Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968): Season 4, Episode 18 - The Abominable Snowman - full transcript

The Seaview rescues two scientist from a climate control project at the South Pole but something else is on the ship on a killing spree. The Seaview has to shut down the project before the world's climates change.

We're getting iced in
on all sides.

Eight degrees to starboard,
slow to one-third.

Getting close now.

Close enough
to get ripped apart.

Veer off another five degrees.


Any more of that
and we'll need
a new paint job.

The worst is over.

We're almost there, Lee.
Paulsen expedition's
home base.

If the base is still there.

Oh, I think it will be.

But nothing has
been heard from them,

and they've been in
the middle of the Antarctic
ice and snow for weeks now.

Well, we won't
really know
what's happened

until we question
any survivors
we might find.

Be prepared to surface
whenever I give the word.


We're getting
water temperature readings
of over 100 degrees.

I know it doesn't
seem possible,
out here in the ice fields,

but that's what it is.

Keep an eye on it.
Let me know of any changes.

Aye, sir.

There's a sharp rise
in the water temperature.

Over 100 degrees.

You don't suppose
Paulsen's experiments

have gotten
out of control,
do you?

That's what
we're here
to find out.


I don't get it.
The water all around us
is heating up,

and there's still nothing
out there but the granddaddy
of all deep freezes.

Check again.

Take a look.


I don't believe it.

It can't be Paulsen's home base.

It's a tropical paradise,
and it's 100 miles
from the South Pole.

Better take
a landing party ashore

and find out what's going on.

Chip, take her up.

Surface. Surface.

MAN ON RADIO: Aye, sir.


Take them to Sick Bay.
Chip, you better
notify the Admiral.

Aye, aye, sir.

This is Morton, Admiral.

Go ahead, Chip.

The landing party
has just returned
with some injured men.

We're taking them to Sick Bay.

I'll be right there.

Professor Paulsen?

Yeah, that's Professor Paulsen,

and one of
his research

Here are their notes.

The others? There were
more than two dozen men
on that expedition.

We searched

There wasn't a trace
of anyone else.

It's something more
than just shock.

Seems to be
a deep-seated coma
of some kind.

Looks like
they'll be in Sick Bay

Let me know
if there is
any change.

Come on, Lee.

Frank, better get
some refills from
the medical supply.

We're a bit low.

Aye, aye, sir.

I'm hoping I can find
some of the answers
among Paulsen's papers.

We're gonna
need them in a hurry.

The water temperature
is still rising.

We better not risk
sending out
another landing party.

I agree.

I'll maintain
our present position

until you come up
with something.

Good. I'll check
back with you

as soon as
I've gone through
the papers.




NARRATOR: Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea.

Missile Room,
this is Chief Sharkey.

Don't stow away
all the Arctic
foul weather gear.

We may be sending out
another landing party
in the same area.

MAN ON RADIO: Aye, aye.

Hey, Doc, I was
just preparing a sick...

Holy smoke.

Doc? Doc,
what happened here? Doc?

Control Room,
this is Sharkey.
Come in, please.

LEE: What is it, Chief?

You better get down
to Sick Bay in a hurry.

Doc is out cold
and one of the corpsmen
is dead.

What happened here?

I don't know.

But somebody or something
gave me a terrific wallop
to the back of the neck.

When I came to,
I found the Chief here
and my corpsman.

What killed him?

There are multiple
facial bruises
and lacerations

but apparently,
death was caused
by a crushed larynx.


That's too neat a word.
His neck
was snapped like a...

Like it was a twig.

Captain, you're not wondering
if it was one of
the crewmen, are ya?

Is that a possibility, Doctor?

Oh, I doubt it.

The force that was exerted
was so powerful, so fierce.

I don't think
any one man
has that much strength.

What about Paulsen and Rayburn?

They weren't touched.
They're both
still unconscious.

Chief, from now on,
this area is off limits.

I want a 24-hour guard
here, fully armed.

Now, no one is to
go through that door

without written permission
from the Admiral or myself.

Sir, what do you think happened?

Your guess is as good as mine,

and right now,
I don't even have
a bad one.

Get moving.
Aye, sir.

All right, carry on.

Yes, sir.

Chief, what's this all about?

We're expecting
an attack from mermaids

and you're going to
repel all boarders.

No. No kidding?

Hey, come on, Chief.
What's the real scam?

If you keep your eyes open, Ski,

you may live
long enough
to find out!

Now, come on!
Keep moving.

You're holding up
the rest of the line.


Come in.

Did you find out anything yet?

Nothing concrete.
What about
the murdered corpsman?

So far, not a clue.

There should be
something in there
to help us.

Paulsen made his notes
in a kind of
personal shorthand.

I haven't got the key yet,
but it shouldn't
be too difficult.

I just hope
it doesn't take too long.

At least we know this much.

The professor was trying
to change the Antarctic icecap
into a temperate zone.

He was partially successful.

There is a tropical area
not 100 miles
from the South Pole.

Yes, but something's
gone radically wrong.

The water is over
100 degrees now.

And it's getting hotter.

Obviously, the experiment got
completely out of hand.

That's a fair understatement.

Two dozen of his men
are among the missing.

All right,
I'll keep trying to stop
the Paulsen experiment,

you take care
of what's happening aboard.

Do you think
there's any connection?

I don't know, Lee.
I'm afraid...

I'm afraid we're going
to have more dead men
before we're through.




Control Room!

Control Room!

This is the Captain.
What's the matter?

This is Hawkins.
I'm in corridor D.

Hurry. Hurry!

It's going to...


Come on, Chief.

What happened to him?

That's what
I'm going to find out.


What? Captain, Chief.
What's the matter?

Have you been here all the time?

Of course.
I must have dozed off
for a minute.

That blow I got on the neck

must have been
a little more severe
than I thought.



Doc, I don't know
what's going on here,

but we've got
another dead man
on our hands

and I don't want any more.

I'm going to seal off
this whole area,

and the minute
either one of these
two men comes to,

I wanna know about it
on the double.

Believe me, you will.


Set up the security.

I want it so tight
that not even a draft
moves down these corridors

without my knowing about it.

Aye, aye, sir.

Good. I see you all
got the call.

What's the big mystery?
We were all told
to report in the QT.

The skipper doesn't want
this to get around,
but we lost another man.

His neck was broken.

Oh, no. You're kidding.

Would I kid you
about a thing like that,
you knot head?

No, no, no, of course not,
but who would
do something like that?

Not one of our guys?

I'm not sure.
There's no one else aboard

except those two scientists,
and they're both unconscious.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Unless someone
sneaked onboard while
we were near that island.


Fat chance. The crew had
all the hatches covered.

Will you stop asking questions
and just follow orders?

Okay, so what are the orders?

The skipper wants
the corridor around Sick Bay
sewed up tight.

All the trouble
has been in that area.


Any idea what we're to look for?

No, but whatever it is,
it's dangerous
and powerful,

so don't take any chances
and use your guns.

Any more questions?


Now, get out there
and stay on your toes.
Now, move!






Oh, it's you. (SIGHS)

Man, believe me, this...

This whole thing's got me
hanging over a deep end.

I almost blasted you!


Take care, now, huh?


Attention, all hands.

This ship is now operating
under full battle alert.

I repeat, full battle alert!

Weapons will be distributed
to all personnel.

Crewmen will remain
fully armed
until further notice.

That is all.

Dead. Same way
as the others.

Did any of you...

Did any of you
hear or see anything?

I saw him, sir.

It was just a couple
of minutes before
they ran into his body.

But I didn't see
or hear anything else.

This is the Admiral.

What's the reason for
the General Quarters call?

Report immediately.


We've got another
dead crewman, Admiral.

Same unknown cause
as the others.

No further ideas
as to what's behind it?

No, sir, none.

All we know is that
we've got a killer loose
aboard this ship.

What about Paulsen and Rayburn?

Paulsen was just coming to
when I got the call
to come up here.

Why wasn't I notified?

There wasn't time!

Besides, he's too weak
to answer any questions now.

What is it, Lee?

Apparently, Dr. Paulsen
just came to.

Is he well enough
to be questioned?

No, sir, he's not.

He's still too weak,
according to the doc.

I might be able
to okay talking to him
in another 24 hours,

but certainly not now.

Three crewmen have
already been killed.

Now, I'm not just
sitting around here

and waiting to see
who gets torn apart next.

NELSON: Lee, meet me
in Sick Bay.

Very well, Admiral.

All right, take care of...
Come on. Let's go.


LEE: Where's the guard
at the Sick Bay door?

He was there when I left.

Make that four men
you've lost, Captain.


I'm afraid we won't
be able to question
Professor Paulsen after all.

Mr. Morton,
take three men,

start in the forward
torpedo rooms

and work back
toward the midsection.

Now, the rest of you men
will come with me
to the rear missile rooms.

We're going to spread out
and search
every inch of this ship.

Now, the minute
anybody finds anything,

just signal over the intercom
and we'll move in.

Any questions?

All right then, let's go.


LEE: What is it?

I don't know, Captain.
I think I saw something.

KOWALSKI: Over there.

Let's take a look.

I guess I was just
a little jumpy.

Maybe. Well,
let's move out.

We've got a lot
of ship to search.


Damage Control, what happened?

MAN ON RADIO: There's a break
in the master
power circuitry, sir.

Seems to have occurred
in the Circuitry Room area.

Check it out
in your instrumentation
but don't send, I repeat,

don't send the repair party
down there
until you hear from me.

Aye, sir.

Attention, all hands,
this is the Captain.

I have reason to believe
that the thing
we're looking for

is in the Circuitry Room area.

Take corridor B,
you take corridor E.

All security details
in that section,

check with the Circuitry Room
and report back to me.

Mr. Morton, I still
don't know quite
what we're looking for,

but whatever it is, sir...

It was just here.

What did you find?

A section of paneling
was ripped off
and the wires torn apart.

Doesn't make
much sense,
does it?

It's not the wiring
that worries me,
it's who does it kill next.


Lee, this is Nelson.

May be something wrong
in the Reactor Room.

Meet me there on the double.

Get a repair crew
to the Reactor Room
on the double.

Captain, the water temperature
is still heating up.

All right,
keep your eye on it!
Keep me informed!

Call Sick Bay.
You, come with me.

Come on, we gotta
shut this thing down
before it explodes.

I didn't get
a clear look at it, sir.
Only an impression.

Something huge, furry,
terrifying overwhelmed us

so quickly
there wasn't a chance
to identify it.

Don't apologize,
you just saved Seaview
by shutting down the reactor.

What's the situation now?

There's a work crew on it,
repairing the damage.

We should be
underway again
in a few minutes.

You better come
to my cabin with me.

But what about
that thing Chip saw?

That's why
I want you to
come to the cabin.

There's something there
I've got to show you.

Come on.

I've been recreating some
of Paulsen's experiments.

It's detailed in his notebooks.

Of course, he was working
under laboratory conditions,

but, still...

NELSON: You're looking
at tissue

bombarded by a formula
of atomic mutation,

seen through a diffusion device

similar to the one
that Paulsen used
in the Antarctic.

Well, what does this device
for altering
weather conditions

have to do with
what you're showing me?

But it doesn't
alter only the weather.

If humans are exposed to it,
it alters them, too.

They become mutants.
Possibly strange,
unheard of creatures.

Whatever's loose
on Seaview, Lee,

isn't something
that came aboard
unnoticed by us.

We brought it aboard.

I believe it's a mutant.

One of the surviving members
of the Paulsen expedition.


Paulsen's dead.
That leaves Rayburn.


I think we better go see him.

What about
your theory now, Admiral?

I was sure I had the answer,
but now I just don't know.

Three-quarters power
on the reactor.

Try at full.

All ahead, full.

No trouble.
The repairs seem
to be holding.

Fine, keep
her moving ahead full.

Straight toward
Paulsen's tropical paradise.

KOWALSKI: Skipper.

Yes, Ski.

Temperature readings
in those areas
are going up rapidly, sir.


It's almost 150 degrees
out there now.


This just came in
from Washington.
Top priority, urgent.


Exactly, we've got to
go in there and get rid
of Paulsen's experiment.

We can't get much closer.
The way the temperature's
been climbing,

we'll be roasted alive
before we get there.

We don't have any other choice.

Either we destroy it,
or the world
goes up in flames.


Anybody here?

If you're hiding back there,
you better come out.


If you're back there,
and I know
you're back there someplace,

you better come out
with your hands
over your head.

Chief Sharkey
calling the skipper.

LEE: What is it, Chief?

I've got someone trapped
in the storage locker
just after the Control Room.

I think it might be
the killer, sir.

Stand by, we'll be right there.

Aye, sir.

Hold it, sir.
It's locked
from the inside.

Do you have any idea
who might be in there?

No, sorry, I didn't
turn on the lights,

I'd have made too good a target.

But I did get off
a couple of shots.

Are you sure
you weren't shooting
at shadows?

Shadows don't
knock over boxes
and lock doors, sir.

All right, blast open
the door. Stand back.

LEE: Who's ever in there,
come out with your hands
over your head

in just five seconds,
or we'll come in shooting!

One, two, three, four, five.

You're outnumbered, 4-to-1!

Give up while you can!


I don't believe it.


SHARKEY: Is he alive?

There's a faint pulse.

Get a stretcher, on the double.

You heard the skipper, move.

SHARKEY: Do you think
he's the killer?

(SIGHS) It just doesn't
seem possible.

But he's the only
suspect we have.

SHARKEY: I don't see
how he got out
of the Sick Bay.

The door was so guarded.

He must have
climbed through
one of the air vents.


He's coming to, sir.

LEE: Take it easy, Rayburn,
just take it easy.

Don't kill me like the others.

Take it easy,
we're not gonna kill you.

Who are you?

You're on board
the submarine Seaview.
And I'm Captain Crane.

How did I get here?

What happened on the island?

Try to remember.

A monster,
some sort of a monster.

What happened to it?
What was it like?

I don't know.
Where's Dr. Paulsen?

Where is he, tell me!

I'm sorry to say, he's dead.

Oh, no.

He's unconscious.

What do you think
he was trying
to tell us, skip?

I don't know.
Maybe he'll give us
the answers later.

I'll report this
to the Admiral.
You go with him to Sick Bay.

Tell the doc what happened.

Aye, sir.

He's coming out of it.

How soon?

It'll be a few hours yet,
maybe five.
Definitely by morning.

It's getting
a little late, Admiral.

All right,
you go get some sleep.
I'll stay here.

I want to question him
the moment he comes to.

Yeah, but don't you think...
No, no, no, no.

Don't worry about me,
I'll be perfectly all right.

Two armed men
just outside the door.

All right, Admiral,
see you first thing
in the morning.






RAYBURN: No, no!


Are you all right?

I guess so.

Whatever it is,
it's already figured out
some shortcuts.

He's dead.

There goes your theory.
Both men we brought
aboard are dead.

I still think I know where
we can find the answers.

I hope so.

Look at this.

all over the world
are going haywire.

Now, unless we blow up
Paulsen's adaptors,

most of the cities of the world

are going to be Arctic wastes.

And the Arctic wastes
are going to be
tropical paradises,

with nobody left to enjoy them.

So maybe we don't have to
blow up Paulsen's base.

Maybe the mutant aboard
will be able to show us

how to neutralize
the experiments.

Admiral, we've gone
over this ship
from top to bottom

and we haven't cornered it yet.

Now, there's only
one thing we can do.

Blow that experimental station
off the face of the earth.

Let's go, Chip.

Prepare the body for burial.

I knew you'd be here.
You need the heat to survive.

So I came to talk with you
to try to reason with you.

Look, you still have a chance,

a chance to make up
for some of the things
you have done.

I know it won't do you any good.

You know
you can't possibly win,
but at least you can leave

a legacy of some value
to the world.

Stay back!

You cannot kill me
with that weapon.

If not with this,
then with something else.

There's no other way
out for you.

Not so. There is the way
I have planned,

the goal I am working toward.

The control
of the world's weather
will eventually

bring me to control
of the world.

And the destruction of all you
aboard this ship

will ensure that for me.

That's not the goal
of a man, of a scientist.


It's getting rough, Lee.

The thermometer temperature
out there
is over 170 degrees.

We have to get
close enough to make sure
that experimental station

is destroyed forever.

Missile Room, from Control.

Missile Room, aye.

How long before
the missiles are ready
for firing?

We can start countdown
in 10 minutes, sir.

Be sure you're locked in
on the coordinates.

We'll give you
the firing signals
from here.

Aye, sir.

We're losing weigh.
Something's gone wrong
with the power.

what's wrong
down there?

Sudden power loss
from the Reactor Room, sir.

There's no way
of accounting for it
from here.

Can we fire
the missiles
if necessary?

No, sir.

There's not enough
power left to generate
any kind of ignition.

Well, work on it.

Aye, sir.

Ski, come with me.

Since you were so anxious
to preserve my experiments,

you will participate
in them, personally.

You will now become
a mutant, as I did.


It's no good, sir,
I can't get it open.

Give me your laser.

You better stand back.


You all right?

Yeah, I guess so.

Will be as soon as things
are under control again.



But he was dead.

Was he, Lee?
I wonder.

Only thing we can be
really sure about is

whatever he was,
he's gone forever now.

Give me another reading.

Range, 23,000 yards,
bearing 168.0.




Counting down impact. Ten.

Let's get it on the viewer.

CHIP: Eight, seven,

six, five,
four, three, two, one.


That was quite a discovery.

Now, it's just ashes.

There really
wasn't anything else
we could do.

No. There's a lesson
there for all of us.

Maybe someday,
we can all profit by it.

Let's go home.
Set a course, north-northeast.