Van Der Valk (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Love in Amsterdam - full transcript


In pursuit.
Turning into Herengracht.

Two exit roads, closing in!


That's three months' surveillance,

Back up, let's go around.








Nice here, innit?



I love this song.


Thank you so much for coming.

You look gorgeous.





Kalari Ramecker's on his way.

RADIO: 'Mucho Calor'
by Kikbak


So? How long have you
been doing this?

Oh, not long.

And what is it
you're looking for, exactly?

Shall we get a starter,
or shall we just...

dive into the main course?

Yeah, that's fine.

Your profile was very enigmatic.

You left "Occupation" blank.

So, what is it that you do?

I'm a quantum physicist.

Oh, my god, no way!
I love quantum physics!

Do you?

My friend said not
to put it on my profile

because she thought
it would be a turn-off,

but I think
it's absolutely fascinating...

ECHOING: ..because it's about
the true nature of reality,

of who we are.

Are we just random structures
of molecules

and atoms smashing together,

creating elementary particles
so small, we can hardly see them?

Which is why
I'm completely obsessed...

NORMAL VOICE: ..with string theory!

I'm gonna skip the starter.


Hey, are you sure about this?

The boss is.
That's all that matters.



Move his car!


What do we do?

He saw you park the car.

Kalari? Hey...

What's going on?

Ugh! Oh...


Get the guitar.


Hey. What do you think you're doing?

Not another one.

Stop, or I call the police!
Just leave him.




What is this?

Who are you?

What do you wa...




We just cordoned off the area.
We're waiting on your word.


Early-morning dog walker
spotted him.

Milan Bakker.

20. Student.

Where is everyone?
Still partying.

Thirsty business,
finally catching that gang leader.

How was your date?


She was obsessed
with Planck length.

This is not
your usual student hang-out, is it?

So, what do you think -
beaten up here?

Well, there's no sign of blood.

Could have been washed away
by the water, I guess.

Yeah, maybe.

Or he was dumped.

Here comes the cavalry.

Oh, he's gonna hit that.


Told you.

I thought pathologists
weren't meant to vomit.

Not usually, no.

It's him.

So, Milan was at home with you
until about ten.

Then he went out.
That's right.

You don't know where to
or who he was meeting?

Like I said, no.

Was he in a relationship?

What's that got to do with anything?

Someone killed my boy.

To you, that means he must have
done something wrong in some way.

In your suspicious
little Police Commissaris mind,

logic dictates as much,
but you don't know him.

If I start to know your son, it'll
help me figure out who killed him.

My son was an innocent, an idealist.

Just because your people
stink of the gutter,

doesn't mean
the rest of the world does.

Do morgues always smell of alcohol?

Or has the man attending to my son
been on the piss all night?

What do you mean, "an idealist"?

Just find out who killed my son!


Get the team together
for a briefing.

I think it's fair to say
Milan Bakker's father

is not a fan of the police.

He's a university lecturer.

As is the victim's mother.
Mum is in economics,

although she's currently
on a sabbatical in Zagreb.

Dad specialises in political theory.

Academic intelligentsia, basically.

As for Milan Bakker,
he's a second-year politics student.

Social media accounts are
typically active.

There's nothing untowards.

Well, he's gay, if that's relevant.

Two questions:
One, what're you doing at my desk?

Er, sorry, sorry...

And two... who are you?

Oh! Lieutenant Job Cloovers.

I requested a transfer
onto your team.


I wanna learn.

From him?

Go on, park yourself by the window.

Nick, briefing in 30.

TV: 'Rival party candidates
Ed de Klerk and Paul Oosterhuis

'are pushing election promises
ahead of a final run-in.

'Latest polls suggest
De Klerk is narrowly ahead,

'and at a campaign rally
earlier today, he...'

'..admits that he is focussing
on populist issues.

'It claims he's...'

Trojan... what have I got for you?

Please don't give my dog treats.

You've met your new assistant,
I take it?

He's very good.

I don't care what he is.
I don't want him.

For some reason,
he thinks highly of you.

Takes all sorts.

I've got Lucienne, Brad,
the rest of the team.

I don't need an assistant.

Yeah, you do. No man's an island,
not even you.

Think of it as a... prize
for your arrest yesterday.

It feels more like a punishment.

The problem is...

the gang leader you arrested
is an anti-Muslim extremist

with links to De Klerk.

And now,
De Klerk wants me to meet him

and his slick new campaign manager,
Tim Brouwer,

to smooth things over.

Smooth what over?

Well, it looks like we're targeting
De Klerk's followers.

Says who?

Well, most of the right-wing press
who support De Klerk

and who like
beating me with a stick.

Well, maybe this... new guy,
Oosterhuis, will be different.

If he gets in.

De Klerk's followers are nothing
if not passionate.

This morning's death suspicious?

They usually are.

Solve it without bringing the whole
of Amsterdam to a standstill.

Oh, and this is not up
for discussion -

give Cloovers a chance.

Late night, was it?

CLIFF: Night... morning...
the usual.

LUCIENNE: He's on the war path.
Don't worry.

I've got them
on the strongest coffee,

they'll be fully loaded
before you know it.

Want to get rid of Frank?
He can stay.


Rise and shine.

Party's over. What've we got?

Brad, autopsy results.

Not yet, but I've spoken to
the Milan Bakker's course director

and he says that he was smart
and conscientious...

and I also found out that he worked
part-time at Loafers Coffee shop.

The Director told you that?

OK, that might have been
one of the students.



Hey, hey, hey!

We're closed. Hey!

You're late.

You were told about the briefing,
I take it?

Yeah, I was, but, erm...

I went to the briefing room
because that's where I thought

the briefing was taking place.
Well, that's a bit literal.

Nothing is as it seems, Cloovers.

What are you...
I also got a phone call.

There's another dead body.

Daniel Koolen.
He's a cargo broker for BV Shipping.

I need those autopsy results.
As fast as possible.

Yeah? I need a blood transfusion,

but you don't
hear me banging on about it.

You want autopsy results, stop
having people die the whole time.

Yeah, he's got a point.
Two in a day.

Actually, two deaths in the same day
is not that unlikely.

It's like the chances of two people
having a birthday on the same day.

You'd think it be one in 365, right?

It's not.

You get 23 people in a room,
and there's a 50-50 chance

that two of them
have the same birthday.

75 people in the room,
and there's a 99.9% chance.

It's to do with
the compounding power of exponents.

I like stats.

Great. That's all we need (!)

I'm just saying -
two people beaten up

on the same night in a busy city?

There's a broken bottle here.

So he got into a fight.

Milan Bakker was found
on the other side of the city.

Inspector Hassell
seems to believe he was gay

for reasons that...
I don't quite understand.

His profile had him down
as a member of Vitriol.

It's an underground gay club.

OK, so, he's gay...

and maybe he got into a row
with his lover.

What, gay lovers are more likely
to have arguments?

I don't think he's saying that.

Are you saying that?
No, I'm not!

There is just nothing
statistically or evidentially

to suggest that these two bodies
are in any way connected.

Cloovers, have you ever cut
that stat-obsessed head of yours?

People with bottles smashed over
their head are covered in blood.


There's not much blood...

because when he was hit
with the bottle,

his blood had already
stopped flowing.


So he was killed somewhere else...

dumped here,
and then hit with the bottle

to make it look like
he died at a random street fight.

Hypostasis backs that up.

I don't think Milan Bakker was
killed where we found him either.

Two deaths on the same night -

that might not be
a statistical car crash,

but two bodies dumped
and staged to look random...

that might be.

Got it.

It's not rocket science.
Someone's dead.

We find out who killed them

through a process of steady...
but gentle ceaseless prodding.

Is this you teaching?

Let's get a handle on his movements.

Cameras, ATMs, phone.
What have we got on next of kin?

Er, wallet's got an address out
in Durgerdam.

Ah... You can do this one.

Come on.

You know I'm not good
at the bad news speech.

Yeah, but you're
the Chief Investigating Officer.

Yeah, which means I get to delegate.

And you're very good at all that...
sensitive stuff.


Mr Bakker, pay him a visit.

We need to prod.

Where you going?
Coffee shop.

Helps me think.


This is the best weed we have.



Is Milan in yet?

Not yet, no. Why?

Who's asking?

A friend of his.

I met him at Vitriol.
Said we'd meet here today.

You don't look like his type.

Well, you shouldn't judge a book
by its cover.

What's his type anyway?


You're not gay either.
You checked me out when you came in.

I'm broad minded...
man of the world.

Oh, really?

You police?
Do I look like police?


Well, maybe I am.
Is Milan in trouble?


He's dead.

LUCIENNE: I'm sorry for your loss,
Mrs Koolen.

Your husband, Daniel's, body
was discovered in an alley way.

And we are trying to build up
a picture of his movements.

When did you last see your husband?

Yesterday morning
when he went to work.

Wednesday is his tennis night.

What time does he usually get home?

Er, 11, 11:30.

So when he didn't come home...
I rang...

but didn't get an answer.

Didn't you think to report it?
I assumed there would be a reason.

There's always something.

Did your husband ever mention
anyone by the name of Milan Bakker?


But we didn't talk much.

I don't think you should be alone.

Is there anyone you want me to call?
Family, a friend?

Was Milan seeing anyone?

Yeah, er, Kalari.

Kalari Ramecker,
he lives around the corner from me.

I'll need an address.

I was meant to see them both
last night.

I had a party.

Kalari rang
and said he was on his way.

Do you by any chance...
know this guy?

Daniel Koolen?


You wasted or what?

It's getting busy.
Yeah, I'm coming.

I better go.

You've got a bit of a...

..mascara meltdown.

This lot are used to it.

That's what I thought...

Well, there is no...

they're not releasing his body.

I'm just calling everyone.

Congratulations on your arrest,
Chief Commissaris.

It drew a lot of attention.

Well, it was the climax
to a big operation.

An expensive operation.

I prefer "effective", Mr Brouwer.

What that gang leader did
was unforgivable.

But his anti-Muslim sentiments

have been wrongly linked
with our party.

We would never condone
such extremism.

Especially in the run up
to an election, Mr de Klerk.

Well, obviously we don't want
relations between the police

and our party to be affected.

We want to draw a line, Julia.

Well, so do I.

A coffee shop waitress gave me the
address of Milan Bakker's boyfriend,

Kalari Ramecker.
Says he was on his way,

but didn't make it to the party
last night.

Coffee shop waitress got a name?

Any update on Daniel Koolen?

Yeah, his wife said it was
his tennis night, only it wasn't.

His club membership lapsed
a year ago.

She said she rang him
but she didn't,

he didn't receive any calls.

I think she knew
he was somewhere else,

but didn't want to know where.

Koolen, however,
did make one last call.

At 10:17, to the police.

Saying what?

He was cut short
before he spoke to anyone.

Coffee shop waitress attractive,
was she?

Cloovers, what did you learn
at the Bakkers'?

That Milan was into politics.

No? What, with him being
a politics student and all (!)

No, no, no,
I mean REALLY into politics.

He was an active campaigner
for Oosterhuis, De Klerk's rival.

Yeah? What else you got?

And his parents
are political academics,

but all the books on their shelves
are right wing.

Economics and ideologies.

They're both members of de Klerk's
new right think tank.

Whereas Oosterhuis
is a trendy-leftie pinko-liberal.

So the Bakker's son's
an idealist and a rebel.

You'd have got her name
if you didn't find her attractive.

Just saying.

God, what is wrong with you?!

Get your arse into gear,
we've got work to do.


If you insist.

There was a crossover of blood.

Victim One's blood was found
on Victim Two's clothes

and vice versa,

so they were killed
in close proximity to one another.

Clothes of both show
the same remnants of grease and oil,

consistent with a vehicle,
a back of a lorry or van maybe.

What about the killer?
Oh... a pro.

Forget about all these
superficial cuts and bruises.

Check this out.

Not sure what I'm supposed
to be looking at.

That's my point.

Mild inflammation,
slight swelling on the surface.

that kidney's shot to pieces.

Extensive blunt trauma
and haemorrhaging,

maximum damage, minimum visibility.

What about Koolen?
Well, similar.

Actual cause of death
was a broken neck.

Clean snap to the vertebra...

equally professional.
I'd say military.

Times of death?
Oh, both between ten and one.

There's a couple of other things...

Victim One had traces of blood
and some material

caught underneath his fingernails

as if he'd been ripping
at someone... wearing rubber.

Well, doesn't really narrow it down
in Amsterdam.

O ye of little faith.

Victim was a guitarist, right?

Fingernails on one hand
longer than on the other.

And one of his longer fingernails...

..had this underneath.

It's a fang.

So we're looking
for a rubber werewolf.

And there's more.

Traces of blood found
underneath the fingernail

don't match the traces of blood
on the fingers of the other hand,

and neither do they match his own
blood or that of the other victim's.

For the hard of thinking, please?

..someone else was in that vehicle
with them.

A second killer?

Or a third victim.

Landlord said Ramecker
moved in three years ago.

Pays rent on time
and he's no trouble.

And coffee shop waitress,
get her address, too?

Will you just pack it in?
I'm dating again.

What more do you want?

I want you to put your heart
into it, which you're not, so far.

Well, who says I've got a heart?

After you.

Kalari Ramecker?


Clearly an activist.

We'll need samples of his DNA.

So they were due at a party,
but never turned up.

Could've had a row.

Milan maybe is having an affair
with the other victim?

And Kalari finds out
and kills both of them?

Doesn't exactly look like
a professional killer,

though, does he?

Murderer or missing,

either way,
we still need to find him.

How are you on politics these days?

I think all politicians
should be shot.

That's very balanced.

Thank you.

So Milan's father supports De Klerk,
whose politics are anti-gay,

some might say racist.

And yet, his son is gay,
has an Indian boyfriend

and campaigns for the opposition.
Should make for a lively debate.

This is about more than family...

You got two campaigners,
one missing, one dead,

killed by a professional

in the middle
of an election campaign.

That's got to be connected, right?


Shouldn't we tell Dahlman
it could be political?

No, best not.

She's only gonna warn me off.

De Klerk's got
a new campaign manager.

You check him out.
I'll speak to Oosterhuis.

You'll be lucky. He's very busy.

Unlike Trojan here,

who clearly looks like
he's enjoying his retirement.

That is the best sniffer dog
we ever had.

I reckon he misses
the thrill of the chase.


Good boy.

OK, so our killer. The pro.
What we got so far?

There's not exactly a database.

Well, then start one.

Professional muscle,
military connections,

any thugs with links
to right-wing groups.

What you been doing all day?

If you must know,
I've found Kalari Ramecker's car.

Excellent. Where?

Well, not found it,
found he's got one.

Registration is SJT S25.

That's it? He's got a car?

Right, team, we'll have
this one solved by end of play.

Where's Cloovers?


What are you doing here?

I thought this was
the briefing room.

No, no, no. I call the briefings.

Cliff, can we get rid of the stags?

Unlike you guys, they tip.

Yeah, but they don't let you off
local taxes, do they?

Just move 'em outside.


Hey... lads...
Right, let's hear it.

I talked to Koolen's employers,
BV Shipping.

He left work early yesterday,
a weekly occurrence apparently,

at two o'clock.

He had a long lunch at a restaurant.
He paid the bill at ten to six.

Lunch was clearly for two
and he was with a woman.

Which we know because?

One of them had four beers
and a steak,

the other one had
two glasses of Prosecco

and a vegetarian risotto.

Ooh, and here's the good bit.

The restaurant is on the same street
where Kalari Ramecker lives.

So we've got Koolen
near Ramecker's flat until 5:52.

When did he ring the police?

Well he could have been anywhere
by then. Or...

they stayed there,
went back to her place and had sex.

I rang the restaurant.
They come in every week.

She's younger than him.
They're all over each other,

and the owner thinks
she lives nearby.

You could have told me THAT
at the beginning.

I was trying to impress.

Don't. You make a good stalker,
though, I'll give you that.

Thank you. I think.

Yeah? Get a photograph
of Koolen down there.

Go door to door on the street.
We need to find this woman.

De Vries has found
Ramecker's mother.

She's Head of Exhibitions
at the Rijksmuseum.

I'll catch you up.

He likes his art.

Nice job.

It's Commissaris Van Der Valk.

I'd like to speak to Paul Oosterhuis
about two of his campaigners.

Milan Bakker and Kalari Ramecker.

Yes, I can hold... again.


Mrs Ramecker?


Great painting.

I've got a couple of Vermeers

Fridge magnets.

It's about your son, Kalari.

Have you heard from him
in the last 24 hours?

We need to talk to him.

We tried his apartment
but... nothing.

Do you know Milan Bakker?

He's my son's boyfriend.


He was found dead this morning.


How were things between them,
Kalari and Milan?

Perfect. They do ev...

They DID everything together.

Including campaigning
for Paul Oosterhuis?


Erm... they're both passionate
about his principles.

Is Kalari's father about?
You said "Ms", not "Mrs".

He's never been in our lives.

'Last seen in the area at all?'


Right, thanks a lot,
have a nice day.

Any sign of Kalari Ramecker's car?

Not yet, I'm doing this!

I'm gonna check out the other side.


Van Der Valk...
is he always unfriendly?

No. Just with you.


OK, here we go.
Let's get forensics on it.



Any news on Milan?

Coffee shop waitress?

Eva. Eva Meisner.

Hey. Look who I found.
Her name's Eva, by the way.

All right?

Your party... fancy dress, right?


The, er, mask thing
was a bit random,

but everyone went nuts for it.

You've got a lion on your sofa.

Oh, yeah, that's Tobias.
He was pretty out of it.

Nice apartment for someone
who works in a coffee shop.

I, er, also work at an art gallery.

I cried off tonight,
there's an opening.

Which gallery?

Sub 87, in Bos en Lommer.
Very cutting edge.

Oh, you know it, I'm impressed.

He's an expert.

Well, I wouldn't say expert.
I'm, erm...

more of an Old Master man myself.

Well, no-one's perfect (!)

I'm definitely not that.

Anyway, er, I... Sorry
I didn't get a chance to clear up.

I'll just put these through here.

Hmm, she likes you.
Don't be ridiculous.

And you like her.
Don't be ridiculous.

Maybe you do.
Are we keeping you?

I've got a date.
You can join me if you want.

I've been granted an audience
with Paul Oosterhuis.

In that case, yeah.

Erm, I'm gonna need a list
of everyone you invited.

I don't do lists.
I just rang around.


Well, we'll need a list
of people you... rang around.

Are you asking for my phone number?



Who did you invite, generally?

Er, yeah, friends, you know. People
from the coffee shop, the gallery.

What about the political scene?

God, no.
All politicians should be shot.

The masks.

Any have teeth or fangs?

Yeah, some of them.

Do you remember anyone
with fangs leaving about ten?

To be honest, I don't remember much
after about eight.

Big night, was it?

Mm-hm. Yeah, you could say that.

Got messy?


They're the best ones.

OK, thank you.

'Scuse me, Madam, can I stop you
just there for five minutes?

My name's Brad de Vries,
I'm with the Criminal Brigade.

Just wondering, er,
if you might know...

Why have you got a picture of Dan?

You know this man?
Er, yes.

Test results. Kalari Ramecker's
DNA matches blood

found on Milan Bakker's hand.

Suggests he WAS the third person
in the vehicle.

OK, so he rang Eva to say he was
on his way, but he never made it.

But his car's here with the keys in,
so we know he made it this far.


Deal with him.

Well, I'm sorry he's dead,

but I don't think I have anything
to do with it.

What time did he leave
your apartment last night?

Ten, or 10:15. that's his cut-off.

Before he has to go home
to his wife?

Because that's his cut-off.
I had a tort to do.

The type of cake?

It's a legal argument.

I'm a law student.

Older man, younger woman, the
whole thing transactional, right?


You didn't think...?

He's my Wednesday.

Long lunch. He talks about himself,
his work and how his marriage sucks.

I listen, I talk about myself.

He sort of listens

and gives me advice
based on his greater experience,

some of which is quite good,
but generally,

he just agrees with whatever I say.

We go back to mine
and have brief sex.

We wait until he recovers.

And have slightly slower, but still
really quite brief sex again.

I tell him he's great.

He ignores me, takes a shower,
and that's about it.

So, if he's your Wednesday,
how many...?

Course is expensive, but, then,
it's a tough degree,

so I need to keep plenty of time
for study.

Close your mouth Brad,
you're drooling.

OK, so, about the time
that he left you,

he made a call to the police,
or tried to - any idea about that?

News to me. He let himself out.

Have we checked for cameras
round here? Not yet.

Get onto it.

We're looking for a lorry or a van
exiting the street

between 10:15 and 10:30.

Why won't you get off and...


It's the police.

I'll take over down there.

He won't be a moment.
Thank you.

PAUL: Boys, come on, sit down
and have something to eat, please.

Commissaris Van der Valk!

Inspector Hassell.
Paul Oosterhuis, a pleasure.

Thank you for seeing us. I
appreciate this must be a busy time.

Yeah, mealtimes, the busiest.

How can I help?

I'm sorry to have to tell you.

One of your campaigners,
Milan Bakker,

has been beaten and killed.

Milan? No!

Another, Kalari Ramecker,
is missing.

Are you familiar with him?

Yes, of course. They're two
of my best campaigners.

We're still trying to determine
exactly what went wrong,

but it's possible their allegiance
to you might be relevant.

Well, in what way?
Well, some of De Klerk's

far-right members
are known to be extreme.

Well, yes, but still, it...

Did you know Milan and Kalari
were a couple?

I didn't, no.

I actually... didn't really
know them that well, to be honest.

And yet you agreed to meet me.

You know, when I first rang
your office, I got nowhere.

But as soon as I mentioned
Milan and Kalari,

the diary just...
magically opened up.

Well, as I said,
they were valued campaigners.

Come on.

You're a busy man.

I'm a busy man.

Why did you agree to see me?

You're the police.
I assumed it was important.

I... I was trying to be amenable,
that's all.


Or controlling?

What? You were rude!

He's covering something.
He didn't have to see us.

Listen, he knew your name.

I didn't tell him you were coming.
He was prepped.

He's not targeting
his own campaigners, though, is he?

Is it convenient?

Not unless you're here to tell me
who killed my son.

We're not.
We're just here for a chat.

Make it quick.

Your political beliefs...

they're very different
to your son's.

Yeah. We live in a democracy, sadly.

Benign dictatorship
is the way forward.

How is this relevant?

Do you have many enemies?

I hope so, or I'm not
expressing my views properly.

You said your son
wasn't in a relationship.

He was.

A gay relationship,
with his Indian lover.

How dare you suggest such a thing?

Because I know you know
all about it.

If you want me to find
your son's killer,

I need to know everything
about his lover.

He stole our son from us.

Kalari Ramecker is part
of the Oosterhuis inner circle.

But why?

I've absolutely no idea!

How did you know he knew?

I didn't.


Coffee shop waitress?

Shame. She's perfect for you.

Into art, hates politicians
and has the balls

to put you in your place.

Just saying.

I'm heading home. You?

Going to that opening
at Eva Meisner's gallery.




MUFFLED: No! Please, please...

MUFFLED: Please, please!


Hi. This is a private event.
Are you on the list?

Not sure.

I'm a friend of Eva's.

Lucienne Hassell.

OK. Well, Eva didn't
mention anything,

and your name's not on the list.

But I'm here now.

You know, if it was up to me,
just, er...

rules are rules, and there was
a bit of trouble last night,

so they're being really strict.
What kind of trouble?

Protesters, agitators.

Well, in that case...

I'm a police officer investigating
a double murder. Does that help?

Yeah, that really helps.



CURATOR: Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention, please?

A big welcome
to our very special guest,

Ed de Klerk's new campaign manager,
Tim Brouwer!


Thank you, thank you.

Lovely to have you with us tonight.

Tim, would you just say a few words?

Thank you for having me.
And, er, by the way, buy more art!



Great to meet you.
Lucienne Hassell, Police.

Nice to meet you, too.

What happened to your chin?
D'you get in a fight with someone?







TIM: Yeah...

Yeah, of course.

Erm... some policewoman
sniffing around.

Don't worry.
Ramecker's going nowhere, boss.

Yeah, uh-huh.

Police. What did you say?


Oh! Agh...






Come on.

If you die on me and I have
to break the news to your family...

I will deliberately do it
very badly.

I'm gonna be tactless, blunt,

Want to tell me what's going on?

Lucienne was following up a lead.

Assuming this wasn't a random
attack, looks like she found one.

Just so you know, one of the victims
and his missing lover

are volunteer
Oosterhuis campaigners.

Then you'll need to go easy.

You know De Klerk
will try to interfere

if he thinks a police investigation
will impact on his campaign.

What about the other victim,
any political affiliations? No.

We think he was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

Oh, someone took out a passer-by?
That's pretty rash, isn't it?


Yeah, it's very rash.

Or it's a mistake.

There's nothing you could have done.
You know that, don't you?


What about our killer?

What is he? Military man? Pro?

Yeah, we got three candidates
so far.

All NNC members?
New Nationalist Collectif.

"Collectif", that's a new one.

All extreme right-wing,
into direct action

and fans of De Klerk.

Recently out of prison,
form for assault,

discharged from the military
on account of stress. Military?

Bartel Peters.

Right, check 'em all out.
I want progress by morning.

That's not gonna be possible, is it?

In Amsterdam, anything is possible.
Where are you going?

See if any of these
like fancy-dress parties.



Could have sworn
the party was last night.

I just want to check
that lion made it home.

Any of these at the party?

They look like thugs.

Oh, they are thugs.

Are you saying I hang out
with reprobates?

Do you?

I'm sorry.

I don't know them.

How long you known Kalari?

About six months.

We hung out at the same cafe,
got chatting.

Did you ever meet his mum?

Yeah, once or twice, she's into your
kind of thing. Boring stuff, right?

If you call Vermeer boring.
Yeah, it doesn't do it for me.

All those domesticated women.

They're all a bit passive,


What do you prefer?



There's nothing wrong with that.

It's been bothering me.
Why you're so lost in this painting.

I mean why not, that one?

Or... that one?

I get lost in different paintings
at different times.

There's always more to see.

This isn't about what's there.

It's about what's not there.
Everything in it screams absence.

The letter, the empty chair,
the map of far-off worlds.

Her lover who isn't there.

Maybe he's not just her lover?

Maybe he's the...
father of her unborn child.

when you were looking at this,

were you thinking about your son...
or his father?

I can't remember
what I was thinking.

Do you know something
about your son's disappearance

you're not telling me?
No, of course not.

You look as if you haven't slept.
I take it you've heard nothing.

No, I haven't.

You know Oosterhuis,
he has hundreds of volunteers

but your boy is right at the heart
of his inner circle.

Are you protecting someone?

I need to get back to work.

If you don't mind?

Job! Kalari Ramecker -

I'm not buying his father
hasn't been in their lives.

Where was his mum,
20-plus years ago?

Er, at the Institute Of Fine Arts
in Antwerp. She trained there.

About this footage... Photos from
the gallery opening last night

and get this - Bartel Peters.

I've ruled out the other two
but Bartel Peters,

after leaving the army he got a job
as head of security for De Klerk.

He works for De Klerk?
Used to. Left - stress.

Track him down. Get an address.

What are you eating?

That you took from my desk?

Well, given the circumstances,
I didn't think you'd mind.

They're dog treats, Brad.

Excuse me? Footage?

OK, so, er, the north end
of the road, it drew a blank.

The south end of the road,

there were six vans between
ten fifteen and ten forty-five.

One of which was driven...
by a dog.

It's blurred.

But I've sent it to the tech team
to get it unscrambled.


LUCIENNE: 'Hi, it's me. I've just
checked out of the hospital.'

You've done what?
'Yeah, checked out.'

No, no, no.
No, you can't do that.

I won't allow it!

This is a terrible idea.

It's not.
Go on. All right...


Pulling? What am I supposed
to do with this?

I told you, I hate hospitals.

And I don't want to go home.
Why not?

Just get me some water.

Look, we've got work to do.

Hendrik has examined my wound,
maybe that'll give us something.

And De Klerk's campaign manager,

has got this cut on his chin.

When I questioned him about it,
he refused to talk.

OK, take it easy.

We've got the photos,

we'll have a look.
Get me something to do.

No. Whoever stabbed me,
he's got Ramecker.

And whoever he was on the phone to,
he was calling "boss".

Relax. Please?

Hey. Is your mum in?

Yeah, she is.


Tell them no screens
and no devices and no fighting!

Quite a handful.

Don't you have help?
Er, used to.

My niece Jen was with us
for a while.

She was great with the kids
and then she went travelling,

like she had a life (!)

You have other children, right?
Five in total.

I'm sorry Paul's not here
at the moment.

He told me about the campaigners.
Any news? Not yet.

You and your husband,
you met in Antwerp, is that right?

Lived there till we had our second.

He was with a law firm, I worked for
a publishers. Faucher Legrand.

That's right,
we did gallery catalogues mainly.

Any for the Fine Art Institute?

They were our main clients. Why?

Did you meet
any of the students there?

There were launches, I guess,
but not really.

Theresa Ramecker,
does that name mean anything to you?

No. Who is she?

She's the mother of one
of your husband's campaigners.

I just...
I just wondered if you knew her.

Come over. Please, come over.

I can't keep pretending
nothing's happening. I won't!

Look, just...
just, you have to trust me, OK?



Tech got a registration of the van.

We're gonna see
if we can ID who leased it.

Mad bunch, aren't they?

They're a white bunch
is what they are.

Gallery like Sub 87
would normally be multicultural.

Lucienne said De Klerk's campaign
manager had a cut on his chin.

And we know that Milan Bakker
clawed a chunk out of someone.

So, come on, which one is he?

It's this one. Tim Brouwer.

Got him.

Nice one.

Get Frank here some breakfast.

OK, what do you want?

Scrambled eggs.
And two beers, please.

Find out where Brouwer is today.

I want a word with him
and his boss... Oh!

Image coming through of the person
who leased the van.

Name's Dave Smit.

Go round the back
in case he does a runner.


You can handle yourself,
can't you? Yeah.

I didn't expect to see you again
so soon.

Actually, it's not you
I'm here to see.

Dave Smit?


Get out of my way!

Come here!

All right, if you keep still,
it won't pinch.


I used the dumpsters!

Yeah. I got what you did.

Tell me about the van.

It belongs to the gallery.

Where is it now?

Someone must have taken it out,
I guess.

You were carrying these
when we arrested you.

The gallery has more than one set.

Do you like fancy dress parties?

Why? You having one?

Eva Meisner's. What did you go as?

Mickey Mouse.

You sure you weren't a dog?

When'd you leave?

Can anyone confirm that?


Do you know him?

Bartel Peters.

Here's a slightly prettier one.

Tim Brouwer.

I don't know either of them.

Well, he was at the gallery
last night.

Oh, yeah, him.
"Oh yeah, him."

Kalari Ramecker, where is he?
Why'd you take him?

OK. We'll check your DNA
against DNA found on the victims

and then we'll see
if that loosens your tongue.

..Amsterdammers born and bred

are being forced to leave their city

because there's nowhere
for them to live...

Commissaris Van Der Valk.

Can I have a word?
Bit busy.

This is a campaign event.

I'm here about a double murder

and the stabbing
of a police officer.

I'm sure you know we take attacks
on our officers very seriously.

How can I help?

That looks nasty.

What happened?

Is it relevant?

I don't know. Is it?

My girlfriend Aleida runs Sub 87.

Two nights ago I was there,
there was some trouble outside.

Anarchists protesting.

There was a bit of a fight
and I got caught in a crossfire.

Why would anarchists
attack an art gallery?

Why do anarchists do anything?
They don't need a reason.

Commissaris Van Der Valk.

Ah, the one who's been in the news.

One and the same.

Bartel Peters, do you remember him?

Peters? Remind me.

He was your head of security.

He hospitalised one
of your political opponents.

Sorry to hear that. Yeah. He broke
his jaw, smashed his eye socket,

ruptured his spleen.

Have you seen him recently?


And I remember that incident now.

We got rid of him
as fast as we could.

The thing is,
we think he's still out there,

actively supporting your cause.

Well, we definitely don't want that.
Tim, can we look into this?

Maybe we can help.

Keep in touch, huh?
it was good to meet you.

OK, here's the way I see it.

You might not be the killer...

but you were definitely
the driver on the night,

which makes you an accessory
to a double murder.

Something went wrong, didn't it?

Daniel Koolen,
he was a mistake, right?

So you went and dumped him.

Maybe Milan Bakker
was a mistake, too.

Otherwise, why dump him as well?

Either way, you panicked.

You had to get rid of them.

I don't think you screwed this up.

Your military mate did.

Bartel Peters.

He's got stress issues.

You see, that's what happens
when someone is unhinged.

They kill people
they're not meant to.

And other people, accessories,
like your good self,

they go down for crimes
that they didn't really commit.

My swab didn't help, did it?

You've got nothing on me.

Incident took place here.
Bodies dumped here and here.

What order?

You got Koolen first? It's the
closest to the original incident.

Agreed, then you take
Milan Bakker's body out there. Why?

Other side of town.
Why that direction?

You could have gone in any
direction. Could be random.

I don't think so.

What else do we know?

There's a third person
in the vehicle - Kalari Ramecker.

Who hasn't been dumped, so we have
to assume he's still alive,

which means he's important enough
to keep alive.

They're taking him somewhere.

So, you go in the direction
that you're ultimately heading,

dumping Milan Bakker on the way.

Good! Good. Here to here...

WHISPERS: ..then where?
This industrial wasteland?

Plenty of abandoned buildings,
no-one around,

it's a good place to hide someone.

Get someone up there.
Release Smit, follow him.

'I'm trying to piece together
your son's

with an election looming.'

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

You met Paul Oosterhuis when he was
in Antwerp. He was already married.

Let's do the math. Kalari was, what,
22? So, 23 years ago?

What are you doing?

I'm trying to understand
why someone would abduct your son.

Doesn't make any sense.

Unless he was someone important.

Like the leader of the Opposition's
secret love child?

Have you had any ransom demands?

Stop wasting my time.

That's why you were
looking at that painting,

lost in thought about the absent
father of your missing child.

Are you still his lover?
Long-term mistress? What?

Is that why Kalari
is so into his politics,

because his dad's
the new hope for the Left?

Kalari doesn't know.

No-one does.

Well, someone knows.
That's the point. Who?

I don't know.

You know I could arrest you

for trying to pervert
the course of justice?

I don't care!

My son is missing.
That's all I care about.

Yeah, I get that,
but two other people are dead

and I'm gonna find out
who killed them.

So what are their demands?

I can't tell you.
Yes, you can.

Or I'll go to Oosterhuis
and I'll raise it with him

and his blissfully-ignorant wife.

Demands! What are they? Now!

They want Paul
to pull out of the election.

Or they'll blow his life apart
and end his career.

And he's not doing that because?

He doesn't want
to give in to blackmail.

This election is his life.

He believes in everything
he stands for.

Does he?

Or does he just not want his wife
to find out about you and your son?

You know, when you stand
for family values,

well, it helps if you have some.

He's gambling with the life
of your son.

I have no choice!

If I don't comply,
they will kill him!

I'm trying to keep my son alive!

So am I. And you do have a choice.

You're looking at him.

So they left a note, yes?

What else?

I have one of my son's fingers
in my freezer...


I've got him.

Yeah, he's headed to a urinal.

Bartel Peters. He's meeting Peters.

What did you tell the police?

They following you?

Alley on the left. Go through,
I'll meet you at the canal.

He's doing a runner.

Kloovers! Where'd he go?!

Where is he?

So, where are the other nine?

Well, hopefully, still attached
to Kalari Ramecker.

And you want me to prove this mug
cut it off? Yes, please.

And any other magic you can weave.

I suspect he had a friend
who did the actual cutting

and who probably killed him as well.

Nice friend.

Lovely friend.

Commissaris, I assume
I can rely on your discretion.

I wouldn't assume anything
if I was you.

Ms Ramecker tells me you're
handling your son's kidnapping.

Do you care to explain how?

Yes, I've contacted the AIVD.

Why the Secret Service?

It's a politically motivated

We don't know that for sure.

Still, it's in their hands now
and like me,

they don't encourage
giving in to kidnappers.

As a result,
it's no longer a police matter.

Your investigation's over.

You have no jurisdiction over me.

No, I don't.

But Chief Commissaris Dahlman does
and we've already spoken.


Well, she hasn't said
anything to me.

And you're all right with this?

I just want my boy back.

I managed to download Oosterhuis'
computer and deliver it to Lucienne.

She's gonna check the files, photos,
emails and come back to us.

OK, this industrial wasteland,
what have we learnt?

It doesn't have
great camera coverage.

We've got three van sightings,
one on the night of the murders

entering and exiting
in this area, here.

Within that though,
needle in a haystack.

What have you got for me, forensics?

DNA on the finger
confirms Dave Smit touched it.

Anything else?

Metal traces on finger wound,
titanium alloy,

consistent with wire cutters,
metal cutters,

the type used in house
and garden.

What about art galleries
for hanging paintings?

Don't see why not. There aren't
any art galleries out there.

No, but there are
storage facilities,

there's warehouses
where galleries keep their stock.

One other thing,
the knife that killed Smit,

the serration,
same as the one used on Lucienne.

I'd say it's the same knife.

So if Bartel Peters
stabbed Lucienne,

he must have been at the opening.

Is this all the photos we've got?

Apart from the ones of Lucienne.

That's who we're missing.

Who, Lucienne?


The photographer.

Says here, Sub 87 was taken over
six months ago by Aleida Jansen.

Brouwer's girlfriend.

"To specialise in Formative
Functionalism Futurist Expression

"of Ideology in Motion."

What the hell does that mean?

It means right wing art.

We prefer "visionary".

No wonder you had
anarchists protesting.

Your photographer, last night,
Bartel Peters, right?

We need an address.

I haven't got one.

He just turned up a few months ago.

Say the right things did he?

Share the right sentiments?

That was the Chief Commissaris,

she says she wants
to see you immediately

and has asked me to arrest you
if you don't comply.

Yeah? Good luck with that.

The photos from last night
how did you get them?

I transferred them digitally
as he took them.

Did you see him leave?

You see, he went out back,

he stabbed a colleague of mine
and he did a runner.

Did he leave anything?

What you gonna do?

Access his photos and see if there's
any clue to his whereabouts?


DAHLMAN: ' longer
technically under our jurisdiction

'and I have relayed that message,
most forcefully.'

Mr Oosterhuis,
I can assure you our department

is collaborating with
AIVD on this matter.

WHISPERING: Trojan. Trojan...


Dahlman is gonna have your balls.

There is that possibility.

Are we gonna call for back up again?
Why not? Let's have some fun.

All right, Trojan.

Come here, what's this?
You smell this?




Don't even think about it, Peters.

Why not?

Don't you think enough people
have died?

Back off.

Your mate Dave Smit,

Milan Bakker,

that guy in the street,

you wanna know his name?

Daniel Koolen.

All for a good cause.

Is it?

What is it?
Political? Revenge?

Whatever it is,
your plan hasn't worked.

Not that it is your plan...

Who's your boss?

OFFICER: Stand down!
Put the gun down!

OFFICER: Put the gun down!

Don't do it.

Don't do it.


OFFICER: Found hostage,
he's alive! Paramedics needed!

to announce that I will be

'withdrawing my nomination
as of today. Erm...

'It's not only due
to the current political climate

'and the difficulties
in the race but also...'

What's he standing down for?
'..mainly because of family.'

It's all blown up in his face, man.

His affair, his love child
all over the news.

Have I got this right?

Have we just increased the chances
of De Klerk winning?



Theresa Ramecker's been in touch,

grateful to get her son
and her life back.

And I've got my dog back.

LOWERS VOICE: If you do that again,

I'll have you transferred out of
here before you can say treat time.

Is that understood?

Yeah, it's understood.

It's a shame
you didn't get Peters' boss.

No. Not yet.


Shall I get us a drink?

How's Kalari?

He lost a lot of blood,
a finger and Milan.

Tough that,
losing the love of your life.

It was quite a night we spent.


All that fire and passion.

Got a lot of anger there.


Well, I didn't hear you complaining.


That list of party guests
you gave us. Mm?

Why didn't you put Dave Smit on it?

I don't know, I must have forgotten.

It's just it bothers me
how Dave Smit and Bartel Peters

were waiting outside
when Kalari arrived.

You know the only person
that Kalari called...

..was you.



We found this...

You were the nanny and the niece
to Paul Oosterhuis' wife.

Jen, short for Genevieve.

So not only did Oosterhuis

have an affair and a son
with Theresa Ramecker...

..he was also sleeping with you.

He dumps you, presumably,

because you foolishly thought
he was gonna leave his wife?

So you set out to plot your revenge.

You befriend Kalari,
find someone as damaged as Peters

and then you manipulate
his hatred of Oosterhuis.

And Dave Smit,
what, was he... just seduced?


Oosterhuis has withdrawn
from the election,

he's confessed all to his wife.

You won. You must feel great.

Not really.

It's not the same
as having him, is it?

Forgive me
if I don't feel sorry for you.

You need to understand,
he seduced me.

He promised me the world.

It's me that should be with him.

You had Kalari tortured.

Peters and Smit
were still at the gallery

when his finger was delivered
to his mother's door.

You took it there, didn't you?

Why would you do that to her?

Because she put up
with being second best.

One of those passive women
you so disapprove of.


You know,
when I begged him to be with me,

he said he couldn't because of her.

Cos of how much
she sacrificed for him.


You know, I hated her more.

Followed her, watched them,

it didn't take a genius
to get to Kalari.

And everyone that died -

innocent people, passers-by,
killed for no reason.

I didn't mean for them
to get hurt, but...

..they're not my problem.


But they are mine.

And they always will be.

Did you sleep with Eva Meisner?

What sort of question's that?

A relevant one.

I need to know
if you slept with a suspect.

Would I do a thing like that?

You were pushing me.

Your choice of women's
been disastrous for years.

How about yours?

I'm fine.

As long as one of us is.