kept your mouth shut

So everything could
go according to plan.

What's going on here?

She made a backroom
deal with wilkes.

The girl in exchange for neal.

Rice, that true?

A man we believe to be
wilkes contacted gless.

He said that he would
give lindsey back

If he could have a
face-to-face with caffrey.

A face-to-face?

And you really think wilkes
would make good on that?

It was our one shot to
get a lead on wilkes

And follow him back to the girl.

I had agents all over that street.

And how did that work out for you?

Did you get any leads on the girl?

Wilkes made the grab in our
one operational blind spot.

then you're no longer in charge.

Peter, you're officially
a part of this show.

I don't want to hear it, rice.

You report to burke until you
find caffrey and that girl.

Top of the morning to you.

Monster headache, right?

It'll pass.


Seeing you again, neal,

Brings back all these old feelings.


If you wanted to meet for lattes,
you could've just called.

This way is better.

Pretty good, right?

Had the fed snip your
anklet off for me.

She handed you over on a platter.

Oh, that's great.

You're a lock for
kidnapper of the year.

Mm, that old caffrey wit.

I love it.

We could've been something
thunder and lighting.

But then you had to go and rip
me off for, what -- 500 grand?

I'll write you a check.

Normally, I kill people
for that sort of thing.


But today is your lucky day.

You get to make it up to me.

Look, man, what about lindsey?
You got me.

Just let her go.

Not yet.

I'm gonna open these doors.

You run or yell...

I shoot you.

And then I'll shoot the girl.

Let's get started.

Agency booked travel
for a gentleman

By the name of thomas loze.

He's on his way into
the country right now.

I need his itinerary -- flight,
car service, hotel.


It's a chance to put

That silver tongue
of yours to good use.

All this trouble to have me
infiltrate a travel agency.

What's your angle?

Ah, I'm your front man, right?

You don't want to end up on
the surveillance cameras.

You always were quick.

Oh, and one more thing.

Since we have a lot to do today,

It's important you know how
serious I am from the jump.

See her?

Her name's kathy,
career receptionist.

Kind of lady no one'll miss,
except a couple of her kids.

On that roof is my friend jim.

Jim has a sniper
rifle aimed at kathy.

I give him the word,
bang, lights out.

Wave at neal, jim.

And don't think you can borrow
her phone and call for help.

Be a sweetheart.

Help the lady out.

I'll get your information, okay?

But will I get it in two minutes?

You're putting me on a clock?

Look, I can convince her.
I just need some time.

You don't have it. Busy day.

One minute, 52 seconds and counting.
All right, I'm going.

Hi, there. How you doing?

I'm fine.

My name is nick halden.

I'm an assistant with level
one concierge services.

How can I help you,

Nick halden from level
one concierge services?

We got a big client coming
to town -- thomas loze.

You booked his travel.

I need to make a week's worth

Of five-star dinner
reservations for him,

Only I misplaced his itinerary.

And I blow another account,
I'm toast, so...

So it sounds like you need to
find a new line of work, nick.

Come again.

You know, people like
you really piss me off.

You waltz in here,
you flash some sort of grin,

And you think you can
get me to do something

That would get me fired?

I don't think so.
But have a nice day.

Please, please, kathy.
I really need this, okay?

I said, "have a nice day."



And that is exactly what
I'm going to tell my son

When I explain to him
why daddy lost his job.

His daddy is a failure.

I'm gonna level with you, kathy.

I don't enjoy catering to rich guys

Who spend more on a
bottle of courvoisier

Than I make in a year,
but it's all I got.

Who am I to think
that I can do this job

And raise a five-year-old
all by myself?

And now I got to tell joey we're
going back to cedar rapids.

It's gonna break his heart.

But kids bounce back, though.
You know, they're tough.

Cedar rapids?

I'm from iowa city.
"u" of "I," '88.

No kidding.

You said thomas loze, right?

Yeah, thomas loze.


Thank you.

Kathy, while you're at it,
I think I might know someone

Who's interested in
your rewards program.



Mm, mm!

So, now you've captured
another one of my pawns.

Parcheesi is just not your game.

You mock me, but little do you know

You're just about to March
into the teeth of my blockade.




What's the matter?

Apparently, dante haversham
just received an offer

For 20% off a trip to rio.

And who is dante haversham?

It's me. Oh.

I have to go.

Oh, this does not
count as a forfeit.

I will not take your charity, sir.

That's my boy.

Kathy's children thank you.

You ready for round two?

Yeah, I don't think
I'm up for round two.

That'd be an ill-advised
life choice.

Why? You'll kill me?

Don't test me, neal.

Tell your friend jim to put
that red dot on my head

And pull the trigger,
if you don't think I'm serious.

It's like I'm talking mandarin.

How 'bout I kick things off

By killing my sweet,
little hostage?

I'm starting to wonder
if you even have lindsey.

Why don't we take a break,
let you think about this?

Last thing I want you to do is...

Drag your heels.


Get in.

Where are we going?
You talk too much.

Tase this man again.

That's really not -- ah!

I've got bolos out on
your van description,

Nypd is canvassing the
area where neal was taken.

We just found this in gless' mail.

It was sent before
caffrey was taken.

Hi, daddy.

I'm okay, but you need to
do what they ask...


Or I won't be okay.

I love you.

All right, everybody,
watch it again.

Anything jumps out at you, call it.

Hi, daddy.

I'm okay, but you need to
do what they ask...


Place is falling where it stands.

Cracks all over the wall.
Funky windows.

Pre-civil war construction.

You hear that?


No, tugboat horn.

Let's get it isolated.
We know she's by the water.

There are more than 500
miles of waterfront

In the new york area.

I want search teams
on the ground now,

Everybody sweeping and canvassing

Any waterfront structure

With cracked walls
or funky windows.


Or I won't be okay.

I love you.



Hey, you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Didn't even hurt.


Yes. Who are you?

My name is neal caffrey.

I'm with the fbi.
I'm here to help you.


Who's gonna help you?

I'll admit,
not the greatest rescue.

But the fbi knows
we're here, right?

No, but the best agent the
bureau has got is looking for us.

Really? Yes, trust me.

If there's anyone in the world
who can find me, it's him.

Nice manners.

You should chew your food.

It's pretty foul, right? Yeah.

He burps when he swallows.


Hey, hon.

Okay, you need to come home.
We have a visitor.

Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie,

But I'm right in the
middle of something now.

Right. Well, I think your something

Is connected to the someone who
showed up at our front door.

What? Who's there?

Mozzie. And he's pretty worked up.

That's his normal state.

I think it's important.

If it's that important,
tell him to come to the office.

Mozzie in the fbi headquarters?


Yeah, he's not going.

Honey, I don't have time.

It's about neal.

I'm on my way.

So, you've met lindsey.

Now are you gonna
join me for round two?

Or does it get ugly?

What's round two?

Why would I want to
ruin the surprise?

In or out?

Let's get this over with.

You know, moz, you never told me

What do you do for a living.

I know that. Neither have you.

Mrs. Suit.

I'm an event planner.
I run my own company.

Burke premiere events?

I thought that company
was a front for peter.

okay, not everything
has a secret meaning.

Ah. Naiveté.

So sweet.

I bet you believe
in the moon landing.


In here.

You know, mozzie still won't tell
me what he does for a living.

Do you know?

I know enough not to ask.
Why are you here?

I receiv this.

"elite voyages -
come frolic with us"?

Look at the e-mail address.

Dante haversham.

Remember the alias I gave
when neal introduced us?

See, some things do have
secret meanings.

I believe you on this one.
Is neal okay?

I don't know.

That's a distress signal.

I spent a great deal of money

Making sure mr. Loze's limo
gets quietly sidetracked.

Let me guess. I'm his new driver.

He'll be carrying a
titanium briefcase.

Your job is to take it.

Any suggestions on how I do that?

Come on, man,
you know I don't like guns.

I really don't like unloaded guns.

Be at this address by 4:00,
and our business is complete.

I tell you where I'm
keeping the girl,

And we go our separate ways.

But be a minute late or
call your fed friends,

And I make a call.

And lindsey...

Well, you know what
happens to lindsey.

You're not gonna stick
around for the show?

On this one...

I'll keep my distance.

Any luck on the tip?

Three hours ago,
caffrey goes into elite voyages

Asking for the itinerary
of a thomas loze.

Do we know him?

Pulled a file from interpol.

Turns out that loze happens to be

A favorite alias of edward reilly.

Edward reilly.
The hits keep coming.

He's the go-to guy when v.
I.P. Criminals

Want something valuable moved.

Hand-delivers everything himself,

Which is all the
guarantee anyone needs.

He's dangerous.

My guess -- wilkes is snooping
around reilly's itinerary

Because he's planning
a surprise for him.

Wilkes is planning a rip-off.

Yeah, and he's using neal as
the face of his whole show.

Reilly's on an inbound
flight from sydney.

He touches down in an hour.

And we'll be there to meet him.

You happen to know where I can
catch a shuttle to the city?

No need for the cloak
and dagger, peter.

Wilkes isn't here.

We're here to help you get
out of this mess, caffrey.

Oh, that's kind of ironic
coming from you, agent rice.

Listen. This loze guy
you're going after,

It's edward reilly.


No wonder wilkes doesn't want
to be anywhere near this.

You go through with this,
reilly will hunt you down.

If I don't get his briefcase
to wilkes by 4:00,

He'll kill lindsey.

you're sure about that?

Her guard wasn't wearing a mask.

And he has a silencer.

So, you saw her. Yeah.


I don't know. They tased me.

Please tell me you're
close to finding her.

We know she's in an old
building near the wat.

Her guard was eating moo shu pork

From a restaurant
called wok of fire.

Chinese takeout near the water.

All right, we can work
with that. Come on.

Hey, I'm staying here.

If you don't get to
lindsey in time...


It's a two-way transceiver.

Jones will keep an eye on you.

His team will stay out of sight.
Don't do anything stupid.

too late.

Good luck.

Excuse me.

You dropped this.

I don't care what
you're doing here.

As a friend, I insist
you pull the rip cord.

You got my message.

What's with the driver's outfit?

I'm about to rob edward reilly.

The edward reilly?

What's your plan - a gun
in the glove compartment?

That's your plan - a gun
in the glove compartment.

It's a long story, but one way or another,
I'm taking his briefcase.

Well, surely you won't do this

Because you're not suicidal!

Thanks for the pep talk.

But what if he gave it to you...

...And was happy to give it to you?

Zigzag scam?

One for me. One for you.

Time to get into character.

You're a chameleon.


Mr. Loze?

My name's nick.
I'll be your driver today.

Been on a plane for 22 hours.

I don't give a damn
what your name is, kid.

Got any other bags?


Let me take your case for you.

Just take me to the car.

Thomas loze?

Agent haversham.

Immigration and
customs enforcement.

Word is you're bringing
something into the country

We should know about.

This a joke?

Do I look like I'm joking, elvis?

Agent halden, joint task force.

We're gonna need you
to open the case.

Doesn't have to be a scene
if you don't want it to be.


You guys really want to do this?

Knock yourselves out.

Let's go.

Palms on the table.

This looks like an overnight bag.

When this is through,
I want badge numbers.

You can't prove probable cause.

It'll be both your asses.

Shut your hole and
kiss wood, reilly!

Yeah, we know who you really are.

I just said that to a guy

Who enjoys killing people
with his bare hands.

Keep it together, moz.

Hold on a second.


Pure gold.

Think they're preloaded?

Well, that would explain
wilkes' interest in them.

Load 'em up with a couple
hundred thousand each.

And you've got a portable fortune,

Perfect for the smuggler on the go.

I want my lawyer.

Oh, you'll need him, chachi!

I'd say you're staring
down 10 years, easy.

Call the cavalry.

Imagine what you could do

With just one of these babies, huh?

Make for a great night out.

Call it in, haversham.

It's just -- I promised
sarah that necklace.

With the diamonds.


So, she's gonna leave me, man.

And you think this is
the way to keep her?

Look, this isn't the way.

Oh, don't tell me how to
keep a woman, blue eyes.

Guys like you,
with your million-dollar smile

And your thick,
perfect head of hair --

You don't get it!

Don't do this to yourself, okay?


This is my suitcase, right?

So, maybe I left it on the plane?

What? I got to spell this
out for you gentlemen?

All right, call it in.

Tell him loze was clean.
We cut him loose.

Come on. Call it in.

You guys are all right.

Got to get home somehow, right?

That's the closest I've
come to death this year.

All right, thanks
for your help, moz.

Could I -- no, no.

This is the closest
dock to wok of fire.

That sounds like our tugboat horn.

So, where's our girl?

I hope you're feeling lucky.

It's almost 4:00.
Caffrey's out of time.

Neal, you copy?

Neal, you copy?

Tell me you found lindsey.

We're gonna need more time.

It's 4:00, peter. I'm already here.

Then stall.

He gets his hands on the case,
the girl's dead.

Right on time.

I love that.

Where's the girl?

Unfortunately, I won't be sharing
that information with you.

We had a deal, wilkes.

I lied.

Give it to me.

And I thought we had a
nice thing going on.

You lied, I lied.
It's like a dance.

You pull that trigger,
and all those gold cards

I just stole from edward
reilly are gone forever.

Wait, wait.

Give me the still from
that proof-of-life tape.

What do you see?

Same crack in the wall.

That's our place.

We got 'em.

I don't have those cards
in my hand in 10 seconds,

I'm gonna make a call,
and I'm gonna kill the girl!

Then I'm gonna take
my time with you.

Five seconds.

Three seconds.

Now my guys are gonna have to
kill that nice man's daughter.

Who says they're still your guys?

Is that your play?

You turned my crew against me?

I expected more from you.

Who do you think
has the gold cards?

You left them with my guys.
You're not that dumb.

You brought me into this
because I bring up the average.

that makes you less valuable.

Your men agreed - ti
for new management.

You're lying. Call them
if you think I'm bluffing.

I think you're bluffing.

Yeah, boss?

Ki her. And leave it on speaker.

Put it down! Now!

Get down now! Hands on your head!

Damn it!

Sounds like they got company.

I guess that makes you obsolete.

Now, I wouldn't do
that if I were you.

See, I got friends with
sniper rifles, too.

Fbi! Drop your weapon!

Drop your weapon right now!
Hands in the air!

Agent burke, we got wilkes.

We're secure here. We got the girl.

What about neal?

He says hey.


Lindsey. Dad!

Where you been?
You missed all the action.

Oh, yeah. I got hung
up with an old friend.

How'd that go?

Think I may have burned a bridge.

Looks like agent rice is
ready for her close-up.

Heard the camera crews
are already on their way.

Let her have it.

Oh, geez. Did she just
give us the finger-point?

She did.

Agent rice says you're the men

Responsible for bringing
my daughter back.

We're all a team here.

Mr. Gless...

I'd say we're more
than even now, caffrey.

Thanks for playing round two.

Don't mention it.

Was a hell of a
thing you did today.

I could say the same
thing about you.

No hard feelings?

Don't stretch it.

Oh, uh, you're not sticking
around for the press?

You're the hottest
interview in town.

I probably have a disciplinary
hearing to prepare for anyway.

About how things went
down last night --

Oh, look. In the end,
we got it done.

Yeah, even so, I hope we work
together again sometime...

Even if you're the one
calling the shots.

One day, I'll remind
you that you said that.

Got caffrey's anklet.

I thought your people
already put it on him?

Not me. He's your consultant,

Anybody seen caffrey?

Damn it. You got to be kidding me.

Jones, let's check
the usual suspects.

You're late.

Long day.

What's with the outfit?

Long story.

Congratulations. How'd you do it?

You'd be surprised what
I can get done in a day.

I kept my promise. It's your turn.

I give you this.

And we get the music box together.

No, I told you -- it's's yos
when I'm through with it.

See, I don't like
the sound of that.

We split it 50/50.

What are you gonna do
with half a music box?

And if you screw me on this,

You know I can make
your life miserable.

When did you become so distrusting?

When what happened with kate.



That's over now.

Nice flower.

I learned from the best.

You go halfway around the
world chasing something,

And the whole time,
it's in your own backyard.

See you soon, caffrey.

Forget something?

Made it all the way home
before I realized it was gone.

Just slipped your mind?

I came back.

What did alex have to say?

You had a long brown
hair on your jacket.

How many other brunettes
you meet before work?

Don't answer that.

All your brunettes seem to be
connected to that music box.

You and alex are planning
to steal it, aren't you?

She's just an old friend.

She's a fence, neal.

She either knows how
to find things...

Or sell them.

People like that
don't trust the fbi.

That's why you walked away
without your anklet.

That's a fascinating theory.

I'm willing to look past

Your little trip
off the reservation

Because you did well today.

Thank you. Don't.

Just remember how it felt

When you saw that girl
in her father's arms.

Moments like that are rare.

But if you try to steal the music box,
I will catch you.

Is that a threat?

Just the way it is.

You know, you can either go back

To wearing an orange jumpsuit

And pining for the
girl that got away...

Or you can stay here and do
something good with your life.

Your choice.