Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 21 - Savage Jungle - full transcript

The Seaview investigates why part of the Italian coast has become overrun with jungle growth. Meanwhile new crewman Keeler has 3 miniature silver faced men grow to human size and causes jungle growth to spawn all through the submarine.

FS-1 to Seaview.
FS-1 to Seaview.
Come in, please.

Go ahead, Lee.

Do you have
a fix on us,

I have you
directly over the target,
just inland from the coast.

There's something...
Something very wrong,

Wrong how?

Well, there's nothing
but 500 square miles
of jungle below us.

Just a second.

At that point
on the Italian coast,
you should see below you

the town of Ponte Di Cori.

Uh, Lucia
at 10 miles inland.
Melito, 20 miles inland.

I know, I saw the aerial photos.

But the towns are gone.
They've disappeared.

Looks like the jungle
swallowed them.


The reports are true.
Better get back in.

Aye, sir.


140 degrees, sir.
Every compartment
reads the same.

Rising steadily.

There's nothing wrong with
the temperature-control panel.

Damage Control reports
all circuits normal.

The reactor
could be overcharged.

Who's on duty in
the Reactor Room?

A new man.
We took him on this trip.
Keeler, technician.

Does he know his job?

Yes, sir.
I checked him
out myself.

You better check him out again.

Aye, sir.

Flying Sub approaching
Seaview, sir.

Prepare to give them a hand.


Get a chair.

This way.
Force the blood
back into his head.


Control to Reactor Room.

Control to Reactor Room.

Reactor Room, Keeler.

Keeler, you having
any trouble down there?

We did have
a slight malfunction, sir,
but I corrected it.

The heat should start dropping.


Any case,
the Chief is on his way down
to check your operation.

Aye, sir.

You okay down here, Keeler?

Just reported to
the Admiral, sir.

There was
a slight malfunction,
but I corrected it.

Yeah, the temperature's
dropping, all right.

Look, after this,
let's try to find
the trouble

before it happens, okay, Keeler?

I'll do my best, Chief.

Chief, you don't have any idea

what kind of trouble
is about to begin.


NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.


The temperature's
a little high,
isn't it, Chip?

It's almost back
to normal now, sir.

Slight malfunction in
the reactor controls.

Already corrected.

Very well.


This is the area
you were over
when you called in.


Well, it's roughly
triangular, like this.

Evidently, the jungle growth
starts in the sea here,
at the apex,

and then spreads
out over the land.

And it's moving
across it
so quickly that

all of Italy will be
covered within a year.

Doesn't make sense.
Italy's not even tropical.

Maybe not,
but the growth is there
and it's spreading.

We've been asked by
the Italian government
to stop it.

If we can.

We'll start defoliation

Oh, you're gonna use
a laser beam

to cut through the roots, right?

No, no, no.
We don't know what
started the growth.

A laser might accelerate it.

Well, then, what's your answer?

Gamma rays
will shrivel it,
leaf and stalk.

I'll be in the lab
working on a projector.

Chip, lay a course
for these coordinates.

KEELER: The jungle
has already taken over
the land here.

We will also start
the jungle growth here,
here and here.

The Seaview is
the only submarine

that can go to all these places

without once touching land,
which is why
she'll be so useful to us.

But we cannot live
very long in the cold,
dry atmosphere of this ship.

We won't have to.

We'll change the temperature
and air composition
suitable for us.

Within two hours,
we'll accomplish
our purpose here.


Within a year, my friends,

Earth will be as it was
30 million years ago.

Then everyone from our planet
will travel across space

and come here to live.

Now, we'll start
getting the Seaview ready
to receive them.

My watch, Lee.

(SIGHS) Maintain
course and speed.

We should be at the spot
where the jungle growth
started in about an hour.

How's the Admiral doing
with his defoliation ray?

He's in the lab working on it.

Notify us both
when we get there.


Get rid of him.

Now we'll change
the atmosphere
inside the submarine

to the same kind
we have on our planet.

I will reduce
the oxygen
in the air

and increase the carbon dioxide.

The two of you
will change
the other gases

to the same quantities
we're accustomed to.

We will be able to live now.

But what of the humans aboard?

The lack of oxygen
will prevent their minds

from realizing
what is happening.

And if they die,
it does not matter.

My only concern is to make sure

that Earth is made
livable for all of us.


Fine. Come in.

How's it coming?

I was just about to run a test.

Excuse me.

Let's get behind
the shield, huh?

Works fine.

Not really.

Well, we can defoliate
part of the jungle,

but it's not strong enough
to destroy the roots.

Can it be increased?

It has to be.
What's our ETA?

About 50 minutes from now.

Mmm. Excuse me.

I'll try increasing
the gamma radiation,
cut down on the x-rays.

It might be ready by then.

Can I help?

No, no, no.

Just let me know
when we approach
the target.

Will do.

Is it stuffy in here?

Mmm? I hadn't noticed.

Just my imagination,
I guess.


Order up a pot of coffee.

Either I'm going to sleep
or I'm coming down
with something.




Even the strongest of them
should be gone by now.

See if it's time to move.


Nelson to Control...
Control Room.

Control Room.

Control Room,
do you read me?
Come in.

Come in!

Morton here.

Listen to me, shut...
Shut all air intakes.

Go on emergency oxygen.


There's something wrong
with the air-support system.

Now shut the intakes.
Sound the general alarm.

You got that?

Aye, sir.

Get on it right now.

Chief, wake up.

Wake up, Chief!
Emergency air.

Get emergency air.
And move.

I'll alert
the rest of the ship.
You find Kowalski.

Check the air-support system.

Aye, sir.

To all hands, to all hands.

Go on emergency oxygen.
Repeat, go on
emergency oxygen.

All crew chiefs,
check your personnel.

Emergency oxygen.

All hands, all hands
on emergency oxygen.
Emergency oxygen.

All hands on emergency oxygen.

Lee. Lee!
Wake up, wake up.
Come on, breathe.

Breathe, buddy.

Pass these out.
Help the others.

Give him a hand.

Come on, everybody up!

Come on, up on your feet!

All crew chiefs...
All crew chiefs,

report the condition
of your personnel.

Report the condition
of your personnel.

They'll be coming in here now.

I have to normalize
the controls,

but there's more
than one way to
capture this submarine.

Quick, find the other two.

Bring them to my station
in the Reactor Room

before they're discovered.
I'll be there.

Control Room to Captain,
come in.

Go ahead, Chip.

I've sent Sharkey and Kowalski

to check out
the air-support system.

Good. Are the men
all right topside?

All secure,
but we're coming up
fast on our target.

Half a mile from the coast,

and approaching the start
of the continental growth.

I'll be right there.
Any orders?

Just bring us into position.
I'll have the gamma-ray
projector ready.


Air mixture's normal.

All the settings are okay.
What do you make of it?

I'm second-guessing
nothing, buddy.

All I know is everything
is A-okay right now.

Air Support to Control Room.

Go ahead, Chief.

Air support is
completely operational, sir.
Everything normal.


Better check the reactor again.

Temperature registers
10 degrees too high.

Aye, sir.

Hey, let's lose these, Ski.


CHIP: All hands,
system reactivated.

All hands, return to
normal air support.

Did you see what I saw?

Yeah. Looked like
jungle fighters.

With silver faces?

Nah, come on.
Let's get down to
the Reactor Room.

We've been seen!


The Exec says
the temperature's
rising again.

I know. It must be
a defective thermo control.

Keeler, did anybody
come in here?


Just now.

Not a soul.

You sure?

You know it, Chief.
There's nobody
in here but us.

And I've been here
since my watch began.


Chief Sharkey to Control Room.

Go ahead, Chief.

Reactor normal,
temperature dropping.

Keeler says
it's a defective
thermo control.

Very well. Have him
install a replacement
and return to station.

Aye, sir.

There's just
one more thing.

Kowalski and me,
well, we... We think we saw
something in Corridor 7.

Well, what kind of
thing did you see?

Yeah, well, jungle fighters.

Jungle fighters?

Yes, well, at least
they were dressed

in camouflaged jumpsuits,
like paratroopers.

I guess maybe
you ordered up
a special detail

to land in the jungle
out there, huh?

I mean,
that must be it,
huh, skipper?

Chief, I haven't ordered
any special detail.

You haven't?

Chief, look, are you sure
you saw these men?

Yes, sir. I...

I think they had silver faces.

Silver faces.

Chief, now,
listen to me,
will you?

Yes, sir.

When the air support failed,

you and Kowalski
may have been hit by
carbon-dioxide narcosis.


Yes, sir.

All right, now,
get Keeler working
on that thermo control,

and then report to
Sick Bay for a checkup.

Aye, sir.

KEELER: No kidding, Chief.

Did you really think
you saw something
weird like that?

Never mind the cracks, Keeler.

You heard the skipper.
Replace that
thermo control unit now!

Come on, Ski.

Man, what a trip
the two of you
must have been on.

Hey, hey, hey, come on, Chief.

Our main push has now begun.

Within the hour,
the Seaview will be ours.

MAN: Obstruction
dead ahead, sir.

Getting a soft sonar bounce.

It could be a thick
underwater plant growth.

We must be
at the jungle's seedbed.
Let's take a look.

All stop.
All stop.

OPERATOR: All stop, aye.

Admiral, is your
gamma-ray projector

We're in position.

I'll be right there.


That sounds like
the branches of a tree

being dragged across the hull.

Must be closing in
all around us.

Better try a slow astern.

Slow astern.

OPERATOR: All astern slow.
Aye, sir.


We can't make it.

All stop.

OPERATOR: All stop, aye.


It's dragging us down.

Blow ballast! Blow ballast!
Look alive down there!

Engineering to Control.

Ballast vent pipes are clogged.

The controls do not answer.

Where is that coming from?

I don't know,
but if we don't stop it,

it'll take over
the whole submarine.

MAN: Skipper,
this plant growth,
it's too tough to cut.

Sir, the aft quarter
is full of this stuff, too.
It seems to be everywhere.


It's in every panel,
pipe, duct and conduit.

If we don't break loose,
we'll be crushed
like an eggshell.

Can't we use
the gamma rays
from the inside?

That'd be too dangerous.

I'll have to try
to cut us loose
from the outside.

Chip, tell
the diving crew
to stand by.

Diving crew, stand by.

It'll take too long
to get through
to the escape hatch.

I'll go out through
the Flying Sub. Patterson.

PATTERSON: Yes, sir.
Can you give me a hand?

All right, sir.


CHIP: Look at that.

We're registering
in this room.

It must have
something to do with
all this foliage. Chief!



Break out guns
and radiation counters.

Let's see if we can find out
where this radiation's
coming from.

Aye, sir.

Chip? Check the rest
of the ship, will you?

All right.

This is the Exec.

I want all compartments
to report their status
at once.

Repeat, all compartments,
report your status at once.


It won't budge, sir.

The vines must be caught
around the cleats
on the outside.

Then we'll never get out.

We'll pry it open.



It's no good, sir.
We're not getting anywhere.

Keep at it, Patterson.
I think
it's beginning to give.



It's no good, sir.
You better get out
while you can.

I'll try to
burn through it
with a laser gun.


It sounds like
an air pipe broke.

It did.
We're losing our air.

What happened?

Radiation feedback
from the vine.

The air's getting thin.

Get out, sir. Get out!

Easy does it.
Have you out of
here in a minute.

Control to Air Support.
Anybody there?

Air Support Room.

Control to Engineering.

Can anybody hear me?

Isn't there anyone else
left alive aboard this ship?

Up the ladder.


I can't...
I can't make it.
Air pressure, I guess.

We're going...
Going to make it.

Go on.

It's full-grown in here.

All personnel aboard
should be immobilized
by it shortly.

Which ones do we want?

The officers
and some technicians.

We'll hold them hostage
to ensure obedience
from the crew.

Control to Missile Room.
Missile Room, anybody there?

Aye, sir.
Keeler in Missile Room, sir.

You're the first one
I've been able to raise.
How many men with you?

None, sir.
I'm all alone.

I can't understand it, sir.
The whole sub
is filled with jungle.

We know that.
Are you blocked in?

No, sir.

Then go midships.

The Captain,
the Chief and Kowalski
are on a search mission.

Give them a hand.

Aye, sir.

Get those three men, and Nelson.

And if you
can't get them alive,
kill them.

This stuff seems
to be getting worse.


Did you see where
it came from, sir?


It might be those
jungle fighters we saw.

Yeah. I'll try to move up
and take a look.
Keep me covered.


Did you see who it was?

One of your
jungle fighters.

At least
it's a relief to know
they're for real.

Not too much of a relief.

We still gotta get rid
of this jungle growth,
or it's the end of Seaview.

We can't stay here like this.
Cover me while I get back
to Corridor 3.

Oh, you're gonna get in
right up behind them,
is that it, sir?

It's worth a try.

Good luck, sir. Now!


You think
he can make it?

You can bet on it, Ski.

Give him five minutes
and he'll open fire
from the rear.

We'll rush them
and our troubles will
be over right there.


Just like that?

That's right, pal,
just like that.


Oh, boy, that sounds great.
That is if we have
five minutes left.

We haven't been able
to contact any of
the other crewmen.

The jungle growth
must have destroyed all
the communication systems.

No word from Lee?

I sent Keeler
to look for him,
the Chief and Kowalski.

So far, there's been no...


How's it look?

More hull damage
in section D1719,

some flooding
in compartment 111.

Well, we can't last
much longer at this rate.

Can't use lasers,
the gamma-ray projector
is damaged.

Before long, the Seaview
will crack open and flood.

You men, arm yourselves.
Get grenades. Follow me.

Doesn't sound good.
Do you have a plan, sir?

Yep. Gonna find out
what caused this,

destroy it, get us out of here.


What are you
doing here?

Mr. Morton told me
to look for you, sir.

What's with
all this jungle, sir?

I'll explain later.

Look, I might need you.
Come along with me.

Aye, aye, sir.



Have you been exposed
to radiation?

I was on duty in
the Reactor Room.

That wouldn't do it.
The reactor's
completely shielded.

I have a little box, Captain,

just fine for
holding little men.

Inasmuch as I need your help
to run this submarine,

I'm gonna put you in it
for safekeeping.

After them.

Who are they?
Aliens. Keeler's
behind all of this.

See anything?


There should have been
some word from
the skipper by now.

Something must have
happened to him.

So what do we do?

We gotta move out, that's what.

We're gonna take
those stumblebums
out there

and find out
what happened
to the skipper.

I'm with you.
Let's go.

I'll move around
and see what's up.

All right.





There's not much time left.

Yeah. We're no closer
to finding Keeler
and the others

than we were before.

we've got to think about
this situation logically.

There hasn't been
any logic to any of this.

But there has been.

The jungle growth
started on
the Italian peninsula,

and here aboard Seaview,
we've had humid temperatures,

increased carbon dioxide
and more jungle growth.

So we're obviously dealing
with some kind of
interplanetary plant life.

Now, just answer
one question, Lee.
Why Seaview?

What do they want
with this submarine?

Some means of transportation,

so they can
spread their seedbeds
around the world.

Of course, but they
don't have to sail

to other parts of
the world to do that.



If they load the missiles
with their parasitic growth,

they can infest
every continent,
every country within hours.

But we better be right.
There won't be time
for a second guess.

Let's get to the Missile Room.

How noble you humans are.

Preferring death to
a little cooperation.

Yeah, well,
I don't know what
you are, Keeler,

outside of being an alien fink,

but you got us all wrong

if you think we're gonna
help you spread this jungle
junk all over the world.

Then it's fortunate for me
that I've been able to
determine how to do it.

You can't aim and fire
those missiles.

Fire them, yes.
Aim them accurately?

Perhaps not.
But I don't have to.

Because wherever they land,
they'll spread seedbeds,

and soon your entire world
will be exactly like this.

There are plenty of
smart guys on Earth

who can figure out
a way to get rid of it.


But how many will still be alive

in a pure
carbon dioxide

Load the missiles up
with our pure
seedbed specimens.

Time grows short.

We can't help them now.

They were ambushed near
the Missile Room corridor.

That means
our guess about
the missiles was right.


Don't get your hopes up.
It's too late
for any help now.

Finish loading
and prepare to fire.

Let's give it a try.
One of us might
be able to make it.

Cover me.

Who's out there?

The Admiral and the Captain.

How bad is it?

I think it's all right.

Those men were
carrying grenades.
Get them.


Start the missile countdown.
Get ready to fire. Quick.

Don't try to come
in here, Admiral,

or you'll die
sooner than need be!

We're going to stop you, Keeler.

It's too late!
We're returning Earth
to its primeval form.

Our people are
going to inhabit it!

Nothing can stop it!
Not you, nor anybody
else on Earth.

The missiles are loaded
with our seedbed vegetation.

We have only to fire them.

Start a 15-second

At once.

Admiral, they're gonna
fire the missiles loaded
with their seedbeds

on a 15-second countdown!
You've got...

Fifteen seconds!

We'll rush them under cover
of the grenades.
I'll cover you.

You'll have five seconds to
get to the fire-control panel

and reverse the controls.


The backfire worked.
The missiles
are still in the silo.

Yeah, but something else
seems to be missing.

The aliens are gone.

No. Not quite, Lee.

Let's get
Sharkey and Kowalski
out of bondage, huh?

The gamma rays
cleared the jungle
out of Seaview.

This adaptation
had better work
on the exterior.

We destroyed the roots
as well as the foliage.

Mainland should be
cleared of jungle
in just a few hours.

Chip, you take her up.

Aye, aye, sir.

Blow main ballast.
All ahead, one third.

MAN: Aye, sir.

Now, what about Keeler?
How do you explain him?


Well, they put all of
their seedbed growth
into the missiles,

and yet,
when we looked
in his little box,

there were bits and pieces
of dead vegetation.


Ah. Keeler.