Van Der Valk (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Death in Amsterdam - full transcript

In this final episode, when the brutal killing of a fashion vlogger is broadcast live, Piet van der Valk and his team find themselves drawn into investigating the contemporary fashion world.

- Hey, sweetie.
- Hey, Dan.

You gonna watch Ed's vlog?

Am I gonna watch Ed's vlog?
Yeah. You?

Of course. I can't wait.
It's all over social media.

It's gonna be explosive.

- But we all know he can exaggerate.
- True.

Oh, Heidi not with you?

No, I'm not sure where she is.

I'll... I'll give her a call.
I'll catch you later.

Hi, darling.

Hey, darling.

I can only see your ear.
Where are you?

Yeah, I'm just popping to the bank.

You know, I can only see your ear,

Yeah. I'll see you later.
I gotta go.


Oh! What is that?!

Oh, he's dead.



- How's Trojan?
- Yeah, he's been as good as gold.

Haven't you, boy?

I mean, he's pining for you,

I hope you've not been
giving him treats.

I said I wouldn't, and I haven't.

How did last night go?

It went.

You still coming to
Visser's hearing?

Try stopping me.

I'll see you there. And, Piet... wasn't your fault, OK?


Hey, nice to meet you. Brad. Hey.

Just asking a few questions...

Victim, Ed Loman, 22.

He's an eco-fashion vlogger
and influencer

with three million followers.

Live transmission went out today,
as usual.

The plug was pulled after
four minutes and 143 comments.

Cameras front and back
showed no-one in or out

in the last couple of hours.

- Residents?
- We're checking now.

There's no visible signs of
forced entry,

which implies that the victim
knew the murderer.

Exits and entrances -

it's the same way in as it is out,
which is actually illegal.

The landlord should provide
a fire exit.

He covered all the bases, then.

You might want to check again.

Young woman, pink top. Have a word.

You going somewhere?

Signs of a struggle in the kitchen.

Blood spill seem to indicate
that's where the victim was stabbed.

Got a murder weapon?

Kitchen knife.

Computer turned on manually,
just over there,

or maybe on a timer delay.

- What about family?
- Have been informed.

They're in Vancouver.

Kept himself to himself,
according to his neighbours.

Bi-celibate, according to
some of his publicity.

Reserves the right not to sleep with
whoever he wants to.

Liked having his face out there.

Hendrik. Are you well?

Passably decent.

Certainly better than this fellow.

Rigor mortis is still in
its early stages.

Little fingers and jaw joints,
rather than limbs.

So, death fairly recent.

One hour, hour and a half.

Looks like single, deep penetrating
stab wound, left anterior chest,

straight into his heart.

One-way ticket across River Styx
once that was inflicted.

So, the tape across his mouth
wasn't to silence him?

That was probably done after death,
as was the stitching to the eyelids.

There's no...

Tape's undisturbed
by any movement or struggling

and there's no vital reaction
to the skin around the sutures.

And here's the thing - look at that.

Very, very delicate.

Done with care and precision.

Possible medical knowledge.

Or someone who knows how to sew.

Fashion vlogger killed by somebody
in the fashion world.

The eyes and mouth are saying what?

What do you think?

That I could really do without this.

Wanna tell me what's up?

If the residents can be ruled out
and no-one came in the door,

there must be another way in or out.

Could you climb that?

On a good day, maybe. You?

I couldn't.

Looks like someone else did.

Oh, yeah.
Said she's a friend of Ed Loman.

Wanted to see him.

But, as I say, when she saw us...

Omega 616, I want to talk to 'em.

Oh, right, yeah.

Anonymous street artist,
one of hundreds. Best of luck.

Just find him.

Mate, did you not miss
the anonymous bit?

Boss, I've been going through
the victim's feed

and he wound a lot of people up,

had regular spats with a rival
fashion vlogger called Lotta Nagel,

real name Ena Wolfswinkel.

No wonder she changed it.

She's the heart and soul of
the ethical vlogging fashion world.

Knit your own new world.
She's very attractive.

He accused her of being too nice
and ineffectual,

which is a little bit harsh,
actually, because she's really good.

I've watched a few of her vlogs.

I'm into fashion.

Stat man's got a hobby. Who knew?

Alright, track her down.

Hold on a minute! How come he gets
the attractive vlogger and I get...

...the invisible man?

You wanna tell us
what you were up to?

You like hanging around
on street corners?

Because you're in the wrong district
if you do.

How do you know Ed Loman?

I work at Danhei,
the eco-fashion house.

I give Ed gossip.

About what?

Whether Danhei are really as ethical
as they make out.

And are they?

Well, working conditions
aren't great.

Accusations of bullying.

They haven't even paid wages
this month.

There's also talk of...

...selling out.

Could that have been
what he was going to vlog about?


Ethical fashion house
behaving unethically.

Wouldn't want that made public,
would they?

Let's do it.


What are you doing with Trojan?

It's what he's not doing
that's bothering me.

Where's Dahlman?


Omega Man. You found him yet?

Uh, some progress, yeah.

Appeared on the scene 18 months ago.

Writes arty little poems
and messages in public places

like the ones seen earlier on today,
mostly about the fashion world.

No-one knows who he, she, it, they
are, whether they're male or female,

non-binary, tall, small,
fat, thin, young, old...

...a flippin' robot.

But whenever they are seen,

he, she, it, they, are always seen
wearing the same distinctive coat.

So, you got no address, then?

I've got an address!

- Lotta Nagel.
- Good.

Well, go and check her out.

Where are you going, Brad?

I very much doubt Omega 616 is
Lotta Nagel.

Might as well rule her out. It's
a process of elimination, innit?

Yeah, that's it. I mean, there's
7.2 billion people on Earth.

Why not whittle them down
one by one, you know?

Starting with all the attractive
women. Yeah. Could work.

Can I go, then?

I'll leave it to your conscience.

Tell me about this fashion house -

Claim to be champions of

and all that's ethical in fashion.

So, we got Dani Nioh, Heidi Berlin.

Right - Dan... Hei.

Dani is the visionary.

He's Heidi's protege,
I think, originally.

But he's now the main man,
hottest designer out there.

OK. So, what's all this
about selling out?

Oh, yeah.
I've arranged to see them.

There's a rumour Dani Nioh
is about to jump ship,

join one of the bigger fashion
houses and abandon Danhei.

Are you coming?

No. You're alright.

You're cutting it a bit fine.


It's a busy morning.

- Anything I should know about?
- No.

Let's get this out of the way first.

Did you notice Van der Valk
brought in Trojan this morning?

When we get in there,
you let me do the talking, alright?

- Why?
- 'Cause I want to do all the talking.

- Brad?
- What?

It's this one.

Ed and me got quite close.

He wasn't the person
everyone thought.

Damn it.

Miss Nagel?

My name's Sergeant Brad de Vries.
Criminal Brigade, Amsterdam Police.

And also quite a fashion icon.

Fast or slow fashion?

I can do either - fast or slow.

Very, very slow.

Can we come in, please?

Very, very slow?


So, that feed once seen,
never unseen, right?

Do you think someone's
targeting vloggers?

Uh, dunno.

Depends on who you lot
have been upsetting

and what issues are doing the rounds
at the moment.

Well, presumably for an eco-fashion
vlogger, it's packaging,

waste, sustainability, transparency.

But none of those things
are new, right?

- Not all.
- Definitely.

- Ed Loman hot on any of those?
- Increasingly, yeah.

Ed became a vlogger because
he wanted to get rich and famous,

but recently, I convinced him
to start taking it more seriously.

Which could have made him enemies.

Very possibly.
Look, can I get you guys a drink?


No, thanks.

I mean, there's a lot of noise
about Youniversality.

Yeah, well, I mean, it's a pretty
important issue right now, right?

You mean the fashion house


Youniversality, latest big hitters
to jump on the ethical bandwagon.

No-one's quite sure about
how genuine they are about it.

I mean, there's talks of them
poaching Dani Nioh from Danhei.

Really? Such an interesting
choice because...

Amazing. Yeah.

You and Ed Loman,
you had a public spat, didn't you?

That was ages ago.
Can I have my phone?

Of course.

It's a nice colour.

Uh, I accused him of being

He called me a tree-hugger,
but we got past it.

And where were you
when the vlog started?

Um... on my way into town.

Can anyone verify that?

Not really.

Oh, Dani! Dani Nioh. We're mates.

We video phoned.

Everyone, listen up.

In honour of Ed,
we're shutting down for the day.

Alright? Go home, gorgeous.

Hey! Hey!

Darling, it's OK for you to go home.

What the hell are you doing,
giving people the day off?

- Everyone's upset about Ed.
- So?!

Julian, darling, you can go home.

We can't just down tools.
We have deadlines.

Yeah, and ethics.

- Don't talk to me about ethics.
- What do you mean?

What else is there to talk about?
We're an ethical brand.

Need to ask you both about Ed Loman.

You both knew him, I take it.

- Yeah.
- Everyone knew Ed.

You get on with him?


Is there anything
he might have had over you?

You know, something about Danhei
he might have been going public on?


Not at all.

Not paying wages, mistreating staff,
jumping ship - that sort of thing.

No. It's all tittle-tattle.

Times are tough, that's all.

"We're not a fashion label,
were a family."

- That's one of yours, right?
- Yeah. And we are!

We've just given everyone
the day off

because of what happened to Ed.

It's hardly a sweatshop, is it?

That fabric. What is it?

This? This is from a life vest.

We work with a refugee charity.

They collect discarded and damaged
clothes from camps around Europe.

Chacko, go home. Seriously.

We patch them up,

we reinvent the clothes
and then we send them back out.

And we employ some Syrian refugees
who make it to Amsterdam,

to help both us and them.

Very impressive.

I'll need a sample.



You've been very helpful. Thank you.

I'm still cross with you.

That went OK.

No parole for Visser
is a result.

Yeah, I guess it is.

Yoo-hoo, Mr Detective. How are you?

You remember me, don't you?

- Uh...
- Agatha Voss.

You investigated the murder
of someone I knew.

- Oh, yeah.
- Mm-hm.

Yeah, I remember you.

- What are you doing here?
- Well, I'm a law student.

So, that's why.
What are you doing here?

Me? Just keeping out of trouble.

Minding my own.

Can you just hold on one second?

You think you're winning,
but you're not.

What was all that about?
What did he just say?

Come on, let's go.

Ed and me got quite close.

He wasn't the person
everyone thought.

It was all a front.
Underneath he was... scared, lonely.

He really cared.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

That's all crocodile tears,
if you ask me.

Why would she pretend to cry?

'Cause it's gonna send her number
of followers through the roof.

All his are up for grabs now.

I thought Van der Valk had the
monopoly on cynicism in this office.

Actually, it's pretty much
across the board around here.

Think about it. They're rivals.

He does the flamboyant,
over-the-top stuff.

She does the over-earnest,
'save the world' bit

and 'I'll be your bestie'.

She's got a motive.

Yeah, but not opportunity.

She was on the way into town
on the phone to Dani Nioh

when the stream went live.

Yeah, but just because she says
she was her our way into town

doesn't actually mean she was
on her way into town, now does it?

Mr Cloover's couture.

Right, Danhei and Youniversality,
ethical credentials -

are they real or fake?

Let's have a dig around.

And Loman's financials.

Yes. Yes. Any minute now.

Ah, the wanderer returns.
Where have you been?

Nowhere. What's going on?

Could ask you the same.

Come on. I'll fill you in
on the way to the path lab.

There's a couple of excitements.

The green thread used to stitch
the eyes -

no idea what it is.

And that's exciting because?

It's like nothing
we've ever seen before.

The forensic guy checking
the chemical composition,

he can barely contain himself.

Anything on the orange fabric?

Well, I'm afraid it doesn't match
the clothing found on the roof,

which partly consists of caribou.

That's reindeer to you and me.

Reindeer? On a roof?
Wrong time of year, isn't it?

Reindeer and... duck,

combined with a synthetic water
repellent material

can only mean one thing.

Rudolph's gone AWOL and Santa's
brought in a duck as back-up?

No. It's from a parka.

Which is what Omega 616 wears.

Hey. Ed Loman's financials.

On the first of the month
for the last nine months,

he's been receiving money from an
account listed to Youniversality.

Oh. Vlogger on the payroll.
That's naughty.

Only thing is, on the first of this
month, the payments were stopped.

This is like meeting royalty.
Claudia Cabrera?

She's as famous as they come.

Cabrera is the queen
of mainstream fashion,

Youniversality is her kingdom.

It's big money, man.

But three years ago, she combines
with iconoclast Gustav Schneider.

This is really exciting.

And this Schneider, he breathes
new life into her lines.

And in her love-life, apparently.

Fashion is about insecurities,
doubt, lack of self-esteem.

We want people to feel bad
about themselves

so that they come and buy
our clothes.

But here is the key.

We do not want these people
to feel too good about themselves.

We just want these people
to feel a little bit better.

No pictures!

Don't take any pictures!


People feel our love.

Love that we can take away
any moment by saying,

"No. Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

"Do you really want to look
like this?

"With this? Do you like this?

"Really? She likes this. Huh?"

You see? Boom.
Insecurity comes flowing back.

And then we say, "Don't worry, love.
It's alright. Hmm?

"Just ditch that, ditch that,
ditch that." Ah!

"You want to look like this now."

And that way, they come back.

That's why they buy our clothes.

So, do not design perfection
or permanence.

Design dazzling and transitory.

Thank you so much.


Commissaris Van der Valk.
This is Lieutenant Cloovers.

We need to speak to you
and your boss.

Claudia! Claud!

Everybody listen. We've got
five minutes until runway.

Everyone please get ready.

What do they want?

They have some questions
about Loman.

Apologies, we're having a launch
tomorrow for our new line.

Darling, cut the music!



You're here about Ed Loman,
I take it.

We are. Have you seen him recently?

- Afraid he wasn't my kind of vlogger.
- Me neither.

So, the money he'd been receiving
from your company on a monthly basis

was for what exactly?


Loman became such a powerful voice,
it'd be wise to keep him sweet.

And no-one thought
to tell me that.

Well, I didn't think
it was that important.

What happened this month
to stop the payments?

He was getting ideas above his head.
Became quite a nuisance.

A big enough nuisance to silence?

No. Big enough to stop paying.

Well, maybe without your sweetener,
he was gonna spill some secrets.

We don't have any.

Everyone has secrets.

We heard you might be poaching
Dani Nioh. Is that true?

Never believe the rumour mill.

Perhaps we can return
to our rehearsal. Thank you.

Darling, music!

- What's up, Brad?
- Hey, man.

I heard about the vlogger.
It's gone viral.

It's been all over the news.


I guess there's gonna be
a briefing, right?


Just little old me and my laptop,
looking for the invisible man,

Omega 616.

The Antichrist one.

Come on.

I'll see you tomorrow, Casper.

And, oh, say happy birthday
to your daughter for me.

Thank you, ma'am.


So, I was thinking, these two.

No, no.

Sorry to interrupt.

Just one more question.

So, you and Lotta Nagel
video-phoned each other

just before Ed Loman went live, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Did you see where she was?

Uh... she was parking her bike
in town.

Did you see where?

It's difficult to tell, isn't it?

Yeah. And you two?

I was on my way in here.

I grabbed a coffee at Zeffie's,
just after speaking to Lotta.

And I was running errands,
I had to go to the bank.

Which one?

The one on the corner of Rokin.

Rokin? Thanks.

Hey, Frank.

So, what have you been up to?

We're helping Brad
finding Omega 616.

616 is the number of the beast.

- That's 666.
- Not necessarily, Einstein.

Go on, Frank. Tell 'em.

In the Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus,

the number of the beast
is called 616.

Frank used to be a priest.

Omega is also
a religious reference, possibly.

It's in the... uh...

- The Book of Revelation.
- Revelation.

Not exactly an address, though,
is it, Brad?

I didn't have you down
as a street artist fan.

- Well, I'm not normally.
- So, what is it?

I dunno.

- Hey, Frank.
- Hi.

So, just before Loman was killed,
Dani Nioh's social media

has a photo of him
grabbing a coffee at Zeffie's.

Waitress confirmed it.

Lotta Nagel was seemingly on
her way into town.

And Heidi Berlin
claimed she was in the bank.

Only she wasn't.

Which is not surprising, given
Danhei's accounts have been frozen.

They're on the brink of bankruptcy.

That explains no wages.

Could Loman have known that?

I don't see why not.

He's getting regular dirt
from an informant who works there,

Mila de la Parra.

And Heidi Berlin
knows how to stitch.


Wake up!
There's been a development.

Omega 616 strikes again,
this time having a go at vloggers.

Media are trying to link it
to the murder.

I'll make some coffee, then.

We need to find him
before the press do.

- How's your friend like her coffee?
- Strong with sugar.

Oh, and not too much milk.

What's her name again?

- Agatha.
- Agatha.

The, uh... the law student
who pays her fees

by sleeping with different men
on a transactional basis.

- Correct?
- Correct.

You her Wednesday?

- Is today Thursday?
- Yeah, it is.

Well, I think her Tuesday's free,
if that's why you're asking.

Transactional, then, or not?

Oh, come on. She's allowed
a private life, isn't she?

- I mean, would it matter if it was?
- Not to me.

Got any thoughts
on our street artist?

None at all.

Casper, it's me again.
Where are you? We're running late.

The lab got the chemical composition
of that stitching back.

Mushroom. Heh-heh.

A perfectly sustainable yarn

produced from the fibres
of a fungus.

And this particular fungi fashion

is so hot off the press,
it doesn't even have a name yet.

Then we need to find out
who's developing it.

Night, Johnny.
Don't do anything I wouldn't.

And you really needed to drag me out
here to look at a graffiti banner?

Couldn't you just give me
the photograph?

Fresh air will do you good.

I'll be back in an hour.

Danhei's on the brink of bankruptcy.

More idle gossip.

If you call a conversation with
your former bank manager 'gossip'.

Did Ed Loman know?

Well, I don't see how.

Dani definitely doesn't, bless him.

He's in his own world
most of the time.

- Does anyone know?
- No.

We've expanded faster
than we should have and...

...I love Dani to bits,
but he doesn't make life easy.

- I've tried to talk to him...
- Yeah, we can cut the sob story.

What I need to know is where you
really were yesterday morning.

I was meeting a friend. That's all.


I'm not at liberty to say.


I'm tied by confidentiality.

Is this anything to do with
Dani abandoning you?

Teaming up with Youniversality.

No, it isn't.

We better check your phone records
and see what they give us.

We'll be seeing you.

This just got really interesting.

Articles about Ed Loman's
bi-celibate life.

Right? Wrong!

Because... here he is. And here.

And here.

Look who's on his arm.
His informer...

...Mila de la Parra.

I thought she said
they were just friends.

They were.

Before Ed Loman was vlogging,
he was blogging.

'Me and Mila in Milan.'

'The Mila in Me.'

And then 'Me and My Mila'.

They were an item
until a couple of months ago.

Where did you get all of this?

Our tech retrieved them
from Ed Loman's computer,

along with 76 emails from Mila
documenting their break-up.

"Please call me."

"You simply can't treat me
this way."

"Heartless, arrogant bastard."

"Explain me why."

What's your point?

My point is that Mila de la Parra
has a motive to kill,

along with Schneider.

Not only was Schneider
paying Ed Loman...

...he was sleeping with him.


OK, you check out Mila de la Parra,
leave Schneider to us.

Glad you could make it.

Dahlman's driver
has been hospitalised.

He's taken quite a hammering.

He's alive, but on a ventilator.

his mouth's been taped and...

...his eyes stitched.

When were you gonna tell me
about Casper?

If we told each other about every
random act of violence that happens,

we'd never get any bloody work done.

There's nothing random about it -
you know it and I know it.

Is it true about the tape
and stitching?

Yeah. Is there any definite link
to Ed Loman's death?

How was Casper beaten?

Ambushed in a car park.

Yeah, but... HOW was he beaten?

They concentrated mainly on ribs
and fingers.

Trying to extract information, right?

Like where did he take you
the night before last?

We don't know it had
anything to do with that yet.

Well, we can make
a pretty good guess.

Younis Visser might still be in jail,

but he's got plenty of friends
on the outside.

If they know you went to see
the judge,

I'm telling you,
things will escalate.

You want me to see his son?

Like that won't escalate things.


Why did you go
and see the judge anyway?

He invited me.

I get invited to lots of things,
it don't mean I go.

Well, maybe you should.
Do you good to get out more.

Uh, Piet...

Just leave it, please.

Yeah. Hey.

I'm going to need some surveillance.

Two officers.

OK. I'll brief you later.
Thank you. Bye.

When were you gonna tell me
about Visser's hearing?

Didn't think it was important.

Piet, come on, do me a favour.

First thing we're taught about
interviewing a suspect,

omission is an indication of guilt.

So, I'm a suspect now am I?

Why didn't you tell me?

It's fine. He didn't get out.

He might have, though.
You must have thought of that.

- What would you have done if he did?
- I don't think about him at all.

You went then, I take it?

Dahlman asked me to.

Case is still sensitive for her.

It's not just her.

Given what else happened
in the incident.

You OK?


I know you.

And I know when you're lying.


It's pretty good.

Who is that?

- Yeah.
- How'd you get on with that graffiti?

Yeah, yeah. Alright, look.

Couple of things.

It's not spray paint.

It's a spray-on fabric. Yeah.

And I figured out what was
bugging me about the writing.

It's the angular nature
of the script.

So, I checked with a graphologist.

It's written by someone
used to writing right to left.

- What, like Arabic?
- In one.

Did you say Danhei
employed Syrian refugees?


Let's go.

Where is everyone?

Youniversality invited us
to their launch.

I insisted the staff go,
they deserved a break.

Oh, I thought you guys were rivals.

Rivalries come and go, but, uh,
we're all in it together, really.

Besides, Heidi and Claudia
go way back.

- Didn't wanna go yourself?
- I'd love to.

There's just too much to do.

Yeah, bills to pay and all that.

How is that side of things?

It's actually exciting.

We're expanding globally.

We've got more orders
than we can fill.

You know, we're going from
strength to strength.

We heard you were struggling.

It's just a cash-flow problem.

It's always difficult
getting money out of people,

but once the dam breaks,
everything will be fine.

Are you developing anything
from the fibres of a fungus?


It's a good idea, though.

- Spray-on fabric, right?
- Yeah.


Do you want a job?

Whose workstation is this?

Uh, Chacko Mogadam,
our best draftsman.

Is he one of your Syrian refugees?

He's their boss.

Hey, everyone,
I'm at the crew launch

for Youniversality's
new eco-jeans line.

SO exciting
because jeans are Amsterdam, right?

Classic, timeless, adventurous,
individual, rebellious.

Never afraid to make a statement,
like Ed, like me.

Like all ethical fashion vloggers,
we won't be silenced.

All set, babe.

Were you sleeping with Ed Loman?

That's ridiculous! Of course not!

Too busy trying to team up
with Dani Nioh.

For Godsakes,
you're the one to talk.

Look, we are running late.

Now... good luck. Break a leg.


Let's see what this Syrian guy
can tell us.

Oh, Piet, this looks interesting.

Got Heidi Berlin's phone records.

- Anything?
- Maybe.

Lots of calls to the same number
and text.

"See you at Levs."

No idea who or what Levs is,

but she was meeting someone
there earlier today and yesterday,

not long before Loman was killed.

Our new line introduces

the revolutionary new
Youniversality app.

Each pair of jeans
comes with its own unique code

sewn into the lining.

Using this code,
you can log onto the app,

which tells you where the materials
came from, who made it and how.

Now, each and every item
develops its own history

and whenever you want, we take
them back and we refresh them,

and we sell them on.

So, endless recycling,
endless connectivity.

Thank you so much, and enjoy.

Police! Out of the way!


- Oh! Oh!
- Move out of the way!

Coming through, police.


Stop! Stop!

Omega 616, the pleasure's all ours.

I didn't kill anyone, I swear.


Omega 616.

Omega 616, that's Brad.
Take him to the station.


Fine. Take that.
It's Miss Cabrera's.

Keep it with you, kid.

The press are gonna love this.

Iconic fashion head
dies on her own catwalk.

Tell the team we need to keep this
out of the press

for as long as we can.

I don't suppose natural causes
are an option, are they?

Well, the untrained eye

might assume cardiac arrest,

You smell that, right?


Cherry red tinge to the skin.

I reckon cyanide poisoning.

Right. Administered how?

Well, injection's possible,
but impractical,

so I suspect swallowed.


Oh, my God.
It was absolutely terrifying.

I've literally got her death
on camera.

Miss Nagel, I'm sorry,
this really isn't appropriate.

- I'm gonna have to ask you to stop.
- Seriously.

All due respect,
this is a crime scene.

I have to ask you again
to refrain from filming

and we're going to need
to take your phone

'cause it may contain
vital evidence.

Of what? That's my livelihood,
you understand?

Yeah, you'll get it back.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Do you know anyone who might have
held a grudge against Claudia?

A former employee? A rival?

Jealous lover, maybe?

Most of her lovers are long gone.

Well, maybe I meant you.

Why would I be jealous?

It's her that should be, isn't it?

Jealous of your relationship
with Ed Loman.

Monogamy was never my strong suit.
Claudia knew that.

That doesn't mean she liked it.

You were across her drug habit,
I take it?

It wasn't exactly a secret.

Are Youniversality, by any chance,
developing any fabrics

made from fungus?

We only go with the flow
of sustainability

because it makes commercial sense.

I draw the line at mushrooms.

Who else knew about your affair?

Does this matter?

Yes, it matters.

Two people are dead,
two people involved with you.

Who knew about the affair?

As far as I know, nobody.

Loman's payments stopped.

Was that because you dumped him?

Our relationship ended. Yes.

And now he's dead.

Your partner finds out about
your financial arrangements

and now she's dead.

You can see where
we're going with this.


...maybe I have enemies
who target people close to me.

A fashion vlogger dies, one of
your artworks is on his balcony.

A new piece appears the next day
wishing vloggers dead.

Now, you slag off fashion generally

and an iconic fashion designer
more or less dies in your presence.

Both these deaths
are very bold statements.

Like the ones you make.

And we checked, you weren't
at work yesterday morning

when Ed Loman was killed.

So, where were you?

I had a meeting
at the Immigration Service.

OK, we'll check.

What is it about fashion
that makes you so defiant?

I hate everything about it.


- Social influencers.
- Vloggers?

Marketing machines.

The pith on the orange.

Driving in collaborations
with brands and designers,

earning ridiculous money,

while my baby girl and wife
are stuck in a refugee camp.

They can't go forward,
they can't go back.

And these people are...
..obsessed with what they look like.

If you're so innocent, why run?

I've seen the news
linking the murder to me.

And the name - Omega 616?

I wanted something that reflected on
the dark side of your Western faith.

From the Book of Revelation.

An alternative number of the beast.

This dark side... didn't spill over
into killing people, did it?

It's impressive you knowing about
Omega 616. How come?

Oh, it's just general knowledge,

Sorry, I can see you're busy,
but, uh, you got anything for us?

Mode of death confirmed.

Cyanide poisoning.

She swallowed a capsule.

It started its process of absorption

and then acts very rapidly,
within minutes.

And that hit was presumably
a little stronger than she expected.

Uppers, downers, MDMA -

a bespoke box of goodies
for every eventuality.

The killer embellishes a regular hit
with cyanide.

Must have been familiar
with her usage.

Do we know what T.A. stands for?

Dealer's brand logo.

Whoever did this, they knew
she'd like a little something

before the show.

Once that capsule dissolves,
she takes her final bow.

So, how would the killer know
which capsule she'd take?

It doesn't a matter.
They're ALL laced with cyanide.

Would you care to try one?

Believe me... it's tempting.

Well, maybe I can cheer you up
with a little insight

into who did what
to Dahlman's driver, hmm?


Black cotton.
Not the same material used on Loman.

Not the same people either.

I mean, this story
has been all over the news.

I'd say copycat.

If that wasn't an insult
to copycats.

This was just
pure sadistic butchery.

I love a curry.

Brad, Claudia Cabrera had a burn
phone for contacting Heidi Berlin

and they used to meet at Lev's,
wherever that is.

Yeah, no joy with that yet,

but I will get onto it first thing
tomorrow morning.

Right. Cabrera's time line.

Uh... security cameras
at Youniversality

have got her coming and going -
she all but lives there.

What can I get you?

- Not for me, mate.
- I've gotta head off.

Yeah? Wednesday AND Thursday.


I'll see you tomorrow.

What does that mean?

What's the deal with Van der Valk
and this Visser character?

Why do you want to know?

You know curiosity killed the cat.

I did some asking around.

Some of the guys mentioned that...

...old man Visser
was back in the court.

That's right.

Visser was a corrupt
senior police officer.

Dahlman and Piet took him down.

Neither him nor his son
were particularly happy about it.

Visser was arrested
after a car chase.

Knowing he was caught,

he deliberately drove his car
at the one Piet was driving.

And Piet wasn't alone in the car.


That's how she sustained
her injuries, right?

Cliff, let's get
some more drinks here.

Just so we're clear.

I know what you did.

Or what your father did.

Send in his whipping boys to beat
the life out of an innocent man.

And I know what you did.

Or more to the point,
what your boss did.

Went to visit the judge
the night before the hearing

to apply a bit of pressure.

It's called corruption.

Yeah. It's a subject close
to your father's heart.

You know what it's like
to lose someone that you love.

It was a nice touch
with the stitching.

I'm sure you had fun with that.

It stops here.

Or what, Commissaris?

Or what?


Hey, Mr Detective,
why don't you join me?

You don't talk much, do you?

Is that a problem?

No, on the contrary. It's a relief.

How's your degree going?

I juggle, but I'm not grumbling.

That court case... Visser.

I know why I was there,
but why were you there?

You weren't. You were late.

Do police normally attend hearings
for people they put away?

I, uh... I read an article, an essay.

'The Wrong Arm of the Law -

'Police Corruption
in the Netherlands Since 1980.'

Can we talk about something else?


Whatever you want.


You want me?

Or you want to TALK about me?

I don't know.

- Both.
- OK.

But no-one gets everything,
you understand that?

Yeah, that suits me.

What the eye doesn't see,
the heart doesn't grieve over, hmm?

I guess.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Should've got you a muffin, too.

- Good night?
- Mm-hm.


- Yours?
- Yeah, the same.

I think.

Piet? Piet, can I have
a word, please?

Claudia Cabrera's death
is all over the front pages.

I thought we were keeping it
out of the press.

OK. Duly noted.

How long have we worked together?

I don't know, Julia.

Five years?

Then you'd think you know that

I sign off on all requests
for surveillance.

Yeah, well, I just thought
this one might slip through the net.

Well, it didn't.

You had two of my officers do
round-the-clock surveillance on me.

It's a precaution.

I figured you wouldn't
request any yourself.

Yeah, well, you figured right.

Just don't do it again, please.

- Do I have a choice?
- No.

I've cancelled it anyway, OK?

Who blew Cabrera's death
to the press?

I think he might have noticed.

I'm waiting.

I may have mentioned it
to one or two people.

- How many?
- Four or five.

- 3,472,000.
- Oh, Job.

I was trying to get Lotta Nagel
off her phone at the crime scene

and the word "crime scene"
might have been mentioned.


The word "evidence"
might have also slipped out.

- Great.
- She was vlogging at the time.

OK. That's wonderful.

I mean, there's nothing like

I went through all of the footage
on Lotta Nagel's phone of the event

and Mila de la Parra wasn't there.

- Well, maybe she didn't go.
- No, she did.

She signed in with security
an hour before.

So, she WAS there.

But she wasn't there.

Do you know what I mean?

Good spot. Check her out.

- Date went well, then?
- I heard that.

What are you looking
so smug about, anyway?

You're meant to be finding out
about Lev's.

Well, I have, actually.

Short for Elevenses.

It's a posh cafe where the great
and the good go

if they want to be discreet.

Not that Cabrera or Berlin
ever were.

Security camera footage.

Management had to get involved.

Proper meltdown, apparently.


Just before Cabrera was murdered.

Gets better than that.
This is them the day before.

This is just before Loman
was killed.

9:48. The vlog started at 10:00.

How far is this place
from Ed Loman's apartment?

It's not far.

Do you want to be more specific?

Nine minute walk.

11 minutes by tram.

Interestingly enough,
it's an 18-minute drive by car.

You met Claudia Cabrera for a coffee
at Elevenses more than once.


It's like I told your colleague,
we're friends.

- Look, can we not do this now?
- We're very busy.

If you were just meeting
for harmless coffees,

why not tell us that before?

What were you rowing about?

- Who? Heidi arguing? Never. Who with?
- It's nothing, Dani.

Claudia Cabrera.


I met her for a couple of coffees

and the police are making
a big deal out of it.

Really? Why?

So, it's not just us she didn't tell.

What was the row about?

It was about ethics and fashion.

Wait, Heidi... Sorry.
What's going on?

I'm so sorry, Dani.
So sorry.

What about? What...?

I just... I couldn't keep going on
with all this.

You won't listen,
you won't include

and you just keep taking on
more work that we can't deliver.

Danhei is on its last legs.

I've tried a million times
to tell you.


I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

I'm... I'm...

What's this got to do with Claudia?

What was the package she gave you?

It was my advance to pay our staff.

I didn't want them going without.

I couldn't tell you, because it was
an illegal injection of cash

into a failing company.

Your advance on what?

Everyone thinks I'm shot
and that you're the genius,

which you are,
but I need a new challenge.

I was going to join

I'm sorry, what?

As creative director.

Claudia was going to
take the company

in this whole new and genuinely
ethical holistic direction.

And she wanted me to lead that push.

Is this a joke?

I can't...

I cannot lose you. I can't. I...

I'm nothing without you.

I've... Literally, you've taught me
everything I know.

You don't need me anymore.

You don't listen to me, anyway.

Everyone knows that you were

thinking about
teaming up with Schneider.

He came to me and I said no!

End of.

Were you already planning this push?

I had worked on some ideas, yeah.

Anything to do with fungus?

How did you know?


I cannot believe it.

How... how dare you?!


It doesn't matter how I know.

Either you stitched
Ed Loman's eyes,

or whoever did
knew about that fabric.

Claudia was panicking.

She recognised the... stitching
as the one I'd pitched to her.

She knew someone was onto us.

I was trying to calm her down.

In the end, I did.

So, the deal was still on?


This role as creative director -

was it gonna be alongside Schneider
or instead of him?

No, she was gonna sack him.

Miss de la Parra?

Miss de la Parra?

Miss de la Parra?



Grief's a terrible thing, isn't it?

Affects us all in different ways.

Go on.

Your shoe.

This might not be the best time
to talk about loyalty,

but did you know Claudia Cabrera
was about to sack you

to have Heidi Berlin in your place?

She was going to try, yes -
her and Heidi.

An ethical new dawn.

Mm. Very... touching.

I wasn't having any of it.

So, what did you do?

I tried to poach Dani Nioh.

He's way too into himself
to care about the environment,

but the idiot turned me down.

I would've found
somebody else, though.

How did you find out
what they were planning?

couldn't keep a secret.

- Especially when she was...
- ..out of it.

Did Mila de la Parra know?

She knows nothing. About anything.

Then why did she
come here yesterday?

Was that to accuse you
of killing Ed?

I wiped the floor with her.

She's a complete waste
of space, energy and time.

The only reason Ed slept with her
was to gain information.

Which I told her. Hmm?

And how did she take that?

Oh, she went into a complete
pathetic meltdown.

Humble AND sensitive.

Creativity doesn't
follow rules or ethics.

Picasso - a genius.

Was he a decent human being?

- Yeah, whatever.
- Mila de la Parra - did you get her?

I thought you were meant to make
people feel better about themselves.

You thought wrong.

I'm worried. Get back there - now.

Miss de la Parra!

Total angel.

- You what?
- Total angel.


It's not cyanide.

Yeah, well...

Now she's mumbling something
about some "total angel".

Ah, well, maybe she likes you.

Yeah, I don't think it's me
she's on about, sadly.


Total Angel.

Um, I'm looking for Mr Visser.


This way.

Over here.

Ooh! Look what the cat dragged in.

I'm afraid our disability access
isn't as good as some.

Well, we never got to finish our
conversation outside the courthouse

and, uh, I'm a firm believer
in dialogue.

Like the one that you had
with the judge

to make sure that my father
stays in prison

because you're bitter and twisted
and haven't got over your injuries

and because you want to
get... revenge?

I can look at myself in the mirror.

I could before your father's
hearing, and I still can.

What about Van der Valk?

How's he sleeping,

given that he's betrayed his mentor,
the man who taught him everything,

the one person who made him
who he is today?

This isn't about him.

Your complaint is with me.

You want information?

Why don't you beat ME up?

It is tempting.

Like a bit of masochism, do you?

Now, why are you really here?


Is that an admission of guilt?

Or are you afraid of what I might
do next, or who I might do it to?

You won't do anything
without your father's say-so.

Oh, I wouldn't be
so sure about that.

You see, Dad, he likes
to play the long game.

Me, I like to do things quick.
You know?

More of a balls-to-the-wall
kind of guy, huh?

I'd listen to your dad if I were you.

You're not here for yourself
at all, are you?

It's Van der Valk
that you're worried about.

So, it was his idea
to go to the judge, was it?

Oh, well, hey,
no need to worry about him.

I'll take care of him.

Because, you know,
I just don't like his face!

Mila de la Parra.

Still a suspect because...?

Heartbroken at being dumped,

she took revenge on her ex,
his new lover's partner,

couldn't deal with the guilt,
tried to top herself.

That was a cry for help.

Well, Schneider
is the more obvious choice.

This one's just getting rid of lovers
as his ego sees fit.


Maybe reveal Cabrera
was gonna sack him,

Schneider kills Loman, and hopes
the stitching warns Cabrera off.

But it doesn't.

Heidi Berlin's
not out of the woods either.

She can't have been happy
about someone making a vlog

about her partner getting poached.

- We could tail Heidi.
- Yeah. Good. Let's get onto that.

What about our refugee?

Oh, alibi checked out.

I&D confirmed he was attending
an appointment with them.

Uh-huh. Yes, yes! Very good!

Sorry - are we disturbing you?

It's... just...

I should've thought of that before.

It's an anagram.

Lotta Nagel - total angel.

She's our dealer.

I'm more of a sudoku man myself.

It's Dahlman
Can you send someone up, please?

I need some surveillance,
on Van der Valk.

You and Job - don't get it.
I just don't get it.

- Where are we going with this?
- I don't think it's fair, that's all.

I told you.

I want something based on
more than gut instinct.

OK. Well, triggered by that,
I checked him out.

OK? I did a bit of digging.

That mother...

...that he's always
running home to look after?


Died nine years ago.

No, no, no. Look, look.
You've got this all wrong.

I'm the postman, that's all.
I deliver a bit, but I'm no dealer.

You have your own brand - T.A.

One person died after ingesting
one of your capsules

and another tried to
commit suicide with them.

I... I'm not a killer.
I'm not a murderer.

If you want, we can
get the drug squad down here.

They can turn this place over.

You can vlog live while they do it.

Did you tamper with
Claudia Cabrera's capsules?

- No, of course not.
- Who would know how to?

Anyone that knew her habit -
which is, like, everyone.

Who else do you deal to that we know?


Dani used to participate,
but Heidi cleaned him up.


Dani's needy at the best of times.

Drugs just made him paranoid.

Where was Dani
when Ed Loman was killed?

Uh... On his way to work.

He, uh, posted a photograph
of himself grabbing a coffee.

Um, waitress backed it up.

Maybe we need to check her out.

Do you have a back way out of here?

Look like they've kissed
and made up.

Here we go.

It's Dahlman. Where's Piet?

What do you mean you've lost him?

She wasn't?


Thanks very much.

So, the waitress that said
Dani Nioh was at Zeffie's

when Ed Loman was killed, lied.

Manager says
she wasn't in till late.

So he bribed her.

And posted an old photo.

What the hell is that?

It's a restaurant, Brad.

So we've gotta sit here
and watch them eat?

Because we have each other.

And we could even renew our vows.

We never made any.

Fashion vows - remember?

To be a team, to be fair,
to be gods and change the world.

- Shall we take the stairs?
- No.


Hendrik, what the hell
are you doing here?

- Well, I was passing...
- Passing?


Piet asked me to keep an eye on you
in case anyone came looking.

Yeah, but you were fast asleep.

I was not.

And if someone had come,
what would you have done?

Yeah, well, that would've made
all the difference.

Yeah, but now you're here,
you can give me a lift.

Alright. Where are we going?

We need to find Piet - now.

Do you remember if Dani went out
at any point yesterday?

Yeah. Yeah, he did.

Between 2:00 and 4:00, I think.


That's plenty of time to meet
Cabrera... and lace her drugs.

What's up there?

That's Heidi Berlin's office.

It's fungus.

"Regenerating Youniversality."

It's Heidi Berlin's pitch
for the gig.

That Dani was aware of.

Yeah, but he looked devastated
when she told us what she was up to.

Well, he was pretending.

He already knew.

- Hello?
- Where are you?

Oh. Um, we're at REM Eiland.

- Is Piet with you?
- Um...


- He's here right now.
- Good. Put him on, please.

Oh, I'm sorry -
I've gotta run, ma'am.

Take the stairs.

Stay outside.
Don't let anyone in or out.

- Don't let anyone in or out?
- Yep.

It's gonna change.
That... that's what I'm saying.

I know that hasn't been
that way in the past...

What do you want now?

We need to talk. Don't we, Dani?

No, we... we don't.

We need to be left alone.
We've sorted everything out.

Yeah, Heidi's staying here,

and I'm gonna do everything
in my power to turn things around.

This is all you ever wanted, right?

You two, together.


Hendrik! What are you seeing?
Where are you?

I'm down here, Brad,
and I'm not alone.

Ah, that's you is it?

Who's the, uh, sexy flash in the pan
this time, you salty dog?

It's me, Brad - Chief Commissariat.

Where's Piet?
Can you get him on the phone?

I... I can't at the moment.
He's, uh, a bit busy.

- Now.
- Y-yes, ma'am. Yes.

- Brad.
- Yeah? What?

Are we expecting company?

Oh, God.


And goodbye.

Yeah, that doesn't look good.
Go tell Van der Valk.

- He found out your plans.
- Oh...

He knew you were leaving,
and didn't want that

because he can't live without you.

Bit insecure, are we?

Loman threatened to tell the world.

And presumably told you what he knew.

Dani, what are they talking about?

I couldn't let it become
public knowledge.

Well, that would've made it real,
wouldn't it?

Please, Dani -
tell me it's not true.

Please, Dani.

He used your fabric as a signal

to the woman who was gonna
steal you away.

Listen, listen, listen,
listen, listen.

You have to understand.

OK? I didn't want to kill Claudia.

Until you knew she was gonna
ignore your warning.

Even then, I went to her.

I begged her!

What did she say?

That you and her were gonna make
the world a better place without me.

Time to go, Dani.

- I think we might have a problem.
- What kind of problem?

Oi! Restaurant's closed.

That kind of problem.

Alright, everyone down!

Get away from the windows.

Straight into the...

- Who the hell have we upset now?!
- It's a long story.

OK, stay in here, keep everyone safe.

Cuff him.

Wha... what do we
arm ourselves with?!

I don't know! Think of something!

Alright, everybody stay down.
Everyone at your tables.

Police. Get up.

My name's Sergeant Brad de Vries,
with the Criminal Brigade.

You're in safe hands.

- Uh...
- Stay by your tables, everybody.

Stay down and stay calm.

- Not exactly Thor's hammer, is it?
- What? What?!

They don't like you, do they?

How do you know it's me
they don't like?

Oh, it's an educated guess.

- OK?
- Yeah.



It's me you want!

Meet me up top!


OK, you go down.


Stay here. Stay with them.


- Yah!
- Ugh!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Cloovers! I need to help.

Watch the door!




Ugh! Oof!




- Please. Please.
- No.

Dani, no!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!





You know,
it's, uh... it's funny.

You asked what use I might be
in this situation.


And I remember very clearly
what you showed me.

Shut up.

Look, I'm sorry -
I'm just really thirsty.



...don't bleed on the seats -
it's not my car.

No-one needs to get hurt here.

I can help you... and your dad.

Why don't we drop the guns?

Why don't you?

You're the king of the world,
ain't ya?


See this?

First time?

There's never a good time to start.

Thank you.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

Well done, Brad -
you got it all in the glass.

Good one.

Come on, fill it up.

Everyone's good.


Right! Who wants
free beer, on the Chief of Police?

Don't give it all away!

Congratulations. Congratulations.

Any sign of Van der Valk?

No. And I wouldn't your breath.

Is he, uh, dating again?

Ooh, I doubt it.

- That's for you.
- No.

- No. Thank you.
- You sure?

Yeah, no, I've just gotta go
and look after my mum, so...

Right. Yeah.

She doing OK?


- Yeah. Yeah.
- Well, we're here if you need us.

Sorry about earlier.

So, what? Piet's latest
is getting serious?

Piet doesn't do serious.

She's no Arlette, then.

Hmm. No-one is.

He'll never get over her.


Keep still. Keep still.

It's OK.

- OK?
- I'm OK. I'm OK.



No, no, no, no, no.



No. No, no, no.


Come on.


Surf the internet with browser of future