Veronica Mars (2004–2007): Season 4, Episode 1 - Spring Break Forever - full transcript

Panic spreads through Neptune when a bomb goes off during spring break. Veronica and Keith are hired by the wealthy family of one victim injured in the bombing to find out who is responsible.

VERONICA: I spent my first 19 years

trying to escape my hometown of Neptune.

Made it out, then, after a decade away,

decided Neptune needed me,

and I needed it.

I was wrong on both counts.

Neptune didn't need another
private investigator...

it needed an enema.


I'll start at the
beginning of the end...

the Maloof case.

The Mad Bomber of Neptune.

The first explosion killed four
people at the Sea Sprite Motel,

two days into the month-long bacchanalia

that is Neptune spring break.


If Neptune was the unofficial West
Coast capital of spring break,

then the Sea Sprite was
its national monument.

Kids came to Neptune to get
loose, get lit, and get laid.

SINGER: ♪ I've been
counting matchsticks ♪

♪ From the boxes ♪

♪ The seconds in reverse on
the clock, just a-waiting ♪

- ♪ For you to tell me it's time ♪

VERONICA: Me, I was just
trying to pay the rent.

SINGER: ♪ I've been keeping
my head well trained ♪

[SIGHS] Well, shit.

SINGER: ♪ Watchin' truth
come grain by grain ♪

♪ Just once I wanna hear
that something is mine ♪

- ♪ Whoa, tell me it's time ♪
- CHORUS: ♪ Time, time ♪

- SINGER: ♪ Tell me it's time ♪
- CHORUS: ♪ Time ♪

SINGER: ♪ Yeah! Hey! ♪


God hates me.

SINGER: ♪ Lost and found you
know I'll be right here ♪


SINGER: ♪ And I can
feel it's drawing near ♪

♪ Just waiting for you ♪

- Veronica?
- You got a watch dog.

That's cool. What's his name?


Dahmer likes his Snausages, doesn't he?

Yes, he does!

Yes, he does! Dahmer likes Snausages!

He needs some training.

Here it is.

- That's why my gate isn't working?
- That's right.

Your house doesn't hate you. Your
ex-husband, on the other hand...

Ohh, I knew it. That cock waffle.

Your house is very smart.

With all the Echoes,
your Nest thermostats,

your Hue bulbs, Lutron dimmers,

Sonos music system...

Can I help you find something, or...

No, I found it.

What are you doing?


This is how your ex was getting in.

He set up the router, he
knew all the passwords.

That's why your heater
would crank up to 90 degrees

when you were trying to sleep.

It's why your deceased
mom's favorite song

would wake you up at
three in the morning,

and it's why you would
lose internet access

- right when you needed to work.
- Oh, that...

vindictive sack of shit.

Wait, how would he know exactly
when I would start working?

- Camera.

It also explains why
your gentleman callers

were having their cars keyed
and their tires slashed.



Another camera?

Oh, guess not.

I should call the cops.
Just turn him in.

This sort of harassment
is nearly impossible to prove.

Oh. I want to "garrit" him.

You know what, I want to "garrit"
him, I want to stab him in the face,

and I want to cut off that
dick he's just so proud of.

Think it's "gar-ott".

- What?
- Not "garr-it".

"Gar-ote" also acceptable.

Okay, well, my point is that...

No! Not... ohh.

- Another camera.

Ohh, that asshole. Haha.

He gave me that. Just out
of the blue, as a gift.

Because he said he loved me.

You know I gave him head
that night in the shower?

Okay, so you're saying
there's nothing I can do?

I didn't say that.

I never say that.

♪ A long time ago ♪

♪ We used to be friends ♪

♪ But I haven't thought
of you lately at all ♪

♪ Bring it on, bring it on, yeah ♪

♪ Just remember me when ♪

♪ We used to be friends ♪

♪ A long time ago ♪

♪ We used to be friends ♪

♪ A long time ago we
used to be friends ♪

♪ Hey ♪

That's his house.

- Wait, how did you...
- You received the flower delivery

from his main office "in recognition
of his strong quarterly sales."

- Well, good for him.
- Not really. I sent the flowers.

And in each of the flower pots

I included two of these bad boys
pointing in opposite directions.

That and a couple of microphones.

- There he is.

There he is with his child bride.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, they're gonna do it

on our Himalayan gold
marble kitchen island.

- We'll see about that.


- EX-HUSBAND: What the...


Oh, tell me we're recording this.

"We're recording this"
is my middle name.



Just wait for it.


Okay, that's the part
I don't want to see.

It ain't gonna happen. Here.



EX-HUSBAND: What is...


Now he knows. You own him.

I just need final payment,
and I can download the apps

and passwords onto your phone.

Look, I... I know
that this isn't healthy,

it's just this divorce got so ugly.

He only wanted to pay me 90K a month.


I'm like, "Uh, no, thanks.
I know what ya make."

How much is it for you again?

Uh, six grand.

- Wasn't it 300 a day?
- An hour.

- Mm.


What... What is that?
I thought you fixed everything.

Right. Um, it's just a smoke
detector with a dead battery.

Here, um... this should do the trick.

Okay, can you install it?
That's not really my thing.


Thank you so much
for coming down, Mr. Mars.

I'm not sure how much
help I can be, Mr. Hu.

The message referenced a rat problem,

and that's not my area of expertise.

People generally call an exterminator.

Oh, I've called
exterminators. Three so far.

They find no nests, no rat droppings,

their traps catch no rats.

You sure you have a rat problem?

KEITH: Holy cuss!

A rat caused that?
Was it a 70-pounder?

- "Holy cuss"?
- Yeah, sorry.

My daughter and I have a
bet who can go the longest

without dropping an F-bomb.

I didn't think she could go 20 minutes,

and that was three months ago.

Well, that "cussing" rat was a big one.

And this sort of thing happens
every three or four days.

Customer picks up a
cabbage or a box of cereal,

and a rat pops out.

Then customers run around like
they've seen the chupacabra.

Have you thought about
calling an exterminator?

I mean, just in case?

I told you, Mr. Mars.

I spoke to several exterminators.


Sorry. Uh, brain freeze.

Have you checked footage
from your other cameras?

Maybe it's someone
releasing them as a prank

or to hurt your business.

This is my only camera.
It's to stop shoplifters.

[LAUGHS] There's no
money for improvements.

No, truthfully...

I'm not sure if I can afford you.

I'm sure we'll be able
to work something out.

My store is the only place in Neptune

where my customers can
afford to buy groceries.

But word is getting around
about our rat problem.

Of course, if those NUTTs get their way,

I'll probably have to fold tent anyway.

Hmm. Which NUTTs are those?


Is that the sweet
sound of victory I hear?

VERONICA: The spoils of war.

Who else is gonna keep
paying for those safaris

where you and your big-shot friends

hunt the most dangerous game of all.

The homeless.

It's not so much
the safari that gets ya,

it's the private jet
to Billionaire Island.

What exactly did you do for that lady?

Feminist stuff.

We got mad, we got even.

- Some scissoring.
- KEITH: All right.

How'd you make his much?

Celebrate with me!

How I made that is
between me and my maker.

I'm your maker.

You are really not
making my office drop-by

everything I was envisioning.

And what were you envisioning?

Well, a balloon drop, for starters...

maybe an "attagirl".

Oh, no.

You're feelin' emasculated, is that it?

- Honey...
- Yeah?

If feeling emasculated by my daughter
was gonna dampen my spirits,

you woulda found me out in the
garage a long time ago...

Cheap Trick in the tape
deck, tube in the tailpipe.

- What's a tape deck?
- I hate you.

Hey, do you mind stopping
by Hu'$ Reduced tomorrow

and setting up cameras?

You took the rat job?

Yeah, it's probably just
an aggrieved former employee

- releasing the rats.
- VERONICA: Hu, huh?

Any chance Hu done it?

I'm not gonna play
that game with you.

What the cuss! You're no cussing fun.

I'm gonna Irish-exit this wingding.

Tell the host it was lame AF.

KEITH: Why are you sounding like that?

My millennial speak?

Just gettin' into the
spring break spirit.

At my place, we have already hung
our beer goggles over the fireplace,

boofed the traditional
Spring Break Kamikaze,

And watched Revenge of the
Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise.

- Logan back?
- No. Just me and Pony.

Logan's in Somalia.

Maybe... Burundi?


Chernobyl? I don't know.

Do you expect sympathy from a man

who couldn't stop his teenage daughter
from poking around murder cases?


you wanna go see a bunch of NUTTs
try to destroy Neptune tonight?

Intrigued. Which nuts?

Neptune United for a Tidy Town.

Its members self-identify as NUTTs.

They're trying to jam through a
bunch of beautification ordinances

at tonight's City Council.

Ooh, God, no. But you... you should go.

Break stuff, old man.
The struggle is real.

Hashtag JOMO.

Pics or it didn't happen!

- Bye, Felicia!

Hi, Pony. Hi, bud.

How ya doin'? Do you need to pee?

Yeah, you better.

'Cause if you don't need to pee,
that means... you peed in...


Daddy's home?


Hey! Hi!

MAN: What's up?!


RENEE: Ooh, I do not mind if I do.

LISA: Bitch, get in line.

- What, that guy?
- Yeah. Blue trunks?

I've seen better.

Though he does look strong.

Like, really strong.

Hey, Blue Trunks!

I'm thinking he might be dumb.

You don't get lats
like that from reading.

As me how many shits
I give about his brain.

How many shits do
you give about his brain?

- None.
- Then why bother having me ask you?

Hey there.

How much do you bench?

- Three-fifteen.
- Good.

So, my refrigerator
is broken or something,

and it just so happens my
neighbor from a few blocks away

put a perfectly good one curbside.

I'm assuming it works.

Feel like carrying it
into my apartment for me?

What's in it for me?

A hand job?

With eye contact?

Fine, if you hang
two other shelving units

and carry my old refrigerator back down.

- What floor are you on?
- Third.

- Full-on sex.
- Sold.

But I come first, no back door,
and I'll need a ride to work after.

How far away do you work?

Are you gonna keep talking this much?

Because we could forget the whole thing.

Let's go.

LISA: Hey, uh, I don't need

to move anything, and I
live on the first floor.

- Lisa.
- What?

That sounds like a much better deal.

What did I tell you about talking?

I'm gonna cuss your brains out.

SINGER: ♪ Waking life ♪

♪ It grew from the shadow ♪

♪ Brace yourself ♪

♪ To the morning low ♪


♪ Night is gone, long way... ♪

- We oughta get a bigger couch.
- LOGAN: Yeah.

♪ You've waited long enough to know ♪

♪ When the memory ♪

♪ Leaves you ♪

♪ Somewhere you can't make it home ♪

♪ When the morning comes to meet you ♪

- VERONICA: Oh, I need the...
- LOGAN: You need... Yeah.


I don't suppose you want to tell me

how you got that giant bruise
on your shoulder, do you?

LOGAN: What bruise?

Oh, this bruise.

I fell off a motorcycle.

Flew over the hood of a
car. I tucked and rolled.

Yeah, I saw that
Mission: Impossible too.

LOGAN: Eh, I tried.

Have you considered that
maybe my life just is really

Mission: Impossible-esque?

Consider it? I assume it.

There's sand in your bag!

I knew you were in the Middle East.

LOGAN: Or, I hate to bring
up Occam's Razor here, but...

maybe I set my bag down on the beach
20 feet outside your front door.


No, this feels like Kuwaiti sand.

You really shouldn't be
digging through the bag

of a naval Intelligence officer.

That's what you say you are.

I'm still thinking you're
an international playboy

breaking hearts in exotic lands.

Sounds like you should lock me down.

Be careful. Some girls might
think you're proposing marriage.

Or, in words you can
understand, an Echolls Ultimatum.

LOGAN: No, you had it
the first time: marriage.

I just forgot what it was called.

Let's get married!


Okay, weirdo, let's get married.

LOGAN: I'm serious.

If you were serious, you'd be
in the same room as your intended.

And there'd be a ring
involved... or so I'm told.

How many pockets have you searched?

The pocket on the right.

WTC, dude.


I think it goes something like this.



- Veronica...
- Stop. Stop. Don't.

Don't. Please.

We're not getting married.

I thought we were on
the same page about that.

- Yeah.
- Look at my parents.

Look at your parents.

And every day I go to work,
and I watch married people

destroy each other. So, um...

- No.
- Veronica, I...

VERONICA: I need to go, um, meet
my dad at the City Council meeting.

I promised him that I would, and...

'cause big stuff's happening
and it could affect the business.

All right, I gotta go.

DICK: You know what this is?

- That's a used condom.

This morning I was taking a walk on

one of Neptune's
beautiful public beaches,

and there it was.

Bullshit, you were takin'
a walk on a public beach.

As a boy growing up in
Neptune, this was paradise.

But for the past 20 years
we've been in decline.

And that's what Neptune
United for a Tidy Town

is all about: returning
Neptune to its former glory.

You know, my stint in the big house

taught me a number of
important life lessons.

First, don't assume they'll send you

to one of those country club prisons.

- But second,

beauty matters.

It lifts our spirits, it gives us pride.

Makes us better citizens.

These ordinances are the nudge we
need to get back to a better time.

Thank you.


- No To NUTT.
- Mm-hmm. Okay.

MAN: Give me the number
of interested parties

who have signed up to speak tonight.

We might run a few minutes long.

How the hell did we let
a crooked real estate tycoon

come in here and seduce us
into longing for a bygone era?

An era that never existed.

Twenty years ago they were dumping
waste water from the nuclear plant

a hundred yards from the public beach.

That's why you never got any taller.

I thought you weren't coming.

[SIGHS] I needed to
get out of my apartment.

- Logan's back.
- Logan's back?

And he asked me to marry him.

KEITH: What an asshole.

I'm guessing you haven't
picked a date yet.

MAYOR DOBBINS: Okay, up next,

local nightclub owner Nicole Malloy.

Ms. Malloy, you have three minutes.

Two and a half more than I'll need.

MAYOR DOBBINS: The best turkey I've
never had was at Comrade Quacks.

- Thank you, Mayor Dobbins.

[SIGHS] Well, this is
quite the bonanza of edicts

big Dick and his NUTTs
have thrown together.


Guess Chino gave you
lots of brainstorming time.

- Yep.
- Hmm.

Here's one that stood out to
me. "No vulgar advertising".

Any business in
particular you had in mind?

- Comrade Quacks?
- No.

Okay. Well, I'll probably sell 20,000
T-shirts in the next four weeks.

I clear ten bucks a
unit, that's 200 grand,

which is about my entire
profit margin last year. So...


does the shirt pass muster?


That's up to the
beautification committee.

Good, good.

'Cause I thought for a moment that
a rich man wanting to get richer

was trying to drive me out of business.

That's all.

Who is she?


Hey, what's the goddamn holdup?
We want to get our ducks wet!


- Ten shots of Jäger.
- BARTENDER: You got it.


Look, guys, it's a
numbers game. That's all it is.

Craig, you said that we had a 1% chance

of leaving with one of these girls?

I agree. We have a 1% chance...

times the number
of girls that we talk to.

And that is why, my friend, we are
going to play the Rejection Game.

- Rejection, that sounds...
- Rejection heavy.

Yeah, it is. But
that's the beauty of it.

So much rejection that
you grow numb to it.

I was numb by ninth grade.

How do we play?

Gabriel, that's the spirit!

We ask girls to dance with us,

and whoever collects the
most rejections, wins.

I'm in!

- We gotta get out of Sea Sprite.
- WOMAN: Shots, everyone!

Down the hatch!

Spring break! Whoo!

I can't believe my mom
screwed us over on the house.

It's because of me, isn't it?

- ALEX: Of course not.
- I'm just saying,

you're not the only sickos that
wanna get your geese greased.

I mean, I'd literally
bone any rando here.

I couldn't help but overhear
your plea for some strange dick.

Well, look no further, 'cause
there's no dick stranger than mine.

It makes a hard turn to the
left, and it just keeps going.

You gotta be shitting me!


Uh, go. Away with you!

Killing it!

GUYS: Whoo!

GIRL: Comrade Quacks rules!

Come on, come on.

Uh, hello. Ha ha ha ha!

Oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

My name... my name is Jimmy.


GUY: Hey, Nicole, can
I get another shot?

One second.

- Table 23.

JIMMY: ... and smile!

You know what? This is
goin' on my Instagram.

Brah, get my phone!

- GUY 1: I got you bro.
- GUY 2: Yeah, right here.

- Yeah!


That was my phone! Yo, what
the... You bitch...

- GUY: Whoa!
- NICOLE: What are you doing?

Try me! Try it!

- COP: Nicole, back off.
- NICOLE: What?!


Belmont, put 'em in a
Lyft back to the Sea Sprite.

But take their pictures
first, they're 86ed.

And find her shitty friends and
tell 'em to get her home now,

otherwise I'm callin' the cops, she
can sleep it off in the drunk tank.

So, tip your waitresses!


a cold and gray Chicago mornin' ♪

♪ A poor little baby child is born ♪

♪ In the ghetto ♪

♪ People, don't you understand ♪

♪ The child needs a helping hand ♪

♪ Or he'll grow to be
an angry young man... ♪


SINGER: ♪ And his mama cries ♪



♪ Here comes the sun ♪

♪ There go the raindrops ♪

♪ You are the one ♪

♪ Who makes the rain stop ♪

- Killin' it.
- SINGER: ♪ Wherever you go ♪

♪ You light the way ♪

♪ What I'd give to do ♪

- CORNY: Du...
- SINGER: ♪ This magic that you do ♪

- CORNY: Dude.
- SINGER WITH CHORUS: ♪ With just a smile ♪

CORNY: Dude.

♪ You chase the thunder ♪

♪ Here comes the sun ♪

♪ You're such a won... ♪


Dr. Miles wasn't great at
updating his patients' charts.

You say the headaches and memory
loss are relatively recent?

Last year, mostly.

More frequent lately.
It's getting worse.

I'm repeating things.

It says here you were
in quite the car accident.

- When was that?
- 2013.

We should get you in for a CT scan.

How much is that?

DOCTOR: How's your insurance?

- Um...
- DOCTOR: Couple grand.

See if that helps. Twice daily.



That's not how I'd do it.

- Are you cussin' with me?
- Don't you cussing point at me.

You know what? I'm not
cussin' around, old man.

Oh, cuss you and
the horse you rode in on.

Grow up, Veronica.

So? What's the word?

How long before we can burn
this cussing cane of yours?

Aw. You love me.

No, I just hate mounting cameras.

It's all good, it's progressing.

Everything's progressing as it should.

Are you sure?

Well, don't time
me in the 40, but, yeah.

Veronica... I am a
prime physical specimen.

So when I head-butt you,
you're just gonna dust yourself off?

I suppose so. But why
head-butt your father?

Because I just spoke to
the owner of this establishment,

and I know how much we're
getting paid for this gig.

- Oh.

There is no George Bailey moment
at the end of this story, Dad.

When we go belly up, no one's
taking up a collection for us.

- There's always that law degree.

Maybe you can do something with that.

I have two more cameras to mount.


ANCHOR: ... was in Atlanta today,

getting an early start
on a 2020 reelection bid.

- He made it clear...
- Dad. Cinnamon?

- It's anti-inflammatory.
- Well, it tastes like shit.

Well, then go drink
coffee at your mom's house.

Oh, that's right. She
doesn't let you drink coffee.

Isn't it your mom's weekend?

- I don't know. I'm just a kid.
- Matty.

- Go make some new coffee.
- No.

The news makes you grumpy.

- Hi.

How can I help you?

Hi. We're checking out a little early.

We got a room at the Neptune Grand.

Ooh... lucky you.

I'd stay there too if I could afford it.

Cool. Uh, so can you just refund
those last five nights on my card?

Oh, well now, that
is gonna be a problem.


- GUYS: Whoo-hoo!

You don't know shit, man.

The standing doctrine bones
the lower courts and litigants

because the court manipulates it
whatever ass-backwards way they want.

But in Sierra Club vs. Morton...

Oh, you're gonna bring up
an environmental suit? Come on.

Oh, dude, I'm hungry as
shit. I'll be right back.

GUY: Yeah, all right, man.

Yo! Pizza man!

Yeah, that's us! We moved out here.

- Room 29?
- JIMMY: Yeah, man.

Gimme to Jimmy!

You got a cheese and a pepperoni.

JIMMY: Yeah, man, classic shit.

Nice try. It's mushroom
and a meat lover.

You're a meat lover.

As you trek into the mine,

you notice that your
torches have been spent.

You come to a door.

Perception check.

- I'm drunk. [LAUGHS]
- I'm very drunk.

- The Wi-Fi's down.
- Yes, the Wi-Fi is down.

As it should be. No one
studies on spring break.

And what, clearing the mines of
Moria, that's crushing spring break?

They have a real cave troll problem.

SIMON: Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

I'm going to the office...
to see if they can fix it.


Hark! A weary visitor hails.

Hi. Somebody ordered pizza?

Uh, you must want the guys'
room. This is the girls' room.

- There's a lot of guys here.
- JILLIAN: Hold on.

Who ordered pizza?!

- Guys! Pizza!

I mean, just someone deal with
him, please. He's, like, super-weird.

Sorry. LaShawn's gonna help you.


- Hey.
- Tawny called, she needs her makeup case.

- Can you handle this?
- Yeah.

JILLIAN: Thank you.

- Hey, man.

Yeah, I don't think
anyone ordered a pizza here.

Mind if I take a look?

Oh! Here we go. You got
the wrong room, brother.

We're 26. You're lookin' for 29.

- Wh... Uh...
- Oh. Yeah.

GUY BY POOL: Let's do shots!

- Pizza's here!
- Tough! Finally!

Yeah, you can, uh, just...
The money's on the counter there.

Is there another pile of
change representing the tip?

There will be no money.
But when you die...

You will achieve total enlightenment.
Yeah, I saw the movie.

Yeah, Bible for douchebags.

W-Warth vs. Seldin?

Warth vs. Seldin.

Stick to contract law, bro.

Oh... Daddy likey.

- Yo, hand me my shoes.
- GUY: Where ya goin'?

The office.

I need somethin' to snack on.

No. Dude, that's what the
confirmation from your motel said.

We forfeit one night's
rent. We'll show you.

I wrote the thing.
That's not what it says.

You'll fill the room anyway, man.

Can't you just, you
know, let this slide?

He already let it slide.

Maddy, I got this.

Why don't you go to your
car and get your homework.

Hi. Sorry. I know you're
all in the middle of a thing,

but really quick: the internet is down.

Uh, he's... he's right,
Dad. The internet is down.



Homework? Now.

- Jillian to the rescue.
- Thank you.



Don't even start.

Anchovy, right?


Ooh! Yes.

Don't eat it all.


- Spring break?
- Spring break.

I told you. His family hates me.

They hired a detective
to investigate my family.

No. They're gonna meet you,

and they're gonna love
the shit out of you.

Fifty grand to walk
away, and you said no?

That's a baller move.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I'm Jimmy. Jimmy Hatfield.

- What's your name?
- Jillian.

Oh, Jillian. That's cool.

You wanna come to an impromptu
party later in room 16?

- I may swing by.
- All right, cool.

- I'll put you on the list.
- Nice shiner.

You should see the other guy.

[SOFTLY] Spring break, bitches!

- Good luck.
- Onward through the fog.


Gimme food!


- Stop it!




Jesus. Where there any fatalities?

They're saying four dead. I
can't believe there's not more.

That place is mobbed this time of year.

The motel owner died.

Plus a Mexican national
going to school at Cal Tech,

a law school student,

and the fiancée of Alex Maloof.

Younger brother of
Congressman Daniel Maloof.

VERONICA: Any speculation on the motive?

You know what, Dad? I gotta go.

Uh, the host is tapping his watch at me.

- KEITH: Love you.
- Love you too. Bye.

We could bring the
first course out here.

You're doing courses now? Fancy.

Oh, yeah. Salad, the whole shebang.


VERONICA: Oh-niner scum.

- WALLACE: You told Logan, no?
- VERONICA: Zip it.

LOGAN: And boom!

And-a-boom! And-a-bomb!

Aw, hell, no.

LOGAN: And-a-boom.

Hey, sweetie, you ever
seen one of these before?

It's called, uh...

What do you call it?

I call it Noah.

- No.
- No?

No, you called it somethin' else.

- WALLACE: The baby?
- That's it.

- It's a baby, Veronica.
- Mmm.

- It's what everyone's goin' on about.
- It's adorable, Wallace.

Where do you put your little Noah Fennel

when you're done playing
with it? In the garage, or...

I put him in his room.

You know, the place with all
the toys and little outfits

Auntie Veronica bought him.

I bought him one ironic track suit.

Which he does not seem
to be wearing, by the way.

One, my ass.

So now I'm in the middle
of writing a deposition,

and Wallace's mom calls again.

WALLACE: She called you again?

She calls me again to say
there's no salmon in the house.

[LAUGHING] That is not what she said.

That is exactly what she said.

She said she was worried that
Noah wasn't getting enough omegas.

From salmon.


What crazy case are you
workin' on these days, Veronica?



Sorry, I'm a little distracted because
of the B-O-M-B-I-N-G.

We put the baby to
bed about an hour ago, V.

You don't have to spell anymore.


This was really good.
Thank you, Shae.

Feel like we should probably
get going though, right?

This guy's pretty tired because
he just flew in yesterday from...

Where did you say it was
again, honey? Bikini Atoll?

Kamchatka? Isle of Lesbos...


The North Po...
Damnit, I've said too much.

- See?

- Sleep deprivation makes you easy.
- No, I'm still going strong.

Did someone say Cards Against Humanity?

- WALLACE: Oh, yeah.
- LOGAN: Oh...

SINGER: ♪ Mr. Finish Line ♪

- Ah, Dr. Jones. Good evening.
- SINGER: ♪ Mr. Finish Line ♪

There she is. Whoa.

Whoa. Whoever did this to
you better have deep pockets.

Don't lose this. Ahh...

Garcy, how ya doin'.

- Ya hangin' in there?
- Hey.

CLIFF: Ee-yikes.

Uh-oh. Ooh.

SINGER: ♪ Bring it to a boil... ♪

CLIFF: Lovely.

Two words: "Butterscotch ganache".

SINGER: ♪ Then you fire-roast
it, freeze it, toast it ♪

♪ Open up and shine ♪

♪ He's Mr. Finish Line ♪

PENN: Listen, I'm fine, really.

Well, they gave me Vicodin.

Yeah, and I'm assuming
they shaved my back, which,

you know, that'll be nice,
what with summer coming up.

Ahem. Cliff McCormack,
Esquire, for any legal needs.

[WHISPERS] I'm on the phone.

On the phone. Leave that
right there. Thank you.

Yeah. Yeah... no, I'll... I'll
be back at work before you know it.

[LAUGHING] Yeah! That's...

Yes, peak season.


CLIFF: Vanessa.

Enough with the keto diet. Please.

Real women have curves.

I can't have you in here
talking her ear off. She needs rest.

Do you have any idea how many
women fall asleep when I talk?

Cliff McCormack. I'm here to help.

Now, I know this may
seem strange to you,

but I have been practicing
law for over 20 years...

MARCIA: Now, one of your
brother's friends told us

that your family owns a home
here in Neptune, is that right?

- DANIEL: Yes.
- Okay. And that at the last minute

you told Alex and his friends
that they couldn't stay there.

I'm sorry, how is that important?

Well, if whoever placed this bomb

didn't know that Alex and
his friends would be there,

it could narrow our field of suspects.

There was a miscommunication with Alex.

We're in the middle of
a remodeling project.

Ah. Politics seems
like a pretty ugly business.

You make many enemies along the way?

- None that would stoop to thi...
- We would like to speak

to the person in charge.
Are you in charge?

- Oh. No.
- DANIEL: Mother, please.

Ma'am, I'm in charge.
I'm the chief of police.

And if you'd like to get
higher then me in Neptune,

you're gonna need a ladder to heaven.

When my son wakes
up, he's going to learn

that he has lost a hand,

and that the sport he loves,
he can no longer play.

There is that.

Plus, his fiancée is dead.


That too. Of course.


Think I'll let you spend
some time with your family.

And we will come back once
you've had a chance to settle in.

- Thank you, Congressman.
- Thank you.

MARCIA: Let's go.

Chief Langdon. Lieutenant
Sargent. What are the odds?

[SCOFFS] Ambulance chaser.


Look, whenever I don't know what
to do next, I opt for suing someone.


Cliff McCormack. You shouldn't
be paying for any of this.

- We're not worried about money.
- Good to know.

- You're a lawyer.
- Indeed I am.

We need to find out
who did this to my brother.

Your chief of police doesn't
inspire much confidence, so...

do you know anyone who can help?

As a matter of fact...

DANIEL: That's all I want, Mr. Mars.

Find out who planted that bomb.
Bring me that information.

I did some checking.
You're well respected here.

By some.

You realize we won't have access
to the same forensic evidence

as the police department.

But th-they won't share that with us.

Maybe they'll solve it.
Although I have my doubts.

This is a problem for
my family, Mr. Mars.

We're choosing to throw money at it.

Are you interested?

Of course.

Is there a reason to suspect
that your brother was the target?

- Only in the broadest sense.
- AMALIA: Excuse me.

I would like some tea.

- Mrs. Maloof, my daughter is...
- Is happy to get you some tea.

I hope English Breakfast is your thing.

But as far a specific reason someone
might want your son harmed... ?

We're wealthy. I'm an
Arab-American congressman.

And, uh, I suppose there's
the matter of your rate.

VERONICA: It's 300 an
hour and 5,000 retainer!

She does the books.


JOSEFINA: Esta bien.





- BOY: Yeah!

Whoa-whoa! Bup-bup.



DODIE: Sí, señor.

VERONICA: End of an era.

I've photographed some
enthusiastic acts of adultery here.

How's Logan takin' the
rejected marriage proposal?


Seems unfazed. Undaunted.

He's behaving like an
emotionally mature adult.

I caught him playing with a baby.


You dump that clown. [KISSES HEAD]

- Look at all these reporters.

Congressman's brother.
Press is gonna be all over this.

Who's he?

See all that? Just...

Pizza guy.

He just left the office
when the bomb went off,

took some shrapnel in his back.

He's been all over the news.

And that?


Let me find out.


VERONICA: This Sea Sprite bombing.

I like to think I would have walked
away if we didn't need the money.

Knowing what I know now... I wish I had.

But there was a girl...

and I started to care about the girl.

And if you know anything
about what I do...

... that's never good.