Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 9 - Wounds: Part 1 - full transcript

Boyd and the team investigate when the remains of a man are found in an underground tunnel complex that had been built by protesters in the mid-1990s. Dental records identify the man as Christopher Deardon who was reported missing in May 1996 at the age of 41. He died from having received several severe blows to the head. Deardon was supposed to have left on a business trip to Nigeria but his passport was subsequently found at his home. His wife Lucy was having an affair with Frank Monk, who is still with Lucy today. The dead man's son Jimmy, now 19, has a very difficult time accepting that his father is dead however. He tells Boyd that his father was a member of a secret group called the Awkward Squad which turns out to be something else altogether. Meanwhile, the three men who were with Chris Deardon when he died are now receiving letters reminding them of what happened.

Look, for the last time,
I don't know her.




Hi. Hi. You look like you're
going down the mines!

So, the body's in a chamber
accessed by a tunnel over there.
What d'you mean, "a chamber"?

There was a big road protest in '95
with protestors chaining themselves
to trees, hanging out in tunnels.

They lived underground? Yeah.
For months and months.

Yeah, it took the
police ages to evict them.

So, this credit card is the only ID?
At the moment, yeah. Bit convenient.

Certainly is. I'll check
the site manager, see if there's
any other access. OK.

Grace, I've rigged up a
monitor on this laptop to connect
to the camera in my helmet.

Oh. Oh, so I don't get to
crawl down any tunnels. No.

How much crawling is there?
There's a fair bit. It's limited
in some spaces.

You'll need these to stop
cross-contamination, you'll be
on all fours. How limited?

It really is limited, isn't it?

Er, right. Going in, Grace.

Be careful down there.

Yeah, I think it's
just through here.

In the chamber, Grace.

There's something
coming through now.

It looks like a wounded animal.

A beautiful specimen of adipocere.

What? Adipocere, grave wax, caused
by hydrolysis of fats in the body.

Takes several months of warm,
wet conditions for it to form.

Air ventilation shafts are blocked.

Yeah. And there.

And another one there.
So he suffocated, did he?

No, this is almost certainly what
killed him - blunt force trauma
to the right parietal bone.

Grace, the body's in an
upright position, seated,

hands and feet are tied with
what looks like plastic-coated rope.

Yeah, there's something
in his hands too.

Yeah, it's what looks like a...

can of sardines.

Plastic extrusion bag.

'U-Gro' Garden Centre logo.

Dental records are a match.

Great, so this is Christopher
Dearden, 41, married, one son,
worked for an air conditioning

company in South London.
He went missing on 24 May 1996.

From an account made by his wife,
he made regular work trips to Nigeria

and he was on his way to a
conference on cooler units in Lagos.

The investigation said there was
no flight booked, plus he left
his passport at home.

Not if he was going to Lagos.

Frank Monk, the landscape gardener,
said he found his passport
in Dearden's shed.

Understandable - he's a gardener
so he had access.

Yeah, it's an odd place
to leave your passport.

Because of the passport and his
disappearance and that he was
drinking heavily and depressed,

they concluded it was suicide.

Which it wasn't, was it, Eve,
cos he was killed and dumped
in this burial site?

Well, hardly dumped.

Ok, he was placed or whatever,
sitting, whatever you want to say,
and the cause of death was?

Several blows to the skull resulting
in an extradural haematoma.

OK. Now these bags from the garden
centre, what've you got on them?

I'm checking it out.
U-Gro Nurseries have 17 sites
across the south of England.

I also found blood in the bags,
same blood group as Dearden.

So, these bags were used to
carry the body to this site?
Possibly, I took samples

from the body and the bag
which I've sent off to Kew but

indications suggest that the soil
was too alkaline for the area.

So they killed him elsewhere,
then carried the body.

Maybe. Maybe it was
some kind of gangland thing,
you know, a warning.

I'm not sure it's been hidden.

Look how the body was placed,
and his hands were behind him and
he was holding that tin of sardines,

it could've been offerings,
gifts for the afterlife,
like the Vikings and the Egyptians.

OK, this site was created by
these protestors who didn't want

- the diggers to go through...
- The last protestor to be
evicted was in October 1995.

Dearden disappeared
eight months later.
So he's not related to them?

They must've known the tunnels
so maybe there is some correlation.

I'm really sorry. It's just...

Oh, it's just silly, isn't it?

I mean we knew that this was going
to happen one day, it's just that...

How soon can you release the body?

So the family can make arrangements,
you know.

Can I clarify something here?

In the original investigation it
stated that you were a family friend

but I'm getting the impression
that you're part of the family.

Yeah, we were at school together.

Lucy contacted me to do some work
in the garden, I'm a landscaper...


- Oh, Jimmy. Hello.
- It's about Dad, isn't it?

Yes, we've found your father's body.



There are some old tunnels there.
Do you know them?

Mrs Dearden. Yes. Thank you.

When your husband disappeared,
you said he was depressed,
distant and you didn't know what...

- Should we be discussing
this in front of Jimmy?
- Yes.

Do you think his emotional state
had anything to do with the fact
that you were having an affair?

You were having an affair?

It started a long time before that.

The affair or the depression?
The depression.

Look, if this was suicide, why are
we going through all this again?

When we discovered the body,

Where are you going?
Out! Jimmy? Jimmy.

Leave him. Look, leave him.

I'll see to him. OK.

Hi, Luke, it's me.

I've been trying to...

find out about somewhere
a bit better for you to...

Somewhere a bit
better for you to stay.

So, can you call me? Erm...

hope you're all right.

And then we can talk about it.

Love you.

How many has that been?

This is Road Protestor Number 12.

Harold Bloom?

What's the matter?

Your mother find out about us?

Were you cautioned for the
possession of cannabis at
Shepton Road?

Now I recognise you. Course.
The anti-capitalism gig at Davos.

Funny. Just answer the question.

I wanted to leave my skid mark
on the world.

For a time we had the whole
thing rolling backwards.

How long were you there?

Couple of weeks.

So you knew about the tunnels?

Yeah, course.
Well, so did your lot. They weren't
any big secret, were they?

I've got a list of some of the
protestors we've traced. Are you
in contact with any of them? No.

Anybody that's not on the list?

Go on, have a look.

What's this about? Have a look.


We've found a body
in the tunnels.

A Christopher Dearden.
Do you know him?

Well, hopefully it's the dickhead
that pulled my girlfriend. Oh, yeah.

Left my wife, kids, everything.
We'd barely got there and she

disappeared with this bloke
wearing ribbons... Horrible.

No, I don't know him.

While you were there, did
you take part in any rituals?

I did a bit of linking hands,
dancing naked for the solstice.

Were you aware of any
sacrifices or burials?

Well, there was a hardcore who
wanted to push things to the limits.

They'd have sacrificed a virgin
if they could.

How can you be sure they didn't?

No virgins.

- We don't think this
is a good idea, Jimmy.
- I want to see the body.

OK, Jimmy, just wait outside.
Give me one minute. Thanks.

Jimmy doesn't believe his father's
dead and he needs to face reality.

So you'll hit him with a corpse
that's been rotting in a tunnel?

We can't protect him.
There's no happy ending.

What do you mean?
He's not a child.

He wants to see his father's body.

If that helps him
come to terms with it...

Shouldn't he remember his father how
he was? He has to grieve.

I don't see the point
of showing him a bag of bones.

I will make sure
he knows what to expect.

Jimmy, will you
come with me, please?

Not you, Mr Monk.

You won't let him go
on his own...

he's just a boy.
He's not on his own.

Maybe I should go with him.
Did he say that's what he wanted?

Do they ever?


Why is he sitting up?

That's how we found him.


Jimmy? Jimmy?

We can go now.

That's not my dad.

Jimmy, we know it is. That's
not my dad. My dad is in Africa.

I found this in Dearden's body.

It's some sort of locket,
it's bronze and I'm running tests
to discover its origin. OK.

Contained inside it I also
found some powder which I'm testing.

What, powder, as in drugs? Possibly.

Dearden's bones.

Right. They had a much spongier
appearance than I'd expect
to find in a man of his age.

What, are you talking brittle bones?
Right. Osteoporosis.

I've come to see Jimmy.
You've seen him, now leave, OK?

I want to talk to him. Why take him
to see his father's body? He wanted
to go. He's an impressionable kid!

He's not a kid, he's 19 years old.
And what's it got to do with you?

You stay out of my family's
business, yeah?!

Your family! Your family?!

Look at you, yeah?

Playing the
big man in your shithole!

With all your bunch of losers!

All right, boys.

You all right?

You all right?

You've never seen it before?


It might be Chris's.

I don't know. I've never seen it.

Towards the end we weren't...

we weren't very close. So you
wouldn't have known if he was ill?

I don't know what you mean.

He had osteoporosis.

Yeah, the post-mortem found
that he had this bone disease.

And you had no idea? Is that a yes,
or a no? Did you have any idea?

No. No. Thank you.

Why does Jimmy think that his father
has been in Africa all this time?

Because he finds it very hard
to accept that his dad's dead.

It's understandable, isn't it?

Look, Chris worked away a lot,
he was always working in Africa

and he used to fill Jimmy's
head with stories.

He used to say things like he was
working undercover for the Nigerians
or, I dunno, he was having secret

meetings, going to special
training camps and Jimmy
would just believe them.

- Hello.
- What's that?

It's stuff from the bonfire.

It's my Dad's stuff.

Why are you burning it, then?

What's it to you?

Mind if I sit down?

Frank burnt it.

Frank burnt it?

- Yeah.

- Oh.

Do you recognise this?

It's my dad's.

Got it on his last trip to Africa.

Said a witch doctor
gave it to him.

I want to help you, Jimmy.

I want to find out what
happened to your father.

I know what happened.

What happened?

He was working with a group
called The Awkward Squad.

Awkward Squad. What's that?

I can't say. It's secret.

I understand.

So what was your dad
doing with them?

It was some sort of mercenary...

I'm not sure.

Told me that he wanted to protect me.

He didn't want to
make me a target.

So your dad was in Africa
working with this mercenary group?

He said he...

was going over to make things right.

And that he'd sort things out
and then he'd come back to me.

And you think he's still in Africa?

What the hell has this
to do with you?

It's a murder investigation
and you were destroying evidence
relevant to that investigation.

But it had been there for
years, it was just junk.

Like books and maps.
Jimmy wasted hours in there.

So you did it to stop
Jimmy wasting his time?

they know how to raise my kid?
He's not your kid.

You see the problem I have is that
Dearden disappears, you're already

having an affair with Mrs Dearden and
then, as soon as his body reappears,
you start building bonfires.

I was angry. With what?

Look, I'd spent ten years trying
to get through to this kid,

trying to connect with him,

then with this body, I find out that
the reason I'm there is cos this guy
Coleridge refused to take him.

Who's Coleridge? He's Jimmy's boss.

He's like some big hero to him.

And we end up in a fight,
which is why I've got...

Yeah, I was wondering
what that was. Hmm.

So what was the fight about?
He doesn't think I'm fit
to replace Jimmy's dad.

So, he knew Chris Dearden?

Yeah, Chris used to take Jimmy down
the Youth Centre when he was a kid.

Yeah, he got a slap round the face.

It was nothing more
than he deserved. Oh.

Nice jab. He's got talent that kid.

Yeah, he's got anger.
He used to take it out on himself.
Now he channels it.

That's Jimmy over there.
Right, OK.

I'm gonna go and...

Can he box? He's decked a
few people in his time, yeah.

So what happened with Frank Monk?
What was it about?

He took Jimmy to see his father's
body and then burnt his possessions.
What would you have done?

How long have you done this?
15 years.

I give them something of what it
takes to be men.

It takes more than knowing how
to hit to be a man, doesn't it?

This guy lost three years
of his life to crack cocaine.
Now look at him.

Oh, right, but they're
not all addicts, are they?

No, no, but they're not the
most communicative bunch.

So when they want to talk I make
sure that I'm around to listen.

And how is Jimmy doing? He's OK. It's
taking a while for it to sink in.
Did you know his dad well or..?

Yeah, yeah, he used to bring
Jimmy here for kids' football.

Jimmy! How are you doing?


Excuse me. How's he doing? Is he ok?

Not bad, yeah. Yeah? Luke? Luke.

Luke! It's a bad signal area.

Yeah. Luke? Come on, come on.

Even though Nigeria is a
Christian and a Muslim country,

a belief in black magic is still
endemic across both communities.

So you're sticking to this ritual
burial African-style?

Well, yes.

I mean because it's a possibility
and we know he spent time in Africa.

Right, but what about
The Awkward Squad?

I think that came from
his father's stories.

I mean you can imagine
a kid believing in it.

I can imagine a kid, we're
talking about a 19-year-old.

The belief that his dad might still
be involved in undercover work
gives Jimmy a psychic refuge.

But there's a reality now.
We have proved his father is dead.

Internal object? The image
he's got in his head of his dad.

And I think that by seeking to get
us to believe in the Awkward Squad,
it keeps his father alive.

In his head? Yes. Which has
got to be a mess. He's got Frank
bringing him in to see the body

Coleridge saying no, you shouldn't be
doing that, and these are important
people in his life.

Why didn't his mother bring him in?

I found fragments of a dark
blue paint embedded in the
fibres of Dearden's shorts,

and comparisons show that it's
car paint, from a Vauxhall, older
style, like an Astra or a Cavalier.

They discontinued this blue colour
in the 1980s. I'll check it out, OK?

Yeah, I'll come with you.
Can you take that? Thanks.

What is that smell?

It's Dearden's adipocere.

I've been boiling it.
You're boiling a body?!

Only a bit of it.

Right, when I exposed the skull
I saw these scratches which you

can see seem to have been made by a
bevelled edged blade, you can tell
by the V-shaped curved floor.

See where it slipped?

So they cut into the scalp?

Possibly, yeah. Pre- or post-mortem?

I'd say post-mortem because
the line traverses the fracture
causing the haemorrhage.

Is there any brain tissue present?
No. Why?

I'm thinking of a
Nigerian ritual killing.

They would harvest blood
and body parts to make potions.

The brain is the source
of intelligence so they
believe that if the source...

So you eat it and become
more intelligent.

Look, for the last time,
I don't know her.

Dearden's last visit
to Lagos was in April.

He was due back on the 14th
but has a taxi receipt from
Heathrow on the 16th.

He changed his flight?
I checked.

He flew back from Benin,
courtesy of the British consulate.

OK, check with the Foreign Office.

Yup. These don't look very official.

It doesn't make any sense.
If he was a mercenary he wouldn't
keep records, would he? I know.

These taxi receipts are
all the same handwriting,

same driver.

We've met this person.

You used to drive taxis, yeah?

Yeah, in the dim and distant.

Yeah, well it's the dim and
distant I'm concerned with.

Right, now, this man.

You lied to me,
you told me you didn't know him.

You used to take him to the airport
every time he went to Nigeria.

Did I? Mm.

Oh, er...

I don't remember. No.

What colour what was it?


You had...

no tax, no insurance,
no private hire licence?

Well, it was an old banger.
I was broke,

stoney, stoney broke.

What kind of old banger?

Was it...

a Vauxhall?

And did you carry Dearden's body in
the boot and bury him in the tunnel?

I used to have
fluffy dice if that helps.

Did you carry Dearden's body in
the boot and bury him in the tunnel?

The big end went,

and it wasn't worth repairing
so I sold it for scrap and I used
the cash to get into my records.

Where did you sell it? Somewhere.

When? I don't know.

Christopher Dearden could have
had any taxi he wanted, yeah?

But instead, he...

chose an old banger.

'Jimmy... Jimmy.'


Guess what? Dearden actually got
himself arrested on his last trip

to Nigeria but they wouldn't
tell me what for. No records.

No, but someone at the Foreign Office
over here interceded on his behalf.

Mr Findlay, do you know a
man named Christopher Dearden?

No, sorry.

He worked for a
company called J-Tech.


You authorised the payment to secure

the release of Christopher
Dearden from the Nigerian
authorities which is...

strange because your area
of responsibility at the time
was Latin America.

Maybe I was filling in for
someone. Why was he detained by
the Nigerian authorities? No idea.

Was your intervention sanctioned?

The payment you made,
was it a bribe, was it under the
table or was it kosher? What?

We made many, many payments,
both official and
unofficial over many years.

So, Awkward Squad,
Nigerian militia group,
was he detained because of that?

I received many calls both day
and night about many subjects.

I can't remember them
each individually.

That's weird, because
he had your home phone number.


The powder that I extracted
from Dearden's locket...

It has a very high keratin content.

That's the stuff that
human hair is made of.

Yes, but in this case
electrophoresis shows it's...

Rhino horn! Rhino horn,
which is made of hair, unlike cows,
which have a high calcium core.

Does that fit your African theory? It
doesn't, cos it's Chinese.
It's a Chinese theory now?

It's a cure for
erectile dysfunction.

Was he impotent?
Is that why he used it?

Does it work then, this rhino horn?

Obviously not, if his
wife was having an affair.

Get in.

You've put on weight.

Yeah, I'm in love. Same old Bloomy.

Yeah, you're a funny guy.
We agreed not to meet.

Police got me in. Shit.

Did you tell them anything?
What do you think?

We agreed on our story ten years
ago, so why are we here? It's out.

What's out? It!! It!!
What is wrong with you? When did
you become so bloody spineless?

Look, calm down.
Didn't you get the letter?



We shouldn't be meeting.

So what do we do?
We go home. We live our lives.

Things are starting to happen!

Oh, f...!

Thank you.

I told you meeting was a mistake.

No! No! Come here!

No, no, no! Let him go!

Don't answer it!

Kew Gardens came back on
the samples I found in the bags
and on the body,

and the soil is from
a particular type of deciduous
woodland, beech forest.

It's only found in
these areas shaded red.

Does this give us a murder scene?

Well, the south of England?

No, but I can be more specific.

The seed pods belong to
Cephalanthera rubra...

Red helleborine. It's an extremely
rare orchid and it only grows in
three places in the country -

Hampshire and Bucks.

Disposal of the body's
often the most dangerous

part of the crime for a killer,
so he minimises his risk by not
travelling too far with the body.

However this is not a normal dump
site, this was chosen specifically.

There's a ritual involved
with the disposal of the
body, it was arranged.

Yes, and also both shoes contained
grave soil, which would indicate
that they were removed post mortem.

The burial was ritualistic,
I absolutely accept, I
don't argue with that.

But if the murder was ritualistic,
it would've happened in the chamber
to cut down travel time? Possibly.

Because that didn't happen, the
murder was unplanned, spontaneous and
could've happened anywhere...

In these areas shaded red. Yeah.

You didn't accompany Jimmy
when he came to see the body.

He didn't ask.

Oh. How did you feel?

I'm used to it.

I think Jimmy blames me
for his dad's disappearance.

But Jimmy thinks his dad's in
Africa, so how can he blame you?

Sorry, that...
It wasn't what I meant.

I didn't mean to say that, sorry.
Are you sure you don't
blame yourself?

Did your husband know
about your affair?

He never said anything.

That was par for the course
with Chris though, wasn't it?

I mean, he didn't tell you
that he was ill.

So, do you think he knew?


Mrs Dearden, were you and your
husband physically intimate?

Do we have to talk about this?
I need an answer to the question.

The more distant we became,
I think...

I think the more difficult
Chris found it.

It was impossible.

We found traces of what we think is
an aphrodisiac in his locket.

I found this card.

It was...

It was in his suit.

I found it about...

a year or so after Chris

Thank you very much. All right?
Right, that is it, now.

We're going home, you can't keep
dragging us in here.

This is a murder investigation,
I can do what I like. What do you
think you'll find out?

Don't come the attitude.
I've got the attitude?
Do you want to go back inside?

Frank! You're making everything
worse. Let's just go home.

There's something that we haven't
told you. Lucy, please. No.

He phoned... Chris.

The night that he disappeared.

He phoned and left a message.

MACHINE: Lucy or Jimmy after the
tone. Thanks for calling. Bye.


'Jimmy, are you there?

'It's me. It's Dad.'

Who for?

It was for Jimmy.

'Listen, son.

'I've been in a bit of a mess,

'but I've realised that

'I've not seen enough
of you, you know, and...

'Well, that's gonna change.

'I love you.
I love the bones of you, son...'

He was ranting and raving about how
he was sorry and how he loved him.

As if just saying the words are
gonna make everything OK.

What did you do with the message?

I erased it.

There isn't a day goes by when
I don't regret what I've done.

Does Jimmy know?
Please, Luce. Does Jimmy know?

No, he doesn't.

This is a man who ignored
his son during his life...
I've got the card.

Right, then he calls his son saying
I love you just before he dies.

Well, maybe he's guilty or

maybe he knows he'll die.
It wasn't suicide, right?

OK, and this man,
Frank Monk, erases the call.

Yep. Jealousy?

Yeah, but he has the motive to kill
Chris Dearden, because he has the
most to gain, the wife and the son.

The body was found near growbags,
and he is a gardener. So all things
point to Frank Monk, all right?

Now, the call. What about it?

Records were only kept
of phone calls made but
I think I've got a solution.

The red areas are where
that rare orchid is found.
The seeds Eve found?

Exactly, but if we compare it with
the locations of U-Gro nurseries
and then look at the nearest nursery

to Shepton with that same
alkaline soil composition...

We can then trace all calls
made within a 20-mile radius.

Go on then, do it.

Give me the card.

Details are inside.

So our turnover's risen from 10,000
to 3 million in a decade.

You didn't come here to talk
about my business. What do you want?

I want to talk to you about
Chris Dearden. Yeah? What about him?
He's dead. Dead?

Mm. He received one of your cards.
It's got your logo on the back
and I assume it's signed by you.

It says "Good luck, Hursty."
Where did you get that card?

His wife found it in one of
his suits after he went missing.

Now, I should stress that
isn't our usual standard.

I'm not looking to place an order.

Tell me about Dearden.

This was a guy,

we met in a pub. Which pub?

It would've been somewhere central.

We got talking,
I printed the card to cheer him up.

So you meet a guy in a pub
and then make a special card for him
using his nickname, "Deardo."

Well, friends call me Hursty.

I'm sure your friends have got a
name for you. But he wasn't really
a friend, was he?

And then you sent him a card making
reference to his sexual performance?

Sometimes people find it easier
to talk to strangers.

OK... How did you know
you were going to see him again?
I mean, did you exchange numbers?

No, he said he was a regular so
I took a chance.

Oh, in this pub that you
don't even remember the name of?

It was a long time ago.


Hi. Phew!

What's the matter? Nothing.

Just some boxes fell over.
It was nothing.

I came straight from the airport.




'Yes, Jimmy...'


So now we've got Hurst who's
not coming clean about his
friendship with Dearden.

I ran him through the system.
No previous, no military
records, nothing. Sorry.

I got this from the paintbrush.

AS, anyone?

You're not serious?

Awkward Squad is a pub quiz team!

I know the answers.

She was in that soap opera
and he was in that boys' band.

They didn't get them right,
they got this old woman.

She was in the Carry On films.
A footballer. No, a pop star.
How many kinds of writing?

Three or four, so get comparison
tests with the card and receipts. OK.

So the Awkward Squad is a pub
quiz team.

There may be more of them. OK.

Find out where Dearden
went drinking and see
if they still do quizzes there.

There you go, Mr Findlay.

Make yourself comfortable.

'The doors are all locked,
Mr Findlay.

'Mr Findlay, would you
like to introduce yourself?'

Josh Findlay. Hello...

Josh Findlay. 'Harold,
please introduce yourself.'

Hi, Josh, I'm Harold.

'Michael?' Yes?

'Please introduce yourself to
Harold and Josh.' Hello, Harold.

Hello, Michael. Hello, Josh.

Would you like a drink?

For the last time, I don't know her.

Yeah, yeah, no, you stay there,

I'll get them in. Geography, we
need you and Finders on this one.

All right, No-Bollocks?

When the cow jumped over the moon,
what ran away with the spoon?

Pub quizzes, the Awkward Squad, yes?
One person missing.

QUIZMASTER: And now a London

On what street is the Cenotaph?

Which year did the Pilgrim
Fathers arrive in America?

'Come on, get it right, get a pint.'

It's wrong but stick it down.

'All right, let's go on to
the photo round.'

Mr Findlay, underneath the table
there is a brown envelope.

'Would you please open the envelope
and put the photograph on the table.'

If I must. 'Thank you.'

Do you recognise the man in
the photograph, Mr Bloom?

Who is it, Mr Bloom? What's his name?

What's his name, Mr Bloom? Deardo.

What is the point of this?

Christopher Dearden. Mr Findlay,

'do you recognise
the man in the photograph?'

No. 'Mr Hurst, you must
because you gave him a card.'

That's Dearden, that's...


'What is the largest mammal?' I know

'You're missing him, aren't you?
You're missing Christopher Dearden.

'Mr Bloom, do you miss him?
Do you know what happened to him?
Why did the Awkward Squad pack in?

'Why did the pub quizzes all stop?'

'How long were you a pub quiz
team for? Behind you, Mr Findlay,

'there is another envelope
with a photograph in it.

'Thank you.'

'of a decaying corpse.

'Have you ever seen
this corpse before?

'Or this body in this position?'

Will you sit down?

Can you sit down? What's he doing?

Hallucinating. Can you sit down!

It's so obvious
that they all know each other.

The hierarchy goes Findlay, Hurst,
Bloom, right? Bloom's the weak link.

Didn't you notice how Hurst
deferred to him? OK.

Got up and gave him his seat?

Our body was found
facing the north, yeah?

The ritual of the burial is very
similar to that of the Navajo,
in that the Navajo believe

that the world of the dead is
towards north.

The tying up, the swapping
of the shoes were all intended

to make the body unserviceable
to the evil spirits, the Chindi.

The Chindi are the evil spirits.
So what about the chopping off
of the fingertips?

They believe that your fingertips
and your hair is where the evil
spirits enter the body. Oh.

OK? So the purpose of the whole
burial was to prevent the ghost from
entering and haunting the living.

I understand the purpose
of the Navajo ritual. Why did it
happen to a white male in England?

Well, maybe the
killer was a believer.

Right, these guys, what are
they? An offshoot tribal cult
thing that's...

It's a possibility. Yeah, it is.

The behaviour of the disposal

of the body tells you that
someone believes in evil spirits.

Yeah, look at Bloom, he was freaking
out in the... Fantastic.

..in the interview room.
It was from a phone box. What was?

The call was made from a
phone box, now disconnected.

Could you give me the location?



What was that? A fox. You OK?

What have you got?
Vauxhall car keys.

These could be Bloom's. OK, great.

Log them and put them next
to that clothes line. OK.



These look like volcanic rocks and,
as we're not in a volcanic area,
they must have been brought in.

So how many are there?

Right, we need them up,
and bag them and back to the lab.

Something horrible's happened here.

No... No!


Get out!



Check it out.



Fingertips missing,
left and right hands.

Ghosts are a way of getting rid
of guilt or fear.

Fragment of polymer plastic

And that's the murder weapon, is it?

I wish you'd never found that body.


Do you think they
were being blackmailed?

Either they're involved in the
murder or they're witnesses to it.

Jimmy! You need to help me...

We abandoned him, Frank! We didn't,
we didn't. We did, we should've...

And you destroyed all three of them!

What? What is it?

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