Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 20 - Bad Company/Heartfelt Cooking Class - full transcript

Iruma goes over to Lead's house after getting a brand new gaming console. While they're playing games, Lead's older sister Shakky suddenly bursts into Lead's room, and she seems to be in a really bad mood... Ameri and Iruma end up making homemade cookies together. But apparently, neither one of them has ever cooked something properly in their lives. They are an absolute mess in the kitchen and even Opera seems to have some trouble dealing with them.

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Are you ready, everyone?

Iruma-kun is starting soon!

The Harvest Festival was amazing, right?

You're promoted to Dalet Rank!

We are Dalet!

To think that Iruma
became the Young King, I'm so proud!

The best grandson! The best student!

Everyone else was just the best too!

And you know…

This week, Iruma will… Oh, man.

Please watch what happens
with your own eyes.


The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

By winning the Harvest Festival,

Iruma and Lead managed
to get promoted to Dalet Rank.

Can all of their remaining first-year
classmates also achieve Dalet Rank?

-"Evil Friend!"
-"Evil Friend!"

You're asking for something?


Iruma has started asking for things!

A big moment indeed.

So what do you want?


Well, I…


You're here, Iruma!

So? How did it go?


I got mine!

He bought it for you. Nice!

Yes! Grandpa bought it!

Handheld game console.
Give him 666 sets, please.

Wait… 666 sets?


One is enough. Just one.

That is some crazy coddling.

All right! Then let's play right away!

Come in!

Sorry for intruding.

You good with Screaming Soda?


How about snacks?


Let's go with this.

Just stay quiet here. Don't make a sound.


We are here!

Sit anywhere you like!


There is so much stuff!

It kind of feels funny
that Iruma is in my room.

Okay, to start things off…

Well then, one more time.

To becoming Young Kings, cheers!

-Such a kick!
-Such a kick!

Such refreshing pain!

This is the latest hunting game

where you craft gears and hunt monsters,

plant and harvest a bunch of crops,

and develop your village.

Kind of like the Harvest Festival, huh?

Right. So press here.

It started!

Name. Iruma.

Gender. Male.

How I refer to myself is…

-Hold it!

How about…

you pick ore here?

Can I?

Of course, you can! You're the Young King!

Got to toughen up!


it's hard to find the right time to switch
personal pronouns from boku to ore, right?

It's seriously tough.

We are the only two who use boku.






I see.

We are boku comrades, huh?

So you should be bold here.


I will choose ore.


Next up is choosing a partner.


Demon Rabbit.


I will go with a cat.

They seem reliable.

Dragon is the only one for me!

They are devi-strong after all.

By the way…

You can marry in this game too, you know?

You can do a bunch of stuff, huh?


So, Iruma. What kind of girl is your type?

What is with the sudden question?

It isn't sudden!

We were talking about girls, weren't we?


By the way, based on my personal research,

girls with long tails
are filled with sex appeal.

I didn't ask about that!

Iruma, you must be interested too. Right?

No, I'm not…

That is a lie.

-Acting all innocent won't work!

Fine then.

In that case,
I will take out my secret weapon.

Secret weapon?

A slightly naughty book!

Stop it! Just put it away!

Why? I will lend you one!

Iruma, you must have seen
this stuff at least once, right?

I did, but I burned all of them!

So warm…

Why did you burn them?

Here take it home!

Grandpa will get angry!

Are you some sheltered daughter?

I'm not a daughter, but…

Well then, sheltered Iruma!

Burst out from your shelter
and open the door to adulthood!

I'm not going to do it!

This is based on my personal research too.

Girls who have round, big horns are…

They are…

So you are interested!

No, no. That one doesn't count.

It doesn't count, okay?

Stop the racket, stupid Lead!

I joined a Devi-mixer last night
and I'm now hungover as hell!


Your older sister?

Leaving your matchless sister alone?

Why are you having fun all by yourself?

You asking to be hanged from the veranda?

My classmate is here, so stop already!


I'm Iruma. Sorry for the intrusion.

Wait a second!


Nice to meet you.
I'm Lead's older sister, Shakky!

My hobby is cooking.
And my type is an older, reliable guy.

Do you have an older brother?

Stop it!

Get out already!

What? Let me talk to the cute boy!

You talked plenty!

Sorry about that, Iruma.


You two are really alike, huh?

Stop it!


Isn't Iruma the chair-demon's grandson?

She's back! Go back to your room!

No way!

-Iruma, would like you some snacks?

Don't take the bait, Iruma!

Hey. I'm sitting here, so move it.

Oh, my. That book…

-Wait. No. That is…

Don't leave out your friend!

You aren't my friend.

Don't use your wiles on Iruma
just because he's air-headed.

What wiles?

You're being overprotective, aren't you?

No. Iruma is kind of…

Like a little brother?


He will get into all sorts of trouble
without me watching over him.

Didn't you say that before too?

When your classmate
joined the Game Battler.

I need to watch over Clarin!


You have changed.

In the past, you were the type
to stubbornly walk your path alone.

Stop acting all cool!

You have been getting
multiplayer games only lately, right?

Come on, now.

You have grown
to really like your classmates, huh?

Well, yeah.

That is why stay out of my room!

Here, water! Drink that and sleep quietly!

And he always said stuff
like "so boring" back in the day too.

That was so devi-tiring.

Lead, look!

I finished my character.

You're all geared up.

Thank you for teaching me, Lead.

You know, I…

I think that the reason
we won the Harvest Festival

was because we had help
from our classmates.

And among them,
Lead was in a team with me.

And he really helped me out.

I'm really thankful.

Lead, you're always fun.

And you always taught me a bunch of stuff.

That is why…

I think of you as…

I think of you as…

someone who's very reliable.

Just like a little brother!

Wait a second!

Iruma, you're
the little brother here, right?

No. Lead is the little brother.


Little brother.

Why are you so stubborn about that?

I mean, Lead is
the little brother after all.

You're not giving in at all!

Lead, I want to eat udon.


Lead is the little brother.



-"Heartfelt Cooking Lesson!"
-"Heartfelt Cooking Lesson!"

Sweets, sweets, cooking!

I'm going to bake
delicious cookies for Kakeru!

Fight on, Rin!

Okay! Now is the time!

Now is the time!

"It is time to unseal
this right hand of mine

that had defeated countless enemies!"

"I will use my ultimate skill,
the hip-driven Screw Punch

to knead this sticky dough!"

"Chest! Bam!"

And thus, will she be able
to complete the cookies for Kakeru?

To be continued!

Today's reading felt so realistic.

It's been a while,
so I got really into it.

Also, my passionate performance back
in the ruins remains ingrained in my body.


I want to congratulate Iruma.

But tonight's event
is all about the first years.

So I will do it on another day instead.

Oh, right.

I should prepare a congratulatory gift.


Sweets, huh?

That could work too.

Oh, no. I'm interested in making sweets.

But I was told
I was forbidden to use our kitchen!

Forbidden to use? Why?

I'm not sure.
My father didn't explain it to me.

In that case, Ameri,
do you want to come over?

Do you want to come over?

Chest! Bam!

And now!


-Let's… cook!
-Let's… cook!

I ended up coming to Iruma's home!

This is…

Isn't this a marriage life rehearsal?

Thank you so much
for preparing all these, Mr. Opera!

Not at all.

Shouldn't I go greet Grandpa first?


Oh, no! I mean my future…
No, I mean the chair-demon!

On a rare occasion, the chair-demon
has to head out due to work.

I see.

Well then, I will be just over there.

Please use whatever you need freely.

-Okay. Thank you very much.
-Okay. Thank you very much.

It's just the two of us!

Our first time working together!

No, I can't even tell whether
it's our first time or not anymore.

Okay. Let's get started.


I do apologize.
I ended up borrowing so many things.

Not at all. I'm the one who invited you.

Also, it's my first time making sweets,
so I'm happy we can do it together!

I see.

Okay then. First up is…


Maybe I should keep an eye out.

Well, they have the recipe,
so I'm sure it will be all right.


According to the recipe from Opera…

Heartfelt Cooking Lesson!

Opera's Secret Art.
How to make Artisanal Cookies.

It's really tasty!

A true gourmet taste!

Step one.

Knead 120 grams of butter,
add 50 grams of sugar, and mix well.

All right. First up is the butter.

Then sugar.

Lord Iruma?

Why the whole thing?

The recipe even stated
the amount in grams!

Hey, Iruma.

Yes. Yes, Ameri.

Tell him to read the recipe properly.

Don't you think there is not enough sugar?


I heard that sweets
should be overflowing with sugar.

So pretty!

No! There is a limit. A limit!

Don't tell me these two
don't know anything about cooking?

I wonder what this is?

Who knows? Shall we try
cutting it up and putting it in?



Opera's instinct was dead-on.

Since Iruma was young,
in order to survive,

his mindset is to mix
everything in a stew and eat it.

Ameri, do you have experience
in baking sweets?

I made a cake before.

I see!

I let my father try it, but…

Father, don't hold back and eat up.
There is plenty more.

The reason Ameri
was banned from the kitchen

was because she is
completely terrible at cooking.

It was so delicious that
it felt like his chest was burning,

so he told me
not to make any more for some time.

So she's confident in cooking…

Okay, let's continue.

Next up is eggs.

Why everything?

His mindset is to not
waste anything, even the shells.

Gently knead the dough.

The kitchen table!

What is this powder?

Let's put it in. All of it.

Smoke is coming out.

It's running away.

Which one is the oven?

-Shall I just grill it with La Fire?

Let's do it!

-It's done.
-It's done.

No, it's not.

Listen up.

The two of you have no understanding
of the basics of cooking.

Don't give me that puzzled look.


Cooking is about
strictly following the recipe,

using the correct methods,
having a gentle touch…

and also your feelings.


Keep the happy, smiling face

of the person
you're baking for in your mind,

and bake your creation
with all your heart.



I told you.

Make sure you measure out
the amount stated in the recipe.

Oh, right.

-Hold it. Measure it properly.

Around this much?

That is right.

Stir quickly in big movements
along the curve of the bowl.

Hold it. What are you planning to do?

Don't give me that puzzled look.

I can't! I can't throw these away!

Lord Iruma, eggshells
are burnable garbage.


Hey! Don't run!

Let's catch them.

I wonder what this is?

Let's open it.

Lord Iruma.

Mr. Opera!



That is that.



I'm sorry, Mr. Opera! We are surrounded!


-It's done.
-It's done.

Grandpa and Mr. Opera!

This one is Azu, and that one is Clara!

Yes. Well done.

This one is Henri, right?


They look really delicious!

We did it! This is amazing, Mr. Opera!


I'm going outside to get some air.

The wrapping materials are over there.


It's so hard to decide.
Which should I use?

I'm giving these to people
who always took care of me.

Grandpa, Mr. Opera, Master Bachiko,

Azu, Clara, and…

Speaking of which,
who are you going to give this to, Ameri?

No, I…




This is not the sort of thing one
should give while looking downwards, so…

I didn't get to
congratulate you properly, so…

Once again…

Congratulations on winning
the Harvest Festival, Iruma.

For me?

Oh, wow! I'm so happy!

Thus, the baking session ended peacefully.


-We want to make hamburgers next!
-We want to make hamburgers next!

Please give me a break.



Iruma's handmade cookies…

Yes! Please have some.


Iruma's cookies!

Opera, prepare the party!

Yes. A party to commemorate
receiving Lord Iruma's handmade cookies.

We don't have to hold one, okay?


Here you go, Father.


Cleaning up the kitchen
afterwards was tiring.

However, being able to receive a cookie
from Lord Iruma makes it worth it.

I wonder…

How much more happiness…

will Lord Iruma, the chair-demon,
and his friends bring to me?

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"Words for Friends."

Lord Iruma, I look forward
to serving you from now on too.