Veronica Mars (2004–2007): Season 4, Episode 2 - Chino and the Man - full transcript

Veronica and Keith launch their investigation. Their involvement puts Police Chief Langdon on edge. Penn goes public with his theory on who the bomber is. Meanwhile, local teen Matty Ross begins her own search for her father's killer.

VERONICA: Previously on Veronica Mars...

BIG DICK: As a boy growing up
in Neptune, this was paradise.

And that's what Neptune United
for a Tidy Town is all about.

- No to NUTT.
- Okay.

- Dad. Cinnamon?
- Matty...

I can't believe my mom
screwed us over on the house.

It's because of me, isn't it?

His family hates me.

Wi-Fi's down.

As it should be. No one
studies on spring break.


KEITH: They're saying four dead.

The motel owner died.

Plus a Mexican national,
a law school student,

and the fiancée of Alex Maloof,

younger brother of
Congressman Daniel Maloof.

Find out who planted the bomb.
Bring me that information.



- Veronica.
- VERONICA: Stop. Stop.

- We're not getting married.
- KEITH: How's Logan...

takin' the rejected marriage proposal?

Seems unfazed.

He's behaving like an
emotionally mature adult.



What are you doin' here?

Moth to a flame. [NERVOUS CHUCKLE]

Look, you gotta help me out, Magnus.

I'm fiending.

You need to get clean, man.

Do I? Maybe I'm just
being true to myself,

and my true self really
needs heroin, so...

- MAN: Hey.
- Oh.


Did you screw Heidi?

Whoa. I did not screw Heidi, man.

To be honest, I... I... I
don't even know who she is.

- My baby sister.

Runs with Daryl's crew?

Silver hair? Blue streaks?
Big ol' fake titties?

Oh. Wait. That's your sister?

Cool girl. Really cool.

Hey, can I get my heroin, please?

- I don't have any...
- ADDICT: I gotta get out of here.

James, no, no, no, no!


What... What did you do?!

Look at him.

He's a cop.

He's a frickin' cop!

DICK: [ONSCREEN] How's that clown a cop?

That's my first take.


VERONICA: After Logan
proposed, I expected fallout.

Some tears, maybe. An avalanche
of anger and resentment.

But the only person feeling
resentful afterwards was me.

It felt like he had proposed on a lark,

and the agony I felt telling him
no was met with, "Hey, no biggie."

Okay, I think the hardest scene for me

was when I was supposed to
surf while trippin' on heroin,

'cause I had to think two
things at the same time.

- LOGAN: It's a challenge.
- You were amazing.

- Yeah?
- Well, that was somethin', huh?

Well done, superstar! Boy, they
didn't scrimp on the blood, huh?

- DICK: Hell, no.
- BIG DICK: Whoa.

Oh. Logan, Veronica.

Alright, when are you two
crazy kids gonna make it legal?

Funny you should ask.

LOGAN: Why ruin a good thing, huh?

BIG DICK: Oh, uh, Veronica, Logan,

meet my friend and associate Clyde.

- We go back to....
- LOGAN: How ya doin'.

- ya know, when I was on the inside.

And, uh, who is this?

- Uh...
- Malone.

- Yeah.
- Malone.

Yeah, I was gonna...
I was gonna say that.

So, V, I gotta say, playing
an undercover detective

has really given me a deep
appreciation for what you do.

Hold multiple thoughts at the same time?

[CHUCKLES] You know,
Veronica here's a legit P.I.

She's workin' the Sea Sprite bombing.

You wouldn't think it by looking at her,

but you know what they
say about small packages.

- That you've gone one?
- What?

Yeah, I feel weird for asking, but, uh,

what does Big Dick's right hand do?

I'm just a glorified property manager.

Oh, the guy's brilliant.
He does everything.

I thought we were going to an
after-party at DJ Khaled's house.

No, babe, the after-party
party's after this party. Yeah.

- Tim! Timmy.
- TIMMY: Hey!

- Hey, shoot me the party deets. The pa...
- TIMMY: What?

DICK: Buddy, let's party!

- Come on, baby!
- BIG DICK: I'm gonna get a drink.

- DICK: What's up, man?
- TIMMY: What's up?

So, I can't get over how
much you look like my niece.

You're probably about the
same age. When were you born?


CLYDE: Yeah. Same as her.

So, high school class of 20... 15.



I don't know what kind of math
they're teaching at your high school,

but you should probably
pay more attention.

And you should probably
go... somewhere else,

maybe the prom?

DICK: Hey, hey! Monroe!

Hey! If you're goin' to the bar,
grab me me another whatever-this-is.

Wait, what just happened?

Clyde just saved you from
statutory rape charges.

Oh. Cool.

Well, I'm gonna grab another drink,
and maybe check my star-meter.










- Go for it. You got it.

Hey, man. Uh... ¿hables usted Inglés?


Good. Good, good. Um...

[WHISPERS] ... do you know where
I can score some coke in this town?

'Cause, uh, me and my boys, we're
just lookin' to party, ya know?

[CHUCKLES] Sure thing, amigo.

Why don't you meet me at the rest stop

right before the 21 meets the PCH.

In about a hour.

Cool. Cool, yeah. I will, uh...

I'll see you there.





Mama. ¡Mama!

Use English.


We should try to blend in.


Hey, you're right. It's
like we disappeared.

What do we do now?

The boss is gonna text me the
names of his nephew's crew.

We'll track 'em down.
They should know something.


Little help!

Toss me... el ball-o.

Hey, dude! What the hell, Paco?!

You're messin' with the wrong guy.

Hey, why don't you put that
knife away? Then we can...


ALONZO: Uh-uh-uh.


GUY #2: Get out of
here. Let's let it go.

It's not worth it.

DODIE: We should do
something about our look, man.

I don't think we're blending in.

- English.

There was a Walmart when
we got off the highway.

You think these people shop at Walmart?


SINGER: ♪ A long time ago ♪

♪ We used to be friends ♪

♪ But I haven't thought
of you lately at all ♪

♪ Bring it on, bring it on, yeah ♪

♪ Just remember me when ♪

♪ We used to be friends ♪

♪ A long time ago ♪

♪ We used to be friends ♪

♪ A long time ago ♪

♪ We used to be friends ♪

♪ Hey ♪

Not quite the three-hole muni
back in Bakersfield, huh, Clyde?

No, it is not.

- Whoo.
- Hey, Dad,

what'd you say about this place?

"Expensive enough the
cart girls don't complain."


He's young.

Listen, our friend
Clyde here's a gentleman,

so no crass talk about
the ladies today, fellas.

There go my plans.

Hey! Ms. Cart Girl.

How about a few of
those tiny cognacs, huh?

- Okay.
- Member number 4947.

BIG DICK: No, no, no, no,
no. What are you, nuts?

Those are, like, sixty bucks apiece.

Uh-uh-uh, he's fine, sweetheart, sorry.

Yeah, Dad, but Logan's poor now,

so the only time he drinks the
good stuff is when I buy it for him.

Yeah, well you can buy him
all the good booze you want.

I'm not poor.

Uh, dude, I looked up
what you make online.

You're kinda poor.

You offered to be my
personal trainer. [SCOFFS]

You know, Mr. C, I know someone
who can remove that for ya.

Remove it?

This is a badge of honor, my friend.

I was inked up by Manny
"Six Fingers" Delgado

doin' a dime for aggravated assault.

I show up at a meeting
with a bunch of bankers,

sleeves rolled up,

those number-crunchers
get a look at that,

instant upper hand.


No, no, please stop! Oh, my God, please!

So you don't forget you're
my bitch, Sweet Cheeks.


- CLYDE: Hey!

Let's cut him some slack, Menthol.

I don't think he's happy with that font.


I'm sorry, did that
sound like a suggestion?


BIG DICK: Clyde! C'mon, load up!

12:17 at Vista Ensenada means 12:17!

Where's the first tee, and
what's the course record?

Gabriel was working on an assignment,
and the Wi-Fi wasn't functioning.

You're Craig, right?

Craig Raden, right.



And that's when Gabriel
went down to the office?

Yeah. To see if he can get it turned on.

- With his backpack?
- Yeah. He took it with him.

Gabriel was kind of
the nerd of our group.

We came here to party, but he
never stopped thinking about grades.


- SIMON: You sure you don't want a beer?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

I didn't know P.I.'s looked like you.

I thought they all looked
like, uh... well, you know, him.

- Like molten sex gods?

I like a woman who sees a glass
ceiling and just says, "Eff that."

Yep, me too.

So, uh...

when were you guys at Comrade Quacks?

Like, the night before the bombing.

Alex, Tawny and Jillian
were there as well.

GUY: So was the other guy.

The guy we saw get kicked out.

- I saw his picture in the news.
- LLOYD: Mm-hmm, yeah.

- Some waitress knocked his ass out.

Can you describe her?

Black. British accent?

Believe that was the owner.

So this King Pagursky you mentioned...

is he the only enemy of
Gabriel you can think of?

Gabriel was hard not to like.

Pagursky, on the other hand...

- Total dick.

Well, if you think of
anything else, give us a call.

Cool. Yeah, I, uh...

think of things all the time, so...


- Whoo.
- KEITH: I'll run down this King Pagursky.

Sounds like nothin'.

Off to Comrade Quacks.
Ready to get our ducks wet?

Absolutely. More billable hours.

Plus, I really want to ingest a
24-ounce cocktail in under two seconds.

I don't think that's possible.

It is with a funnel.

That P.I. chick and I had a thing.
How'd you not pick up on that?

- I'm not wired into your imagination. I...

Holy shit.

She's back.

[SOFTLY] Watch.

You Simon or Greg?


Uh, we don't have any

Do we look like we're here to rob you?

SIMON: N-No. You look...

You look like you're... on vacation.

Well, I do, but he looks
like he rents boats, right?


Who's Greg?

There's no Greg. Honest.

No Greg.

- No Greg Raden?
- CRAIG: Oh!

I'm... Craig. Uh, Craig Raden.

- Ooh!

Every time you go to Starbucks,
it says "Greg" on your cup, right?


But you still pick it up,

because you know... that's you.

So, who killed Gabriel?


- Unh!
- We don't know!

King Pagursky!

- DODIE: Who?

SIMON: This kid on
Gabriel's robotics team

who blamed his valve design
for the arm hardware failure

that cost them the spot in
the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Even though it clearly was
a sequencing issue. It...

Where's King Pagursky?

I'm pretty sure he went to
Costa Rica for spring break.

He coulda mailed it.

Or planted it and put it on a timer.

Coulda hired a hitman.

That seems like a stretch.

I heard Costa Rica fell through.
I think he's here in Neptune.

Can I ask how you guys know Gabriel?


King Pagursky. Spell it.

Oh! Nuked it!

Ohh. What'd you say you were
givin' me, like four strokes a side?

"Blow me" is what I'm givin' you.

[LAUGHING] You know Clyde
here used to rob banks?

You believe that? Who does that?

LOGAN: Bank robbers?

Dick! Give 'em hell at
that next zoning meeting.

Roger! Did you read the
proposal I sent over?

Looks good. Call my girl,
we'll set something up.

Actually, I got a couple hours to
kill right now. Let's get it done.

Wouldn't mind takin' one for the
team, would ya? It's business.

Well, if it's business.

Good. We'll pick your ball up for ya.

Shouldn't be hard to spot. It's
the one in the middle of the fairway

about a hundred yards from the pin.


Yeah. Big Roger.

- Hey.
- How you been, man?

- BIG DICK: Good.
- Nice to see you again.

just wanted to say thank you.

Just not being a pathetic, howling
mess near me is thanks enough.

Look, I-I have 363 days left in here,

and I'm not gonna make it
unless I have some help.

So I was thinking, um,

you help me on the inside, and
I can help you on the outside.

Get you whatever you want.

I'll give it some thought.


Looks like everything
worked out like you said.

Looks like.

Pass along my thanks to the boys.

That was impressive, Menthol.

I mean, I really believed you
were gonna bugger that guy.

You got some real acting chops.

[CHUCKLES] It's all about
being alive in the moment.


Hi there. Get you something?

Yes, please. You got any of
those little bottles of cognac?

How many would you like?

Say ten.

Member number 4947.


MARCIA: You know, I have experience

with what you're going
through right now.

My brother, he was murdered.

Did a bomb rip him to shreds?

Were there pieces of
him on your windshield?

He was stabbed in the neck with a shiv.


So let's talk about what you do know.

Did he have any enemies
that you know about?

- No.
- Any debts?

Don't all adults?

- Don't you?

Give me a minute.

- You needed me right now?
- The mayor's on the phone.

- He can stay on the phone.
- He thinks we're spread too thin.

He wants you to ask the FBI for help.

You tell the mayor to suck a dick.

So you'll call him back?

It's been three days. Three!

People are dead, and he's worried
about pickpockets and graffiti.

So what do you want me
to actually say to him?

You tell him that he interrupted me

right when I was about to get
a key witness to open up to me.



Kids hate me.

I think it's the uniform.

Wha... ?

That little shit.


Were we ever that young?

Speak for yourself. I'm
down here every weekend,

raisin' roofs, makin'
mirth, honky-tonkin'.

- Heavy on the honky.

[SCOFFS] Listen to this tweet
from the pizza delivery guy.

"Can Neptune law enforcement
solve the bombing case?

Will Chief Langdon be another in
a chain of clowns and scoundrels?

Remember Mars 1? Fail.
Lamb? Corrupt. Dumb.

Mars 2? Evidence tampering.

Lamb 2? Corrupt. Dumber.


A pizza guy said that?

About me?

Let's pay him a visit.

See if he calls you
a clown to your face.

I'm an old guy with a cane,
Veronica. He very well might.


Hello, Mars family.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Ohh, you two are legends in this town.

Thanks for talking to us.

Yeah, sure. I mean, I was curious

as to why you wanted to talk to
me about the Sea Sprite bombing.

Well, these people all
died in the explosion.

With the exception of
this guy, the motel owner,

everyone else was in your bar
the night before the bombing.

Remember any of 'em?

Mm-hmm. This piss wizard.

Yep. I had to 86 him.

Why is that?

He was forcing a passed-out
female's head down into his lap.

And that's why you punched him?


I punched him because
I couldn't find my Uzi.



Ew. Gross. Oh, Pony.
What did you get into?

I made paella.

And I basically used
every pan we own, so....

you're welcome, and I'm sorry.

Smells good.

Excuse me.


So that guy Clyde,
Big Dick's new bestie?

- He used to rob banks.

You know, Big Dick's all
sort of hard about that.

I guess that, uh, they
shared a cell in Chino.

Two Chino alums, now community leaders.

- This town is the worst.
- No argument there.

Don't do that.

Do what?

Go along to get along.

You sure about that?

Because disagreeing with
you doesn't end well, either.

Agree with me or don't agree with
me, just... say you're indifferent,

but don't act like you're the
number two at the Politburo.

Well, you're really shrinkin'
my safe space here, Veronica.

Fine. What do I think
about our hometown?

After summering in Fallujah,

Neptune, with its perfect weather

and endless supply of head-high waves,

ranks, you know, above it.

But I know where you're coming
from, and I want to be supportive.


That right there. That's
the person I don't know.

The guy trying to be supportive?

Yeah. You're like a pod person now.

You asked me to marry
you, Logan, and I said no,

and it's like nothing happened.

It had me reeling.

And you...

you look like I turned down
your offer for a back rub.

I feel like you asked so you'd
get the "no" you knew you'd get,

- and now I'm the bad guy.
- LOGAN: Hmm.

Okay, well, what do you
want from me, Veronica?

I don't know, maybe just to know

that there's some classic Logan
coursing through those veins.

What was I supposed to do
when you said no, Veronica?

Bang a Tri-Delt?

And what would have been enough?

Beat someone to death? Got wasted?

- Guess what.

I am angry.

All the time.

And all of the work I'm doing with Jane

is aimed at one thing...

keeping my anger from destroying me.


You say you want Bruce Banner...

- but you really want the green guy.

I want Bruce...

D-Did your therapist put you on meds?

- I-lt's fine if she did.
- Goddamnit, no.

VERONICA: Okay, well, you just feel...

sanded down, Logan minus the Logan.


Is that classic Logan enough for ya?




How you doin' today, champ?

Feel like I should be
giving you a gold star

or a fruit basket or something,

but I gotta go interview the pizza guy.

That's what you like?

Um... grilling pizza guys?

Me losing control like that?

Punching a hole in the cabinet?

I was remembering more
of the hair-pulling

and the speaking in tongues.

Well, at least it was good for you.


LOGAN: Listen, I'm gonna
take Pony for a walk.

I, uh, I left a number for my therapist.

Maybe you should give
her a call. Come on.


I've been in your homes and Mars
Investigations I don't know...

How many times would you guess?


Oh, man. Veronica?

Too many to count.

How come you guys don't
order Cho's pizza anymore?

You know, I'm not sure.

- Why don't we?
- Carbs.

Oh... Did you want one?

- No. Thanks.
- I'm... I'm good.

Okay. So... what can I do to help?

Well, my dad would like to ask you
what you remember at the Sea Sprite,

and I would like to politely ask you

to take down that tweet about my dad.

After that, who knows
where things are gonna go?

You, uh, you follow me?

A friend forwarded it.

Okay, that's cool. I
mean, last week I had...

47 followers, all Murderheads.

Now it's more than 2,000.

So anything I witnessed,
it's all there in the tweets.

- But since we're here... ?
- Yeah, okay. Shoot.

W-Well, first, "Murderheads"?

You've never heard of us?

- Mnh-mnh.
- Nope.

We're an online community
of justice seekers

devoted to solving cold cases.

- Is that so?
- You know what,

on second thought, I
will take that beer.

You know, information we
found led to the capture...

of the Long Beach Strangler.

Murderheads. Now it's ringing a bell.

Wow. So you deliver pizzas
and solve murders.

You left the motel office
right as the bomb went off?

Five seconds prior.

I walked out, I waved
to Matty, and then: boom.

Me, I-I caught some
shrapnel in the back, but...

how lucky was I?

I don't know, I'd call it a mixed bag.

So the motel owner's daughter

would have been looking
straight into the office?

Yeah. She... saw the
whole thing, that poor kid.

And what happened then?

Then I... I woke up in the hospital.
I don't even know how I got there.


You ever ask the
landlord to keep it down?


[LAUGHING] You think I live
here? That'd be pretty sad.

- But the people in the house...
- The house is mine.

I move in here in April, I rent
the place out to spring breakers.

I clear 50K in a month.
The place sleeps ten.

- Let's get back to the tweets.
- Veronica.

So, you called my dad
a clown or a scoundrel,

and if I wore gloves, this
would be when I peel one off

and smack you across the face.

- Okay.

I'll take down the tweet.
Okay, professional courtesy.

From one pizza delivery guy to
two people who do not do that.

I mean, didn't he lose an election
because of evidence tampering?

That was really a me thing.

And didn't he go after the wrong
guy in your best friend's murder?

Go ahead and leave up
the tweet, Mr. Epner.

Thanks for your time.

Do you think they'll ever figure
out who murdered Lilly Kane?



Should I have called ahead
and made an appointment?

No. We take walk-ins.


Can I get you anything? Air? Tap water?

- Um, I'm fine, thank you.

What can I do for you?

Well, um...

that, uh, little shit
friend of your boyfriend,

when he said you're a detective, I
remembered an article that I read.

They did a feature on you
in Vanity Fair, right?

Eight column inches.

As you can see, it set me up for life.

Just blurt it out. I've heard it all.

Okay. All right. Um... yes.

I was seeing a woman,
living with her, actually,

uh, when I was arrested.

And we lost touch when I was away.

I haven't seen her or
spoken to her since.

I was hoping you could help me find her.

I-I just want to know that she's okay.

And... say some things
that were left unsaid.


Her name is Ichiko Doi,

and I have her last known address.

- Mr. Pickett...
- Clyde, please.


You're asking me to find a
woman who, it seems to me,

has made a choice to not
include you in her life.

You know what? I get it.


Seemed like a good idea at two
o'clock in the morning, but...

I appreciate your directness.


Most people don't.


- KEITH: Congressman.
- Mr. Mars.

Thank you for meeting us.
There was really no need.

Truth is, I'm hopin' to grab
a minute with the coroner.

We go way back, and he might help
us with some of the forensics.


to see your fiancée's family?

- They were here?

To identify the body. They
were waiting to see you.

Maybe they went to get coffee.


- You're not smarter than us!
- I don't even know

- what you're talkin' about.
- MAMA CARR: Yes, you do!

- Just get out. Get out of here!
- Everybody calm down!

- Look. It was hers. That makes it ours.
- That's ridiculous.

- There was no wedding. Besides...
- You're Alex, right?

- Yeah.
- MAMA CARR: I'm Tawny's mom.

Maybe you can tell me
why her engagement ring

wasn't in with her personal effects.

- It wasn't?
- TAYLER: [MOCKING] "It wasn't?"

No, it wasn't, 'cause
you stole it, shithead!

No, I didn't!

The ring is a family heirloom.
My brother didn't take it.

But when it's located, it belongs to us.

Not according to American law.

Once he gave it to my Tawny,

here in America, it became hers.

Alright, whaddya say we
all go to our own corners...

Hey, whaddya say you mind
our own business, huh?!

You see, Alex? This is the family
that you were going to marry into.

- Trash.
- What'd you call us?!

- Traaaaash.
- MAMA CARR: I oughta...

MARCIA: Enough!

I will arrest the next person who moves.

- Well, I wanna report...
- Shut up.

Please escort the Carr
family to their vehicle.

And make sure they leave
the parking lot, please.

Eyeball me again.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, just... Keith?

You go too.

Yeah, well, God knows what
you were up to here. Come on.

- [SOFTLY] I told you...
- ALEX: I didn't take the ring.

- Whatcha got?
- KEITH: I don't think I'll be able

to meet you at the girl's house.

How did things go at the morgue?

KEITH: Badly. Police chief

showed up, and you know how she
feels about private investigators.

Ohh, cuss-balls.

- KEITH: Hey, Veronica?
- Yeah?

KEITH: I heard from Inga that Matty

slipped out of her interview
with the police chief,

and they haven't been able to
bring her in to talk to her since.

Sounds like she's slippery.

told me that already.

You're losin' it, old man.

Besides, I think I can
handle a 16-year-old girl.

I gotta go.

- Bye, now.


RENEE: Helen, is your phone charged?

Helen. Is your phone charged?



Troy, I said no chips.

Dad lets me have chips, so...

I'm saying no chips.

Yeah, but he's Dad, and you're Renee.

Who the hell are you?

Shut up, Troy.

Hey, um, Renee, is
Matty coming down, or... ?

She said she was changing.

You two, out in the car.

- TROY: Can I bring my scooter?
- Fine. Put it in the trunk.

- RENEE: Matty!

Mat-ty! The private
investigator's waiting.

I don't see her up there. I
don't know where she's gone.

- TROY: Renee?

- Renee!
- What?

My scooter's gone, and so is my helmet.

I'll just show myself out. Thanks.

SINGER: ♪ I'm lookin' for you ♪

♪ I'm lookin' for you ♪

♪ Don't know where to go ♪

- ♪ Don't know what to do ♪
- What?


Oh, you are good.

SINGER: ♪ ... a million
people that I don't see ♪

♪ Maybe they think that I am mad ♪

Wait. You're not moving anymore.

- There you are.
- SINGER: ♪ I'm lookin' for you ♪

♪ I'm lookin' for you,
don't know where to go ♪

♪ Don't know what to do ♪


What the cuss?


SINGER: ♪ You and me,
that's what I like ♪

♪ You and me, that's what I like ♪


All right. Veronica,
where would you be heading?

SINGER: ♪ You and me,
that's what I like ♪



Matty? I just wanna talk.


Well played.







MAN: ... San Antonio
lost to Phoenix at home,

the over on Boston and San
Antonio, and the under on Phoenix.

Yeah. Don't press your luck.

- Bye.
- Are you the boss here?


I'm the boss.

And... who the hell are you?

I need to talk to the guy
who stocked the snack machine

at the Sea Sprite last week.

Ahh. I heard the owner's dead.

Who are you?

The new owner.

It was my dad's place.


Alright, well, when you reopen...

we're gonna get you a new machine.

But we are gonna charge
you for the one we lost.

Y-You won't be putting a
machine in when we reopen,

and you won't be
charging us for a new one.

[CHUCKLING] Alright, kid. We'll see.

You know what, I'll drop in
when I see you're open again,

we'll talk about it then.

Now go. Don't touch anything.

Whoever filled in for our normal
guy put gum in the machine.

We don't do gum.

We're a motel?

Well, your dad's dead,

and you come down here to
bitch about gum in the machine.


Last warning: Go.

He had a mole right here...

Oh, that does it.

I'm gonna whip your ass

the way someone shoulda a long time ago!

- [LAUGHS] Whoo!


Uh... Hey, um,

I'm... I'm looking for who...

You! Mole man.

What did you call me?

OWNER: Jesus H. Christ!

Grab that little bitch!

- Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
- OWNER: Get her now!

- OWNER: Come on!
- Help!


Come on!

- I've been lookin' for you.
- Great, you found me. Now go!





- Unh-unh-unh.

Hey, Liam. Long time.

Back away from the car, would ya?

LIAM: Okay, okay.

Go. Go. Move! Move! Move!

God damn, I hate that girl.

Which one?

- MATTY: I'm just up here and...
- VERONICA: To the left.

Yeah, I know. You led me on
a wild goose chase, remember?

So, um, thanks.

Do you have any idea how
dangerous those people are

that you were messing with?

- No.
- Alpha-Jolly Amusements

is owned by Liam Fitzpatrick,
leader of the Fitzpatrick family.

There's 14 kids. 13 criminals.

One priest.

Those guys chasing me
were not all related.

Most of their employees are
guys they served time with.

There is no telling how many operations
are planned out of that place,

which is why you should not
be wandering around in there.

So why were you?

You think one of them had
something to do with the bomb?

I need to get home. Thanks for the ride.

So that was the plan, just go
in there and rattle their cages,

see what happens?


I mean, what am I supposed to do?

Sit at home? Grieve?

You could tell the police your theory.


You could tell me.

Yeah. Right.

Who do you work for?

Daniel Maloof, the congressman.

His little brother was in my dad's face,

demanding a refund when he
was trying to check out early.

If not for him,

we might have been eating
our pizza in Dad's room.

He'd still be alive.

But no, the rich kid
had to get his deposit

so that he could go stay
at the Neptune Grand.

What's your theory, Matty?

Thanks for the rescue.

You get one of those.


VERONICA: I knew that
nothing I could say

was going to keep Matty
away from the case.

I was starting to get a
clearer picture of her life.

Parents split up, then a murder,

followed by the agony of not
knowing where to focus her rage.

I know the sort of person who
emerges on the other side.

if I could solve the case

quickly enough, she might not
have time to set and harden.


BOTH: Hey!

VERONICA: Once a girl sets and hardens,

her life becomes a series of apologies.

You're right. Sorry.

I'm the asshole.


DICK: Dude, you gotta use
the pilot as your buddy.

I am a military officer.

I should be able to get
past these cult weirdos.

- Seriously. Hey.

[WHISPERS] It's your
special lady friend.

- Hello?
- LOGAN: Hey, just so you know...

Look, I know there's
something screwy in me.

I turned down your proposal,
which was incredibly romantic,

and I get mad because your
reaction is too, I don't know,

- blasé.

- I'm at Dick's suite playin' Far Cry.

I hope that's a video game.

All right, well, we'll
just talk when you get home.

Are you sure?

Yeah. I love you.

I love you too.

VERONICA: Wait. You're
at the Neptune Grand?

Now that everything is instantly
and completely fine between us...

feel like doing me a favor?

- Aw, suck it!

LOGAN: Anything.



- LOGAN: Excuse me. Hello.

You must be Logan, here for the check.

Come on, come in. Pour yourself
a drink if you'd like one.

Uh, thanks, I'm good.

I'm having a little bit of
trouble locating my checkbook.

One moment, please.

Hey, Alex? Can you help look
for my checkbook in the bedroom?

ALEX: Hm. [SWALLOWS] Dinner's here.

Would you mind looking on
the dresser in that room?

I get you anything else?

Yeah. I'd like my three fingers back.

No, thank you.

You need to cut this shit out, Alex.


Don't start playing Dad. You're not Dad.

Why don't you give me, like,
I don't know, a week to mourn?

Mourn all you want, just
don't be a prick about it.

TYLER: Nice room, Congressman.

Where's the ring, Maloof?

The hell? I already told
you, we don't have the ring.

Now get out of our room.

ALEX: We're gonna a call security, man.

TYLER: It's in here somewhere.

DANIEL: Get out of our room!

- TYLER: Where is it?!




Sorry. I had to make some assumptions
about who the good guys were.

Didn't you just screw the pooch.

Whoever you are....

we're gonna make you bleed.

Oh, good. I guessed right.

Well, enough talkin' about it.

Words into action, fellas.

FRANKIE VALLI: ♪ I love you, baby ♪

♪ And if it's quite all right ♪

♪ I need you, baby, to
warm my lonely night ♪

♪ I love you, baby ♪

♪ Trust in me when I say ♪

♪ Oh, pretty baby ♪

♪ Don't bring me down, I pray ♪

♪ Oh, pretty baby ♪

- ♪ Now that I've found you, stay ♪
- Oh, please don't.

FRANKIE VALLI: ♪ Let me love you, baby ♪

♪ Let me love you ♪





It wasn't in there.

- I'm sorry. What?
- The checkbook.

Think you could give me a credit card?

- KEITH: It's me!

What's with the drop-in? I
could have been having sex.

You're not married.

Have you been watchin' the news?

People downstairs asked me not to.

I don't know if it was the screaming

or the profanity they
couldn't get used to.

Things just got more interesting on
our case, and not in the best way.


KEITH: Wait till you see
who pops up on Drew Process.

You watch murder porn too? I knew it.

This week's story: "Spring
Break, Spring Slaughter."


TV HOST: So you're saying
Representative Maloof,

progressive darling,
until recently a man

who name was being floated
as a senatorial candidate,

tried to murder his younger

- brother's fiancée.
- Oh.

HOST: Is that correct?

I'm saying Congressman Maloof
did murder his brother's fiancée.

HOST: His brother was
standing right next to her.

Are you saying he wanted to
kill his brother as well?

No. The bomb was in the makeup bag,

which showed up unexpectedly
and at the last minute.

It was supposed to go off in the room

where all the college
girls were staying.

HOST: This is really
a provocative claim.

I assume you have
something to back it up?

Well, I was there.

And I know for a fact
that the Maloof family

tried to pay Tawny Carr to end
her engagement to Alex Maloof.


My thoughts exactly.

USNN is rerunning this
interview every 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is going to be
a very interesting day.

HOST: ... trying to murder his
younger brother's fiancée?

PENN: I'm saying
Congressman Maloof did...


Think the boss wants
us to kill a congress...


PENN: No. The bomb was
in the makeup bag...

What do we do about King Pargusky?

PENN: ... at the last minute.

It was supposed to go off in the room

where all the college
girls were staying...

VERONICA: Guess one of us

is gonna need to follow
pizza guy on Twitter.

That'd be you.

You don't really think
the Middle Eastern JFK

decides to murder his
brother's fiancée with a bomb.

Then hires, arguably, the best
father-daughter private detectives

in all of greater Balboa County, to
do what, not find out he did it?

- Come on. Makes no sense.
- KEITH: No.

But there's something
about him that's off.

He's being cagey.


Hey, gang.

Logan, oh, my God.

Don't worry. I got the check.



I didn't want you to murder him for it.

- Logan, whose blood is that?
- Some hillbilly's.

So guess what. We're
kinda like co-workers now.

I just accepted a job as the
head of Congressman Maloof's

one-man security detail.