Versailles (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - The Powder Keg - full transcript

His resolve reinforced, Louis is dismissive of the pain his plans will cause others, be they Philippe or Protestants of all classes. Cardinal Leto is confident of making the king marry Isabella of Portugal.

You'll make
the necessary preparations.

I have my proof.
God has shown me the way.

We will see
the prisoner together

and set him free.

I knew you'd see sense.
The carriage is waiting.

I'll see him safely
onto the ship myself.

He must remain in France.

So how in the name of God
do we grant his freedom?

There is only one way
to finish this.

You've lost your mind.

We're talking about
our own flesh and blood.

And every breath he takes
is another curse upon it.

So say it then.

Call it what it is.


We have to protect
what we've created.

While he lives,
the Church can destroy us.

How can this be justice?

He's already sacrificed
his life for us.

And having done so,
he now wants release.

God has delivered
our father to us.

His fate is in our hands.

But we must shoulder
this cross together.

I'm the king of my own land

Facing tempests of dust

I'll fight until the end

Creatures of my dreams

Raise up and dance with me

Now and forever

I'm your king

You are more alike
than you realize.

We wanted
to share a moment.

As one family.

I'm glad to see you together.

We share our duty.


I drink to my sons.

I thought I would never
see daylight again.

The mask put a curse
on every waking hour.

But at night,

I could only pray
for sleep.


But now,

at last...

it comes to free me.

And I thank you.

I thank you, my sons.

There is a time for love

and a time for hate.

And this is a time
to move forward,

unencumbered by the past.

Our country's divided,
our people driven asunder.

The moment has come
to unite them once and for all.

A royal wedding will
galvanize the people,

to show France
as one family, complete.

For now, my priority
is the safety of my people.

I must put France first.

So His Majesty will wish
to secure our borders.

Emperor Leopold has repelled
the Ottomans as we feared.

He will surely turn his
attention back to Luxembourg.

Then we will take it
before Leopold gets there.

With full force.

And what of the Protestant
forger in our midst?

There is no concrete
evidence yet, sire.

Then look harder.

In the meantime, I wish
to revoke the Edict of Nantes.


that was decreed to protect
the rights of all faiths.

We have tolerated the Huguenot
traitors long enough.

I must warn His Majesty
against such draconian measures

in the strongest
possible terms.

France is
a Catholic country.

How can we be one family if
we do not share the same faith?

It is religion that divides us,

and it is through religion
that we shall be united,

under one faith, one law,

one king.

What the hell's going on?

I'm teaching
my brother a lesson.

- What--

I doubt we'll ever see him
round here again.


All right, all right,
all right, all right.

Hey, hey. Hey.
Look, I'm serious.

I'm ready for fireworks.

If you wanna burn
some buildings,

help me to start a riot.

And have us all end up
like poor Monsieur Golovine?

That wasn't your fault.

Yes, it was.
I have to live with that.

No, hang on a second.
We need you.

You're the one who said we
should get people on our side

and do something.

Well, I was wrong, wasn't I?

Welcome to the inner circle,
Monsieur de Pins.

Now you are a noble.

I trust you'll
make yourself at home.

You could be quite
the success around here,

my dear Guillaume.

I have to pinch myself,
to be honest.

It doesn't feel real.

Be warned.

Versailles is a lot
more accommodating

when you leave your soul
at the door.

We've all made
a lot of sacrifices

to be part of it.

Yeah. I just hope
they're worth it.

Well, that depends
on your viewpoint.

You had to recant your faith,
did you not?

I was a soldier
and a tradesman before.

But look where I am now.

No regrets?

You do what you
have to do to survive.

Any further news
of the commotion in Paris?

The dissident printer
has been dealt with.



Keep a watching brief
on the streets.

Look, I know you
were there last night.

The prisoner must have been
very close to the king.

The unfortunate soul
took his own life,

and with his life,
his story.

He must never
be spoken of again.

Is that clear?


I think you
should read this.

- He can't do this.
- What?

"All Protestants must recant

or face the consequences."

Does the king really believe
he can defy history?

You have me
at a loss, Madame?

The Edict of Nantes
was a declaration of humanity.

Does he wish to return
to the Dark Ages?

The king is uniting France
as a Catholic state.

One cannot make an omelet
without cracking eggshells.

So he wishes to control
our minds as well as our bodies?

He will do
whatever is necessary,

and the people
will be grateful.

Then I pity the people.

For the good of the palace,

henceforth, all Protestants

shall be confined
to their rooms.

-- By order of the king.

Is it entirely necessary
to creep up on people like that?

Yes, when stalking a rat.

Very droll. Stick
to hurting people, Marchal.

Leave the wit
to those who can wield it.

You are very close to one or two
of the Protestant nobles.


But I am a loyal Catholic.

Albeit with a reputation
for bending the rules.

Perhaps even
with a skill in forgery.

That's preposterous.

Has your wit deserted you now?

Has your conscience
deserted you?

See that you remain
in the palace.

Princesse Isabella.

You are most welcome,
dear cousin.


Now, I have all the relevant
paperwork from my father,

but I'll need
a full list of my duties

and advice
on the appropriate wardrobe.

You are the one
who's on my side, aren't you?

I think you and I will
get along like a house on fire.

I do have some butterflies,
to be honest,

about meeting the king.

Oh, I have no doubt.

He will find you
a delightful surprise.

She's the lnfanta
of Portugal, sire.

She has been considered
a potential match.

A new wife has been thrust
upon me without my permission?

I believe the princess Palatine
has planned it.

She may be meddlesome,
but she's no political animal.

No, someone else is behind
this particular plot.

I had the bresaola
brought in from Valtellina

in the Alps of Lombardy.

Try it.

One could surmise you
do not trust our French food.

It's too rich for me.

My stomach favors
the plainer things.

Your grapes are sweet.

But Roman wine
is too tart for my taste.

And what of our proposal?

I trust it has whet
your appetite afresh.

If I'm to strike a deal
with the Vatican,

I'd like to negotiate terms.

You're not
in a negotiating position.

Now my niece is queen of Spain,
as you anticipate,

I would indeed like to expand
my empire to include Portugal.

And this would please
the Vatican.

But I will not marry
the lnfanta.

The Church wishes to facilitate
an alliance built on blood,

not risk
the spilling of it.

I will take Portugal my own way.

This marriage

is essential to consummating
our new arrangement,

unless you want the world
to know who you really are.

I am the son of Louis XIII
and Anne of Austria,

and no man alive
can prove otherwise.

In that case,
I should leave immediately.

The pope will wish
to confirm your excommunication

as a matter of priority.

Well, that will be hard
to achieve

when I invite you
to stay a while longer.

You would dare treat a servant
of Rome as your hostage?


Certainly not.

As my guest.

Corpus Christi.


Corpus Christi.


Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Congratulations, sire.

They are recanting
in their droves.

They're wise and loyal.

And what happens
to those who refuse?

Draw up a list

so we might assess
the scale of the challenge.

And you don't wish to
discuss this with the council?

I don't think
that's necessary, do you?

I am sick at the thought
of who we've become.

You're making
a grave mistake.

You're treating your people
with cruelty. All of us.

I am doing my duty
to my country as best I can

after much prayer
and consideration.

You're behaving like a god,
but you're not even a real king.

I know exactly who I've become--

a man chosen by God
as his ruler.

So why do you feel the need
to throw your weight about?

Why do you have to prove you're
not another lackey from Rome?

I don't have to prove anything.
I'm following God's will.


You're making it up
as you go along.

God didn't choose you
any more than he chose me.

We're just another pair
of squabbling brothers,

and I need obey you
no longer

You will do as you are bid.

You're a fake,
and we both know it!

Come on then, huh?

Let's see
which one of us God favors.

You've already killed
our father.

What's to stop you
from killing me?

Let's find out

which one of us is Cain
and which is Abel.

Ah, the good old days.

You weren't invited.

I was hoping you
might be able to help me,

but it seems like you're
more in need of assistance.

What do you want?

Perhaps you're aware of what's
happening in Versailles,

or are you just too busy?

I'm getting inebriated
and having fun.

Really? Fun?

So where's the light
in your eye?

Hang on.

You took an extra card.

- He didn't.
- Yes, he did. I saw him.

Bloody cheat!

Oh, for God's sake.


That's quite enough fun
for today, Your Highness.

Come on then.


You owe us
an explanation.

There's nothing to explain.

Whatever's happened, you're
a shadow of who you once were.

Don't think you
can worm your way that easy

back into my britches.

I haven't
the slightest intention.

Then fuck off
and leave me alone.

That's not fair,

We deserve better.

What's the problem, huh?

I am who I'm meant to be.

Good ol' Philippe,
life and soul,

enjoys a party,
and cares only for pleasure.

You are a lot more
than that.

Am I really?

I don't recognize you anymore.

Neither do I.

Louis has done this
to you, hasn't he?

He's doing it to all of us,

one way or another.

You have to talk
to him, Philippe.

He doesn't listen
to anyone else.

You can't just give up.

He's gone too far.

I can't reach him anymore.

Whatever your brother's done
to you, it's a damned shame.

It is an honor to be offered
an audience, Your Grace.

But I can't imagine
how I can be of assistance.

They tell me

no one else knows
the king's mind as well as you.

Lately, His Majesty has kept
very much to himself.

He should really have discussed
the Edict of Nantes with me

before taking
such radical action.

Do you disapprove?

As guardians of Europe,

the Church only wishes
to maintain a stable peace.

Despite readily offering
your support in war.

Louis is challenging the very
authority of our Church.

On the contrary.

This demonstrates
his loyalty as a Catholic.

I wondered what he could see
in a lowborn noble such as you.

If only our princesses
shared your faith and intellect.

Louis wants
to consolidate his empire.

This pleases the pope.

But our relationship
can only be secured

if he will marry Isabella.

The king makes
his own decisions.

And if he does not comply,

he will be excommunicated.

As a devout Catholic,

I'm sure you would not wish
his soul to be damned

as well as his empire.

I'm not disturbing
His Majesty?

You are always welcome.
You know that.

Not in recent times,
if I may be so bold.

I've been preoccupied.

Because of your dealings
with the Vatican?


They've been a thorn
in my side for decades.

That is why you
must marry Isabella.

You will have the support of
the Vatican and power in Europe

like never before.

But the Church
would control me.

You need the Church
just as the Church needs you.

They think
they have me cornered,

but I will not
accept defeat.

- This is not a battle.
- No, it is a war.

One that you can't win.

They will
excommunicate you, Louis.

You spoke
with Cardinal Leto.

You, the only one
I can truly trust.

The Church is
a terrifying enemy.

You dare not defy them.

You betray me, my own heart.

Think about it, Louis.
You can have it all.

But not you?

I am a small sacrifice
for you to save yourself

and everything
you ever dreamed of.

I will never give in
to blackmail.

You said it yourself:

you have to do what is right
for you and for France.

All this beauty,

and now I'm forbidden
even the sunshine.

The persecution is complete.

Then it's a good time
for you to leave.

I can't even
leave my room.

I'm sure I could twist
a few arms,

grease a few palms.

You would have me
accept defeat?

Sometimes I wish
I was born with morals.

We're all born with morals.

Only some of us
choose to keep them.

Maybe that's
what I love in you.

Maybe that's why we can
never have a happy ending.

- What are you doing?
- Protesting.

The only way we know how.



They are
what define us as human.

Wouldn't you agree, Bishop?

The challenge
of our existence.

In choosing one thing,
we must reject another.

I've followed the Church
my whole life.

She is a wise
and loving mother.

My mother had wisdom of her own.

Even faced
with an impossible dilemma,

she understood her duty...

more than the world
will ever know.

God gave us his Holy Church,

but it was man
who based it in Rome, yes?

Saint Paul himself.

But if the interests of Rome
did not comply with ours,

whose side would God choose?

I cannot answer,

except to say that as king,

you were chosen by God.

And if this king

were to become
the leader of our Church,

he would require a bishop
with great authority,

one who would only
be answerable to the king.

Royal authority is sacred.

God established kings
as his ministers

and reigns through them
over the land.

The royal throne
is not the throne of a man

but the throne of God himself.

God blesses you, Louis,

supreme leader
of his Church in France.

You missed the ceremony.

I know why you
can't face your brother.

It concerns the prisoner,
doesn't it?

He's dead now.

Why do you care?

I have devoted my life
to your family.

I need you to tell me the truth.

The king is not
who he claims to be, is he?


I trust you enjoyed
your sojourn in Versailles.

Please give His Holiness
my very best wishes

on your return.

I will tell him everything
that has happened here.

He will understand,

that one cannot
be excommunicated

from one's own Church.

You should also tell him that
I appreciate his kind offer,

but I no longer need
his support.

I expect he will
reopen discussions

with Emperor Leopold posthaste.

Incidentally, I plan
to take Portugal regardless.

You have cut yourself
adrift, Louis.

There can be no return.

Today you have
the bearing of the victor.

But tomorrow, I suspect,

may be different.

My hands are shaking.

That's perfectly normal.
The king is no ordinary man.

Just be yourself.

I know he'll love you.

Your Majesty.

Isabella Braganza,
the lnfanta of Portugal.

You are indeed delightful.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

My father offers you
his very best wishes,

along with an
extensive portfolio.

Tell me,
would you marry a king

who has separated
from the Vatican?

To me it shows
strength of character.

I like a man
who thinks for himself.

And have you ever lain
with a man?

No, sire.



perhaps one or two.

I thought as much.

That would mean I've acquired
some valuable skills.


I rather hoped our relationship
would start based on honesty.

Does His Majesty plan
to continue taking lovers?

You said you
sought honesty, sire.

Your candor is refreshing,
if ill-advised.

You need instruction
in preparing for the wedding.

Madame de Maintenon
will oblige.

Yes, sire.

And for the record,

the answer
to your question is no.

I hear you met
with the king in my absence.

It was
a casual conversation.

And what are you planning
for the Protestants?

You're far too squeamish
about these things.

I'm not squeamish.

I have moral courage.

There's a big difference.

The king requires us
to be on the same side.

I suggest you join it.

We weren't
expecting you, Colbert.

I heard you were unwell.

It is my duty to attend
all council meetings.

I have drawn up a list
of Protestant families in Paris

who have yet to comply.

Then they should be confronted.

Confronted, sire?

Those who have not recanted
should be arrested.

Their possessions
destroyed or confiscated.

And there will be special
treatment for their preachers.

Monsieur Marchal,

you will assemble
all men at your disposal.

They will strike across Paris
in unison tonight.

You will arrest the rich,
the poor, and those in between.

There shall be
no warning and no mercy.

Do you have a problem with that?

Monsieur Marchal,
I'm giving you an order.

No more.

Forgive me.

I must speak
with you urgently.

Whatever I'm accused of,
there can be no proof.

You're not in trouble,

but your friends
are in severe danger.

I am not leaving.

For God sakes, wake up!

You must get out
of France now.

This is my home.

I am a loyal subject.
I'm as French as you are.

Louis has ordered
all Protestants

be rounded up tonight.

Including those
outside the palace?

I fear for their souls
even more.

God knows
what he'll do with them.

- I must go to my father.
- They'll arrest you for certain.

Try and stop me.

All right.

Monsieur Marchal
is nowhere to be found.

I don't need him.

Louvois can oversee
the operation.

He has no lack of moral fiber.

- Are the troops prepared?
- Yes, sire.

But it seems your brother
has left the palace also.

Bound for his château
at Saint-Cloud.

Does His Majesty
wish to bring him back?

He no longer has
the stomach for battle.

Let him go.

Not so big
without your musketeers, eh?

Do I know you?

Where's the shoemaker's sister?

No. Not here.
But I'll give her a message.

Hey! Hey!

Hey, $109'-!


What do you want?

I came to warn you.

What's happened?

Have you recanted
your faith?

Over my dead body.

Then you must
leave Paris now.

You're in danger.

He works for the king.
Don't forget.

Ignore him.

Ignore me if you wish.

But you should know.
A storm is coming.

Damn right it is.

And you must always
ask permission

to address His Majesty.

Just like home.

The king does not like
to be questioned directly.

I gathered that.

But you can be
my lady-in-waiting.

You can keep me right.

Are you all right?

I feel flushed.

Perhaps I'm coming down
with a fever.

You know...

you can talk to me.

I wouldn't be so sure.

The Church was behind this
from the beginning.

Please don't try and tell me
you weren't involved too.

But it doesn't matter.

We were fated
from the start.

The king could never marry
someone lowborn like me.

We are all simply
a commodity.

We just have to do
what's expected of us.

I have done nothing else.

That is why it hurts.

I've lost the man I love
because it is God's will.

Marriages are like death.

The time and the season
are marked and...

you can't escape.

I only wish what's best
for my country.

So you are doing
what you believe in.

Yet I've lost Philippe
and Fabien in the process.

For the first time,
you have power

on your own terms entirely.

You are right
to question yourself.

But you have won, sire.

Not quite.

Your presence
is required, Madame.


Let us not waste anytime.
I wish to marry tonight.

Yes, of course, sire.

I'll fetch Isabella.

That won't be necessary.

I don't understand.


Will you marry me?

Open the door!


Get out!

You bastards
are out of control.

I should've slit your throat
when I had the chance.

That means he
was telling the truth.

Come on!


Get off her!


Come on! Come on!

Stand back.
We just want the girl.

Let's go.

No! Father!

Get those over there.



This is wrong, Louvois!

This is the law.

Where is
your Protestant God now?

My God will curse
your king for this!

- Amen.
- Amen.

Get up there.
Up you go.

The king must be stopped.

Whatever it takes.