Vampirina (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Baby Dragon/Gloomates - full transcript

♪ Vampirina ♪

♪ We were normal vampires
In Transylvania ♪

♪ Like the other monsters
On every block ♪

♪ Till we packed our things
of human race culture shock ♪

♪ Whoa-oa-oa, Vampirina ♪

♪ I may be blue
With pointy teeth ♪

♪ Whoa-oa-oa, Vampirina ♪

♪ But I'm not so different
Underneath ♪

♪ It's true that our tastes
May be a little offbeat ♪

♪ But we're the battiest
Monsters you'll ever meet ♪

♪ Whoa-oa-oa, Vampirina ♪

♪ A ghoulish girl
In a human world ♪

♪ Whoa-oa-oa, Vampirina ♪

♪ It may seem strange
But it's true ♪

♪ I'm just like you ♪

♪ Whoa-oa-oa, Vampi

"Baby Dragon."

Ooh, I can't watch,
I can't watch, I can't watch!

-You did it!
-Ha! Of course I did.

I knew it wasn't gonna fall.
Yes, sir, wasn't worried a bit.

Your turn, Nan.

I just love that
your parents asked me

to come over and babysit
while they're away

on their couples' retreat.

There's nothing
I enjoy more

than spending time
with my granddaughter.

Aren't you
forgetting someone--

someone charming, smart,

and ghoulishly
good looking, huh?

Oh, yes. Work it.

And you. And Gregoria.

Now that you all moved here
to Pennsylvania,

Grandpop is the only family
I have left in Transylvania.

It can get kind of lonely
for your old Nan

without her Vee,
Demi and Gregoria.

Gregoria's not here.

But you are.
You're right there.

With your parents on vacation
and Nanpire in charge,

I'm taking a vacation too--
from you all.

This house has so much
hustle and bustle,

a gargoyle can't get
a moment of peace.

I'm spending
the next two days alone.

Ooh, sounds fun!

Can I join?
We can be alone together.

And I'll invite Vee,
and Nan too.

No. I want two days
by myself.

That means no noise
and no guests.

-[both gasp]

Didn't I just say,
"No noise and no guests"?


Well, I'll be
a bat's wing!

It's a baby dragon!

Hmm. Something looks
awfully familiar

about this little girl.

Demi's right.

This is the baby dragon
that hatched here.

A baby dragon hatched here,
in Pennsylvania?

Yep. We were babysitting
a dragon egg

for the critter-narian
Dr. Paquette when she hatched.

I wonder why
she came back.

If I had to guess,
I'd say she missed someone.

Me? Aw!


[Nan chuckles]

Guess she came to
visit you, Gregoria.

Can I help you? Ah!

-Aw, she wants a hug.

Hugging a dragon
isn't "aw," it's "ouch!"

-[gasps] Hmph!
-[doorbell rings]

Puffers! I look away
for one minute,
and you fly off?

I am truly sorry
for the disturbance.

I have so many
magical creatures
to care for,

one or two occasionally
fly off while I'm not looking.

-Oh, now I see

why she's been trying
so hard to come back here.

To poke me with her
cacti-sharp spines?

She thinks
you're her mama.

I'm her what?

Baby dragons
get attached quickly.

Your face must've been
one of the first she saw
when she hatched.

-Doesn't she have a mama?
-I'm afraid not.

I found her egg in the forest
outside Spookelton Castle.

I've been looking for
a home for her for months.

Oh, say, you all wouldn't be
in the market to adopt?

-Oh, we'd love to!
-But unfortunately,

Pennsylvania is no place
to raise a dragon.

There's no dragon parks,
no dragon groomers,

and what would
the neighbors think?

What if she just
stayed the weekend--

you know, to visit?

-[joyful cooing]
-[Nan chuckles]

Well, I'd love to have
that adorable little face
around here.

I can be back
to pick Puffers up
on Sunday.

This was supposed to be
my weekend alone,

and now I'm caring for
a baby dragon?

It's just two days.
How hard can it be?

How hard can it be?
Really hard!

And I know hard!
I'm made of stone!

But she's so cute!

Oh, she just melts
your heart!

She doesn't melt your heart,
she melts your tail.

This little dragon
is a monster.

And not in a good,
"hide under your bed" way.

♪ Ha! Well, just look
At her there ♪

♪ With those innocent
Puppy eyes ♪


♪ But beneath that stare ♪

♪ You can see that
It's all a disguise ♪

♪ Yes, you'd better beware ♪

♪ And don't ever
Let down your guard ♪

♪ Or your TV remote
Will be charred ♪

♪ She's "dragon" me down ♪

♪ She may play it cute ♪

♪ Sort of cuddly
And kind of sweet ♪

♪ If she chases you, scoot ♪

♪ Or you're gonna be
Feeling the heat ♪

♪ No, you cannot dispute ♪

♪ That the way that
She wags her tail ♪

♪ Is an epic adorable fail ♪

♪ She's "dragon" me down ♪

♪ When I look at her face
There's a feeling ♪

♪ I can't avoid ♪

♪ It's the warm, snuggly
Glow in my heart ♪

♪ That means I'm annoyed ♪

♪ You may try to tug ♪

♪ But my heartstrings
Are overruled ♪

♪ 'Cause while everyone else
May be fooled ♪

♪ She's "dragon" me down ♪

[Gregoria] All I wanted
was to be alone this weekend,

and she won't leave
my side for a second.


Oh, she just wants to
spend time with her mama.

I'm not her mama!

Is there anything
we can do to help?

Yeah. Get her
to go to sleep.

She never sleeps,
which means I never sleep.

Maybe we just need
to tire her out.

We could play some games.

Ooh, that's
a spook-tacular idea!

I sleep as well as
a mummy in a tomb

after a big day
of playing.

[all grunting, panting]

Come on!
Higher! Higher!

This is as high
as I go.

Gargoyles weren't made
to bounce. Whew!

-Do you think
she's getting tired yet?

Maybe we should try
a new game.

We could all fly around
the house and have her chase us.

Flying does always
wear me out.

You guys know
I can't fly, right?

Just when I thought this weekend
couldn't get any worse.

Oh, she's catching us!

W-Wait a minute!

I never knew
you were...

you were so,
you know, heavy.

-I'm made of stone!
-Did it work?

No. She's got
even more energy now.

What if we, uh,
play catch with Puffers?

After all, Wolfie
loves playing catch.
Maybe she will too.

Seriously? We'll be up all night
throwing that thing around.

Not if we have
a little magical help.

As fast as a squirrel,

as fun as a bone,

make this ball roll
on its own!

It worked!

Well, you could say
she's having a ball.

Huh? Huh? Get it?
A ball?

[chuckles] I just crack
myself up sometimes.

That's my cue. This gargoyle's
getting some sleep

while she's got
the chance.

Yeah! Vee,
I almost got it!

Oh, come here, you!

[stretching yawn]
Now, that's what I call

a ghoul night's sleep.

-[Puffers chirps]

-[exclaims happily]
-She's still chasing that ball?

All night
and all morning.

I just wish
she'd stay still

long enough
for me to pet her.

She's been so focused
on catching the ball,

it looks like
she forgot all about you.

-She did?

Probably forgot
you exist entirely.

And now you can have
the rest of the weekend
to yourself like you wanted.

Isn't that great?

Uh... yeah.

I mean, yes, of course.
That's-That's great.

-Well, see ya!
-[exclaiming happily]

Oh, look!
She almost got it!


-[Puffers exclaims]
-[Vampirina, Demi chuckle]

She's so cute!

[Nanpire] I just want to
pet her all day!

Gregoria, I thought
you were taking a nap.

-I can't sleep.
-What's wrong?

I don't know.
Yesterday all I wanted

was for Puffers
to leave me alone,

and now that she has,

I have a weird feeling
I can't describe.

-Like what?
-Like I want her
to steal my food

and singe my tail
and burn the remote

and sharpen her claws
on my wings.

-I know that sounds crazy.
-No, it doesn't.

It sounds like
you miss her.

I thought I wanted to
spend this weekend

by myself, but I don't.

I want to spend it with her.
I do miss her.

And she's not even
gone yet.


we got an emergency.

I know! This thing's
about to fall again,
and it's my turn.

No! A Gregoria-sized

-[happy trilling]
-That's right. Gregoria's back.

What do we do?

Gregoria's now
attached to Puffers,

and Dr. Paquette
is due back any minute.

Oh, she's gonna be devastated
when Puffers leaves.

I know the feeling.
Goodbyes are hard.

I'm not looking forward
to leaving either.

I just wish I could
take all of you with me
back to Transylvania.

You can't take all of us,

but maybe there's a way
you can take one of us.

[Gregoria chuckles]

The Gargoyle Express is now
pulling into the station!

-[trills happily]
-I'm not sure how you did it,

but you've melted this
gargoyle's heart of stone.

I know I'm not
your real mama,

but I'll be
your pretend mama
any day.

-[Nanpire chuckles] Oh!

Let me guess.

Dr. Paquette's here
to take Puffers away.

what do you think

about Puffers staying
in the family?

Staying in the family?
Like-Like our family?

Puffers needs a home,
and Nan could use
some company,

so... what if
Nan adopted her?

-You'd do that?
-Pennsylvania may not be

a great place
to raise a dragon,

but Transylvania is,
and I have more
than enough room.

That way you can visit
Puffers whenever you want.

-Whenever I want?
-Of course.

She's practically
like family now,

and I sure could use a bit more
of that in Transylvania.

What do you say?

I guess it's up
to Puffers.

-I know Nanpire

doesn't give as good
of gargoyle rides,

but between us,
her cooking is way better.

[trills happily]

I think she likes Nan.

-I think she does too.
-[Demi gasps]

And she's giving you
little dragon kisses!

No. She's just tasting

some of my world-famous
boo-lognese sauce.

But I'll take
the affection either way.

-Got everything?
-I sure do.

she likes ogre omelets
and TV remotes.

Oh, also, you might want
to get her a scratching post.

[sad trills]

[choking up]
Goodbyes sure are hard.

Then it's a good thing
this isn't goodbye.

It's just "see you soon."

I like that
a lot better.

I do too.

[Puffers trills contentedly]

There it is! Oh, I'm gonna get
that darn ball!

[all laughing]


Uh, Vee,

didn't you say we were
gonna play badminton?

Yeah, that's what I said:

Now, where's that

-Aha! Here it is.

-That's the spirit, Bridget.

Come on. In bat-minton,
the first monster--

or human-- to catch
the shuttle-shriek wins.

When in Rome.

Or should I say


Almost had it.

This is gonna take
some real bat-robatics.

It flew into the house, Vee!
After it!

I'm on it.

I heard you girls giggling
all over the house this morning.

-What in boulders
were you playing?

You should've
asked me to play!

I was captain of
my college team at Scare U

barely 800 years ago.

Ah, they say
I could've gone pro.

Uh, Demi, your chair.

Huh? [gasps]
Oh. Oh. Oh.

It's moving.
All by itself.
Which is odd,

and not our usual
kind of odd.

-Aah! Not you too!

Anybody else having
this problem?

-I am.
-Why is this happening? Hmm.

-It's all sparkly here.
-Whoa, whoa. Sparkly?

Aha! Just as
I brilliantly suspected

for the last four seconds,
we've got charmers.

-Magical creatures. The cutest.

And the most mischievous.
These little guys cause

all sorts of pesky magic
to happen.

[charmers exclaiming]

-Aah! Wait!

We have to call
an exterminator.

-[both cry out]

Your dress looks
pretty flattering
on me, my spook.

Right away!

Mama, who did
you call again?

The Skelenator.

He's the most highly
recommended exterminator

on the World Wide Cobweb.

Boy, even by
Transylvania standards,

he's spooky.

Um, did you figure out
the problem?

Yeah, you got charmers,
all right.

Glad you called me
right away.

How did magical creatures
show up in our house

all the way in Pennsylvania?

Charmers like to hide
in old magical stuff.

They must've stowed away
in your junk when you moved
from Transylvania.

Why did he look at me
when he said "junk"?

-Well, what do we do?
-Ah, I can round 'em up for ya,

but I'll have to
tent your house

and use some pretty strong
de-spooking magic

to get these little guys
back in their nest.

You're going to put a tent
over our house?

Oh, yeah. Humans do it too,
for normal bugs.

The de-spooking stuff
I use

is real bad
for monsters to breathe,

so you'll have to be out
for two days.

[all] Two days?

Where are
we going to stay?

-[Edna] Yoo-hoo! Hauntleys!
-[all gasp]

What are you all
doing out here?

Do you have termites?
Potato bugs?

Um, uh-huh.

Well, that's just awful.

We had those little pests
a couple of years ago.

[gasps] You'll need
a place to stay.

And you can stay
with us!

Wow. Really?

Of course.
We'll have you all over.

Won't we, Wolfie?
Oh, yes, we will.

All... of us?

I won't take no
for an answer.

Edna, that's very
generous, but...

Then it's settled.
This is what neighbors do.

They look out
for each other.
See you soon!


I don't know
how Mrs. Peepleson

is going to feel about everyone
at our house staying over.

Now, Harold, I know
this bed might be

a little different
from mine,

but you'll get used to it
in no time.

Vee, Mom and Edgar are gonna be
back from the store soon.

Are you sure we can hide
all your monsters in time?

-There are a lot of them.
-We can do it.

My family's gotten
pretty good

at hiding monster stuff
from your family.

Well, that's true.

♪ We'll put each monster
Out of sight now ♪

♪ We'll start with Demi
In the walls ♪

♪ And while I'm there
I won't go flying ♪

♪ And shrieking as I scream
Through the halls ♪

♪ Poppy, you have
Nothing to fear ♪

♪ You won't even know
That we're here ♪

♪ We'll hide Chef Remy
In the pantry ♪

♪ Right beside
All the pots and pans ♪

♪ And, Poppy, you can be
Fairly certain ♪

-♪ He won't knock down
That big stack of cans ♪
-[cans clatter]

♪ Trust me, we will
All disappear ♪

♪ You won't even know
That we're here ♪

♪ It will be
Your average human home ♪

♪ With a silent, frozen
Garden gnome ♪

Oh, brother!

♪ Take Frankenflower
To the attic ♪

♪ The urge to sing
He'll surely squelch ♪

♪ We'll hide Penelope
'Neath this blanket ♪

♪ And let's all hope
That she doesn't belch ♪


♪ No monsters now
The coast will be clear ♪

♪ You won't even know ♪

♪ That we're here ♪


Hello, girls.
We're home.

Hmm. What were
you doing up there?

Um... [gasps]

[nervous chuckle]

Just, uh, grabbing
some extra blankets.

-[nervous chuckle]

My "weird" sensors
are going off right now.

[nervous chuckle]


Oh, Gregoria,
I'm a wreck!

Trying to hide from Edna
and Edgar all the time...

I haven't even been able
to take a bubble bath,

and you know
how that relaxes me.

-How are you doing?
-I'll tell you what--

this garden gnome impression
is not good for my back.

Hold on a second,
Edgar, honey.

-Gotta hide!

I need to water
my bushes.

[humming tune]

[stifling sneeze]


[gasps] Well,
I can't believe it.

Who knew
birds could sneeze?

[relieved sigh]

Oh, Hauntleys,

you didn't have to do
the dishes. You're the guests.

You were so wonderful
to make us lunch,
it's the least we can do.

What's in the box?

This is the fine china.

I just brought it down
from the attic.

[gulps] Attic?

We will use
the fancy plates tonight

in honor of
our special guests.

-[singing operatically]

What on earth
was that?

That was, uh...
my dad.

Wasn't it, Papa?

Of course.

I'm trying out for a...

big part in a...
a local play.

[sings operatically

Ooh! Well, I admire
your... enthusiasm.

Okay, how's everyone doing
with Operation Hidden Monsters?

Sore, but hanging in there.

I know we had
some close calls, but...

-[Edna] Anyone using
the restroom?


Um, sorry,
Mrs. Peepleson.

-Oh, uh, Boris
is in there right now.

Someone's in there.

[chuckles] You know,

six people
doesn't sound like a lot

until you get everybody
all under one roof.

But it's fine.
No, it's good. I'm...

I'll-I'll just come back.

Edna seems
kind of upset.

If she only knew
how many guests
she really had.

I guess we were so worried
about keeping everyone hidden,

we didn't realize that
we might be getting in the way.

I think you're right, Vee.

But what can we do
to make it up to them?

I know.

How about a Peepleson-Hauntley
game night?

Scare-a-rific idea.

I'll find Poppy
and start setting up.

You guys keep hiding
up here.

-No problem.
-You got it.

I'm gonna take a nap
in Poppy's room.

I'll just go back
in the walls and... [gasps]

Empty bathroom!

-A dog? A wolf?

[growling, snarling]

I still don't think I'm very
good at monster charades.

Come on, Mom.
It's an easy one.


Oh, no!

I'm so sorry,
Mrs. Peepleson!

Oh, it's all right.
Edgar, dear,

why don't you get
the extra-strength
carpet cleaner?

It's in the bathroom

It's been way too long

since I've had
some Demi time.

A relaxing bubble bath
is just what I need.

Ooh! This ghosty
likes it toasty!

Ahh! This is
the afterlife!

-[door opens]


Aah! Rubber ghosty,
you're stuck!

Was that... a ghost?

I could've sworn
I saw a ghost
fly up in here.

Oh, no!
What did I do?

I can't budge rubber ghosty,
and the water's still running!

[water rushing]

What in the world
is taking Edgar so long?

-Edgar! [gasps]

-Great goblins!
-What is going on?

Oh, I have no idea.

All I know is I am wet,

and so is my entire
living room!

Was anyone in the bathroom
taking a bubble bath?

Uh, nope.

Who would be taking
a bubble bath?
Everyone's here.

Don't worry.
Mom and Papa will go find
where the water's coming from.

Right. We'll find
the... the problem.

There we go.

But... But...

the ghost!

-You mean this little guy?

Uh, well, maybe
that was it.

Thank you all so much
for fixing that burst pipe

before the whole house
was underwater.

-What are neighbors for?
-Neighbors and friends, dear.

But what about
that water damage?

The house is
a monstrous mess!

You know,

I think we can help,
the Hauntley way.

We know some, um, people.
Right, Papa?

Ah, you're right,
little Vee.

Edna, it's our turn
to help you

the only way
a Hauntley can,

but you'll have
to be out of the house
for a couple of days.

Oh, thank you.
That's so nice.

But where will we stay?

Here we are,
home, shriek home.

looks like
all the charmers are gone.

Come on in, everyone.

-Thanks for
letting us stay here.
-That's what neighbors do--

They take care
of each other.

So true. And thank you
for recommending a team

to fix our house.

Uh, who are they, though?

All right, monsters,
look alive.

Or as alive
as some of you can.

We've got our favorite
neighbors' house to fix,

and like Vee said,
we're doing it the Hauntley way.