Versailles (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Miasma - full transcript

As Sophie reluctantly marries the brutal Cassel Madane de Foix is arrested as the poisoner and kills herself in prison. Philippe and the petulant Chevalier fall out but Louis warms to the ...

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy



Search the Palace,
the village, everywhere!

Find her!

Put him on the table!

Will I make it?

You're a very lucky man.

Either your heart is
not where it's supposed to be,

or else you don't have one

Well, let's hope it's the former.

Don't even think about it.

Go, find her.
Yes Sire!

Will he live?

Monseur Marchal is expected
to make a full recovery, Sire.

Did you really think you
could live in my Palace

and kill my minister and his wife
without suffering the consequences?

What of my son, Sire?
Please do not punish him!

I am entitled!

Every day, for the rest of his life,

your son will suffer
the shame of knowing

his mother betrayed her king,
her country and her family!

As for you, you will be decapitated
before the entire court.

You are walking blindly towards
an enemy that you do not know.

You have opened the door to him
and now he will destroy you.

Who is this enemy?

Do you have any idea
the hell you created here?

Hundreds of nobles,
driven from their homes,

forced to live in squalor,
told how to behave,

what to wear, when to eat!

Give me a name.

He has no name.
Everyone has a name.

Come closer, Sire and I'll tell you.




If anyone here present knows a good reason

why these two should not be
joined in Holy Matrimony,

let him declare it now.

I hereby pronounce you
man and wife.

She left at dawn.

Oh, dear!
A disappointing wedding night?


I was worried you may have
reached the early hours,

and decided some
consummations were in order.

Look at the table.

That is your your clothes bill
for the last month.

Yes, and?
15 pairs of new breechess.

How many times do I have to tell you?
They are not clothes, they are costumes!

They allow me to express my
every mood and whim!

They also cost a fortune.

Since when does that concern you?

You're one of the richest men in France
and it's never bothered you before!

You are the apple of my eye
but stop taking me for granted.

In two words: total humiliation.

He showed no interest
in me whatsoever.

He said he found me unappealing
to the eye and he preferred men.

How awful for you!
What will you do?

A lot of horse riding

and I shall speak with him.

I came here to bear children, not to listen
to my husband snoring like a Schnauzer!

I hope my husband shows
no interest in me, whatsoever

Judging by her frown,

I would say Her Highness passed a
night of frustration rather than passion.

Athenais, I think you
should return to your rooms.

Your daughter is unwell.

Did you summon the doctor?

Well, what use will I be?

It is the King's child.

Believe me,
the King does not love me

for my ability to bear children,

let alone look after them.

You are free to go.

Have you found the murderer?


Who is it?

Mother, what have you done?

Believe me, I did it
all for you, my love.

For me?

You have destroyed our family!

You have destroyed our reputation!

You have destroyed me!
No, don't say that!

Forgive me! Forgive me!

When did it start?

The child showed signs of
fever during the night, Sire.

I wish to see the doctor.
Of course.

Is it the pox?
I believe so, Sire.

the child has a high fever

and the first signs of
pustules on the face and neck.

And what treatment
do you propose?

Normally, I would advise the
child be removed from the Palace.

Then move her.

She's too weak, Sire. We have
no choice but to keep her here.

I will prepare an unguent
for the pustules on the face

and a herbal infusion
to lower the fever.

All the windows must be closed.

and the Palace fumigated.


We're close to marshland here.

there's evidence that ailments
such as this are transmitted

through the ears and mouth.

Sire, I believe you place
too much faith in this doctor.

This doctor saved my life and
will save the life of our daughter.

Fumigate the Palace.
Yes, Sire.

It may become stifling.

May I suggest that His Majesty
removes Himself from the Palace

and takes the air?

You're right.

Inform my brother that
he will hunt with me.

My dear fellow, you seem lost.
Is it the smoke?

No, I'm not lost.

Not lost and not welcome.

The door is behind you.

And if you see your mother,
do thank her for the gift.

Another reason to
fumigate the Palace.

Excuse me.

I wanted to discuss something
you said to me the other day.

You said you knew about my past.
What exactly did you mean by that?

You've not always been a
loyal servant to the King, have you?

What do you mean?

You were involved
in a plot against him.

Bold accusations
need strong evidence.

Believe me, I have enough evidence
to have you sent to the gallows.

We've, all of us, made errors.
We're made to regret it.

You made an error.

Don't make another
by ignoring what I say.

What do you want from me?

What sort of information?

The sort of information that only
a Minister to the King has access to.

The King is planning to
go to war against Holland.

I want to know his plan of attack.

What will you do
with this information?

Use it in my book, what else?

Care to explain
what's going on?

We are fumigating the Palace,
Your Highness.

And asphyxiating it's occupants.

His Majesty's daughter
is sick.

And this is going
to make her better?

The King has asked me
to inform you that

he wishes you to
hunt with him today.

Thank you for the invitation
but I must decline.

I have an appointment with a poet.

Perhaps, I may
accompany His Majesty.

I don't see why not, I shall...

That's an excellent idea.

...inform the King.

Your Highness

Well, follow me.
Of course!

Was His Majesty aware that

it is the female wild boar
who rules the group?

I was not.

And the mating season lasts
only a month and a half.

She has the King's favor!

Talking of mating seasons,
I hear that,

your marriage is prospering.

Yes, Sire.

Monseur Marchal,

I'm relieved to see
you return to your post.

Have you questioned the prisoner?

Not yet, Sire. I wish to
discuss it with His Majesty first.

She is a member of the nobility.

Treat her as you would
any other murderer.

Over there, Sire!

Between the trees!
I see nothing.

A wild boar, 200 pounds
A made game, I say.

It would be a trifle dangerous.

Where did you acquire these poisons?
I want to...

Where did you...
I want to see my son!

Tell me first who
sold you the poisons.

To do so
may save your life.

We both know that
I'm already condemned.

Then you have nothing to lose.

Nothing to gain.

Allow me see my son

and I'll tell you what
you want to know.

With any luck, this will alleviate
the inflammation to the skin.

And the scarring?

She'll be blemished
for life, won't she?

If she lives, yes.

Then she'll be put in a convent.

You would deny your child a place at court
because her skin is not perfect?

You do not know how the court works.

Oh, I know.

Beauty opens every door in
the Palace, even the King's.

How would you know?

One step to the left,
one step to the right,

two steps forward.

Remember to straighten
your shoulders, thus.


I was just telling Thomas

that if he wants to dazzle
the women at court,

he must learn to dance.

Well, I see I am
surplus to requirements.

Where are you going? Elsewhere!

Did I upset your friend?

She's a little jealous.
Of me?

Of anyone that breathes.

Room for one more?


Five thousand.

The Nine of Diamonds

and Queen of Spades.

Oh, bother!

Ten thousand.

Seven of Hearts.

Ace of Clubs.

Oh, dear!
Lost again.

Please note that down.

Ten thousand francs debited
the account of the Duke d'Orleans.

There's no greater pleasure than
losing somebody else's money.

I was hot on her heels,
the scent of victory in my nostrils.

Then the stag fell into the ditch
and I fell in with it

The stag escaped

and they had to haul me out
with a rope and a mule!

I must tell you, Madame,

you are a breath of fresh air.

Sire, my friends call me Liselotte.

Liselotte, then.


You should come, Your Highness.

What is it?

It's the Chevalier de Lorraine.

Is he hurt?
Not exactly.

He has placed all of his losses
on your account.

How much?

My fucking money! How dare you?

Luck was against me
and it certainly is now.

You hit me!

Yes, and?

400,000 francs in two days!

That's almost a third
of my annual income!

You're hurting me!

You will kill me! Even better!

Don't come any closer!

Ha, that's right!


This little shit gambled away
half of my fortune!

Was he good in bed, that little
slut of yours?

Did he get down on
all fours like a sheep?

Yes! And I loved
every minute of it Liar!

Will you two shut up!

I've seen turkeys
with more sense.

And just when I was winning!


Get your hands off me.

What about the
gardeners and wardens?

They saw nothing, heard nothing.

I believe the murder
took place at night.

Whoever killed him
knew what they were doing.

And Madame de Foix?


I'm beginning to suspect
she's not the only murderer at court.

What do you mean?

I've been looking over
the death records at the Palace

for the past three years.

So far, I've found almost forty

which were either premature

or connected to a promotion
or an inheritance

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

What are your sins?

Since my last confession,
I accuse myself of adultery

and murder.

Forgive me, Father
for I have sinned.

What are your sins?

I accuse myself
of murder by poisoning.

Forgive me, Father
for I have sinned.

What are your sins?
I know I was weak.

I did it not for myself
but for my husband.

I am damned! Stop!

Get out, get out!
All of you! Get out, get out!

Sire, your meeting with...
Will not take place!

With the Lord's help,
the tide is turning in our favor.

The number of women at court
seeking consolation is most reassuring.

The Palace will not
be cleansed so easily.

Confession is one thing.

Discovering the path
of purity is another.

We cannot prevail
without the King's support.

If he chooses
to remain in sin,

most of the court
will remain with him.

You'll lead him to it.

I know you will.

His Majesty must
be told of this.

I fear he is not listening.

then he is a deaf fool!

These women are
confessing to murder!

Do not underestimate his stubbornness.

I do not,

just as he should not underestimate
the power of God.

I will speak with him.

Surely, the time for speaking
is over.

I shall threaten him.

And you shall have my support.

If they come
to confession,

then at least they're
pricked by conscience.

Without the truth in the soul,
it is mere hypocrisy.

But know hypocrisy is
part of our being.

We cannot tamper with nature.

My people look to the Church for
spiritual guidance and well-being,

They look to me for
security and happiness.

I cannot make them good people.

That is your job.

Then His Majesty will be
refused Communion at Easter.

It is the King's duty not merely to
appear devout before His people

but to be devout.

You would carry through
on such a threat?

I would, Sire.

You would question my faith?

Your child is sick,
is it not, Sire? Yes.

it is sick because it was born out of
a union unsanctified by God

and because it is
surrounded by sickness.

The Palace may gleam
on the outside,

but on the inside,
it is contaminated.

Remind me,
who's this man?

Father Pascal, Sire,

Confessor to Her Majesty, the Queen.

I wish never to see him again!

What sort of help?

That sort that enables you
to continue your trade.

And if we're caught?

You are always so pessimistic?

Well, that's why
I'm still alive.

Look, I know
every noble at court.

They have deep pockets
and desires without limits.

it is simply a question of getting
the produce into the Palace

without being noticed.

I'm glad you asked that.



In two weeks time, a cargo of silk
will arrive at the Palace.

Every noble at court
will want to buy some.

What if,
at the same time as silk,

they can buy
something a little extra,

hidden, for example,
inside an ornamental box!

What's in it for you?

30% and as much
produce as I require.

The die is cast.

The English fleet will be in sight
of the Dutch shores within a month.

I want our armies at the
Dutch border in two weeks.

What news from Germany?

Le Marshal Turenne has
divided his army into two, Sire.

One half stationed here,
outside Cologne,

the other half,
outside Munster

ready to strike
Holland's allies.

And Conde?

Conde expects to cross the Rhine
before the end of the week.

We have also received a message
from the Elector Palatine,

reaffirming his support.

Sire, the Elector Palatine,
do you trust him?

Allies can swiftly
become enemies.

I should remind you that his daughter
has recently married my brother.

And I should remind His Majesty that
he married a Spanish Infanta,

but he is now
at war with Spain.


You can do better than that!

Come on!

It that my brother?

I believe so, Sire.
In position!





It's called a bayonet, Sire.

It enables the soldier
to continue fighting

if he has shot his musket and
has not had time to reload.

I should have known.

I thought you'd be
pleased to see me.

I am.

Now then I've been thinking about
this plan of your to take Arnheim.

You can tell me later.
How was your wedding night?

You did your
patriotic duty, I trust?

My cannon succeeded in

breaching the enemy's defense,

if that's what you're asking.

Now then, back to my
point about strategy.

How many platoons of bayonets do we have?
Four, Sire.

I want four times
that number.

You must come, Sire!
At once!

What does the doctor say?
That we should be patient.

Then we shall be patient.

Sire, he will not
save our daughter.

His Majesty will enter?

The pustules have lost
their inflammation

but the fever has increased.

She should be bled!

Bleeding would only
weaken her.

She needs all her strength
to fight the disease.

Sire, the doctor to my family,
Dr. Rigaud

I could send word to Paris.
He could be here before nightfall.

You cannot let this child die.

Here you are.

If you banish Father Pascal from court,
you banish me too.

My dear! He stays at court
or I return to Spain.

But if Maastricht falls,

then so will Amsterdam
and the whole country.

Amsterdam will not fall.
De Witt will fall.

But what of Louis?

Louis is greedy, impetuous.

My Lord, the latest intelligence
from France indicates

that Louis has gathered
an army of almost 200,000 men.

Some of them have already arrived
in Germany, ready to attack our allies.

Monseur Witt!

My dear friend!


I have sent you a
dozen messages in the past week.

You have replied
to none of them.

Do I have to travel
all the way from Amsterdam

to find out what your plans are
to defend our country from invasion?

My plan is to defend my country with
all the men and strength at my disposal.

No doubt

but a man more cynical than myself

would see an ulterior motive
in your silence.

Such as?

William, I brought you up
as my own son.

I know you.

Your son to whom you
would deny his inheritance.

I denied you nothing.

Holland is not a monarchy

and you are not Louis.

Do not try to be like him.

Wit and wisdom, music and dance,

"A Palace of light
for the glory of France.

Then he turned his eyes
to lands far afield

with army and fleet,
his power to wield

I hope this meets
with His Majesty's approval.


You had mentioned
to me once, Sire,

an enemy who
would stand in your way.

I thought perhaps I should
include him in my account.

Have you ever heard of
William of Orange?

Only vaguely, Sire,
from the pamphlets.

He is a young man, not
disimilar to myself.

A king? No.

His family were once rulers,

or "Stadtholders",
as they call them in Holland.

His parents died
when he was a child.

He was taken under the wing
of a certain De Witt,

who is currently
leader of the government.

And why is he not Stadtholder?

Because Holland is a republic.

But he will be,
once he has eliminated De Witt.

Why do you ask
all these questions?

Man is defined by his foes,
is he not, Sire?

It must arrive within two days.
Yes, Sir.

Two minutes.

My son!

I knew you'd come.

Are you hurt?

You know what they're
going to do to me?

It's the sound of the blade
that I fear the most.

I shut my eyes
and think of you

when you were
a child, my love.

He's a cruel man.

Your father died
fighting in his service.

And now he's made of me a
criminal and you an outcast.

I shall return home.
No, you must not!

What can I do?
You must find her!

Who? It will help you.

She's in a house in the square.

I do not know...
That's enough!

Tell her Ariane sent you.

That's enough!

Farewell, Mother.

I'm sorry.

You promised.

I promised nothing, Sire.

that I could do nothing.

She's not meant to die.

You no longer work in
the service of the King.

I shall ensure you
receive a royal stipend.

His Majesty is generous.

You did the right thing, Sire.

Did I?

How do you know?

Did our daughter die
through the fault of the doctor?

Through it's own weakness?

Or was it simply God's will?

What does it matter, Sire?

I'll soon make you another.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Do you believe
in divine punishment?


I also believe
in divine forgiveness.

Thank you.

Good night, Sire. Your mistress
will be waiting for you.

No! It is you
I need tonight.

When you look at yourselves,
what do you see?

Beauty? Wit?

Refinement? Intelligence?

You are the cream of
the French aristocracy,

and the envy of
every court in Europe.

But when I look at you,

I see corruption,


temptation, greed,


There are two paths
open to you.

The path of punishment
or the path of redemption.

Redemption through light
and through good.

Redemption through purity.

I am under arrest?

I putting you to bed.

How can those hands,
that have killed so many times,

be so gentle?

Are you ready?


You really are divine.

Give me your hand.

I could eat you up.

Do you like games?

What sort of games?

I don't think I like
this sort of game.

Oh, you're not
supposed to like it.

So that's how
you want to play!

Come here!

Have you never
heard of conjugal duty?

Wail all you like,
it excites me!

Oh, you poor thing!

Do you know
what day it is today?

This is the anniversary of the day
that you took over as King.

Do you remember what
you said to me that night?

Remind me.

You said: "The secret
is not to be king,

it is to be seen to be king."

And that, my dear brother,
is what you have forgotten.

You have taken off your clothes
and shown us your frailty.

I suggest you
put them back on.

Thank you.


I came to offer my condolences.

Is that all?

You think you can destroy the
bond between the King and me

but we are stronger
than any of your sermons.

You are a sinner, driven only
by the desires of the flesh.

Oh, am I alone in that?

I've seen you
with the Queen.

Her Majesty shares my faith!

Your devotion is just a mask.
Behind it, you're like any other man.

That is what
you'd like to believe.

When I look at a woman,
I see only her soul.

Let's put that
to the test, shall we?

How dare you!

I wonder how the Queen would react
if I told her you placed a hand on me.

She would not believe you.

Perhaps not, though she is stupid enough
to believe anyone.

Take you, for instance.

However, the King
will take my word...

For now,

You continue to seduce
him with your wit and wiles

but the day will come when he
sees you for who you really are:

an empty husk of
vanity and and manipulation.

Ariadne sent me.

The answer is yes.

I didn't ask a question.

Why did you come here?

I wanted to meet you.

No, you didn't.

You came here to
ask for my help,

even if you didn't know it.

Why would I want your help?
To help avenge your mother's death.

My mother's not dead.

Yes, she is.

You want my help taking revenge

on the man that killed her
and ruined your life.

You want to destroy Versailles.

That's not possible.

Everything is possible,
if you want it enough.

Why would you help me?

Because I want the same thing.

What do I have to do?

First of all, convince the King
to let you return to court.

You will stop at nothing.

Bribery, corruption,
murder, extortion.

King floods the Palace with light.

You will engulf it in darkness.

Do you agree?

Now, you belong to me.

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy