Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 21 - Words for My Friends - full transcript

Sullivan invites Bachiko over to the mansion to thank her for training Iruma. While she is there, Sullivan tells her that Iruma is actually human. The next day, Iruma and Clara go to Asmodeus's home, just as they promised. Iruma seemed troubled about the fact that he hasn't told them that he is actually human yet. But after talking to Alice's mother, Asmodeus Amuryllis, the thing Iruma ends up telling his friends is.

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-"Words for Friends!"
-"Words for Friends!"


My deepest gratitude
for inviting me to this meal today.

Come now.

No need to be so formal
and everything, Bachiko.

Great job with the training you provided.

Yes, sir.

Iruma managed to win
and was promoted to Dalet,

so this is the least I can do
to thank you.

Not at all!

I'm really devi-thankful
I asked you, Bachiko.

Your abilities rival
even The Thirteen Crowns members.

No way!

Everyone in The Thirteen Crowns
is way stronger than me!

Compared to them,
my abilities are totally…

Still sloppily munching
everything like a brat?

You stink of sugar, you unruly hag!

Well, being near
a country bumpkin like you

is bound to give me a fungal infection!

The hell did you say?

You want to go, bastard?

You getting fired up yet, huh?

I'm freaking pumped to the max!

Time to sing until our throats collapse!

Get a load of this song!

-Full score!
-Full score!

I have got a barrier!

I nullify your barrier!

I nullify your barrier nullification!

I will nullify your nullification
of the nullification!

Except for that girl
with a trashy fashion sense!

You two sure get along.

No, we aren't!

You're bad with social interactions,

so I was worried
whether you would accept training Iruma.

That is true.

At first, I thought of quitting
right away after seeing his face.

Aren't you all lacking in fighting spirit?



But right now,

I really think he's my best disciple ever!

I see.

All right, eat up!

Yes, sir!

Lord Sullivan is pleased with me.

He praised me.



I'm really…

Well then.

Have you eaten your fill?

Yes, sir! Thank you for the food!

Apologies for the simple fare.

Okay then, let's clean up here.

And move on to the next topic.

Perfect Speak!

Bachiko Barbatos, at your service.

First off,

the next Thirteen's dinner
has been postponed.


The reason is due to the many
recent disappearances of powerful demons.

In Devilams…

and battlefields…

Numerous high-ranking demons
have disappeared in various places.

The reason is unknown.

However, I have a hunch as to why.

A hunch?


An organization with countless
evil deeds attributed to them.

The Six Fingers.

Exactly because there are
no traces that I know it is them.

I see.

In other words…

It is time for the pride of Barbatos,
the strongest bow, to take the stage.

It's my time to shine, isn't it?

Oh, sorry! No, that is not it!

It's not?

Yes, it's okay. You can lower it now.

When the Netherworld
is overcome with uneasiness,

it's exactly the time
when educators need to focus on educating.

To bestow upon our students
even more knowledge,

to raise them, and protect them.

For peacetime in the Netherworld

is directly linked
to our duties as adults to guide them.


This is…

This is the candidate
for the next Demon King,

Lord Sullivan of the Three Greats!

As expected, the weight
of his words is different!

So, Bachiko…

Yes, sir?

Please continue being
the special instructor for my grandson.


Yes, sir!

After all, Iruma is a human.

Yes, sir!



The only ones aware of this truth

are the chair-demon, Sir Balam, and me.


I will respect your wish here.

Do you want your memory
of the conversation erased?

Or will you protect Iruma
together with me?


Good morning. Mr. Opera,
what is for breakfast to…

Master? Why?

Iruma! Good morning!

Good mor… What?

Today's breakfast is an omelet.




Somehow, it weirdly suits him.

After all…

After all…

The fact that he's not a demon…

means that my disciple…

can be no one else but him.

Jeez. I guess I've got no choice.

Whether or not you're human,

from now on,

I will take care of you properly.


Were you treating Iruma as your gofer?

We can't overlook this.

That is not it!

This is part of the training too!

I do laundry and cleaning too!

This idiot disciple!

I'm so full.

I don't know why,
but I angered Master again.

I was just doing the usual too.

Ali is probably asleep?

I need to check
how much magic is left for later.




Okay. I'm off.

Iruma, come back quickly!

He will be back at night.

-I can't wait to see Azu's home!
-A human, huh?

I wonder if he has Pekepon?

David, good morning.

Good morning to you.
Well then, let us depart.

To the Asmodeus residence.




We have arrived.

Grandpa's house is big too.

But Azu's house is amazing too!

Devi! Devia! Devisto! It's devi-big!

Welcome! I have been waiting.

Sorry for intruding.

Please come in.
All the preparations are complete.

I can't wait.

I brought some gifts.

A gift from Lord Iruma?

I have some for Clara too!



Connor and Murf! Ready…



Soft and fluffy room!

Sparkly and glittery room!

Base successfully occupied
in the central garden!

Up the summit!
I climb the vase because it's there!

You can't just climb a vase
because it's there!

Irumachi, come climb too.

It's dangerous! Azu will get angry too!

Not at all, Lord Iruma.

I won't get angry
over something like this.

After all…

Just like Lord Iruma, I am Dalet Rank.

Run wild all you want!

Your Gimel Rank antics
do not affect me at all!

Not to me, a Dalet Rank
that is just like Lord Iruma!

You're Gimel.

I'm Dalet!

My rank matches with Lord Iruma!

That is me!

Feel my pain.

Clara, even if you're Gimel Rank--

Irumachi! Lend me your badge!

I will write Gimel on it directly!

Stop it!

Let's leave that idiot behind
and have some tea.

I'm super close to him too!

I played lots and lots
with small Irumachi too!

Small Lord Iruma?


Wait! What is with that Lord Iruma?

I'm not going to tell Azu-Azu!


Tell me!

Not going to!

You two!

Everyone, tea is ready.

It's a special-order cake
just for this party.

Come, don't hold back and eat up.

-Thanks for the food!
-Thanks for the food!

-So good!
-So good!

We have more,
so please eat as much as you want!

I can eat all that you have!

-As expected of Lord Iruma!

This looks good too!

This is my room.

What? This is Azu's room?

I wonder what Azu's room is like.

Azu, this is…

It's all Irumachi!

Yes! My prized collection
of school newspapers

and scrapbooks documenting
Lord Iruma's feats!


Go! Gorgon Snake!

Is this really okay?

It's quite well-behaved.

Hey, Irumachi.

Irumachi, why don't you
summon Mr. Eggie too?

No. I think I will pass today.

Mr. Kalego, are you okay?

It's nothing.

Just a slight chill down my back.


Valac! Stop climbing on me all the time!

This is the Game Battler's
Piggyback Technique!

I lost again.

Azu-Azu and Irumachi are too defensive.

Irumachi, you can't move
even one step, right?

I'm heading to the toilet.

Oh, yes! I understand.

This is so fun.

I really played and chatted a lot
with Azu and Clara.

The two of them are my friends.


There are still things
that I can't tell them.

I have decided to live in the Netherworld.

And they are my treasured friends.


I need to tell them.


What if they reject me?

Or even worse…

Their demon instincts…

Guess who's the little demon…

-Yes, it's Amu.

I'm Alice's mother.

Really, Alice is so cruel!
Listen! He left me out again.

Somehow, I had a feeling
that Alice invited you two over,

so I left work behind
and flew all the way back!

I'm going!


An esper?

A woman's instinct.


What is it that you need to tell them?

A secret from Alice and Clara, I see.

It's fine, isn't it?

Not telling them?

But they are my precious friends.

Oh, my.

Does being friends mean
telling each other every single secret?

You see…

Love won't work
if both sides are not happy.

You seem so conflicted
about telling them everything,

but you're not obliged to do that.

We demons have to be
more unrestrained and sexy.

Or does having secrets means

that you can't be friends?

It's my win again!


Lord Iruma. Welcome…

Mother, why are you here?
And what is that?

Lord Iruma? What is that outfit?

Look! So cute, right?

I dressed him up in Alice's old clothes!

Wait here. will go get more outfits!

-Wait! Mother!

-You're too fast!
-You can wear it if you want.

I'm sorry, Lord Iruma. I will go stop her!

Wait, you two. Please sit.

I have something to tell you two.

First, Azu.


When you came for us
at the end of the Harvest Festival…

I felt so relieved.

You were really cool.

Thank you so much for protecting us!

Thank you for your kind words!

And also, Clara.

We were able to make
the Legendary Leaf bloom.

And it's thanks to you.

You experienced something horrible,
and it must have been hard.

And yet you lent me your strength
and believed in me.

Thank you so much!

For me, the two of you

are my treasured friends
who I always want to be with.

That is why…

That is why…

Being friends with the two of you…

really makes me happy!

-Lord Iruma!

These are the genuine words
that I want them to hear.

Someday, I'd like to tell them everything,

while the three of us are laughing.

Amu is back!



If even after I tell them the truth,

we can continue to walk together,
as if nothing has changed…

During the Harvest Festival,

Iruma and Lead managed
to get promoted to Dalet Rank.

However, if the other classmates
don't get promoted to Dalet,

they will be kicked out of Royal One.

And so, Iruma and the others…

shall be taking on the final Rank
Advancement Tests for the first-years,

The Music Festival.

All right.

With Elizabetta, who needs
to rank up twice as our focus,

we have to make sure the 12 Gimel Ranks
will also distinguish themselves!

Is something the matter, Lord Iruma?

No. I just feel like
we are forgetting something important.


There is another person there.

Another person?

Yes, another person.

Another Bet Rank.

What? Who? Where?

I told you.


Observant viewers, do you remember?

Soi Purson.

Bet Rank.

He is also a student
in the Abnormal Class.

Soi Purson.

What happened to him all this time?

Why did no one see him?

And what drama awaits them
in the Music Festival?

This tale shall be told another time.