Vampirina (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Franken-Wedding/Bat Hair Day - full transcript

"The Woodsie Way."

OK, I have a hat, flashlight,

and my new hiking boots.

Can't forget
your sleeping bag.

Or your pillow.

Now I just need...

my Woodsie map!

I think I'm ready for my first
Woodchuck Woodsie camping trip!

And your trusty chaperone
is ready, too!

I'm quite the outdoors‐ghost,
if I do say so myself.

Wait. A ghost as a chaperone?

Well, more like your secret
and very handsome chaperone

that nobody'll see.
E‐Except you and Vee, of course.

Which is a shame,
because I am really loving

this bandana. Whoo‐hoo!

Demi used to come along

on all my trips
back in Transylvania.

And we're gonna have
the most terror‐ific time.

I've got
your camping cauldron packed,

plenty of spell books,
an enchanted night light. Ooh!

Can't forget the bat‐hat
and wing warmers!

It gets pretty chilly
hanging from a tree at night.

I'm not gonna sleep as a bat.

I've got a sleeping bag
and a tent.

But that's not
how vampires go camping!

But it's how
Woodchuck Woodsies do it.

I'm gonna do this camping trip
the Woodsie Way.

I really want
to earn a badge

without using
any of my vampire powers.

Wow! That's awesome, Vee.

So, you're not gonna
turn into a bat at all?



Just... getting it out
of my system!

But Vee, you're a vampire!
And trust me,

you're not gonna want
to leave home

without a magic map!

Don't worry. That's what

my Woodchuck Woodsie gear
is for.

I have everything I need!

- ‐ Ew!
- ‐

‐Come on!

OK, I think we're ready
to raise our tent!

One, two, three!

Well, look at you, Vampirina.

What an excellent tent!

This calls for a Woodsie
"Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!"

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

You're doing amazing, Vee.

Getting a Woodsie "Whoo Whoo"
right off the bat

is a big deal!

Did somebody say "bat"?!

Oh! Sorry!
Thought that was my cue.

Demi, what's all this?

Oh, I know I was supposed
to leave

all the magic stuff at home,

but what's camping without
a little, you know, pizazz?

Creepy cocoa, anyone?

Warms you to the bone!

Thanks, but Woodchuck Woodsies

don't use magical cauldrons.

Oh, Woodsies!

It's time for our hike!
Gotta go!

Now, remember,
everyone has a chance

to earn a hiking badge today.

But first, we need a Woodsie
to lead our hike.

I'm ready, Ms. Peepleson!

I've already picked a trail.

It'll take us right
to Silver Spring Falls!

Oh, a waterfall!

Then, let's be on
our Woodsie way.

Do I hear a "Whoo" comin' on?

Woodchuck Woodsies,
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Our first landmark!

That's a pretty
spooktacular tree.

Well, it is kinda dead.

And easy to remember!

We'll look for it
on our way back

so we can know
which way to go!

Excellent hiking skill,

Thanks! I think now's
a good time for a water break.

The great outdoors!

Enjoying the hike, Demi?

Loving it! I‐It's like
I am one with nature.


Oh, dear. Looks like
this trail is blocked.

Maybe it's time to head back.

Uh, but we haven't made it
to the waterfall yet.

I'm sure there's something
we can do.

Psst! Vee! Need any help
getting over this pesky log?

'Cause I brought spells!

How about
the floating charm, huh?

You and the Woodsies
can soar right over
and be on your way?

Demi, I can't do
a floating charm

in front of the Woodsies.

But maybe there is a way
over this log!

Using my Woodsie skills!

Feels strong as a skeleton!

Everybody ready
to get some air?


Works like a charm!


Except it's not a charm at all.

Good thinking, Vee.

Oh, my! Whoo!


Vampirina, aren't you just
full of surprises?

Thanks! 'Cause I've got
another one!

Monster‐licious Trail Mix!

‐I'm so hungry!

You're totally gonna
earn a badge!

Mmm! They should make

a Monster‐licious
Trail Mix badge,

'cause you'd get that, too!

Thanks! I'd say doing things
the Woodsie way

is going pretty well!

OK, so you didn't need
the spell book,

but I need a snack!

Who knew hiking
would be so tiring?

You're not even hiking!
You're floating!

Hey, it's harder
than it looks, folks.


Which way should we go?

It looks like maybe, uh...

this way!

Wait! No, uh... this way.


Are you sure you don't want
to check the magic map

to see if you're going
the right way?

If I use magic,

I wouldn't be using
my Woodsie skills.

Plus, I already have a map.

Oh, you mean the kind
that no one can fold back up?

Come on!

I can do this.

But this map is pretty fancy!

Oh! It'll even reroute you
if you run into a zombie swamp.

Zombies, uh, wait.
Hold on.

It‐‐ it's still
on Transylvania settings.

Oh, they're on in‐‐
There! Are you sure?

‐Sure as a shriek!

OK. Disappearing now.

OK. The waterfall's
gotta be this way.

Well, isn't this delightful?

What an adorable bridge!

Awesome! Can we cross it, Mom?

‐Why don't I cross first

and make sure
everything is A‐OK?

So far, so good!
Just lovely‐‐ Ooh!


Stay put, Woodsies!

And I guess I will, too.
Oh, dear.

What should we do?

Maybe we can make
stepping stones!

‐Help me with this rock!

Oh, no. Now what?

Don't worry,
my little Woodsies.

Uh, remember,
it's always important

to remain calm
in an emergency.

‐Aah! Frog! Help!

I mean,
we will work this out

- ‐the Woodsie way!
- ‐

Aah! Save me!

Ohh, this is all my fault.

I definitely led everyone
the wrong way.

Now your mom's stuck!
We don't have a raft

or a rope, or a boat‐‐

But we do have a vampire.

I think it's time
to use some magic, Vee.

But there's gotta be a way.
We're Woodchuck Woodsies!

And Woodchuck Woodsies
use all of their skills
in an emergency.

Poppy's right.
Woodsies do whatever they can

to help their friends.

OK. But I'm
gonna need some help.

- ‐Demi.
- ‐ Don't worry.

I'm taking all the magic stuff
back to camp.

Hold on! We have
an emergency.

Ms. Peepleson is stuck!
I'm gonna need that spell book.

But what about
your badge?!

That doesn't matter now.

I gotta do this the Vee way.

Whoo‐hoo! Vee is back!

Ohh, dear!

Uh‐oh! We have to hurry!

Poppy, Bridget!
Get all the rocks you can find.

Demi, you're with me.
Everybody ready?

We know what to do.

We need to distract Edna
and the Woodsies.

Aye, aye, Vee!

‐Boo! Boo! Boo!

- ‐Bats! Ohh!
- ‐

‐Bat! It's a bat!

Is this rock big enough?

Perfect. But we need
a few more.

Now, time for a spell.

Ohh! Ohh!

Ooh, bats! Aah!

"Like a feather,
fly together!

Like a boat, stay afloat!"

You did it!

‐Time to skedaddle!

Miss Peepleson! You can come
back to shore now.

Vampirina? You did this?

With my friends' help.

It's a Woodsie miracle!

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ohh.

My munchy‐kins. I thought
I'd be on that bridge forever.

And those bats!

I think I've had
enough excitement for one day.

Let's head back to camp.

‐Preferably, as fast
as we can.

I got this, Demi.

Look, the spooky tree!

If we hike towards it,
we'll get back to camp.

Then Woodsies, march!

Woodchuck Woodsies!
Whoo Whoo Whoo!

What an exciting hike!

Now, time for badges!

I would like to present
Hiking badges

to Bridget, Poppy,
Renee, and Tiffany.

That leaves Vampirina.

It's OK, Ms. Peepleson.

I'm sorry I led everyone
the wrong way.

I really didn't do this hike
like a true Woodsie.

You don't have
to give me a badge.

Well, we all make mistakes.

How we fix them is what
being a Woodsie is all about.

So, I'm going to give you
a different badge.

Today, you showed
composure and courage.

You've earned
the Emergency Badge!

‐All right, Vee!

‐Great job, Vee!
‐Yeah, Vee!

Woodsie Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

I always knew
she was spooktacular.

Now, who's ready for s'mores?




And this'll definitely be

a Woodsie camping trip
to remember!

Especially me!

The most stylish ghost
in the forest.

Oh, and you,
for, you know,

- ‐earning your little badge and everything.
- ‐

I guess I did need
my vampire gear after all.

We knew you could do it
the Woodsie Way.

As long as you did it
the Vee way, too.

Thanks. Hey, Demi.

Do you still have
that enchanted nightlight?

You bet your bats, I do!

Isn't that using magic?

Since we're already using magic,
what's a little more?



OK, what do you want
to watch first

for our movie night?

Dial "V" for Vampire,

or Citizen Fang?

Uh, why don't you pick? Heh.

- ‐ Vampablanca, it is!
- ‐

Vee, looks like
you got an e‐mail.

You mean an "eek"‐mail!

Mama let me set up an account
the other day.

And it's from Frankie!

‐Who's that?

She's my oldest friend

from Transylvania!

Frankie says she's gonna be

visiting Pennsylvania soon,

and wants to know if she can
stay with us while she's here!

We get to meet
one of your friends
from Transylvania!

That'll be fun!

Or... scary.

Or both.

Frankie is the best!

We used to do everything

Ghoul Guides, Spook‐away Camp,

I haven't seen her
since I moved.

But now's our chance
to catch up!

Her mom's dropping her off

Ooh, I can't wait to see
our spooky little Frankie Bolt!

I'm sure she's grown
quite a bit since we moved.

Ooh, she's probably lost
her baby bolts by now!

‐Eee! That's her!

Places, everyone!

‐ Frankie!
‐OMZ! It's Vee!

- ‐In the freezing flesh!
- ‐

You remembered our spookerific
double‐secret clawshake!

Of course, I did!

Frankie, you remember
Mama and Papa.

‐Hello, Frankie!
‐Ghoulishly great
to see you again.

‐And Demi and Gregoria.

How could I forget!

You two are totally
on poltergeist point!

‐That's a good thing, I guess?

So, Frankie, what brings you
to Pennsylvania?

Well, I followed
in my dad's footsteps

and became a Junior Reporter!

I'm doing a special report
on life in Pennsylvania for TNN!

The Transylvania News Network!


Wait a minute.

Your dad's the one and only

Franken Bolt, isn't he?

number one newsman!

Ohh, I'm his biggest fan!

"For TNN,
I'm Franken Bolt.

Stay scary, Transylvania."
What a sign‐off!

‐You know, I'm even working
on one of my own.

"For TNN,
this is Demi Hauntley,
ghosting out!"

‐I'm workin' on it.

I can't wait to see you
on Transylvania Television!

We're simply spooked
to have our very own

Junior Reporter stay with us!

We'll get the guest room
all ready

so you can film
your news reports
from in there!

That would be frank‐tastic!

Wow, Vee! Your life
in Pennsylvania looks

It took some getting used to,

but now, it's pretty great,
thanks to Poppy and Bridget!

‐That's them now!

OMZ, I'm dying to meet them!

- What are they? Mummies?
- Trolls? Unicorns?!

- ‐Well, uh...
- ‐ Hi!

They're... humans?!

Well, yeah. This is
Pennsylvania, after all.

‐What's wrong?
‐Oh, um...

Nothing's wrong.
Nothing at all.

I'm Poppy.
And this is Bridget.

Vee told us all about you.

Are you coming with us
to school today?

Yep! Mr. Gore said
it would be OK

for Frankie to join us
in class,

so she can get the full
Pennsylvania experience!

Mm. One spooky sec.

I just need to bolt upstairs

and film the first part
of my news report.

Staying on top of the story
like a true news‐monster.


I'm kid reporter Frankie Bolt
with a special report

on life in Pennsylvania.

Today, I'll be going undercover
at a human school

to confirm what most
Transylvanians believe:

Humans and monsters
can't be friends.

So, this is
a human school, huh?

No moat, no drawbridge,

no trolls making you
solve riddles before entering?

Nope! No monsters at all!

Oh! Which is why
you might want to cover up

your neck bolts and stitches.

Right. Because humans get
so jumpy and scared?

Somethin' like that, yeah.

I better put my ghost camera
on invisible mode, then, too.

Wow. There sure are
a lot of humans in here.

Morning, class.
As you probably noticed,

we have a friend of Vampirina's
visiting us today.

Vee, why don't you have
your f‐‐


It's in your hair!

Aah! Whoa! Uh!

I'll help you, Mr. Gore!

Humans are easily spooked.

One of the many reasons
they can't be friends
with monsters.

I'm glad Edgar was able
to get that spider.

Even if we did accidentally
knock off Mr. Gore's glasses.

Class normally isn't
that exciting.

Except for my butterfly mask!

- ‐Mmm.
- ‐ Mwah ha ha!

What's that?

I'm Edgar, the werewolf!


My art project is
scary‐original, as usual.


Wow! Humans are even scared

of a sweet, little
werewolf mask?!

Ooh! Papa packed
chocolate eyeballs today.
Who wants some?

Now, that's what I call
a monster‐licious lunch!

After getting to know Vee,

I gotta say,
I love those, too.

‐ Hey, Vee.

I want to go see
Night of the Cursed Mummy

on Friday. Who's in?
It's about an evil mummy

who haunts a bunch
of archeologists

when they get trapped
in a pyramid!

- ‐Mwah ha ha ha ha!
- ‐

Edgar, this is no way
Mom is gonna let you

see something so scary.

A mummy? Scary?!

Anyway, I'm out!

Breaking story! Humans even make
sweet ol' mummies

the bad guys
in their scary movies!

Explains why
they're so jumpy and screamy

and so afraid of us.

I can feel it in my stitches.

Humans really don't
get along with monsters at all!

Frankie, how'd you like
hanging out with humans today?

Oh, um, no surprises.

It's definitely gonna make
a scary good story

for my first piece
as a Junior Reporter.

That's so spooktacular!

I can't wait to see
your broadcast tonight.

Ooh, our own little Frankie
on the news!

I'm so happy! It's‐‐ it's
like I'm floating!

you are floating!

Oh! Right! Forgot I can do
that sort of thing.

Are you excited, Gregoria?

Of course. You can't tell?

Hold onto your bats!
It's starting!

Ghoul evening, and welcome

to the Transylvania News
Network's Evening News!

I'm Franken Bolt. Tonight,
we have a special report.

Can they be friends
with monsters?

‐That's... weird.

For this, we go
to Frankie Bolt,

reporting from Pennsylvania.

Thanks, Dad. I spent the day
at a human school

just to see how easily spooked
humans are.

Can humans and monsters
be friends? Let's see.

‐The werewolf! Roar!

‐Mwah ha ha ha!

And that confirms it.
Humans and monsters

can't be friends.

Monsters can't be friends
with humans?

That's not true at all.

Why would Frankie say
a thing like that?

Yeah. She was with us
all day.

Oh, you girls are two

of my favorite
living things ever.

Thanks, Demi.

But since we're living things,

we need to breathe.

Ohh! Heh. Sorry.

I don't know what happened,

but we better
stop Frankie's report

before she says anything worse.

This is Frankie Bolt,
signing off.

‐Oh, no! We're too late.

Hey, Vee. Did you see
my report?

We came up here
to stop your report.

Frankie, why did you say
all that stuff about humans?

Because it's the truth.

All day, I saw humans
being spooked by monster stuff.

There's no way
they can be friends
with monsters.

That's what everyone says
back home.

But that doesn't mean
it's true.

Humans can get scared

Especially humans like me.

But being scared never kept us
from being friends with Demi.

‐Or Gregoria.
‐Or me.

Frankie, maybe you were so set
on filming stuff at school

that matched what you heard
back home,

you totally missed
a monster/human friendship

that was right in front of you
the whole time.

Like, huh, how Poppy
and Bridget stopped by

so we could all
walk to school together.

Or how Vee shared
her chocolate eyeballs
with us at lunch.

And how Edgar invited us all
to see a movie together.

OMZ! Let me check my sources.

♪ But with Vee
we made the right decision ♪

Wow. And even though
you were scared of Vee at first,

you still wanted
to be her friend?

Yeah. We knew even though
she's a monster,

she's still Vee.

It took some getting used to,
you know,

seeing one of your best friends
is a vampire.

But now, I'm not scared
at all.

And now, we do everything

Just like you and I
used to do.

OMZ! I'm so, so sorry.

You took a chance
being friends with a monster,

so I should take a chance
on being friends with a human.

That is, if you still
want to be friends.

‐Happy to have ya.
‐The more monsters,
the merrier!

‐Never thought I'd say that.

I hope you can come back
soon, Frankie.

Maybe you can meet
even more humans!

You bet my bolts, I will!


I hope Frankie was able
to convince TNN

to stop reporting false stuff
about humans.

There's only one way
to find out.

Eerie evening,
ghosts and ghouls.

Our top story tonight
is all about

the Zombie Olympics. But first,
we have a follow‐up report

by Frankie Bolt. Frankie?

My follow‐up report
is an apology.

Yesterday, I said some things
about humans

that were totally not true.

Humans might be
a little jumpy,

but it doesn't mean
that they can't

be friends with monsters.

I got the chance
to meet two special humans

who are now my friends.

‐Ahh! That's us!
‐On TNN! Wow!

I think everyone
in Transylvania

should try
meeting a human one day.

You'll see how awesome
they can be!

This is Frankie Bolt,
signing off.

There ya have it, folks.

Humans and monsters
can be friends.

‐All right!

She did it!
Atta girl, Frankie!

She's my favorite new

That was
some stone‐cold reporting!

I knew Frankie
would come through!

Hopefully, Frankie's report
will change everyone's mind.

And maybe more monsters
will give humans a chance.

‐Like you did.
‐Which is good.

Because being friends
with humans is the best.

And that's the truth!