V-Wars (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Because I Could Not Stop for Death - full transcript

The government struggles to contain and understand the outbreak. Kaylee interviews Luther's ex-wife while Danika pays her sister a visit.

- There it is!
- Unit three, on my signal. Over.

Go, go, go!

Two bodies here.

Copy. Check for vitals.

Okay, uh, copy that, unit four.

Unit two.

- Through this way.
- Go, go. Stay tight.

- Unit five, anything on the outside?
- No. All clear here.

Bloodbath in our own backyard.

Six dead.

One of the victims managed to dial 911
before her neck was torn out.

SWAT team arrived too late.

I'll make a statement.

The federal government is now
in control of the situation...

until we figure out
what we're dealing with.

I need this to land on Fayne.

But we don't know this is Fayne.

The prion may be able to survive
on surfaces for days.

The killers could have come in contact
with something Fayne touched weeks ago.

I'm not telling the public that.

That would be admitting
this thing is spreading.

But I believe it is.

I'm Claire O'Hagan,
DNS Undersecretary Region Two.

My department will oversee all cases

arising from violence
initiated by Michael Fayne.

We are appealing to the public

to report all sightings of Michael Fayne
to the authorities.

It's that Michael Fayne again.

Monster was working on his bike, right?

I want to assure the public

that despite the ludicrous claims

circulating on the internet,

we are investigating every possibility.

If you see something,
then you must say something.

She's lying, "Jer-gen."

Thank you.

You've been watching Claire
O'Hagan, DNS Undersecretary Region Two,

- outline law enforcement's response...
- I say, if you see somethin'...

- ...to the Michael Fayne killing spree.
- ...you kill somethin'.

If you're just joining us now,

the Department of National Security

has declared Michael Fayne
public enemy number one.

Director O'Hagan made a point...

Where the fuck is Monster?

...conspiracy theory circulating online

- that Michael Fayne isn't...
- Hm?

Son of a bitch was supposed to collect
my money. Did he take a little vacation?

- ...terrorizing the region...
- Huh? Nobody knows?

- According to DNS...
- We'll go to Paco's dump

- and get the money ourselves.
- ...and one man only.

- Yeah, what are you waiting for?
- Michael Fayne.

Yeah, you go out there...

As crocks of shit go, that wasn't so bad.

You did what you had to do.

Meaning you had to lie about
Michael Fayne. That's what you had to do.

Right now,
Fayne is the likeliest explanation.

Not the likeliest,

just the easiest.



Holy... Paco and his fucking snakes!

Goddamn it!

What happened to his leg?

Looks like something
Michael Fayne would do.

Wait, Monster was workin' on Fayne's bike.

Maybe he did something to him.
Maybe he turned him?

- Turned him?
- Into something that would do this.

Maybe into whatever Fayne is.

A vampire or something,
they say on the internet, yeah?

What do you wanna do, Bobby?

Oh, it's pretty obvious.
We gotta find Monster.

We find him, then what?

Well, we're gonna fuck with him,

and then if he turns into a vampire,
we're gonna kill him.

This shit's bad for business.

It's very bad.

You grab the money, okay?

You stay in case he comes back
lookin' for that money.


Log 55, to determine why some
who are exposed to the prions turn

while others do not.

Pause recording.

Teresa, you made it.

More like I was forced to make it.

Yeah, sorry about that.

They say I'm seconded.

I told the DNS
I had to have you in the lab.

The university
didn't have a choice.

That's okay,
I figured you might need a friend after...

well, everything that happened.


Come here.

- I'm really glad you're here.
- Yeah.

Um, I have to step out for one moment.

Just try to determine
the prion infection rates.

- I'll get right to it.
- Thank you.

Thank you, doctor.
Thanks for taking the time.

- Mm-hm.
- Listen, I have a request.

I'm all ears.

You need to tell O'Hagan
to let me join the search for Fayne.

I'm afraid that's out of the question,

You're far too valuable an asset
to be put in harm's way.

If I can bring him in,

if I can convince him to work with us...

Those are big ifs.

Look, it's not just my knowledge
of prions that makes me valuable, Doctor.

It's my 30-year relationship
with Michael Fayne.

So if I can bring him in alive,

we can study him.

We can accelerate a cure.

Killing him gets us nowhere.

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.

Thank you, Doctor.

...more proof.

As a precaution,
I want to assure the public

that despite the ludicrous claims,
we are investigating every possibility...

- You like it?
- No shit. What's she got?

- 426 Hemi.
- Yeah, I bet.

...DNS Undersecretary Region Two

- outlining law enforcement...
- Black on black Dodge Charger.

- That is slick.
- ...Fayne killing spree.

- This yours?
- ...call for rational, reasoned thought...

- Yeah.
- Trade you.

- Yeah, right!
- ...media hype.

- Internet...
- Why would you wanna do that?

Very messy divorce. Gotta shed assets.

- Gotta get off the road, get off the grid.
- ...travel in groups as a precaution...

Well, we'd have to do some paperwork.

...Michael Fayne killing spree.

As the hunt continues,
you are advised to remain alert

and aware of your surroundings.

Police ask you to take another look at
serial killer Michael Fayne's photograph.

Do not approach Fayne.
Call police immediately.

Next, a shake-up at the UN...

Oh, shit, man.
If you're serious, you have a deal.

I've always wanted a classic.
My girl's gonna love it.

See you later.

I can't thank you enough
for finding this place, Dan.

How do I show you my gratitude?

You can tell all your friends
how amazing I am.

- In which of your... many ways?
- Hmm!


Oh, my God. I know this guy.

He's a serial killer?


You all right?




Hi, Mila.

Dani, I've been trying you for days.

I know, I know.
I've just been really busy.

Oh, great.

Mom's getting worse.
She's not gonna last much longer.

Are you understanding what I'm saying?

I need you to come here

and sign the power of attorney
as soon as you can.

Are you hearing me? Are you okay?

Uh... yeah... yeah.I'm... I'm just, um...

No. No more, Dani. Now.

Okay, um...

tomorrow, late morning.

- Don't forget, Dani.
- Okay, okay.

So the key questions here are...

why do some exposed to the prion
transform and others do not?

Two, what is the mechanism
behind their transformations?

And three, what dictates
the type of creature that results?

Those are a lot of unknowns.

Not if we find the cofactor
causing the transformation,

so I ran the analysis
on Fayne, the dentist, and...

my wife.

All showed mutations in their junk DNA.

Junk DNA is supposed to be inactive.

- Prion changes that.
- Changes it to what, doctor?

I believe
that they are a parallel species...

of human.

Are you saying that when you and Fayne
dug up these prions,

you accidentally revived
an extinct species?

It was never extinct.

It was just dormant
in a percentage of the population,

like in Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA.

So how many of these predators
could there end up being?


maybe tens of thousands.

Maybe more. We need to find a cure
before it's too late.

Where the hell is Luther Swann?

Is he on the run
'cause he killed his wife?

Is there any family we can talk to?

- Are you listening to me?
- Look what I found.

His ex-wife lives here too.
She has a criminal record.

Here is a divorce certificate
for Luther and Rachel Swann.

Swann has an ex-wife.


Uh, Dr. Luther Swann.

Jack Fields, DNS.

Director O'Hagan said you could help.

We got a tip on Michael Fayne's location
ten miles north.

Dr. Niklos said you might be able
to help bring him in.

I'll pick you up in five.

On your six. On my signal.


You here?

Swann, we got blood.

Oh, shit.

Oh, God.

- Well, you've looked better.
- I've felt better.

Well, what's wrong?

I don't know.

I'll make an appointment.

Yeah, well,
the papers are there with a pen.

How's Mom?

She's in the home stretch.

Sorry, I didn't mean to...

Shouldn't have said it like that.

It's okay.

I know she's bad.

Hey, I made some of her special soup.

Well, you're not feeling well.
Do you want me to get you some?



The last few days,
I've really missed you, you know?

Just the last few days, huh?

You know what I mean.

You think I don't love you, but I do.

You're so good to me and Mom.

I love you.

I think it's better than Mom's, but...

Oh, Jesus.

Danika, what's wrong?

Dani, talk to me!


Thanks again for doing this
on such short notice.

- You ready?
- Mm-hm.

Our audience would like
to learn about your relationship

with your ex-husband, Dr. Luther Swann.


We're recording.

I was doing everything
I was supposed to be doing,

and out of nowhere,
he asked for a divorce.

You didn't see it coming?

Luther's a control freak.

He micromanages everyone.

Every idea has to come from him.

Was he abusive to you?

Mentally? Absolutely.

He loved to tell me I was a bad mother.

Always threatened
my relationship with Dez.

Would you consider yourself a bad mother?

God, I hope not.

I'm not perfect, but...

I love my son.

He's my whole world.

But he won custody of Dez.

- That's unusual.
- I told you, he's... manipulative.

They bought all his lies...

and now my son is...

so traumatized, he...

he won't even be alone with me.


I don't know...

but I didn't do anything.

Wait. Stop.

I really can't use that.



What should I say?

Your ex is best friends
with a serial killer.

Stuff like that.

- Was he abusive to you?
- Mentally? Absolutely.

He loved to tell me I was a bad mother.

Always threatened
my relationship with Dez.

I love my son.

He's my whole world.

Dez isn't safe with him.

Is there anything else
you'd like to say to your son?

Dez, I miss you.

I love you.

Love you too, Mom.

Hey, champ.
How's it goin'?

What's up, bud? Talk to me.

I saw Mom.

She did an interview, and it's online.

She said that I'm in danger with you.

You and Uncle Mike and...


She said you're helping Uncle Mike
even though he's a killer.

Let me see it.
I want to see it. Right now.

Dez isn't safe with him.

Luther is best friends
with a serial killer.

What does that say about a person?

He helped him cover up a murder.
Think about his judgment.


Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, bud.

It's not her fault, she's sick.

Maybe we should judge for ourselves.

- I...
- Let's see her in person, Dad. I...

I don't know, Dez.

At least we'd see her.

I want to see her.


You saw the interview?

Hey, Rach.


- Glad to hear from you, Luther.
- I...

Why'd you do that, Rachel?

Okay, she...

twisted it a bit, but...

it got you to call me, so...

it's good, right?

You can't do this to him, Rachel.

You're right.


let me see him, and it won't happen again.

- Rachel, listen to me.
- Are we going to see her?



You look nice.

Special occasion.

- Where's my son?
- Oh, he's in the car.

I just wanted to feel out the vibe.

The vibe?

Who interviewed you?

Did you get a name?

She didn't say.

Now, go get Dez.

I can't have him being afraid of me,

Please, I need you to say you lied.

Take me to my kid.

Oh, for God's sake,

you didn't even bring him?

What if you were a mess, Rach?

Oh, fuck you.

I'm great.

I am so fucking great,

I'm calling a lawyer,
and I'm getting my kid back,

you lying little shit fucking murderer.

Wait, Rachel.

Now, go get my son!

- Rachel.
- Go get my fucking son, I said!


Wonderful. This is what you wanted, right?

Fine! You fucking win, but guess what?
You don't get to have your life,

- and I get nothing.
- Rachel!

You killed her.

- No. Rachel, sh!
- You fucking killed her.

- Stop.
- You get away.

- Stop.
- Get away from me now!

- Rachel...
- Wait till they find out.

You give me my son,
or I will fucking bury you.

- Rachel.
- You hear me? I will bury you!

You fucking motherfucker!

This is your fault...

Department of National Security, ma'am.

Please stop hitting Dr. Swann.

Kindly take your seat.

I'm sorry, Rach.

You okay?

I'm fine.


Is that your ex?

What the hell are you doing here?

Following you.

Am I such a...

What do you guys call it? Valuable asset?

I'm supposed to keep an eye on you.

Like a bodyguard, right?

Well, more like a prison guard, really.

But I'm not supposed to tell you that.

Then why did you?

I think you're doing very valuable work,
Dr. Swann,

and I want to make sure
you can continue it.


You got it.

I take it they're gonna be pretty pissed
at me at DNS.

I think they'll be relieved...

to know that you weren't
making a run for it.

Yeah. Well...

Is the coffee any good?

Put enough sugar in it, yeah.

Can I ask you a favor?

I need to check my email.



Did you want a coffee?

'Cause I have a coupon.

Thanks. No sugar.

Hey, can I get a...

Sure. Same again?

Yeah, sure.

All right.

I know.

You know, it's just...

Do me half a cup?


No, no...

Are you okay?

I gotta go.

But you just got here.

Believe me, you're better off.

The United States government

would like us
to convey its sorrow to you at this time.

We'd, uh... like to attach
our sympathies, as well.

These... these events
have all been terrible.

Well, when you're this close to the
events, sometimes it's easy to forget.


Thank you.

Come on, Swanny. Come on, Swann!


- Way better than yesterday!
- What?

We may have found
your new wife.

This is, uh... Dr. Luther Swann.


World-class brain surgeon.

- Jess Palmer.
- He's a goddamn superhero.

No. He's an idiot.
Don't... don't listen to him.


Did you talk to Mom?

I'm sorry, pal.

She's the same, maybe worse.

You can't see her right now.
It's not safe, okay?


But I don't feel safe anymore
with vampires out there.

They're not vampires.

No one's turning into a bat.

But I've read a lot about vampires.

Okay, mostly in comic books,

but every country, all throughout history,
has some type of vampire story.

They're called legends.

Legends have to start somewhere.



That's him. That's Fayne!

We're one mile north of 20 on 92.

Bring everything you've got.
It's Michael Fayne.



These are human predators
who feed on other humans.

That's what vampires do.

But the vampire is a myth. A legend.

The crosses, the garlic, the undead,

that's all the made-up shit.

But the thing is...
is that legends have to start somewhere,

like in the ancient memories
of actual humans.

Brought back to life
by an ancient prion cell in the ice.

Yes, and it is possible

that they were going to be the next step
in human evolution.

They may yet be.

Go ahead. Yeah.

Bring him back here if you can.

If not, kill him.

We've got eyes on Michael Fayne.

He's about 12 miles north,

police are en route,
we're scrambling now.

Let me go with them.
If I'm there, he may not kill anyone.

Take Fields with you.




Listen up, listen up!

Comms open. Line of sight,
left and right, at all times.

And we have orders to capture,
but kill if necessary.

Take the treeline, monitor all channels.

Dr. Swann, you're with me.

You die before he does.

- Let's move. Go!
- Let's do it.

- Let's move.
- Let's go.

You guys hear that?

Over here.

Over here.

Move, move!

Let me see.

Call it in.

Forget about capture,
we're killing this thing. Let's move!

- Let's go. Go, go, go.
- Spread out.

- Find the other officer.
- Yeah.

- Come on.
- Coming.



It's me.

It's Luther. Can you hear me?

Michael, listen to me.

They are coming to kill you.