Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 23 - Attack! - full transcript

Still there, Chief.
Big as life.

I don't like this.

LEE: Pat.

No change, skipper.

Any more word about it
from the flagship, sir?

It's refused all
recognition signals.

Well, I guess
we'll have to classify it as
an unidentified flying object.

There's no doubt about it.

The whole
fleet's standing
at General Quarters.

Looks like we're in
for real trouble,
huh, sir?

We're getting a reaction, sir.

Good. Intensify it.

Aye, sir.

what I don't
understand is,

why are we looking
for a flying saucer in
the bottom of the sea?

Because it was
last seen diving into
the ocean in this area.


Shot down, sir?

We don't know.

It could have been disabled or
it could have been heading
for some secret base.

Nelson to Seaview.

We've got a reaction
on the scanner,
possibly from the UFO.

Am submerging
for a closer reading.

CHIP: Very well, sir.
We're standing by.
Good luck.

Still getting a reading?
Yes, sir. Only it's stronger.

Bearing 024 degrees, relative.

Are you still in contact?

Yes, the Admiral
may be on to something.

All right,
just patch it
to the Flying Sub.

Yes, sir.

this is Crane.
What do you read?

We're getting
a definite radiation
reading from the bottom,

the same place where
the UFO was last sighted.

Can you pinpoint
the exact location?

Uh, Kowalski?

No, sir.
But we're getting
closer all the time.

Not yet,
but we'll be
able to shortly.

Very well.
The minute you have
a positive fix, let me know.

Then, hightail it back
here as fast as you can.

Agreed. Stand by.

Do you think
he's found something?

(SIGHS) It looks that way.

The attack came
from a secret base,

and our observation
satellites confirm
it wasn't on land.

There's an awful lot of
ocean out there to search.

but the base has to send out
a certain amount of radiation.

That's what Kowalski's
picking up, isn't it?

Don't worry, Chip.
We're closing in
on them.

We'll find those flying saucers.

the signal's
getting stronger.

Yes, sir,
it's right
on this heading.

We've found it.

Give me a range estimate,
and I'll report back
to Seaview.

Aye, sir.

Estimated range...

Still getting signals?

No, sir, it's gone dead.

Lost all power.


That fire.

Yeah, I see it.

It's coming towards us, sir.


NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.

Seaview to FS-1,
Seaview to FS-1,
come in.

What's wrong with you?

What's happened
to this connection?
I'm not getting any response.

MAN: Our
contact's broken, skipper.
I can't raise the Flying Sub.

All right, well, keep trying.
Aye, sir.

Patterson, what's your
fix on the Flying Sub?

We lost him, Mr. Morton.
No contact.

What are you talking about?

The Flying Sub's out there,
physically out there.

You have to receive
an echo from it.

I'm sorry, sir.
No sonar contact.

Chip, do you have a fix
on their last position?

I've got it marked
right here on the chart.

Take us there at flank.

Aye, aye, sir.

All ahead, flank.

What's wrong with sonar?

Just checked
it out myself, sir.
There's not a thing wrong.

Look at that profile.

Then why don't
we have any contact
with the Flying Sub?

(SIGHS) Well, sir, there's
just one explanation for that.

It just isn't there anymore.

Carry on.


There's no
malfunction with sonar.

Well, something's happened
to the Flying Sub, but what?

Those flying saucers.

You can bet on it.



That's a wall of flame.

We're heading into it.

All back, full.

All back, full.
Emergency! All back, full!

MAN: Aye, sir.

Skipper, that heat,
the men are ready
to keel over.

Get us to the surface, fast.

Blow all ballast, fore and
aft. Give me full buoyancy.


No response.
The plates are locked, sir.

Never mind.
We're pumping ballast now.

We're starting to rise.

Damage Control report.

MAN: Frames H and J
warped by heat.

Main generators two
and three inoperable.

What's the estimated time
for repair?

Three to four hours, sir,
if we can jury-rig main
circuit breakers.

All right, hop to it,
on the double.
Aye, sir.



Get down to the
Circuitry Room,
give them a hand.

Aye, sir.


If we can't maneuver,
how are we going to look
for Kowalski and the Admiral?

(SIGHS) We can't.

That answer your question?

Aye, sir.


Kowalski, Kowalski. Come on,
wake up. Hear me? Wake up.
Come on.

We're going down,
we've got to get
out of here!

The Flying Sub's going down!

We're not on the sub!

No! We've got to get out
of here, we're going down!

Stop it!

Stop it.

No! No!

Stop it.


I'm sorry, sir.

That's better.

Where are we?

That's a question
I was going to
ask myself.

What's the last
thing you remember?

Flying Sub,
we were trying
to make repairs.

Then that wall of flame hit us.

And then what?

That's all I remember.


That's all I remember, too.

Where are we?

In good hands, gentlemen.

Don't be confused, gentlemen.

You are in a degravitized cell.

Who's to say whether
I am upside down, or
you are?

the question can easily be
settled by restoring gravity

with this.


What kind of a madhouse is this?

We're your prisoners, I suppose.

Temporarily, at least.

However, I may
very well decide
to kill you both.

Why, you... (WARBLING)

You've killed him.


Clean as a whistle.

Okay, on your feet.

I hope you're satisfied, sir.

Don't "sir" me.
I'm a chief.

I'm sorry,
I still have much to
learn about your customs.

Okay, hand it over.

Hand over what, Chief?

Your wallet. I don't know
where you hide it, but
you gotta have one.

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Then, where do you keep
your money or your
papers, your ID?

I seem to possess
none of those things.

You mean to tell me
that you stowed away
with no money, no nothing?

I'm afraid that is the case.

I hope
you're ready to
believe my story now.

I got it, fingerprints.

I do not understand.

You will, buster.
Fingerprints are one
thing you can't fake.

Come on, the MAA will take
a nice, fresh set of them
for you. Come on.

Mr. Morton?

The wiring detail reports
their repairs will be

within another 30 minutes.

All right.

How are we doing?

will be completed in
less than 30 minutes.

What about the hull?

Well, engineering
says its reinforcement

shoring will be in
place in less than that.

Strong enough to dive?

As long as we stay above
crush depth.


Sir, we've caught
ourselves a stowaway.


That's impossible. We checked
every inch of this ship
before we sailed.

Yes, sir, I know,
but here he is.

What's your name?

I am called Robek.

How did you get aboard?

That is unimportant.

I'm here to help you.

It's about the attack
on your fleet.

What do you know about this?

I know the base from
which it was launched.

I can lead you there.

It is where your
admiral is being held.

What do you know
about our admiral?

Well, I've just come from there.

He had another man with
him, an ordinary seaman.


Where is this place?
How far is it?

Less than 20 miles.

There's no land
within 100 miles of here.

But there is, sir.

A large attack base
from which can be launched
alien spaceships of war.

How do you know this?

I have just come from there.

I am one of the aliens.

Within 12 hours, we are
going to destroy your Earth.


Well, Admiral.

First, you experienced
not enough gravity,
and now too much.

I wonder which you prefer.


want to know is...

Spare me the questions!

I'm interested only in answers.

You brought
your vessel dangerously
close to our base. Why?

We weren't near any base,
we were out in the middle
of the ocean.

What were you looking for,
and what did you find?


I don't know what
you're talking about.

How much
do the men of
your crew know?

I can't answer your questions.

Very well, Admiral. I can be
patient just a little longer.



Looks good so far.

The repairs should hold
as long as we don't
dive too deep.

Sir, I've just finished
checking out that
stowaway, Robek.


Couldn't find a thing.
No passport, no ID,
no papers, nothing.

I've locked him in the
brig pending your orders.

Why don't we radio his
fingerprints to Washington?

They might have
something on him.

That's a good idea, Chip.
Have you taken his

No, sir.

Well, you better
do it right now.

Sir, I can't.

Why not?

Well, the fact is...

Neither one of you is
going to believe this,
but the fact is,

he hasn't got any fingerprints.

Leave him where he is.

Right now, we've got to find
the Admiral and that secret
underwater base.

If it's really there.

Well, Admiral, have you
decided to be reasonable?

Because you have
about run out of chances.

I want an answer, Admiral!

Now, see here,
you haven't died
on me, have you?

I'm not ready for you
to die yet.



Fire in the Circuitry Room!
Fire detail, on the double!


Where is it?
It's in the Circuitry Room.

Come on!

What happened to him?

Somebody knocked him out so
they could get in there,
start that fire.

Somebody who?

There's only one stranger
aboard this ship.

He's in the brig.

Is he?
Has anybody checked?

Yes, sir.

He's gone.



He's in this area someplace.

He must be taken at all costs.

Follow me.

(SIGHS) We've got to
find him somewhere.
Come on.

All right, it's obvious.

Robek intends to
destroy us if he can.

there's just
one thing, sir.

If there's any chance that
the Admiral is still alive,
we just can't ignore it.

The ship's
being searched.
We'll find him.

You can call
off your search.

All right, mister,
one step and you've had it.

Captain, I must talk to you.

(SIGHS) Let him in,
Chief, and close the door.

Thank you.

What's your explanation?

Captain, you're misjudging me.
I did not try to sabotage
your ship.

It isn't
hard to narrow down
the list of suspects.

You're the only one.

Not quite.

May I speak freely
in front of these men?

Can they be trusted?


you must understand
that you are aliens to me.

Before I could trust you,
I had to make an evaluation.

What kind of an evaluation?

To determine for myself
whether you were worthy
of saving,

or should be destroyed
like some noxious weeds.

Noxious weeds? Sir,
with your permission I'll...

All right, all right.
Chief, hold it, will you?

So, you decided we
should be destroyed,

and you just sabotaged
the Circuitry Room,
is that right?

To the contrary.
My telepathic scanning
of your minds convinced me

you were essentially
people of peace,

indeed worthy of help.

That's mighty nice of you.

I'd just
reached this conclusion,
when I heard the fire alarm.

I then released myself from
your brig to do what I could

to save your ship
and your world.

Do you really expect
us to believe all that?

Well, not without proof, no.

However, I can furnish that by
showing you I had nothing to
do with the sabotage.

All right. How?

All right, Captain, tell me.
What is the most vital area
on your ship?

On a submarine
all areas are vital.

No, I understand,
but the most vital.

An area which,
if destroyed, would
kill all of us instantly.

The Reactor Room.


I propose that you set
a trap there, secretly.

Undoubtedly, that's where
they will strike next.

Chief, I want you to
assign at least three men

to keep Mr. Robek in
custody, day and night.

I don't want him
out of their sight
for a split second.

All right, Robek.

Chip, you and I are going to
lay some plans to catch
a saboteur.




I don't know.

It's like I told them,
Chief, I can't remember.

I just can't remember anything!

But you must know where you
and the Admiral were
all this time.


You remember how you got
aboard Seaview, don't you?

Come on, Ski. Think!

It's no use, Chief.

I can't.

Now look, kid. You...
That's enough for now, Chief.

Doc, I can
make him remember.
I just know I can.

Not now.

It's an extraordinary case.
His mind seems to be
completely blocked.

I tried everything,
even hypnosis.

Nothing works.

Naturally not.

I suppose
you've already
made your diagnosis.

It's a mind drug, of course.

Our people gave it to him,

and then
brought him aboard
to commit the sabotage.

It does not last.
He will soon be well.

You now
have the proof
of which I spoke.

It is time for us to make
some specific plans to
save your world.

Let's talk about it in my cabin.




Now, this attack upon your
Earth was planned by our
people many years ago.

The secret base has been
established and ready.

It only awaited the day
for the supreme command
to issue the attack order.

And this is the day?


The destruction of your
fleet was our test attack.

Full-scale war will
take place within hours.

If you're one of them,
why did you come
aboard Seaview?

Why are you telling me all this?

There are many of us in our
galaxy who believe the only
road to follow

is that of peace.

I am one of them.

With your help,
I believe we can prevent
this attack from taking place.

Why should I believe you?

Well, you've already seen
what our forces can

You can sit back and wait
for your world to end, or
you can work with me.

You have no other choice,

All right, Robek.

We work together.


Now, the base is here.

It cannot be attacked
in the usual way.

Its defenses are
literally impregnable.

Go on.

We must get inside
without being detected.

Then, I can lead you
to the vulnerable spots.

The last time we
were in that area,

we ran into some
sort of wall of flame.

It nearly destroyed us.

An outer perimeter defense.

A simple enough device,
but it does present
a problem.

CHIP: Skipper.

We have
detected a metallic
object on the bottom,

about 500 yards dead ahead.

Maybe I'm off my rocker,
but it profiles exactly
like our Flying Sub.

If that is indeed
your Flying Submarine,

we may be able to
solve the fire wall.

Chip, be right there.
Go on with the drawing.

Aye, sir.

He's got to be here somewhere.

We have this
whole area surrounded.

He can't escape.





That's how we'll catch him.

He's craving it now.

He'd do anything
just to wet his lips.

There's a spring over there.

We'll set an ambush for him.

Sooner or later,
he's got to come there.

That's enough rest.

We've drifted
within 400 yards now.

There's the contour.
What do you think?

We're close enough for
the long-range camera.
Let's try it.

Well, that's it.


It doesn't look damaged at all.

Chip, I'm going
down there with Robek.
Have the scuba gear ready.

Aye, aye, sir.


Still very irregular, sir.
About 92 now.

Bring his chart up to date.

Yes, sir.

I'm going to give
him another injection.

Ten ccs this time.
Make a note of that.

Yes, sir.

Skipper, this is Sick Bay.





Where's Kowalski?

KOWALSKI: Don't move, skipper.

I'm gonna kill you.

You don't want to
shoot anybody, Kowalski.

Tell me about it.

Put that gun down,
and let's talk about it.

I can't talk to you.
You're a dead man.

Now, wait a minute, Kowalski.

Sir, why did...


LEE: Fortunately, Robek
has a heavy hand with
a pen.

He left
deep marks
in the pad here.

Yes, but did he finish it?

No, not quite.

It shows the way in.

But he was going to tell me
where to go and what to do
once we got there.

You mean
there's actually a base
hidden inside that ledge?

Let's find out.

Now listen carefully, Chip.

If the
Flying Sub's operable,
we'll try to reach the base.

Now, once we get started,
we'll probably lose
radio contact.

And what can Seaview do to help?

Just wait here. Don't move.
We may have to find you
in a hurry.

We won't budge.

All right, Chief.
Let's go. Come on.

SHARKEY: We got power.

LEE: Well, good.
Let's get out of these
things and get started.


we've checked
out the Flying Sub
and it's in good shape.

The mission's on.

From here on out,
it's radio silence.

Aye, aye, sir.
Good luck.


Look out!

That was close.

According to Robek's drawings,
we only have to leapfrog
the fire.

All right. Hang on.
We're going down.

Look. There's the ridge.

And there's the crevice,
right where Robek
marked it.

That little opening?

Can we fit through there?

We'll try.

We're on the surface.

Not quite.

Look at the depth gauge.

We're a good 800
feet below sea level.

No, that's air out there.

Isn't it?

Let's find out.


We both know we're underground.

So, how come there
are clouds up there?


Must be some
kind of elaborately
controlled environment.

I don't get it.
I'm not sure I do either.

But I am convinced that
there is a complex of
some kind down here.

Come on.

Someone's coming.

Someone or something.


While you can.

SHARKEY: Is he okay?

I think so.
I can't find any injuries.

Here, come on.
Help me with him.

Oh, wait a sec, skipper.

Which way
do we carry him?
I'm a little turned around.

Well, now that you
mention it, so am I.

I'll see if
I can get our bearings.

Great day in the morning!

Robek was telling the truth.

And you see it, too.
It's really there.

It is indeed, gentlemen,
and you'll actually see
it from within.

As my prisoners.



Can you hear me at all?

You don't
have to answer.
Just nod your head.

DOCTOR: Oh, I wouldn't be
too alarmed.

He's in a deep sleep. Best
thing in the world for him
right now.

Will he be okay, Doc?

Are you certain
Robek's dead, sir?

I've never seen
anybody any deader.

I just
got through a complete
examination of the body.

Have a look yourself,
if you still have
your doubts.

No thanks, Doc.
I'll take your
word for it.


There's no body there.
Of course there's a...

Mr. Morton? Can I talk
to you alone for a minute?

What about?

It's about Robek, sir.

Robek is dead. Now I've got
my hands full with the living.

Please, sir.
I've got to
report this.

What is it?

Well, sir, I went down to
Sick Bay to check on Kowalski.

Well, come to the point.

Robek's body...

It's gone.


Yes, sir.

Doc didn't report
it over the intercom.

Didn't think you wanted
to worry the men just now.

What happened to the body?

We don't know, sir.

Doc has a couple of
corpsmen making a search,

but there's no
sign of it anywhere.

All right.
Tell them to
keep searching.

I've got to concentrate
on finding the Flying Sub.

Unless we hear from
the skipper pretty soon,

we've gotta take
some drastic steps.

Aye, sir.


Well, I've seen a lot of
defense installations
in my time,

but by all odds,
this is the best.


Our defense system is
quite literally impregnable.

And your attack potential?


As you
must have realized
when a single spacecraft

wiped out one of
your entire fleets.


Why are you showing me all this?

To show you the futility
of further resistance,

Your government has
tracked your submarine

and learned the general
location of our base.

It has ordered
an attack against us.

An attack?

Consider your situation,

If your government goes
through with the attack,

your submarine will be sunk,

while this base
will remain unharmed.

We will, of course, retaliate

and destroy every major city
on your planet.

And if the attack is called off?

Your government must realize
the hopelessness of its

and surrender unconditionally.

actually expect me
to contact Washington

and issue this ultimatum?

You have 10 minutes to
make your decision, Admiral.



You... You're dead.

He was killed on Seaview.
I saw it!

I was shot, yes.

For you, the wound
would have been fatal,

but our physiology is different.

My body has absorbed and
dissolved the bullet by now.

How did you find us?

I knew right where you'd be.

When I regained my sense,
I got out through your
escape hatch,

as I had originally come aboard.

Where's your admiral?

We can't find him.

We'll find him.
Follow me.

Watch him closely.

Ten minutes.


Mr. Morton.

What are you picking up?

Jet bombers at high altitude.
Closing fast.

They must be ours.

They're probably
going to attack
the base.

But the
skipper and the Chief
are out there somewhere.

We're in the
target area ourselves.

What are you going to do,
Mr. Morton?

There isn't time to
do anything, Patterson.

Just hold on and pray.



Are you all right?
Fine, fine. Who's this?

My name is Robek, Admiral.

He saved our lives.

What are you doing?

You are setting them to
explode within the complex.

To stop them from
blowing up the world.

Get out of here while you can.

They will
be ready to take
off at any moment.

that should do it.
Now, how do we get out?

This way.

Get those crash doors closed!

I'm trying, sir.
I have to do it manually.
There's no power.


That was
just the first wave.
There will be more attacks.

Those are our planes.

We're going to be killed
by our own people.

That's right.

But how much can we take?

One more attack ought to do it.

They're almost on us.

Which way?
That way.

Come on.


Run. Run!


Launch all attack spaceships.



Sir, I just got a report
from Sick Bay on Kowalski.
How is he?

The doc said he'll
make a complete recovery.

Good. Oh, where's the
Admiral? He'll wanna know.

The Admiral is in
his cabin talking to
Washington right now.

He's making
a report on how
the alien complex

was destroyed by
its own flying saucer.

I wonder
how much he'll tell them.

Well, I don't know, sir,
but I hope it won't be
the whole truth.

I mean, who would believe it?


Very well, Chief, carry on.
Aye, sir.