Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 12 - Hungry for Voltron - full transcript

Today, we'll discuss
a crucial aspect of every mission.

Battle tactics?

Not tactics.


As members of the Voltron Force,
you are not only warriors,

but representatives of Voltron itself,

a symbol of peace and justice.

Your actions reflect directly
on Voltron and Arus,

thus, you are also ambassadors, and must, at
all times, be respectful of other cultures.

Here it comes.

The "respecting other
cultures" speech.

You've been trying to cram this
message down my brain for years.

I wonder why?

Look, I get it that other cultures have...

Well, culture,

but how can I respect them when
none of them compare to Arus?

We have the best art, the best food...

I keep telling you, you've
never had pizza on Earth.

This is exactly my point.

Larmina, except for a few missions,

you've hardly been off this planet.

How can you be so sure that
Arus is the best at everything?

And even if we were, you still need to
be dignified with your point of view.

I am.


Let's try an exercise here.

There's a football game today, isn't there?

Arus is playing Hoyden IV.


So, what if you were at the game,

and their fans say something
negative about our team?

I'd show them why they were wrong.

Arus is number one!



Arus, boo!

Arus, yeah, you stink!

Arus is number one! Arus is number one!

I can't hear you.

Arus is number one!

Arus is number one...

Arus is number one!

Arus is number...

Well, we are.

Hey, Larmina! The football
game's about to start!


Arus is number one!

Well, us earthlings think Arus is number two,

so do we get extra credit?

Class dismissed.

Evil is back.

The Drule kind Lotor has returned with a
dark energy that can destroy the galaxy.

Our only hope, the Voltron Force,

a team of five heroic pilots that
control five awesome robot lions!

When Lotor's monstrous Robeasts attack,

the lions come together to form
Voltron, defender of the universe!

princess Allura, there you are.

I just received a communique on the
old multiphase diplomatic channel.

That's odd.

No one's used that in years.

Yes, and the message is for you!

On it.

I am Sypat, ruler of the planet Ebb.

We are no longer willing to stand for

sky Marshall Wade's tyranny over the galaxy,

and wish to form an alliance with Arus

and the outlawed Voltron Force.

However, my officers will not launch
their ships for fear of Wade's armada

lurking in our local system,

so I must ask you, princess,

to come to my planet.

We will transmit a flight plan.

Please, hurry!

It's a trap.

You don't know that for sure.

Ebb and Arus haven't had any contact in years.

Now, all of a sudden,

they call and say "hi! How's it going?"

No. Trap.

Big, big trap.

That may be,

but I'll take any risk

to restore unity in the alliance

and unite them against Wade.

The people of this galaxy must have hope,

so I will meet with Sypat.


We'll dig up an old cargo
ship, fly in under the radar.

No, I will use the blue lion.

We must show everyone that Voltron is back.

The rest of the team will stay here,

in case Lotor or Wade makes
trouble while I'm gone.

Aren't you going to say something?

Why? You're doing so well.

On second thought,

I will bring ambassador Coran
to help me with negotiations,

and someone else

who might learn from seeing
diplomacy in action.

So, by "diplomatic mission,"

you mean I'm your bodyguard, right?

'Cause after all, Coran's old.

Larmina, that kind of remark is the
very reason I asked you to join us.

I want you to see how diplomacy works.

You might even learn something
about another culture.

And kick butt if
things get out of hand.

I beg your pardon?


So, what's with this exciting rock route?

We're following a
course suggested by the Ebbians.

Staying inside this asteroid field
will keep Wade from tracking our ship.


Why aren't there any lights?

Maybe their culture has an early bedtime.

Welcome, princess.

What an honor. Oh, thank
you for coming, thank you!

What's up with those freak...

Right, respect the weirdos.

I bring you greetings from the people of Arus,

and I am ready to begin discussing

the terms of our alliance at once.

Ah, yes,

well, certainly, that can wait

until after the feast that
we've prepared in your honor.

Please, follow me.

You see?

We're already building bonds

between our planets.

I can
already taste the culture.

What is this stuff?

Some local delicacy, I assume.

The courteous thing to do is eat it.


Okay, case closed.

Arusian food is way better.

I won't be eating any Ebbian food, thank you.

Larmina is actually more
correct than she knows.

This is not traditional Ebbian cuisine.

To serve this at a state
dinner is quite peculiar.

As is the fact that the Ebbians are eating

as if they've never seen food before.

Is this where I mention

how I noticed that the guards locked the doors

after we sat down?


Was that to keep others out, or to keep us in?

Something stinks here, besides this.

Get back to the blue lion and
signal the rest of the force.

I'll cover for you.

Oh, no, if there's going
to be a fight, I want in!

Larmina, do as I say.

Oh, yeah, that's diplomatic.

Sypat, our ambassador has taken ill.

We must get him back to the ship...

Aw, but if you leave now,
you'll miss dessert!

Stop them!

I've got this.

This way!

Or perhaps not.

No. We're good.


Man, are these things breeding somewhere?

Quickly! In here!

Well done, Sypat.

Well done...

Where's my Voltcom?

There, behind that force field.

Can you believe what Sypat did?

If that's what diplomacy gets you, forget it!

Thank the stars,

you're all right.

Which is more than you're gonna be!

Feel better?


And by the way,

this whole Ebbian experience

isn't doing wonders for my
appreciation of other cultures.

Don't be so quick to judge, Larmina.

I've known Sypat for years,

and he is a good man at heart.

At least wait until we know all of the facts.

Oh, I am truly sorry,

but what could I do?

Ebb depends entirely on
trade with other planets.

Wade put us under a blockade.

We had no fuel, no supplies.

We've been starving for months!

That explains why the other
guests were so ravenous.

Wade promised to lift the blockade,

but only if I helped lure the princess here.

I am truly ashamed for my actions,

but the people of Ebb rely on me.

I would do anything for their sake
and the sake of this great planet.


even if it meant he had to
betray the lovely princess.

You see, I knew how to make Sypat cooperate.

And I knew that our princess
would be naive enough

to fly here in the blue lion,

to show that she and the Voltron
force are not afraid of me.

Which continues to be the case.

Your fight isn't with these people.

Leave them in peace.

Thank you, ambassador,

but I'll decide when to lift the blockade,


I may simply choose not to.

But first, I have plans
for the three of you.

I hope those plans include

my foot and your butt!

Well, aren't you the brave one?

Is this some kind of arena?

Rather quiet in here.

And yet, I don't
think we're alone.

You are correct, princess.

In fact, I've arranged for
a very sizable audience.

Are those cameras?

Fellow citizens of the galaxy alliance,

I welcome you

to this very special live transmission.

As you can see,

I have captured princess Allura of Arus,

a vaunted member of the
outlawed Voltron Force...

The princess is in trouble!

Scramble to the lions.

Boy, I hate it when I'm right.

No, you don't.

And to show the futility of
resistance to my authority...

He sure loves to hear himself talk.

As I was saying...

I shall now meet princess Allura and her
famous blue lion on the field of battle

and eradicate them.

In a fair fight, of course.

Oh, yeah, that's totally fair.

Now, that's why I chose you to
be up here instead of Coran.

I needed one of you beside me to deter the
idea of flying away in your blue lion.

Wow, hiding behind a girl.

Did you learn that at tyrant school?

Your insolent sass

will quite add to the entertainment factor

as we watch your princess get
destroyed before the galaxy.

I've got you.

Are you all right?

I've been better.

Let's make a run to the blue lion.

Open wide, blue.

Well, at least he left us the keys.

Hang on.

Is that all you've got, Wade?

Are those still under warranty?

I must applaud your excellent
communication skills.

When the blue lion is destroyed, you'll
have to visit Earth as a diplomat...

And prisoner.

Just what I need,

another planet's hospitality.


Freeze tail!

If we only had Larmina, we could blast
through that dome and get away!

I know, Coran, and I also know
that Larmina is quite capable

of getting herself out of trouble.

I'm just biding my time...

Assuming we have time.

Arus is number one!

Atta girl.

This broadcast is over.

I said "over"!

Why won't it shut off?

Sypat's jamming the signal!

Let's get out of here.

You know, I'm starting to
like this diplomacy stuff.

Hang on, Allura, we're almost there.

That's an Umberon force field!

Which is how Wade kept Ebb under blockade.

He must have shut it off when we arrived.

So we just punch through it, right?

Wrong. It's too powerful.

No ship can get through
one of those and survive!

Lance, everyone, reverse engines!

Do not approach!

Repeat, do not approach!

Come in, Voltron Force.

Do you read me?

Vince? Keith? Anyone?

We're okay, Allura,

but we have to reboot our systems.

How long can you hold out?

Interesting question.

So, Wade upgraded to flying tanks.

I think his upgrade was a little bigger.

Larmina, hang on.


Systems are back online,

but we need more power to break
through that blockade shield.

Time to form Voltron.

With only four lions?
Can we do that?


It would be a first,

but I think if Hunk compensates
on his mega thruster by...

I got it, buddy.

I am a professional giant robot pilot.

Then we're gonna try this.

Activate interlock!

Dynotherms connected!

Infracells up!

Megathrusters are go!

Let's go, Voltron Force!

Form feet and legs!

Uh, leg!


Form arms and body!

And I'll form the head!

Form blazing sword!

It doesn't seem to be cuttin' it.

The blazing sword isn't as
powerful without all five lions.

We need to try something else.

Something that will...

Come on, guys,
we're getting hammered!


Hey, Keith!

I'm already on it.

Form yellow center!

Rock wrecking maces!

Bam! Bam!

We're draining it!

But not enough to break through.

I have an idea.

Hunk, arms out.

Everyone else, hold on to your lunch.

We can't...
Keep this up much longer.

The ship can't take it, and,
frankly, neither can I!

Their wrecking maces might not be
able to get through the field,

but I know something else that can!

And I'll form a leg!

Yeah! Our foot, your butt!

That's what I call a fair fight!

I think Wade's show is canceled.

My thoughts exactly.

I'm glad Manset could help
us with the food supply to Ebb.

Do you like the gah-nah-dosh?

It's the best I've ever had.

'Cause it's the only I've ever had.

Bet we'd make this better on Arus.

Dear friends, Ebb
is free once more.

Sky Marshall Wade's broadcast
did not go as he'd planned,

thanks to princess Allura
and the Voltron Force.

I am grateful for their bravery and heroism,

just as I am ashamed of my failure

to stand up to Wade's demands.

But you were there for us when we
needed you most, your highness.

And now that your supply routes are open,

you may rest assured

that Wade will not threaten you again.

Care to add anything?



After all, this is a perfect example

of diplomacy in action.

The only thing I have to add is...

Diplomacy Voltron Force-style kicks butt!


The young lady has great potential.

I can only hope.

So, it's understood that
Wade crossed a line today.


This ends now.