Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 19 - Secret of the Deep - full transcript

The Seaview and an intelligence expert who is more than he seems, try to find a group that is blackmailing the world's nations for gold bullion. The submarine encounters gigantic creatures during their search.

Down scope.
Got us any contact?

All clear.

Ski, do you hear
anything unusual?

No, sir.
All sounds identifiable.

Take it down 200 feet.

Dive. All dive.
Level off at 200 feet.

Any results yet, Captain?

Same as yesterday
and the day before.

I don't see how
anyone could be hiding

within a radius
of 50 square miles.

Evidently, your equipment
must be at fault.

My information is that
the attacks have been coming

from within
the coordinates
I gave you.

Is it possible
your information
could be wrong?

Captain, I have been
in intelligence work too long

not to recognize
a fact when I see it.

And this area has been declared

a potential threat
to world peace

by the allied command.

A threat could come from space
as well as from the sea.

We're wasting time, Captain.

Please continue to
crisscross this area
until I tell you to stop.

Lee, Hendrix and I are
under top secret orders.

We have to continue searching.

Right, Admiral.

Run through
the same search pattern
as before.


Captain, I've got a contact.

What is it?
I can't tell, sir.

Let's hear it.


It's electronic.

Ballast control board.

What happened?
Are we under attack?

The ballast control
is knocked out.

Losing trim.


It's stuck.

All stop! All stop!

It'll be too late already.


NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.

Damage Control,
give me a full report
as soon as possible.

OPERATOR: Aye, sir.

What happened?

I don't know.
We're checking it now.

We've been hit
by some kind of
electronic charge.

Chip, did we get
a fix on the beam?

Only a partial one, sir.

What does it mean?

It means that we've been
deliberately attacked.

It must be what we are after.

Chip, be sure to get
a fix on the beam
if it hits again.

Aye, aye, sir.

Urgent message, sir,
on your private code.


We'll be in my quarters.
Come along.

Well, it's another
blackmail attempt.

They warned Washington
that unless their demands
are met within 24 hours,

they'll sweep
the Atlantic clear of all
American shipping.

How much are they
asking for this time?

A billion dollars in gold.

Will your government pay?

Did yours, when they threatened

to blow up one of
your capital ships?


But we believed
we could stop them.

We lost a lot of men
in that disaster.

So did England, France,

the Scandinavian countries,

By the way,
there's a message
here for you.

It says, "In view of
this latest threat,

"Agent Hendrix is
now ordered to reveal
to Admiral Nelson

"all previously
restricted information."


May I have a copy of that order?


Thank you.

We know that some
place around here,
the bottom of the sea,

is a sea lab, equipped, armed,

with the most
sophisticated weapons
known to man.

Electronic biological mutants,

monsters both
nuclear and physical
such as man has never seen.

You know who's behind it?

No. But that
is not really vital.

The only thing that counts
is to find them.

Right. And my orders
are to stop them.

Empty orders now, Admiral.

They have floored you
with their first shot.

No, they won the first round.
The battle isn't over yet.

here's the full report
from Damage Control.


The pressure inside the main
ballast tank's too high.

Unless we bleed off air
or drain the tank,
it'll burst.

That's Engineering's opinion,
too, sir.

The main
vent control is damaged.
And all the vents are frozen.

Can we free them manually?

Yes, sir. We can make
a pretty good try at it.

That means somebody
has to go into the tank.

Yes, sir.

I'll get on it right away.

Keep your eye on the gauge.

If the pressure hits
the red line, sing out.

You want to cut it that close?

I don't want to,
but I've got to.

Okay, let's get going.

Do you read me, Kowalski?

Loud and clear.

How's the pressure now?

It's moving up.
You haven't got much time.

Chief, needle's approaching
the red line.

If I don't get
this thing loosened,
we'll never make the surface.

I'm gonna put the torch on it.


Chief, can you hear me?


Can you hear...


Repairs completed, skipper.

Are the tanks damaged at all?

Well, I need
a floor wall, Captain,

but they should hold up
if we don't put too much
pressure on them.

Thanks, Chief.
Good work.
Aye, sir.

Admiral, we're ready to surface.

Very well, take her up.
We'll be right there.

Aye, sir.

Chip, prepare to surface.
Slow and steady.

Aye, aye, sir.

Surface, surface.

OPERATOR: Surface, aye.

We're clear of the plateau.
How's the tank holding up?

The pressure's a little high.

And I'll go down...
Going down where?

To the bottom, Captain.

Obviously the sea lab
is somewhere around here.

We must do the job
we were sent out to do.

The submarine's damaged.
We'd never stand the pressure
of a deep dive.

I have the authority
to command the search.

I don't care what
authority you have.

Wait, wait, hold it.

I started
to say I'll go down
on the diving bell.

I've no intention of risking
this ship at that pressure.

You'd be a sitting duck.

There's not
much choice, is there?


I'll be ready whenever you are.

As soon as the detection
gear is operable,
it will only be a minute.


All set, sir.

We'll keep a close watch on you.

Don't take any
unnecessary chances.

All right, all right, all right.

I still think I am
the one who should go.

The answer's still no.

You're an
intelligence agent,
not a marine expert.


Ready, sir?

My reports,
I'm going to prepare them.

Please call me when
the Admiral returns.

Very well.

The bell's at 7-9-0.


You're 800 feet from the bottom.

Pressure normal, Admiral.

NELSON: Mmm-hmm.

Signal red to sea lab.

Diving bell on the way down
with Admiral Nelson.

We'll give you
a fix on our position.
Take appropriate action.



SPARKS: Mr. Morton,
can you come in
here a minute?

What's the problem?

Well, that light, sir.

It looks like
an electronic signal

is being transmitted
from inside the ship.

Could be a short.

It's possible, but I doubt it.

Check out the panel
and make sure.

Aye, sir.

Have you spotted
anything unusual yet?


Only remarkably clear water.

Well, let us know
as soon as you do.


What happened?

Something must have
frightened them away.

Can you see anything
out the other port hole?

No, sir.
There's nothing out there.


LEE: Admiral,
we're picking up a contact,

a large mass,
directly below you.

Can you make
a visual observation?

If there's anything there...

We can't see it.

All right. In that case,
we'll have to abort the dive

until we make a more
positive identification.

Very well, haul us up.

Why don't we have a look at
this unidentified object
from the bottom?

What happened to the contact?

I don't know, sir.
It suddenly disappeared.

We had a definite reading
when I aborted the dive.

Are you sure
you weren't a little quick
on the trigger, Captain?

Perhaps your
unidentified object
was just a whale.

No, sir.

It had no characteristics
of a whale.

All right. Let's go
to the Control Room.

Check out
the instrumentation there.

The tape tracked
a slow moving object,

but the computer has
no record of anything
like it in its memory banks.

That rules out any
known marine life.

My apologies, Captain.


That beam again.

Sparks, keep tracking the beam.

SPARKS: Aye, sir.

Sparks is still
getting that signal.

He's sure it's coming
from a transmitter
onboard the ship.

Has he positively
ruled out a short?


All right.
Send out a team
with portable trackers.

Aye, sir.

I will have to prepare a report

on this new development,

If you will excuse me, please.

We'll call you if
anything further develops.

Good. I will be
in my cabin.


Admiral, the first beam
that hit us came from
somewhere along this axis.

Now, the second time,
our position had changed.

Sparks traced
the path of the beam
from this direction.

Oh, then it must have
originated right here.

Oh, there's nothing there
but open water, sir.

No, there has to be
an installation
on the bottom.

Now, suppose they fire
another beam at us, sir.

Let them.
Spectral analysis indicates
the beam was electromagnetic.

We'll degauss the hull.
That should protect us from
any further damage.

I'll get right on it.
All right.

OVER PA: This is the Admiral.
Prepare the Flying Sub
for immediate launch.

MAN: Aye, aye, sir.

Red alert to sea lab.

Admiral Nelson
going out in Flying Sub.

Activate defensive weapon X-39.

I will see
that the Flying Sub
detonates itself.

Flying Sub is ready
for launch, sir.


Just one moment, please.

Has the hull been degaussed?

I've seen to it personally.


Now, if you have no objection,

I will check the interior
for electronic leakage.

LEE: Now, wait a minute.

I know, Captain,
you checked it personally.

But I have my job to do also.

Just what is that device?

A newly developed sensor.

It is so sensitive,
it can even register
body heat.

Then we'll be able
to check on our instruments.
Come on.

Your instruments
are fine, Admiral.

As they say,
tight and cozy.
No leakage.

Well, I'm sure
that Captain Crane
will be pleased.

Just taking all precautions.

Goodbye, Admiral.

Don't sound so grim.
I intend to come back.


Control, ready to launch.

Flying Sub to Seaview.
Come in, Seaview.

This is Crane. Go ahead.

We'll be over the coordinates
in three minutes.

I'm starting
the descent for the dive.

We've got you on the screen.
We'll follow you down.

Keep frequency open.
Here we go.

Still on the scope?

Yes, sir.

We're getting a clear reading.

Right on target.

We should be able
to see something
anytime now.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Aye, sir.

Frankly, Admiral,
I don't know what I'm
supposed to be looking for.

You don't?

No, sir.

Well, neither do I.

Just look around for anything
out of the ordinary
on or near the bottom.

Aye, sir.

Look there, sir.


Uh-huh. That's it.


What was that?

Don't worry about it.
Our hull's been degaussed.

That beam can't hurt us.

Flying Sub to Seaview.
Come in.

Seaview, do you read me?

Maybe that beam
knocked out our transmitter.

Seaview, this is
the Flying Sub calling.
Do you read me? Come in.

Can't get through.
We'd better turn
back in a hurry.


Skipper, we're picking up
an approaching tidal wave.

What's the range?

Four thousand yards
and closing fast.

Now, hear this, all hands.

Within 15 seconds,
we'll receive the shock
of a tidal wave.

Now brace yourselves.

We've lost sonar contact
with the Flying Sub.

Seaview to FS-1.
Come in, FS-1.

Seaview to FS-1.

Admiral, do you read me?

Keep trying.
Aye, sir.

Chip, when did we lose them?

About the time of the explosion.

Set a course for
their last location
and proceed at flank speed.

Aye, aye.

Attention, sea lab.

Believe X-39 has destroyed
the Flying Sub.

End Admiral Nelson
according to plan.

Further orders will follow.






Just want this air
to get on first.

Thanks. I think
I can make it now.

Dead on the bottom.

Nothing's working.

Main circuit is blown.


If the auxiliary
doesn't work,
we've had it.

Yes, sir. I know.

Well, one way or the other,
we won't have long to wait.

It works.

Cut in air re-ventilization.

Aye, sir.



Let's see how much power
we can build up.


I think we can make it, sir.

I believe we can.

If the radio works.

Flying Sub to Seaview.
Flying Sub to Seaview.

Come in, please.

I read you, Admiral.

Loud and clear.

Send us a homing signal
to come in on.

Stand by to pick us up.
We'll be there
in a few minutes.

What happened there?

I'll brief you
when I get aboard.

Give us a signal.

Coming right up.

We'll need
some repairs, skipper.

Get a repair team
down there.
Aye, sir.

Did you find anything?

Now I know
who we're dealing with.

Chip, wait down in
the Missile Room.

Prepare forward
torpedoes for fire.

Aye, aye.

Aye, sir.

Raise the Office
of Naval Intelligence.
Red code, top priority.

Put it on scrambler.

Yes, sir.

What's our course?

Straight for the coordinates
where the beams originated.

Good. Hold that heading.
Soon as I talk with ONI,
we'll make attack plans.

Yes, sir.

Red alert to sea lab.

You have failed.

Nelson is closing in on us.

I will now take matters
into my own hands.



Come in.

You wanted to see us?
Oh, yes.

Sit down, sit down.

I just talked with ONI.

They finally
identified the men responsible
for this blackmail scheme.

Who are they?

Most of them,
I'm sorry to say,
are scientists, renegades.

Men disowned
by their government,

expelled from
scientific societies.

Do you know any of these men?

Mmm. I know most of them.

There's Karnovich,
the brilliant
marine biologist.

Blake, nuclear physicist
with a mind like
a human computer.

Ponics, geneticist,
and many others.

(SIGHS) I know
all of these men. It's hard
to believe, Admiral.

I felt the same way, Lee,
but Washington has cracked
this wide open.

There's no doubt
these men are involved.

If these men are as
clever as you say,

it's possible they've managed
to infiltrate this ship.

Sparks reported some kind
of electronic signal.

Were you able to
track that down?

No, we haven't
been able to find
any transmitting device

and the tracker's
combed this ship
from top to bottom.

There's gotta be
some kind of signal
coming from here.

That beam found us too easily.

That beam worries me, too.

Somebody on board
had to set up that signal

and there's only one
stranger on this ship.

A man like that?

Top security agent with
the highest credentials?

These blackmailers have
the highest credentials, too.

Sparks, get me
ONI again. Urgent.

Yes, sir.

We'll have Washington
do some rechecking
on Mr. Hendrix.

I'd like a little more
information on that gentleman.
That's all.


This is Seaview
calling the Office
of Naval Intelligence.

Come in, Washington.

Top priority.

Get this out to
Washington at once.

Admiral Nelson's orders.

Yes, sir.

You all right?

I'm fine, sir.
Just a little smoke.

What happened in there?
I don't know.

I was just starting
to transmit a message
for Mr. Hendrix and...


Yes, sir. He had
a top priority message.

He said the Admiral ordered
immediate transmission.

It's in code.
Take it down to
the Coding Room.

I wanna know what it is
as soon as possible.

Aye, aye, sir.

Get a repair crew in
there on the double.

Aye, sir.

KOWALSKI: Skipper!

We're getting a contact
at close range, sir,

but I can't
figure out what it is.

How long have you
been reading this?

Just a few seconds, sir.

It's gonna ram us.

Brace for collision.


Skipper, emergency!

What happened?

The screen went blank.
It must've been
that collision.

The fish has disappeared.

Can't you get it on the screen?

Fine time for that to go dead.

Kowalski, get up to the bar
and keep your eyes open.

Aye, aye, sir.
Slow to one third.

Aye, aye, sir.

all slow to one third.

What was the collision?

We were just rammed
by the biggest fish
I've ever seen.

KOWALSKI: Skipper!

It's attacking us again.

Here it is, Skipper.

It's coming dead on.

Hard right rudder.
Flank speed.

Can't shake him.
He's veering toward us.

We're gonna hit it!

Brace for collision.

Damage Control,
what's the situation?

OPERATOR: All green, sir.
No serious damage.

Very well.

I've never seen
a fish that size before.

We're lucky to get a draw.

Yes. Did they
decode the message?

No, sir.
The technician said it
was just double talk.

Oh, very well.

What was that all about?

There was an explosion
in the radio shack just after
Hendrix gave Sparks

a top-priority message
that you'd cleared.

I didn't clear it.

Master at Arms.
MAN: Aye, sir.

Search parties to
locate and detain
Mr. Hendrix on the double.

If he resists, use force.

MAN: Aye, sir.

NELSON: Missile Room,
ready torpedoes.

OPERATOR: Ready torpedoes.
Aye, sir.

Skipper, we've gone over
every inch of this ship.

Hendrix is still missing.

Missing? How could he be?

I don't know, sir,
but we sure can't find him.

He could've jumped ship
through the escape hatch.

No, sir. I checked all
the scuba gear personally.

Every piece of equipment
is accounted for.

Master at Arms, this is Captain.

Master at Arms, aye.

Any further report on Hendrix?

No, sir.

Very well.



Yes, sir. If he's aboard,
we'll find him.

Sorry, sir.
This is a restricted area.

Stay away from there!


It's from circuitry.



Attention, sea lab.

The Seaview is now powerless.

I will be down there
in a few moments

to personally blast it to bits.

Clear the area of
all dangerous denizens.

What happened?

It was Hendrix, sir.
I tried to stop him.

Take him down to Sick Bay.

It's okay, sir.
I think I can
make it myself.

Very well.

This is the Captain.

Triple the search parties.

Hendrix is very dangerous
and I want him shot on sight.

It sure is a mess.

What's your estimate on repairs?

I can't tell until
I've checked it out.

It'll get a lot
worse if we don't get
our firing power back.

We won't be able to
fire the torpedoes.

If that sea lab
decides to attack again,
we'll be a clay pigeon.

Well, we can't just stand here.

I'll attack in the Flying Sub.

You'd better supervise
the rewiring, Admiral.

If you don't, we'll be
dead in the water.


Why not let me take her out?

Very well, Chief.

Take a volunteer with you.

Yes, sir.

Is that you, Chief?

Get your flying jacket, Ski.
You just volunteered
for hazardous duty.


Pull her nose up.

I can't.
She's out of control.

Come on, pull her up!


Flying Sub to Seaview.

Flying Sub to Seaview.
Come in! Emergency!
Come in!

We're tracking you.
What happened?

There's no
response to controls.
We're going down!

We'll get to you.

We're picking up
a large object
on the bottom.

Flying Sub's
heading straight for it.

We'll go down after them.

Our main ballast tank
is weakened.

We might not be able
to surface again.

We'll risk it.

NELSON: What's going on?

There. Right below us.

All stop.
OPERATOR: All stop, aye.

NELSON: Can they kill
it with a laser shot?

Without hitting the Flying Sub.

Five degrees left rudder.

Five degrees left rudder.


Start recovering.

Look out, it's still alive.

CHIP: We're in
recovery position.

Bring her in.

We're clear of it.


Ballast tank.


The main tank's exploded.

3,800 feet and dropping.

It's no use.
We can't maneuver.

We're flooding.

We'll have to blast free.

I'll try to find
a short-range missile

with a laser
and set it for 10 seconds.

I'll maneuver us
into firing position.

Give me time to set it.
I'll fire on your command.


Maneuvering back full portside.

Ahead flank starboard.

OPERATOR: Aye, sir.

Admiral! Are you all right?

NELSON: I'm setting
the timer.



We're free.

Overhead flank.
There's only a 10-second
delay timer on the missile.

Brace yourself for explosion!

NELSON: Right.

I'll give you the details
when we reach port.


There it is, Admiral.

That missile blasted
the sea lab to bits.

If Hendrix reached it,
it didn't do him much good.

But tell me,
did ONI have a make on him?

Yeah. Apparently,
he was the head of
the whole operation.

It would take a mad man
to try to blackmail
the whole world.

He and his wild arsenal
of unbelievable weapons.

there was one weapon
he didn't have.

And what's that?

The men of the Seaview.