When Will We Kiss (2007–2008): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Previously on "When Shall We Kiss?"

I really think it's crazy,
this meeting in the dark.

two hours, at the hotel?

Ram. very nice to meet you.

I'll remain anonymous,
if you don't mind.

I'm totally dizzy from
the things we're doing.

So when do we meet him? -I don't know.

I had some pamphlets on cosmetic
surgery, did you throw them out?

I don't think need any surgery.

You're one of the most
beautiful women I know.

I’m sorry. I can't
continue treating you.

If I hadn't stopped. it
would have ended up...

an indecent act.

Is this my father?

Is this why his picture
isn't on the wall? Is it him?

We found the man from the newspaper.

What's his name? -Yirmi Leibowitz.

Yirmi Leibowitz

- Yirmi Leibowitz -

Yasmin is pregnant.

What? Is it yours?

I plan to be there for her.

Why should I be interested?

Don't minimize what
happened between us.

Bye. Shira.

Hello, may I speak to Yirmi Leibowitz?

Yirmi passed away two years ago.

Yes. man. yes.

You can't talk?

Yes. yes. 'll send it over later.

Call me when you can.

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Tonight on "When Shall We Kiss?"


Have you decided to drive me crazy?

You call me at night.
when I've told you not to

because my wife is
practically on to us...

I've got news for you.
your wife is on to us.

I'm so sick of being

What are you babbling about?

After I called you yesterday.
I got a call from your phone.

I said: "Hello: hello."

and asked if you were
confined, but nobody answered.

It wasn't you, was it? -No.

And at 10 o'clock it couldn't
have been one of your kids, right?


I felt so shitty.


Created and Written by: Dalit Kahan

Adi Ezrom Lior Ashkenazi

Yael Sharoni. Dalit Kahan. Lior Raz

Maayan Weinstock Rinat Abulafia

Einat Waisman-Diamond Yoav Hait

Casting Director: Hila Yuval

Music: Adi Cohen

Art Director: Arad Shaawat

Cinematography: Boaz Yehonatan Ya'akov

Line Producer: Guy Levi

Editor: Boaz Lion

Producer: Dikla Barkai

Directed by: Alon Benari

Editing Director: Dalit Kahan

When Shall We Kiss?

What's the matter. Suzie?
Don't you feel well?

I feel great.

Where's the cottage cheese?

Don't get up. I'll get it.

I'm not feeling too
great this morning either.

What's, wrong, your lover got
back to her senses and dumped you?

You've got that bug again?

Last time you cheated on me.
it wasn't a bug. it was a girl.

What does cheated mean?

Cheated means... It has
to do with work, okay?

Eat. you'll be late for school.

Would you stop talking about this
nonsense in front of the kids?

This is nonsense to you?

Suzie. I have problems too. okay?

It isn't only about you.
you. you and your fantasies!

There are other people in this
house with problems, damn it!

You’re unhappy? Take care
of yourself, change doctors.

change pills or friends, or take 2
grand and visit your folks abroad.

I can't carry your mood
on my back all day long!

My moods.are because of you.
Mickey, you and your girlfriends.

Listen to me. I swear,
since that time...

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes.

I swear that since that time,
there's been nothing. Nothing.


I didn't want to get into
this. I didn’t want to tell you

but if you must know.

lately. I've been...

sexually harassed.

-Yes. There's this cashier, she's a little insane.

I don't know how she got my
number, she keeps calling me.

I must've told her 10 times
that I'm happily married.

to get off my back, that she's
invading my privacy, but she's so dense!

I swear. I'll end up
calling the police. Suzie.

You wanted me to tell you everything,
so I'm telling you everything.

What hurts the most is that
you're lying to my face.

Suzie. I swear to you. swear...

Really? swear on the kids?

Leave the kids out of this,
okay? I said I swear, so I swear.

Do you swear on your kids?

This house is so depressing.

Okay. You send the kids off
today. I'm going to sleep.

When are you going?

Tomorrow or the day after.

He's buried at some kibbutz up north.

Sdeh Nachum, do you know it? -No.

Besides. I need a vacation.

I've get to organize
my life it's a mess.

I can't think about anything.

Want me to go with you

it's no big deal...
I'm going for closure.

Still, it's your father.

He's not really my father.

I didn't know him.

Does your mom know you found him?

No way.

I can't throw it at her just like that.

How could Yuval prefer
that bimbo over me?

I don't think it's
over between you two.

She's pregnant, so what?

The fact is, he came to you.

There's no way that
he's into her, no way.

Stop it. why are you putting
fantasies into my head?

This isn't an affair with a married
man, someone gay or a psychopath.

Wow, I forgot about
Yoni, the schizophrenic,

your taste in men is really something

He's a good, reliable man

who’s about to become a father and
is taking responsibility for it.

why am I getting in the
middle? Am I fucked up or what?

For once in your life
maybe you should act crazy

and suddenly, you're becoming normal?

You're right.

What about you?

As usual.

attracted to the impossible.

That sounds healthy.

You should know.

You're heaven sent.

I love your new haircut.

It's so becoming. How do you know that?

I feel it.

I feel you. Do you feel me?
-I feel you.

Oh. sweetheart.

I can smell you in
my dreams, you witch.

When will you let me see you. huh?

I'm dying to see you.

to fuck you while
looking into your eyes.

You're making me crazy,
driving me insane.

I've got to know who you are.

When it becomes serious
between us, you'll know.

What's serious?

Serious, serious?


This isn't serious enough?

It is...

It's mine. -No. it's mine.

Only we can have such
stupid ring tones.

What a laugh you have,
the sound of bells.

From now on I'll call you "Bells".

Don't answer.

Hello. I'd like to pay for room 1007.

1008 shekels please.


It was the last thing I wanted to do.

Okay... Bye.

To return to the beginning
of the message, press 1.

Hi Suzie. it's Dorit, the masseuse.

I called to apologize again.

I feel very bad about what happened.

Like I said, this has
never happened to me before.

I'm not trying to
justify myself, but...

I'd really appreciate your
not telling Rona about it.

she's an old client and...

Wow. I don't... don't
know what came over me.

Mostly I'm sorry if I upset you.

if I frightened you.

It's the last thing I wanted to do.

Okay... Bye.

To return to the beginning
of the message, press 1.

To erase and continue to
the next message, press 3.

Hi Suzie. it's Dorit, the masseuse...

They have no smell at all.

They even smell slightly repulsive.

Sorry, that's what we have.

Yuck! These really stink.

What kind of store is this?

You're looking for
flowers that smell good?

If you don’t mind.
I'll look around myself.

When I want your help I'll let you know, okay?

Hey! -Hi.

Why do they look so droopy?

Slightly putrid, aren't they?

I have to close the store,
it's my lunch break, sorry.

Lunch break? What is this.
Rome? You've got some nerve!

Excuse me. I'm sorry. Well,
pardon me! What is this?

I'm sorry. -It's your loss.

Have a nice day.
-I wanted to buy flowers for thousands of shekels.

Okay, have a nice day.
-Thousands of shekels...

So? You came to buy flowers
for a handicapped uncle?

No, for a dead father.

The truth is. I don't
know what I'm doing here.

it's the second dumbest
thing I've ever done. but...

I wanted to tell you that...

you're right about what you said.

that we felt something... you know.


What's the first dumbest thing

What? Oh!

I can't say it in this forum.

Should I ask the flowers to leave?

I'm sorry for the mess I
dragged you into. I'm really...

Forget it. I'd be surprised if
I got into a sane relationship.

I'm very choosy about these things.

I always handpick the
most fucked-up situations.

So... I was impressed you
didn't hit on me like a pig.

You take responsibility.

You'll be a great dad.



I thought it over objectively

and it turns out you're... a great guy.

I don't know what to
say. ' “I'm a little...

Just a second.

What's going on?

What's going on. sister?

You picked the right person to annoy.
Spill it out, what's your story?

Enough. Yasmin, if you have
something to say. be civil.

Excuse me. I'll talk any way I feel like.
-Okay. I think I'll go.

You're not going anywhere.

I want you to tell me
what you want from Yuval.

Yasmin, stop it. You sound
like a moron, cut it out.

You're the moron!

You're the moron' You'll never
talk to me that way again.

I'll make you both
pay for it. just wait.

I'll have an abortion!
I'll have an abortion!

I'll take a rusty hanger
and abort the baby myself

and then you’ll see what it feels like.

Wait a second.

Get out of here!

Beat it!

I'll kill you. don’t touch me.

I only want to comfort
you. let me hug you.

Hug your mother's ass.
-Yasmin, calm down!

Don't tell me to calm down.

Do you hate me? -Not at all.

So why did you get me pregnant
and go out with other women?

Hug me now.

- Please don't call me.
I wish you all the best.

"Don't call me", yeah right!

You didn't plan to call her, did you?
-No. I didn't.

The truth is. I'm...


If you saw me for the first time.

what would you change?


Starting with the face?

A chin implant.

A nose job.

Eyelid lift.

I'd remove those bags
from under your eyes.

Add silicone to your lips.

Pin down your ears.

That's all for the face.

Now that I look at you
again. I'd do a facelift too.

You have that gloomy expression.
Your face is a little saggy.

It needs a small lift.

Well. I wouldn't touch your body.

Your body

Maybe I'd add 250 cc to your breasts,

take some fat off your stomach.

you'd end up a real babe.

What price range are we talking about?

If I do everything... and
give you a 20% discount.

78.000 shekels.

You can pay it in installments.

I understand.

And how much is just a nose job?

What are you doing here?
-Are you crazy?

You called me. you asked
me to come so I came.

why are you barking at me?
-We said a cafe, not my house.

A cafe, your house,
what's the difference?

The difference is that
I wanted to talk to you.

So let me fuck you first
and then we'll talk.

Don't you think our relationship
is disgusting? It stinks.

Disgusting? What kind of talk is that?

Well, maybe a little disgusting.

I have a new girlfriend and I don't
wanna cheat oh her, she’s sensitive.

But when you call
me. I can't stay away.

Every time you'll call. I'll come over.

See why I wanted to meet at a cafe?

Laser institute

Are you sure you don't want
to expand the treatment?

I have to admit, it
looks a little peculiar.

No. I don't mind the hair
on the rest of my body.

only the hair on my
chest drove me nuts.

It's not aesthetic at all.

Fine, whatever you say.

You can get dressed, we're through.

Thanks. Suzie. You’re
welcome, sweetheart, bye.

Are you finished?
-Oh. yes. Come in. sit down.

I've got 15 minutes
before my next appointment.

I went to Dorit for a massage today.

She said you finally
went to see her. How nice.

Yes. yes. What did she say?

Nothing. That you were
there, that you're very nice.

Yes. she’s nice too.

Tell me... Isn't she a little...

Masculine? -Masculine?

I don't know.

Who am I to talk with
my excess testosterone?

She treated you for a whole hour?

She gave me an hour and ten minutes.

Oh, I also went to
see a plastic surgeon.

Please don't tell me don't need it.

Why? I don’t think it's
a bad idea at all, really.

If it adds to your
self-confidence, go for it.

The problem is it’s so expensive.
I'll have to sell my apartment.

Dov. our Dov from marketing,
barters with the Beautiful Clinic,

he arranged eyelid surgery
for Sharona for next to nothing

and it came out great.

She had surgery

Don't be naive, everyone does.

I wouldn't hesitate
if I were you: Do it.

Did you do it? -No way.

But that's no surprise.
I don't need" it.

What are you having done?

You want your nose, chin,
jaw and eyelids done?

No. I was only thinking of having a nose job.
-Oh, wonderful.

A nose makes a huge difference.

Talk to Dov.

We'll see. manage. Thanks.

I started taking new pills.

I can't wait for them to start working.

Just you wait.

Not that I want to destroy
your honeymoon with Ram.

but a relationship is no picnic.

I'm this close to putting a
tail on my husband, this close.

He's lucky I get dizzy just
from the thought of being alone.

I'm your friend, you'll never be alone.


But you know...

Dov! -Hi. Rona. -You're still here.

I just finished. -So hi and bye.

So... how are-things?
Great, just great, thanks.

Okay. bye. -Bye.

You didn't have to bring me flowers.

I'd fuck you anyway.

I'll bring you flowers
only for your grave.

You don't have to be such a sourpuss.

I know you can't stand me.

That's not true. Not at all.

I even wanted to ask you a favor.

It's my secretary. I have to answer.


I know it's my anniversary.


Your wife's waiting for
you. why are you still here?

I don't feel like going home.

You mind making some coffee?

Would you do me a favor? -It depends.

! want to go to my father's
grave up north tomorrow.

I didn't know your father's
dead. When did it happen?

Me neither.

Long ago.

I need a ride.

If tomorrow isn't convenient,
we can go the day after.

You're asking me to
disappear for half a day...

It's a problem.

What happened when you disappeared
at my place' for half a day?

You want cab fare?
I'll give you cab fare.

I'll rent you a car if you
like, what's the problem?

Shira, it’s very selfish of
you to be mad at me for this.

Forget it. I don't
want anything from you.

You're crying because of a
ride? What are you. a baby?

Get the hell out of here.

Shira, what do you want? Get out of here.
-Shira, you’re...

I'm sorry I even asked you.

I'd do anything for you. you know that.

Shira, don't push me. understand?

You listen to me. I'm
a married man. married!

I can't be at your disposal
24 hours a day. understand?

Fuck you

Hi. -Yes, hi.

Am I interrupting? I
waited for a round hour.

No. you're not interrupting.

I happened to be in the neighborhood

so I decided to drop in and
tell you that everything is okay.

you have nothing to worry about

and I won't say anything to Rona. so...



I just wanted to tell you
that you can relax, really.

Thank you. Thanks.

And again, a thousand apologies.

No. it happens, people...

You know...

It happens that people like...

It happens, it happens.


Okay. Thanks for coming in person.
-It's nothing, really.

Are you alright?

I don't know, but my neck suddenly...

I also treat people. I'm...

on my feet most of the day. so...

Really? What do you do?

Now. mostly laser treatments,
but I'm a certified cosmetician.

You can tell you're a cosmetician,
you're so well-groomed.



Is It Stiff? -I think so. I...

If you want to. I can...

You're not waiting for anybody?

No. I'm done for the day

and I promise to be very
professional. I swear to God.

I'm sure. I'm sure, it's okay.

Great, thanks. -Come in.


You didn't bring the kids? Where are the kids?

Didn’t I tell you I don't like them
staying at your parents all the time?

They have a home.

Are you doing it to spite
me? What's wrong with you?

Today is our anniversary,
that's what's wrong.

The Messiah is coming. Since when
do you remember our anniversary?

How could I forget such
an important date, huh?

Happy anniversary, my beautiful wife.

What’s that?

Show me what it is. Mickey.

Remember what I promised
you the first week we met?

That you'd take care of
me for the rest of my life.

That too, but I don't mean
that. I mean something else.

I don't remember.


I promised I'd be the
first man to make you come?

Honestly. Mickey, don't
start that again, okay?

I told you. blocked psychologically.

it's not about you, you're
the best I've ever had.

Sweetie, this isn't about a hurt
ego. my confidence is just fine.

I'm sure it is.

I didn't mean that. You're taking
all the fun out of the surprise.

I'm sorry, go ahead.

I promised and...

I didn't really fulfill my promise.

although you know I tried.


I brought us a little friend

that I think can help.

Gosh, put it back, do me a favor.

Don't embarrass me. okay? I'm
not sticking that anywhere.

You don’t stick it anywhere, it's
external, we use it while we...

I don't need those
things. don't you get it!

I want to feel you. I
want to make love to you.

that satisfies me.

I don't have to come.

I enjoy myself when we
finally have sex I do.

But that's the point, we
don't have sex anymore.

Sex isn't just love,
sex is also just sex.

I want...

I want you to enjoy it.
-But I do enjoy it.

Yes. but you don't come.

I want you to be a little more...
-More what? What?

What am I doing wrong -Sweetheart. I...

I'm not saying something's
wrong with you. you're fine

and you know that I'm
wildly attracted to you

but I want us to be...

a little more diversified.

I want you to be a little
more open. I don't know.

You want me to act like
they do in porn films?

I don't want to it's demeaning.

I don't know. I understand
what you're saying.

Hi. -Hi. I'm in a hurry. -Okay. Bye.

Watch where you're going
I could've killed you.

Sorry. Good morning.

You're unbelievable,
you're always happy.

Not always, only when you
crush me with all your weight.

You don't know how happy I am
that you're always laughing.

My Bells.

Finally I'm making someone
in this world happy.

I want you to know how
much it means to me.

I'm so happy you laugh
when you're with me...

and that you're such a wild animal'

Give me a kiss.

I don't care what you look like.

As far as I'm concerned
you could be Filipina.

What do you think of me?

I don't know, it's dark here.


I'm falling in love with you.

I have to confess.

You’re scaring me.
-It's not that serious.

What? You're not good-looking?
-I'm very good-looking.

I don't lie about these things. -Lie?

Listen. I don't want
you to take this wrong.

I want you to know everything about me.
-I'm listening.

.. I'm slightly married.

You're what?

Hey, where are you going

I'm slightly married,
unhappily married.

I'm thinking about a separation.

My anniversary was yesterday and
it was the saddest day of my life.

What are you doing? -Leaving.

I knew you'd take it the wrong way.

I don't have sex with my wife...

I'm miserable there.

You're not going anywhere, you hear me?

You're not going anywhere, stay!

Alone again


To think that only yesterday.

was cheerful, bright and gay

Looking forward to. but who wouldn't do

The role I was about to play

But as if to knock me down

Reality came around

And without so much as a mere touch

Cut me into little pieces

Leaving me to doubt

All about God and His mercy

For if He really does exist

Why did He desert me

hour of need?

I truly am indeed

Alone again, naturally

It seems to me that

There are more hearts

Broken in the world

That can't be mended

Left unattended

What do we do? What do we do?

Next time on "When Shall We Kiss?”

You don't say...

You don't say...

I didn't know you work
here. I swear. I...

You want me to go?

Wait. I don't understand,
is this about the job?

Some masseuse or something called you yesterday.

Said she has a sore hand and'
postponed your appointment.

Didn't you get my
message?1 -What message?

I left a message with your husband.

He must've forgotten to
tell it's so like him.

Can I at least...

Can I use your bathroom, my bladder is...

Alone again, naturally

I was thinking about... 6
surgeries, only on my face.

When do you want to be operated on?
-The sooner the better.

You're Yirmi's friends? I'm his wife.

I'm sorry from dropping
this on you like this. but...

I'm his daughter.

I don't understand
what's going on here.

Translated by: Tzipi Kevesh

Subtitles by: Trans Titles LTD