V-Wars (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Bad as Me - full transcript

Luther pleads with the DNS to bring in Michael alive, but other pursuers have less peaceful intentions. Meanwhile, Danika's urges grow stronger.

Oh, God.


It's Claire O'Hagan. I need you
in the situation room, right away.



She call you?

Mm. 5:32.



It's like you're at attention.

She's regional director.

Since we didn't get to have breakfast,
you want this?

Oh... no.

Thanks, I'm not hungry.


Good morning.

Two dead cops.

No Fayne...

no leads on whereabouts,

no cure for this thing in sight.

As far as dumpster fires go, gentlemen,
can pin a blue ribbon on this operation.

Fifteen of us spread out in those woods,
and we couldn't even lay eyes on him.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?

He's been on the run for four days,
and he's barely left the county.

Why do you think that is?

I mean, if he... if he's this elusive
and this strong,

why not just cross the border
and disappear?

I think it's because part of him,
the good part of him,

the part that I know,
wants to turn himself in.

Listen to me.

If I could just talk to him, face to face,

I could convince him to surrender.

You have 24 hours to bring him in.

- Wh...
- That's how long Washington

has given us to find Fayne,

or the military steps in.

I recommended that you stay on
and assist CDC, but...

But what?

- You're gonna hand me back to the police?
- That's up to you, Doctor.

I am not leaving my son.

He'd be with Child Services.
He would be safe.

You know I can't do that.

Which is why you're gonna find Fayne
and bring him in.

The infection is spreading faster
than any of us could have anticipated.

There is no telling
how many people have turned.

Maybe they're hiding in fear,
maybe they're resisting the urge to feed.

But every time they switch on the news
and see Patient Zero, Michael Fayne,

thriving, feeding without consequence,
it gives them hope.

We can't have that.

Twenty-four hours, Doctor.


There was major trauma
to his neck.

There was nothing we could do.
The wounds were too severe.

- Thank you.
- I'm sorry, sir.

- Fuck me.
- What the hell was that?

Could this be the same thing
that killed that family?

I don't know.

It's these fucking vampires.
We need to do something.

Like what, Steve?
We don't even know where to start.

There's a rumor going around
that Ron O'Malley killed the Wilsons.

- I say we track him down.
- Yeah.

I think I know
where to find his daughter.

Why can't we go back to the house
every once in a while?

Because it's a crime scene.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

And every day
is just a picnic for me.

We're both going through
a lot of stuff here,

so... let's not start taking it out
on each other, okay?

This work that you do,
it's just research, right?

Science stuff?


It's what I do.

I mean, you're not doing
anything dangerous, right?

They have people to handle that end.

Don't worry, kiddo.

Dad, I may be a kid, but I'm not stupid.

I know that there's stuff to worry about.


Another nine reported
serial killer attacks last night,

all fatal, and it's reported
the victims had their necks torn out.

- Stay tuned for a special report...
- Almost finished, Bobby.

It's a scourge upon us.


Havin' fun?

Now, normally,
I would bring you along slowly, but...

you're my smartest guy.

So I'm gonna give you a little job,
and you're gonna do it right,

and you're gonna get your patch.

Thanks, Bobby.

What is it?

Come back here tonight
and shoot him in the head.



Because he's a fuckin' vampire, retard.

How do you know he's a vampire?

'Cause I have a gift.

I was put here to kill vampires.


When he closes at nine...

don't disappoint me.

The Bureau says to drop the RICO case,
at least for now.

After eight months?

Tracking the cocaine supply is on ice,
so sit tight.

Stay with Bobby,
follow the vampire thread.

No way. I can't.

What are you talkin' about?

His mechanic, Mendoza.
Bobby thinks he's a vampire.

He wants me to kill him tonight.

- Fuck you! I'm not gonna do it.
- Bobby was right about Monster.

- Let's see if he's right about Mendoza.
- The guy's unstable!

It's not a request, it's an order...


We're gonna run that now,
if you wanna look in.



It's a crime prediction protocol
I'm working with.

It uses event mapping
to find serial killers.

That's how I located
the victim from the other night.

I want to see if it happens again.

It might lead us to Michael Fayne.

At this point, I'll try anything.

Great, thanks.

We've received the initial
test results from the dentist's DNA.

Morning, ma'am.


Hey. It's Ava, right?

Ron O'Malley's daughter?


I'm Niles Woodson.

This is my buddy Steve.

Oh, I know who you are.

We're concerned about your dad.
No one's seen him for a while.

That gas can looks heavy.
Put it in the back, we'll give you a ride.


You're supposed to offer me candy first.

Now, how about you get out of my face?

What is it?

We're supposed to be running I2P,
but the tunneling protocol's wrong.

Okay. English, please.

The countermeasures
I use to mask our location.

- The ones you said were impenetrable?
- They're disabled.

See these pings?

Someone's been using a traceroute
for the last hour.

We have to go.

- You go.
- What?

No. No... I'm... I'm not leaving you.

- It's an order.
- What order? You don't even pay me.

I'll meet you at Beanie's in 15.

What's the matter with you?

I love you.


If you stay,

it won't make a difference
between us at all.

So save yourself.

What took you so long?

How are you doin', Miss Vo?

I'll have to get
my fucking hair done after this.

I'm sorry, we didn't get that.

- I said I'm fucking bored.
- Oh, we understand.

But you also need to respect
the very real damage

you're doing to millions of people.


Yeah, the whole truth thing is a bitch.

So you've got two options.

One, shut down your site immediately.

Or two, we could put you in admin.

What's admin?

Close custody under a mountain
in Colorado.

Might see a human
every three or four days.

A guy from Morocco
is the current record holder,

some seven and a quarter years, I believe.

Keeps trying to beat his brains out.

So, two choices.

Pick one.

You know, I am amazed
how you guys totally fucked this up.

DNS, right?

Can you spell your name for me?

I wanna make sure it's right
when I post them.


You recognize your partner, Jergen Weber?

He's sitting at Beanie's Coffee
as we speak.

- He's not my partner.
- He's been wanted in the UK since 2014.

- What's your point?
- No family, no green card.

No one to miss him.

- This is beyond your risk tolerance.
- Do you have him?

They're waiting on go.

Go ahead and shoot him.

If we kill him,

we pretty much have to kill you too.

So what's it going to be, Kaylee?

Hey, Luther, remember you said
we weren't dealing with Hollywood vampires

- who leave little holes on the neck?
- Huh?

Look at this. When the cops picked him up,
he had no memory.

He behaved like a junkie.

Unidentified biological narcotic
in his system. That sounds fun.

This may sound crazy,

but I went looking through folklore,
and get this -

when Bram Stoker wrote Dracula,

he based it off of
Eastern European legends

about vampires called Verdulaks.

They didn't kill their victims. Instead,
they just got addicted to the venom

the Verdulak injects when feeding.

And let me guess,
they fed on them over and over.

That's right.

Maybe this thing is alive again.


I got your text.

You're lookin' kind of pale.

Thanks. You look great too.

Uh, seriously, Dani, what's wrong?


I know we're not together
or anything, but...

I was with this guy last night, and...

and we were starting to,
you know, get into it, and, uh...

and suddenly, I got this terrible feeling,
like I was gonna throw up.

Did he slip you something?

No. No. I... I just...

I just didn't know him.

There's nothing to care about.

And it made me sick to my stomach,
and then I... I thought I was gonna die.

It never happened to me before.

Before me.

I need you, Josh.

Right now, I...

I need you.


We know what you are,


Around his neck. Tighten it up!


He's not one of them. Don't touch my dad!
Get off of him! Let go of him!

Stop it! Let go of my dad!

Dad, don't!


What do we do with her?

She's probably gonna turn too.

Hey, buddy!

Sorry about your dad.

You're Michael Fayne.


You're not healing 'cause you haven't fed.

Yeah... I figured that.

Well, don't waste his blood.

I have to go.

Hey, here.

Take it.

Protect yourself.

Good luck.

Yeah, you too.

I'm sorry for killing you, Josh.

I just want love.
Is that too much to ask?

If I try to settle for less,
it makes me sick.

And I just don't deserve that.

You're alive.


Danika Dubov?

- Yeah?
- Detective Mike Yanov, uh...

You mind if I come in?

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this,

but when your sister didn't show up
at the studio,

her colleagues called the police.

Wait, she's missing?

That's what I said, yes.

My God.

I can't believe this.

You went to her apartment, right?

Yeah, that's right.

Any... clues?

Any signs of struggle?

No, nothing like that.

If you, uh, hear from her,
give me a call, huh?



I think we should get out of here, Josh.

Well, if you need a ride back...

Yeah, that... that, um...
That'd be great. Yeah.

It's nice to have a chance
to get out of the office.

Do you have a very busy day?

So, geoprofiling, huh?

You see a body?

Technique just tells us where it'll be.

It doesn't say what time.

No, thanks.


This is a doughnut. You're a cop.

I'm not a cop, I'm DNS.

And I don't like fucking doughnuts, okay?

Okay. Jeez, chill.

It's just fried dough.

Hey, buddy, hold the load. Stop it!

You gotta be kidding me.

Told you.

I can't believe you caved.
What did those guys do to you?

Doesn't matter. They're hiding the truth
about the vampire threat.

We need to scale up
our operation, "Jer-gen."

Aggregation, tiered subscription.

And a new mobile office,
'cause we can't stay here.

When was the last time
you changed the oil in your van?

The results from forensics are in.

Nothing connecting those bodies to Fayne.

I am runnin' out of time.

Even if
you bring Michael Fayne in,

what makes you think
you can bring him back?

Because I know the real enemy isn't Fayne,
it's the disease.

If you're right
that part of him wants to be found,

maybe he's someplace
only you could find him.

I'll give it some thought.

- Good night.
- You too.

- Uh...
- Yeah. I'll get the new ones to you.

Anyone here?

I got tired of waiting.

If you came here to kill him...

where's your gun?

Is that a cop gun?

Nine mil.

Off a dead cop.


Wanna hear how this all went down? Hm?

I creeped up to the big fella
so quietly.

Got nice and close, and then...

Sorry, you scared me.

Yeah. I have that effect on people.

Aah... I bet you don't. Um...

Dr. Swann isn't here.

Great. I came to see you.

I am happy.

I am good. Look, does this look
like the face of an unhappy man?

I'm good.

All right? I'm... I'm good. Okay, uh...

Maybe I just haven't found
the right woman...

or any purpose in life
outside of killing you slowly, but...

Seneca Lake with my brother?


I'm good, really.

I'm in a good place.

All right.

You need to wait.

No! Luther!


Help me!

Somebody help!


I should've seen this sooner.
Fields showed up, bodies dropped.

We had no idea he turned.

Teresa could've been killed.


I know where Fayne is.

Is that a fact?

Projection, but I know I'm right.

He's at Seneca Lake.

Let me go there,
and I'll convince him to come in.

If Fayne smells anything's wrong,
he'll kill you.

Well, that's why
I need to go alone.

Trust me, this is our best shot.

Then take it.



Took a risk coming here.

So did you.

I knew it'd be empty.

And that I'd find you.

You alone?

Yeah, of course.

The day it all happened,

when they caught me...

you betrayed me, sold me out to the cops.

I'm sorry, Mikey.

I'm so sorry.


You did the right thing.

I would have done the same thing,
had the situation been reversed.

The last time we came up here,
we somehow reeled in a four-foot pike.


I remember that.

That was a good day.

You bought that cheap-ass bourbon.

Stayed up all night.

I heard about Jess.


I am so sorry, man.

Thanks, Mike.

It wasn't her, you know that.

She would have done anything for you...
for Dez.


And I would have too.

But when this... thing takes you over,

it's impossible to control, it's...

Huh. Also makes you feel...

Like what, Mike?

Tell me.

But it also makes you feel so alive.

Faster, stronger...

More powerful than you can feel
in a lifetime.

What are you talkin' about?

You gutted a goddamn cop, Mike.

He would have gutted me.

You... you've killed people.

I don't have a choice.

I have the right to live.

See, you don't...
you don't fucking get it, Luther. I...

I'm a new species.

You understand?

But it comes with a cost.

I feed...

or I die.

That is a bunch of bullshit, Mike.

That is a bunch of bullshit,
and you know it.

Deep down, you know
what is happening to you is wrong.

What you are doing is wrong.

Why else would you have come here?


To this place that we both love, Mike?
Because you knew I'd find you.

Because you want me to help you.

Mike, you have to come back with me.

I will find a cure for this.

No. No, I don't trust them.
They want me dead.

Look, I managed to convince the DNS
to let me take you in alive, okay?

But that's it.

I come back empty-handed,
I can't help you anymore, Mike.

Look at me.

You can trust me.

I am your brother.


I won't let anything happen to you.

I've got a clear shot.

Are we a go?

I didn't come here for you to bring me in.

I came here to say goodbye.

- Take the target out.
- Copy that.

I thought you said you came alone.

I did. I did!

- No! No, no, no, no! Stop! Stop!
- Mikey...

Let him go.

Stand the fuck down!

Oh, shit.

I don't know how much time I have here,
so you better go.

I'm not givin' up on you, Mike.


You're letting him go?

Yes, I am.

- How long have you all been...
- Bloods?

We call ourselves Bloods.

Look, we've all seen the news.

We know that you're the first one.

Patient Zero.

This entire crew,

they're ready to follow you.

They need a leader.

For what?

In case you haven't noticed,
people try to kill us.

As long as we are alone,
we will be hunted until we're dead.

But maybe together...

we can find a way to survive.

Four isn't much of an army.

These are just the ones
within driving distance.

There are more joining up every day.

Look, every Blood is in danger everywhere.

We need somebody to rally behind.

It has to be you, Michael.

We had a deal!

What are you talking about?

Your sniper is dead.
He almost got me killed in the process,

and you can forget about ever seeing
Michael Fayne again.

- What sniper?
- You tell me.

You were the only one
who knew where I was.

- And they tried to kill you?
- Yeah!

I didn't do that to you, Doctor.

But I know who did.

Get the car ready.

- Yes, right away, ma'am.
- Let's go.

What is going on?

If you didn't send a shooter, who did?

Most people don't understand this disease
like you do.

They don't see Bloods as victims,
they see them as a threat to be wiped out.

It's not that black and white.

War is black and white, Doctor.

It sucks out all the gray.

There are people in my department

who want the military
to move on the Bloods right away.

I convinced Washington

- to hold back on giving the order.
- How?

I told them you're on the cusp
of finding a cure.

- What?
- You are our best hope.

So prove me right.

Be careful who you trust.