Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Skin: Part 2 - full transcript

Boyd and his team now know that George Andrews was in fact Sam Cohen who was also gay, though they have no idea why a he would be involved with Nazi skinheads. The man Boyd really wants to get is Martin Armstrong, a racist politician representing the so-called Democratic National Party who he is convinced was involved in Cohen's murder. Their immediate priority is to find Rashid Said who has been kidnapped by Jim Brown and his cronies. The resolution to the mystery lies in determining the connection between Sam, the skinheads and a wheelchair bound AIDS patient who was burned alive is a hospice fire not long before Sam was killed. Boyd also wonders why Brown and three other of the skinheads all have AIDS even though they are in a low risk group.

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These wounds weren't incurred by
the fall. He was beaten in some way
before he was put down the shaft.

This is a Jewish
gay guy, Sam Cohen, who ends up

as a neo-Nazi skinhead,
George Andrews.

Sieg Heil!

Sieg Heil!
The elections are pretty serious,

OK, we're fighting a war here.
Not me.

Did he touch you?!

You can't tell me what to do!

These men are not just a group of
thugs. They're thugs with a cause.

You got some Jew blood
in you somewhere?

What you did was
completely unacceptable.

George had a tattoo.

They all had that tattoo,
all the crew.

Jim Brown was brought in for
questioning over the St Jerome's
Hospice fire, New Year's Day, 1990.

If half the street see you getting
arrested, if the press run a story,

before we know it
we'll lose floating voters.

Well, we'll just have to get the
floating voters back, won't we?


You OK?


Not really.

I-I take it you know?


And whatever you do next, Luke,

it's your call.

So you don't mind having a junkie
for a son? Yeah, yeah, course I do.


what I mean is, er...

I'd rather have you in this world
any way I can than not have you...


I'm sorry.


Yeah, I...

I will...I will.


No, go do your thing. No, it's
all right, I'm not going. I'm fine.

I'll be here.



I'll be back.

I'll see you, son.

Yeah, it was very basic, made from
over-the-counter ingredients.

Schoolboy bomb?
Depends what school you went to.

It had a rudimentary timing device
made from an alarm clock.

Something a kid
could've put together?
Anyone could've put it together.

The instructions are
on the internet.

The interesting thing is that it was
designed to do as little damage
as possible. All flash, no crash?

Yeah, no nails, no glass.

So, as far as assassination attempts
go, this was a pretty poor one.
Very poor.

Let me go. Please.

I won't say anything.
I won't tell them you...

You're not such a cocky
wee shite now, are you?

No, no, no.

Making that kid do a martyr video
was a big mistake.

I want the situation resolved, now.

That kid

is going to win us
the election, trust me.

Come on, Martin.

When have I ever let you down?

We're in this together.


Course we are.

My name is Selim Said,
a proud Muslim youth.

For too long, we have been asleep,
but now we are awake.

It's time for the
British jihad to begin.

We must rise up and defeat
the infidels.

Special Branch
reckon the bomb only caused

had a few cuts and bruises, so...

why go to all this trouble
for a martyr video?

I have the file on the hospice fire.

Jim Brown, Peter Evans,
Terry Wilson and Martin Armstrong
were questioned about it.

THE Martin Armstrong? Yeah.
They were released without charges
and Marie Waters gave their alibi.

There are people in our community
living among us, yet refusing
to take part in our society,

refusing to understand what it means
to be British, undermining
our way of life and our democracy.

And we can't afford to let them win.

There's too much at stake -
everything about our country
that makes it great.

And here we are, the victims of
terrorism, and where are the police?

Governments talk about a
war on terror, but the truth is,
they haven't got the stomach for it.

If you want to fight a war, you have
to meet them on their own terms
and fight fire with fire.

Detective Superintendent Boyd,
I'm glad to say there's
no permanent damage.

Have you got any leads? It was
obviously an assassination attempt.

You can't blame anyone for that,
but I can put you in touch
with the local DIY centre.

If this was a mosque,
your lot'd be crawling all over it.

Yeah, well I'm here to talk to you
about the St Jerome's Hospice fire.

That's something that you've been
questioned about already, yeah?

What wonderful timing! You want to
talk to me about a 17-year-old case,

a case I was cleared of,
in the middle of a campaign,
a campaign to elect me to Parliament

I think we can all see what this is
really about. Well, I hope they can.
It's pretty evident.

You don't have to live around here,
you don't see what ordinary, decent

people have to put up with -
our streets overrun with terrorism
and junkies.

Perhaps you should put your
own house in order, Mr Boyd.

We're not finished.

I know that.

Come on, let's move on.

We must rise up
and defeat the infidels.

He's very nervous.

Or fired up.
He's about to plant a bomb.

But usually these martyr videos
are by suicide bombers - this guy

hasn't been placed at
the bomb site, has he?

And there's nothing about him
in the prelim reports.

So what if...?

Right, Martin Armstrong...

top of the board.
You got a problem with that?

How did he get there? I put him
there. This man is a fascist,
he has no qualms...

You can't make him a suspect
because you don't like his politics!
Let me reason with you.

He is the leader of this
group, right? Terry Wilson,
Peter Evans, Jim Brown.

They were all questioned about
the hospice fire in 1990? Yeah.

Right, now, being the leader, right,
the head of the whole group...

in your discussions with Marie,
not once did she mention
Martin Armstrong, right?

Agreed. Neither did Jim Brown.

OK, that sounds great, but what
makes him your chief suspect?

Can't you see they're protecting
him? The guy's standing in
the election -

maybe they're just trying to avoid
bad press.

And what's the worst possible press
a political party could have?
It would be...

That they were responsible for the...
The hospice fire, right, so Sam goes
in there, he discovers what happened

and then they kill him,
they get rid of him.

But he was there for six months.
It takes time to infiltrate.

Come on, back me up here, Grace.

Well, he would have had to
prove himself to the group.

Which he did by attacking Rashid.

I think the priest did it. And
it's not like he hasn't got motive.

Why would the priest wait a year
to kill him? Come on, why?

Get me Jim Brown and
Marie Waters in here.

On what grounds?
If you get them, then you get
Martin Armstrong in here.

The stones from the graveyard are a
match to the stones in Sam's shoe.

I told you the priest did it.

Grace thinks there's a word
in the flames. Really?

It just looks like
a few squiggles to me.

Ah, but then you see, so do some
letters in the Syriac alphabets.

Languages like Hebrew.

It has to mean something.

For the whole group?

Or maybe just for Sam.

I mean, why didn't he have
the flames on his own tattoo?

I can prove that Sam
visited your graveyard
around the time that he died.

I...I can't explain that.

OK, what were you doing the first
anniversary of your brother's death,

what were you doing?
Were you in the church?

Were you down the pub? I
was just praying for Charlie's soul.

You were praying for the
soul of the man that you loved.

Now what do you think the other
man was doing that loved him?

Did you think he perhaps
thought, on this first anniversary,

"I'll go to the church,
pay my respects, sit by his grave?"

Come on, this is not
a difficult question.

Did you see or hear anybody
at the graveyard that night?

I heard a banging on the door.

I opened it.

There was no-one there.

And then I saw that the
flowers on Charlie's grave had
been thrown all over the ground.

And you didn't think,
perhaps, that you should've
told anybody about this until now?

Nothing else had been disturbed.

I just assumed that it was vandals.

This is your brother we're talking
about... Sir, could I have a word?

What? I need to talk to you.
All right.

You made that assumption?

On that night, of all nights,
you make the assumption that
it's vandals? It happens a lot.

Yeah, yeah.

You have no more questions?

I have a lot of questions for you.

But no more until you
start telling me the truth.

So you'd better seek some
guidance from the Lord.

Yeah? It's Mr Said... he's here.

He wants to talk to you.
In connection with...?

He didn't say, he's very upset.
Yeah? Who isn't? You deal with him.

Mr Boyd. Mr Said.

It doesn't make any sense. My son...
You have to find him.

I'm sorry but I, I...

You do know he's innocent, don't you?

He is my son. Don't you understand?
It doesn't make any difference what
he's done, he's still my child.

Er... Come on in.

Sometimes our kids,
they make their own decisions.

You have a son, do you?

Yeah, I do have a son, yes.
And would he kill innocent people?

I don't know, I mean,
I don't think parents know that.

Well, I do know in my heart, Selim
wouldn't do such a thing. Natalie!

Selim never planted that bomb.
This is all your fault.

Filling him with hate. And what
would you know? Are you satisfied?

Mum, please.

We were going to run away,
me and Selim.

He was sick of it and so was I.

What stopped you running away?
My dad.

He found out about us
and he came round.

I want to have a word with you,
all right? Can you get out, please?

Just come with me
for a minute, will you?

When you left your father's,

did you see Selim?

He wasn't even answering his phone.

And what about his friends?
Did you talk to any of them?

Well, he's been hanging around
with Hassan, his best friend, and
that's how this all started...

them messing around with
those stupid election posters.


Where are you going? Come on.

I'm saying nothing
till my brief gets here.

Spence, I need a word. Come on.
His master's voice.

What's happening?

He's found out about her and Selim.

So I need you to get Terry Wilson,
Peter Evans off the street.
Yeah, but...

They're going to put that kid
in intensive care. How do you
know that?

So why did you decide to
run off with Selim now?

Are you pregnant?

Yeah. How far gone are you?

Two months, I think.

You think I'm a slag.

No, I don't think you're
a slag, not at all.

I think you've got something to
live for, something to protect.

He used to call me his princess.

He gave me anything I wanted.

I want you to go in there and
face him. Will you do that for me?

If you go in there and face him,

he won't lay a hand on you
ever again.

Do you believe me?

What's she doing here? She wants to
know what you've done with Selim.

Oh, babe.




That way we...

we stay pure.

You're my daughter. You should've
thought of that when you hit her.

You know the score.

Charge me or let me go.

She's at risk.
You're not going anywhere.

Tell him, Nat.

Tell him he's talking rubbish.

I want to press charges.

And how long do you think
that'll hold up?

Long enough for us to find Selim and
get you for kidnapping and assault.

What have you done with him?

I love him, Dad.
What have you done with the boy?


You mean that's it? No, you have to
find out, make him tell you!
It's not that simple.

You did. But the best thing
you can do for Selim

is to go home.

Sir, Sam Cohen's file.

Sorry, it took a while
to track down. Thank you.

Uniforms are searching the estate
for Evans and Wilson, nothing yet.

Armstrong? He's coming in.
Put him in Interview 2.

Keep him away from Brown, all right?



Sam Cohen was diagnosed
HIV positive 1988.

I know that Jim Brown has full-blown
AIDS, so is she the missing link?

Was Sam bisexual or...?

She insists that the relationship
was emotional not physical but, um...

I'll certainly talk to her.
What did she say about Armstrong?

That they were friends but they
haven't seen each other for years,

and he
wasn't at the New Year's Eve party.

But then, after the hospice fire,
he did go away to college to study

and seemed to distance himself
from Jim and the gang.

It didn't work, they're still
involved in each other's lives.
Yeah, well, maybe they need to be.

My name is Selim Said,
a proud Muslim youth.

It's a piston-driven engine,
rather than a turbo,

something like a Lycoming
or a Continental Light...

So, we're not talking about an
international airfield, then...

No, it's a small airfield.

Right. You hear that?
The variation? There?

There's a change in propeller pitch.

Can you hear?
So it's coming in to land?
It's coming in to land, yeah.

So this could be near a landing
strip, is that it? I'd say so.

There you go, wee man.

You just sit tight.

The most likely airfield is this
one here, in east London.
Why east London?

Because it's near to where they live.
What are those two buildings there?

Yes? They look like the most
likely contenders. Hi, yes.

No, I have every intention of...
That's a hangar.

Right, and the other one?
Yeah... An old biscuit factory.

Please, you've got to understand
that I have a job to do. Tell Luke
I'll be there as soon as I can.

Yeah. I'll tell him.

Yeah. What kind of biscuit factory?
I don't know. Well, find out. Why?

Because I found almond oil
on Sam's jeans. Come on!

Heathson's Biscuits.

Almond Crunch. Almond Crunch.

Armed police! On the ground, now!
Move! Move!

Hands on your head!

Behind your back! Come on! Up!

On your feet!

Are you OK? It's over.
Look at me. Look at me. It's over.

It's over. All right. You all right?

Understand? You're all right. Just
take it easy, just take it easy.

Thank you. He's OK.

Yes, thank you.

He's OK.

Thank you.

OK, thank you. They're taking him
to hospital. I've arranged a car.

I'd like you to stay here, Marie. I'm
going to go with my daughter. No.

What do you mean?
I mean, we have things to discuss.

Like to sit down?

You seem very close to Natalie.

I used to be.

Jim turned her against me.

Ten years...

he didn't give me so much
as a few quid to help out.

What changed his attitude?

Realised he was dying.


When did he contract HIV?

They're not sure.

He found out a few years back,

when he had a problem
with his lungs.

And do you know how he
came to be infected with it?

He thinks he got it from me,
but he didn't.

So, you're not infected?

That's the one bit of luck I had.

The doctors reckon
that he'd had it for years,

without knowing.

He's lived longer than
we expected him to.

Which is really unfair.

In what way?

Because George is dead
and Jim's still alive.

Were you in love with George?

I never met anyone like him.

And yet you weren't
intimate with each other? No.


There was once.

The night I told him I was pregnant.

I didn't know.

I never meant to
hurt you or the baby.

What are you talking about?

You've got to believe
me, I'm so sorry.

Why do you think he was so upset?

I've never worked it out.

Can I have a word with you, please?

You're not going to believe what
those people have done to Selim.

Does she know what she's dealing
with? She's still defending them?

She could be telling the truth.
Don't give me that.

Well, we do not know for sure
that Jim and his gang set fire

to the hospice, nor do we know
that's why George became Sam.

What does she have to say about
that? I haven't got there yet.

You haven't asked her?
I'm trying to do my job,...

You interrupted me in the
middle of my interview.
..will you please do yours?


See him? See him? See him? Poof!
D'you swallow it?

'I'm very sorry.'

But you had to be told who George
really was and why he was there.

He'd have said something to me.

He was my friend.

But do you understand
why he had to do it?

Yes. So, is it true?

The alibi you gave them.

Were Jim and the others in your flat
the night of the hospice fire?

Mr Armstrong.

This is ridiculous.
How much longer...

We're keeping your
clients in custody.

We're charging them with
kidnapping and terrorism.

We found the boy alive.

So there's absolutely no reason
for me to be here. Well...

I'll see you at the bail hearing.
Mr Armstrong,

would you mind
taking a seat, please?

What do you mean? I mean,
would you mind taking a seat?

Thank you.

Thank you. Now, I'm reopening
the investigation into...Please.

The investigation
into the hospice fire.

There isn't a scrap of evidence
to connect me to that crime.

I'm not suggesting there is at
the moment. Please, hear me out.

I've got your client, Jim Brown.

And you understand that
I've got him for 12 hours?

I'm sorry, I'm really puzzled by
your involvement with this man.

Well, he's in deep shit this time.

We've got him for kidnapping,
assault, bombing your office -

I can't help but think that your
association with him is going to be
damaging to your political career.

If it could be proved
that he did any of this, then

of course it can also be proved that
I had absolutely no knowledge of it.

Yeah, but for me to prove that,
you'd have to be willing to
testify against your client and...

Well, if the evidence was
irrefutable, of course I would.

You would be willing to testify
against your client, Jim Brown?

Of course.

Thank you.


Keys, watch,

wallet, Walkman. That's good.
Bag it up. OK.

It's just completely unbelievable -
every one of these people has AIDS.

Peter Evans, Terry Wilson,
Sam Cohen, and Jim Brown,
they've all got AIDS.

Even if they're having sex with the
same person, that is impossible...

the hit rate 100%.
I need to talk to you right now.

OK. Let's go.

Yeah. Yeah.

What I'm saying is...
what are the chances of getting HIV
from an infected tattoo needle?

And I'm saying they're
really, really remote.

But you can get it
from sharing needles, can't you?

Yeah, but it's a different kind of
needle. Intravenous drug users use a

hollow needle so the blood stays in
the needle, and if it's passed on...

You can get infected! Yeah,
but a tattoo needle's not like that
- it's not hollow, it's different.

It's contained within a chamber
and it moves back and forth,
and it acts as an ink reservoir.

OK, but if
the equipment wasn't sterilised

and there was some contaminated
blood that remained in the tubing...

Yeah, if there was some
contaminated blood that remained
in the tubing, then possibly...

So you can get HIV from a tattoo!
What? Four times?

No, the primary mode of transmission
between males is unprotected anal
intercourse, or heterosexually.

Yeah, but that's the
impossibility of odds again.

You've got
to admit, it's a perfect irony.

They burn down an AIDS hospice
and they all end up getting it.

Let's show him.
Boyd, let us show you this.



See these? Right,
I thought they might be Hebrew.

And they are.

"Shin", "Resh", "Vav", "Feh"...

it spells "Srohf". It means "burn".

"Burn". Burn.

As in "Burn in hell".

"Burn in hell".

I have to ask you, did...

Did Sam Cohen give Peter Evans and
Terry Wilson the phoenix tattoo?

He did one for all of them.

All done.

What do you think?
It's beautiful, George.

Nice one, son.

It's a work of art, mate.
Should be framed.


Come on.

I think it's the equivalent
of being a mass-murderer.

They had killed his lover.
It doesn't make it right.

It's twisted, but it makes sense.
Do you know how many people have
contracted HIV because of him? Yes!

How long does it take for people
to realise they have HIV?

It can take up to ten years. Ten
years. Ten years' worth of sex...

that's like sentencing hundreds
of people to death! He wasn't
thinking about the consequences.

His revenge was tied up
with his love of Charlie.

In his mind, he had no alternative.

Knowingly infecting someone
with contaminated blood
is a criminal offence.

The thing that it doesn't explain...

You're crazy to try and justify
this. I am not justifying it.

The thing none of this explains is,
once he'd done the tattoos,
why didn't he just get out of there?

Maybe he didn't get the chance.

Or maybe something happened where
he was forced to reveal his identity.

Maybe there was still a member
of the original crew that he hadn't
managed to get to.


I need to be with Natalie.
Does Martin Armstrong have
one of those tattoos? What?

The tattoos that Sam
gave the other guys...

does Armstrong have one of those?

I don't know.
I was never that involved with them.

Thinking that
helps you sleep at night?

You see, I don't think you
can be just a bit of a Nazi.

Looking good there, Marie.

Who's this?

This is George.

What's with the new tattoos?

Celebration. First anniversary.

Oh, yeah. Bonfire of the Queers?

You should have one.
Well, you were there.

I could do you next, if you like.
No, Martin stays clean.

Political wing.
Isn't that right, Martin?

Yeah. Give him one. No.

He wasnae there.
You're one of us now, aren't you?

"Loyalty unto death" and all that.

They sent
Sam Cohen to hell before he died.

Did you get it?

In here.

Bastard. Lying, thieving bastard.

First he was kicked a number of
times in the head and the body.

That's enough.

Where is it?

What have you done with it?

Where is it?

Then he was bound to a chair...

you can see the marks
here, and here.

At some point,
this wallet was removed.

I found Sam Cohen's blood on it.

And, on the inside,
a perfectly-preserved thumbprint
belonging to Jim Brown.

Can you prove that
this is Sam's wallet?

Well, let me show you this.

As you can see, on the photograph
there is a very distinct pattern of

fading where the
light has affected it.

Certain abnormalities,
irregularities in the leather and a

small paint spot here
on the transparent sheet,

all showing a distinct pattern...

which matches...


Who's this?

His name's Charlie Ayanike,
and he's my lover.

He's the one you burnt.

They used a bottle like this,
with a foil collar, to ram the piece
of the photograph down his gullet.

His arms were bound with wire...

Finally they put a rope
around his neck...

indications here and here,
and hoisted him up to the ceiling
with the pulley.

The Blood Pattern Analysis over here
shows a percussive blood staining

which indicates to me that
he was left hanging and bleeding.

For how long?


I know how you killed Sam Cohen.

Who? Sam Cohen.

George Andrews. He was, in
fact, a man called Sam Cohen.

Jew-boy. Yes, a Jew and a homosexual.

So, send me down for it.

I serve a cause, something
you wouldn't understand. No.
But I know what you did to this man.

You tortured him for three hours,
you choked him, crucified him.

But why didn't you burn him? Why
didn't you just send him up in smoke
like you did with Charlie Ayanike?

You wanted something from it,
something it wouldn't give you.

Was Martin Armstrong there
that night?

If you think I'm going to give
you Martin Armstrong, then you
don't understand the master plan.

The Master Plan, White
Supremacy, the Aryan Legion.

Do you think you're the
kind of people who have
loyalty to each other?

You're like rats, hatred doesn't
bind, it eats away, it destroys -
listen to this.

"I have absolutely
no knowledge of it."

"But in order for me to prove that
you'd have to be willing to
testify against your client and..."

"If the evidence was
irrefutable, of course I would."

"You would be willing to testify
against your client, Jim Brown?"

"Of course."

Are you completely stupid?

He's sold you down the line.

Your daughter has
sold you down the line.

What do you want to be,
the sole martyr to the cause?

Sounds nice.

There was a tape.

There was a tape?

Look, look, look.
There they go, there they go.

See him, see him, see him. Poof!
D'you swallow it?

Oh, look, oh, look, look, look.

He can't get out.
Ooh, he can't get out.

Who are you waving at, eh?
Who are you waving at?

He's washing the windows.

He ain't comin' out.

Here he goes, look.

Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!


Come on!

Nice one, or what?

Sieg heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!

Come on! George, we've finished!



Terry. Terry!

How come you didn't burn it off,
once you knew about Sam?

It was bigger,

deeper than that.

Did you know that there were Hebrew
letters here, hidden in the flames?

Did you?

There, you see them?

These letters here,
they spell the word "Srohf"

which, in Hebrew, means "burn".

As in "burn in hell".

You see Sam Cohen had AIDS and
he put his blood in the tattoo ink.

So, when you're choking on
your last breath, just remember,

that it was Sam Cohen
who killed you.

Would you like a glass of water?


we know Sam had the tape.

If we find that tape,
we've got them all.

Please, Marie.

You went to the police originally,
it must've been you.

Because you wanted some
kind of justice for Sam.

You help me find the tape,

I promise you...

I promise you,
you will get that justice.

I told him.

Told who?

Told him George was in the church.

But who did you tell? Jim?


I told Martin.

Where is he?

Tell me. No!

Tell me.

Tell me!

We're gonna find him,
we're gonna get the tape,
and then we're gonna kill him.

So if you don't want the
same thing to happen to your
baby, tell me where he is!


St Saviour's.

Good girl.

You're free to go.

I said you're free to go.

I need to confess. Not to me.

I saw Sam that night.

I failed Sam.

Yeah. Are you sure
that it was Charlie's grave?

Is that it?
Yup. You've got 2 minutes 23 seconds
of a man burning to death. Exactly.

And someone holding a camera
filming it. How can you do that?

I don't think Sam was killed
because of this tape.

I think he was killed
because of the betrayal.

There's nothing incriminating on it.
No, we've got nothing.

Well, there may be more information
on it - I've got to go through it
frame by frame.

Well, best of luck, Eve.
I don't envy you your job.

Thanks. OK.

See you inside, Martin.

Is that enough?

Yeah. It'll do, yeah.

It'll do.

Can he see me? No.

He'll find a way out of this.

He always does.

Well, if that's your evidence...

I mean, it could be me...
it could be Martin Bormann.

I'll see you in court, Detective.

You will. Just
wait a minute, would you please?

Marie, please.

I hope you're not going to keep
this woman long. She's got a
young daughter, you know.

I won't, but I think you'd like
to hear what she has to say.

According to your statement, Marie,
on the night of the St Jerome's
Hospice fire,

Martin Armstrong was in your flat
playing cards, all night,

with Jim Brown, Terry Wilson,
Peter Evans. Is that correct?

I lied.

So you are retracting
this statement?


You need a lawyer.


Dirty, thieving bastard!

That's enough.

Where is it?

TV: "I think we
can go over there straight away."

I have no comment to make at
this present time, but I will be
making a statement in due course.


See you tomorrow, Stella.


I'm going into oblivion,

and if I've had any effect
on the world,

you know, in some tiny way
improved it,

that was for the world's sake.

Wherever you go, I go.


I'll wait for you. You'd better.

So you're going? Looks like it.

We're not finished. Yeah,
but you've worked out my problem.

Poor little middle-class boy,
not loved enough by his nasty dad.

Don't do this.
I'm going. To where? To do what?

To start my new, improved life.

You should be happy.
It turns out you're not such
a crap shrink after all.

Why is it locked?
Because this is a secure wing.

I'm...? You're on a committal order.

But to do that you'd have to have...
Your father's consent.

Yeah? Hello.

Dad, you can't lock me up again.

Hi, son.

Er, no, I know. I know that.

Just let me go, please.


Yeah, I-I will, but...

Look... please don't disappear,
will you?

You will stay in touch, yeah?

Yeah, I will.