Versailles (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - War and Peace - full transcript

King Louis XIV's continued insomnia makes him increasingly volatile, meaning Marchal's loyalty counts for nothing. Claudine continues to investigate the mystery toxin, while Sophie seeks a solution to her situation.

Poisons can take many forms.




Appearances differ,

but the function is the same.

It takes root in the dark
and in the quiet,

and like fire

it feeds

and grows,


and destroys.

My minister murdered.

His wife slain.

The killer dead by her own hand.

And still the contagion spreads.

It is in my walls.

It is in my blood
and in my mind.

Is it any wonder that
I've not slept?

If such tragedies befall me
while I wake,

what kind of hell awaits me
should I ever fall asleep?

You have failed me for
the last time, Monseur Marchal.

I do not know that man.

Would you have him tossed in jail,
Sire, or in the nearest ditch ditch?

Sire, when you were born,
I was six years old.

Hold your tongue! Let him speak!

From that day to this,
I have prayed that Almighty God

would give me
the chance to serve you.

I kneel before you today

to beg for one thing,


You have it.

I came to express my regret.

Your sympathy is unnecessary.

No one has served His Majesty
with greater devotion.

But I shall not just miss you
as a colleague.

I shall miss you as a friend.

Then let me
give you a word of advice:

The truth and
nothing but the truth.

I fear the King is deaf to warn.

Tell him what he needs to know,
not what he wants to hear.

If we are carried all our lives,

we soon forget how to walk.

I do not understand
why the King allowed it.

A sign of weakness, perhaps?

Magnanimity, strength.

Cruel one moment,
kind the very next.

The winds of power are not constant.

Now, let us talk of the future.

How might I repay you?

With your loyalty.

The courtyard is a ladder.
Have you ever noticed that?

But opportunity does not
shine equally for all,

but you can't believe you have
the misfortune to be a woman.


when my noble clients
require a little help,

I'm here.

And there are many.

How may I help you?

I fear my good friend,
Madame de Montespan,

may soon need allies.

I want you to befriend her.

What use would she have of me?
She already has you.

The more powerful your friends,

the longer you remain
up the ladder.

As I help you climb,

you help me

expand my clientele

on every rung
that meets your foot.

I will do as you ask.

The world may be poisoned
but you are the antidote.

And until he realizes this?

He shall continue to prying,

interrogating, hitting people.

It's not what you do,
it's who you are.

This poison is like love.

How so?

It has a mystery ingredient.

I do not yet know
where it comes from

but I will not stop looking
until I find out.

You see, it's not what I do,
it's who I am.

Where are you going?

To a house of ill-repute.
Many of these women are very sick.

Will I find you here
when I return?

Do you wish to find me?

You're the detective.

The English will have sight
of the Dutch coast in days.

Turenne will retain command

but you are to take charge
of the assault on Maastricht.


And Amsterdam?

It will be yours.

You are placing the entire fate
of France in my hands, Why?

I hardly have to say it.

Might be nice to hear.


Whose? Ours.

It is time for you to
carve your name in history.

I was always under the impression
only one of us could win.

There can be two winners,

providing they are
on the same side.

We are on the same side,
aren't we?

How are you sleeping?


let's consider the route.

Madamoiselle d'Clermont.

I believe Duchess d'Cassel

is now the correct
mode of address.


I'm not proud of the title.

I must apologize.
I haven't offered my condolences

for your mother.

It was quite a blow.

Your own mother is... Gone.

A few years ago.

She'll be looking down,
no doubt glad to see you

happily married.

I fail to see how any
marriage can be happy.

If the terms are satisfactory,
the union


For some, heaven.

Others, a prison

with no escape.

There is always means of escape.

It is merely
a case of finding it.

I have a friend who
specializes in such matters.

Excuse me.

Another four weeks,
perhaps five.

Do you have other children?

Where are they?

Well, one fell to the pox
and two with my cousin in Lyon.

And Father Etienne
takes care of the others.

Father Etienne?

Takes confession and gives money
to those who aren't earning.

And, if we have unwanted children,

takes them off our hands and places them
in a hospital for orphans and strays.

He is a saint, mark my words.

I shall return in a week.
Avoid too much exertion.

I'll spend my days in bed, then!

You must be Father Etienne.

And you must be the angel who
aids these girls in their afflictions.

I wouldn't call pregnancy an affliction.
I would!

You take unwanted babies into care?

Well, we have a small home for
orphans near Saint-Denis, yes.

They each receive food,

a bed, an education, and are
kept as far away as possible...

the sins of their mother.

Well, I prefer errors.

If only there were
more like you.

We all do what we can.

I'll shall be back later,


Then I shall expect
to find you and the bed

quite warm.

Brother, history will show you
to be the finest player in France.

What you notice about billiards
is that there is no strategy.

Only tactics.

You missed deliberately, Thomas.

No, Sire. I merely
lacked the necessary skill.

I would have thought that
a man facing such a journey

would have his mind
on other matters.

What journey would that be?

You may speak freely.

Madame de Montespan
has my trust.

To have an intelligent woman
as one's counsel

is, perhaps,
the best tactic of all.

If I may, Madame,

I believe women to be the equal to men
where strategy is concerned.


Well, it seems to me, Sire,
that living in Versailles

is a constant balance between
power and negotiation.

It is women

who must negotiate the hallwayss
of Versailles with no power at all.

Not all women are without power.

Please do not
misunderstand me, Madame.

Your skills may
not be visible to most

but they are just as effective.

The journey, Sire, is war.

You are preparing
to leave for Holland.

No, I'm staying here.

I see.. Then who will
lead the army, Sire?

My brother.

Yes, he showed great bravery
in the Spanish Netherlands.

I remember hearing
such stories about him.

He is a master of the battlefield.

While you are a master of war,
are you not, Sire?

Battles require tactics,
war requires a strategy.

Are you saying that my brother

is also good at billiards?

I am saying
nothing at all, Sire.

Not from where I'm standing.

It is rather surprising
how many words

are emanating from your mouth.

I was rather under the impression
that writers were busy writing

rather than talking.

My only wish, Sire,
is to chronicle your exploits.

Why did you not speak before?

Following the death
of her child,

I wondered, perhaps she
was not of her right mind.

Madame de Montespan does
nothing without forethought.

She is a forceful woman and God is
punishing her with equal potency.

I hope her compulsion
was not persuasive.

Your Majesty, my vows
of chastity are sacrosanct.

I am relieved to hear it. The King
must be informed, of course.

We shall visit him together.

He will, no doubt,
dismiss my own account.

But he can hardly question
the word of a man of God.

Very attractive,
don't you think?

As are it's contents.


Of a sort, yes.

Each is carefully crafted

to induce certain
feelings and pleasures.

Whether you seek repose

or stimulation,

We have just the thing for you.

Here, the perfect stimulus
for a dreary day.

Only 6,000, but for you...(five)

Are you looking
for something special?

Deep water, Your Highness?

No, and I have no intention of it.

Well, allow me to
convince you otherwise.

Being at Versailles and not throwing
one's money around is frowned upon.

Good morning, Your Highness.

May I interest you in some silks?

I find wool to be
more insulating.

But then you
are wearing a sheep.

It's better than wearing a worm.

These are all fetching.

Packing fragrance, Your Highness,
to perfume your fabric.

That is all?

Oh, how bizarre.

Duchess, your beauty puts
every woman in the room to shame!

You once mentioned
a friend of yours

that offers marriage advice.

I think you will find her
a source of great wisdom.

Where will I find her?

Her hand...

on your person?

To steady herself, perhaps?

That, of course, was the first thought
that came into my head, Sire.


Have you ever lost a child?

No, Sire.

Then what qualifies you to speak
of her state of mind or motives?

If I understand the details correctly,
her motives were very clear

and inapropriate towards
someone Of The Cloth.

They were of a sensuous nature.

My King?

Leave the matter with me.

Is that how you
seduce all the women?

Did it work?

You're still here.

I like that.

Did you miss me?

If the King sees you...
You're dead.

He's given me his blessing.

I kissed his hand.

And now,

I kiss yours.

We have so much
catching up to do.

Father Pascal came to visit me,

just after the passing
of our daughter.

I was feeling weak and faint
and I almost collapsed.

As I did, I stretched out a hand

and I clasped him
by the cassock.

He helped me to my feet

but his hands wandered
in the most intrusive way.

You have not
mentioned this before.

I did not,

because, frankly, I
feel sorry for him.

Imagine listening to
the sordid confessions

of the most beautiful women
in court, all day..

He's a starving man
at a banquet.

Have not you noticed how
he looks at her: Her Majesty?

One has to wonder
what else is really going on.

Are you in love with him?

My King...

I believe he made up this story
to make you jealous

and to seduce you.

Why do you listen to that woman?

Why do you hate her so?

Is it wrong to hate the woman who's
poisoned and twisted my husband's mind?

At least you admit
hatred was your motivation.

You're putting me through hell!

The flames will do wonders
for the ice around your heart!

Ariadne sent me.

Your husband is sick.

How do you know?

Because you're here.

Is there a cure?

There is.

A slow treatment,

which may cause discomfort
over a period of time

or a rapid remedy
with instant effect.

The slow treatment,
will he be aware of it?

He will but have
no sense of the cause.

My dear,

the choice is simple:


or suffering.


Why does the King

get to declare war and I don't?

Why can't I do that?

In fact, you know,
I think I will.

I will declare war on someone today.

You can't go.

I forbid it.

I don't care.

Very well.

Then I shall come with you!

You can't stop me.

If you want to come to war,
you can't bring this.

Regrettably then, I will remain.

Anyway, you know my opinion
on mud and tulips.

I shall stay here,
keep the bed warm.

And spend my money.

Fortunately, you can
stop worrying about that,

for I have come into
an inheritance.

My uncle Hugh, miserable bugger!

The only time I ever saw him smile
was when his wife fell off a horse.

You'll miss him terribly,
I suppose.

Not as much as I
will miss you, darling.

I beg your pardon. The door...


What's the matter?

He once commanded
me to tell him,

should the situation ever arise,

if a woman ever tilt his mind

on matters of state...

How can you be sure it is
she who affects him so?

All I know is,

ever since he has chosen Madame,

our needs are plenty and
his time is finite.

We can all be drunk in love, Bontemps.

Drunk or sober,

he will not listen to me.

As his valet,

I have no voice.

Come and have a drink with me.

Perhaps, you should
try to get some sleep, Sire.

Kings do not sleep.

The wise ones do, Your Majesty.

I've seen you sleep.

I must speak my mind, Sire.

These are not
the words of a valet.

No, Sire. They are
the words of a friend.

Well, I do not
wish to hear them.

I anticipated that, Sire,

So, I have given
my words to another.



both my brother and my valet

are plotting against me,
is that right?

Not long ago, you looked me
in the eye and said...

Is this madness?

"Any woman would
influence me in matters of state..."

That's enough!

"You will tell me and
by the morning, she will be gone."

I said enough!


It was your idea, was it?

This spectacle!

It was mine.

You? You don't care enough!

Sire! Yes!

Yes! It was my idea.



A mug of wine!

It's not yet 9 o'clock!

I have made an
enemy of the Queen

and she is plotting against me.

I need wine.

I can understand her disapproval

but conspiring against another
seems far beyond her character.

But it's that idiot priest!

He's turned her to it.

Father Pascal?
I find that surprising.

He's both devout

and inspiring.

Sometimes, Francoise, you're so naive.

I wonder if it's just an elaborate joke
you're playing on us all.

At my office.

We are the only people
who work around here!

Nobles come here to play,

and not to work.
Has your niece, Isabella,


Imminently, as I understand it.

I hope I'm clear, I must confess
I pleaded with her not to come.

Why ever not?

Versailles is no place for
a young, impressionable girl.

She insisted, naturally.
As they all do.

Hoping to come to court
in the hope of catching

some important noble eye.

But lately,

I find the palace to be
a den of depravity.

Most unsuitable.

Will we win?

I believe so.

But I confess
I was surprised when

the King chose to remain.

As glorious as he is

on the battlefield,
he is not his brother.

No doubt, he prefers to
confront his adversaries

closer to home.

But where is the glory in that?

Swords over muskets any day,
if you ask me!

A fight is not a fight unless
there's a blade involved!

You're not going.

Kings must lead,
they do not follow.

I'm called by a higher purpose
to command my armies myself.

It is I who must go.
You are to remain here.

Is that it?
No apology, no nothing!

I cannot stay here any longer.

What is this higher purpose?

Bontemps, he came to me
because he was concerned,

because we're all concerned.

Then you will know
why I must go.

Take me with you.

Side by side on the battlefield...

I need you here, while I'm gone.

Who knows, perhaps in war,
I will find some peace

but the palace needs
protection with rules

with an iron hand.

Our survival depends on us both.

I will fight the war in Holland.


brother. Fight the war here.

I'm sorry, Philip.

Destiny calls us

to a greater mission.

Perhaps His Majesty

has forgotten.

Whilst I appreciate
my brother's bravery,

I believe he is a winner
of battles, not wars.

I shall lead
he attack on Holland.

This is wonderful news, Sire!

Your loyalty gives
me great comfort.

The question of Regent remains.


I owe you an apology.

My mother asked you
for your help.

You gave it gladly

and received, in return,
a betrayal of that goodwill.

Is that why you came here?

To apologize?

In part.

I also came here because
we have a common acquaintance.

A curious woman,
lives in the village.

Sometimes goes by the name of.


You know her? Yes.

And now she has
asked me to help you.

With what?

You tell me.

Well, I cannot think
what she meant.

Do you know the
Queen's new confessor?

Father Pascal.

I know his face

and reputation.

Perhaps we should
take a turn in the garden.

I hear the lilies are in bloom.

You are here
for confession, perhaps?

No, I came here on

a matter of some delicacy.

I will help you
in any way I can.

There is a letter
that must be written to

a person of great importance.

Surely, you are able to write.

My father taught me to wield
a sword, not a quill. For shame!

The contents, as I said,

really are most sensitive.

I see.

Come with me.

What do you wish to say?

"To my Queen..."

my life,

my love,

pity me.

Forgive me.

I was tempted

by the sins

"of the flesh."

Can you please press
this bloom between the fold?

I believe this is what
heaven must smell like.

The chapel should
be filled with them.

Very pleasant.

What is the meaning of this letter?

Alas, it's a suicide note.

My son,

you do not plan
to take your own life?

Not mine, no.

Watch over me while
I take my rest

and deliver me from danger.

May thy grace be with me always.



I admire your devotion.

I know no greater love
in this world.

Will you pray for me, Madame,
when I go to war?

Sire, I pray for you


I wish I could
be of more comfort.

I don't need comfort,
I need another brother.

What will you do?

What I always do:


And he knows it.

Do you want me to say what I think
or what you want to hear?

I think you're behaving like a child who
always wants the toys other children have.

Instead of sulking
because your brother is king,

you should be a
king in your own right.

He has an empire.

Why can't you build an empire?

He has a dynasty.

Why can't you build a dynasty?

You're my king.

Knock, knock!

I have found
just the thing for you:

Some thick wool from
the sheep of England.

Perfect for hats, gloves

and if you're that way
inclined, underwear.

Shall I come back later?

Good idea!

I see.

Here I was looking for
someone to declare war on,

when the answer was
right under my nose.

In accordance with the
laws of our kingdom,

I, Louis XIV, King of France,

solemnly confirm that in my
absence for reasons of war,

the Regency of France
and all her possessions

shall be placed in the hands of

Maria Theresa of Austria,
Queen of France,

Queen Consort of Navarre.

My mother performed the
same role with distinction.

I know I can rely on you
to do the same.

I'll take you to the salon

to effect some key introductions.

Please allow me that honor?

Chevalier de Lorraine,
may I present my niece, Isabelle.

Isabelle... Le Chevalier,

one of the court's

most charming bachelors.

I can see already,
you will be a great success.

I assure you, she is in safe hands.

Isabelle, let me introduce you to one of the
most glorious members of the royal family.

Phillipe, Duke d'Orleans,
Duke d'Anjou and brother to the King.

Welcome to Versailles.

I trust I shall see you later?

Who knows? Isabelle and I
have a very busy day ahead of us.

Excuse me.

I am looking for some seeds.

What kind of seeds?

Akar Saga.

Why that seed?

I'm a student of
the healing arts.

No one can take from this plant.

I cannot help you.

I have many other seeds
with? Properties.

Perhaps you have
some Ashoka seeds?

I have a patient with
an intestinal disorder.

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Help! Help! Help! Help!

Get out of my way!


Do you hear me?

Are you hurt, my dear?

May I suggest that
I help you out of here?

Come on!

Step aside!

Out of my way!

I believe this was intended
for you, Majesty.

Is it by his hand?

How could he do such a thing?

How indeed?

I'm sorry for your loss.

He's not a man to
take his own life.

The note was by his hand.

You think otherwise?

I don't know what to think, Sire.
I'm too bound in grief right now.

You understand the weight that falls
upon your shoulders in my absence?

Trust your advisors,
keep your own counsel.,

hide your true feelings.

Good day, Madame.
Make me proud of you.

Your word will be law, Sire, and
disobedience will find it's reward.

Please, take me with you.

I will be safer at war in Holland

than at war here.

You fear the Queen as Regent?

Right now, Sire, I fear
everything I've ever dreamed of.

No harm will come to you.

His Majesty does not see
how strong she is.

She knows the place that
you have in my heart

and she will do anything
she can to come between us.

She will rule on my behalf,
not on her own.

You decided to be your
own First Minister!

You decided to rule alone.
You chose me!

You kissed me by the fountain.
It was you and only you!



I cannot remember the
last time that I truly slept.

Take some herbs, Your Highness.

It will help.

If you say they will help.

I do, with all my heart.

What happens now?

We close our eyes and
we welcome sweet oblivion.

You knew I'd come, didn't you?

Tomorrow I leave for war.

I needed to say goodbye.

Your Highness, the King.

I was lost

but now, I am found.

I was lost

but now, I am found.

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy