Versailles (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Men and Gods - full transcript

The brothers learn the identity of the masked prisoner and the Vatican's involvement with him. Whilst Philippe is sympathetic to the old man the revelation disturbs Louis and Cardinal Leto ...

I am your father.

Take him out of my sight.

Some secrets
bring with them release,


but others are best buried
deep in the earth...

never to be found.

You were at the heart
of this conspiracy?

It was no conspiracy, sire.

As the king's surgeon
and confidant,

my father passed
the terrible burden to me.

And for your
family's protection,

I carried it as my duty.

So who is he?

He was a good friend
of the king.

And the queen.

As you know,
they were married 23 years

and remained childless.

The king lay
with another woman...

but it too was fruitless.

It tortured him that
he may never produce an heir.

But the queen was determined
to find a solution.

So together,
they arranged for your father...

to share her bed.

So why was he made a prisoner?

He wasn't initially.

But after one son was born,
they wanted to be sure...

so he lay
with the queen again.

But then
with two healthy sons...

the king changed his mind.

So they rewarded him
with that monstrosity?

It is one thing
to know the secret.

It is another
to have proof made flesh.

It was decided

no one should ever
see his face.

Who else knows about this?

His fate was agreed
by the king, the queen...

my father...

and the Vatican.

The Church was content to
protect the secret, so long--

so long as France
would remain its ally.

But now they wish
to destroy me with it.

So what do we do with him now?

We keep him locked up.

I'm the king of my own land

Facing tempests of dust

I'll fight until the end

Creatures of my dreams

Raise up and dance with me

Now and forever

I'm your king

I have urgent business.

- You wish to avoid me?
- Certainly not.

So when do I get an explanation?

Where is the prisoner?

You need concern yourself
with that no longer.

I killed three men for you.

And I am grateful,
as is His Majesty.

You know as well as I do
there are certain things

to which we cannot have access.

Let me remind you:

your duty is to follow
the king's orders,

as is mine.

This is not a good time,


I imagine His Majesty
had quite a trying night.

He found it
quite enlightening, in fact.

As did I.

I learned a lot about who could
be trusted, and who cannot.

If you'll excuse me.

I demand to see the king.

There is a strict protocol,
Your Grace.

I've been expecting you,

I'm sure there are days

you might wish
for a life of quiet anonymity,

like any other subject.

On the contrary,

I fear for France
if I were not here,

with any number of dark forces
conspiring against her.

That is precisely why you
should hear my proposal.

All your ambitions
can be realized.

Domination of Europe.
Colonization of the Americas.

Perhaps one day,

even leadership
of the Holy Roman Empire.

And in return?

From now on,

your geopolitical strategy
will be decided by Rome.

You see,

the Vatican could be
His Majesty's greatest ally

if he will let it.

And with the pope
supporting you as king,

why, uh...

that's as good as being chosen
by God himself.

There is a flaw in your
reasoning, Cardinal.

The pope may be God's
representative on earth,

but I am born of God.

But you and I both know
that is not true.

I am who you see before you.

I am Versailles.

And I have
all the power I need.

Not if the truth comes out.

I thought we were taking
the fight to the king.

We are. But we're gonna
be smart about it.

We've got to start by getting
the people on our side.

How do you know
this will work?

Because I have faith
in people.

"People in poverty.

King in luxury.

No to salt tax."

You're looking for trouble?

We're trying to change things.

Oh, yeah,

and have me locked up,
tortured, or worse?

They will never know
where it came from.

I promise.

You put me in a very
difficult position, girl.

I'm sorry,
but it's gone far enough.

But we have to do something.

The king is
squeezing blood from us

every time his horse
needs a new stable.

Well, that tends to be true
of most kings.

It doesn't make it right,
does it?

We don't want to be rich.
We just want a fair chance.

We want him to treat us
with a bit of respect.

And we want the people to know
that they're not alone.

Hey. We're all in this
together, my friend.

I spend more on taxes than I do
on the tools of my trade.

Soon I'll be paying more
than I'm earning.

All right.

We'll get you
the money somehow.

No need.

Some work must come
from the heart.

I do not recognize myself.

Neither do I.

I would know you anywhere.

You were a noisy child.

That much I recall.

God has delivered you to us,

and we will ensure
your safety and comfort.

You have my word.

You must go to him, Brother.

I have more important matters
to attend to.

What can be more important
than speaking to our father?

He's here,
under your roof.

You can't just pretend
he doesn't exist.

And if he didn't?

We could send him
to the colonies.

Let him live out his last days
in peace and comfort.

It's the least he deserves.

He jeopardizes
our very existence.

He was found once. What if
the Church finds him again?

He's our father.
We owe him.

I only wish to deal
with essential business.

Keep it brief.

Excellent news, sire.

Marie-Louise's marriage
to Charles of Spain

has been consummated.

Congratulations, Your Highness.

You must be very proud
of your daughter.

Of course.

Nothing more important
than family, don't you think?

Are there any other matters?


One thing, sire.

It has come to my attention

that an alarming number
of Protestant families

appear to be leaving Versailles.

Some have left France

The Chavagnacs, the Romillys,
the Manns, the Cavanels.

Presumably taking
their wealth with them.

Who has granted them permission?

No one, sire.
They're just leaving.

Somehow they've been
afforded safe passage.

I want border security

with tighter control of everyone
leaving our territories.

And if someone
within Versailles

is helping the Protestants
to leave, I want to know who.

Protestant subterfuge
has been discovered

with many leaving France
without permission.

From this moment on,
all Protestants of the court

will be confined to
the palace and its grounds

until further notice.

Someone has been careless.

I have been scrupulous.

One of your "friends"
must have talked.

Why would they do that?

if they knew about you,

they would have
arrested you already.

I am the one
who's in jeopardy.

Hold your nerve, my dear.

And have faith.

I am well versed
in avoiding trouble.

Why does that not fill me
with confidence?

You were missed at mass
this morning, sire.

I had matters to attend to.

Something which bothers you?

Do you know who you are?

Of course, sire.

But how can you tell?

How can you know
it's not just a fiction?

An invention
of those around you.

What if everything you know
is made up of lies,

and you are not
who you think you are

but who you've
been told you are?

Why are you thinking this way?

I thought this place
meant the world to me.

But what if I'm wrong?

What if it means nothing?

Versailles means
everything to you.

You cannot doubt that.

What is it that is
troubling you, my love?

Tell me.

when the moment is right.

What can I do for you,
Your Grace?

I confess I admire
your loyalty to your master...

however misguided.

In fact, it is your dedication
I appeal to now.

I presume you wish your king
to flourish and prosper?

That goes without saying.

Then talk to him.

You may be the only one

who understands the deep well
he finds himself in.

You must persuade him to accept
the hand of friendship

the Church has offered.

As I understand it,

His Majesty is not the one
in a position of weakness.

Who do you think we are?
Some kind of gentleman's club?

No one man...

can dictate to the Church.

Of course not, Your Grace.

I have informed His Holiness
of recent events here.

If the king does not comply,

there will be
the most dire consequences.

Louis needs to understand that
this game is far from finished.

Sire, the council is waiting.

Let them wait.

Our troops have
taken Strasbourg.

As I knew they would.

But it is vital that you decide
the next military step.

You cannot leave it to chance.

I won't.

Louvois will know what to do.

And, sire...

Cardinal Leto is urging you to
accept the Vatican's support.

You spoke to an enemy of France
without my permission?

- The cardinal requested--
- You.

Of all people.

I thought I could trust you
after all that has happened.

You can, sire.

My loyalty to you
will never waver.

If only that had
always been the case.

It is your signature,
is it not?

On all the Protestant
travel documents.


. 'III

It looks like it, yes,
but I didn't sign these.

Then who did?

I don't know.

Someone sympathetic
to their plight.

You are known to lean
in that direction.

But I'm neither a criminal
nor a fool.

And I resent your tone,
Monsieur Marchal.

I suggest you look elsewhere.

If someone is forging
my signature,

I would concentrate
on men of low morals

with an artistic bent.

All the necessary preparations
are in order.

I'll deliver
the papers tonight.

Much obliged.

That leaves just the grubby
question of remuneration.

And that will teach you
to make a bet with the master.

Another client?

Just another unfortunate loser
in life's game of chance.

And tell me,
what is the game called?


Your friend Vanel--
how's his business trip going?

The chocolate maker from Lyon.

You asked me to sign
a travel document for him

to leave the country.

Of course.

Last I heard business
was blossoming.

- The people of Denmark--
- You shut up!

There is no chocolate maker
called Vanel.

There is an eminent Huguenot
by the name of Cavanel,

last seen about a month ago
before leaving France.

And your point is?

What if the name on the travel
documentation were changed

from Vanel to Cavanel?


A-- And are you aware of
the punishment for forgery?

But there is no evidence
against me.

Indeed all the evidence

seems to point at whoever
signed the documents.

Your Protestant sympathies are
well-known, Monsieur Colbert.

And your signature is the proof.

Remind me again
the penalty for forgery.

Do you think
he'll tell the king?

We'll soon find out.

We may be arrested
at any minute.

We could get hanged for this,

and you don't seem
in the least bit worried.

There's nothing like
the whiff of danger

to make one feel alive.

What are we going to do?

I see three options.

First, we turn ourselves in.

Second, we make a run for it.

And the third?

We be honest with each other,

and I tell you
how I really feel.

Your timing is far from ideal.

But we are
in very deep shit now.

We have nothing left
but each other.

You're frightened.


You wished to see me,

Yes. I'm worried
about the king.

That's a daily challenge
for some of us.

You see, I fear for his
spiritual well-being.

Such matters would be
outside my bailiwick.

No one can deny the poor man
has not been himself

since the queen passed away.

And if the king is unstable,
then so is France.

And this in turn jeopardizes
the stability of all Europe.

Your logic is impeccable.

So it is in the interests
of us all for Louis to remarry.

I have been lobbying
for this myself.

There are a number
of possibilities.

He will marry the lnfanta
Isabella Braganza of Portugal.


Louis has secured Spain.

This will unite
the entire Iberian Peninsula.

Under his aegis.

But would the lnfanta's father
be amenable?

I will make sure of it.

This is what the Vatican
would like to happen.

To strengthen our alliance
with France for good.

Providing great benefit
to both parties.

See you tomorrow.

Have you seen this?

They've got guts,
I'll give them that.

Bloody fools.

No good can come from this.

This will only cause more
suffering on our own people.

It could hardly be
any worse than it is.

Promise me you're not
involved with this.

For God's sake.

Things are better than ever
for us now.

This could jeopardize
the business.

Is that all you
can think about?

Your balance sheet?

I'm worried about you.

Well, I can look after meself.


Monsieur Colbert.
What a delightful surprise.

Could I challenge you
to a game of hoops?

Ah, most kind, but this isn't
actually a social visit.

I'd like to broach
a subject of some...


It's a matter
pertaining to the king.

Now you have my interest
well and truly pricked.

He's not happy.

Well, that's an understatement.

And while you and I share

the intention to have him
happily remarried,

I felt we should move
our plans on apace.

Do you have someone else
in mind?

Isabella Braganza of Portugal.

We've never actually met,

but we are distant cousins,

Precisely why I wished
to discuss it with you.

I think it's a marvelous idea,

but I fear His Majesty will not
be in the mood at this juncture.

The very reason
we should not tell him.


And so you are aware

we do have the full support
of the Vatican on this.

- Really?
- The cardinal himself.

- The cardinal?
- Mm-hmm.

And you'll never guess what.

I have already--


Monsieur Colbert.

If you'll excuse me.

Your Highness.

Would you join me
for a game of cards?

No, thank you.

But I fear I might have
disturbed your conversation.

No. Not at all.

We were just talking
about this and that.

As a matter of fact,

we were discussing a marital
alliance for the king.


Even though that might be
none of your concern?

The king's future
should concern us all.

Of course.

But such matters
should be discussed

through proper channels.

There are so many factors
to consider.

It is a process that may take
many months, years even.

Not in this case.

We already have
the ideal woman in mind.

The Portuguese lnfanta suggested
by Cardinal Leto himself.

May I remind Your Highness

that His Majesty gave me
responsibility in this affair.

Oh, yes, but being
such a staunch Catholic,

you would never question
the wishes of the Vatican,

would you?

Of course not.

But we mustn't be too hasty.

Perhaps we could send
an emissary

to see if the king of Portugal

might look favorably
upon such a match.

No. I believe His Majesty
should meet her in person

and decide for himself.

Well, I...

Which is why I have already
invited her to Versailles.

Good evening.

To help you read.

What do you see?

The word of truth.

And a good man.

When would I see the king?

I think he's scared of you.

He doesn't wish to see me?


Convince him.

He's a very hard man
to convince.

Then perhaps
you could give him a message.

Of course.

Having trouble sleeping?

I sleep better
with you by my side.

There is talk
of your remarriage, sire.

Have they nothing better
to think about?

Well, it is your duty.

It is a matter
that you have to consider.

Not when I don't give a damn.

You are not yourself, Louis.

Something is troubling you.

It pains me to think that you
would keep something from me.

Leave me alone.

I don't want it to be
this way, but...

it is.

You will sleep alone
again tonight.

Then I will bid
His Majesty good night.

- Evening.
- Good evening.

You have done the right
and honorable thing.

I only want my sister
to be safe. She's young.

She doesn't know what
she's getting involved in.

You need not fear for her,

The king will respect
your wishes.

And I shall see to it that
your loyalty will be rewarded.

Is this impudence widespread?

It's hard to say,

but I've seen them in a number
of places around Paris.

It must be nipped in the bud.

This is treason, sire.


Or truth?

Take action as you see fit.

I'll be in my chambers
if you need me.

Please excuse me.

What in God's name
is wrong with you?

You seem to forget you are
addressing your king.

That man I just saw in there
was not my king!

What has happened to you?

Where is the king
who makes decisions?

Where is the king
who's building an empire?

Where is the king
born of God?

Perhaps I'm not the king
you thought I was.

Look at me.

I do not know what it is
that you are keeping from me,

and I don't care.

What I do care about is
your dreams, your ambitions.

You might have forgotten them,
Louis, but I will not.


The offending printer
has been identified.

The king's reputation
is at stake.

You must take immediate action.

It shall be done.

- All right, see you later.
- Where are you going?

To visit a friend.

No. Not tonight.

I want you to stay here.


The king has got wind
of this poster business.

There could be trouble
for those involved.

- How would he know who they are?
- Look, just do what I tell you.

Oh, my God.

What have you done?

- Ow! Get off!

What the hell's going on?

You can't do this.

You got no right.

You are accused
of sedition and treason.

We've done nothing wrong.

You call this nothing?

Take it down.

- Destroy it all!
- That's my life's work!

Bastards! No!




Let him go.

You defend the voices
of dissent?

You can't do this.

They're decent,
honest-working men.

These men
are guilty of treason.

They have a conscience.
That's all.

What about you?

Where's yours?

We've met before,
haven't we?

And I showed you kindness.

Now I'm asking you
to do the same.

Take them away.

Then arrest me too.

I'm as guilty as they are.

Walk away. Now.

You're burning the truth.

Is that what you want?

You shouldn't be here.

Neither should you.

This is your fault.

Jeanne, please.

You are dead to me.

Get out of here!

Yeah! Get away from us!

Go on!

Get out of here!

Rise up!

If you won't decide
our father's fate,

then I'll decide it
for you.

He leaves tomorrow.

An armed escort will take him
to La Rochelle.

A ship sails for Louisiana
in ten days.

And you...


won't have to worry
about him anymore.

That's what you want,
isn't it?

Sending the prisoner away
doesn't get rid of the problem.

It merely relocates it.

You have to let him go.

There is no other option.

If the Vatican gets
its hands on him again,

they will use him against me,
and I shall drown.

Then you must speak with him.

Our father sends you a message.

He says he can answer
your question.

Is this a joke?

It is no laughing matter.

I cannot sign this.

I would be handing over control
of my empire to the Vatican.


Why on earth would I do that?

Because of the consequences
if you do not.

The Church cannot
threaten me with war.


Far worse.


His Holiness
has given his sanction.

You must accept our terms
or be thrown out of the Church.

We could tell the world
you are an impostor...

and the humiliation
would be complete.

Louis the Great
would be an outcast.

In the eyes of the world
and God himself...

you would not even exist.

Versailles would collapse.

And everything
you have built...

would tumble to nothing.

Your Majesty.

How did you know it was me?

You walk like a king.

Am I a king?

You were born to a queen.

That does not make me a king.

You were king from the moment
you took your first steps.

You knew me as a child?

You were like a young stallion.

When you fell,
the servants tried to help you,

but you pushed them away.

My brother wants to send you
to the colonies.

A carriage is
to take you away tomorrow.

It's a risk
you're willing to take?

My brother said
you could answer my question.


What do I do with you?

Look into your heart.

If you know who you really are,
you will know what to do.

I don't know who I am anymore.

You are my king.

I'm nothing.

I've been by your side
many years, and I know.

I have seen.

To be king is
beyond mortal endeavor.

- And king you undoubtedly are.

Louis XIV,
king of France and Navarre.

I'm nothing
but a bastard mongrel.

You were born of God.

And your destiny is divine.

Nobody can take that
away from you.

Do you really believe that?

With all that you know?

I do.

How can you be so sure?

I have faith.

As should you.

Then I need proof.

Behold the kingdom of God.

If anyone ever needed proof
of the Lord's power,

I would bring them here.

Everything dies,

and everything is reborn.

Isn't Christ himself
proof of that?

Sire, perhaps we should
return to the palace.

You told me that
my destiny was divine.

Let's find out.