When Will We Kiss (2007–2008): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Previously on "When Shall We Kiss"

I'm sorry. I can't
continue treating you.

If I hadn't stopped, it
would have ended up...

an indecent act.

My neck suddenly...

you want I can..

You're not expecting anyone?

I'm sorry for the mess I
dragged you into. I'm really...

Forget it.

I don't know what to
say. I'm a little...

What's going on. sister?

You picked the right person to annoy.

I want you to tell me
what you want from Yuval.

I'll have an abortion!
I'll have an abortion!

Do you hate me? -Not at all.

Is this my father?

You're just waiting for me to
let it slip that he's your father.

Yirmi Leibowitz

Hello, may I speak to Yirmi Leibowitz?

Yirmi passed away two years ago.

I want to go to my father's
grave up north tomorrow.

I need a ride.

You're asking me to disappear
for half a day, it's a problem...

What happened when you disappeared
at my place for half a day?

You listen to me. I'm
a married man, married!

I can't be at your disposal
24 hours a day. understand?

Fuck you!

I really think it's crazy,
this meeting in the dark.

So, in two hours, at the hotel?

I'm falling in love with you.

I want you to know everything about me.
-You're scaring me.

I'm slightly married.

You're what?

Where are you running off to?

Tonight on "When Shall We Kiss?"

Yogev. take that off
and wash your face.

if Daddy sees you like
that he'll be very angry.

-Yogev. take it off and bring your briefcase.

Shut up.

No problem. Dad will be here
soon and I won't stand up for you.

C'mon. man. let's go to school.

What is that shit on his face?

I told him you wouldn't like it.

I told you I don't want my son
wearing makeup like some chick.

what isn’t clear? Not even as a game.

You tell him. he doesn't
listen to me anyway.

If I catch you wearing
lipstick and Mommy's dress again

I'll smack you, understand? -Mickey!

Shut up. okay?

You asked me to handle
it. so I'm handling it.

Don't talk to me like
that in front of the boy.

Enough, sweetie. Enough.

Stop crying. Daddy didn't mean it.

Daddy meant it alright.

Go on. Go wash your face.

because Daddy can't
stand seeing you that way.

Sorry I snapped at you that way.

Don’t talk to me.

You ignoramus

Somebody named Orit
phoned you yesterday.

a physiotherapist or
masseuse or something.

Dorit. Yes?

Whatever... She has a sore hand
and she postponed your appointment.

Since when do you have massages?
-When did she call?

Yesterday, while you were in
the shower. What's with you?

Why didn't you tell me right away? Why
don you give me my messages right away?

I'm telling you now. Why
are you barking at me?

Mickey, go to hell, okay?

You're a small, pathetic
man. just go to hell!

Created and Written by: Dalit Katian

Adi Ezroni Lior Ashkenazi

Yael Sharom. Dalit Kahan. Lior Raz

Maayan Weinstock Rinat Abulafia

Einat Waisman-Diamond Yoav Halt

Casting Director: Hila Yuval

Music: Adi Cohen

Art Director: Arad Shaawat

Cinematography Boaz Yehonatan Ya'akov

Line Producer: Guy Levi

Editor: Boaz Lion

Producer: Dikla Barkai

Directed by: Alon Benari

Editing Director: Dalit Kahan

When Shall We Kiss?

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Hi, Bells.

I don't even know your name, but...

please give me a
chance to explain, okay?

It's not... It's not the way it looks.

Me and my wife... there's
nothing between us.

I'm suffering at home.

Don't screen my calls, please.


Bye for now, my love.

Oh! This is how I love you.

C'mon. let's go 'shark'.


Bless you. Eliyahu, Mott and Dov
have been waiting for half an hour

for their checks in your room.


Salaries? -Yes.

Finally there's something
positive on this shitty day.

You don't look your best either.

No. I'm not at my best.

Are you afraid of the surgery tomorrow?

Tell me if you want to go with you.

I told you. it's no problem.

No. thanks. I...

For the past two days I've
been a little down in the dumps

and I’m not sure I'm in
the mood for having surgery.

Besides. I cancelled
it for the time being.

You cancelled?

Why did you cancel?

It's also because of Ram. he's...

How should I put it?

He's... -What? He’s what?

That's it. I'm not sure
how serious he is about me

so why take a risk, after
all. surgery is surgery.

On the contrary, go for it.

Not for him, not for anyone
else, do it for yourself.

For once, do something for yourself.

Stop being everyone's slave.

Okay, we'll see.

I don’t understand. Rona.

you don't want to look like...

a super model already?

Suzie, a nose job won't
turn me into a supermodel.

Here's your salary. -Thanks.

You're lying to me when I'm not
feeling well and it pisses me off.

I'm not lying. I told you. I
feel nothing for that Shira.

She's nothing, nothing,
just a person, cut it out.

Then how come the yearbook with
her picture suddenly popped up

if she's no one special?

Where is it? Where's her yearbook?

Where? Right.

In the bookcase, maybe.

See? This is why I brought it, okay?

Feeling better?

Why don't I turn off
the air-conditioner?

Didn't you say you had a
sore throat? You'll be sick.

It hurts because I screamed
at my lecturer, the bastard.

he only gave me an 80 in criminal law.

I don't know how they
made that moron a judge.

Please put some more mint in my tea.

Will you come watch me
plead in class tomorrow?

You caught yourself a
lawyer, you naughty boy.

Cool, isn't it?

How long has it been?

You look great.

Your hair is so long.

I can't believe you're still here.

Shira? -Hi. -Hi.

How are you, sweetheart?

What are you doing here?

I came... to hear how you're doing.

Want some coffee? -Yes.


What made you think
of me all of a sudden?

It wasn't sudden. I just thought...

of meeting.

How are you? -I’m fine. Just fine.

I married a sweet girl
who loves me and...

I loved you too. -Yes. I know.

I don't want you to think
that's the reason why...

No. no. I know. I know.

you're screwed up.
that's why you dumped me.

Yes. you have no idea how much.

So what's new? Nothing. -Really?

Yes. everything's cool.

I found my dad.

He died meanwhile...
that is. two years ago.

I'm... on my way to his grave.

I'm very sorry to hear it. -Yes.

You need anything? Can
I help you in any way

No. I came because I missed you.

You think Liora will be mad if...

if you come with me to...

To your father? -Yes.

Of course I'll come with you.

What kind of a question is that?

Is tomorrow okay? Tomorrow
suits me perfectly.

It's been ages since
I've been at a cemetery.

Come sit beside me. I'm bored.


Look. I don't know
how to say this. we...

we have to synchronize
our expectations, okay?


What are you trying to tell me?

Go on, spit it out. Come on, be direct.

Wait, don't get defensive, okay? Relax.

I only want to say that...

Look. I'm not going to
be your babysitter, okay?

We're about to become
parents and we have to do it

in the most mature and
responsible way possible.

I don't know how, but...

this is more or less the road we're on.

Of course.

What else?

Speaking of responsibility,
maybe you should look at yourself.

You could earn a bundle
at an advertising firm

and support your
child till he turns 18.

but you work at a pathetic flower
shop for 25 shekels an hour.

It's all fine and dandy.

but responsibility and
maturity. I don't think so.

I already told you. I'm not
going near an advertising firm.

I also told you that I'm
responsible for this child, right?

Did I say it or didn't I?
So stay out of my pocket.

Excuse me? You may have not
noticed, but I'm the mother

and I have a right to discuss any
topic that concerns my baby, okay?

Are we clear on that? Have
we synchronized expectations?

And don't shut me up.
This isn't going to work.

I'm sorry, but it's
just not going to work.

Isn't fighting a turn-on?
-No. it doesn't turn me on at all.

Then why do you have a hard-on?

Believe me. I don’t have a hard-on.
not the slightest, on the contrary.


There's Humpty-Dumpty.

Cut it out. Yasmin.

We can't keep solving our
problems this way. stop it.

Okay. I'll stop if you want.

I don't have the energy to argue, do...

whatever you want to.

And I want you to know that
my throat is really sore.

In relationships sometimes you have
to do things that are inconvenient.

My salary last month was hunger wages.

maybe I'll do Rona a "favor" so
she'll add a few pennies to my check.

Enough with that high-school humor.

Yuck. I wouldn't touch her with a pole.

It's a trauma for
the rest of your life.

What's wrong with you?
Don't talk that way.

She's a human being, a woman.

Human. yes. But a woman? I'm not sure.

You know what? For 100 grand.
I'd let her give me a blow job.

You're an animal. -What's the matter?

Hi. Rona. -Hi.

When did you get here? -Just now.

Okay. I'm... going to the men's room.

Good morning. Oh. here's the princess.

I'm sorry you waited for nothing.

Your salaries won't be ready today.
-What? What do you mean?

They'll be ready next week.
Sorry, it's not up to me.

Moti. remember I asked you for
the social-security permits?

I'll have to hold up your
salary until they arrive.

I've got work to do. so please
shut the door when you leave.

I’ll just get my bag.

Dov. here.

Thank you.

Bye. -Bye.

- My beautiful. I'm begging
you. let me explain. Ram. “

Oh! Didn't you get my message?

What message? -I can't move my hand.

I left a message with your husband.

I'm so sorry you came for nothing.

He must've forgotten to
tell me. it's so like him.

Never mind, is everything
okay? Are you okay?

It hurts a little. I'm sure
it’ll go away in a few days.

How did it happen? Were you
sitting near an air conditioner?

No. I don't know.

I feel so bad that
you came for nothing.

Next treatment on me. okay?

Don't be ridiculous.

Can I at least... use your bathroom?

My bladder is... -Sure.

-I put the kettle on, would you like some coffee?

Yes. I’ll make it. you rest your hand.


Are you putting something
on it? Ben Gay or something?

Yes. I put something on

You know.

I sprained my leg once
and my physiotherapist

taught me how to make
the ointment penetrate.

how to massage it in.
there’s a special technique.

Are you familiar with it?

Yes. you have to massage
hard to make the blood flow.


Where's the ointment?


Okay. You have to go already?

Yes. yes... I have to pick up the kids.

I'll call you and make
an appointment this week?

Yes. -Good. -Okay.

Bye. -Bye.

She's a good cook, huh?

She cooks well.

At least I found something good about her.
-Come on.

It’s such a shame, she's so ugly.

Cool it before I iron your head.

What a bimbo, my god.

You nerd, geek.

Gefilte fish!

Pop. why don't you tell
him that kids aren't amebas.

they don't grow from nothing,
you have to support them.

Believe me. talking to him about
it is like talking to the wall.

Speaking of amebas. I'm
coming over tomorrow. Pop.

and besides mopping the floors
I want to clean your fridge.

it smells musty. I'll clean
it with some baking soda.

She's right.

Enough with the flowers,
you're wasting your time.

Do me a favor, get off my back,
it's enough I have her on my head.

What do I need these
negative energies for?

You understand what I have
to deal with all day. Moshe?

For your child, that's why!


5 people have been waiting
for you for an hour.

don't tell me I'm waking you up.
-No. of course not.

Fuck, today's interview day?

Like, duh! Okay. I'm on my way.

Your call has been forwarded
to a voicemail system.

You've reached the..."


Is it Ram? -What?

You surprise me. you're
behaving like a child.

Answer him already.

Sit down and discuss it like
two adults, what's the problem?


Thank you. I Thanks for answering.

I don't know why I did it.

Let me explain, then do
whatever you like with it. okay?

I'm listening.

I'm not a two-timer,
that's not my style.

But circumstances led me to
do things against my nature.

You're putting me on.

There's nothing between me and
my wife, we hardly have sex.

maybe once in 6 months and
that’s only to have kids.

You've got kids?

Let's meet. Let's meet and
I'll explain everything...

I don't...

I really don't know.

Don't be a baby, c'mon.

Let's meet. I'll explain myself

and then, if you don't like
what you hear, leave me.

Is it a deal?


Tomorrow at the hotel.

Did you miss me? -Cut it out.


I was mad at you but
I missed you a little.

Bye. my love.


Hi. Dov. -Hi.

How are you? -Pretty good.

How are you?

Good. good.



Shai, hi, it's Shira. -Hi, sweetheart.

Listen. I forgot I've
got a crazy day today.

is it okay if we
reschedule for tomorrow?

Sure, we'll go see your
father whenever you like.

Thanks, sweetie. -Don't mention it.

I love you. -Me too.

You don't say.

You don't say.

I didn't know you work
here. I swear. I...

You want me to leave?

Wait. I don't understand,
is this about the job?

I thought you're not working
in this line of work anymore.

Are you Shira?


You’re unreal...

I told you I'm not crazy about flowers.

What happened? You split up
so you're buttering me up?

I didn't send them.


That’s odd, there's no note.

I'm such an idiot.

Never mind.

Sit down.


Why are you getting
back into advertising?



The baby.

Yes. the baby.

Did you bring your portfolio?




Not bad. Not bad. right.

It's good. It's damn good

and nobody out there can bring
you anything an eighth as good

and you know it.
you... stingy flatterer.


How about it. do I..

You think working here
would be a problem?

Yes. I think... why not?

I mean...

Work, right?

We're professionals, aren’t we? -Yes.

Cool. -Cool.

You had a fight with your boyfriend
and he sent flowers to apologize?

No. I don’t have a
boyfriend. you know I don't.

No. I didn't know that.


I sent them to myself.

I was supposed to go to
my father's grave today.

I'm sorry.

Yes. It's up north.

My ride stood me up.

You have a car?

Would you like to...

No. I don't think it's
a good idea. I'm sorry.

Can I still work here? -Yes.

Okay. -Okay. -See you next week.

Yeah. bye.


You swear you're separating?
-Yes. it's better for her too.

she suffering no less than me.

You're name isn't Ram. is it?

You're such a witch.

Give me a kiss.

My name is Mickey. -Mickey?

What a sweet name, a really sweet name.

And you? Why don't you finally
tell me what the hell your name is?

You said I'll be able
to see you. right?

Throw me a bone, something.

Aren't you curious to see me?

I don't know how long
I can go on this way.

So you're famous, so fucking what?

I'm asking you to wait till next time.

The next time we meet you'll
see me and know everything.


I'm going to New York for two weeks.

Are you crazy? You're leaving
me here by myself for two weeks?

I have to. It’s my job.

What'll I do for two
whole weeks without

Call me every day.
-I promise to try. Mickey.

And when you get back we'll stop
with the darkness and hiding, okay?

We'll turn over a new page.
-Yes. I promise.

Two weeks without
seeing you. what torture.

I have an idea, why don't
you just let me see your body.

so I have something to remember you by.


What are you doing? You're crazy.


What a body.

So white.

Like a china doll. I'm scared to
touch you. you're so beautiful.

I knew it. I knew it.

You're so feminine, so sexy.

I have to see your
face. have to see it.

No. We said two weeks.

I love you.

Bo you love me?

Kiss me.

Kiss me.

I've been wanting to meet
you for so long and...

Here I am.


Pardon me for disturbing you.

Did you know Yirmi?

Not exactly, more or less.

Why? -I'm his wife

and I'd be happy to
meet people who knew him.

He... was a friend of the family.

What is your family name?
-Engel, but...

Israel and Nili Engel,
you're their oldest?

No. not exactly, no.

I mean... no.

Is there a quiet place
where we can talk?

Isn't this quiet enough?

I was thinking about... 6
surgeries. only on my face.

I don't know what to say.

This whole surgery craze
sounds insane to me.

especially for people like
you who really don't need it.

You're so radiant and good-looking.

I don't understand why you're doing it.

Dov. please don't get involved
in my personal considerations.

It's something I've
been carrying for years.

Can you help me or not?

When do you want to be operated on?

The sooner the better.

Let me make a few calls.

Ask how much it'll cost

and how early I can go into surgery.

I assume you can go in
next week if you like.

As far as the cost, don't worry.

It's Dov from the Laser Institute,
call me back ASAP, thanks.

handle it personally. it'll be okay.

Thank you. Dov.

I want you to know that you're
making my dream come true.

Thank you.

The pleasure is all mine.

The catheter bothered him.
he kept trying to pull it out.

He was doped up from
all the medication.

So, tell me where
you met him. my Yirmi.

Why aren't there any
pictures of the kids?

We didn't have kids.

Would you like to stay for dinner?

We'll stay here. I'll fix
something up in a jiffy.

We won't go to the kibbutz dining room.
-No. sit down...

I want to tell you something.

Okay, let's hear stories.

I don't want you to take this...

I don't know how to say this.

It seems that Yirmi had children.

A girl.

Do you think I look like him?

Yes. there is something
in the coloring.

You do look like him a little.

So what?

I'm sorry for dropping this
on you like this. but...

I'm his daughter.

That's impossible.

I don't understand
what's going on here.

Did he tell you?
-No. I didn't know him.

Yirmi and my mother had an
affair when he was young.

Ruta. Ruta Engel. Does it ring a bell?

No. no.

He worked in the film
industry? He was a soundman?

That's right.

So he and my mother. Ruta Engel.

she was a famous actress in the 70's.

they must've had...

a secret affair.

Then you both moved to the
kibbutz and my mother was pregnant.

I don't know much more,
because she doesn't...

volunteer any information
about it. but...

believe me. I'm Yirmi's daughter.
I've been looking for him for years.

I'm his daughter.


I'm very sorry to disappoint you.

I realize this news
isn't easy to digest.

Yirmi couldn't bring
children into this world.

That's the reason we
didn't have children.

We wanted to very
much, but we couldn’t.

because of him.

He was sterile.

I guess he wasn't that
sterile, because he had me.

What are you trying to say? That...

He was medically sterile?

You checked? That's what you found?

That's what we found.

Are you okay?

I feel so stupid.

You have no reason to.

I don't know what to tell you. darling.

I wish it were true.

I wish Yirmi had a daughter.

And I wish you were that daughter.

I’d be so happy to
know that Yirmi had...

a daughter like you.


I've had it already.

In her white dress

Alone again, naturally...

Next time on "When Shall We Kiss'?"

Are you sure you don't want me
to inform anyone in your family?

Your boyfriend?

He doesn't know about it.

He's gonna be surprised.

He's never seen me.

Is it Rona? Is something wrong


There were some complications.

You cheater!

I hate you.

I didn't want you to work
with that sneaky snake.

That snobby bitch who just
wants to come between us.

don't you get it?

Where did you come up with that?..

You don't even know her. stop
putting ideas in your head, okay?

She's hated me from
the moment she saw me.

Yuval. I'm bleeding.
-Shit, what is that?

What is it? What happened?'
-I don't know.

I'm Tony, I live in Amsterdam.

So you're on vacation?
I'm taking some time alone.

Room 764.

Translated by: Tzipi Kevesh

Subtitles by: Trans Titles LTD.