Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 22 - Flaming Ice - full transcript

Investigating why the world's oceans are rising, the Seaview finds a race of Frost Men at the Polar Cap who are increasing the temperature and they want the submarines' reactor to help them leave the earth.


Ice mass dead ahead.

Hard left, rudder.

Close collision screens.

Close collision screens,
aye, sir.



Clear water.
100-yard radius.

Fathometer indicates
subsurface 200 feet.

There may be
an air pocket under
the ice. Let's try it.

All stop.
Low ballast to
numbers four and six.

Stand by to surface.
MAN 1: Aye, sir.

Maintain your trim.

One hundred and seventy-five.


Fire detail on the double.

Hey, Patterson.

Put him in this chair.

Damage Control, report.

OPERATOR: Hull sections
67 and 93,
there's some minor damage.

Overall, we're intact
but the sensors seem to show
increasing pressure

against all areas of the hull.

Get me a reading
as quickly as possible.

Report any further damage.

Aye, aye, sir.


The Earth ship has broken
into the exhaust area.

We may be in danger.

Activate heat transfer.

Intensify to maximum.


NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.


We seem to be
building up ice pressure
against the hull.

What's our position?

Four hundred feet
beneath the polar cap.

That's interesting.

Or hadn't you noticed,
it's getting
a little bit hot in here?


Give me an exterior
temperature reading.

Aye, sir.

It's now 100 degrees and rising.

Do you mind
repeating that, Chief?

It's 145 degrees.

One hundred and
forty-seven degrees.

It's 149 degrees, sir.

That is surprising, isn't it?

If we are 400 feet
under the Arctic Cap.

You'd better
take a look at this.

Oh, it had to be
something like this.

You expected that?
Fire where
there should be ice.

Well, I wasn't
exactly sure
what it was,

but my orders
left no doubt that it was
something like this.

I don't know about
your orders, Admiral,
but if that fire continues,

Seaview and everybody aboard
will be burnt to a crisp.

We have reached maximum
on our heat output.

That will be sufficient.

Return to normal procedures.

Fire's gone.

You sure?
Take a look.

Chief, what's
the exterior
temperature now?

One sixty-five, sir.

It's starting to fall.

One fifty-eight.

One forty-seven.
Dropping rapidly.

The fire could come back.

Not if we can help it.

Chief, break out
the foul weather gear.
We're going topside.

Aye, sir.


Radiation is still continuing.

The source
is definitely aboard
the alien ship.

A reactor of such strength

would supply the power
we need to return
to our ice planet.

Send out security patrols
to check the enemy ship.

If the humans
prove hostile,
destroy them.


Looks like this was
a small air pocket
at one time,

but the fires
must have carved out
the rest of it.

Well, I wonder
if the flames were
responsible for that tunnel,

or if something else
cut it out of the ice.

Chief and I will take a look.

You men check out the damage.

Aye, sir.

What do you think
they'll find, Ski?

Your guess is as good as mine.

This could be just
a natural opening, sir.

No, I don't think so.
There's another
one over there.

Somebody made these tunnels.

Like who?
What could be down here?

Well, we're here.
Aren't we?


We better split up.

You go this way
and we'll meet back here
in five minutes, right?

Aye, sir.


Look over there.

I don't see anything.

There were two of them.
I saw them. They...

They looked... (GRUNTS)



Easy, Ski.

Now, you just lie still.

I've gotta get the doc
and some men.

We've gotta take you
to Sick Bay.

Ahoy, below!

We've got
a casualty topside!
Alert Sick Bay!


He melted.

What are those things?

Important thing
is not what they are,
but what they are doing here.

Look out.

He's half frozen,
he's much colder
than he should be.

How long were you
out on that ice?

It was only a few minutes, Doc.

He's reacting very strangely.

The fall couldn't have
hurt him that much.

(SHIVERING) Patterson.

You saw them too, didn't you...

Standing there?

Sure, I did, Ski.

Now, you just take it easy.

This should act very quickly.

Little sleep might be
all that he needs.

You better get back to duty.

Yes, sure.

Thanks, Doc.

Okay if I keep posted
on his condition?

Yes, of course, Patterson.


No, I...

I can't sleep.
Not now.

There's too much to do.

Admiral Nelson, he...


Two of them...

I... I think
I ever saw...



Ice... Cold...

GELID: Negative.


Count, 1,000.



Seven hundred.





Facial area.

Hair. Negative.




He's pure.





Heart starting to activate.




Respiration reactivated.


Heart, normal.



You cannot move.
Not until I say so.

Who are you?

I'm Gelid.
Leader of these Frost Men.

My assistants are,
as you can see, unlike you
and your fellow Earthmen.

You are deadly to us.

Deadly? Why?

Your warmth,
your nearness
would be fatal to my...

To our composition.

Yes, I am
what you think.
I am of ice.

In my world,
my planet,
there is no heat.

It is our enemy.


What happened to the man
who was with me?

What have you done to him?

He is not harmed.

He is in a state
of suspended animation,
as were you.

He will be revived at your will.

(CHUCKLES) My will, huh?

Then revive him now.

At your will, not command.

I will show you something.

You are now able to move.

Please examine
this monitor screen.


This is part
of what is happening
to your world.

That is more of the damage
that is being wrought.

Your cities are flooded,
destroyed, as the waters
of the world rise.

But I know all this.

That's why I was ordered
to bring my ship
to the polar cap.

To find the cause.

The cause is very simple.

It is our heat transfer
which is melting the ice.

Heat transfer?


Even at freezing temperatures,
there is enough heat
in your ice

to be dangerous to us.

We are extracting
that heat from
our immediate area

and venting it out
on the polar cap.

I see.

Meantime, you are
melting the polar cap
and destroying our world.

Now, what do you hope
to gain by this?

In the snows above us,
lies our disabled spaceship.

We need but one thing
to leave your world
and return to our own planet.

And what's that?

Nuclear power.


Well, what would that
have to do with us?

We intend to take the reactor
from your ship.

That's impossible.

We wouldn't be able to move.
We'd be frozen here.

As an intelligent man,
you must know
that that is no argument.

What choice do you have?

Your ship or your world?

I should think
that you would be
most cooperative.

You said that heat
was your enemy.

You mean, even slight heat,
like the temperature
of my body?

That is correct.

Well, prove it.

Don't be alarmed, Admiral,
he will not harm you.

The reverse
is what will be true.

Are you satisfied, now,
how dangerous you are to us?

I'm satisfied,
how dangerous you are.

You deliberately
made your man
kill himself.

The point had to be made.
He was expendable.

So are you.


The danger here
is represented
solely by your kind.

Freeze him.

Yes, you are helpless now.

As your ship and crew will be,
frozen for all eternity.

Place this one with the other.

I'm going to take care
of the invading ship.



Secure the repair detail
and the engine room.

I want a complete inspection
of everything.


The cold you are feeling now
is nothing compared to that

which you will experience
if you do not listen
to my words of warning.

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

I'm Gelid,
leader of the Frost Men.

I'm here to obtain
your nuclear reactor.

You are not making much sense.

But the cold makes sense,
does it not?

If you will not cooperate
with me, within two hours,

temperature here
will be 50 degrees
below zero.


Aye, sir.

Twenty-three degrees,
sir, and falling.

We have no intention
of letting you destroy us.

Neither did your Admiral.

What's happened to him?

Observe for yourselves.

What have you done to him?

He is in a state of
suspended animation.

When you agree
to give us your reactor unit,

he will be returned to you
along with the other one.

We don't even know
if we can trust you.


But you do know
it's getting colder in here.


Twenty-one degrees
now, sir, and dropping.

How much time do you give us?

That's up to you.

But rest assured,
the temperature will be down
to 50 degrees below zero

within two hours.


What do you make of it, sir?

Whoever he is,
he can do what he says.

Then what do we do, sir?

Patterson, all I know
right now is that
what he said is coming true.

It is getting colder in here.

It's hot.


I can't breathe.

Easy, Kowalski, easy.

Keep covered up.

That's better.

That's better.

LEE: Control Room
to Sick Bay.

Doc, we need you here
for an important conference.

Lee, I've got
a very sick man here,

I'd rather not leave right now.

He's not half as sick
as the Admiral is right now.

And if we don't get
some important answers soon

there'll be 125 more of us
in urgent need
of medical care.

I'll be right there.



is in trouble.


Gotta help.

Somebody's... Somebody's...

Somebody's gotta help
the Admiral.


Get that shore party
ready on the double.

Aye, sir.

No way of stalling
these ice creatures
you're talking about?

(SIGHS) We've got
less than two hours, Doc.

Now, check
with the monitor readings
for yourself

if you think
he doesn't mean
what he says.

I don't need to.
I don't know
what I can do to help.

Just tell me how long
the crew can survive

if the temperature
keeps dropping.

Who knows?

A day, half a day.

Maybe hours if it drops
too far below zero.

Is there anything
you can do
to help them?

A few of them, superficially.

But 125 men?


All the gear is ready
for the shore party, sir.

Be ready to shove off
in five minutes.

Aye, sir.

Sir, look.

Watch it.
He's delirious.

Ski, give him the gun.

Go ahead.
Give him the gun.

Hold it! We'll get a crewman
to go after him.

Chief. Gotta find him
and the Admiral...

The Admiral...


Heat! Heat is
approaching us.

The fools.

They had their chance
to cooperate.

And now they try to attack us.

Activate heat transfer.

What about the reactor?

It will survive.
The humans will not.

Intensify, intensify!
Destroy them all!

Intensify, intensify!

Fire detail, fire detail!

What is it, sir?
What's happening?

I don't know. The heat!
The ice might
melt to free us.

Dive! All dive!
Down maximum bubble.

Fill all ballast tanks!
Fill all ballast tanks!



Normal transfer.

Transfer normal.


Now check on the results
of the humans'
foolish opposition

and report back to me.

Admiral! Gotta get...

Gotta get the Admiral.

We're cooling off, sir.
Our depth is 600 fathoms.

Engine Room to Control.

Captain here.

Sir, the ice pressure
against the hull broke down
our emergency repairs.

We're shipping water.

Stand by.
Aye, sir.

Patterson, check
the temperature.

See what's happening topside.

Yes, sir.

Temperature reading,
36, normal phase.

There's no
heat topside
now, sir.


Missile Room to Control.

We're shipping water
in here, sir.


All stations,
stand by to surface.

We're going back up
into it, sir?

No choice, Pat.


The submarine
escaped from our heat vent
by submerging.

Why did you not report sooner?

If it has gone,
our last chance of escape
has gone with it.

No, after submerging
they brought the submarine
back to the surface,

in its original position.

Oh, the minds of these
humans are sometimes

Why would they do that?
They must have
some plot in mind.

Shall we try to burn them again?

No, no, not burn.


We shall reverse
the situation this time.

Instead of venting the heat
into the grotto, we shall
withdraw it from them.

But that will bring
heat into here.
We will all die.

Not if we are aboard
the submarine
when the cold attacks.

Position zero minus 15.


Within minutes the enemy ship
will be completely frozen.

After its crew is dead,
we shall be able to remove
its reactor at our leisure.

Captain, would you
look at this, sir?

Do you read it like I do, sir?

Yeah, the heating
system's fouled up.

Look up there, sir!

Well, that looks like
ice crystals, sir.

Engine Room,
what's going wrong with
our temperature controls?

OPERATOR: I don't know, sir.
Our heating units
are operating at maximum

but everything's
starting to freeze
down here.

Throw them on
full emergency status.
Get some heat in this ship.

Patterson, check
the thermal controls.

They may be
short-circuiting somewhere.

Aye, sir.


It's 20 below, sir.
It's still dropping.

What's going on, sir?
You think it's the Frost Man?

He's not waiting
for his time limit.
He's freezing us now.

OPERATOR: Control Room,
Control Room.

Captain here.

(PANTING) Engine Room,
we're freezing down here.

We can't...
We can't...

Engine Room, answer me.

What about the heating units?

Answer me!

Engine room!
Answer me!

Come on! Come on!

Come on!
Come on! Move!

Move! Come on!


It is done.
The alien ship
is frozen, helpless.

Yes, it is destroyed
as you warned them
it would be.

We must make certain
the nuclear power we seek
is still available.

Test for it.

We are receiving
a radiation indication.

You have a fix on its position?

It is emanating
from that direction.

Good. Let us proceed
with our plan.


Oh, man!

Where am I?

Where's the sea?

The Admiral...

The Admiral's in trouble...

Gotta get to the Admiral.


I was going that way.

Yeah, that's right.
I was going that way.

Anybody here?

Is there anybody here?



It's a door.

That's a door of some kind.


Admiral, are you in there?

Admiral, you and the Chief,
are you in there?


Admiral! Chief!

Oh, man, am I glad I found you!

I've been looking...


What happened, sir?

What's wrong?

Frozen, both of you.

Oh, no.

Those things froze you.

Why those dirty...

Why did you have to
do it to them?


I'll fix it so you never
freeze anybody again.

Good. Very good.


The Earthmen are more advanced
than I anticipated.


The reactor is normal.

There's a megaton
phase seven. Perfect.

Then it is not
necessary to remove it.


I can send the radiation
impulses directly
to our spaceship.

Stand by.

Megaton variation increasing.


Minus six-three.



NELSON: Kowalski.
Kowalski, wake up.

Come on! Wake up.


On your feet. Come on.

(STAMMERS) You were frozen.
What happened?

I don't know.
Something happened
to their instrumentation

and activated the device
that released us.

Oh, yeah. Yeah,
the stun-gun,
I fired it.

Admiral, the Seaview,
it's gonna be frozen over.

I know.

These people
wanna take our reactor

and it looks like
they've already begun.

You mean our reactor
is causing all that?

They have some way
of extracting the heat
from this area

and venting it into the grotto.

If we can find out what it is,

we might be able
to use that heat
to free Seaview.

Ah! This might be it.

What is that?

Looks like the heart
of their control system.

Sir, if we do like you said,
send the fires out there,

we'll burn the crew to death
instead of freezing them.

Not if we adjust
the temperature.

Sir, how can you tell
the adjustment's right?

I can't.

Sir, it's working.

Well, at least, something is.


I'll take it to maximum.


Stand by for anything.

Nothing seems
to be happening, sir.

Something's happening.
It's getting colder.

It's working.

Let's get back to Seaview.

Megaton frequency reducing here.



It is working.

The power impulses
are feeding directly
to our spaceship.

When the temperature here
reaches 50 degrees below zero,

our spaceship
will be ready to take off.

And we can return to our planet.

Something is going wrong.

Not here.
Everything functions
as ordered.

Then it is happening
at our base.

The humans
we had imprisoned there,
they must have been released.

Then we have failed.

No, we shall increase
the power output here.


Let the reactor go to critical.

It will destroy itself
and the ship.

Yes, by then we shall have
all the power that we need.

That will do it.

Now to our spaceship.

We'll leave this world
half ice, half flame.

The whole area
out there's in flames.

There's too much heat.

I don't know why.
I tried to correct it
but there it is.

Seaview is...

I'm afraid so.

As you said, Chief,
if the freeze
didn't destroy it,

the flames certainly will.

They don't stand a chance
aboard Seaview.

They'll be burned alive.

Something must've happened
to the reactor

to make the heat
flare up like that.

Sir, we've gotta
do something
to help them.

Maybe I can break through.

Hold it.
That won't
do any good.

Maybe this will.


Admiral, where are you going?

You could be trapped
back there. Admiral!

Out of my way.

You are too late
to save
your ship, Admiral.

You're wrong.

Freeze him!

He is helpless.

What about the others?

If he was able to
escape our forces,

perhaps another
from the submarine
can do the same.

Don't be a fool. Look.

Do you think humans
could survive that?

No, we have nothing further
to fear from them.

They are being destroyed.

Let us go to our spaceship
and leave this planet.


Fires are out now, sir.
We can get back to Seaview.

What are we waiting for?

What do you think
we'll find inside, sir?

We'll see when we get there.


There's a spaceship out there.

It's about ready to take off.

If they leave
that polar cap
flaming like that...

That's right.
Half the world will
be flooded. Come on.

LEE: Patterson.

Admiral, what happened?

Well, looks like
you're all right
here, Lee.


It's the reactor, sir.

Check it out, will you?

Come on, Kowalski.

What's going on?

The last thing I remember,
we were freezing
to death in here.

We've got to stop Gelid.

Hit the sail camera, will you?

This laser better work.
We won't get another chance.

You got it.
A direct hit.

(SIGHS) That does it.
No more flaming ice
in the Arctic.

No more flooding
of the world.

Sharkey reporting
to Control Room.

The reactor's
back to normal, sir,
everything under control.

You heard what
Sharkey said, Lee.
Everything's back to normal.

What are you waiting for?

Not a thing, Admiral.
Not a thing.

Prepare to get underway.

Ten degrees down bubble.


All dive.