Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 11 - Predator Robeast - full transcript

The Voltron Force faces its toughest challenge to date and takes on LotorÃ.s five predator enemies that can combine to form one super Predator Robeast.


All goes as planned.

What goes as planned?

That I sit here, doing nothing,
while the Voltron Force

continues to defend the universe?

But you must have patience, my Lord.

You are still not fully
powered after your rebirth...

Either one of them.

To ensure the Haggarium
we acquire reaches us,

we have had to switch to smaller
shipments, less likely to be intercepted.

I am not good at waiting, Maahox.

I know, sire...

And your vengeance is coming.

In the meantime, perhaps you
would enjoy some entertainment?

Perhaps, if we are lucky, this
entertainment might even provide

the vengeance you crave.

Evil is back.

The Drule King Lotor has returned

with a dark energy that
can destroy the galaxy.

Our only hope?

The Voltron Force...

A team of five heroic pilots that
control five awesome robot lions.

When Lotor's monstrous Robeasts attack,
the lions come together to form

Voltron, defender of the universe!


Nice shooting, Daniel.

This... is... amazing!

And necessary.

You May be called on to defend the castle

while we're away on a mission.

In other words,

stay home while you have all the fun.

Sorry to interrupt, but we have more company.

Vince, want to do the honors?

You bet.

Let's see how that drone
likes the force shield.

Apparently, it doesn't like the
shield enough to fly into it.

Think about all the controls
you have there, Vince.

Maybe I can manually
expand the force shield...


Prestoexpando... away you go ohhohoho!

Outside the box...


Yeah, the force shield's great.

Unless the bad guys are
able to teleport inside it!

What are you going to do about it?

What you showed me.


Better than. You ready?

More than.

Thanks for the lesson.

Time for recess.

One more of the castle's defenses...

Guess you've still got stuff
to learn in this lesson.

You can't just pick up castle
protection right away.

We know, and this has been very cool,

but Larmina's been promising me a
tour of her favorite places on Arus

since we got here.

But all we've been doing is training.

A tour?

Don't you think this is more important than...

I don't know, Keith.

There's somethin' to be said about
knowin' the terrain around the castle...

In terms of tactics and stuff. Right?


We'll work doublehard tomorrow.

Hey! Vince needs the tactical
education, too, don't you think?

Sorry, Vince.

You coming?

Okay, so I can expand and
contract the shield...

The question is,

can I separate it from the castle,

and float it around on its own?

How great would that be?


Can we up the cannons'
output for longer range?

Can the force shield change thickness?

Can we route all three defenses

through a single station?

Well, I... I think we can.

And what do we do

if Lotor's command ship
enters Arus' atmosphere?


Let's scramble.

Vince, stay here at the defenses,

and get Daniel and Larmina back to help you.

My Lord...

The entertainment is about to begin.

Any excuse to use our
little pet projects here.

Yeah, sneakin' around,

building these things on the ninja with Hunk

has been fun,

but it's time to roadtest 'em.

What's that?

It's a digipix,

so we can take pictures of ourselves.

Guys! Need you back up here! Quick!

It's a Lotor emergency.

Even Lotor wants us to stay put.

Relax. Arus will still be here to
tour whenever this is over with.

I hope.

Red lion, on the prowl.

♪ dununnununnundundah!

Green, across the board.

Can't anyone just launch?

What's up?

We've got Lotor in the
sky, and lions on the fly!

What was that?



Okay. That's never happened.

Good old-fashioned Robeasts.

Oh, they're good... but
far from old-fashioned.

It looks like those Robeasts have
you pretty well sealed in, guys.

Is there anything we can do to help?

Negative. Keep the castle secure.

We can handle these Robeasts.

You have done well, Maahox.

Well, indeed.

We can't just sit here and watch.

Yeah, there must be something we can do.

There's something I can do.


Oh. Yeah... I do this now.

Didn't I tell you?

- No!
- No!

Sorry. Must've slipped my mind.

Very cool.

Okay, so Vince has this, uh, wired.

What do we do?

If only we had some sort of
secret vehicles of our own

we could use to go out and help them with.

Hope you brought that digipix!

Looks like you're going to show me
some of your planet today, after all.

This is my kind of tour!

Set your navs for Hunk's position.

Why Hunk first?

Um, because he's the only one
who knows we have these wheels?

And the others might get
torqued if they found out?

I see your point.

We might as well get the tour started.

So, over there is the "Gold Geyser."

Erupts once every three years.

Okay, Keith, ready for some help?


I'm gonna see what I can do
to get that thing off you.

Okay. We'll try something else.

Expanding castle forcefield.

It's breaking through the force field!

Counterfield generator. Smart.

Okay, see how you do with this.


Hang on. I'm thinking.


Thinking outside the box!

What are you doing?

Rerouting the power of the cannons and
the force shield into the counterdrone.

Now let's power it up... and faster.

I'm clear. Allura, can you hear me?

I'm heading your way.

Oh, sure. You get to be the chivalrous one.

Allura, I would have come for you first

if I didn't have a mechanicalgoat/bullthing

standing on my head.

I'm touched by your intentions.

So this is the desert. Very nice.

Over there is some wildlife...

Not native to this planet.

Ugh. Ugly!

Ready for a closer look?

Yeah! This thing's pretty sweet.


I'm okay...

But my ride isn't.

Every little bit helps.

Daniel. Lead it past the cave!

Guess that ends the ground
portion of the tour.

Yeah. We'll come back for our wheels later.

Way to go! Yeah!

Maybe this isn't the best day for a tour!

Smooth move.

Let's go get Pidge.

So, I'm the bottom guy on
the priority totem pole.

I'm gonna be reassessing my
relationship with all of you.

Thanks, Keith.

Allura and blue are out.

Hunk, what's your status?

I've got two cadets with me...

And green lion is out of its cage.

Oh, you're all free?

That is so fantastic, because red
and I are having a blast down here,

so, if there's no one else to save,

you should come join us...

Y'know, hang out.

On our way.

Looks like I'm getting to see more
of the planet today than I expected.

Speaking of which, that place down there?

Best seared tamawedges on Arus.

Don't forget the fries.

Totally killer.

Probably not the time to get takeout.

Aw, I just feel kinda bad that
Vince couldn't get in on this.

Whoo-hoo! This rules, man!

I May never go outdoors again.

Um... Keith? Allura?

This one's kind of strong.

Oh, hey, guys.
I know, you just left me for last

because you knew

I could use my superior skills
to hold out the longest.

Yes, Lance. That's exactly why.

I don't find your sarcasm believable.

Hate to break up the witty banter

but it looks like the sides just evened up.

This is entertainment?

All of the lions are free!

You never give me enough credit.

Whoa... looks like Lotor
has himself a Voltron.

That thing might be as big as Voltron...

But there's only one Voltron.

Daniel, power up.

Flashform... go!

This job is so cool!

Detecting heatseekers.

Lance, get ready...

Form red center!

Draw magma pistols!

The power that thing has...

But we've still got a few powers

that Robeast hasn't seen!


You got it, princess.

Form blue center!

Form Titanic trident!

Let's freeze this thing!

It stung us!

We're infected with that thing's venom!

All systems fail!


Very good.

And just imagine

how formidable the creature would be

if it were enriched with enough Haggarium.

Ahh! Where's this thing taking us?

Can we split back into
individual lions?

- Perhaps...
- We can't do anything until

the systems come back online.

Everyone! Get ready for impact!

Now would be a good time for
those systems to come back up!

No such luck.

Everybody, brace!

Anyone hurt?

If so, nurse it later. We've got incoming.

Pidge, we need those systems up.

Almost, almost...


And... we're up!

And so is Hunk.

Form yellow center!

I wanna give some hurt!

Rock wrecking maces!

Still fun.

What else do ya got, Hunk?

Very nice.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

Get up and keep fighting.

Here it comes again.

Form black center!

Form blazing sword!

The blazing sword just broke!

We can't take much more of this.

How can a Robeast be more
powerful than Voltron?

We haven't tried green center yet.

And we can't, not without Vince.

He needs to unlock that power.

So, if anyone has a plan...?

I've got one.

Jump in the magma... and
take the Robeast with us.

But Voltron's too weak.

It might not withstand the heat.

It might, if we form red center.

Exactly. It's a big "might,"

but that thing is too dangerous
to let it keep walking around,

and we have to do whatever
it takes to stop it.

We'll let it get in close,
then grab it and jump.

Wait for it...

Um... what just happened?

Lotor summoned the Robeasts
back to his command ship.

We had them! Voltron was defeated!

Why did you recall the Robeast?

Now it is your turn to be patient, Maahox.

I was indeed entertained...

But I have not endured all that I have

so animals could have the glory

of destroying Voltron.

When I am ready,

I shall return to claim that honor myself.

Mm. Of course you shall, my Lord.

It was playing with us.

And we didn't have any answers for it.

What'll we do when it decides
not to play anymore?

Maybe the green center configuration?

We better hope.

Hang on, Voltron Force!

I've come to rescue you!

You've already rescued yourselves.

That's okay, Vince.

You can escort us home.

Let's go. It's been a long day.

So? Did you like the tour?

Are you kidding? It was amazing.

So, uh, what are your tactical purposes

for that last picture?

Oh, that shot of you?

My finger must have slipped.

Hey. Where did Vince get that tank?